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The Remarkable Case of Bob and Three Angels

Shane Anderson



  • November 12, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Now this morning, we're going to have to move with alacrity. It's so nice to be able to use words like the last 2 years, right? Right? Yes. With great speed and enthusiasm this morning. They've only given me 3 hours to speak, and I will need every last one of those minutes. So without further ado, let us begin. I want to begin with a question i'd like you to answer the question though only in the quietness of your own cranium. Here's the question. What is the mission of the 7th day adventist church? You think about it for the wheels turning? Yes, just the quietness a girl mind. What is the mission of the 7th day adventist church? Now we're all ok if you're listen to this right now, you are just fine. But I've heard that if you put can administer on a stage and pressed them and say, what is the mission of the 7th day adventist church? 3 of them won't care. 2 of them will ask when is potluck and 5 will attempt some version of the great commission of matthew chapter 28 versus 18. 20. And that's not a bad answer necessarily. What did you say there in the great commission? This is therefore a go and do what make disciples of all nations doing what next? baptize them name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you, including this command, right? That goes back to that. So we are to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. And if an adventist entity, a church, or school, etc, etc, is not about the business of making disciples who make disciples. And you can call them what you want, but you can't call them christian. So the great commission is absolutely essential to the mission of the 7th day adventist church. And if that's all there is to the mission of the 7th day adventist church than the sooner we locked the doors and put it for sale, sign on the lawn in front of every adventist church and having a school institution such as the better and join up for the 7th day baptists, because you see the great commission is everybody else's mission as well. Almost every group, the causes of christian church school, whatever it is, if they're christian and you look for their mission statement, so always cracks me out. Everybody thinks that they need to formulate a mission statement actually just needs to be discovered. Gods, the one who has done it, you don't have to create it. You just have to find what god has done. And most christian churches will have some version of the great commission. We're here to make disciples of jesus. And again, if that's all there is to the adventist mission, we need to stop being so arrogantly different and admit our similarities and join up with everybody else. But I don't think we should join up with everybody else and lock the doors and put it for sale sign on. Because you see the adventist church takes the great commission of matthew 28 and takes it one very important. Final step. Further, turn your bibles please. Revelation chapter 14 and let's see, I have the blue screen of death here. Revelation chapter 14 and he guesses what verse i'm going to start with. Verse 6, correct? If you said verse 18, please listen to the duration of this presentation. Yes, revelation 14 verse 6. This is where we find the 3 angels messages. Perfect, right. 3 angels. Messages of revelation. 14612. These are the reason that the 7th day adventist church exists. This is, this is our magna carta. This is our reason for being if there were not 3 angels, there would not be a 7th day adventist church. God is rarely gone through the difficulty of raising up a worldwide movement. With the adventist church, he did what he made, a global movement. And this is at the core of who we are as 70 evans, at least it is supposed to be. Now, as I said before, if an institution is not about the business of making disciples, like matthew 20 talks about, You can call them what you want. But you can't call them christian if there is an organization that claims to be a 7th day adventist, but has nothing to do with the spreading of the 3 messages of revelation. 146612. You can call them what you want, but you cannot call them ad dentist. It is non negotiable. We must be about the business of spreading the gospel of jesus christ in the context of the 3 angels. Messages of revelation, 146 to 12 or we are not 7th avenue. We might be good. We've already doing good stuff. We might be doing helpful things in the world, etc, etc. But we cannot call ourselves 7th avenue because god is the one who gets to decide what we're about, not us. And God said, I need a group of people. I need a global movement and I want them to take the strange messages and take it to the world. Now, just in case you're wondering between those messages, this is not something that we decided was supposed to be. Bless you. Thank you. That we decided should be central. Those would be the no classic structure. I'm sure you do jewish apocalyptic literature. If you want to find out the main point, then you look in the middle, not the end, you know, the great american novel. If you want to find out how the story ends and you go to the last chapter, right? Not so with jewish apocalyptic, you go to the middle. So thematically speaking, what is the middle of the book of revelation? It's the 3 angels messages that smack dab in the middle there. In other words, the reason that the book of revelation was written was to showcase the 3 angels messages of revelation. 14 versus 612. This is not an adventist thing. This is a biblical. Thank God, put it here and he said when the com strikes when that bell rings and it's time for things to wrap up, get those advocates together and have them start talking about the 3 angels. So what are the 3 angels messages? 11 out of 10 administer. Don't know, except for those in this room. You're all brilliant. Let's, let's see if we can do something here. Let's begin. Revelation 14 verse 6 says, then I saw another angel flying in mid air, and he had eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live in the earth, destination tribe, language, and people timeout. Easiest question of the morning. What does the word gospel mean? Good news, that's right, so whatever comes next, whatever comes in these dreams messages must be by definition, god says or not may not you, God says they must, by definition, be good news and not just any good news. It says, this is the everlasting gospel, the eternal gospel. It's like the energizer gospel. It keeps going and going and going and going. It has eternal implications. What follows is good news. Let's see what the 1st part of the good news is. This is exciting stuff. Verse 7, he said in a loud voice. Fear god and give him glory. Because the hour of his judgment has come, worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and the springs of water. Now let's say I'm just studying these for the 1st time and I heard some guy talk about the, the ranges messages. So I decided i wanted to find out what they are. So with reckless abandon, i read in my bible, the 1st angel and I find out how great of good news it is. It is such good news that I need to tell my neighbor bob about it. Now my neighbor, bob, you probably met my neighbor, bob in a different form. My neighbor, bob is in his early thirties, he's married, he has 1.3 children. He has a large car payment. He's in to trade school. I was thinking about maybe some professional career later on, and I haven't seen him very much, but I'm so excited about the good news that I just read. I want to talk to bob. Hey Bob, bob with me. That's me, shane. Yeah, I live next door. Yeah, for like 15 years now, I'm sorry, but listen, I found something you're really going to want to hear this. And bobby, in a nice guy lets me and hey, Bob, this, i've been reading my bible here and like at the end of time, there's like this final message, right? The god wants to give to us. And there's 3 parts to it. So in this 1st part here, this is really good news. You're going to love this show you ready here goes. Be afraid, because god's going to judge you And bob is not so sure that this is good news at all. And let's just be honest here. My experiences is that when an adventist understand, you know, somebody talks about, you know, 3 and just message, this is absolute central court, who we got to know what has got to know it is got a notice and they go there and they look in the very 1st words of the good news is be afraid, But not so sure. This is good news. Maybe you aren't either but god said it is. God said this is everlasting. Good news. So how can it be good news? Well let's, let's do a little bit of digging here. There are at least 2 ways that the bible uses the word fear. The 1st way is stark terror. You say, well, where's the good news in that? Well, it is bad news for the oppressor. But Oh, such good news for the oppressed. The name heinrich himmler, ring a bell for anybody If you've studied history of world war 2 then yeah, you know who heinrich him? There was him. There was the point of the rights, fewer of the ss. It was the highest office in the ss, hitler appointed him that office and 929. He held it until 1945, the end of the war, himmler. It was the one he was the architect for the final solution. It was his way, he had to find a way he thought to, to destroy the jews, blacks, people that were physically impaired in some way. People that were quote, sub human in the nazi's eyes. They needed a way to get rid of them and to do it efficiently. And himmler was the guy who came up with the plan. And ultimately about 6000000 people lost their lives in concentration camps in the gas chambers. And the furnace is I want you to imagine something I want you to imagine that somehow you are transported back in time. 1944, let's say to one of those concentration camps. And the smoke is rising strongly from that chimney. And I want you to imagine that you walk in to the, the, the, the building that houses the gas chamber. And coming out of the gas chamber, gavin, given the all clear, his heiner kimbler. He's got a smile on his face. Now the job done. Another 100 plus gotten rid of And you agreed in an orchard? Imagine you said him this Mr. Himmler, my God, jesus christ is walking across this compound right now to see you. And I want you to imagine that was true that jesus actually was doing that at that moment. Question, what do you want mister hitler to do? Oh Jesus, i've heard about him. Pleasant chap. Maybe we could have tea sometime. I've done things wrong. He'll forgive me. It's not a problem. I've read all about that. You christian is very weak. I'll be happy to see him when he greets me. That are you wanting to respond Or do you want him to fall to his knees in a cold sweat? Because the creator of all the master of the universe and there we say, the judge of all is walking across the compound to see him. Ladies and gentlemen, i don't know exactly where the train left the track. I had some suspicions. Somewhere along the way to the kingdom, we took all the gods teeth away and in the process took away god's justice. The fact of the matter is, is that we have turned god too often into an elderly gentleman sitting on the porch with a shawl over his lap, rocking there No teeth in his mouth, medicare in the world, even for those who are terribly terribly oppressed. And in the midst of that broo, in the midst of that broo, the 1st angel cries out the hour of his judgment has come. Those of you that are engaged in high handed, c, N, and other other the, the old testament calls that I had, it's in, I know it's wrong and I am proud of it. I'm going to do it again for those people. God says, I'm coming for you. I am coming for you, and I pray you repent. I hope you enter the kingdom, but if you choose not to, I will protect my children. You see without judgment, there is no justice. But that think in it is astonishing to me that in a world to day, that is speaking about just as publicly, perhaps more than in the last or who knows how many decades. And yet administer still kind of mucking around in the dark blush. I wish we had something relevant to say the 1st angels message says the final judgment has begun. Justice is just over the horizon. The final process that will ultimately bring full and complete justice that so it is so effective. Evil will never rise again. That's an awesome thing. It is great news for the oppressed and bad news for the oppressor to which I say a man. I wish no one ill it off hitler and heinrich himmler are in heaven. First, I will ask somebody if I've made a mistake and seen who I think I've seen. But 2nd, I hope that I will rejoice. I do not wish them ill. But the facts remain. If something doesn't change, if the judgement doesn't come. If the judge of all doesn't make his decision, evil will rise again. Advantages and has a relevant message perhaps more relevant than it has been in quite some time. Because we speak of a justice that will last. There is a 2nd way that the bible uses the word fear that turned a bible. Psalm chapter 34. The 1st one saw the 34th chapter. Again a verse one. David here is speaking and he's going to tell us about fear verse one. He says, I will extoll the Lord at all times. His praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast and the Lord let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me, let us exalt his name together. I saw the Lord and he answered me, he delivered me from all my what, ah, okay, there we go. Deliverance from all our fears, the things that terrorize god's followers and there to the gods, going to deliver us from all of those things. Keep that in mind. Verse 5, those who look to him are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame. This poor man called him the Lord heard him, he saved him out of all of his troubles, verse 7, the angel of the Lord, and camps around those who what I thought we were done with that he just said he got rid of all of our fears earlier and now he says right here, the age of the learning camps around those who fear him and he delivers them verse 8 caste and see that the Lord is good. Bless it is the man who takes refuge in him. Fear the Lord you his saints for those who fear him, lack nothing. There are other places in the bible that talk about these 2 uses a sphere. This is the best one that I know ever has both senses of the word fear in the same context together. This 2nd use of the word fear simply means honor and respect. If you will honor and respect god, the text to say here he will provide for you. You'll give you everything that you need, not everything that you want, not even everything that you think you need, but everything that you actually need, god will give it to you if you place them number one in your life. That's what he promises to us. Yeah, you can lose your wallet, you can lose your car, you can lose your job, you can lose your family, you can even lose your life. And if you have trusted in jesus christ, even that will not stop him from giving you what you need. Because he will raise you up at the last date and you will not be complaining that you didn't get something that you needed for those who put god 1st to honor and respect, those who fear him, he will give them what they need. That is promised to us. So astonishing thing. What about the last part of the 1st of the 1st name? This message does worship him who made saying that god is the creator very briefly to say that god, his creator is the most important thing that we can say about him. You say, what about redeemer? No, it's more important than that because salvation is an act of creation. What does the bible say create in me? A clean heart? salvation is an act of creation. Only the creator can save you. And so as important as savior is, don't misunderstand rebate, saying that god is redeem at ultra ultra ultra important but it's even more important that he is the creator in our eyes. Only the creator can save us. So the 1st and I want you to get it right. So when it comes down to worship me here at the time, this can be all kinds of gods and opportunities to worry about there. I want to make sure that you get the right one, worship him who made the heavens and earth to see the springs of water. And right now, ready to summarize this. Let me summarize this 1st name. There's just a little nutshell here. It's the best way to put it right now. It may change in the future. If you're somebody likes to write things down, or you have a photographic memory, put some film in the camera or you probably don't know what that means to you. I'm older. Ok. But it's another stick in the memory. Ok, better. Yeah, here we go. First, angel, honor and worship. The creator for justice is coming and time is running out, honor and worship. The creator for justice is coming and time is running out. There are other reasons to honor and worship the creator, but these are the ones that the 1st angel chooses to highlight. And right now we need to go back to bob. Bob, bob? Yeah, to me, shane again. Listen, I got better stuff than last. I trust me on this because bob is a nice guy, he's gonna let me have it. Bob, listen, I'm, I'm so sorry. I mean, I fight. I did a little more study, right. I read more and I read the old testament, read a new and it, and actually bob, what god is trying to say in this 1st message is that if you honor and respect him, he'll take care of everything that you need. Another there's, there's no other place that you can find that whatever it is that you need. I mean, he's promised that whatever the situation he'll take care of, you and bob, by the way, you marry, you were talking last time a little bit after we've, after we 1st came over that you know, the oppression in the world, the terrible things that happened. All over the planet you asked is god care he does. He does. And right now in heaven, he is making away so that evil will never ever rise again. When you think bob sounds like good news to you And bob knows his head because it does h, remember to revelation chapter 14 verse 8. The good news keeps on a roll and it says a 2nd angel followed and said, fallen. Fallen is babylon. The great which made all the nations drink the mad in wine for adultery, so short, i need to read it twice. A 2nd angel followed and said, fallen, fallen is babylon, the great which made all the nations drink, the maddening wine of her adultery. I'm so excited, i'm going to go back to bob. Bob, bob, it's me again. I've got more good news and he so excited after I 1st time around, he's going to let me in. So let me in a not, you're not going to believe this. I kept, remember, I said there's 3 messages in there. Well, you're not going to believe the 2nd one. You see what the 2nd one actually means is About I actually don't really get, I don't know what it means, but it doesn't sound very good for you. I mean, it sounds like you're, you're stepping out on the misses and you're doing this on like a country wide level. I mean, something about adultery and you're drunk. And this is, this is really not looking good for you kind of fallen from grace on this one. Bob. I got to admit that's And bob is just as mystified and probably a little more perturbed and then than we are. You know, I think when adventists get to the 2nd angel, if they manage to make it successfully to the 1st one, this one will stop them because it just sounds like jibberish. And what about good news? Come on, man, adultery, everybody's drunk, can it's on a global scale. How is that good news, right? Let's see if we can find the good news here, because remember, god said, god said this is good news. So let's see if we can find it. We're going to run a cut some corners here. If you have questions about this, you come and talk to me afterwards about adultery equals god's people turning away from him to other lovers. Ok? That's the N F. The analogy that's being used in wine equals teaching. You can do this comparison words. That is, the old testament is, becomes clear, one equals teaching, thus whomever this babylon is at some time united with christ as his true bride, but then leaves and follows satan and through their false teachings, lead others even the nations of the world to also quote, commit adultery and leave christ behind. Well knowing that then who is babylon? And by the way, it's a really important question. Because this is like the centerpiece here. Remember the whole classic structure thing? This is the middle message. This is really important. We need to know who babylon is. The old testament is going to be our, our frontier. So we're going to look at the old testament here to get some clues as to who babylon is. Genesis chapter 11. Please. First one. Genesis chapter 11, verse one. Now babylon, in the 2nd age, cannot refer obviously, to literal babylon. But see? Not yet, but we're almost there. Yes, thank you. Melody. Yes, she's a great cook. By the way, if you've never eaten at her house, you need, you need to do that. We're group of us got to get wonderful stuff. Yes, thank you for spotting. If I forget something, tell me for sure. It can't refer to actual babylon because in john's time your revelation has been written. 080908092. Somewhere in there at the end of the 1st century. Literal babylon was a dust even had been for about 5 centuries over what we now know as I rec. So can't refer to literal babylon. It must have a spiritual application. And Sure enough we come back here, genesis chapter 11, beginning with verse one you see as it happens here, babylon has 2 distinct sides that are referred to in scripture and know in those 2 side will enable us to clearly identify spiritual babylon in these last days. Genesis 11 1st one says, now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As men moved eastward, they found a plane and shine are unsettled. There, they said to each other, come, let's make bricks and bake them thoroughly. They used brick instead of stone and tar for mortar, then they said come, let us build ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens. That's interesting, with a tower that reaches to the heavens so that we make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth. Huh. This is the 1st recorded instance of attempting to work one's way to heaven. That's what it says. The 1st recorded concerted corporate effort to earn one's salvation. One brick at a time. You see babylon as it turns out, has the gospel. Now, I wouldn't say it's a real gospel, but they, that's what they, it is their gospel. And the 1st part of this gospel is spelled d, oh, because it's about what you do to appease a god that you know you've offended. And so when you have this realization that god, you know, you know, he has rules and regulations, etc. And you know, you've broken them so you want to appease, you get back in a good grade, and so you step on to the religious treadmill and you start cranking up the score. You do some obedience here, some obedience there, and you help elderly ladies across the street and don't cheat on your taxes. And when they give you wrong change at the store, you get out of your car and rush back in and say, here is your penny that you gave me that you shouldn't have. And you're feeling pretty good about yourself. But you're like a salesman that has been told to meet your quota, but never told what the quota is. And so you keep going and you keep going and you're starting to break a sweat. You keep us up for days, week years, some people for decades at a time. There are some of the most miserable people that you'll ever run into. And some people actually say finally enough. And they get off of their religious treadmill and they shake the dust off of their hands and feet from god. And they say, I'm not doing this anymore. It is not worth my time. No god, that his dad unfair deserves my attention. That's babylon's gospel. And it's spelled d O and I hope you're not into that. But the biblical gospel, the biblical gospel of jesus christ is spelled d O N E. Because it's about what jesus christ has done when he died as a substitute for us died for our sins on the cross. And when we accept that substitute on our behalf and jesus christ as our lord and master that we receive at least 2 things. Number one, we are forgiven and in heaven are our names are moved from being lost to being saved from being lost to be found. We move from darkness into light. And secondly, we, when the spiritual lottery were finally given the power to become the person that god always dreamed, we could be a person of love, a power of dignity, of respect, of justice, courage, mercy, and love. It's a great thing to be said by the real gospel. And babylon says, no, you can't have that. You got to get on that treadmill and you've got to keep going. Even if it makes you miserable, the more miserable you are, the more whole you are. That's what babylon's gospel is all about. It's a terrible thing, but unfortunately that is only one side of it. Let me tell you a little bit here about salvation, and I'm very glad that our lesson was what it was this morning. Sabbath school because some of these things I think were hammered home. Let's do a little review here. I want to put some stuff on the screen and I hope you committed to memory. First thing good works are the Fruit, not the root of salvation. That was pretty weak. Let me read that again. Good. Works at the Fruit, not the root of salvation. All right, we have half of you now the other 50 percent. Let's see if we can convince you This is not my idea. Great controversy. Page 256, I was just talking about charles wesley's conversion experience. John wesley, i believe. And in that experience he, this is his epiphany. He lived a life of obedience, seeking to obey god for as best he could, but it was drudgery, it was painful. It was not a saving relationship with lord and savior and his friend, when he realized this fact, it transformed his life. And what followed is one of the greatest stories of ministry in a person's life. Throughout britain, history. Good works are the Fruit, not the root of salvation. Say that with me, if you would please 123, good works are the Fruit, not the root of salvation. One more time. Good works are the Fruit, not the root of salvation. Next bullet point here, we don't do good things to be saved, but because we have been saved. Does that make sense? And that means has as some, as a very important implications for what we're talking about here this morning. As it turns out, good works, don't establish the remnant they simply reveal it. Ladies and gentlemen. So often when we read those texts, here are they that keep the commandments of jesus and whole hold of the testimony of jesus. We think that that is a prescription rather than a description. Now get, I'm in the right place to talk about prescriptions, right? You know what that is, right. Prescription is a means to an end. You take this and this we hope will happen, right? And sometimes we have, as we read that here, are they to keep the commitment to go? We think that is a prescription for how we become the remnant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good works, don't establish the remnant church because good works. Are the Fruit, not the root of salvation? Good works simply reveal it because once you have been saved by jesus christ, you cannot help but live a new life in him. We read of textner and our sabbath school this morning. Let me just remind you of it. Ephesians 28 and 9. Ford is by grace that you have been saved through faith and this not from yourselves. It is the gift of god, not by what, not. By works so that no one can boast. If I am counting on my obedience to get might get me into the kingdom. I am hoping for something that is hopeless and blessedly, the bible has this balance right here. Because ephesians 2, verse 10 says what? For we are god's workmanship created in christ jesus to do good works, which god prepared in advance for us to do. Doing what god has asked us to do is the result of salvation from him. Not the cause. And again, babylon says no, you have to get in there and earn your keep. Now that's the 1st side of babylon trying to earn your own salvation. The 2nd side, the see if we can get to this very quickly because my enemy on the wall here is against me. Jeremiah chapter 3, verse 6, please. Jeremiah, chapter 3, verse 6, read up, traverse 9. There's a lot of places we can look in the bible to get where we're going to get here, but let's just, let's just go here. This is probably the most succinct place. Jeremiah 3 versus 6 to 9. Let's get a little more specific about this adultery idea, because number that's the defining characteristic of babylon. She commit spiritual adultery within the 1st half a battle on the 1st side of babylon, having to try to earn your salvation. What is the other side of babylon? verse 6 says, during the reign of kings your side, the Lord said to me, have you seen what faithless israel has done? She has gone up on every high hill and under every spreading tree and has committed adultery there. Okay, this is what we're talking about spiritual daughtry. What's it about? verse 7, I thought that after she had done all this, she would return to me, but she did not. And her unfaithful sister jude aside. I gave faithless israel her certificate of divorce and sent her away because of all her adultery. Yet I saw that her and faithful sister judah had no fear. She also went out and committed adultery vers 9, because israel's immortality mattered so little to her. She defiled the land and committed adultery with stone and wood. That is the reference to what I dollar tree exactly. In other words, well, let me just put it on the screen here for you. Second side of babylon here can be summed up like this. The 2nd side of babylon sets aside god's law and replaces it with something else. It doesn't particularly matter what as far as whether or not it's a bad thing to do. It is a bad thing to do. They set aside god's law and replaced it with something else. Now this is what israel's done here in jeremiah chapter 3. They knew what god's law said, you know, now show that make any graven image, anything that's above below, etc, that isn't about down to it. It's et cetera, israel and s and said, no, we're going to do it our own way and they take that part of the law way and they put their own designs into it. Well, this happens all the time today. And again, our sabbath school lesson, some of this is brought out. There's 2 ways that god's law is set aside. Number one, there are many, many, many millions of christians that believe that the love of god was done away with at the cross. Exactly. Now you can't take money from their offering plate on a Sunday morning and you can't sleep around in the congregation for some reason, but there is no law. There is no law. I actually thought this was a bit of a mis until I moved to Virginia. There it, I mean it, it is really strong. We are at the end of the bible belt there, there are people who believe that you cannot be lost no matter what you do and that the law of god was done away with. But you still can't steal their stuff, right? That type. I mean it just bizarre, but there are lots of people that believe that the 2nd side is probably even more common. The 2nd way that people set aside god, law. And that is when they take portions of the law and quote, keep it, but then take other portions of the law and they change it. This is like changing the sabbath, the sunday, the worshiping of saints, etc, etc. And when people do this, when people set aside god's law in some way, it's like, it's like they're, they are, forgive me, I'm from Virginia taking their guns right and, and shooting themselves in their spiritual feet. How come? Because what is the purpose of the law? The bible tells us some things that we know already. The purpose of the law is not to save us, right. Keeping the law can't save us. We already know that keeping the law also a conviction of sin. There's no doubt about that. The bible is clear about, but it can't stop there. Because why is it that we are to be convicted of sin? You see as it turns out, the purpose of the law is that we might know god deeply. That's the true deep purpose of the law of god is that we might come to know god deeply. It's not a checklist. It's not just there to stop you from doing whatever it is that you want to do. But no, you shouldn't do that as serves that purpose. Yes, but at its core, the law tells us who god is. Everybody has their law. You have a law, i have a law, you have things that you like and that you don't like. And if you think you can just ignore that and somehow still know a person while ignoring quotes there law, you got another thing coming. Those of you that are married, gentlemen. Tell your wife. I don't care what you like, what you don't like going to care what you value don't value. I don't care what you want to do with your life or don't. I just want to love you To help your couch is comfortable because that's where you're going to be for quite some time. If you live this one down, right? You can't do that. You can't ignore someone's law and expect to get to know them deeply. You may know a lot about them, but you won't know them. You furthermore, jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth will what set you free. You know, the law of god is the embodiment of truth. It is also just happens to be the embodiment of god's heart. Truth is also a person, isn't it? Jesus identifies himself very clearly. He is the embodiment of truth. So follow me carefully. If we wish to know jesus closely, which by the way is the definition of salvation. John 17 verse 3, this is eternal life that they mailed. They all know they may do that. Yes, they will do that. But this is the eternal life that they may know you the one true god and jesus christ, him you have sent salvation is to know jesus to know god. And if we are to know god deeply, he will provide for us this great gift of the embodiment of truth in his law. Before we come to jesus, the laws our enemy, it stands against us, it condemns us. But once we come to jesus, the laws now our friend, it is Candy for the soul that will not increase your size. Only the size of your heart and your mind. This is the kind of, I am always amazed when there are people that will talk about if someone is actively and passionately pursuing obedience to the law of god. That everybody, immediately credit legal as a legal isn't fair. Say. As I tell you what once you have been saved by grace, not by your works, the laws now your friend make no apologies, passionately pursue obedience to it. Learn the deep inner lessons of the law. Go deep into it, pursued obedience to God. It's a great thing to be saved by grace and then being given at last at last, at last. The power to be set free from all the old habits that used to hold you back from all the old ways that used to break the law and bring oppression upon yourself and other people. It's a great thing to be set free by the Grace of jesus christ. You see once you met jesus, the pressure of having to keep the law to be saved is gone. That gun to your head has been removed. And now jesus invites you to come to know him personally. So dive deeper into the law of god. Find out its secrets and you will find jesus christ. And lastly, We have to know the babylon says, No, lab gods been changed, but none away with you can't have it. And there are millions of people all over the world that suffer every day because they do not have a proper understanding of the purpose of the law of god. It happens all the time. What avenue isn't has to say in the 2nd angel is incredibly important. And by the way, we have a name for the 2nd angel. It's called righteousness by that's what we just spent the last 10 minutes talking about. That's what the 2nd angel is all about. With nutshell, this year, the 1st angel said honor and worship the creator for justice is coming and time is running out in the 2nd age says trying to earn my salvation or setting aside, god's law won't work, never it's fallen fall and fall and is bad. But it doesn't work and anyone follow me carefully or anyone or any organization that says you must earn your salvation or that god's law has been ripped away from his people and done away with. Is babylon, be they catholic, protestant, pagan, evangelical, or 7th day adventist. Jew on that one over public day. That's for them. And right now we need to go back to bob. Bob. Bob, it's me. I'm sorry. Give me one more chance. Can I just one more. Right. But bob, being a nice guy, still me and Bob, listen. I'm I really blew at last. I should have studied more before I came into. I did some more studying you I, I did some digging in your testimony. I got my coord sound. I looked all these things. You know, actually what that 2nd angel is trying to say. Bob's god loves you just as you are. As you are right now, bob, you, you, there's nothing that you can do to make god love you any more. There's nothing you can do to make god love you any less than he loves you right now. And he gave a son for you. He'll take you just as you are. And bob, if you will accept him as your lord and savior, he will give you everything that you need to become the man that he and probably you and your best moments have dreamed of becoming a man of compassion, of power, of dignity and respect and strength. And love, what is a bob? Would you say, Bob? Think that's pretty good news. But there's one angel left. Here we come to really good news. Are you ready? revelation chapter 14 verse 9. The good news says the 3rd angel follow them and said in a loud voice, if any one worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he too will drink of the wine of god's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath, he will be tormented with burning sulphur in the presence of the holy angels and the lamb and the smoke of their torment rises forever and ever. There is no rest, day or night for those who worship the beast in his image, or for anyone who receives the Mark of his name. I am so excited, i am going to go see bob. Bob, bob, it's me. You're not going to believe this part 3 is even better than parts $1.00 and $2.00, bob bob. And because things stand up ok last time he's going to let me in. So that's me. Hey, Bob, this, this is awesome. This is often tell you what came up. This is how it's going to work. God is having a barbecue, and you are invited. Main course, shariska. Bob. See what he did there. Bob shook about. Alright. See you. This is all in Friday. It's going to be great If an adventist makes it through angel number one and number 2, we're almost sure to lose them on number 3. And come on mild scholarship here. There is no warning that is harsher than this one in the bible. This is the mother of all warnings. The tone is the harshest. The scope is the widest. It is the strongest statement in one spot of the wrath of god that you will find anywhere in the bible period. How do we make this work? Because again, it said this is to be good news and then god says this. What are the bobs of the world supposed to do? What are avenues supposed to do? And want to suggest you that there actually is some incredibly good news here. But if we're going to understand that we have to understand at least 2 things. Number one, god respects your power of choice. It is sacred to him. You can choose to accept jesus, you can choose to reject him. God is a gentleman. He will not come in where he's not wanted the power of choice is so sacred to God that he sent his son jesus to die. Because if the power of choice wasn't sacred to God, god could have just manipulated us, could have forced us to become whatever godly righteous people, right. But that we might have sufficient evidence to make a decision and sufficient motivation to make a decision freely and fully as free moral agents. God said his son to died, that's how important and how respectful god is of a human beings. Power of choice. Ellen white says the world determines the course of the life says mart multiple times, it's all over the place. It is the rudder for your life ship where you end up or where you don't end up is a direct result of the decisions that you make and God utterly and completely respects your power to choose. It is sacred to him. He would rather die than take it away. And secondly, if we're going to find the good news in his 3rd angel, then you need to know about johnny Let's imagine that it's this afternoon and we go out for a picnic and we have our little family there. Since I'm the one telling the story it's, it's, it's me, it's my wife and we have our little son there, little johnny. And we're having a picnic and the sky is Blue and the grass is green. The temperature is perfect, the birds are singing. But we can't hear the birds because there's an 8 lane freeway about, oh, maybe 25 yards away. And there's no guard rails on it. And the noise is deafening. This is california, right? The motorcycle is going through and we can't hear thing, but we've decided we're going to have our picnic here. And so we sit down. We're on the bench there with on the blanket and, and my wife passes out, you know, the food here and I help get the drinks ready and I pass a sandwich to little johnny and I take a bite because my wife's cooking is the greatest in the world, it doesn't and then I get this impression and it will wears johnny. I look over to johnny spot on the blanket and there's no one there. And I think to myself or no, no. And I look over at the guard rail, less 8 lane highway, and Sure enough, there's little johnny sprinting for all he's worth straight for traffic. And because I am a father who loves my children, i do what any loving father would. I throw my sandwich under the blanket, i jump up and I cut my hands over my mouth and I say, johnny, Johnny, you stop that right now. Haven't I told you not to leave the table until we give you permission? Didn't we warn you about the highway? You need to go. All county Who the. Are there any more sandwiches with rebranding? cookies? You know That about joy. That what a father of love does A father of love who actually loves his children, would would throw his sandwich on the blanket, jumped to his feet and began sprinting after their son. And would cut his hands over his mouth and say, stop! Stop johnny, stop. Please stop. Mr and Mrs. Smith, who are walking their baby in the baby carriage, about 8th of a mile away, headed our direction. They look up and they see me shaking my hands and yelling at the top of my voice. They can't quite make out what it is and I'm saying because they're too far away, but they see me chasing after my child. And mister smith says to Mrs. Smith, can you believe a parents do these difficult abuse? This guy is probably going to beat the kid when he catches him. What a jury? I'm sure glad we're not like that, aren't you? Mrs. Smith? At the end of time, god loves his children enough that he is willing to risk it all and raise his voice and shout to be heard if necessary. Never apologized for the tone of the 3rd angels message. It may be the only thing that brings back your friends and minds from the fire, from the edge of oblivion. At the end of time, god is this great risk that god is taking. There's no doubt of it. Anybody. When people say that god is safe, i mean I get it. I understand that they're saying, you know, god, god will take care of us. Even if we die, god will take care of it. I get all of that. But when people say that god is safe, my brain kind of goes on to like, really, if you read the bible, we gotta tell you takes risk, great risk even to the point of having the harshest warning ever given in the bible as part of his final message to god's people, because he loves those that are upon the planet. And he said I will even risk being greatly misunderstood. I love my children too much to left them, just let them just waltz their way into hell. I will do all that I can to save them. And right now, I need to go see bob. Bob. Bob. Bob is not a 4th angel. This is the last time I'm coming. All right. Just give me one more chance, please, please. And because bob is a nice guy, he's gonna let me and that's right. Hey Bob, listen man, I would, I even have to open my mouth about this because you know what I said last time. I mean, I really actually have some good news here because you see, and bob actually taps us on the need. There is a sure hold on just a moment there. You know, after the last time that we talked, you know, I, I got my bible out and I really began to study it myself. And I got to say she and I think you may have misunderstood that 3rd angel. Because god actually loves me. You're right. Just like you said before, just as I am, and he refuses to leave me that way. I'm so valuable to him. When jesus died on the cross shame he was, he was putting a price on me that is that eternal never last in. And he cares enough about me that he comes after me, raise his voice. Sometimes he got my attention. You know, shane i I gave my life to jesus christ after we talked last time. And I've been studying this book. You know it's chain, it's really got some good stuff and you should read it more And he's right, isn't it? He's right. Jesus christ is looking for people that will be the bears of his final message to the planet. It is good news. It can be challenging. Good news, there's no doubt about that. But most things that are worthwhile or challenging. The fact of the matter is, is a god loves us. He loves you. He loves me. He loves the person that you see driving by in the street. You love the person who live next door to you. He loves every person on this planet, and that they might be saved. God said at the end of time, I need a final movement of people that will take the gospel of jesus christ in the context of the 3 angels messages. And do the absolute best they can see the kingdom of god, the the biggest and best place it can possibly be. I want to challenge you if you are a 7th day adventist and you are not familiar with the strangest messages, please take the time. Whatever time it is, a junior study understand says implication that you might introduce people to jesus that they to be ready. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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