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Growing Faith

Scott Moore
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Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)




  • August 5, 2010
    10:45 AM
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okay Shelley Howard Brown a pilot to Andre father in heaven what a privilege it is for us to be here this morning and father we want you to teach us how to grow our faith I personally believe that the concept is easy and that will just put into principle these practices that our faith will grow we pray that you will be with us to this in for we ask this in Jesus name amen well my name is Scott moron I am the director of OLE Institute for evangelism were located about an hour and fifteen twenty minutes from here depending on how fast you drive maybe even just an hour but were located up in Lady Lake Florida we run a sixteen week course you see there on the flyer that you have in front of you we also run a four-week course a two-week course a three-week course and we also I didn't bring the Flyers and here we also have a five-week course in Aspen you'll know I do not speak as manual however there are many people that do any instructors that teach that segment of our program speaks Spanish we hope you will enjoy the pain that you have their compliments of late Institute for evangelism please check out our websites listed on both of those things but the purpose that you're here for today is not to come to my school but to grow your faith and that's what we are going to talk about right now the concept like I said is very easy let's turn in your Bibles if you have your Bible honestly it limits your Bible there's no candles and here's another those are Bibles and not the hymnal trick so we're going to go to the Romans chapter ten and verse seventeen Romans chapter ten number seventeen of course Romans as in the New Testament pass the Gospels then you have asked and you have Romans the tenth chapter in the seventeenth verse the word of God reason Romans chapter ten in verse seventeen so then faith comment by hearing and hearing by the word of God this segment here is on growing our faith how is it that we can grow our faith and the biblical concept of growing your faith do simple the Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the law by the word of God so how does our faith grow by reading or studying the word of God with me to first John chapter five and verse for our faith and the Rose by spending time in the world on it's very simple concept isn't it know what the Bible says in verse John chapter five and verse four first John is near to the book of Revelation first John chapter five and verse four and the Bible reads like this in first John chapter five and verse four for whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world in power while being an hour and hour and will only study and spend time in the word of God and Howard and it's what overcomes the world listen to this right here this is from testimonies for the church volume three page fifty three she says we should wait until a while to the word of God and to prayer individually seeking the Lord earnestly that we may find him we should make this outline our first business say is the nectarine that overcomes the world and say it's from the start eating the word of God you have that concept in your mind so that you and I want to hold the world from this Friday our faith and well we will spend time doing studying the Bible the class is over you doing you'll know it now to grow your faith can be that easy it can be that easy you have ten hours fifteen minutes to convince me and teach me how to grow my faith and family minute in five Saudi entity to grow your faith have a great with himself was Satan well knows that all we can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacks Satan knows that if we put genocide God 's mechanism for growing our faith that he will overcome us because they is what overcomes this world to understand the concept so simply what we wanted to me as we are want to learn how to study this deeper some people they will ask how you get so much out of your Bible study mule what makes it vital different for you when you are studying as for me when I said it wanted to talk about that because studying the Bible is the way that our faith grows out of San Pedro my study while that's absolutely right Jesus 's mechanism for drawing faith in his disciples toward NATO Luke twenty four Matthew Mark Luke and the third book of the New Testament the Luke chapter twenty four now everybody knows the story in Luke chapter twenty four there are these two men that are walking to a place called in ASQ members storing these two disciples of Jesus are wanting to NASA and while they are walking the sun is down it's dark this general manner all of a sudden are joined by a third man frankly I like walking around outside after dark it's just you know I like to see the stars that Outlook gotten in on the Macintosh I don't like to be in the these two men are walking on a lonely road from where they were over to MAS and a third man starts walking with them and think nothing of no figure they must've liked walking in the dark with strange people who was that third minute walk maybe that's it were not alarmed but they didn't was Jesus did Jesus at that very moment could have said to those men this is me on Jesus Pincus said very plainly think I said right then instead of waiting for Thomas Sica said here guys which a thing is I here put your hand right here feel my feet but he didn't do that Jesus walked into in still in reason men that even after he was physically gone from this earth that they could still have that they were aligning mechanism which is his word so instead of Jesus just revealing himself to the disciples Jesus studies the Bible Windows disciples now listen to this verse twenty five after they tell him we don't know where he Jesus said and some people say the Roman soldiers all asleep and it was stolen but that doesn't make sense because they can be assassinated for that somebody says that he was a racist network of notes and Jesus says in verse forty five old fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken decent old walls and slow of heart to walk believe another word for millionaires and old hard to believe or to have faith in all the profits have spoken measures in the first off not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory that word on what is our main shut and worship has been extremely obvious to those disciples of Christ that he was going to suffer those things shouldn't it was in the patient and just made history with me instead of just okay why wasn't it extremely obvious to those men that they thought Christ died they were sad what did Jesus say here he said ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory Jesus is telling and gentlemen this is obvious and nation what they should've known it how would they have known my reading the Scriptures son Jesus and Saddam Hussein here I am halfway through me Jesus goes back to the Scripture so that no man can have a that he is the Messiah because after all all not Christ to suffer these things and then to enter into his glory notice what he does in the next verse year in verse twenty seven the Bible says in Luke twenty four verse twenty seven and beginning at Moses and all the prophets working again it begins over here at Moses and he walks through how many products all the profits I can imagine and want season started talking to babies on the roads romance because he wanted to teach these men about who he was not from his life but from his writings he says the Bible says and beginning at Moses and all all of the case found that onto them in all the Scriptures and other writings concerning himself not dear friend dear Seventh-day Adventist and examining here isn't as bad Jesus is giving us his method of growing a indicated his disciples once you couldn't see Jesus means amending needed to have a mechanism to believe anything they needed and the engine is started as in all profits and explains to them the things that talk about the Messiah is not clear happy when I will sit back and will think about it in the Seventh-day Adventist church we had absolutely no all I I will study formats that we can use that amazing facts we have this life on the edge DVD set we have a life on the edge Bible study guides we have these different ways of studying the Scriptures the same way Jesus did but we are too busy and we think we know too much in order to put it into practice every why would I want to continue to study the second coming when already know that the second coming of Jesus is not going to be secret it's going to be magnificent it's going to be grand why would you want to do that because that's what Jesus expects his people to do the Bible says simply right here that Jesus begins to explain in a topical format it's thousands of them out of Moses and all the prophets the things concerning himself he started up the Messiah he studied medicine he's talking about his resurrection he pulls out a reference is about himself he gives them a how about letting you send yourself this I appears to me as crazy but I wanted to notice what happened to those two disciples Jesus gives them a Bible stuff on himself he's the top and this is what happens look with me inverse thirty two well will start verse thirty and it came to pass as he sat at meat with him Susan is when interesting to read and bless it and break and gave it to them so when I got a new hair that what he wanted most intimate of ingenuity person to Galilean culture was to have dinner with someone minutes as their verse thirty one and their eyes were opened and they want they know him and I know that that was Jesus prior to this moment they had absolutely no according to did they understand better who Jesus while being for he revealed himself to them what did Jesus do to help them understand who he was beaten for he revealed himself to them he studied the Scripture with those who this is a concept that when he is a Adventists understand because people will come to our evangelistic meetings enable safe I have never learned so much out of the Bible in my whole life as I have learned in these first three knots in my fringe and ninety one the topics for the first three an evangelistic meeting cannot Daniel do that's obvious signs of the times the great controversy at the end of answer and controversies Bible study that is given in an evangelist thinks Google cannot do in a safe cannot believe that I been in church for forty seven years and my pastor has never taught out of the Bible like this notice the reaction of these disciples were sturdy thirty two and they said one to another this is my know when that was Jesus this is after he has vanished this is after he has revealed himself verse thirty two and they said one to another did not our heart burn within us while he walk will talk to us by the way and while he did while all to a house the Scripture reference what was Jesus mechanism for opening Scripture to those two disciples a topical Bible study is not me I don't have my only it was a topical Bible study these two men were convinced the form Jesus revealed himself to them they were convinced that the Messiah needed to suffer for those three days they were convinced that the Messiah are needed to be in the gym for those three days they were convinced that the Messiah would be rejected by the leaders of the day they were convinced that Jesus was the Messiah and it is it that moment that Jesus revealed himself to them but Jesus used his word to do that now when it be neat if we could see Jesus do that twice me if we could see Jesus do that twice we would know beyond the shadow of a doubt that that's the way Jesus grew faith in his people you want to see the second part of it only took one and I had a head nod over here in one yes over here here in the same chapter same look at verse forty two and they gave him a piece of broiled fish and honeycomb they did this to Jesus and he took it and didn't see before them you never heard by the way to my sake will I can eat fish in these last days because Jesus a fish after resurrection never heard that my friend you need to come to licensing for evangelism and I will show you Shirley Wynette is not a sound argument anyway I seems that argument and then some I taught me about a year and a half ago was about two years here is verse forty three any Chilton and big he for them verse forty four and he said to them notice what happens here these are the words which I spake our GUI was yet when you that all things must be fulfilled which were represented where in the law of Moses and in the prophets and in the Psalms concerning me Jesus again not only witness to Jesus I can watch them grow and enhance disciples and my friends they met with him for three and a half years maybe some of some of us have been Adventist longer than three and half years and we're in this very room because we're still not convinced that our faith has the ability to grow its simple notice the reaction of these disciples in this room when Jesus studies with them topically about himself first forty five then opened he their understanding that they might on this and the Scriptures can you have faith in something you do not understand organism and some people say that the definition of a is there is there such thing as one thing really afternoon of roof is no such thing as one thing you have to have evidence the base a belief on for instance everyone in your family here and sat down in a chair if you came in here and everybody was standing against the wall staring at the chair would you have said in the chair you want to build them inherently more sitting on so you naturally assume that you could sit down and it would not fall you have to have evidence the nature of Python and this book contains that evidence we were teaching at light Institute for evangelism and I was pretending to be in a train car going from Orlando Florida to somewhere in Texas made it was Dallas and I had my students get in the train car with me you know what is right there from the classroom and I said I want you to lead me to Christ that's what I want ideology leaning across match your goals when you get in the shrink with me until the first student needs in every benefit will love him with all of my heart is one of our Spanish speaking students and he gets in the car with me and I don't speak Spanish but he does a little English we praise the Lord we were able to communicate he gets in the car with me and now he says how are you he goes through the tummy about yourself where you live to me about your interests your family 's religious faith and he gives me a short brief testimony and he says you should believe in Christ I said why should I believe in Christ he said because of my experience a symbol I appreciate your experience but why should I believe in this Christ is written about in this blog I see you have a Bible in your hand finish it because of my experience I said that your experience doesn't give me enough evidence to base my Python can you give me evidence to base my faith on and that will not excuse them from another student got a and what was their goal whether supposed to we meet across what was I asking for I was asking for evidence before I believed in Christ the only place we can get that evidence is right here and it was like four or five students later and one dear saint eliciting praise God for her talk on this exercise and on forever because I was looking for a specific answer I told a lot of things and they had an agenda they had something they wanted to accomplish then I was asking for something different you understand the scenario that was created there for them you do or you don't get you to just making sure you're with me this year sank in a student gets in the boxcar and should I I she introduces herself she went to the tummy about yourself your home your interests your families religious faith or short brief testimony and she said that you believe in God I said I have no evidence to believe in God she's while I believe that today you are going to find that evidence she's it we please open your Bible with me to John chapter fourteen verse twenty nine and we ultimately read John chapter fourteen verse twenty nine Jesus says I tell you things before they take place so that when they do take place you may want to why Julia Seventh-day Adventist youth Bible prophecy all the time because that's what builds our faith Jesus tells us before it happens so that when it does happen we can believe our faith will grow yet we Seventh-day Adventists have become very complacent in our Bible study we praise the Lord for the Sabbath school quarterly but my friends if all you do is read the questions and the text inside the school quarterly you just giving the very surface understanding and ability to satisfy class here to be like everybody else humidity sharing your opinion rather than Scripture you have a powerful models are regards my friend you look at every one of those references a New England annual in your marginal reference in your chain reference to other places and in watching Shane referenced on the places you disseminate out his final commentary you have that middle setting green books in your house coming on the new set in your house coming out on your computer we have the resources my grandma grandpa told me a long time ago he said Boyd business of the call you when you're from Alabama he said boy give you these commentaries in your drama and I paid a lot of money for these think they rock twenty seven dollars a piece that they had to freeze order because they had as so many orders before they printed and how many are member that will not be microblogging so making friends not enemies I love you they would however my grandpa wouldn't be here in San Jose so he gives me the commentaries I was unconverted as a dipstick I go through a crisis in my life I take a week 's worth of vacation out of the truck driver I worked three and a half days a week so I wanted a weeks worth of vacation I had from Sunday which of the three have based to Wednesday that was medication that was all then netted another three and a half days so that's my whole week and I was often following Sonny Anderson had a lot of time and I will went down in my basement in my basement was moldy nasty it was a year was easy placement of the laundry done and I didn't drop it on the floor but it is incidental so I went down there and I jogged out of the basement these old green books they were one of Evergreen manager before they were down there but you know the model part that was on the movement pages I was thinking maybe that is mold but I wash my hands before a computer I took a weeks worth of vacation at a two-story house I took my blankets my pillows and I spread out those books on my floor I ordered Papa John's pizza delivered to my house and for the next week I laid on my living room floor eating pizza and studying Bible prophecy and I've never been the same God used a crisis in my life to get me interested in his word and when I began to study the Bible I would eat this pizza and you thought leader and he's any more patient more you study the more you learn right only fish anymore but I read the speech and I would reason Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan and I fall asleep and awake up and oh look there's been so many beats and I believe you me me me me me I was a different management different ever since Jesus said I think things before they take place of religion take what you may believe so the student machine was just to get on how do we grow fake students always ask me how can I get somebody who is an atheist to believe in the small and my friends there is evidence enough in here for even an atheist you begin to believe in Scripture which is continual Jesus does the same thing then Luke twenty four versus forty four and forty five now where did Jesus know you understand when Jesus came Jesus came as a baby where did Jesus learn how to study the Bible to grow people say where you are not worded his mama learned from her mom from what the Old Testament to read Isaiah twenty eight verses nine and ten Isaiah twenty eight versus nine and ten Isaiah chapter twenty eight verse nine I want you can notice the questions that are being asked here in verse nine Isaiah twenty eight years when noticing the questions that are being asked and the Bible says I think reimburse neither rider okay you believe in the Lord disappears out overhead doors when the pages and while the intern however as you see who opened on Christmas people in a cider study Bible principle is not shall he teach knowledge so the question is is he going to teach knowledge to his question then it says and the whole Michelle he made to understand doctrine so closing on a change knowledge to and utilizing what I was able to make understand doctrine or teaching and says those that are weaned from the breast from that means in the milk and drawn from the rest of your skin gives us Jesus instruction manual on why you need on the road to Emmaus he would use Scripture to grow the way of those men he says in verse stands for precept must be upon precept what the preset it even whisper is a lot it's a teaching it's an I via one idea or one precept must be upon him now there presets are you understanding then goes on to say precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here are little and very little my friends Wilmington Bible studies for ourselves our Bible studies with other people over an evangelistic meeting and by the way please don't ever use the excuse of not going to an evangelistic meeting on already heard that we never wanted you have sung a song saying them over again to me wonderful is alive so if you're noticing that's all we really mean that evangelistic meeting amen okay so I lost my train of thought in him a little dynamic precept must be upon precept precept upon precept upon line line upon line spirit little and little in reason and illicit meetings our Bible studies we bounce around like a ping-pong ball on a ping-pong table at the Olympic Games because we are dealing with one idea in one book on the same idea out of another text in another book the same idea out of another text in another book and as you work your way through Scripture you think Jesus are growing the faith in other people 's lives just like he did those men on the road to Emmaus the concept is easy we are lazy the concept is easy and some people say to me but I'm not lately I just don't get enough sleep turn off the television mount on talking to the Saints you never go back to church and share that with people during the meal deal of knocking on doors of people enables labels taking auto I will have time for Bible study all you have to do is estimate from the watching television I do how much we do so you want today all are now unhappy people will would you be willing to turn off an hour out of one hour out of every seven days so that I could study the Bible with you all why can't we turn it off so that we can wake up in the morning to grow our faith we as Christians are handicapped not because there's not enough power for our faith to grow in the word of God because we aren't studying the word of God is a concept doesn't come out we do this one what's my time left and set a timer hearing in my phones in their wartime is semi- and eleven seventeen hundred and hall be at any time praise the Lord which in turn to John chapter fourteen versus one to three what was I to do now is whether Jesus is into practice in their latest stage in our hearts began to get excited are you ready for this when you take a very simple topic that you all well that everyone enjoyed her in an evangelistic meeting and I am denoting the expressions on your face and if your expression changes in its happier and more excited during opportunity right now I will know that the spirit of God is using this book to grow your faith and you can inherently want today do this one do this judicially noticed Lord 's arrived that Utopia affect the juncture neurotic to utopia faith at the second coming of Jesus but until then you growing thing through this book John chapter fourteen versus one to three anybody know what this is famous for what the dinosaur don't whisper but what Jesus personal promise of his coming the Bible says and jumped up to forty percent black not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me then he says in my father 's house are many mansions if it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you now if we would stop and think about that verse before we ever get that mercenary we already know that he's coming back because he says I go to prepare a place for you are we getting to where he has gone if he doesn't come back and get us one of the things we have to do when we study the Bible in growing our faith one of the things we have to do is we have to think about what the text is actually say that's why many of us don't get much out of Scripture because we sit down and we read and fiber six versus later we realized that we were thinking about how our socks didn't match when we try to get dressed that morning and they were like all man I miss iPod versus without the payout is degrading the other you ever read something and while the arena giving it something else and end you don't know what you just read and it happens all the time verse three he says what does you just need a logical conclusion to what he said of the universe do I go to prepare a place for you if he's going to prepare place for us that he must have to take us to where he dimensions bursary and if I go and prepare place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself where I am there you may be also Jesus is making us a very bold promise that he well knew what a welder he will return that he will come again now what is going to look like acceptable on verses nine to eleven not see some of your expressions and unchanged yet we haven't gotten to meet you accept the one verses nine to eleven yellow like I don't change my expression mood prove it sold so the more wrong to accept a one versus nine through eleven it says and when he's again Jesus had spoken these things while they beheld he was taken up out of their signs while they beheld he was taken up and a cloud received him out of there while how to sign so they looking there beholding by privacy Jesus out of their site verse ten and while they look and lastly for heaven as he went up behold to manage denied them in white apparel how many new and hard to these two men or angels okay those related never been one of my students report can you prove to me in Scripture that those two men or angels you will be able to before you leave this room this morning because working to dig deep in your expressionism and be like my or whatever you say when your different generation than me verse eleven which also said seeing them in Galilee why stand ye gazing up into heaven this same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven policy taken out from them and then in a trial this same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come in like manner using it all the Bible says right here that just like Jesus went on his July Jesus is going to come down that things actually what the Bible says in Revelation chapter one verse seven can anybody call that sailor out Mister 's behold compete with white clouds and every eye shall like them they seemed a lot what I see them come back as you are you smiling coming to its consistent it's like getting on a very nice mountain bike on the Pedro to a melanoma that were with always been told that those angels that those men in it worldwide apparel where Angels coming of the King James version and I had their first okay that's what I'm using well this works out views another version of the appraisal of the leaders on a bottle so you can thought Psalm sixty eight seventeen different looking James R Psalm sixty eight seventeen on reinventing Psalm sixteen seventeen what we're doing right now as we are proving that no clouds are made of Angels Jesus was taken up in this cloud and all of a sudden two men stand by the disciples in white apparel Psalm sixty eight verse seventeen Psalm sixty eight yard he thereupon eating there with you Psalm sixteen verse seventeen says this not sharing it are you there okay the Bible says that share a sense of God are twenty thousand even thousands of more angels so chariots it cool while appeasing everybody understand the concept okay so if I want something overhears we had chariots equal Angels if I put something over here that is equal to an angel that whatever the message is an actor 's chariots equal Angels if I put something over here that Eagles Angels many MSM is a public of an extent you are you are not as an accountant in now you're not okay I loved in this book on someone for verse three what we just learned is that chariots equal law pages of a good wake-up funds verse three Psalm one hundred four verse three says the lake the themes of his chambers in the waters who maketh the lot of clouds his chariot if Angels equal to our chariot Ezekiel Angels and angles e.g. Angels evil clouds being angels Angels equal chariots chariots equal co-ops so then Angels equal clouds those two men stood by them in white apparel came out for those two men were well angels went away and he ever heard that people say that Ellen White says that Adam and Eve were clothed with a garment of life and never heard that can you prove that description okay will do that real quick this is not partisan I will set you sent will do that okay because I see your expressions are you beginning to change and I'm just letting it some yelling and stuff okay by the way out want to understand why we're doing this your faith is growing again the Bible says in Genesis chapter one verse twenty six and twenty seven that Adam and Eve were made in the image of God right here they are in Psalm one hundred four verse three look in verse two will start verse one to see the context of bless the Lord all my soul all Lord my God thou art very great thou art clothed with honor and majesty of cover is nice out when I as an garment and women he were made in the image of God they were closed with a garment you have been proven and giving because you judged change improve my friends when you and I get excited about Bible study we won't run all the way back to Jerusalem even if we just made it to Emmaus had wanted to eat dinner to tell semi else about when our faith nor always it causes us to share with somebody else they can't left open when we ask ourselves this question is my faith growing are you excited to testimony about what you are not a Scripture that debate is going argue not excitedly tells the money is not learning anything a Scripture because when you learn something new is automatic it is unique in you to share with somebody else that was someone hundred four chapter one verse four six and twenty seven location hour going back to our Bible study about the second coming of Jesus is everybody back on this mission train your with me all right we haven't got to Dallas Texas it was going to Matthew twenty five in verse thirty one Matthew twenty five so what we learned already just piling up a list of facts Jesus promises to return that's the foundation when he returns the look and feel to see him he's got to come back in the clouds at me I will be able to see him the clouds are angels were just piling up fax and then we make a logical conclusion based on those facts are Matthew twenty five and verse thirty one Matthew twenty five or thirty one says when the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory how many of those angels are going to come when Jesus when he comes back to fulfill that promise which is the foundation of this Bible study and know where anything is not little caveat that is incredible I want to hold your finger they are Matthew will come in letting go you can't want to invite you go all the way to the book of Revelation chapter four of Revelation chapter four Revelation the fourth chapter I want you to read with me verse eight verse eight says in Revelation chapter four and the four beasts had each of them six wings about him and they were full of lies within in a restaurant made in organizing holy only holy Lord God Almighty which was an Avon music on hold only only Lord Almighty which will than anything is that what certainly will not only Lord God Almighty which Watson is a music on saving and Paul a only a holy Lord God Almighty which was a related music on where and in artwork day after day after day these angels are singing this in the courts of heaven but Revelation chapter eight verse one relationship to reverse one says and when he had opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour dear friend you tell me why is their silence in heaven and Chris all the Angels sister Tammy hearts not learned all the Angels are with Jesus fulfilling his promise to take us back all the Mountaineer member how many angels move the stone away from Jesus to one angel move the stop when the angel came down to that stone what happened to the Roman guards they fell down like dead men one angel and entire Roman guard falls down like dead men do you think it's going to be alive when every last angel Conners out of Google Re: LAN genius are to get us what what happened Islands are to disappear the wicked are to be destroyed mountains and a fall down because Jesus is coming when all the angels look at ninth met Luke chapter nine verse twenty six Matthew Mark Luke chapter nine fenders twenty six Jesus says in Luke chapter nine and verse twenty six he says for whosoever shall be ashamed of me and my words of him shall the son of man be ashamed when he shall come in his own glory was gloriously coming in his own glory and then it says there and in his father 's and his father 's life what's the application you're thinking about your thinking about the Texas and he's coming in his own glory and in his fathers and of the lot the holy angels my friends why is the world fall apart when all the land is indeed an angel and a father and the son and the Holy Spirit when they get here as all the power that is coming you one one friend said to me from the biblical proof for the shipment commensurately maybe you can make you haven't been proven you can just give it to me but you know Ellen Wong says that when Jesus comes he's definitely a little black cloud about the size of a man's fist and my friend said to me do you want that cloudless black and I don't he said because it's traveling faster than the speed of light Emily gets here and all that energy catches a the glory of the father the glory of Jesus the glory of the Angels this acre is made desolate I'm writing Jesus coming our way we spent enough on this Psalm fifty verse three says the Lord shall come in shouting not the silently fire shall devour beforehand efficiently very tempestuous round about him that's what we learn they are in some fifty members three four twenty six at the second coming of Jesus and Bible says I beheld the earth and low it was without form and void the Earth is destroyed the presence of Jesus because he's coming out only with his glory but the glory of the Angels the glory of the father and my friends one angel put down a whole Roman God just imagined the glory isn't that exciting my brother used to sing again whom Allah what can we ask ourselves why we study the Bible in order for our faith to grow in this book in the author of this book the first question you need to ask is what seriously ask yourself what does the nurse say so let's go back to John chapter fourteen let's just use that one or let's go to John three sixteen let's do that that's a pretty famous verse for most of us John chapter three and you're in Florida it's famous for the fellow down there University of Miami I think it is that throws the football what his name is John chapter three verse sixteen he writes it on his eyelids you would John chapter four will help John chapter three verse sixteen Morgan ask ourselves a simple question were to ask what what does the text literally say remember Romans ten seventeen says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God first John chapter five verse four says that faith is what overcomes the world so the reason we study the Bible is to grow our faith so we can overcome the world so what does the trick Saint John chapter three verse sixteen for God so loved you were already gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting on what is a nurse shy the only what was then that God loved the world okay there's in fact the world the SRAM it tells us how much God loved the world what does it say anything for a generalized knitting anuses on what else does it say anybody can be say was that we have to be believers okay now you knowing the actual editing of memory all eternal death is the alternative or the opposite of everlasting life have you ever thought that John chapter three verse sixteen is one of the best versus to put in the state of the dead Bible study because the opposite of eternal life is perishing not eternal punishing is in that thou pointlessly demographers continuing on show what or why what why did Jesus put this verse in Scripture three simple questions what so why are why why do they put in their official he did put that in there so we can understand that he loved us so much that he would get his son so that we can be with him for eternity with semiotic absinthe into your thinking on this more than his room but if you have children and pets that you have please is refuse you nieces nephews will know what okay because that would relate only to more of us than in this room so which is used a niece or nephew let's suppose that you could die and save the world or your needs or your nephew could die and save the world who would you choose to save the world Blessed are sure God is love someone and so I might still okay lets you are not my point my wife and their right answer is that God 's will world in that position okay we understand for me as a parent I would die before I would let my child praise the Lord the efficient handling is solid as a rock I would die before I would let my child and God loved us so much that instead of coming down here and doing it himself I forget what book it is that they get selected messages said that three times the father 's glory encircled Christ as they were discussing who was going to come down here to save humanity Jesus went in with a perplexed look and when he left I had a look of peaceful serenity and he told the Angels about the plan of salvation and a wet god loved us so much that's why this verse is in ninety one to get something out of Scripture now what what are you going to do with what the text says this is where we take this book and we began to hide it in our hearts what am I going to do with that promise now this is incredible we began getting excited about the Bible study on the second coming and your expressions changed its show when you study the Bible and Jesus did your faith grows even if you heard the message over and over and over again and now we are asking these three questions and it was so quiet in here just a moment ago that you could've heard a pin drop on this carpet because when we ask what does the text say is the text to say that and then what am I going to deal with them about what that text set it becomes extremely real to me then we will know that we sat down in an audience chamber with the creator God and that he is real and it's amazing we just finished the war work finishing the ASI news for Jesus program Hannity never heard of a yes I is probably presa learning entrusted us with your children this year and have decided to do so again next year but some of the students RSI even Jesus will come they came this year not being interested in doing anything spiritual but for four hours at day they had a one-hour worship in the morning back to our for the Bible study class in the morning in the afternoon I spent all day on outreach until the evangelist meeting when I got there for our Bible study and people that were asking when they got there what can I do to get kicked out were saying I am so glad that I am in this broker my friends this will change as our perspective online this will when we study when we actually ask what does it say why does it say and what am I going to do it and we make that personal application to our life our faith girls and I relied on our domain in the morning just to disperse class on growing your faith but once the woods are being huge theme in this class not know the one underneath that it is can occur in this room I think that's the whole title for this spiritual but as we can have spiritual wealth apart from this book awaiting trial and we can grow by a spirit but it won't be the right one we grew us be familiar intimately familiar with what this book says and he was working with five different steps to understand the Bible for those you that are very engineering minded this will appeal to you because we have a logical sequence of steps to recoup the Bible can only be understood when we aid of the Holy Spirit let's know in our models the first Caribbean chapter two verses twelve to fourteen first Corinthians chapter two verses twelve to fourteen in the more distant monoamine attacks that I found one morning when I was setting and just ought tinge and so you're my meager Proverbs chapter one okay alas off-again first-run in chapter two versus twelve through fourteen the word of God says for three hundred idiotic okay first recipient chapter two verse twelve now we have received not the spirit of the world but the spirit which is of God that we might do now all the things that are freely given to us of God which things are starting which things also we speak not in the words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Ghost teaches comparing notice this analysis comparing spiritual things with spiritual my friends always just reminding us of Isaiah chapter twenty eight we must compare one idea what another idea when we do this the Spirit of God speaks to us and helps us to understand this book whereby our faith no it grows develop individuality Geneva will praise the Lord number longer-term okay now what am I supposed to tell you against your project along the school project on July seven I love the people asked me what I do for fun study Bible wickedness Isaiah denied him Proverbs chapter twenty chapter one verse twenty three Proverbs thirty one twenty three note property one twenty three turn you that might we prove civilized that I'm going to reprove you unwanted tell you that you're doing something wrong I know I mean guitar again Jesus turn you at my reproof behold I will pour out my spirit unto you I will make known my words unto you my friends you and I must be willing to follow the divine life that God gives to our if we are willing to follow what he has read Neil July 's piece has turned it my reproof before willing to follow what he reveals to last the whole he says I will pour out my spirit and you can win your Spirit is poured out onto honest man what will you be able to do understand a lot the Bible many times we won't read in this book that we should honor the Sabbath but we cannot make any mansard on the inside of a child or stranger anything that is what our dates yet we will go out to eat on Sabbath saying it needs less work than I make it myself on Friday and then we will say I don't feel I can do anything on my devotions my friends we can read now against God and expect God to share anything else with us and I'll tell you why because when God reveals truth to us and we reject it he is so merciful he won't let us understand anything else because in the judgment he will have to punish us for it is the mercy of God whereby some of us will be to see that we would believe even ally but it is John Jeff December seventeen now one of what I really love with somebody just got that crinkled look on your four head like I disagree with that rules it right here John Kass December seventeen Matthew Mark Luke John chapter seven million US parents had ever told your child if you do that then I'm wanting doing this and immediately when it came out in your mouth he regretted saying goes you knew they were going to do you wish you'd never told him that you are not a life or death situation you did not finish her dinner and if you eat that piece of candy do not even actually know what you have to do you got to follow through don't you do you wish you never said you won't get the next meal you wish you had said I won't like it idiotic energy can have it handy and if you get any a lot wouldn't it be easier to follow through on God in his mercy if we reject the truth that he is Re: shared with us if we do not turn at his reproof he will send us a strong delusion that we would believe even a lot because in the judgment you will have to punish us for what we rejected and he continues to reveal it to us we get punished for that and for that and for that does that make sense doesn't you with me junk of December seventeen Bible says if any man will do his will and analyze I will also not remailed my thoughts if any man will do his will he shall know I'm a doctrine or the changing weather me up our weather I speak of myself as I said if you want to show you my soulmate what God is already sharing with you because if you know look at Luke chapter twelve Matthew Mark Luke 's returning to Luke Jeff will jump as well and we are going to verse forty seven sophomore Luke chapter twelve and verse four D seven and that servant Luke twelve forty seven which knew his lord 's will so system and its ignorant system developed tomatoes and serving which the Lord which was Lord 's will and prepared not himself mean their dead according to his will shall be meeting with law many shines so if we know something and we reach it we will be meeting with one minister I was a very verse forty eight but in total opposition to what we just learned what does that do not and did commit things worthy of stripes shall they both do the same thing one knows better and one doesn't want to know his letters we would want many shots this punishment is more severe would you agree that all right verse twenty thirty eight forty eight says that he did did commit things worthy of stripes shall be beaten with what video strives for our general whatsoever much is given him shall much be required and to whom men have committed much of him they will ask the more technical to think that God himself and synthesis strong delusion we would believe a lie because we reject the strip it's time with some of the evidence had a faith that was growing that was not dead faith without corresponding works is what do you refinement no chapter your verse was you understand I'm sure was a way to say region James chapter two verse twenty six he soon he'll put his face on the verse when God asks us to do something when we are studying the Bible if we want our faith to grow we will do it now God is not an unreasonable to I Isaiah chapter one Mercedes is coming out and let us reason together says the some God wants us to enter and exit was dead faith without works is dead dead means you're not alive the Proverbs guy argue I've been reading Proverbs ever since Southern Union ASI will make it quick that tell me Chris instead they decided to Santa Fe Brazile are so we must be willing to follow by the way he gave a testimony back in ASI Southern Union every morning he went to Robertson I want to invest Titus well I'll tell her symptoms were not as Proverbs and when you remember that now run out with regular testimony as it helped me a lot and I appreciate our Scripture if you Isaiah sixty six one it says you have chosen they may have chosen their own ways and there sold a lot of this is Isaiah sixty six three write the end and their soul delighted in their abominations is what it says so it shall not itself Wilson is a strong delusion that we would believe a lie because God is so merciful he doesn't want to punish us in the judgment for what we rejected I'd understood we must be willing to follow what if we want our faith to grow we can't know God is asking us to do something and refuses Inuit and then complain because we don't have strong faith that's just barbaric I guess Scripture sure if the same is hardly not absolutely so Scripture must harmonize with itself not just tell you what these verses say hello Chapter twenty three March forty three is where the theme is on the cross right and that nothing on the cross Jesus says very verily I say into the today you shall be with me in paradise so that's what it says but if we are just waiting for Scripture Mary Catherine we will think that that's even Jesus went where that day knowing a friend and I went the paradox man running the paradise is heaven that's absolutely right we got to stick with the Textron what does the text say that CR smiling when will you know makes you anyway John twenty seventeen Mary comes to Jesus before she finally figures out that this is Jesus at the tomb there is been resurrected and he says do not contain me do not touch me for I'm not yet ascended to my father Jesus Long to heaven no Solomon when we were restricted to harmonize with itself we will later say that Jesus didn't go to heaven or that paradise is someplace different from heaven and my friend you hear this this is why you have to have that they can continue to study Scripture said you can answer people when they want to know what when where there is a paradise where God is not mercy we got debarment is in Soweto in Revelation chapter two verse seven money to read that relationship to member seven on speeding up your Leviticus got compliments Revelation chapter two verse seven says to him that overcome it will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God where's the tree of life thank you thank you where century life paradise stick with attacks because people are noted below to say no it doesn't I haven't been to paradise and the tree of life is where Paradise now that Revelation twenty two versus wanting to Revelation twenty two versus one and two it says and he showed me a pure river of water for life clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb Associates on the throne of God God the father and who sits beside him stating the facts the land and according to John one twenty nine the Lamb is okay very nice very nice we got all these must the Lord to manifest in the midst of the street of it and on either side of the river there was not sure a alive poetry and life was in the paradise of God which ran like this where the throne of God is so when Jesus said Santini did a nationally with me in paradise or the receipt actually read their e-mail as entity today a new chapter has to harmonize with itself to Jesus didn't go to the father in John twenty seventeen because the fathers with a tree of life to which a life 's work paradise it to did the thief go to paradise that they know my friends when you and I may Scripture harmonize with itself in order to understand it and we knew we had to get an idea from here at present from their online from here and it will make sense let's just continue on your number for wheedling a five year context must be considered you remember the story of Lazarus Lazarus dies where he said his sister send for Jesus while Jesus is carrying Lazarus dies Jesus knows this and Jesus tells the disciples Lazarus is sleeping and disciples excited to hear what is likely a second and all the sudden you just get asleep it's a falsely disgusted another unit of a figure price alone so if we stopped right there where it says that he was sleeping we would think that Lazarus was getting better than Jesus is plainly Lazarus is dead we have to have the context to understand Scripture number five Scripture must interpret itself with Artie been through that relation and seven behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him accept the one person onto eleven eleven o'clock to seven I think Boswell what are the clouds that he engines my friends Jesus says to a house great controversy shaken well-known that all women can lead to neglect prayer the searching the Scriptures will be a combine this attack the Bible says in first John conductive fibers for bad faith is the victory that overcomes this world Rome in September seventeen says that faith comes from hearing and hearing from the world if we want our faith relationship with Jesus Janine Rowling we can't land on opinions we must delay voting a sample of an miss experience that you are gaining here you don't have to leave that in this world you happily blasting in the convention hall you can take this home with you and I and your faith will grow and your play will overcome the world and you my friends will be victorious ASI member Wednesday has this been helpful in are you using they've passed on a survey they would like you to fill in a survey I guess to see if you like the classroom I can't lie so you just said you enjoy its weep reservoir for that so I have a quick word of prayer showing bodily thank you so much that you've given us a book that contains evidence that we can base our faith that it is consistent with the claims that it makes accurate and verifiable father we pray that you will be with us as members of your remnant church as members of ASI national father we pray that you will make us meters bright shining on its minute we too will turn the world of cyber mainframe is Jesus God is in my audio is only an Adventist maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a shot is a worry this is a online service is www. nonbelievers


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