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Six Secrets to Success in Business and Beliefs

Barbara Taylor Wayne Atwood
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  • August 6, 2010
    10:45 AM
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today were going to be talking about the apartment to our business world in our business life and I'm going to share with you a little bit little bit about some of the ideas I tell everybody everyone throughout their life has what I call a million-dollar idea and when I was very young I was in my early twenties the very first idea that I came up with in my mind in the world the business what I wanted to start a chain of Snoopy restaurants are you familiar with the Peanuts cartoons well I decided that this would be a great idea I was working at the time in the hotel industry for the Hilton Hotels and so as I was starting to contemplate this idea I thought you I'm just going to put together a menu and I'm going to put together a business plan I have a great idea about business plans back in those days but I sent up a menu and I decided that we are going to begin the restaurant was going to be a snoopy doghouse snooping pain on top of the doghouse as you see in the cartoon in the in the Peanuts characters and I was going to have little line napkins the little blue napkins for security napkin and we were going to have little Linus hot dogs and we are going to have salt-and-pepper shakers there were none of the Lucy and Charlie Brown and we had the little dog dishes they were going to serve the food and so I have all these little ideas and I made the whole menu out and I just put everything around the characters of the Peanuts cartoon I also decided that we were going to have the gift shop at the very beginning of the restaurant so that when the people came and all the children could buy all the little peanuts characters and a little cartoons they can take for the little one dishes in the salt pepper shakers everything they could live there in the gift shop and take it home and I thought it was on the one dollar idea and so I had everything put together at that time Baron Hill was in charge of the Hilton Hotels I actually sent a letter on Kate to Charles Schultz who was the character cartoon and you know director for Kinect and not hitting he said that one Snoopy Lane and so I sent him a letter even agree to have the restaurants at a ten percent commission on royalties and I was so excited and I went to Barron Hilton and I gave him the idea and I gave in the menus and put everything together he turned me down and of course I was only twenty four at the time I had no money I had no financing and I just was so deflated and I've always thought over the years I wonder what it would been like had we been able to start a chain of simply restaurants but that idea never formulated but then I came up with another idea later on a friend of mine was lost in the words and could not find for two days they were locked they could not find them and they spent and the thousands of dollars searching for this party who had been lost I thought you liked what we come up with a idea where we will take a little container about the size of a small cigarette lighter will have helium minutes and will have whole word that will go up in the air and will have like a weather balloon so that if someone gets lost they can have this little yet they would cost approximately five dollars I priced it out and everything and if they are out in the woods or on a boat or somewhere child is locked or something you just teach this old child expresses little button right here the balloon inflates the a lot you have to need clearing worked to clear the trees microorganisms to save millions and millions of dollars of people get lost they'll be able to find the person by finding Beth brightly colored I had a orange and red balloon concept in my mind and it would be iridescent and people could see their of this bulletin and be able to rescue them once again I never followed through on this billion-dollar idea and later on I found out that five or six people had patented a similar idea and it never came to fruition and I thought you know isn't that a sad thing is you still hear about millions and millions of dollars of people trying to find that wants children lost people that around in the woods or that are on camping trips and things like that later as I didn't get into this business world and was involved in many different types of businesses I eventually came to own a men's sportswear business with four other gentlemen and we built the business up of forty three million dollar business that might learn very quickly that to be able to succeed in business on Hamilton plan you can not have a successful business without a plan might tell everybody make your plan work your plan and plan your work you must be able to understand the concept of being able to plan your work and work your plan another name is if you fail to plan you plan to fail so you must know that those things are so important as I went from the men's sportswear business I later discovered a little invention that somebody had invented in this was prior to the cordless telephones this was back in the early nineties but this was accordingly during this quarter reminder eliminated all the unsightly on in fact very core water and this was a sixteen foot cord minor in this wasn't a record miter and I was in the process of purchasing the patents and materials of the court minor company and at the last minute the gentleman backed out but I had already obtained a commitment from AT&T that they were going to market support my during this product alone would've been worth tens of millions of dollars so as I went on and on later I came into another and I'm going to tell you very briefly organic talk about this insulates it your member back in the early eighties when everybody was panicky and frightening hearing about the AIDS crisis in the latex business was very very big and a friend of mine came to me and they were in import export business and they said would you consider starting a latex company and so I went out and researched it I spent approximately six wants researching and found out that indeed fifty two percent of all of this product was purchased by women they went into the feminine hygiene section and they purchased this product when I knew you had what I developed a packaging that was very long it was very nonthreatening if indeed it was purchased by women than it was a product for us with your protection in mind and when we first started marketing this product I will tell you a little bit more about this and I'm going to refer to this as the latex company and as you can see the product was very very well received out to you a little bit more as we go throughout the seminar I want to share with you everyone in their life whether they are pretty and that has been one of this was free at the order at the nest they have a wonderful idea but they don't know how to make it succeed and how to get it to the point of success and so that's order to talk about today but before we like to ask you to please on your head as we pray our dear gracious kind heavenly father we thank you so much for the opportunity that we can gather here we can share ideas we can share concepts and nastier Lauren gets as I speak and has when he speaks that we will be able to mail the wonderful wonderful ideas that you give each one of us for your blessing to be able to succeed in our business life as well as in our spiritual life pray that these ideas will be taken home and that people will be able to use them in such a way that will glorify your name I think you and Gracia Anastas Ali Jesus holding in I'm not really what the computer so Wayne has agreed that but the computer graphics up for me but I think throughout my business careers I developed a philosophy team to a memory device called simple and that is the key to think that our strength imagination motivation persevering listening and enthusiasm and you know one of the things in the business world when you're an employee you can send me laugh but when you are the boss you must have strength and when you start when you start in the business world you are going to have a tremendous tremendous amount of controversy you're going to have a tremendous amount of people that will be competing against you I said that's one of the things that when Henry discussed his you know in the business world is a cutthroat business I surprisingly a lot of the people that you're working with and working in that area you are not Christians and they are only there for one reason and that to try to find a way and more competitive and more successful you are so you must be strong you must have a creative imagination you must have an idea where I tell everybody you sit down to a month with a million and one ideas and you just hope that one of them the state is you have to find that one idea it's going to be successful in your business you also must be motivated every day there is no loss to get you up you are the boss you have to get up and get yourself energized you have to get yourself excited and motivated in the line to face the day and to be able to be creative and find ways to motivate not only yourself but your employees obviously you must have perseverance they'll be many many days we just think my eye I jokingly tell somebody winsome Videocon in the morning and I said well I looked under the bed there were no retailers so I decided to stay in bed today and you know if we don't get up and get ourselves going and get it going we must persevere in your matter what the consequences and most importantly your money here this throughout this talk this morning listening I cannot tell you how many wonderful ideas and how much my business has improved by taking other people 's brain and letting them tell me how they succeeded when they can tell me and people love to brag people love to say how successful I am and why I succeeded and I can tell you right now that number one in my business you pick other people 's brains because you are not the one that so intelligent you're the one that's intelligence to be able to pick their brains and pick their mind so I tell people listen listen listen in the last of course his enthusiasm if you're excited you're not only going to be excited well I think I'm going to fight and defend motivated driven and get them off every day and you're going to give them a reason and I'll reason want to come to work when you have employees that work for you you're going to have some they just come there because they want to take care you have some that come to work because they love their job and if you can make your employees love coming to work you're going to find that they will they will make the business grow with you so getting started you must pray pray pray every day as you wake that you say Lauren I'm going to work today and this is your business this is your marketplace this is your witnessing tool that you have given me an opportunity to go to my job to go to my work people in my business and be able to be a witness and funding in human wisdom and understanding ability to listen Phyllis Holy Spirit and then most importantly the Haitians wait on the Lord I held my biggest problem able to ignore me know that I'm always running ahead of the Lord I'm just running ahead doing business this is very poor I forgot to listen the spirit so we must make sure that we're patient and wait on the Lord as I said earlier all businesses must have a plan most people don't realize that if you are starting up a business you have to have a lot of money most people think while I just got agreed ninety I think I can do this but they don't realize the minimum amount of money guard up the good business should be at least a half a million dollars as you think about some of the businesses that were living in the world that were living in today ninety percent of all businesses fail because they don't have a plan ninety percent and Elliott leads just a little free percentage they are people that are willing to sit down but their business plan together understand the importance of planning to understand that for a business to be successful and profitable the owners in the managing directors must have a clear understanding of the firm 's customers strengthen competition we don't have that we will never be successful the importance that should never be overlooked and we must have the foresight to plan for future pension why write a business plan now you know a lot of people come to me when I speak and I give my personal testimony and I share some of the things that I've done over the past broadcast careers a lot of people mingling his great invention knowing that this great idea in the very first thing outside of them is have you written a business plan no written plan nice and we you must sit down and you must write a business plan because when you sit down and you write a business plan no less than two to three to five year business plan should be written in each one of our companies each one of our businesses no matter how small or how big it is we must have a business plan we must be able to sit down as the owners far as the leaders of the company we must sit down and we must organize we must process of business planning there are six reasons why we must write a business plan the process of putting a business plan together of course if the person preparing the plan to look at the business in an objective and critical manner the first thing we do when we think we want to start a weight bank our business is going to be the most successful our business is a no-brainer that everyone's been one a common fire product Romulans in the coming want to use our RN company for whatever and they don't realize when they sit down that there is a lot of competition there's a lot of people out there in the marketplace that are going to be competitive and also helps us to focus ideas and serves as a feasibility study of the business 's chances for success and growth opinions reports or an operational tool to define the company 's present status and future possibilities when I first started the latex business I know one of the things that I figured out if I went to all of the time companies like Trojan Ramses sheet which were the top three companies of these brands I just pick their brains and you know here I am a woman in a man's industry demand business and when I went in I spoke to these people felt sorry for me which was my advantage and how they came to me and he said well when they started telling me the secret they started telling me all of these marvelous ideas and all of a sudden I said ha ha this is how I make this little tiny way into the business and I think again back in those days the business was a four hundred and four million dollars pump business in the industry four hundred and four million I was hoping to get five to ten percent of that business well that you like the company when it felt I went ahead and and I like I said I just pick their brains I might be able to understand why you're going for this business plan together it also can help with the management of parity for that strong communication tool for your business if you find your purpose your competition your management personnel process of constructing the plane can be a strong strong reality check and I can tell you when you sit down and start writing music for many so many telephones will need this much postage coordinate anything that because the amazed how many things you just don't think about when you start the first begin your business plan and plan provides the basis for your financial proposal solution write the business plan obviously you is you are the one that's going to start a business you are the closest to it so you must know the mouse you may use the phone with you still need to be the majority of the person who writes the business plan so the land component is the executive summary on executive summary must be no longer than two pages now I can only give a like to read a big volume or something no way he would inherently basically want to hear the next component is only one memory describes description of the company 's history the company 's objectives the company 's products or services the business of that will compete that will be competing in a persuasive statement as to why and how the built business will succeed in discussing that component 's advantages when we were in the court reminder business nobody had ever invented any such thing as a corn miter one of the Piedmont one of the most important things about this local reminder with the record now this record was this little part right here and if you see this little part right here you notice help in flat it is that you ever looked at computer wires you see all these wires appear help thicken round they are one of the biggest selling points of this was in this wire Doctor all of the electricity this was worth millions in the little gentleman that is dented this product unfortunately was eighty years old and had no idea what he was doing and unfortunately it never went anywhere after the fact out of the sale of the company but this record alone could've been worth tens of millions of dollars that was flat and on underneath all the wiring it was we were twenty years ago and a hairdryer all electrical appliances merely using computer cords we had companies constantly wanting to be able to work with us on this record so that all was amazing but I think when people realize we find out where is this company going and how is it going to arrive and how is it going to get working to build so again within very important for the projected growth for the company in the market a brief description of the management team a description of funding requirements including a timeline and how the funds will be used you know if you had a half a million dollars and he spent the first four hundred fifty thousand dollars in the first six months we've been operating with and people don't understand how important it is to be able to step those timelines and set those guidelines to be able to go out so the product yet explain the product in simple terms used to describe the competitive advantages is why if you're planning on handing better than any other company product and I tell everybody I talk course of university Colorado professional women and sales and marketing and I think you have to have three chances to succeed first you have to have me then you have to have a niche then you have to have a net profit the fourth and his knowledge for those of us who can't spell so I everybody you might find that there is a need for your business for your product or your company they around the net annual if I was as an example when I was in sweater business everybody back in those days used to have cashmere lambswool in Shetland cotton sweaters I found another company just have another sweater where is that niche where is that little film to be so how can I compete and we were able to my having better quality at a more reasonable price and we did everything handmade and low beautiful beautiful quality beautiful beautiful knitting technique and again better better price obviously we had a better profit for a number of years you must if you're going to patent something you must be able to have an attorney make sure that you have an airtight patent patent today are very difficult to make airtight and you have to have copyrights and trademarks of the areas that we should also cover is your product or service already in the market and is it still all right that young research and development stage when we first launched our little product here the very first thing we put it in what we call test market you probably heard of possible drawing kings emperors which is a grocery store chain we put again drug stores and grocery stores when we first went to really test marketed this product for the first six months we in some stores were outselling the number one and number two brands to the point where I was tellingly I shortly after I started studying the Bible idea I had that tell the pastor and starting a new company in Houston what you do and I said well I'm starting on company will imagine what this pastor must applaud in this pastor simply said with the best thing for the feminism said Barbara when you just pray about it and I thought to myself okay outbreak and you know God works in mysterious ways as we heard this morning with Kevin shortly after we started the company we were out they are getting are financing our test marketing had gone tremendously well for the first six months later when a launched product nationally and internationally in January and November twenty fifth that's when I was hit head-on by a naval suburban and I literally was totaled from head to toe and I didn't have to think about anything about the business but I lost our three and a half million dollar investor there was going to invest in the company another million and a half dollar investor they were with Bayer aspirin I always tell people at the same thing things the way if you're looking for investors they'll go to anyone that is to report you must go to someone hence deep pockets if I came to stealing you had to say five billion dollars and I said I'd like to borrow one million dollars shirts pocket change knowing your mind five billion and then I ask you for one million that's pocket change if I came to Lisa and I said Lisa I want to borrow one million dollars and Lisa has three million dollars she's the mistake when the second Congress then my nipples I spend my time than I do listen to you because they are worried about how you spend every nickel and dime their investment and besides that they think they should own fifty one percent of the company so we don't want to do that but anyway you have to be able to know about where your development stages in the rollout strategy and timeline to bring the product to market what makes your product or service you need what competitive advantages of product or service have overcompensation and can you price a product or service competitively still remain in a healthy Marty you know people definitely think I can while still six million pieces of this defendant gets the bottom line and they've actually lost money especially when you're in a business where you have to like your product in a store as an example these core reminders the first thing any store will save you is one issuer financial worth to make sure that you have enough fancy to backup the product to get automated you must be automated when you're going through a product is going to carry constantly you must be able to share them that they will never happen hey I'm on empty on the store shelf you know when you walk into a story see all the tags and their all filled up with product you don't see empty bags because they are not making any money they need every one of those products that you need to be able to be sure that you have that merchandise the back that up and back it up and back it up so a lot of stores want to make sure that your finance to carry your business forward at least eighteen months you can carry your business forward breaking month they won't do business with you so the investor looks at the management team and make sure that they have a thorough knowledge of the target launching a new product including a market research data if you have in assisting customers and this is the sad thing is the bank never lend you money any bankruptcy or bankers will never lend you money unless you are successful and I'm thinking behind twenty successful unless you lend me money so I can belong someone right but people are wanted know that you have some type of a existing customer energy know that your product is fallible and that's why you must do a test market never go on and start a business whatever it is unless you do a test market a lease for six months research research research and we have to often now that the second is about the plan is extremely important because if there is no need or desire for your product obviously you're not a successful so we need to know that that section of our business plan should include a general description of your markets and if you plan on capitalizing and why the size of the niche market including supporting documentation statement and supporting documentation as to why you believe there is a need for your product or offering by this market I was also mentioning the wing one of the tragedies of patients and tragedies but it was a statement of fact when we first launched this product it was evenly not only to women as it was for us with your protection mind but it also looked here appealed to the gay community because it was just for us and celebrate along this product because it wasn't too masculine and it wasn't it was just on more of a feminine approach but I can tell you that you have to think about all aspects of your business whether it's good bad or indifferent and what will be many capture the market currently in the road at potential for the market will you share in the market increases decreases the market growth and how we satisfy the growth of the market and how we price your goods or services to grow in the competitive market every day pricing changes I had a friend that said very very wealthy and she was in the rubber industry and tires and things like that well when everything was sky high she was a multi- multimillionaire and she didn't forget the fact that what happens if the market goes down and sure enough all of a sudden the industry just went down she went down with it Lisa had a friend that he was in the pharmaceutical business and how many stores in twenty seven arm a suitable company or business hangout a story and all of a sudden the euro the euro is a dollar their country 's currency when the house went totally down and he is now bankrupt to you about the things you must plan must plan to help identify your market explain your strategy for reaching the market the distribution of your product and then potential investors will look very carefully make sure that you have a viable company most important thing and this is where I tell everybody you pick every buddy Bernie picked their minds if their ideas with their concepts and say no I really appreciate if you could just give me a few minutes of your time and you as well how helpful a little bit I have to tell you the story when I first went to AT&T I sent this look like minor into AT&T he was a vice president of AT&T this was in Parsippany New Jersey and when he and he was very important very important and he sat there at his desk and he was very help big and masculine and his name was John and I think this will product them I handed it to them I didn't have it in the package I did have a package but I handed in the product and he looked at your back on the desk toward me now whenever you think the hill I was five minutes with this vice president of AT&T with all the distribution and the burn I wasn't unanimous than a nice little prayer and I said what I was and I said that you know I know that you are very very busy journal but I really would agree you five more minutes of your time and counting why is the product not suitable place into you let me an electric product heard this okay and how sorry he so many elected in all days except the productivity started because my mountain and I started writing down all the things that he told me was wrong with the product that wasn't going to the past their engineering department and I started writing down all the things and sure enough Kathy Henne set up so you what Ms. Taylor he said you do this for me he said you gone back to your factory you take this list I get you and you see if you can improve the product if you improve the product is a you bring it back to me and will send it to our research team and he said will see whether or not after that can possibly approve I was so excited and I went back to Idaho and this is in Boise and I got off the plane I went over the anti- is what we can do this this is the method we can take the flak from the Cadillac to a Lexus were not have this product I think he was sure enough three months later I called John the phone he I told him that we had been done the product we change the things that you drastically change I'd like to see whether or not the indwelling in research and see whether the product to be approved metal ones very sure and call me in December I was supposed to close on the difference in January to call me in December he said Barbara we just improved the product in your Nottingham Anita salesforce we own all the tags in all the stores and actually across nine states and around the world economic with this product and all of our department Oliver agency department that contract alone living with pens in them dollars so you can imagine the disappointment I found when I was found Wednesday on the company and like I said it never went anywhere after that that's why it's so important to get into the people 's minds get into their brain clean with them another pitiful way he did hey is there any way down I can't wait if so you call somebody on the phone you say I need a hundred thousand dollars in a safe healthy and give you a thousand dollars don't stop there this is to have anybody that you know that possibly could help me you know anybody else that I can call don't say all thank you very much and hang out one of the next person for the next person I color of money I calibrated the dialing for dollars dialing for dollars call everybody you know so anyway rationalize our competitors marketing strategies learn how to reach the market and competition our competition let's just say that were in the Eden Valley business in work trying to sell products being Valley has a wonderful wonderful form and Eric trying to sell presence in Lisa and I went out to all the lands of sunflower and we went to route and vitamin cottage and we kept in our producing we had the most uniform I should think they had the most beautiful produce anywhere gorgeous beautiful fresh produce from Eden Valley Farm is a really really were amazed now Eden Valley is trying to keep up with that wonderful because what they are doing is they are providing product that is better than their competition it's fresher they sell cucumbers there that I tell you are just when you find into the labor I mean just fantastic wonderful cucumbers tomatoes everything felt in both of them competition where they locate any of how you can compete in that supermarket to find their target market what percentage of the market do they currently have you know it if I went up against a big big company and they own ninety nine percent of business when ninety little foolish to say well I just want one percent not less it was a multibillion-dollar company I think that the most of the time you need to know whether or not you really have that match the billing to and how to hear operations differ from your competition at what they do well and where is there room for improvement in what ways did your business superior to the competition you must know that you have a product and then also how is their business doing is a growing isn't scaling back I'm in the men's sportswear business right now I still have a little tiny company its wholesale to retail but I'm in the high and of the men's sportswear business I sell the private labeling to Nordstrom 's name in fact and I was telling someone the other day you know no one in most men's cases the woman has to buy something you can see once the pretty the children have to have closed their growing out of what they're wearing but most men say oh no honey I don't is where the future where this'll assured are already sold graphic hand leaving that masterminded me and let Charlie I'm thinking of getting out of business at the end of this year and going into work for the Lawrence business so when anything I tell everybody we need to know where is our market going is a growing risk of scaling back if it's failing that were not situation we don't think about doing and how he operates and similar to yours of the biggest different are there certain areas of the business where the competition after passage you I will how are you planning on compensating and easily you're not going to one of the things are well one thing is likely time doing okay so now that we have an opportunity to really sell our ideas and while the potential investors the next question on their mind how will you implement the idea and vision described the vendors looking to build business and that's so important you can not in matter how great I think my ideas unless I know for a fact that I can take that business and I can take that product and make that product role and I just can't stress the importance enough about that part of the management team must have a good management team if you want to see in your business hire people that are smarter than you I can never tell you that as many times as I'm sitting here I am the best when it comes to making you look good if I hire people that are smarter than I because they come in with all these great ideas and I I can tell you right now I mean our little church at Copper Mountain were planting a church in I have the most wonderful people surrounding us in our church and laces whom you just have the greatest grace church and I didn't tell them while I'm gone most of the time the people around me are the ones that make the church felt the church about I just tell you the same way in business when you hire people that are smarter than you and stronger the UN great ideas and creativity in all these other things they will make your business a great and it will grow and prosper so anyway were basket and I'm here to get handouts here and it's most important for the management team have the background and past experience education and personal God data and first a financial statement the level one and one and work experience who had and the duties and responsibilities of the management team like what will each person how will they accomplish their cat on the organizational chart and I can't tell you how important does have an organizational chart that I wanted tell you right now people need to be aware of a city like the responsibilities of the duties and responsibilities why organizational chart in front of you and the salaries benefits lot of companies is important how much of anything and what are my benefit and held a solar go-ahead for personnel the success of the business can often be measured by its employees seventy percent of consumers will go elsewhere if they don't receive prompt and courteous service so you must hire people and have people working for you and understand your not so you don't hope nobody hears anybody with United Continental is joining with United I value everyone that I speak with an cotton analysis are just sick because the only thing I don't understand the courtesy and the ability sense of being happy and joyful and handsome so important to have personnel that are excited and motivated very so I guess I briefly think that personnel obviously acquired operations and accounting system so it is important to have a certified public establishments the one person I have taught top person in your business strong strong accounting person come in and save waiting you way over budget got the cutback we must listen select the one obviously we need balance sheet writing analysis income statement cash flow and these are some what important I had a person that I was in any way and I think you really have a strong P&L statement e-mail and I knew I was in trouble so anyway we need to have the resume is the one that is supporting documentation you'll read about that in your handout summary and plan should be found once the business plan is completed it should become operational will make it a success of your business is all what you found business plan on the shelf and recorder and every quarter take that business plan announced they are we meeting our objectives are we meeting our goals are we meeting the standards that we set up are we making changes once you set up your business you must be sure to set goals you can set goals for yourself the company and employees I see what you accomplished as you set the goals for yourself and the company if not you must analyze why does those weren't now and decide what changes need to be made to correct them this is so important people just seven months and months and months and all of a sudden he turned around and he realized something and I haven't sat down on a quarterly basis analyze what they set up in my family we are mumbling anciently held a check off the list of the goals accomplished that Google regular meetings with you boys must be held to complement their achievements in college there good effort they must be motivated now they are an important part of the many companies today do hair profit-sharing incentives of your voice to know if you sit down with your employees on a weekly or monthly basis and set those goals and black-and-white I tell people on both in black-and-white now I can't tell you how much employees will benefit if they come in a week or month and they said line that my goals I achieve in more so often you might have every employing the given the goals and the work that an employee is not meeting the goal you must call the man you must sit down with them and listen time we ask you to do this in S&S and I have done these two very good that you have an accomplish this time I just wanted to thinking about this and asking why you haven't accomplished a and were just going to write this in your file and you sign and say I'm going to make sure that I change and moving pictures topless and I might call you when you have an account conflict is very timely how has conflict that has written you are after three times I must call upon millions upon I have visited with you we discussed and we just have been able to work things out and I'm just going to have to ask you to let you know and directed the one nine six CIM of these all up for you in just a worthless and you must understand why he is that this is not your family you can't be a child they were all poor way I'm a electric compact and month that family okay so go on the next one and the last part here is working as a team take time to spend a few hours a day with the employees and listening to them encouraging them trying to make sure that their their problems and their concerns are understood promote their link and if at all possible and personal note to someone I can't tell you what that means the person you just send them a personal nonsense really appreciate any suit what you've done and how you've accomplished this I give them I really thank you so much that important thing to let them know that they done a job well done and a most important aspect of all of your business if the price prayer I performed and I encourage aging every one of you that as you go out in the return to your business is returned your marketplace what Christ is the center and wing is going to talk about that now for just a few minutes though good morning everyone I'm happy to be with you with you here and thank you very much spirograph for everything you said so far in fact Barbara invited me to share with there because we feel that it's very important process businesspeople to be able to also fit God into all of our plans of business and you know God we can have success whether God is with us or not you know those that don't know God often they can have tremendous amount of success even and yet as Chris is Christian business people it's very important for us to make our plans with God being included in all of the land and I really appreciate all of the advice that Barbara's given us this morning and I just thought I'd tell you little bit about my experience I actually approached business from probably a little bit different perspective because I have been involved in ministry for most of my life before I started my first business and so you know often when we are on Ms. in ministry often we don't quite pay attention enough to the financial aspect of thing and so and yet were very strong on the mission aspect of things and so I think that Barbara and I working together is really a way that we can see both sides of things and I know that in my life when I started my business started a business on the Internet in two thousand two I filled solid ink for the Xerox phaser printers there an office printer and and that was an experience that was something that was very valuable to media it enabled me to be in a situation where I was focusing on business principles focusing on things that were what to make to get it up off the ground and to make it work and at the same time I didn't want to lose the focus on how we can witness to people and on the Internet you know sometimes people like how in the world can you witness on the Internet yet I found some way that I'll be sharing with you as well in of course many of you are probably already in business and if you're not I'm sure you're inspired after Barbara's presentation and you gotten some ideas and of how to get into business but I believe that it's important for us as we develop those goals and those plans and everything can also see how can we reach people in that business and I would ASI is all about how can we share Christ in the marketplace because if you have a marketplace that we can share Christ then it were missing out on half of the blessings and so we have to be able to balance both sides it we have to be able to make that plan that works so that our business can be successful so that we can have the finances that we needed so that we can need to have the profitability that we need but we know we can't forget to be there to reach souls for Christ and so what were going to do is were going to look a little bit at simple but were to look at it from a little different angle and were going to make the spiritual application to this simple concept and I pray that it will be a blessing to each of us so you see the different words there will just name them briefly but after that were to look into them yes yes okay yet when they hand out that you have is that it should be complete with both of them you have this concept as well could we put it all together and so here we have empirically involved meant meditation prayer love and encouragement which of course spell simple just like it does on the key for success on the business side of any of the keys to sharing faith let's take a look at each of them sincerity is actually something that is not very often found in the business world not that were not sincere to a certain extent and we want to be successful of course every businessperson wants to make money every current business was left to go out and make a profit and they want to have their business grow as much as it possibly can but that's in theory that I'm talking about has to do with being sincere in trying to reach out to people and you know in the business world as Byron mentioned I need the competition is strong people don't care about people they just care about getting to the top you know eating in a secular world of the and yet as Christian business people we care about the people that we deal with on a daily basis we care about those customers that are coming into our store we care about those clients that were meeting in their offices whatever the application might be and so we sincerely need to be caring for the souls of those individuals that we come in contact with and in that way we can make an impact for them now sincerity is something that actually can be transmitted to somebody often I wanted to share this text with you because it said I've been reminded of your sincere faith and then it talks about the sincere faith living in their grandmother in in the mother and then it comes down to Timothy of course and so the point that I want to make here is that when we are sincere we have sincere faith that catches on to the people around us as well and we can give that we can share that with their family members we can share that with art church family with people that we come in contact with and so sincerity is very important having in mind that we are there to touch an individual hi whenever God gives that the opportunity is very important involvement when you're in business you're always very involved whether it be a ministry that you're trying to start whether it be admitted that you're trying to start Barber hit the nail right on the head when she said you've got to wake up in the morning and you've got to get motivated depending on how some of the all China motivates you and so you we do we have to be very very involved in a wholehearted and everything that we do but on the spiritual side it's so important for us to show a sincere interest in our customers your customers can feel that people can feel whether we are interested in them as a person or whether we're just there to make about that can see the difference they think that in a few it and so as we get involved with our customers to show a sincere interest that really makes a difference and sometimes God enables us to take things a little bit further right now I still am working on it we started a ministry recently but I still am working as well somebody can just open that set it up I'm sorry since been clear as it met the Kansas will hook up with it and so am what I one thing that I'm doing now is I'm continue to teach English as a second language I live in Québec Canada and many people don't speak English there but in business is very important and if you want to get ahead and admit you need to be able to speak English because it is the modern language of the world and so I teach English well you know none of my students are Adventist then really even none of that while I have a couple that are Christian but very very few of them are Christian I teach both main business is Nino businessmen that need to learn English and felt whenever I teach I tried to you of course they're paying me so enough of it it's a business deal but at the same time I'm looking for ways to develop friendships with these individuals because if I can develop a relationship it's deeper than just the cat come here on Monday morning I teach for an hour and a half and then I got my next class if I can develop a friendship with that person then my goal is to be able to go further in sharing exist within and so that's so important when they get involved we don't get just get involved because located in a painting at the end of this class are for this session it's because yes I have their best interest in mind I'm looking for a way to reach their hearts and so we can also use programs that can reach out to when people do all kinds of things that are available that we can use one thing that I used back when I was doing ink sticks which was my business on the Internet when I wear I felt a and I would I would do is I would take like a little computer CD-ROM or a DVD or a seedier something that could be a witnessing tool and you know this was mail-order so people would order on the Internet and we would ship in the product and so in the product that would put a DVD in there that could touch people in a Christian way now what's interesting is that actually have some people complain about you know and as a business owner then relate a little known in the mediation do this because like I might lose this customary and that might have a financial impact on me in the maybe that's not a very good idea but for me meant my approach was different even if the dog even if I lose a few customers I'm praying that with careful planning your been a blast this business and now have other opportunities to be the the share in such a way that can touch people in a positive way so sometimes we might make a few compromises that are business that even have some financial impact because our greater goal is to be able to reach out to people and so it's important for us to make those decisions wisely not to sacrifice business principles but at the same time to make sure were there to reach out to people and of course we can show them that being a Christian businessperson changes the way we deal with our customers that means that we can about them genuinely sincerely that means that where there to support them that might even mean from a business stand that that point that we go much further to try to resolve the issue than a non-Christian would because we have Christ living in our hearts let's look at the next part of the acronym so meditation now I approach this from a little different way than many people have there is something that is very beautiful to me in songs and that is the way that David describes meditating on the law of God so for me meditation can have a correlation to the law of God now what is the law of God mean in business and business the law of God being that at the Christmas Christian businessperson we want to be completely ethical in everything we do we want to make sure that we are above board and everything we want to make sure that the way we do business in the way that God is proud of the way that God approves and so this is something that I believe is really important is for us in our decisions because you know a lot of people in business today the way that they get to the top if they try to cut corners here cut corners they are doing something that are quite legal here in something that are quite legal there and that's one way that people use regularly in order to get up to the top they get away with it they do it but as a Christian that's not the way we approach business and also it it might take a little longer and yet I don't believe it will end arena while it is because God is going to blast when we put his principles into practice and so we say no that's tempting but now I'm not to do that on that Allah God 's plan to follow God 's principles God 's law I minute meditation what that is and I am going to put that into action and God again and left that even genetically above what he blesses those that aren't putting his principles into practice and rare prayer is something that is so so important and you know I think a lot of time businesspeople it's hard for us to take sufficient time to spend with God we know because we're go-getters where action we want to go get it all done you know and so it's hard for us sometimes to take the time to say God you'll be with me today help me today and one thing that is help me personally is to try to remember that prayer is not just something that we have the privilege of partaking in the morning it is a way of life you know the Bible says pray without ceasing and how may times during the day you know in our business 's decision that we have to make worrying and challenges that come up you know we start feeling all stressed out we start out what it might enjoy this all this is terribly annoying and this employee that comes then that's all you know discourage not doing his work and many have to deal with Beth Gill about a hundred things happening at once I know a lot of times our natural reaction is okay to fix this I got it straightened his all-out and yet you know God is there is there and what he is wanting from us to do for us to do is to say God you have the solution to this problem and please tell me what it'd help me to trust you to know that you're going to work things out and maybe it'll be a hard experience but that's okay too because you happen to be teased me through that experience and you know that is something that I believe it is helping so many times in the past been inside for the time that I haven't done that because often it doesn't work out as well and you realize again that you missed an opportunity to grow into development to learn and so a note in our business is God wants to be a partner he wants to be the CEO of our business is and he wants to be in charge and he wants our QB carrying out his will in our financial decisions in our organizational decisions that enter in our administrative decisions and in the way that we deal with our employees our customers whenever people we come in contact with and so that's really a privilege for us to realize that prayer is a channel of communication between our souls then God if the channel that is always to be open that we can constantly be speaking to him just as we speak to our employees our customers and that God speaks to us he speaks to us through his Word through prayer and he's always listening I mean that's just that the magazine you know I mean Barbara with meeting about how hard it is the speech is over the CEOs of these big company then you know they don't have time it's very hard to get appointment then God is way more important than any of those people and yet he is always ready to listen and widow have to begging for five more minutes because he was ready to give it to us now all we have to do is send up that prayer and so that if something is so important front in our businesses to make that a part and love love the principle that so vast that we could probably spend the whole time just speaking about love and yet I think that love from the business respective it's really something that I sin and after Olive and I would love in love with the principle of the principle that causes you to think in a different way than we would view it we didn't care about the people around and so sure love it sprinkle comes only from God in other words that competitor that out there in the world competing against that they don't have love because true love only come from God so they don't have God they can have love either and that gives of the cutting ads in our businesses that give the cutting edge when we have the love of God it changes things for us it inspires us to actions that make a difference in people 's lives so were not just interested in trying to sell them the next product but were interested in making that reading that contact so that we can make a difference in their lives and it drives it out of my comfort zone you know I'm sure each one of you that in business you're faced with decisions from day-to-day July the here where I'm not very comfortable and risk perhaps witnessing to somebody that may not be to open on not suggesting to be unwise and are witnessing but I'm just named sometimes I believe God question is a little further to say maybe you will maybe you don't know exactly what the result of defendant anemia just another indication that yes I'm pushing you the Holy Spirit question you and that's what I believe he'll he'll give up the witnessing opportunity but it might be just a little bit out of our comfort zone and yet you know God is there to encourage us to do it and so love is something that motivates us to make decisions based on eternal value you know eternal values are so so so different than valued that the world uses you know because when we are measuring by eternal values where putting everything into perspective were not just thinking about okay how can I get to the top the fact that I can get to the top and how can I kill everybody in the meantime you that that's not anything of value and how can I save as many people as possible as I get to the top by God 's grace and with his help and being a Christian businessperson is not out it's not we're not we care by being a Christian businessperson we are stronger because we have God 's strength it's not a way to fill case on maybe I don't have to work so hard because God just in a blessed me and I'm going to eventually know you know by putting God 's principles into practice we are more active we are more perseverance all of those visits for the driver server that we are sincerely putting in building the practice even more because we have a goal in mind that if eternal and of course even love changes the way we deal with competitors and that's not always really easy but you know in a dog eat dog world we even have a different perspective about our competitors and so that's sometimes really where the rubber meets the road that doesn't mean that we don't want our business to be everything it can be in push it as far as we possibly can of course but in our attitudes toward those that are made even competing with us we have a little different attitude than we might if we didn't have Christ in our hearts so the last one here is encouragement encouragement you know each of us at some time in business deals this year 's especially if you're starting up a business because there is time that it feels very difficult it's very top and you like maybe I'll never get where I'm going and so when I like the focus on here and encouragement is that it's important for us to do better eleven friendships with other AFI member right maybe we don't have ASI members in our search or maybe there are very many other Christian friend perfectly finds it very important for us to develop friendships with no maybe you have had similar experiences the oh today in art with our technology on the weekend stay in touch with friends at all over the world you know maybe we can meet some friends at AFI that maybe have a similar business we can meet again on Skype with them we can talk to them on the phone with whatever to try to network in way that we can encourage each other that is so so important because as a Christian business people many times if we go out to speak with other colleagues in the business world they'll have the same perspective that we do so it's hard for us to you know get all encouraged in all motivated by speaking to those individuals sometimes so it's so important for us to surround ourselves with people that can encourage ethnic and give his wise counsel and that can believe nothing pushes forward and stay with God 's help you can do it and that is very important we need that encouragement and you know we have different goals that we set we need encouragement for people from those around it in our goal to move forward and it's not just to say all you do a great job eating wonderful you have to accept now we have to encourage each other in practical ways sharing last things that we've learned a lot that was a terrible experience for me and that wasn't you I made that decision but it wasn't the right one and I should have made another one instead you don't sometimes just being honest with each other and being open in saying things for what they're worth can be more valuable to us than anything else because you have it we had the tendency to just try to make everything look like it's going good all the time help us succeed either and so Sharon counsel with each other saying you know I made that decision here I'd like to know help you out to you you don't make it a good thing I did visit her or the same mistake and then of course after we area encouraged and after we're motivated and after we're like how you know I am just ready to go out there and and and do it all you know after after being encouraged on going out under the gauntlet on get it get on this stuff done it then we have the encouragement to be able to also encourage others around and so I think it's so important for rise to receive that encouragement from God to receive encouragement from people around us so that in turn we can be encouraging to others because it's very hard if we're in a business that were trying to build up where trying to make everything work and we don't have that support sometimes it's a challenge so I really encourage you if you're interested in starting a business or if you're in business already make sure you have people around you that can really support unit of part of the people could be wrong teen money Barbara talked about that it's so important to have people around you don't be afraid of people that are stronger than you you know and and that just to tell you little bit of my experience now because I'm I'm pretty well I am in full-time ministry I just have another job on the side of her trying to get the ministry about the ground but it you know a lot of people that are involved in this ministry are much more qualified than I am and know a lot more things than I do but I welcome that because when you have people that are strong around you and you can build that spirit that is the most important thing because one person of that island cannot do anything but together as we work together as we unite with people that have strength as you can wisely place people as well you know this president have that strength will put them there this president got sprinkled but then there and you start to build that synergy and that team spirit that is so so so oh important and I really believe that fits into the encouragement as well that team starts to feel like you were going somewhere moving forward and for any of you that might be involved in ministry eight we're addressing multi- businesses today but I know by looking on it and our audience that some of you are involved in ministry I believe that we need to put these principles into practice in our ministries because a ministry is a business and a business is a ministry and so we have to be able to put them together and that's the reason that Barbara and I are perhaps needed to share with their today and that's the reason is because we feel it is so important to make that myriads of business principles spiritual principles and put them all together and so we believe that this is truly the two keys to success simple they both fell simple so it's not too complicated they both felt simple and yet we have to put them together we have to organize their businesses with the spiritual component and we have to make wise plant in order to be successful so my prayer is that God will bless each of you and your business is that he'll bring you beyond where you couldn't even imagine and that as you put some of these principles into practice that he will even be there more for you in a practical way I just invite yes yes are there any questions while she had that out and then we'll close with prayer I will just wait for prayer until we therefore handed out on site I be happy to give it to you I'm not sure that it that the whole thing was on there but I have the PowerPoint here and I'll be happy to share them with anybody yet if anybody wants to give my e-mail that your e-mail then I'll be happy to send you that this simple principle what on your handout I get a spiritual side with on your handout it knew the beginning but I'm not sure that all of the quotes and things that I shared were on there so if you'd like any of the other be more than happy to e-mail them to rehab those out I did thank you so much I really appreciate it Barbara and I both appreciate you being thank you let stand for prayer father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege of working for you in our business we thank you for these principles better than shared this morning and we pray that some of them may inspire us to be even more successful harvest and may we measure that success in dollars and cents but most importantly in the way that we reach out to some we thank you Lord for the privilege of being here at ASI and we pray that you would give us opportunities to network with each other so that we can be encouraging to each other and that we can be there to help other to be more rural men are to this here is my audio race for the Adventist if you like to learn more and I find a on any assignment in the world as for online sermon is www. nonbelievers .org


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