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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

David Asscherick
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David Asscherick

Speaker of Light Bearers and Co-founder of ARISE.




  • August 4, 2010
    7:00 PM
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and thank you very much leaving everyone nice to see you here at ASI I have been sitting just pulmonary cases where you're at and I have noticed that you seem at least to me to be a little subdued which for me is uncharacteristic of ASI so is it jet lag or are you feeling just pensive and yes my observation is further confirmed nice to be here forgive me but this this ambience this this department is not going to work for me so hopefully we can muster a little bit of enthusiasm for the Lord Jesus Christ and his work on earth amen have been some for found an powerful and hard moving testimonies I have been thrilled as I have heard what God is doing in the world and I have been a little surprised maybe you need just and spanking as we begin I have been a little surprised at your consistency and so I would urge you to participate with me in an enthusiastic study of the word of God can you say amen to that incidentally the word enthusiasm if you are interested in the etymology of that word actually comes from two words and meaning in and chaos meaning God the word enthusiasm literally means the joy and attitude that comes from being in relationship with God and so when people jump all liking urine and guest preacher I say I'm trying my best I'm trying to be a saving and happy relationship with God our message tonight is a very important one and really it's a sort of just matures and tries to put some legs on the things that we been hearing tonight with some legs on our lessons and some feet on our faith and so what were going to try and do is paint a biblical theological picture for the very kinds of things that we've been hearing tonight testimonies and the experiences of God 's people and really frankly for one ASI is all about I've had the privilege of being involved with ASR for the last almost fifteen years any same and that and from the very beginning of my conversion to Christ very beginning of my conversion to Seventh-day Adventist and ASI has been part and parcel of my life in my ministry and it is an honor to have been asked to be here for the keynote address and so what were going to try and view is encapsulated biblically theologically tonight in the context of the sermon on the mount what ASI is all about and so were going to begin appropriately with a word of prayer and him are going to be getting into either bring your Bibles of course yes yes I know you have your little programs and you got all of your or your beginning to get your various ASI accoutrements but you're going to need your Bibles tonight let's begin with a word of prayer and I'm getting for presentation titled Blessed are the peacemakers let's pray together father in heaven it is a great privilege and an honor to be here this evening father we are gathered together in keeping with the promise of Hebrews chapter ten in which you tell us that we should gather together more and still more as we see the day approaching the father surely we are living in strange and portentous times unusual times as we look around us the world seems to be falling apart at the seams but father we pray that as the world falls apart increasingly that we would not be falling apart with it but that we would be complete that we would behold it we would be that we would be joined together in Christ and in his righteousness father here the AFI convention you know that we are about the upbuilding of the kingdom of God and we are about the corrects and enthusiastic proclamation of the character of God the father to others who seek to set these two gems in there proper orientation is easy to understand what that means the kingdom Don and character of God father I pray that we would be able tonight to be able to say that we are each kingdom builders and peacemakers or thank you for every person it is testified every experience we heard tonight father prosper these ministries the outrage there at heritage Academy and that watching it builds team and the AI automation and all of the others that were mentioned father may you prosper us as we seek in our own feeble and often faulty way to build your kingdom father help us to be not just kingdom builders making them participants that we ourselves may say with the apostle Paul that our citizenship is in heaven the police father tonight as we kick off our inaugural keynote address he prayed it would be a spirited presentation that you would empty us of self and envious of our own desires to advance our kingdoms in our glory that we would be here desiring only to goodness and glory of your kingdom and your son to be with us now as we open your word may you open us is our prayer in Jesus name let all of God 's people say and what you want to open your models with me to the book of Matthew were going to the book of Matthew and were going to Chapter seven Matthew chapter seven were going to be spending the balance of our time tonight in fact almost all of our time in what is referred to commonly and colloquially though not scripturally as the sermon on the mount 's we refer to it simply that way because Jesus delivered this sermon this inaugural public address from you guessed it amounts and will be looking here in Matthew five and six and seven but primarily Matthew chapter five the first part of Matthew chapter five and were going to be trying to going to try and understand what Jesus was communicating in the opening part of this this address will never be referred to as the sermon on the Mount now in order to do that what were going to try and do is listen to the sermon on the Mount contextually what's the word everyone contextually now one of the most difficult things to do with someone living in the twenty first century for myself and for each Abbas is to read the Bible in a contextual life can be very easy for us to read the Bible with the twenty first century perspective to read the Bible with a modern perspective when it is true that the Bible has a great deal of modern applications in the same and that everyone but there can be no question that the Bible is an ancient book that needs to first be understood in its original context and actually understood what was meant then we can ask the question what it means now I'm going to what is referred to simply as the sermon on the mountain this is Jesus first public address as we've already said enough in the gospel of Matthew more so than Mark Luke or John Jesus sets Matthew rather as an author sets up the sermon on the Mount as a sort of sequence in which Jesus is seen as the new fulfillment of Israel and not just as the fulfillment of Israel but it's easy to tracing the chronological historical steps that Israel had gone through Jesus is presented as the Messiah Matthew does this purposely evangelistic lien certainly apologetically just to give a little bit of a context here for example in ancient Israel the way that Israel originally ended up going into Egypt prior to the Exodus was a man named Joseph had dreams what was his name everyone 's name was Joseph a man named Joseph had dreams and in the context of those dreams the children of Israel literally the descendents of Jacob went into Egypt for a time to remain there for a time and then they were called out of Egypt and we refer to this simply as the Exodus or the leaving of Egypt Hosea refers to this hosanna prophet Hosea Chapter 11 verses one and do what it says out of Egypt I called my son is a Israel here is not just a national entity but when an entity in which it takes on the position of this time shifted as a child of God and Egypt or Israel rather had gone into Egypt because of a man named Joseph having dreams remained in Egypt for a timeout as the children of Israel are then called out of Egypt the very first explains that they have is they're leaving Egypt the templates of all and if they need this major obstacle known as the Red Sea what's the obstacle everyone the Red Sea and they passed through the Red Sea now the apostle Paul in verse nineteen chapter ten picks up on this imagery and says that as they pass through the Red Sea they were all what if anyone knows they were all these are the theological application they were all baptized in the Red Sea is only makes application here at the passing through the Red Sea was analogous to the New Testament experience of the believer being baptized and said he sees them coming through and he says this is the baptism now I just have to ask which were false shortfall it was God 's plan for Israel to wander in the desert for forty years of a false forget soap his plan was for them to go from the passing through the Red Sea to a certain place to a certain location what was that location remembers the amounts Sinai okay so the distance according to the book of Exodus the time it is within the duration that it took them from the Red Sea passing to Mount Sinai was just about a month roughly a month give or take a good event forty days which become important in just a moment so let's just take stock of what we got a man named Joseph has dreams and the children of these Israel go into Egypt where they remained for a time and then they are called out of Egypt in the first experience of a pass-through is the Red Sea the first significant strength for significant obstacle then from the Red Sea they go through a wilderness period of wandering I actually just the wilderness journey through the wilderness of sin and they can't Mount Sinai said the sequence in your mind now we know that after Mount Sinai the children of Israel going to wander in the wilderness for some forty years but this was not part of God 's original plan not original plan goes like this into Egypt remain in Egypt out of Egypt through the Red Sea through the wilderness to Mount Sinai we together everyone yes or no now she is 's walks through this I believe intentionally and other scholars share that perspective Jesus walks through this basic perspective intentionally and Matthew Moore the mark more than Luke more than Shawn sets forward Jesus as the Messiah as the new Israel and opens as possible basically Matthew chapter one Matthew chapter divorce Matthew chapter one is the begat within Matthew chapter the end of chapter one and chapter two is a man named Joseph having dreams and the Angels says take the child where the child into Egypt remain there for a time and then when the person that sought to do him harm Herod is dead then he's called what out of Egypt that's Matthew chapters one and two know what Bible student wants to tell me what takes place in Matthew chapter three Matthew chapter three there's an event that takes place there it is the baptism very good thank you and so here we have an age of remain in Egypt called out of Egypt through the baptism experience of Matthew chapter three but you tell me what happens in Matthew chapter four the temptation in the wilderness it lasts for forty days which is analogous you are correspond to the forty days and forty years in the wilderness again we want to remind herself that was not part of God 's plan song wilderness wanderings on wilderness traveling was part of God 's plan when it went than simply the amount of time to try to traverse due to move from the Red Sea experience to know what was actually some are going after the passage of the wilderness to Mount Sinai and sonatas the corollaries here Matthew senses for this gospel intentionally the child Jesus was you mean different time he's called out in Egypt incidentally Matthew makes this identical application itself Matthew has a favorite word that uses over and over and over again in his Gospel in fact he is more than Mark Luke and John combined in his word is fulfilled the Lord is what everyone fulfillment Matthew D'Antoni was the same thing that Paul also love to deal as he begins to read experiences and incidences and passages from the Old Testament that has to take them and put them in a new frame in a new setting and he says this happened so that might be fulfilled and it is a messianic application this happen it might be fulfilled against the fulfillment in Christ this happened might be fulfilled and this is from the over and over again in Oslo Matthew it might be fulfilled it might be fulfilled it might be fulfilled in fact the passage that we just mentioned a moment ago Hosea Chapter 11 verses want to do that originally applied to Israel going into Egypt out of Egypt I called my son Matthew thinks that passage instead this was fulfilled in Jesus as a basic sequence of amending Joseph has dreams in Egypt remain in Egypt out of Egypt passed through the Red Sea baptism experience then into the wilderness forty days and then into the mountain toward the mountain is a basic apologetic structure with Matthew setting forth is possible in an apologetic evangelistic sense to show you that Jesus is the Messiah I would together everyone guessing out that this is the guy is fulfilling step-by-step point my point the national ambitions and overcoming the national failures of Israel Matthew is the amazing thing this is where work gets right to where we wanted to who was it we just very simple question what was the significance of Mount Sinai I just happened your enthusiasm is just this serving your lack of enthusiasm is just less punishing this is the AFI convention this is not an insurance seminar I don't want to say I'm a little stupefied years that let's try that again the CIGNA yes I know that the Sinai 's reasons why what happened there you never seen the law and the law was written on tables of with the finger of now here's a question whose finger was that basic gods more precisely whose finger was that that's the finger at Jesus that's a finger at Jesus and the father was certainly there that's clear but Jesus is the one there is communing with Moses his writing is a very fascinating thing is happening what we basically do is move through this sequence is history of Israel in which we go from Egypt through the Red Sea expresses exactly what happens is that he wanted to set the children Matthew three is the baptism in Matthew chapter four is the ballistics right Matthew five six and seven is the New Testament sign up Matthew five six and seven is the New Testament Sinai Jesus in the Old Testament Exodus chapter flights is also riding with his finger on tablets of stone is now in Matthew five six and seven saying things like this you have heard that it was said by them of old front but I say unto you here Jesus the long camera from Exodus chapter twenty is the law explicated the law expositor he is basically saying this is what the law means we together everyone yes or no now here's the significant thing for Jesus to stand up and uses this refrain incidentally six times in the gospel of Matthew six times he says that you have heard what I say you have heard but I say you have heard but I say Jesus very clearly here very purposefully and very unambiguously is setting himself against setting himself up organize everyone setting himself over and against the prevailing religious opinions of the night of the human heart but I'm saying you have heard but I'm saying Jesus here is the new duties on top of the designer he was on top of the new Sinai the sermon on them use the new Sinai in which God is not an imminent know in no way I'm dealing or obfuscating what was done in the Old Testament is clarifying and elucidating one and then lost sight of during this period of Jewish apostasy now the size of the context or limit me to understand that when Jesus would start on top of the new sign on top of the sermon on the mount of the mountain from which we preach the sermon on the Mount how old approximately what event is sixty official to thirty years old now we need to try and understand his or trying to do when trying to understand the sermon on the mound in its historical context and its biblical context and it's what everyone in its biblical and historical context and so when Jesus stands out is approximately thirty years old by his by the standards of his own culture he's a whippersnapper is a candy coated as young as twenty seven or twenty eight the Bible says he was about thirty so he stands up there aren't married and therefore the printhead disqualified of just by virtue of his nonmarried status of being a member of the Sanhedrin did not end of the school describes you not been the school of the Pharisees inelegant in the seminary here's the question what was that his preparation to stand up and have the temerity have the audacity to say to Israel you have heard but I say you have heard but I say you have heard what I say in the one wanted that his earthly preparation was he doing prior to sending up as this provocative young Rabbi what was he doing it was apartment he was a son of a carpenter now he's eating disorder because in your mind like yours Jesus day right after the Sabbath sawing and measuring and hammering but ever since the age of twelve Jesus had known that this is not what God put them on earth to do primarily now this is intimated in the gospel of Luke but communicated expressly we love the desire of ages he transmitted and lived in fact in the chapters two and three and especially chapter two Jesus goes to the Temple he doesn't know what everyone else is simply how old is in keeping with Jewish tradition keeping with you if he was twelve years old the Jesus was brought to the temple at the age of twelve and at the age of twelve he has a realization he sees the land being slain the season without IVC is the past landings light and he has a moment here he hasn't yet a revelation he has an epiphany again this is hinted at in loop and communicated expressly in the desire of ages he realizes under the unction of the spirit was on studying the Scriptures that land is you your lamp for many many many years later his elder cousin John eventually say behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world but at some point there was a realization design settlement in the context year when Jesus was a young boy and he was sitting on Mary's lap when Jesus is sitting on Mary's lap of the agency with the age of three future for Jesus is not saying to Mary Mary let me tell you what it was like in the celestial glories before a target he began letting men and there is some instruction going on here but it's not from Jesus toward marriage marriage is saying to Jesus Jesus let me tell you the extraordinary circumstances surrounding your birth let me tell you of the angel that appeared to be married with communicating to Jesus and that Jesus would be learning Jesus would be what everyone learning weekly we sometimes read the Bible and very anachronistic way we read the Bible from a 21st-century perspective we read the Bible and any basically assume we already know Jesus died a very tenuous resident and we made assuming that everybody in their humor is original chronological context understood that he hears Jesus learning from Mary and Jesus said to Mary Mary what is an extraordinary boy these are the circumstances surrounding a birth you are the Messiah Sheila to believe that should have faith in action exercise that at some point the three -year-old uses the four -year-old uses the five -year-old Jesus it's time for him as the twelve -year-old Jesus to go to the Temple but when the twelve -year-old Jesus comes the Temple and he sees the lamb being slain in some fundamental and revelatory way he realizes asked me I'm the guy again John the Baptist his elder cousin would later confirm something that Jesus had known for many years when he was sawing when he was measuring when he was pounding sinners Jesus this preparation for standing on the new Sinai this preparation for thank you ever but I said you have but I say this preparation was he was a you cannot enter the school of the scribes of the schools and the Pharisees he was a carpenter and at some point Jesus would've known to getting about the age of twelve into approximately the age of thirty two the better part of twenty years you have known one day delay that saw down in one day easy to think that hammer and hang it up and one day he's going to take that and take measure that yarn roll it up and put away not for the evening not for the weekend not the Sabbath but for good and is going to take off the garb of a carpenter is going to take off his carpentry closed his carpentry gone and he is going to in the minds and estimation of many presumptuously put on the garment of a rabbi and an instructor in here Matthew paints the picture he paints is apologetic evangelistic picture of Jesus racing point my point step by step right through the history of national Israel until eventually in Matthew chapter five six and seven Jesus as the new messiah arrive on top of the Mossad as the Messiah arrives on top of the new Sinai and has the temerity and the audacity to say you have her but I said Internet through a first century perspective we don't remedy or gather there may be several hundred perhaps as many as a thousand or more probably a crowd smaller than this but just imagine that you're sitting there on a gentle sloping hillside in your compass for back provocative young rapine others a sense of electricity and excitement about this got some people had heard a rumor that he had gone to a wedding in Cana and water had actually been turned but you know these things are hardly something else actually claim to bend with baptism and in the context of his baptism they thought they had heard a voice from heaven saying can you believe it this is my beloved son in whom I am all for others and on another notch just under this otherwise this kind of sense of anticipation and electricity as Jesus stands to the front and begins to speak who is this God was a sense of awareness of the sense of electricity there's a sense of expectation in the air as it finds that there in your minds on a gently sloping hill and listen to Jesus not somebody who knows how the story turns out the people at her Jesus in this context they noted within a die and be buried in right now that Scott who is this guy think he is and frankly just to be perfectly candid and not a reference at all the only thing you want to thought probably in the context of that initial presentation of Jesus as the Messiah of Israel would been looking forward to him for more than a thousand years the Messiah the only thing you probably could of thought is who does this I think yes I've seriously been anything he is incidentally Matthew wants you to know that that's exactly what people were thinking and he tells you that in Matthew chapter seven versus twenty eight and twenty nine last two verses in Matthew chapter seven Matthew was very intentional about recording the response of the people and take a look at the response of the people in Matthew chapter seven it says that he can seven versus twenty twenty nine and so I was when Jesus had ended these sayings in context the sermon on the Mount Jesus and ended these sayings that the people were wanted her models that the people were astonished at his teaching a agonies and synonyms were astonished they were that easy there were they were surprised they were poorly shocked the people were shocked they were surprised they were amazed they were the people around me he's at his sayings according to verse twenty nine what was the source of their astonishment that would verse twenty nine what was the source of their astonishment for he taught them as one having authority and not as the as the drugs and the Pharisees no wonder Jesus six times six times purposely thought about this this is not some haphazard flyby the senior pants serendipitously see how it works out in an unknown Jesus for years was thinking about this presentation Jesus is sawing but his mind is on the mound Jesus is measuring but his mind is on the mountain Jesus is hammering but his mind is on the mountain visit when Jesus steps forward on top of the new Sinai to begin to announce his kingdom and announce the character of God is absolutely intentional is what when everyone you think you have been here but I said you have been but I said you have heard that it was about a multinational marketability but I see any of the rooms overlooking a woman to lust after her hath committed of the adultery with her already in his heart you have been hearing but I'm telling you something different Jesus your sets himself up in a radical and revelatory but even more than that it's more than radical and it's more than revelatory does another word that starts with an art like to submit to you here but in the context of Smitty missed word he was simple statement from the book thoughts from the mouths of blessing with the book everyone thought synonymous at page one hundred forty seven his words some amount struck at the very root of their former ideas and opinions very roots to obey his teaching would require a change in all what's that word again would require a change in all of their habits of thought and action in other words this is totally radical to the record of radical literally means roots within the funding is radically needed root is is fundamentally different it would require a change in all their habits of thought and action it would bring them into collision with their religious teachers and a listen of this for it would involve the overthrow of the whole structure that for generations the rabbis had been rearing to obeying Jesus would require a change in all of their habits of thought and action because it would require the overthrow of the whole structure that for generations the rabbis have been very negatively what is that sunlight the overthrow of the other rabbinical religious structure what's the word with the work eleven of the revolution you see what Jesus is doing on Mount Sinai is not merely revelatory is not merely revealing it's not merely radically outweighing the accident rudimentary when Jesus is doing is absolutely patently unequivocally revolutionary but how uses the language of the overthrowing of whole structures of the generative that the rabbis in an rate for generations the revolution Jesus knows that he has stepped into a very precarious placement let's paint historically this very precarious location in which Jesus has just stepped not merely as Amanda was the son of .com as the Messiah the Jews believe they were the promise people of God they've they were the chosen people of God this this this attachment to Abraham and God 's call of Abraham without him is so part of the did you wish like even one occasion when John the Baptist was preaching anticipated their objection John the Baptist is reading his heart out into the subject I don't even be intended as a wedding is all that we have Abraham as our father from alias in either not able to wait until it ever happened is very sound there was a sort of expectation there was this sense I'm a Jew I am genealogically historically related Abraham and I am a person of God I am a child of God by virtue of my Jewishness we together everyone yesterday now and so so just imagine the cognitive dissonance that would've existed in first century Judaism when you're the chosen people of God and yet you know that your history your history is basically a history of success and subjugation is the paint top God your connection to Egypt to the chosen people of God nor in subjection to the Babylonians are the chosen people of God in your instruction to the Persians the chosen people of the other pirates injection drug can you begin to see the cognitive dissonance that would emerge we are the chosen people of God nevermind the fact that our history is littered is basically one grand story of folly being in subjection to a pagan nation altogether everyone yes or no will trying to deal with that hobbit of dissonance was the primary fly to first second third century Judaism free BCM talking BC third century second century first century Judaism BC now in order to try and cope into this to cope with this issue and this document in which Jesus is speaking your seasons be speaking into a situation Jesus is not merely speaking into a 21st-century situation is not just talking for talking sick Jesus is intentional here any speaking into a situation the situation in which Jesus is speaking is that Israel is absolutely confused method for the better part of a thousand years and different paths of sort of emerge to help Israel the no this cognitive dissonance how do we continually proudly and in the context of investment often self righteously second we are the chosen people of God and yet were a subject in the wrong which is just the lead latest and last of pagan powers to which we are subjected how does cognitive dissonance be ameliorated how would it be dealt with while in the context of Jesus in the first century you have four groups of people groups of people everyone for groups of people for two of them will be very familiar deal they are the Pharisees and the Sadducees the other two not as familiar the Essenes and the seller you basically have formed groups of people that were lying for the allegiance and vying for the intellectual allegiance of the people about how do we say were gods to people when we are in subjection to regulation regulation after taking a shot of a donation when the Pharisees basically their solution to the cognitive dissonance was to internalize and isolate themselves in a increasingly deeper and contrived version of Judaism and this is classic assists fourth fifth fourth third second and first century even beyond that BC Judaism basically the Pharisees internalize that they became they became very very occupied with Jewishness of the rabbinical debates this rabbi debating against this rabbi and what does this mean that they basically pretend as though there was no Roman army as old as otherwise no Roman occupation they just internalize and that's how they dealt with the cognitive distance this is what we find in the test the Sadducees on like the Pharisees who internalize their religiosity and became very isolated in an elitist with the Sadducees via the curry favor with the Romans and they basically said what we can beat them will join them the fantasy the Sadducees are kind of the intellectual elites of Jesus day they were like the secular religious people today we would in our nomenclature we would call them the religious liberals they were secularized they were secular deeply they didn't really buying all of the Scripture when they were more interested in was education Hellenism and and basically currying favor with the Romans that they can be perceived as sort of Roman and not patently Jewish validity things certainly some of their Jewish identity such as the high priest is about the Sadducees learned that the Liberals or the distancing yourself from your religiosity now these scenes we hear no mention of the New Testament this is to be expected because the wages seems dealt with this cognitive dissonance is they simply moved out into the country I just wanted his mother wife it is that man all Israel 's aunt Helena handbasket on the pop and will follow the law a more total apostasy is the latest move in the country they live in little tanks and communes in fact the Dead Sea Scrolls part of what's called the combined community was almost certainly a scenic community they moved away we don't encounter them and exaggerated as they were often is often the most trying to deal with this and with this great big issue of how are we the people of God and the actual circumstances in which they found themselves that we those be seen in the fourth and final group with the sellers Simon was probably a zealot in the zealots or through word zeal they sought to deal with this cognitive dissonance this this disconnect between what they should be seeing and what they are seeing but attacking militarily the Roman people to resort to guerrilla warfare they were kind of the Hamas if I can use that analogy of Israel fighting these guerrilla battles at night might write sort of these military and militaristic means in these guerrilla surprise attacks over against the Romans and so they were the zealots they were going to actively bring about they would be like the sort of radical religious fanatic so here's Jesus is twenty seventy twenty eighties twenty nine he's been sawing boards measuring boards and pounding aborts his whole life at some point he knows that the age of twelve is going to have to step out of this very safer secure situation and into a hotbed of religious difficulty controversy and confusion he has to be very careful with his language yesterday what is loyalty extremely careful because these were single finally this is the background the many thousand of the background so that the Gospels if the Sadducees can set Jesus over against the Pharisees or if the Pharisees can set them up against the Sadducees basically Jesus asked the sand into this gap in this end of this crucible of culture will come back to that just the second Jesus has to stand in this place all of these different competing views of what's going on in the world are vying for his allegiance and vying for his attention and he has to be very careful how we choose is even his associates and how he chooses even his language and his vocabulary ability to speak like a Pharisee is classified as a Pharisee so best to avoid pharisaical doctrine getting businesspeople at the Sadducees classified as a Sadducees everybody's trying to put Jesus in a hall everybody sinuses it was this guy is the affairs is he telling us to internalize is that helping you with this cognitive dissonance is even sad to see if you try to curry favor with the Romans is he telling us that we should move off in the end of the ditches and often to the Bush with using or indeed trying to have some some grand almost up minus guerrilla attack against the Romans is at least trying to do with Marshall this forces you all of these four people all of these four groups are vying for the attention and fine for the allegiance of every single Jew average Joe at some level intellectually would've fallen into the Pharisees when the Sadducees or the Essenes or the zealots even if they weren't listening they would've intellectually been favorable to these scenes or the Pharisees for the Sadducees were the zealots and Jesus basically shows up on the scenes access you've all got it totally wrong it's not the Sadducees it's not the Pharisees is not the zealots and it's not the Essenes as a whole new thing that is taking place in the language of this Jesus opens his mouth the very first thing he says the designer twenty years of preparation speaking into this cauldron of religion and social cultural difficulty legitimacy and he stands there and takes his place on the designer sense of electricity sense of anticipation near who is this the Pharisee is Saturday on return water to wine he is out what's he going to say the sense of expectation Aaron Jesus opens his mouth and he says in the words of Ellen White words that fell on the audience first century audience on twenty percent but fell on the years of the audience as strange and new strange and new that's a nasty thing of the Matthew sanguine voices of the people are astonished at his teaching is he going to say he's going to say Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven now my paraphrase of Illinois towards these wants will shall these words were totally unlike anything they were hearing in first century Judaism she says they were strange and new will bless are the poor in spirit the culture in which Jesus has been in a situation when Angela Jesus is speaking is one in which your Jewishness recommends you to God but if you're healthy Junior Dublin recommended to God and if you're healthy wealthy Jill York certainly recommended to God and Jesus stands up twenty years in preparation twenty years in relation for twenty years and thinking and the first words out of his now our blessed are the poor in spirit worn bearings is the kingdom of heaven come through let the revolution begin this guy Jesus then begins to take them on and on precedented journey through we refer to so innocuously and glibly as the attitude that we will nicely be added to we get on our little cross stitch and will bless you I love it from the little blue bird here will sunshine a flower we cross this lesson are the points here for theirs is the kingdom of heaven or blessed are the meek unison little bluebirds sunshine rainbow for their certificate and we take that thing we frame it and we put it over the toilet in the guest bathroom and everything look at this silly people are I guess I guess I guess people are leaving themselves this is the lesson of the political bluebirds over the somatic selling hockey was so glad in Jesus when Jesus was speaking these were like missiles to Paul sometimes or being dropped on first century Judaism is not cute little cross stitch will costar that the Beatitudes coasters sadness nine of them no no no no when Jesus is speaking here he has a home in the serene wire their minds and their brains evading all this sounds this sounds too strong all this revolutionary language another statement is our biggest page three hundred in the sermon on the Mount Jesus sought to undo what sort everyone on doing the work vitamin wrought by false education and begin his here is a right conception of his kingdom and of his own character so here's Jesus is sawing but he's thinking he's measuring but he's thinking he's hammering Buddy's thinking get these people to see who God really is and what the kingdom of heaven really is Mark Luke John never use this phrase the kingdom of heaven never once sexy star Matthew Stern he presents it over and over again the first thing Jesus says has to do with the kingdom of heaven and the character of God Jesus speaks to this cortex Jesus speaks into this world when Jesus is standing at the crucible of culture everybody waiting to bring them into a box during a sponsor this doctrine is not certain if often Jesus is on a no box on adopting them as a matter of fact blessed are the poor in spirit Blessed are those that recognize their spiritual poverty because heaven is there home strange and new totally different these words fall like like like like a different language on the ears of the people who Jesus is speaking happy are the poor in spirit happy are those who recognize there's your actual poverty as for the one it is ready from his army to space three hundred Ellen White writes a single phrase she writes of unrestricted access that server is not my on restricted access to the father in the context of the sermon on easy using the seminars over the seven of a multinational criminal for your friend that is we think it's all of the moral exultation at lunch on the right and left of the leaders in our unit tends to go with him I will eventually have all of this moral expectation but Jesus never gets to the moral agitation until he first gives them her phrase not mine on restricted access to the father never to get unrestricted access to the father was not to be because I'm so good at turning the other cheek when semis bludgeoning me this opportunity because in such a great guide I walk two miles in seventy yes no megawatt I get on this the father when I realize that I'm a sinner in need of a Savior when I realized I'm perfectly totally spiritually impoverished and I have enough thing to recommend me to go Jesus thought about this for twenty years the Martin Lloyd Jones a great preacher who preached and in the Westminster Cathedral for almost ten years on the book of Romans fantastic commentary six ten years the present of the Romans and Doctor Joan said Lloyd Jones said that there is no greater articulation his words are there is no more perfect articulation of the great truth of justification by faith and this beatitude blessed by the war in spirit because heaven is for these people Jesus introduces people to a God who cannot be appeased by their goodness it cannot be appeased by their by their internalization of religiosity all other Pharisees are there currying favor with it with the Romans all of the Sadducees Jesus is introducing a whole new radical thing you get unrestricted access to the father not because of who you are but because of who Jesus is because what he is about ready to do yet is that yours will be the kingdom of heaven uses the present tense he only uses it twice in the attitudes here in verses nine and ten pieces yours is the kingdom of heaven Jesus then begins to take them on a walk through this marvelous sequence I wish I had time to develop the sequence you can see he says what's a poor in spirit places blessed are they that mourn that condition gives us an attitude of meekness enemy hunger and thirst for righteousness realizing any undeserving recipients of God 's mercy we begin to treat others with God is treated us in our hearts we need to be purified as a person to be purified become peacemakers very excited he says less of those are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven he begins and ends of the kingdom of heaven but what is Jesus doing in the sequence is getting people unrestricted access the father you recognize you for spiritual poverty more nicer to condition the future attitude of the initial hunger and thirst for righteousness you to treat others with an honest review mercifully and then you begin to treat others with mercy and your heart begins to be purified and you become a peacemaker one of the most compelling a profound statement in the New Testament and the monikers names nomenclatures for God is this idea that he is the God of peace the God of you coming Jesus is referred to in Isaac Oppenheimer six as the Prince of therefore be justified by faith we have peace with God all rights and washers at one verse twenty of of of of having mate had peace of God to the blood of his cross if he did after tumors fourteen he is our peace this whole idea of it that God is not enmity at us God is not at war with us that God is not out to get us but some level God wants access to us that God wants us to have unrestricted access to him and his grand and glorious sequence of the Beatitudes culminates when he says Blessed are those whose mission is to bring the message of the Prince of peace and of the God of peace to those around them blessed are the peacemakers and then he says for they shall be called the sons of God you could paraphrase that they shall be like little friends we live in a time in which groups are vying for our allegiance we are very similar to Jesus in this capacity Jesus had a message about the kingdom of God and the character of God and yet undo all kinds of religious cultural and theological baggage and Jesus stood in a place and we stood in that place he said you get access to God not by the good that you do but by the good that God is blessed with for spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven and then he basically brings that grand sequence to its absolute fruition and maturation when he says that there will be a people whose whole mission on earth is to proclaim the God of peace the Prince of peace and justification by faith which alone can bring peace with God beloved that in a sentence that in a nutshell is the evidence message God has called us to be peacemakers to stand right here at the crucible of culture to stand right here in to say strange and new things about God to woo people to Jesus to people to the father to woo people to the kingdom of God we are not Pharisees we are not the religious establishment we are not Sadducees we are not the religiously secular we're not the zealots taking military political and carnal means we are not the scenes fleeing from the condition of the world is where followers of the Christ we are peacemakers and we need to stand in that place in the marketplace if you will to stand in that place and to be God 's man to be God 's woman to say Blessed are the poor in spirit for heaven as their home and blessed are the peacemakers for they are the sons and daughters of God how many not have understood this basic presentation if I want to say with the raising of the hands activity is standing to their feet and not make me a kingdom change or a world changer as I stand in the crucible of culture with a strange and new message can be the same owner this is the Seventh-day Adventist are you with my autograph or if you are having the claimant like to learn more and I live a and I is the more there are all kinds are please visit www. on my favorite


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