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The Now of Prophecy

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • November 21, 2021
    6:00 AM
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We're going to get right into god's word tonight. I'm a script to reading is taken from revelation chapter 16 and verse 15, revelation chapter 16 and verse 15 says, behold, i come as a thief. Bless it, is he that watches and keep with his garments? lest the walk naked and they see his shame. Behold, i come as a thief, a message. The sabbath is entitled the now of prophecy. The now of prophecy is part of a bigger series. I have called anchored in time, but for to day it's the now of prophecy. Let's pray, father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. We thank you lord form your truth and we thank you, lord for your mercy and your grace. I asked now lord and especially once again, but you just make me a male on the wall. And upon i may lord ask that you hang a portrait of jesus christ. Let me not be seen or heard. Instead, father, let us say a word from the throne of grace. It's our prayer in jesus, his name, a man. All right, we're going to go to the book of 2nd peter and we're going to focus on history and prophecy in this session, history and prophecy. And I remember the title of our session is the prophecy of now. Second, peter, one in verse 19, says we have also a more sure word of prophecy. We're on to you do well that take heed as unto a light that shine with in a dark place on the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts. Peter is writing this russell after he just reflected in the 1st part of the chapter on the mount of transfiguration. The time when he, when peter james and John went up and met with christ and met moses and all, and elijah who were visiting from heaven. You can go back and read the story in the gospels. But after peter give the beautiful verses on what happened there. In 2nd, peter chapter one, he moves on in verse 19 to say, even more sure than what he saw on the mount of transfiguration. Even more sure than the miracles he saw jesus work. He says there is a more sure word of prophecy. Why is that important? Because for us, we have not been eye witnesses to the miracles of christ. We don't get to see the transfiguration, but we have prophecy. I'm gonna, we, we're, we're doing a, a discussion with the some gentlemen of the muslim faith, very distinguish gentleman, very kind, very polite muslims. And we were doing a discussion with them orchestrated about the prophecies of the bible compared to the part prophecies of mohammedan and is one of the verses that I showed that I did. I read to show that as christians prophecy is critical. And so if I had time on the subject of prophecy in history, I would go to daniel chapter 2 down chapter 7. Revelation chapter 12. There's so many chapters in a bible, i could go to never mind looking at certain things from isaiah and jeremiah, and others that really show the power of prophecy, especially in historical context. No, I'm time to do that tonight. When I go somewhere else, would it? But I can anchor my faith and that's why the series is anchored in time. I can anchor my faith in the fact that I'm not just believing hearsay or stories. The scriptural prophecies and when we look at the dead sea scrolls and the veracity of the writings of the bible, there's a lot we can get into this. We can, I'm also doing some talks on apologetics for christians and adventists. But when we get deep into the archaeology and the History of what we believe, we're not just believing something that's made up some, some fairy tale out of the sky. There is something we can anchor our faith in. If we're willing to study and pray for the guidance of the holy spirit, peter goes on to say in 1st peter one second, peter, one sorry, in verse 20. Knowing this 1st that No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in Old time by the will of man get this, but holy men of god spake as they were moved by the holy ghost. We got the bible as men spake, and they were moved by the holy spirit. So the bible is not one book written by one person, that is an exact translation today of what it was then. Because the bible is not word inspired, it is thought inspired. The bible is written so that we can extract the fought from the passage and the holy spirit that breathe that thought into the right. Or whether with moses or whether it was easy keel or whether it was matthew, the holy spirit are breed. That thought of that individual can now elucidate and enlighten our minds. Would that very same thought folk attack the bible be say, oh it's been changed. It's been dis. It's been that the question you always ask yourself is when you study the bible under the guidance of the holy spirit, are you re extracting from it the thought that was breathed that moved on these men of god as they wrote a holy ghost put on them are you able to get it back out? Is why when you read scripture, many times of somebody see things new when you get new things. Because there's so much that happens when the holy spirit moves. So for our discussion today, we're going to jump to the book of matthew chapter 24. And I'm going to read the 1st 2 verses, and then we're going to go through these some prophecies. I've been doing these talks on March 24th. The pandemic began, but when I add some more color and detail to this talk, matthew 241 and 2 says and jesus went out and departed from the temple. And his disciples came to him for the hst to show him the buildings of the temple. The reason the disciples wanted to show him the buildings of the temple is because jesus, i just said in matthew chapter 23, I leave your house unto you desolate. He turned over to the tables of the money changers, and he walked into a leave your house and the desolate this scared to the type of because the disciples believe that he was the king. Not them, not the christ messiah who would come again in the clouds of glory and redeem all mankind would they thought he was the king that would sit in David seat and vanquished the romans. When he said that he left the temple desolate, the disciples were perplexed, so they start to show him as they walk out of the temple, the beautiful buildings the beautiful edifice, the stone work, the everything about it. Matthew 24th verse to jesus said unto them, see not all these things. Verily, i say unto you there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down. Can you imagine the disciples shook their heads. They couldn't believe they were astonished. The temples going to be destroyed, but that without the temple we have no nation. The AM I add to rebuild the temple, the wall that a temple um, as a rebuilt the temple, we know what do you mean? It's going to be torn down in the temple and jesus, they would look something like this is one artist's rendition of it. But once they got a loan with jesus, matthew $24.00 in verse 3. As and as he sat upon the mount of olives, the disciples came on to him privately saying, tell us, when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming and the end of the world? They get them alone. I say, wait a minute, lord, what is what is going to happen? One of the temp will be destroyed. And what are you going to come in your glory? And when does the world come to an end? The way you're talking, that's what we should be asking. Of course, 40 years later drusilla falls as titus roman general seizes the city and eventually troops take the city and destroy the temple just as prophesied by christ. And the prophecies so sure that when you look at daniel, 920 to 27 out of town and had been to a deep wood. Um, where it is given it from the decree to rebuild a temple would be uh 70 weeks 70 weeks ends in 8034 when stephen stone and that last week the scripture says in daniel chapter 9 says that in the last week, the messiah should be cut off. Well in the middle of that week, 3 and a half years into the middle of that 70th week is when the crucifixion happen. This is why we as christians don't have to just believe blindly. We no one as remade the decree. We know it's in the bible, we noted that as it was written long before the fall of jerusalem or the coming of christ. In fact, as we are heading into the 1st advent season of what the world calls christmas, you've got to understand the reason the wise men knew to go and look for the king being born is because they probably understood the prophecies of daniel chapter 9. That's how shore these prophecies are. We'd all believe cunningly devised fables And as he sat upon amount of alice, what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world? Matthew $24.00 in verse 4 in jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that No man deceive you. I like that word to see even the greek. It is the word pla. Mayo is the word it means to lead astray. Like than one sheep being led away from the 99. For many shall come in my name saying I am christ and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear wars and rumors of wars. See that she be not troubled. For all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Jesus then goes on to say for nations shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. And there shall be famines and pestilence is an earthquakes and divers places than verse. 8th of matthew, $24.00 is a frightening text. It says, all these are the beginning of sorrows. Let's go through all these things that will be the beginning of, sorry, Well 1st he says, there will be false christ's. So I'll go around it. This is a puerto rican american jose luis to his su smith. I'm the, I don't believe the live still, but he 1st that he was the christ and he said who the anti christ is. He had the 666 attached to him. This person added tattooed on him. This is in Miami, Florida, and miami is not home to just one falls christ. This is ya. We been ya way. Mom. Who believed he was the messiah reincarnate, i can or get it to him. Sonya some young moon, also in korea, this is David koresh, who had you know, what you are, you had ties the advent of them. But of course he went far away from what we believe or anything related to our denomination. But he also said that he was the messiah so, and this is just a few. I mean they sang praises to hitler as if he was a god. Ah, the caesars of rome were worshipped as if they were gods. I mean, the false christ are mortals who emulate jesus. So I put these here, but just as christ prophesied throughout history, people would worship people. And many would claim this and national Geographic actually put out of an article. And this is an african that said he was on the messiah or the christ. And he or the you. This is the one who drove taxi's by date, a brazilian and in here cult leader, who claims to be re incarnation of jesus, arrested in russia is a different article than these. So you can see that this is a, this just as jesus prophesied is still happening. It happens in many different ways. Of course if you listen to music, reggae music there, those who claim that hailey selassie picture here is um, was that is god. Hailey selassie never claimed it, but that is day. Many people worship ross the far are hailey selassie, who they say is god, who was jesus, returned in his kingly character name, go to tex of scripture to try make the point. Of course, gaily selassie has come and gone from ethiopia and clearly nothing. Nothing about him being a king still exists on earth. But of course you have people like kanye west and jesse who cogney, i started columns of jesus and now had changed the name fishy to ye. Jay's, he says things like, I am jehovah, god m C. So he still out if he will claim to be false. God, jesus prophecy still holds true. Said that it would be a ah wars and rumors of war. We had a century of war last century. When you look at what happened in Europe, specifically, we're one we're, we're to that it moved to asia, a communist revolutions. You had vietnam war to korean war. I'm, of course, africa had its wars. This is just one of the congo war and a democratic republic of the congo. I'm there many others. The rwandan genocide wasn't war, but all these things a prophesied and they've been fulfilled. And they're unique in the world history because there was no way to have war on a scale. We've had it in the last 120140 years. People would shoot, narrows and spears and, and you know, and maybe tenens, but nuclear bombs, supersonic jets tanks on automatic machine guns. These type of weapons didn't exist. Prophetically war has evolved and you can look at as an armed conflict since 1945, 84 percent of the casualties have been civilians, a little old data, but you get to just an estimated 1600000 children have been of killed in conflict since 199, be mrs. Again as old as that numbers, much higher. Red cross estimate that over 100000000 people were killed in wars in the 20th Century. And in 1993, which is about less than less than 30 years ago. There were 29 major wars were fought in 1993, so it was a century of war. And of course his famine, i won't get into this. This shows you number of hungry between 19992010 is old. But you can see that we've had a major problem with hunger, that is bubble to the surface this week where the billionaire eli muss, which is worth i think, was only a $160000000000.00. Some ridiculous number m E law must tweet. He is willing to spend $6000000000.00 to fight world hunger on one condition. So there was a tweet and I'll show you the tweet here. Ah, ah, 2 percent that this guy from the um, the world of food bank, dr. Ely, david, i believe it is a said, a 2 percent of the law must wealth. Ah, is a $6000000000.00 in 2020. The United nations food for a program, raise 8400000000. How come it didn't solve world hunger? They asked a question, but they said 2 percent of the law was wealth could saw where hunger says director of united nations, food scarcity program. And so ilan mosque is challenge them to come up with a plan and showed a world with a money goals and all of this kind of stuff. That hot debate goes back to the prophecy. Famine, there'll be a lot of people in the world die because of that. They don't have what they need. The law must be courses from South africa pestilence. We're talking about a corona virus. Now I won't get into all of pestilence, but I just read an article in one of my medical journals to data says that the many doctors are saying that if this corona virus, if we can get through it, which it seems to just keep researching on the next iteration, the next pandemic is right behind it. We have to wait and see of course, earthquakes and divers places. This is the National, america's national geologic survey. And you can see that the number of deadly and destructive earthquakes between 6 and 8 magnitude. Look at the increase, just as prophesied, something's going on this earthquake trend magnitude 6 plus old quake over to over a 10 year average is up to 2014. And you can see the increases in significant earthquakes there as well as this. Just a coincidence, a trend. Well, we can look at it. This is the, this is the destruction from earthquake in japan. Um several years ago. This is new zealand chilly women earthquakes and divers places in haiti, and hades been hit with earthquakes of pretty bad. It was a, some nami, in the indian ocean, earlier this century from an earthquake that killed i think, over a quarter of a 1000000 people. But it's not just earthquakes as storms and you're going to see, I don't talk about it here, but is a push because of climate change or perceive climate change and we don't believe in it, but climate change. Um, you can, the annual frequency of North atlantic tropical storms is shut up and they're saying that the storms are stronger. So these prophecies of matthew chapter $24.00 goes into fires. This of bias i buried at them while fired. I was now as now bigger than at the time when this was written. The summer is now bigger than all the fires in the world combines we started seeing massive fires. The greek islands had fires. Ah, devastating wildfires of 2021 on our, our breaking records and satellites of tracking climate change july was the world's hottest month ever recorded. The U. S. Agency says this is going to drive somebody on the prophecies that won't have a chance to talk about this session. But how do you come back that are a lot of people say listen, we need to give the world a rest. And we believe and then you listen I we recycle everything in our house. We make sure we, you know, I'm looking to get an electric car because I want a scripture says god is going to destroyed or destroy the earth. I want to be the best steward of the earth. I can beat, but the solutions will get to the point where some of them, somebody's as it was, we need a rest one day a week. What day a week do you think that's gonna be? And that's coming. Rising floods as is in China. You can see that the flood waters rose, even in Europe. And this is, I think, in germany massive floods the summer to really word nothing like anything we've ever seen before. So the prophecies, matthew chapter $24.00 for 7, it's prophecies are being fulfilled. So 2 thirds of all children in the world born in a nation that cannot feed them $57000000.00 people die each year because of famine. 60 percent of the people in the world are mound, lurise and 20 percent are starving. And as a tons of other stuff that we can say here, here's what the spirit of prophecy says of redness in other messages. She says, satan works through the elements, also to garner his harvest, of unprepared souls. He has studied the secrets of the laboratories of nature and he uses all his power to control the elements as far as god allows. While appearing to the children of men as a great physician, who can heal all their maladies, he will bring disaster and disaster until popular cities are reduced to ruin and desolation. Even now he is at work in accidents and calamities by sea and by land and gate in great conflagrations and fears, tornadoes and terrific hail storms and tempest's flood cycles. Title waves and earthquakes in every place, and in a 1000 forms. Satan is exercising his power. He sweeps away the ripening harvest, and famine and distress, follow him parts to the air, a deadly taint, thousands perish by the pestilence. These visitations are to become more and more frequent and disastrous. Destruction will be upon both man and beast the earth morning and faithfully the haughty people do languish. The earth also is the filed under the inhabitants thereof because they have transgressed the laws changed the ordinance broken, the everlasting covenant. Isaiah 24 foreign 5. Not from the great controversy. Page 589. And so I believe that we are right here. Matthew chapter 24 verse 8. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Same is working to do what he does and as a reason he's doing it, I, we, I won't, I won't get to get into that today, but he really wants the world to panic. He wants every one in fear. Look $2125.26 as and there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon. And in the stars upon earth. The stress of nations with perplexity, the sea, and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them for fear. And for looking after those things which are coming on the earth, the powers of heaven are shaken. Men's hearts will fail them, number one killer in America and heart disease. Anxiety is, is an incredible problem with legalizing marijuana all over the country. When a major reasons people that are needed for their anxiety and their stress. One of the 8 laws of health that we have is admin us is trust in god. Because man does not trust in god as man is remove, as man is removed god from society. And as we don't talk about scoff and mock god, the 2nd coming of our lord and christians themselves as man does that. The consequences of god's spirit being removed from the earth will be seen. How will they be seen route? Let's look at it. See, see that a drug overdose depth, top 100004 the 1st time in a 12 month period. This is us news and world report a showed in America that a 100000 people die from drug overdoses. Since the pandemic began almost 2 years ago, we say over 700000 of died from grown of ours. But nobody is talking about the fact that 800000 americans and 12 months have died from drug overdoses. This is prophecy being fulfilled men's hearts failing them for fear. God made the Human heart so big only he can fill it as well as people try and feel the gods eyes holding their heart would alcohol and drugs and marijuana and elicit sexual behavior. And all the other things they try netflix and the rest of it. None of that will fill the god sized hole in your heart. So what happens? People keep taken more and more and more. And here in America we are seeing death rates. We have never seen the mother little interesting, some other lit, some other interesting prophetic facts or versus daniel 12 and verse for. But thou o daniel, shut up the words and seal the book even to the end of time, to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased than we know when william miller began to preach about advent. And so maybe it was a william miller was the 70 and he was not. But he priest an advent message of christ to return and 1844. And what happened because of that, people began to read the book of daniel study it diligently. That's why a book was sealed until the time of the end. And in the rest of the series i got when the time of the end began, but it was sealed until that time. Then the book of daniel opened up began to understand a 490 year prophecy. The 2300 they prophecy when any one of the pointed 90 day prophecy 70 weeks. When anyone tells you that these prophecies are not important. Be careful. What is they? After understanding these prophecies anchor you in truth, you are not going to withstand persecution for truth. You do not understand. You not, no, said emmy tortured when you don't even know what you believe. Says that many shall run to and fro and knowledge of the increase and there's some was a listen, this is an increase in biblical knowledge and it is absolutely true that that has happened. What is also to increase a knology of you thought about artificial intelligence? self driving cars, things that were were just science fiction, just a you 15 years ago are now reality the world is about to change drastically because of these technologies. And I believe the Lord assume the returns. Are we wanting to see where as far as technology go, in some ways technology is like the tower of babel. It is how man is looking to live forever. It is one thing that he talked about how they could transfer a person's brain to this uh, computer base and the person could live on. And I'm in essence, there's some stuff that they're trying to do. But it just tells you time is short. Scoffers, the last days, scoffers and religious skeptics, 2nd 3 to $3.00 inverse 3, knowing this 1st that there shall come in the last days, scoffers walking after their own lesson. These scoff, it'll say, where is the, where the promise of his return. Since our father's fell asleep, you know, he's not come back. We're going to mock and laugh at the fact that we still hold on to a a bit. The 2nd coming as a hope. Secondly for 3 and 4 says this for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts, shall they heap to themselves, teachers having itching ears and shall turn away their ears from the truth and they shall be turned on to fables ha, so they're going to market the fact that jesus has resumed to return. I will show you some modern examples of that and are going to turn away to airs from the truth. And we turned on to fables. What kind of fables like evolution here is pope john paul. The 2nd and this is an article I think is from the New York times. It says, ignoring, ignoring conflicts with biblical texts. John paul calls view more than a hypothesis. And so to the roman catholic church made believing, basically in the 1st 2 chapters of genesis, no longer necessary. It's more evolution is what really happened. Not what a bible says. This was the beloved pope john paul. The 2nd who did as well. If you can't trust god in the 1st 2 chapters of the bible, how do you trust them in a chapter like john chapter 3 and verse 16 were says for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life if we can't believe god created the world. I can believe that god can redeem us or recreate the world. Well, you won't. Your whole world, you switches. If God didn't create the world, we're all just a product of an accident. This is the cunningly, this is a cunningly devised fable. Of course, the scoffers. This is a common look call. The 2nd coming was in the 1st one. You see what is supposed to be jesus here, feet and whole than someone at gunpoint, someone with a gun given him bread. And you see the other one does superman character who's supposed to be like a modernist jesus. You see the solar bomb crest on his chest? Remember, son worship, so this is is represent, son, worship. This would theoretically represent biblical worship. But at the end of the day it is a combined to mock and scarf and laugh at christians. I did, there's a show on t v here in the state go black jesus that had where jesus smokes marijuana and did all these things and compton california, very terrible of this, this, this are never read a novel. But here the novel, the 2nd coming where they take jesus and tournament a cigarette, smoking criminal law, and this is from 2011. You have men like this, like bill maher, who's a pretty famous comedian and TV host, an american. He says things like this. And he has a documentary called religious. We basically says, all religion is really ridiculous, these are the scoffers would, would we huge influence and here's what he says. Religion, it's just the ultimate hustle. Why can't god just defeat the devil? It's the same reason a comic but carrots can't defeat it, defeat his nemesis. Then there's no story. If God gets rid of the devil, and he could be any good because he's all powerful. Well, there's no fear, no reason to come to church scoffers. Now of course, bill maher probably doesn't understand the great controversy. He doesn't understand the reason the devil is allowed to live is because all of god creatures are given free choice. And the devil chose the rebel against god of god is white, the devil out? No one would see that the devil's argument is false or the consequences of sin lead to destruction. So yes god is going to destroy the devil, but he's going to destroy does the devil after he has redeemed a people out of this earth after the entire universe has seen that god's character is vindicated. Because that is what the devil has attacked. Not about his wife and the devils where everyone can live the way he want. God is looking to create a world where sin never rises again. But the scoffers with arguments like this many people, once were christians, turned from god, not understanding truth. There also be rampant. The morality in the last days the scripture says done in prophecy. Now 2nd, somebody 31 to 5. This know also that in the last days perilous time shall come for men shall be lovers of their own cells. Coverages boosters proud, blasphemous, disobedient to parents on thankful, unholy. Without natural affection. Truce breakers false accuses and continent fears despises, of those that are good traitors heading high minded, looking as well. I like this one lovers of pleasures. More than lovers of god. In fact, they are preaches who preach more about how you can get the pleasures of this world and how you get to know god and have his character there preaches, or preaching to you that you can have a bentley, and you should have a mansion. And if you don't have money is because you don't believe god is because you don't have faith. And of course, if you give him money, you're going to get money. Paul tells timothy. But in the last day there will be will be lovers of pleasure. More than lovers of god, verse 5, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof from such turn away what power would give you true godliness as the power of the holy spirit. If you, you could have a former god, it would all the activism and woke ism and everything that's going on in the world right now. People can come across as morally sound as they say, the oceans. And as they a protest racism. And as they protest political injustices and social injustices. And it's not that these things are bad things, but you can look like you're a saint because you're fighting the good fight of a cause on earth. Similar to baracus who the jews chose over christ, was a rabble rouser and a revolutionary and an activist. They chose him because he was going to fix their situation now. But guess what? We don't want that kind of godliness. That is tied to temporary early situations. We want to top of godliness that comes from the in dwelling of the holy spirit. Transforming of our characters to be more like jesus. That's the goal in this whole thing. We're saved so that we can develop his character. We get to live under the auspices of the holy ghost and a 2 ledge of the scripture so that we can develop the crit, character of christ. That's why hymns as turn your eyes upon jesus and look full in his wonderful face. And the things avert will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace. If not, as you have a form of godliness, and you turn away from a power to holy ghost, actually transformed character. If you do that and you push away the holy spirit, which act like you, holy anyway, immorality comes up. You become lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of god, and jazzy, greatest rapper of all time. Do what thou wilt. And that comes from a kind of dark, satanic statement do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law. You can study more into that, of course, and pushes all of the pornography in all of sexual things. This is a book on how north American men travel to southeast asia, country like thailand and other places and, and, and philippines and, and, and pick up under age girls. So to, to mess with that. And of course the sex trafficking that happens in the world. What it, what, what is the cause of all it is and the spirit of god is removed as people reject the moral law of the scripture. All these things seem perfectly fine to do Of course was in record breaking cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. I won't get to into this is up to 2019. It keeps climbing, in fact, and one thing I read it was even more prevalent in rural america where you wouldn't think it would happen. And in older americans like over 60, add some of the highest increase rates. I'm so this is shows you that there's a breakdown of the kind of biblical morality that most christians would ascribe to. This is in a sense the fulfillment of prophecy. Matthew 20 foreign verse 14 says like this in this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached and all the world for witness unto all nations. And then shall the income and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness and to all nations eventually income. When a world is out of chance, collectively to choose whether they are going to serve god or to serve the enemy, whether I receive the seal of god or the Mark of the beast. When that time comes, that's when the judgment will finish in a most holy place and christ will take off step out of the temp will take off his priestly robin, put on his kingly garb and mount the white horse. According to revelation and return or on the hosts of heaven to come and get us. So guess what, the devil doesn't want you of vandalizing. He doesn't want you preaching the truth. It is an interesting on the current bill recently said, pope says christian should never seem to convert unbelievers. Anyone who proselytise is, is not a disciple of jesus and the whole article. You can look this up and look up that where he said, is that a high School in, in italy? So should we not trying to evangelize the world to christ? Well, if we don't go to my for chapter 24 verse 14, it is, it is a requirement for the 2nd coming that we proselytized that we shared a good news of the gospel that we save souls from death. Matthew 24 in verse 13 says like this, but he shouted dawn to the end. The same shall be saved, but he that shall endure unto the end. Same shall be saved. This is not a cross country race church, i mean, is not a sprint. It is a cross country race. You've got to go long distances. That means when you fall a sort of script to says the just man falls 7 times rises every time I don't care if you fall in sin, i don't care about the mistakes you men. I don't get a life you had. You have not out sin, god's ability to save. You get up. Dust yourself off and keep moving towards christ Because he uses in revelation 16 and verse 15. Behold, i come as a thief. Lesson easy that watches and keep his garments. Lest he walk naked and they see a shame he's coming as a thief, not because they come to steal a thing. Because a lot of people like a thief comes when people are not prepared. A lot of folk are not going to be prepared for when jesus comes Matthew $25.00 and worse, 13 watch, therefore for you know, neither the day nor the hour wherein the son of man comes. Prophecies have given you the road signs the exact day an hour. We do not know when you see the signs, jesus says, be of cook, be of good cheer. It is, I be not afraid. Look up for your redemption draws nigh. We ought to rejoice as we see, besides being fulfilled in the world. Sunk you listen to some advent right now. It is corona virus. Stuff. Your panic in. They're afraid to tell them it's going to get us. That's what, that's what the bible prophesies. Persecution will come all will live godly in christ. Jesus will suffer persecution. Matthew chapter 24. We don't get deep into it in his talk. But basically the whole world turns on the believers. Then shall they persecute you and say all men, all evil against you to prescribe to says that even says that our enemies will be they of our own household, the world is going to turn against those that's coming. That's prophecy. You can see it happening already and yet they are christians who are so afraid they're going to stop it from happening. It's got to happen. The question is, can you praise god in the storm? If you're afraid of the time of trouble, it's not the time of trouble, you're really afraid of. And it's not really your issue. You see if jesus is in the vessel, you can smile at the store. Focus on knowing jesus. You're in a relationship with christ. You don't have to worry about what's coming on the world in a fearful way. Here's what paul says, and that's the 1st I salon in 5 or 6. Therefore let us not sleep as do others, but let us watch and be sold were 1st peter, for 7. The end of all things of that hand be therefore sober and watch unto prayer does want a devil want you drunk on alcohol and high on weed and drugs because he does not want you sobered. He does not what you watching. It is not what you watching on to pray. I gotta have a strong prayer life in these last days. He doesn't want you to have that Hold. I come as a thief. Bless it. Is he that watch it and keep his garments less. He walked make it and they see his shane cries, wants to put a new garment on you. He wants to cover your sin. And I can tell you is I'm here in the states. Seeing all the pandemonium, the division of the nation, the war of words. It is, it is unpleasant to behold. We've got to understand as christians that our hope is not in government. It's not in wealth. Not in politicians, not in technology. Our trust is in the Lord jesus christ. Jesus said that the disciples, not one stone here, will be left upon another because jesus was moving out of a temple. And he's going to build a church on earth. And I wanna invite you to be a part of that church. I want you right to to, to accept the calling that christ is making to you to come to him and be his child. Ah, if that's what you want, I want you to just pray with me now. Father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. I ask in a special way, lord, that those who have not chosen you who are hearing this message. We choose jesus christ of their savior. Lord, send the holy spirit. Lord, help us all to watch and be sober, nor do we need a character of christ. Ah lord, let us turn eyes upon him for by beholding become prayer and jesus is precious. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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