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Overcoming: Gaining the Victory

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer
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  • August 5, 2010
    10:45 AM
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my name is Chad cruiser and my wife Bonnie and we will both be presenting together that summer I'll begin a mobile back and forth basically just give you a little background of what we do Bonnie and I have been in ministry for about nine years and we we been traveling around we've been consistently putting a evangelistic meetings full-time route the United States and Europe and we speak them all over the place of what we what was happening was as we were doing evangelistic meetings we are meeting a lot of people he spent historically popular to new stop smoking classes and are all in our prophecy series and so forth but I don't notice the people not only struggle with smoking I think people come to our meetings and they don't just struggle with smoking us multimedia very Alex knew nothing and so we did those seminars we do the seminars on stop smoking but we began to realize an open of all kinds of your addictions whether they are to a substance like drugs or whether it's something that they're just struggling with maybe a personal habit and other people and paganism in addition the Daniel 's personally something is destroying our life and so I back out of while working with people we can assault in need of that and things began to spring out of this while we're working with people if we began to add more and more to a seminar and became what is now the overcoming seminar somewhere to share with you mainly what is our first day of the overcoming seminar we just basically added one other thing into it that comes from one of the other meetings but it's kind of a progress note in the seminar we can only go into since we would have the one hour today I will do our best and what we can we cannot indicate everything but that's a secluded second we put on seminars about Bible prophecy with the summer is about overcoming habits and addictions which we generally doing tandem normally after he does listed meeting immediately we started like the day after the day I like maybe two days after we sorry find a overcoming seminar and generally most sometimes upcoming of the upcoming seminar after the prophecy seminar on this is a little bag of Wilson seminars on creation versus evolution and we do this is a very quick clip of wheat we produce documentaries you really hear very well but I just cannot talk about a little bit as it's going on we have a ministry called anchor point films we go around to archaeologists theologians and scholars and we make documentaries that look like what people are used to watching a Discovery Channel or history channel but instead of being skeptical like you're always going to see on the regular you know mainstream media what we do is basically going point by point through the Adventist message so you'll read we get testimonies from all kinds of different people just last night a businessman from Chicago called us up I actually a suburb of Chicago called the seventies that I just gave this on the first three DVDs to use at the dentist again it is dental hygienist he said she called him up sometime later she said I learned so much from these DVDs she said I am I want to come to your church will be baptized you know she fell in already rebaptized applicable young the Lord is using number something that I is most like what there argues the watching on TV so it's not just a sermon so goes back and forth between different people like Michael also was a archaeologist so that's basically what we do or going to the whole address message we have secular sharia students a secular campuses getting these out on doctors to their patients dentist of their patients I recall Scripture mysteries documentary series and so that's that I'm going to any might I just want to let you guys you folks know what we do and how to start with the overcoming seminar let's bow our heads for work prayer heavenly father we thank you for the time to come together every single one of us probably has something that we like to let go with some care Arthur flaw something some part of our character than we realize needs change and were not saved by that change or saved through by faith by it all by the grace of youth violence on my own strength the father ocarina now as we look in your words we talk about science that you would teach us that you would help us to be over comers in the areas of our lives that we would truly know that we need to overcome in some organized learn about new things and maybe we need to realize we had a problem but we pray that you would touch our hearts and draw near to NHS victorious name of Jesus amen Revelation chapter twenty one verse six and seven say that and he said to me it is not I am Nelson Omega the beginning any hand-to-hand with thirst I will give out the fountain the water of life freely he who overcomes will inherit all things I will be his God and he will be my son Revelation tells us that Jesus tells us that what he says he got over comments shall inherit all things I want to be very very clear it is not the overcoming itself then enables you to have eternal life I is not because you've done something good that you get eternal life is that as Jesus died on the cross to save you from your sins and you accept him as your Savior and his perfect life stands in the place of your no despicable life and you takes your place only very clear on in any issue of salvation by works there is only one way to be saved by your works there is only one way the Bible says in Romans chapter six twenty three for the wages of scene is what death the wages of sin is death now if the wages of sin is death I think it through how could you be righteous by faith if you have seen and you deserve to live by and all have seems all deserve to die so the only way to be righteous man by your works would be to enrolling you have to die and number two you have to resurrect yourself in and live the rest of your life perfectly then you would deserve and you have righteousness by works I went to can't do that so the only way that you can be righteous is to be righteous by so this is not a seminar on your own good works will be June ahead but it is a seminar on how God can give you victory is not the victory they get you into heaven but God as a gift along with salvation wants to make us overcomes the makes us this is not some kind of in a good act citizen and I would clarify that before we go any further you were talking a lot in the summer are some things to overcome several different things overcome number one chronic stress and we don't have time to find them out of undergoing today but we didn't put the slides and then there's there's two different kinds of stress at least there is on active strengths in passive stress and sometimes stress can actually be good for you actually I'll bump up your immune system it's only when it's unusually prolonged as a become a negative factor and actually becomes harmful to your body we don't have time to go into that in detail today but we don't really chronically living in stress it actually can kill us actually to bring about different diseases number two we want to overcome anger or lack of forgiveness now angering some of itself does not ban the Bible says be angry and sin not right there is a form of anger that is not me but I'm guessing most the anger you have is not the kind from God I most of time negating something that we know it's a selfishness pride it's whatever but it's not normally our righteous indignation so we don't want to live a lifestyle I am being angry number three we also want to overcome eating disorders or eating unhealthy food means eating disorders may range from things help from people who are eating too much or eating too little or no gorging themselves and vomiting all these countries one must give us victory over these areas of our life number four we want to overcome addictions such as smoking drinking drugs pornography and loss television gambling or you fill in the black you may not have one of the scene singing addictions that we have listed here but you may hadn't have some kind of the URL God is calling you to overcome and so if you fill in the blank for yourself and ask you to confess your sins until everybody here what you're trying to overcome I was really odd waxy told that secret sins are to be confessed secretly public sins are to be confessed up me I'm angry with someone here in the meeting from all of you I should probably should in a sense I was as Nina 's brother your arms are doing that you are but meaning if I if I have a secret sin is to be confessed secretly to go absolutely at work so were not in the business of making everybody come and confess their sins to us that is not quite biblical but the basic tenor of the seminar is this cool and it is this it is never forget that thoughts workout actions repeated actions form habits and habits form character so never forget that false workout actions repeated actions one habits and habits form character very very important this is a if you're wondering where it's found it in letter eighty five March sixteen eighteen ninety six E eighty five March sixteen eighty ninety six a number for the offer not actions meaning this is a simple as this are you laugh thoughts going on in your head when you think will stop enough it will cause you to act upon them which are actions obviously you to the actions and not those actions turning the habits and your habits altogether are you are is your character doesn't make sense so you are basically the accumulation to a certain degree of what goes on inside Vermont so far forgot actions repeated actions form habits and habits form character the normally when we want to change something we want to change your character we want to change our habits are willing to change our actions so we try to change those little we don't realize this if the thoughts aren't change nothing is really going to change nothing is going to change the basic tenor of the summer never forget offered actions repeated actions form habits and habits form this is a Biblical principle we find in places like Romans chapter twelve verse two be transformed out by the renewing of your mind if you want to be changed you have to be changed here and gone is looking for us to be in a fantastic that are outward demeanor and have inside full of dead men's bones like the Pharisees right whitewash sepulchers in these kinds of things gone once the change is wrong with me and if we are change from within we will be changed without I outside will be changed Isaiah twenty six first three powerful promise for especially if you're struggling stress or anger whatever Isaiah twenty six for free you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you once again it is the mind it all stems from what goes on in the minds of nuclear part of Phineas Gage in the earth and he escaped several several of the associated gone through a lot eighty Neil Bentley 's program on no thinnest gauge was in Vermont railroad worker he was the forming of his railroad crew is a diligent worker and what they would do is think they were basically laying down tracks are these preparing late on track so what they would do is they would when drilling the rocket is in a lot modern rock they are in Vermont zero lines of the rock and they would get up with some kind of igniting powder something like gunpowder in there they put sand on top of any would take a large middle on cold camping iron and they would pack it down inside this whole new have some tough use of something that would be later ignited and exploded in Boulder Rockaway and later on the right track what one particular day Phineas was working there preparing and the railroad and as he was taking the middle tamping iron he was pushing it down inside that whole and something happened on the way the meaning the sand and there were any ignited and that rot as it exploded shot up in him under the cheek and love the top of the skull and just give you an idea of the top portion of this picture is the frontal lobe it's going to be looking down on someone and are laying it up with a nose for the ceiling here on acetone alone there what happened is the rocket blew up through this fall and gave him an accidental lobotomy frontal lobotomy and so this is literally what happened Luther the vibrancy that I desire at least is I wasn't usable after the latter portion of the brain and in that Ron just kept going went like I'm a hundred feet or more dissent like a missile shot right through what happened Phineas Gage was a formidable railroad Co. husband and father he was well-liked and he was eighty gigabytes fellow workers he was a religious man and he was in regular church attendance until that no amazing day at September thirteen eighteen forty eight after the Ron Boutros-Ghali think what you know most people would be killed from having was strangely enough minutes later he was able to walk it was still young you could speak you know that he literally all of his intellect was in tact even after this accident even after losing a portion of this from a low senior getting a little better for wow what a lot of the upper skull and bones what happened something she has been Phineas after having this fungal lot after the accident he would become very angry very emotional and angry about things you might think or maybe you would get angry to a four-run loser yourself I like these more than that something more than just your response to the bill are going through and they lost interest in church and spirituality indicate your reverent and prone to excessive profanity he lost all respect for social cost notice he's basically a different person after the accident not his intellect the intellect is still intact but he is character has been changed by a frontal lobotomy I very very interesting this is actually the rock see in his hands that is the actual rod need to see how big it is that's a lot of literacy and skull and after the activity became very irresponsible one from a prize the way to the unemployment will end up forsaking his wife and family and he joined a traveling circus he was totally transformed by the loss of his frontal lobe neuroscientist David Barton Brown University Providence Rhode Island speaking of the frontal lobe of the brain 's frontal lobes which sit behind the four had allow us to use what we know about the world to guide our decision making says neuroscientist David Barr basically and some scientists teaching scientific studies show that the phone alone is the seat of the spirituality morality and the will so this is what we're discovering that right here single the citadel of the brain this is the decision-making center right behind the warhead is the frontal lobe now in overcoming it is essential to have a few different things number one however you need a desire to overcome sometimes want to put on our seminar people so they can you can you call him my son and to become your income your son and you know if someone's son their daughter their husband or wife if Israel had a desire to overcome even pray for but there's nothing anybody can do to get some and over they don't want an alcoholic was happy being alcoholic is good of the alcoholic until he's not happy being an alcoholic I got it into the form you have the desire so in any aspect of what you have to be no goal of putting any kind or any lifestyle season used to be made in your life first of all you have to have a desire to overcome and number two you need to have an open mind pedal you know the old saying you don't want to open mind so much that you know your brain falls out when you do one of the minuses listen obviously what I've been doing hasn't been working there must be something more and I want to learn about that for them my wife's income of quickly she's getting a little disclaimer before we don't ever it is see to that they are a very go I I think if I are on like I said were not your doctors and you'll understand why were saying that in just a few minutes the way this program run on so we ask that if you are under the care of a doctor that you can so what learn from anything than talking after buying it when you can implement but when I'm asking that you go in change everything and not talk to your doctor whatever it is your doing you know you want to be extremely want to be mindful of what where learning and implementing as in a little at a time okay with that center and continue with the path that we've been having here what was just talking about the frontal Albright and how important it is and what happens to your character afterwards look at what the Bible says this is so interesting revelation fourteen verse one says and I love and low a lampstand and on signing with two hundred forty four thousand having his father 's name written where and therefore had in that interesting and what behind your four had the front well-regulated is learning the problem does it's where your spirituality morality or will introduce character and what God wanted put in the fire alarm the father 's name and what that means to us the father 's name his character how do we know that we does look to the Bible right and you start realizing whenever you see name in an name changed in the characters changed the right word with an example Abraham what was his name before Abram Saul became Hall was Minnesota's is a really good one Jacob Jacob means the favor right and if you ask a look at the name Jacob it's if the Yahoo go work in I speak Aramaic and Aramaic in the same word for heel about you know Jacob any and any heel grabber the trips you up he deceive you right heel grabber and so that when his character sets and Jacob was but then what happened to him he struggled and he overcame right and what was his name changed to there is reality and what is filming over and not powerful the guy wants to put that character in our warhead change change that that in mind right you want to put that in our frontal lobe and what character is that the father 's name you know it's his lot it's Christ that that person that you had the same person that walked and talked on this earth and the way you relate to people related to people in and spoke with and he wants to put that same character in our minds as well as powerful as the news is so awesome like the Bible is is not just spiritually a feeling that you can see how it it it it manifested itself in so many other ways scientifically on in everyday life so with that kind we need to know what are some of these run alone Taylor's right what kind of thing Congress run alone to be compromised we can see drug R one and I'm sure you can think of that you yourself but and you realize that lack of use is actually detrimental if you do not exercise your brain in terms of making decisions young girl right a lot of times were afraid to make decisions and so we don't make one and all and it actually hinders the growth that you can have in your in your mind you know it's better I think they make a mistake and learn from it mentioned make no decision at all right last certain kind of music we talk about this later on in the Senate are not today but we do and head injuries he notes a date where the adrenaline junkies write a lot of time in a society and people do things that will compromise the physical aspect of your frontal lobe right we do things you don't wear helmets we are careful on me we made a lot of money getting that if anything I've had a head injury and had a front will compromise then I discouraging but you know what God can help us improve even the little bit that we have fifteen he also laughed of nutrition I know in America we are on we have an abundance in a way not lacking thing but we are actually deficient in many ways and especially when it comes to the mental health and nutrition and we talk about that is welling up here little bit of the day but mostly later on in the seminar we talk about nutrition in the brain and how we are lacking and how it actually causes us to be addicted to certain things because the way were eating and awesome studies but don't have time share that with you today are right a little study here in Mark chapter nine verse twenty through twenty three and didn't enable background this is when Jesus and through the disciples were on on the Mount chair of transfiguration and when they are out there during the time you're up there down in the Valley the other disciples were in trouble they had a man who was demon possessed and they could heal him couldn't figure out why and when Jesus comes along and hear the story starts in April came unto him they brought businessman unthinking and when he thought him straightway the spirit care him and he fell on the ground and wallowed foaming this young man was wallowing in forming the mountain when he fell before D'Antoni 's father to death the father how long is it a go and it came on to him so how long is this kid been like this and it's in this man had a child and ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire and into the waters destroyed and what is valid and do anything have RSS help I think that it now can you believe all things are possible hand naphthalene through either situation is pretty serious this child had uncontrollable habit and he also had a distraught and destructive lifestyle but he had family in a community that cares on him they say realizes uncontrollable habit you know what you were talking about someone here in a destructive lifestyle it's on this can relate to this but he had a community that cared about winning wanted help for him right so let's continue with the story what happened that he and Jesus healed him and then later on the disciples come to Jesus and says and when he was come into the house his disciples asked him privately why could not we cannot why couldn't we do it likely campus and the evil spirit allocated and Ethan entered then this kind can come forth by nothing but by what prayer and fasting okay so when we have something that has been from our childhood you know plaguing us whatever it may be in a something you just can't let go of forgiving someone or on some kind of thought that occurs constantly and a half minutes instructed in your struggling and you know what to do Jesus himself said these things can come and get it taken away only by what prayer and fasting and he also stated that the father 's degree in Merritt said that he came in he fell before Jesus and he cried out with him I just like you said you can do can help my kid here you know that he was really leading and how many times are really really pleading with God and we get seriously I want this out of my life so with that said in this week that we normally do the program we how I type of cleanse so I'll explain to you in a little bit like that is convicted said that it's a good thing to do prayer and fasting so what does not deliver the top down okay do you realize in that year live Earth stores glucose in the forehead and then it's called glycogen right and that helps us when when we need to do something in either the fight or flight in a meaning to do something quick the liberal cake in the stress hormones come in the deliberate taking that extra glucose for your muscles to get going and do something that you need to quickly okay that's why a lot of times you're in that it is hearing stressed out a lot here here in livers overworking and whooshing in that glucose all the time and then your insulin kicks in and sometimes you can be any and so have diabetes and knowledge that might be why you might just be stressed out all the time in your insulin going in your glucose any advertising but what I want to understand is so the liver gives us an extra glucose right when you're fasting guess what happens when you don't have that food coming in all the time what are you relying on none for energy that lyricist and giving you that glucose right exhibits are releasing that that was a you can be sustained what else is going to come out with it the toxin United for the past is always released with that glucose is not getting input right for the past and will be released as your fasting the guy gave us an excellent way to cleanse our body whenever or fast thing that is happening here your liver is automatically detoxing when the input of food is not in their powerful defendant in the way of discarding the body so I went back to how I'm going to holy Clay Webster Avenue today on an event in the diet but the first phase of your heavy alcoholic or a gigantic there are diabetic I normally we have to do this for the first day on its water fruit veggies and whole grain bread for the first day then everybody else what we have you do is you do water one hundred one hundred percent fruit juice and fruit many like one hundred percent fruit juice not in a ten percent juice and sugar and separate if you don't want to be spiking your blessing and then plummeting enough so that clear so the first thing it does what you would do what I'm doing with a complete fast but he'll understand if you would go through the whole program while we do it in this fashion is really really need people learn so much about themselves their bodies and what they're capable of I think I can seek an adverse effect on how to do this now but as people come back each day there like hey I'm surprised doing better than I thought I would be doing on this and it's really encouraging to hear the feedback from people I've been doing this so that that's what we do the first day and then like I said each day I added in I tell you what good things are getting from each one of those things first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen and twenty says what know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have Richie have of God and you are not your own if you are bought for you were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God so if these are not our bodies right they don't belong to us they belong to God in order to glorify him through here what we do with these findings right people will see and say wow you really care about your physical being and while some entertainment value how relying on making war I got anything so on in this week your all also been interview tips on what to do in those cravings come like what kinds of things that you can do when the cravings calmed and but here's one thing that learned talk about do you know when this constraint is the super drink what way does it can increase energy and endurance prevents any balance aid digestion and illumination regulates body temperature and bring about a feeling of well-being that very few of us consume as much as we should yes you are right it is water on have you heard about this guy he the body 's many cries for water it's a book written by this man I don't know how to say his last name so for that reason we'll call him Doctor B K on this redesign for you when the Iranian revolution broke out in nineteen seventy nine Doctor B was placed in the infamous even the prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months it was there he discovered the healing powers of water one night Doctor B had to treat a fellow prisoner with crippling peptic ulcer pain with no medications at his disposal Doctor B gave him two glasses of water within a minute it came disappeared he was instructed to drink two glasses of water every three hours and became absolutely pain-free for his four remaining months in prison can be successfully treated three thousand fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone while in prison he conducted extensive research into the medical effects of water and preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases he rode ideal stress laboratory and despite him being offered an earlier release after being chosen a next her former and present the complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease reported his findings was published as the editorial the Journal of clinical gastroenterology in June eighty three the New York Times science watch reported that discovery in June twenty one nineteen eighty three okay hearing on this release on his release imprisoned and eighty two Doctor obvious gauge from Iran and came to America at the foundation for the simple medicine he began to research the effect of chronic unintentional dehydration on the human body his findings were published in the foundations Journal of science and medicine simplified and ninety two ninety ninety one ninety two and they can be read on the website water cure .com Doctor be wrote his first book your body 's many cries for water in nineteen ninety two in which he stated that a drive mouth is not a reliable indicator of dehydration what I dry mouth the body signals why the body signals its water shortage by producing pain dehydration actually produces pain in many degenerative diseases including asthma arthritis hypertension angina I go on the diabetes and multiple sclerosis so interesting these are all things that he studied out I found that to be very interesting but this is what he all they did not play what he recommends on how much water to drink so what are the benefits of drinking water at Moeller lowers your blood pressure elevation of mood help detoxify the liver cell with the whole faxing program money wanted you all the time one were fast enough drinking water right as you adhere detoxing you want to eliminate that and start cleaning the body of the talks and maybe it helps you maintain or lose weight maintain body temperature so neatly worked in Albuquerque New Mexico and the church are working with had a family of reverse and I can't wondering how you guys make it in the middle of the day getting on top of these drugs inside the guys in Winnipeg today said you know that you are thinking of their and he said I tell my guide you in the morning these are drinking your water because I hydrate and I am constantly drinking drink because it's an internal air conditioner set is not often got it given us a way to attack to keep cool in spite of what's going on outside okay also gives you clear thought your brain is made up of about eighty five percent water sewers one of the first places you feel on a lack of water in your thoughts right or in the first place it in until anxiety you feel slow not have a clear thought in unit it can affect human first they can in your mind is your eighty five percent of your brain is water so the question how much water half your body weight in ounces is what Doctor B recommend from his book the half your body weight in ounces so a few late two hundred pounds how many ounces and you drink a hundred K now how many of you are in effect doing today I hope you are right this is why everything should be done in moderation right you should start off doing it right and work your way up that if you try doing that just right now today like the holy increase and it would it would be overwhelming for one enter into an enjoyed healing benefits of that he bathroom on time and they forget that right Kelly Kelly whenever you start something very gradual so let's just start increasing the mindful can you think into my water and work your way up to that after filing of the manager more active than you drink more than I also see recommend that you put one fourth teaspoon and it doesn't have to be seesaw on but he recommends that you put one fourth teaspoon of salt to every quart of water okay so with that in for a lecture life to make sure you get enough lecture agent if you are starting a taken that much water on its minute they move your electrolytes and so that's not good and you see a lot of sports players within a drink on the sidelines is not just water but began catering to the same concept if you don't take it in thirty two ounces he won't you won't really taste that much salt is very little but it's there to help take up the water to write some things that we struggle with it or I should say like that in any war there's battles right and in every battle you need to know what the enemy doing no no army will go out and fight and not know what with their opponents are up to write even realize it in strategizing and think about you know what are those tracks where the cats out there and how can I avoid them or how can I get around it so what are some chat there are some others that we mentioned but here are a few for you today it could be a stressful place our situation and how many of us could relate to write a stressful place in for example just going to the DMV Arianna Huffington called on here other places that now going to the someplace like that where people don't treat you and I think I wait in long lines or your network okay anybody can be stressed out how work and he can be a particular person you may be living with the person that stresses you out in our power or causes you to be angry or whatever it is or it could be a repetitive memory so many of us get plagued with that my older brother was killed by a drunk driver and I wasn't there I didn't see it but I had my own picture of how it happened and I play it over and over and over my head I was either whole scene and imagine how it happened in nineteen Joe myself crazy thinking about it all the time and the date of the program we talk about how to overcome those repetitive memory you know but with these chances and is also you know if you're craving a cigarette or if you're craving and handy if you're craving something that is not good for you what you do at that time you looking you do with these traps looking into to overcome it there's a lot more but here's some basic ones for right now one drink your water okay now bottle becomes your new best and they have your bottle around with it all the time and actually also helps of the hand to mouth is nice that a lot of our convictions have to do it is there a muscular behavior of hand to mouth you know with every bite our nails or we leave no great leader or whatever it is a lot of that has to do with that so it replaces me know and I are drinking something good here placing the bad habit with a good one to start drinking the water and also the water is cleansing to OSU detoxing and see one of what those things out so it's a good habit in place of about one also walking on how many of my common from farming background that he and I know what this bill does I was sitting in your is not that the background that for sure farm anyway not many of my communist in front of the computer a lot more right yeah we had change in society currently but a lot of our eating habits haven't changed with it right with our activities are activities of change but not her eating habits in nineteen so we become very sedentary lifestyle will guess what what did God have and do right in the beginning take care of the garden right he put them to work right away so we were made to move we were made to do this right and it's anyway that's what happens when you when you exercise your UFC gets stimulated your blood gets simulated and inhabiting endorphins released and it's a good right and we need a bit sad but if you don't have that when you start to do is start to crave that stimulation but if you're not getting it from your muscles where you start getting it from either of the drugs you take the food you eat different things that you weren't looking for an artificial stimulation and so that's why we start in on drinking the caffeine that's why we think of anything and eating the food like junk food that stimulating or the spicy foods whatever it is these things are stimulating but it's so dangerous to stimulate the blood without using the muscles now you need to have the muscle of business simulation that the blood is pumping on to that instead of the artificial stimulation so it's so important experiment we realize that exercise is good for a band to get out and walk so when the craving comes when you do get up go for a walk criminal yourself in a situation start while gold you know a little bit of a walk and getting I have it in again exercise program going on deep breathing okay we talked about being around a person or stressful situation right and how do we deal with those some time can you come up and show it how to do the deep breathing and how it can help us in a stressful situation I know just to clarify no radiating terrified me on notice the New Age seminar it is not a new a seminar we what were doing using you can actually read about this in the book my character and personality not the whole night everything were talking about but I does this it was not smart enough to go to press any owner why not sometime in talking about I like clinical depression you must be his way coming is not in order I just you know what to feel down socks are sometimes were not breathing accurately as were getting a eight nine nine eight not enough oxygen to the organs in the body C start feeling down and so I show you soon it will grow quickly within the community and that's okay but if you can't stand on this for a moment and when you ask you to do is I ask you to take a deep breath energy Reiki is irrelevant taken to properly convert at one two three on a letter on now one of these and only have the UFC was digging deeper at what is happening is we're doing something legacy else it would take a deep breath you know what happens is when actually taking a shallow breath is breathing up into our kind of our chest cavity what's all the diaphragm items so we were learned to breathe into our diet Fran Johnson of the upper chest is any sense now the only trouble is many of us maybe you know in the past I was asleep we we don't want to haven't got so we've learned to sucking the guy and really varies in a very shallow manner is getting an adequate amount of oxygen that the brains and muscles Levine so we need to learn to give back to the breathing and we work the way we were designing in the very beginning and so on a fantasy I can show you now think that's repeating as an assistant to get it I can show you very well on the way on fascia and area now you really need to see me that's what you do is emulate a little out of your chairs are too close letterhead on the town from you you know me for review if you can you can try you'll have to get your if you're comfortably if you don't agree from your diaphragm one of the reason of access and we need it breathing our diaphragm the windowless steel your diaphragm is it is put her arms between your legs and have been nowhere and just take a deep breath and you feel it pushing into what we would call an honorable installment but it's the diaphragm you feel you may feel that many good on breathing into your compressor down what we call the diaphragm and forces you to do that now which one you want to learn to breathe into your diaphragm are signs that your chest will expand as they go really deep breath Philip the diaphragm usability of the chest cavity and honey of his lungs but nevertheless you're your breathing like this and you're getting adequate on adequate oxygen to the body now all were to practice breathing correctly stand up again with me for a moment and at least in the something awful sleep also but now think about this to work them into this morning to take a deep breath and you can try to do it slowly and do it like your noise and everybody wrong there really is a wall of funny because everybody looks funny alternate illusion of bringing like they're sucking through a straw slowly so as to try one to three and eight when I now want to do it after we do the brat whether acting first we want the threat of war and breathe how and where every other shot RT and wanted to stick our time and like right I need to write about fifty twenty noise okay and healthy while redoing the site so I found three seven one two three okay I will do is limited in any hours in the loveseat I think before we legislate unthinkingly say the reason for doing this I is not that the noise has nothing to do with any anything really all we're doing is remaking ourselves breathing slower is going when you're tempted when you're angry when you're stressed what you don't normally notice is that you start breathing is shallow fashion generally kind of rapidly shallow breaths any kind of complicates the matter isn't it even more stress is your body 's not being a adequate oxygen to the brain and into the organs so when looking to enforce your heart rate back down and after forcing the army backed out your increasing the blood flow to the system it's causing you to be call helping you to be call for it who is willing to listen a few times back and forth just so you can see the results looking to try so I listed Vivian Graffanino will dispute back and forth a few times of interest out him and Ralph out run it will outgrow more times in our rep it will outgrow I were not as a video any it absolutely didn't actually feel yourself becoming it is a no-no if you doing this on now where the importance of basically your body many of us have been breathing shallow most of the time to penetrate if you look at a baby how what is moving on the baby while their breathing what's moving a little Tommy Reiner Tommy is going up and down which is Wheaton I thought there was that diaphragm is only going up and down babies naturally breed correctly and normally isn't read correctly we have to learn to breathe incorrectly so we just what we're doing is it's not coming up with some fantastic thing were just getting back to the way we should be doing in the first place right and so we need to learn to the breeze so that we will have this we didn't have people come on and so I was having as one of the lead on lady and her upper seventies she said Osbournes my mailbox I started feeling pain in my back is his and I thought I just try to be the releases are sunglasses and the pain went away sometimes what's happening is we're not getting adequate oxygen to our body it starts causing us stress so we want to choose to lower the heart rate by the deep breathing and getting the adequate supply of oxygen so we were trying to win the temptation comes in a stressful situation comes on you know you try deep breathing for instance the median work and somebody you know your boss comes in you may know your boss is mean and nasty and angry and so he comes up to you start seeing this happening was neato when he gets costing us are going I probably don't want to do that now the big breathing the sounds are making are not after that you're just teaching yourself to breathe slowly right slowly and wrestle at sale will help you to home down you have to make a noise in Illinois on your own just to keep you a reminder and slowing acts are select sales slow inhale I and also when the temptation comes we also know is more important in these movies other groupings are Bible promises when the temptation comes when the difficulty comes in stress comes in we need to be cleaning Bible promises or claim the promises I know in talk about some of those in just a moment now he'll have to raise your anyway as this is the question you does anyone have anything to give up now and our seminars we actually do some folks may have a cigarette in their pocket allowing they want to come to those the less we get rid of my mind too hard for them not to say I went through in a nonstandard window through the garbage of units later vomiting itself sometimes easier to get away awesome else can get rid of it for you to do it yourself but if you have something specific that unite at Eridanus now you can come to us afterward we need to have someone their human type or whatever I was don't drive around without elongating from ourselves we just massacred the beginning and read it but the point is you know I get ready something is really struggling to get rid of it I know don't keep it around his ends up making you go back to Atlanta seminar we'll tell everyone that you are never ever during the seminar to use the failure I never use the word failure or icefield because one of the things he is is that when you stumble when you fall Vanessa mechanism is with me think of God as being kind in your list this tyrants and some other people think a method of teddy bears I really thought his funeral in amazing loving majestic no eternal God but one of the things is that we sometimes look at life and God in a weird way like Francis off your imagined presence alone as a baby and their babies just learning to walk so they take their first step in and they take another step in and only hit the floor now this never say something like stay now until you get right with any data revealed no exec will be dispatched as an gravel do you see that all encounters that's right this is the way that sprang in fact as part of mediators in a statement of the guys and looking at us as we stumble site I stayed on until you get it right I don't doesn't treat us that God is always there to pick us back up and so when I hear to judge each other to get down on each other and as a church we all stumble at times so instead of getting down on each other speaking behind each other's back and pray for each other we can encourage each other 's weddings and we don't judge others the Bible says what we did that was the end of doing the same things I majority chose encourage each other to spur each other on the good work into the Thomas Edison said it would meanwhile all I know nine hundred ninety nine ways not to make a lightbox now listen even if he is I failed to be very just making a number of studies fail nine hundred ninety nine hours they are failures because each time he was learning something new I entered each time you stumble and fall we were from those situations we actually can be both a practical spinoffs and the exact quote but it's a something along these lines that basically if we stumble we don't need to become this funding but if we take those mistakes and regard them as deacons of the morning now that's the only part of the actual beatings of warning of the word and immediately take them as beacons of warning these things can actually be instances I like to help us grow the mistakes of the state is good but it can be used for the good of God does make sense so God made us over commerce and so when we make mistakes as of August twenty yes we need to repent and sometimes we get we should feel bad about but we want to say okay what I learned from this mistake not to send it to the committee John separately former sixteen the Bible says for a just man falls seven times and rise is up again but the wicked shall fall in the mission the difference between the righteous and the wiki is not the right has never all with the difference is that the righteous get back up again and we could just use I the difference between the righteous living the righteous we also every person stumbles here and there in their life but what resulted is as industrial fall seven times we get back up again now it's not as if you get seven chances right and what naïve you pass the bar in your ear you're just too far gone about this seven is a number of completion is the number of perfection but what are they always do after the some of the company so every time you stumble get back on just like the child don't think of God as the Bible says that state on saying it right think of him as the God who is encouraged that you got up again I even tried in juvenile court and in his strength he wants to meet you and overcome her by himself giving you the strength that he will change your mind and you will change your actions he will change your habits and in ultimately your character which will also determine your best I Philippians four thirteen says I can do all things through Christ Christ was strengthening which is also promise virtually go through every day but but one of the things we encourage all people doing many of you probably have MS have Bible promise books right because Intermodal promise book most anything any dessert is on ABC here I think Eric and not anything of it the ABCs here they probably have Bible promise both of you don't have will find a spot level promise books I hopefully there's some something like that is basically it the book and in a book I will have like you look in the beginning generally and it will give you letters of the alphabet for different issues in life like you the first one is many times something like anger letter a anger you want to learn how to live I wanted to the usual witty humor comes on while I don't get what you got your Bible promise that you look for is intelligent the right to anger see the anger and proper chapter fifteen verse one says November this is a way of letting previous words what caravan so once again we do so when it when the anger comes on you some of the units was being mean to you exciting okay a lot the greed rather than you are sought at this person and God you told me a soft answer will turn away from previous wars scrapping a fight if I just respond the way they are speaking Anthony is just a reminder anger in them Bernie Magana was sad I saw a user-friendly rattler help me to get a soft answer situation I initially learned to do that by God 's grace is wanting is not just some psychological gymnastics but God is giving you the strength through trusting in his constant nonuse set I feel you Monica Scott Lord privy to do something about I preaching change me centimeter your benefit in a situation so take the final promise but maybe for you with lots to go to hell in your Bible promise book and you can look in their media Lab oversight Psalms one oh one verse three SS I will set no way to fame before Mina 's I hate the amendment from the side it shall not cleave to me Psalm one one percent so I will say no anything before my eyes dry suit of the careful when you're on the computer I admit careful the things you look at and be careful with the things you want to television because we are to send the wicked before I is what is positive in my cause a successor struggle to loss or two whenever you you know your struggles insult fine promises and initially you may forget them because you don't have a really memorized look to describe a constant in your pocket when situation comes old car not in reading and singling promises new promising on I trust that you will make this come to pass in my lifetime allowing you to do whatever you need to do my life to make this so get a Bible promise book if you don't already have one other two ways of looking at overcoming one way to look at overcoming is to look at it as the way I wanted after I help out and I visited my family 's history nothing is no way that I can overcome this is in my genes the so I can't be changed right that's one way of looking at what the article in the looking at it as saying an officer was with my hope for my whole life but in God 's says that he can make an need over he must have something pretty incredible insult I see you have a choice whether to hold onto heredity or cultivated tendencies as a nullity they are too strong not even the blog universe as the power to overcome these things in my life or you can say God must have something incredible and so I trust his word even though I don't feel like I can be overcome if he is our can make me and over and I believe that now because I feel that because he said Helena trusting his word and not in our own strength right will have the strength to be over comers he does was where the Bible talks about us be uniting with his divine nature right he wants to unite us with his divinity mother would become divine but he was to give us the strength throw him to make us overcome and the notes you don't so much I know one person seemed to offer some temptation or a group with an patient went on a strongly further testimonies and charged someone comes on anything now is a crack at analysis or prostitutes I was doing drugs and smoking and I said not only is found in all one way or another that you for these estimates are pretty supportive of my dry but sometimes then we make me I had the struggles at all time and time again and I pray not it's dizzying away while being away from him enough for me I now even that guy was sleeping with others in need with the McCracken with all that stuff Israel went away has other issues in his life that don't all just go away with a single prayer is your is and have other areas of his life that are to be sometimes a lifelong struggle but God can even help him overcome those areas and you and I wanted to run away from the God is going to help you draw closer to him through the overcoming process if you continue to get out if you are as a righteous and you fall sometimes would you choose to keep getting back up again to have the somewhere saying that if you do you keep cleaning it each time you are learning how you to avoid any situation in each one gone will be live with you and you can look at each of those circumstances as a beacon of warning a beacon warning to help you overcome and ask you one person gives up a struggle but that person is not given up without a struggle and in every area of their lives we all have difficult things are coming green and God must even separate us from those things also you don't just a quick testimony personally I am I struggle this smoking and drinking I did a little bit of drugs but I was more of a drinker of more heavy drinker and I wasn't happy with I have drink myself to sleep at night not ninety minutes of it was a social thing it was just something that I sit and drink myself to sleep up watching Discovery Channel online free morning remember believing that my mom at the shake me awake in the morning I was in school and you know I discover that way for a while totally unhappy wasn't happy and you know you have fun with seeing no quest nobody would say that wasn't fun are there wasn't some benefits and not really doing a wee chocolate I but there is a enjoyment in safe and so I will go to party under these different things and I had fun but when I would wake up in the morning and I was all alone in silence of my own room no music no people around isn't me alone with my thoughts I was always empty I was always an always an insult why was as soon as possible I turn on the radio or I don't drink you can search for drinks and coffee around smoke a cigarette you as soon as I could after waking up one morning all of these things take on a cover-up the emptiness I really had going on inside of China Colorado and ultimately I wouldn't drink it away no pain water drink but then once again once it all washes when you wake up your alone with your thoughts and is nothing between basically the only thing there was the Holy Spirit speak Martin Wallace happy and so on Ireland I think that the cigarettes I knew any don't know after while this is not fine at first it's kind of fun since I saw in the beginning was to become truly think it's really not even cleaning but you just can't stop your addictive something about cigarettes across them and driving on the road and rolled out the car window which individuals littering but I would net out there now and then to three hours earlier that same night I be back another packet in a slidable back into it again and this happened time and time again and then you know I was housing high school and in college and and while is doing is to make a living I was moving furniture and laying carpet of doing both going off I went from moving furniture laying carpet as well as doing it here I'm picturing something up the steps and who manages when I'm thinking I'm way too young to be winded walking of their necessity this is a gut is automatically smoking and that the thing was I was really good at quitting smoking I quickly disliked and I would go immediately to think about it and I would chew tobacco intellectually started hurting and I it was chilling cyclically every time I go right back to the cigarettes and I went back and forth between cigarettes and chewing tobacco and you know you may know they put a foot fiberglass chips inside the chewing tobacco to cut your lip so that it gets in your I'm an update when nothing fiberglass and into the tricks I neglect the fiberglass and so basically in the lease is when we begin to enjoy the pain strange lamp is what the devil does the lesson rated so I tried over and over and over and sometimes I would even put for a few days maybe I don't month or so without ultimately fall back into the safe house all back into it I'm happy with it hated it but think maybe maybe this is good to make me happy and so I tried over and over and I'll say this and I am there's more the seminar and you know it's it's it's a job five to six on our seminar but I was out and Colorado and I was out to sense of what was I entering a time of capping times and tons and tons of it and I was doing to tobacco and let me work I had a everyday love camping trip and they told me was altitude sickness is a drink water sustenance on the water at a headache headache and when wet and dry someone finally said anything you drink a lot of caffeine I want Anderson all here is a photo folder single basically a copy it's a bag of coffee so I put that in the water there are some cold water drink that boom if I miss my headache was gone at it was once I realized for the first time I am addicted to caffeine I didn't know if there is a big passing on I quit any time best physically addicted at this point I didn't realize and one of the things for smokers is statistically those people who are going to overcome smoking in a three to six months after quitting are going to be those people who also give up caffeine because one drug works with another minimalist think of caffeine is a drug that it's his stimulus stimulating our body and soul God wants is basically a point my point give up all the temptations and I'm not I notice all countries and all the addictions we have to write it would take an stimulus of or taking these things what better off by letting go of these things so we can change the other areas of our lives in closing I didn't really know my three forty five on the frequent is the right for forty five Siam I caution are off-limits of four forty five Soviet easily find on good storytelling Walter Walter I probably gave no wolves run you probably wonder those who have been there whatever is Waldrop I if you have a South Dakota if you been to South Dakota probably been Waldrop because when you drive through the state of South Dakota there is very very little of anything in South Dakota he got the you know the thesis right gotten all my calling and harassing Armand Russell and I live right by I convey while I basically got Mount Rushmore and any got like dirt and grass energy mounds around Mount Rushmore but otherwise the police on was in there are few people have enough too many and so he draws the South Dakota inside the walls of the reason being is because when you are about to enter the state of South Dakota you start seeing signs and will say something like Waldrop four hundred and thirty two months before Sunday's evening what is Walter Suleman drive a few miles further enable safe Waldrop four hundred and twenty seven miles free ice water thinking any help whether this is Walter four hundred and twelve miles as amortized on London buses and thinking what is this placement advertising in London is a soft south of Jalalabad is three hundred and seventy nine miles as advertised in Tanzania into thinking Tanzania why why the United States to keep going this is Waldrop one hundred miles out life-sized dinosaurs and you know that in these signs are limit is nothing else in South Dakota is the science is there is other things are but there's very little other than the size as well as are going your thinking for how workers about Waldrop Waldrop wall drug what is it you know what is it is a bit closer and closer and closer you get until they literally are like one after the other wall-to-wall double doubles along to you there is one sign after the other like five hours straight you've been thinking about what is a user do what everybody does when he drives in South Dakota the first time a stop to all drug-free awareness what it is is is a town in South Dakota South Dakota wall and have drugstore and a got to go because that all these billboards and so what happens you get there they also have like a café with like buffalo burgers and Mike shrink using junk and when to stop the only seawall you see in you feel totally let down I asked what I was thinking about last timeouts and so you're not happy with it but underneath you and is over had to drive through South Dakota over no so when I'm going through South Dakota again what happens is a lot into the state and I see it and I finally see the first billboard I think here we go again I am emphasizing the billboards as you know was literally like five hours on single was again and I decide to go this always on this planet or what God is in the drive right by and so I'm driving in and you know you close uncles and you're seeing in all five sank off the know the ice water in Buffalo were releasing all the signs and as in getting there you know there's one after the other and I guess I'm not about as well as I'm driving by I see the exit and decided I'm not going and I drive by the ethics and as I passed the exit kidding with you I drive past the exit I feel like I'm missing something I literally feel like manual media below better this time I was never in any event it's always be on drugs or Buffalo but his work but nonetheless so the devil does the exact same thing he gives us these repetitive memories of German leaves Rob was around his was the cigarette in the morning you remember how nice it was to look at pornography and him collaborates whenever it is Italy's memories so uses unlike Bilbo is the point where you feel like you are missing something but you know there's nothing there sure there's a moment of satisfaction but in the end it is an so we need to replace those billboards of the devil with some other buildings every time the thoughts memories and sensations meaning that the promises of God and we need say you satisfied with the doubles tell me that we can satisfy the industry to be overcome father I need strength from you who promised that there's no temptation taken us with such as is common to man but you are faithful will not suffer us to be tempted above that we are able to will wink the temptation also make a way to escape that we need you to bear you said reviews than thirty nine million intimate way for me to escape is illegal with these billboards enabled into chasing that was changing him I might be getting us to behold these billboards but if we are dwelling upon God 's work is changing Armagh and if he changes our thoughts that's getting innocent actions that's good enough new half arc on habits and a new character so your false workout directions repeated actions on your habits your habits form character and God wants to transform your form below and your character to determine your destiny in favor this is what God wants to do we don't unload all the rest of it by this for a disappointed I just want to get grabbing if someone wants to know more about it we do have some of the DVD the series up here in overcoming seminar we had just a couple of our creation resolution some as we have our documentary series if you have any interest we have a booth that's number seven hundred and three we had a few of them in here so far as for what father thank you so much for your long I think you that you call us to be over comers even though sometimes we may wonder how on earth can I change after I been this way for forty fifty sixty seventy years reality is we came changing ourselves we thank you that through your Holy Spirit that you can change our thoughts that you can change our actions that you can change our habits and you can transform our character in the likeness of your son Jesus Christ father we want to draw near to you we want to experience the joy of overcoming and not to the same of the as a result of the salvation that you've already know given us that he will get a sense of joy we behold your son and as we behold them were changed into his life 's father we realize is not some kind of psychological game and it's not just some eat this or breathe this winter fixes all your rounds no we realized is from the divine strength that you get to us but at the same time you have given us simple health principles and remedies nutrition to help make this road this battle is life on easier you've asked the state of the things not the cable wave keep us away from knowing just that you things that are tasty but they give us a deeper experience than we've ever experienced before father became an ally separate read/write every person here nearest you I pray we can meet again sometime in May dreams I will ruin to the media might not ever a poorly and not having this maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find he is not a assignment is a word is a free online service please visit www. on my universe


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