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Come Search with Me: Let's Look for God

Subodh Pandit
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Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina




  • August 5, 2010
    10:45 AM
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I like this maneuver before so that I would be my name is the support pundit I'm from originally from India a physician so I'm not a pastor or a philosopher historian what I'm going to describe to you is that is a house of a twenty years such that I went through and when at the end of those twenty years i.e. had a lot of information in my hands so I have the next five year than trying to put them together and when I put them together they led that there was no way that you could logically think this through and when I finished then I realized it was not only announce it in my prayer but it could possibly help somebody else so I put it together as a seminar the seminar runs about seven and a half to eight hours we have a new one hour so what I will do is give you just snippets and examples of how I went through that search so we have the like I said just about one hour we'll take a break fifteen minutes I went I hope I don't take all those fifteen minutes I'd like to meet some all questions if we can okay otherwise will go to bed I it it takes a little something to put together the hottest thing when you're putting something is made this together is watch and I need out not include so yeah one more minute to note the woman it's management okay I come from India India's of a diverse country diverse in language diverse in dress drive us in fooled diverse also and religion India has the largest Hindu population of the world over eight hundred million Hindus in India people don't realize but India has just about the second largest Muslim population in the world we have more Muslims in India than in the countries themselves with his own was long on credibility in India Christianity came to India according to tradition one of Jesus all disciples Thomas the bundle are popping independent sooner you will find some monuments to St. Thomas so crocheted it can bad and it's very sent earliest form Jainism Zoroastrianism all these so industrial supply grew I grew up with my medical studies in inevitable coming to this country so in that crucible when you're growing up your shoulders rubbing day-to-day with people different ideas and philosophies and I'm concepts and religion all kinds of questions come up and so I began a search like I said last twenty years I'm going to give it just a just and a view snippets and examples of how I went to the search know what I did in this seminar which I usually prevent in secular university lecture halls that is my ministry I go to secular unit was an actor halt to present this mapping to five continents now I have presented in many that John Paul's and I believe that when we finally go through some of his new TV and you will realize that there is something bad that we need to know which will stabilize us and also that God has spoken in a certain way not made in writing one book placing evidence here and there such that any honest inquirer will find it if you must seek for movies let's just about time now let's get on with these one hour presentation you know the first thing a person does once in Glasgow to the stop and start reading it up but that is not what you should do the first step in becoming an inquiry is to obscure itself have you prepared to become an inquiry because we need to check your mental attitude and also create an atmosphere of an Inquirer why do we need to check our mental attitude the good-looking dreams and Linda Dean all of us anyone are not on three hundred euros that we can bring from all brand to the study of these three attitudes are not bound it on our boundaries to conflict from want of the that anytime one of the three attitudes attitude of a skeptic the attitude of a believer that you have an Inquirer what do I mean by these three words now remember I'm not talking about a person and thought by the attitude that's in all of us are example is skeptical dismiss the report prior to federal investigation I wanted a baby and I will accept a report pride upon investigation and an Inquirer he will hold for the field investigation is done it is extremely difficult to be an Inquirer you can do an inquiry but to be an inquiry is extremely difficult and here's a reason why I'm getting an example is there anyone here who is not a Christian cell lines speaking to one type of and all my presentations is usually a mixture of a piece in agnostic thinking goes that Muslims and Buddhists and the whole works so well I'll just treat you as just a mixed group yet the reason why is because let's say we're looking at one question is there a bottom existence is that nobody knew existed there are two proposals here in order to win and quiet is an Inquirer is one who looks at these two proposals and says in his mind I am better off then we'll do as long as it is the truth of the matter sorry pharmacopeia stolen the beauty that is of God I must drop my peeves him and say that and that is evident that there is no one in existed that nothing supernatural about the government at least and similarly the atheist must drop his AP is on and it has become an inquirer and so what if there is some evidence of the supernatural then I shall become a piece of the need but it's extremely different to come to that point unless you're really honest everybody is not called to be in an quieter I did was I was called to be an Inquirer so that somebody as we hit about my inquiry it is not easy to become an Inquirer in another please set up statements about these three attitudes as skeptic will focus on the question all he wants is to raise the question whether being a little focus on the evidence all you want to establish this fact manner as an inquiry focuses on the weight of evidence and the weight of evidence will show which side he must take his thinking to with these words I said was difficult to become an Inquirer is difficult to remain in an collider while you are searching because we always want to bring up the facts and evidence of that so that's so did know that you need to create an atmosphere here the four things you need to create an atmosphere humility is number one without you validate your search is due number two is on a state number three is calmness and of the boys respect but we do not have time to go through all of those by using the same in uncle to each of them and get a response so that we and the end we are all for now just touch on one the second one honesty honesty even extreme short supply especially in the religious world and I don't care whether you are just a commoner or whether the animal law a priest monk or a bishop or a pastor or anyone that we came to this honesty for the simple reason that we like our point to be established we don't like the other buses going to be established and solely dealing with unrelated of dishonesty this all days that I don't want to bust your bubble but note that a baby honest people even in this room that all many times when you have spoken to something that he was only a Sabbath cannot be established in your own mind but you will still see this apostasy and says that all Christians I can tell you what I collect icon of the Sabbath was in Rome Lincoln inside the school who is the biggest fuel I know Jesus also send button on the playing field with the biggest hero Spiderman what happened me know what they're supposed to say but when you go through these things you must be honestly and so I'm the resident admitted beeping me this dishonesty what I did was make a definition of honesty and try to apply it again my definition of this honesty the willingness to give credit to a pointer argument in a metal bowl bring that up even of that acknowledgment might destroy my previous standing and has the benefit so when you look at something you must let it affect you and I called them know while factor when something impresses even going to say while even if the other guy gets the point for use as a law that's okay you're not off to your own belief you are often in his knowing your establishing your point of your point is wrong wow I living to say while it do if you hear anything that is really while holding up worlds about that the great and the largest growth was found about how an island in the Philippines was nine and a half inches long five and a half inches in diameter with four being pounds and one pounds thank you at least somebody if you set I want a nominee is a while in the name address there can be trying out high twenty two of the seven can be expanded and comes to a a CDs of digits that are quite random and so that test people 's memory by checking how many digits can be the men below other word recorders is held by a Japanese poem we will be Hideaki he recited up high over appeared up seventeen hours and twenty minutes of the first mistake he made was off to the fourteenth house and digit bank holiday to know the IRA to be honest so that family will move some that really impresses you glad and so while it is not so good it got good love your neighbor there are and it is downright he was less than is just absurd against the hanging off one stuck in a stuff okay with me now but cannot the first question that we need to address is there a blog in existence how will her rational mind accept such an idea from Babylon my first question my first question was about different religions but as I looked in the 9/11 this was on than I have to know out of the grid gone is is nonexistent fictitious being God is relevant than his actual why is this debate going on for generation after generation century after century because the debate is structured for TV the debate right now is consists of two columns of argument one mine to yours so I'll pilot my evidence and show no yard I listen a version of the same the fact that you can pileup along on both sides if you have a lot of holds gunboats that you can shoot them down and that is why this debate is about to begin soon if you have only two lines of reasoning but we hadn't inquired about an Inquirer I IV alleged needs more than two I did what I said what is called the patent process band musically across boundaries and also insisting they depend for bullet and also happens to be the first unit of my family name and an processing request for cause of argument none of them are yours and mine you look at both the proposals draws and cons for both now you have four columns of argument on one side of the arguments for a that it was below but in existence and then when that will be argued as against beamish said that in the garden existence enables the other side arguments for the statement that is about in existence argument against David is nobody in existence on you when you got all four then you see which side the pendulum swings I can't go through holiday bowl because the not enough time I'm going to show you are are are are being to just do one from each site right here those arguments for aid that is what are the arguments that would stress support the statement that there is nobody in existence not why because it is a statement in the negative a statement in the negative there is nobody lots and one that is insane what it is not and therefore it says negative statement a negative statement is valid when only when you have exhausted all the possibilities you actually is your jurisdiction in this cash on jurisdiction is the entire universe so installed a universal negative the statement University negative why are there no arguments for either giving them the given examples of what life ten thousand lakes in the United States Army makes dent on thank you I have invited the interactive of the homiletics ten thousand and have a bogey and I said there is no link in the United States named charcoal about some lunch I will go out of a minimum the holiday and it should be familiar with not nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine note by the way nobody's as well child while the law lunch all the above job on the Ganga Maltby is in via Lake it is the longest name in the United States under the nickel enough of Massachusetts is a Native American language which says I fish on my side of the lake and you'll fish on your site and nobody fishes in between the Theriault name thank you his head while all right I need to know how many all ten thousand names and only then can I say that is molded by the name of a listening or a dense name the name I know okay the name is Chong Baldwin Baldwin Charles the bald child by him and him them all now repeated at least three times in fungal decay now let's take this and apply it to our statement that we made there is no God now if that is a God he should be somewhere okay this is one aspect location are you familiar with every corner of the town and the gloss enemy I think no the country know the whole world know the will of been the dark side of the moon how good upset about this there know you don't know how but assignment to a company start and end of new TV galaxy one hundred billion at least targeting of any of those who how many galaxies have been asked on those have guesstimated for us one hundred and twenty five p.m. thank you he's somebody's listening one hundred and twenty five billion galaxies how many of them have you been to even if you have checked out ninety nine percent of the universe it would still have one billion galaxies notable at least felt now how can you escape it it is no God for the Lord that if I can walk don't you think the court also can walk so if I went to look for them in the living room he grabbed onto the kitchen time being just obstinately on husband just don't do it right if I went to look for him in Toronto Canada you can I want to know that a cat now watch what I'm saying therefore for me to say that there is no God I must know every note can corner of the universe which is gone on missions and I must be everyone at the same time to discard omnipresence and that these are the attributes of silica sand that is not behind you must either have the attributes of God or become a body also tangled knot is evident that are no arguments for a negative statement that the genocide know that I'm okay by the way something some of you might want to take notes that's good but I do have a book of the back everything that I show and all my six about seven hours of PowerPoint bootable four hundred trains is in the book unfortunately I cannot give it I can only not scalloped but if you give a donation to my ministry to the one-man ministry you can have the book of the back it contains all dogmas that I stated I anytime every twenty minutes or so will take a break and if you need to you can go and follow it from there the undersigned option be I have chosen one argument and argument has been the base of the base is this if there is no garden existence than that of how we came about is one that is prolonged all the geological time scale ten million years Hunter then yes the universe is supposed to be about fifteen billion years the study supposed to get four five billion years so takes geological timescales are right and that is gone in existence he brought it all together back one day for instance most of it is one big rock granite rock if there is no God then made into a hundred million years and that is of God one day is there any evidence polonium two one eight is a radioisotope what's that any isotope is something that gives off radiation and gives up on itself so it becomes less an amount right and so the links of aviation I've spoken all in thumbs up half your life how much time will it take for magnitude below half its amount it gives up its radiation the unit the half-life of uranium two thirty eight is four five three billion years the half life of the Summit subatomic particles like the hyper on some mesons in the baryons is one hundred millionth of a second polonium two one eight has a half life of three minutes when James Austin aviation litigation has an effect in the substance that surrounds it such that when his radiation is over it will mean a baked haddock domestic and old in the substance polonium two one eight eight oh now suppose I want to catch a bubble of what bubble that's in the glass of water the bubble is going to last only fourteen minutes but I want to catch it such that it is in the middle of this glass now which wants to become ice son got the Bible and ice how long should I should know what I think the target device like catch them about the moment is the last only twenty minutes so how long should it take for the wanted to talk to ice to catch it in its OS so polonium halos in the substance means that the substance was formed in three minutes polonium halos unrefuted evidence will let instant creation and a seemingly large number of polonium halos are embedded in granites around the world distinctly implies that was found in a better shot by Mike P Minix that you are inquiring who shed you appease a moment shed your atheism away this you will have to sit while we have repeatedly challenged that kind amino acids and essential to probably be explained by the polonium halo evidence for creation has ever been scientifically invalidated for over fifteen of them refuse to even try about Robin gentry Rob Drummond entries here in our ACN and ASI is in the boot two twenty three you can adopt them I've spoken them more than once in fact the last time I spoke to him was the fourteenth Street in Washington DC when he was supposed to present his findings at a national press of the national press club unfortunately none of them ever came to this drove I live in North Carolina I drove all the way from North Carolina thinking on some time that we ask these people intimately ask him for some questions I had some questions about when I landed at that none of the game they collect updated and evidence but you know and green granite piece on but has put on your panels that gigantic El Capitan Yosemite national Park the half don't drop the rock of Gibraltar any fees on alert and run it is supposed to be the press from the framework of the formed and how much time three minutes or less so that's an indebted evidence that is not hundred million years somebody just did that and was formed with that I stop that's okay there is there is something obvious something on a supernatural does he have a name like being deeply what could possibly be so I began the session to find out what would be his name what would be like and could be opposed by such next I found two groups of people and I spoke about this at all the claims being made out there and these two groups of people at number one I know that a lot of games out there but that is only one correct way Scott exclusivism I got it on the other hand was another group which I can know about the dog big number all of them are only different parts of the same final goal it's called being written is more than one way so I look at that made you decide to reason I looked at the writing them initially the Vikings from five of these religions number one is here a statement from Hinduism I Christian I have notice by the dock skin in the field I am able to uphold the must do with the Polish of the most different the creation and annihilation the basis of how much everything the rest admitted time no see that W one script of and all of the mother would be better than the one gone for the whole was a Krishna one hand one month I want to read something of his name Koran to investing fifty five supra I to fifty five is known as the coronation verse of the Koran unless it is knowable and that he been living without subsisting simple rub on his offer how much all things in the heavens and on his throne and extend over the app he is the most high the supreme public Buddhist scripture this Lord Baltimore is truly the odd hot he has reached the highest page but anybody can reach point and light notebook written his knowledge and conduct well Don was no unsurpassed network meter in San Pedro Boston when the ball Boulevard how about this for Buster the Lord with who created the heavens who is gone on the I and a lot of that I think the other than on the countryside I am the Lord and there is no other shouting there is no other name under heaven given among men by which remedies you notice something that is not a single claim of damage analyst says I am a way of the others also and equally Annemarie religion at the heart of every religion is an uncompromising commitment to a particular web defining what is or is not an according of dividing last focus every religion underscores exclusive of the statement by Rodney Zacharias so it is exclusivism not pluralism is not found in the writings somebody made it up and therefore it has to be called a private personal opinion that's on its is not found anywhere else therefore six stools of them that's right but not out of the woods yet there's more than one who is saying that they are exclusively right you still there select options when more than one game to be being championed options on connect with his abs illogical unreasonable either with me if I have two blessing the same thing as being the only way was I wrong that's logical possible maybe on a completely wrong but how can I sell in Iraq how can I save and what is wrong because to say that some thing 's wrong is to say that you know the truth I know that Rhode Island has seek an Inquirer how can I have a stand up and say moment I heard you talk about Google getting that thing from the Angel Gabriel unmount it the denied danger all wrong although up to Jesus and said the settlement on the mound but in other something quirky about what you are talking about is I have no authority had no position in the knowledge I had none of them I could not say that they are all wrong I was left with only one option there's only one bit of initiative and incorrect when it says it is the only way I struggled with this for a long time in that anybody here who can have any other option the England we will discuss it that any other option and you can have either all are correct all are wrong or there's only one way I couldn't go to the festival I had landed up with the last there is only one way which one is it how do you compare apples and oranges to take a break for just a minute or two you have any questions right and not a little we look them up if you want a book that the back because it needs if you can put a little radon is in the donation box there that's the price this a private printing of the book I did myself you won't even see an ISBN number because I did a private printing so you can have that one I just have a quick drink of water from the Zechariah nine personally because he is so he is based out of Atlanta Georgia he is also from India lived in Canada find that many of the things that he thought the from India I know but then I delivered there in both down but he speaks about one of the most eloquent or written as I'm hard on his agree of ELR arguably one of the top most apologists today in the world one woman at military about nineteen seventy five background religious which Christian wants to become and clatter it on to you you stop audience of anything in so I stupidly bought up to a never name of that all right let's get a Hollinger combat up close and oranges you can't but eventually sometimes and nobody can fault your choice for instance if the applet is bright and shiny and juicy and sweet done the apartment is so drop of Venezuelans and it than a minute a lot of our industry another chose the Butt video children of Apple NRA is yes you did but also know you did not chose wouldn't happen in order to draw the rock innocence and freshness because of them have switched around you have chosen the arch I would make so also with these religions you cannot convoke at the doctrines on the villages and compare them that is soon being nowhere that is most time that they didn't think the doctrines present if it meets the standards located does not is not you can't have that spot let me know the battle and audio can have Thursday that are attached to the doctrines of what I called has had religious fact is these factors are not really religious they are for instance historical bases on which the religion is based I directed my attention to ten questions that I was going to Oscar and Pat God religious question house blood loss caused by religion I chose five Hinduism Islam Buddhism Judaism Christianity and I asked that question three have been either addressed of the right things and seventh of the flesh and blood founders of these religions I simply feel the questions out and gathered the information from their writings or from a source that was friendly to the particular religion and then did not try to question their responses I just put them side-by-side we can't go through all ten will go through for just one in detail but at least quickly but then question the mention the first question is what kind of literature is the writing isn't full and legendary mythological or historical then does the right thing allow me to test it or doesn't expect me to swallow it because written number three want to talk feature of the writing the name of the founders what is the highest in the fundamentally a self number two what is your message and mission and I'm not sure number three did your life match your own teachings number four what is the story on the subcontract Sophronia but number five what is the the ministry number six one of the story on the second stop on your definition of life number seven which is number ten on the question whether Nokia nine so when I look at for number one is what kind of you to draw you ancient writings are divided into four local daily which is one legend rewrite things mythological historical we don't have time to go through all of them but I just mention the legendary and then you will get neither were driving at a legend cannot be formed in the generation of the event it requires changes to come into the story generations often the easement is finished because then that I'm no eyewitnesses the challenge of change it takes sanctuaries to make an engine for example usually an example of gulp of them at the beginning of the Christian in the transcendental nature of the both public and more and more pronounced seem to forbid it on remand one hair dying here but not there the being of the Christian and I know how long it has not done what they can five hundred years five hundred yen is slowing the transcendental nature is being described more and more and then when you come to one of the most important piece on the high automatic kitchen that is not much of the madness in the book is not exalted being an accomplice in the past and will continue to live forever behind on the literature now it is seven hundred one thousand euros need then the legend has been for so when you look at the literature ancient literature you look at the characteristics the periods between events the period between the actual story and oral tradition was fallen off that story than that between the oral tradition and the first victim statements that were made so now that is a manuscript and then the difference on the period between the fuss that is definitely is not as good we had enough as number one the gaps number two is how many manuscripts on that the back that story because of that I just a few in a little town then somebody put him on one night to those in this change a little bit and insulted whatever he wanted and nobody would know and you have corrupted the text whereas if you have a large amount of manuscript spread over a large geographical area it is difficult to cut up the text because you can't go to all of them I would need right so a legend cannot be formed in the same generation as the evening is when you look at all these little Jennifer got back to do that is just when you look at these five pieces of ancient literature two of them come out to be pretty close the Koran which was put together at enough six fifty six BC eighty within thirty two of thirty six euros of his net soon one generation and the New Testament the New Testament which is bilious writings of the New Testament meeting of them as the gospel right now and no New Testament is the net does all all employees and that those are the earliest writings we have and remember Paul came into the movement may tab then the disciples themselves so though orderly story was already set to have found to rooms claims around the tools have been dated before for being one day be and this inscription on the tool says Jesus ascended one Jesus these God ten years before he stories already made so the story was formed at the time of the event that is known between the event and the story is hardly any gap between the story of a striking I compare that with what we consider as historical piece of vintage anywhere in any University sees is getting wars was written here in one hundred BC and odious manuscript behind his nine hundred eighty this gap of one thousand years nobody knows what happened during that story and yet everybody acknowledges it has historical had about his history thirteen hundred DS Thessalonians one thousand years and people don't question that all one one one the New Testament New Testament was written about here look at the gap and the babies note and if you look at those coins that I just mentioned it is less than ten years if you can swallow one thousand years and why are you gagging with ten years we are being on the Inquirer 's right that's it if you divide an inquiry against one oh one thousand three hundred yen is a historical than I should have no difficulty at all in saying that the New Testament is solidly historical with adjusted the the only ancient writing relational gap to number of manuscripts is is getting wars is based on worldwide have no history on eight testimonials on has twenty the child been upgraded with Jerry Homer 's Iliad with six hundred and forty six manuscripts making it simpler to the New Testament is backed by six hundred and sixty four Liu be willing to fill out are you ready it is backed by five thousand six hundred and sixty four thank you five thousand six hundred and sixty four Greek manuscripts if you take the Latin and the added Armenian in the Atlantic and all of them you know how many manuscripts back the New Testament a total of about twenty four thousand nine hundred in stimulant on the New Testament it is in the best destination writing it on the Chin number of documents the time span between either the document in a variety of documents available existing uncontradicted that is nothing in ancient menace of evidence to set match the textual availability and integrity SJ airport says this in the right influence of evidence on which it rests the text of the New Testament spent absent event on the approach of ideologue on the ancient prose writings John will Montgomery who says to be skeptical of their love and thanks of the investment will just allow all of classical antiquity to slip in obscurity for no document of ancient PVR as well as best of bibliographic data of the New Testament alone document on the ancient BBN it does not say no religious document no document Weatherstone my law the Superman reinvented the Babylonian on the Chaldean or the Egyptian organization acting in all the Chinese of the Romans on the Greek you put them all the best wannabes on literature that is on solid latest article it happens to be these twenty seven books in the New Testament I think I'm a glow the reliability of the text and if you are going to question the text you must question all of ancient history on but that's the strength of that piece of information so I been inquired I have no option but to take this book one of the New Testament as a historical piece of nutrition all yes that are then avocado me are things written out there but you cannot call that the allegedly more mythological you can throw it off if you want to but you cannot call that mythological you can question it but you can question on that historical documentary evidence is not just tossing it off as a mythological piece of mixture then the second one is the message and mission what I did was put the whole message and mission into an asset just the lucky sentences and see what happens Hinduism the messenger mission was a short little way to ultimate truth which is legend of the human Ottmar soloed into the super swollen from sole regulators sure you'll be waived to that is bear in existence when it comes to Buddhism for enlightenment I was born for the good of all that lives above the level does mission in life was a look I was enlightened under the ficus tree in both black and eastern India I was enlightened that me show you how to get invited Islam or Muslims it the Koran is the infallible word of God who gave the prophet long led by the angel Gabriel so unless mission life was to bring the water dog gone to the human race arguably that's the only writing that actually can be called blogs word because it contains only the ones a lot angry on the literature has on the woods the Koran is only the ones among Judaism you shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments as the words of general love on which of Amanda as he shall live so what is more this haul road mission in life being the statutes the Commandments the rules of the judgments of God you should damn and human name is Michelle it come to this man Jesus he was one that nobody has used ever I am a bit in the last said let me show you the way to the children's mother I am not mandatory and got the mumble of us stood up and said that me show you how to be enlightened because I was enlightened this method I am not like that unlike ends as Moses said look to show you the way to life this man said I am life every one all be different founders of the religion brought a set of rules and philosophies of doctrines this man brought himself that is the fundamental difference that you see when you look at the message and mission in every although religion you are told about what to do this religion says do you know me can you see the difference all of them said let me show you the bridge that will take you from your present existence on the on the four new monarch had been red eyes initially in the bridge this imagine is that I am that bridge there is no buddy who ever claimed to be identical with his message every other found a brought a message this man said I am the message attribute that grandma you will still have this long if you take only a gullible public now you must have Buddhism if you date guys and while Nikki will still have the Hinduism if you take a limo listen Abraham and David you will still have Judaism you take away Jesus you will have nothing in Christianity we are talking about the message everyone brought a message this meant that I am a message it is in keeping reedited at that carefully guarding and quieter I sent back it is because of his previous damage that already are available to it but I asked what is the highest and you may play a South Mister founder and a lot of them this mother the only one who said I am the son of blog anyone as a nonprofit daughter I must see it around and likely one or something on in the human realm this man said I don't know to the human round I came from and went out to Mitchell Tsai needs and from day when I came abroad between you and me and that's why I could say I am nobody has been said that because the only down there and you look for it to go to search for it with studying I do any of that sort because I brought it in me I book number three I was under a multiple author has no specific found all the alternative an individual bond honorable parents and Buddhism got on the bus father was appalled and I would like King him on a myelin of Queen 's bond hearing on many relevant and black abilities of every kind and all kind of festivities because the priests had out I it was an honorable beginning of his butt off his life Judaism Amana possibly by Winnebago 's wife and daughter of Levi Board assigned she saw that he was a beautiful shot he became however which is Pharaoh 's daughter son but it is one from the drawing you mean by begin of an important tribe taking care of the tabernacle and before that he was federal as daughters son royalty Islam my mother was a posthumous son of Abu lot his mother with a mean of the tribe will write a team garage without the biggest dry but very important because school Rice tried to Canada which is now in the most holy site of Islam so that a great good the beginning was solid with Congressman Ogden mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph before they came together she was with father John and then made an animated the normal mini in his book story has dual characteristic he was born in abject poverty the only founder and some diamonds and Christmas cards and other the draw that might mean Jerry on the China romantic thing you know so neat deodorized with those donkeys and those on those columns that he may obediently on the correct places it was not that way at all and this one here in the handle and on and that was the handle high he was long and the beast thinking read that will not name unwed people are worse he was conceived out awkward the only founder conceived government now and it is a new world can't even get into contact with modern plus century on drop on seven of Palestine knows you along the way that clearly showed that there was a moral stand not only on your body on family and the blog was thinking that you did not have the favorable that is why you are like that everybody knew about it when he went to the tempo the elite the pop rocks in the Temple looked at him and said you you are coming to these the people of wardrobes and eight pics shallowly exchange something about pedigree we were not born of fornication you know what the word that are condoning the judicial Jewish genealogy so-and-so thoughts on Sullivan blogged about Linda Joseph and in the next ones they don't even mention his name they just say soul and soul bastard son of an adulterous absent that's how he is about story on this and poverty-stricken circumstances and in questionably moderately staying out of a father and revolution the question right there is one more thing why do medical community to make because they would not identify the font are neither in his village noting any other village in Palestine you cannot identify the father dual duties she really committed adultery or what is written in the book his father supernatural that's why he was going to sew them in fact be upon him bewildered has as well okay widely thought that couldn't be good and be the father is out of this world now we've got some feeds the fourth one is left before when I go to number ten Obama questioned what happened off to bed his entry on a hunger when he died somebody has to go over and the movement gathered on except for this man is that I had I read their lot in if you are Christian let's find but if you are an easy quite ever I is trying to tell me that some of the new role as him from the dead give me another story and trust rest bonds of an inquiry as to mythological account learned in the trash bag yes what I what reason can you give for believing that an the story that I am an ER knock and sometimes when these ambulances coming in on this items in all Latin the common and to bring the patient into the room I have to make sometimes a diagnosis of D E game on I love I had them and I told the family the keys then but if you can come back in the morning I might inject some life into himself by tomorrow morning three days Miramar so my inquiring mind cannot accept this that a man was dead for three days and then goes up again give me another story but my first question that I asked on this whole series was what kind of frightening is that Scripture and of all that is bad this one is no most reliably historical besotted so yeah can't believe that I'm throwing out a living if you start out somebody saw so I can't believe it but is written down that the only thing I can possibly do is to examine the writings and find out whether there is any historical evidence a look at both sides what is the story even if you did not rise of what is the story while there are some you didn't die a number one Oregon dries up disciples stole the body we have no time to go to the UK in the middle that the the text and find out if there's some credibility to that end of the story on the I is if the story is cool mod that any of the businesses that can impress me the house and as later on that promotion you just do one the New Testament is the only ancient writing in the world on listen the New Testament is the only ancient right thing in the world matter and on laws at the scene there is no other ancient writing is historical in which a person can say I saw in other words they were i.e. weaknesses today on eyewitness that has been glued down a statement is one of the strongest evidences that you can table in a court of law this is what they find in the New Testament those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses but me that eyewitnesses of his majesty he was seen has testified that Ms. Gebhardt which we haven't seen the car rides which may have looked up on our hands have handled that is not a mother single presentation of antigen can have these kind words and the very kind of evidence which more than signs and even psychologists also insisted upon for the domain the reality of any object under consideration is the kind of evidence that we have presented to us in the Gospels regarding the resurrection of the Lord Jesus namely the thing that I seen with the human eye touched with a human had an hard by the human year this is what we call and put them become evidence catch it the best then his particle beams all literature has in it and ripped in a wreck on often I witness you cannot think that not only back in the court of law there is something springs that the whole system needs weight on a strong evidence and one of them is known as the dead big confession admitted a confession made when you're facing back then the jury and the judge usually takes fact now and that is one tool and to me that bed confessions all saying the same basic story that is no judge or jury on that will return that statement I would make the resurrection story 's company brief hungered on deathbed confessions Beadle was crucified upside down James us don't predict that it was killed by the sword Genzyme for advanced was crucified James on Observatory was killed by the sword financial shop to that of Montgomery was crucified and was greeted by Philip was greeted by Simon the zealot was crucified on this was good with a spear and Paul was beheaded and not a single one of them advise redundant understory that are not slaughtered once what all of you lot know the naked one at a time she available to you is that you want to be led by God to be the truth all right to egos you go to jail it on your face slap you bejewel up to you and what you want I saw and I am willing to testify I saw him before he died I saw him die I saw him off that he die know you can do what you want with me back is my story and the holiday got that information do you want before you are willing to be that they might have felt that you very little chance right here is the best attested ancient piece of literature in which that is a story by an eyewitness who styles his ground regarding the witness even in the face of it that can be no higher psychological evidence that this story is true not dotting the Chief Justice of England said these words on the greatest find that resurrection we are not merely osteopathic in his favor is living so that exists at all ball landing evidence positive and negative factual circumstantial that no independent jewelry in the world could fail to bring inability of the resurrection story is true you know that a very few people who actually believe this we say we believe that we don't than a very few people who believe that is a blog in existence in the Christian love even in the admin discharge we already does say that there is a God we are ready to stand by me being the veteran of God but we do not believe we believe is a Silva Hogan will feel things that we talked that if you want open me is all box format for availability and Hezbollah you have no other option but to just fall flat on your face before not skimp what can I do to be on your side not can I do this and can I get away with it what is a bit too hard for me know all responses very different that was a convict in a German alien and the chaplain went to him and spoke to him and said that it had about Jesus told him the story went to present the end and then this cognitive document said do you really believe that story and the sentence against us he said if I believe that story I would crawl across England on broken glass to direct no enemy we say we believe catch yourself some time so we come to the ending here in a good deal of evidence together is not too much to say that there is no starting is in a better of various is aborted than the resurrection of Christ and that is the BF West caught by all other rules of evidence his body and resurrection from the grid can be adjudged the best fact all of ancient history as Henry Morris by all rules of want everything is not philosophy not tenets of belief not religious talk by all the rules of historical evidence is Benjamin Warfield of Princeton University who said fate is a form of conviction and a conviction must direct necessarily rest on penitence for the unknown evidence is just blind belief and when I went through the center of a landlord bought had their financial new defendant in one hour I realized that this blog was daddy understanding of us because of an onslaught of questions like I did I guess this evidence in so that an inquiry run remember I said what was a pleasant would just look at the evidence not just an Inquirer would come to the conclusion that well listed on the ten ninety on the thing okay the New Testament of the best documented ancient writing and what it is solidly historical nature the top feature writing is beyond human kidney and loving up about in the seminar but that's what we do only the Bible 's Jonathan Weber didn't do now on in the Bible 's challenge is open and clear and it photos its own time that impressively and the challenges called predictive prophecy in fact as a child and that the Bible itself throws out and the Judeo-Christian scriptures known as the Bible is the only ancient writing in the well-done and Emma thrown on the challenge do not access testing out again the best I will make a prediction you can see the prediction came true or not noticing it on the NHL no other writing has a has up to the challenge Jesus back to make the highest genuine son of God he did not just bring the two of the women he was the way the truth Jesus is the only wine from the PAF beaching was matched by actual practice and let us another fantastic study no founder and matched in his life his own pigeons except for this man therefore the only one that I deserve following his ministry whether Shabbos and it had the greatest impact the only wanted one a medicament and yet they learn suggest that his father might have been gone the only pondered by the shameful violent death of a condemned criminal fuss converts to Christianity were Jews a jewel in first century Palestine and eighty thirty one Lindsay Mendes saw Jesus dying on the cross there were three things that they have to be convinced about them a lot he was condemned and sentenced to death by the highest religious authority in the world Sanhedrin he was condemned and sentenced to death by the highest similar part in the whole world the Romans and he was condemned and sentenced to death by the highest authority in the universe Jehovah gone because in their own overall it was clearly written in the book of numbers but if any man was put to death by hanging you would know that he was under the person on holiday and a Jew MLB Christian it was because of one stunning evening on a Sunday morning at that is the only explanation that anybody can do that there was a Jew who knew these three things and still became a Christian and a release soon these things they knew the Torah from the first one agendas is the last word of Deuteronomy and still begin a Christian because of that one stunning thing on which the judge has built its foundation the first message of the Christian and I talked and infested by the start what a mess and I'm really not one of teaching I'm really not one of philosophy Ambien but nope you there is a man who died and rose up again from the dead I know it myself I'm the better listen to him because he is what might be supernatural because this evening is supernatural there is not a founder that can and will come anywhere near close and so built into one the only one going to demand that the most enemy of human Grand Prix event and come back as a conqueror over debt so my final conclusion on this less bark to and without Jesus and the viaduct will be unmatched when you make comparison to have the highest credibility therefore the provided mankind when I said I was looking for one day the only way I rest my case here I stand I can do celebrity God and you think in the in the secular neck jaw homes I've always received a ovation will help you in November that is something when they build that IE plans up in the same query development for ovation good information hey there was a time when they were one hundred thousand people in the stadium and keep keyhole from Kenya was running the marathon this was going to be back-to-back marathons nobody had ever done it in history and he was going to win Internet tools Vanessa before his nearest rival as a campaigning tool the Stadium one hundred thousand people spread the message that their clapping for the timekeeper when accounting for the judges along the way with a topping for the whole estimation that you know hosted the Olympics a copy of our back champion is the real collapse from your heart for the champion for Christianity in the disk drive as a standing ovation to jump you a questions on any of these exists in your question really is trying to put those two through as separate kind of look in and once as I did but if you go through the whole seminar you'll find that there's more than one time and I have the effect of that as Judeo-Christian because nobody will be ever able to identify Jesus as Messiah without the Old Testament is in possible volume that that's late in the Old Testament and he always wants us to find evidences that's why Billy Preston Douglas Truong knows all Paul listened there was even on the other everybody lock on opponent but they could clean and lead the apologist and show very clearly that this man needs people that meant all that prophecy and those writings and so Christianity is Judeo-Christian we look at the New Testament as historic we take that as a APs which is a different story dual connected with the old because the parson here is also the person they you're very right the basis we agree but the interpretation of what that is in the Torah and in the prophets and in the writings are different for one party which we really hard ways the New Testament says that the that the Torah and the historical writings his and the prophets pointed to somebody and we found somebody and that omission angels recognize that the day it Isaiah fifty three of a lot about you would love to take it out a bill just been completely yet I let them why it is just too hard to describe any other person on our so we are and a basement apt again and yet not Sunday at the busily upright yes yes yes indeed that's a beauty hypothesis possible for the moment is it possible you have diabetes saying nothing I can be possible I followed up on what's possible tell me whether it would be happy to so many editors and if we do is show the evidence of this was borrowed from that didn't have anything all this on fine but not it is I will agree that it's possible but enough of the claim and once again I've been inquiring I had some gold that I followed number one I'm not going to question the claim I'm only going to put it side-by-side so I'm not questioning real name when you put it side-by-side one of the commands says that the order and Ginny came at the origin of the world the game slave is a thousand years before handling about that this made opinion that whatever information you gain a strong game at the foundation of the world historically many of them say but I'm not send a history that this for instance which I did I'm not questioning that historic claimed under his bed the Christians make the better inflammation can first the good that came with the words in the beginning law and the identify of God as Jehovah God whose name he came out to be a short walk in the new next so in between five they had there in the loss abandoned as a creation right that a debate about the data shown for the creative drama they also have a trailing body mentioned that Brahma Shiva and Vishnu Shiva the destroyer mission of the prison over in his additional comes down to us as at other times on incarnate of which condition which we mentioned in the eighth when most well known so we do have a lot of similarities cement ideas mean nothing in one sense that I can show you some that I did the dental organism complex organism I can show you one hundred thousand similarities between two complex organisms one's name is an object letter about asthma that duties are missing even one listen to this that the negative challenge on it even one even make on silent mode difference when needed on similarities in what you find a bunch of it between all of these regions there was one when I went back yes are you a you are a a a like a contest in my observation everybody is not called to be in a glider but everybody is called to win the woods of being quieter IBM in addition to me to come heads for the CSI I was commission that somebody here who needs these words that's like it everybody is not called upon to do it your friend who lost people say lost faith in the Bible right that's only half the story it's impossible to be fake if you don't have faith in the concept of something else so let's look at something else and find out about something else has enough evidence as the bypass you cannot live without losing your faith some way you have to have that something to guide you said you don't want the Bible fine tell me what days let's look at it honestly love an invite so it was still safe to become Inquirer because it will ship from one together what happened most likely was like it happens in this debate between evolution and creation you don't want to answer you one way of the other is not based on evidence we can go to allotment yes that's a good question I contradict I can't really onset that in the tones of all the literature but we don't know that some of these when you use the word document and its use of a manuscript because that's something that video talk about the right thing by hand is manuscript we do have ancient manuscripts going back to even fifteen hundred BC and even before yes so that our historical documents of our pieces of literature the question is are those right things to have in them the cat activist sticks of a historical piece always and legibly on mythological that's the question at that point I have a responded okay right we will accept that but there is a connection that but his question was whether we had any other ancient document seven what are they whether they are in unbeaten yes there are but we will be able off ultimate is my focus was not on that date Mrs. edited by itself but on the date of the document compared to the date of the even that will be what will show for this could almost believe it is more likely to be historical these are electric and if it is really spread out then I don't join out but I said the credibility of an SES I'm not sure with you and focus on something it's a huge topic Old Testament you innovate right because the ones that we had before what be found in the caves of Qumran was dated one housing NEDs and there was always the question take a book of the Old Testament how do we know that this manuscript that we had were just dated eighty one thousand activity is kind of the same that was written in BC or did become corrupted at it as it came along because the gap was so huge now one thousand eight need to say Isaiah 's time as fifteen to sixteen hundred years so we have no way of bridging that gap until the Dead Sea Scrolls game the Dead Sea Scrolls updated one fifty seven around one fifty seven two fifty seven BC before the time of Christ a nuclear look for instant one book that they scholars commonly called went on in the book of Isaiah the goods found in competing detail in the Qumran caves and you know something it is exactly what you have in your hand one thousand years one thousand two hundred years the only changes their phone and even then it is small changes in the form authority words or names that is all the difference can you compare that with some more board and write things like the plays of Shakespeare eighteen hundred and twenty seven days that Shakespeare wrote you know about that on major challenges in every single one of both space and this is how our day as it were which meant we had the printing press and everything I'm blessed enough small being paragraphs questioned whether this is exactly what everyone is obvious but getting there compatible with the with the with the eye of Isaiah twelve hundred GS and all you could find with eleven little beauty changes spending or punctuation or the formal system in other words it is absolutely because are that's the other thing that we didn't look at once we finished is when a legal of the next set presentation is okay they are good but nicknamed Logan White people can be impressed with the book of the manner me look at the book of a man by themselves without combating with anyone else it still causes you to ball inhabitants that the the characteristics of a soul in combating and gripping yes have you in their life a real question is yes yes yes I really have not heard about as amended demising I have heard that as as a concept and I have heard that as a as a way to say milk even though there could be something else Christians believe that they can still be found in the kingdom of God because Jesus is the light that lights and be mad he doesn't like forty Christians because it am not a Christian when elected you you have to be fussed and non-Christian to be like the by the light of Christ we are not born Christians we are born again Christian nobody is non-Christian that are on the second generation Christian but that's an oxymoron that are only first-generation Christian and that's what I can ever be you have to make an individual choice and everybody has to make that those who don't know his they have been given the liked by this very calm passionate and fair individual argument doesn't and in fairness when his father is judging and putting the blue ball and say you are just a touch is there any other thing we will guess at the back lets a blessing question but I thought that I'd hear the confession that I was born into an Adventist home okay but it makes actually see the difference when you really want to know what Betty's so want if I was in that miscellany or whatever the reason is exactly the same as exactly the same I still lost that question has a husband and I mean I had to put it away for a while to become an planner is that of blogging existence of a judgment is not you'd be asked to design it is thereby making dynamic that is something you below judge the church tiles off the top that are APs in the administer each that have a hard time believing I'm not going to mitigate this to just wipe them off I'm saying hey nope I also was thinking the same with you I was supposed on cerebrum and ions and I knew in the back of my mind gardening gardening but in the Lancet was it something it and we do that all the time that has had on this day the small of the dignity of man commodity but once it comes to your your self it it really gets you up to up to you can know what that is not Ms. Shannon this I don't know when I said many times in these University in a job that I don't know if the authors on this a lot I don't know about what gives the holding the credibility that it designs when you say I don't know I'm not sure of the new system that your short all what is sure off the comes credible but if you stop saying I know you don't know than what you said you know also become less credible I remember a nice time and I hope that he uses to turn in your valuation is this a a is was is my audience Chris is displayed if you would like to learn more and I saw a beast coming out and I is him and more as more online service on his visit www. nonbelievers .org


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