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Divine Healing

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • August 6, 2010
    10:45 AM
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father in heaven thank you that the word of God provides answers to the questions of healing anointing and the divine miracles that you will so powerfully work in the last days we know that the enemy wants to distort this topic and counterfeit this subject and so we pray that you would give us clarity from your word today and lead us to a deeper understanding of your will we thank you that you will in Christ name on a number of years ago I was giving Bible studies and some of you may have heard me tell this story before in a log cabin with a dirt floor that had no electricity no running water in the mountains of Tennessee and I've been studying the Bible with his family for many many months and on this particular day that we were studying the Bible a man walked in and he was smoking a big cigar as he smoked a cigar and puffed one of the first words out of his mouth were raise God I'm healed I was a young preacher in those days of not quite as diplomatic as I am today and he repeated it a second time as he smoked this big cigar phrase God unhealed having an inquisitive mind I said to the big cigar man sir what are you healed up any sick cancer I'm healed of cancer why was quite brash being your and I looked up at him and I said how could you possibly be healed of cancer while you smoking that big cigar he said young man you just don't understand about six months ago I went to the doctor the doctor took an x-ray of my lungs and sought that I had a tumor it was diagnosed as a malignancy and he said to me you are in serious trouble your cancer is malignant but young man I just went back to the doctor today half half half with the big cigar and as I went back to the doctor today he told me that there was no malignancy my tumor was the one praise God I'm healed and he said to me something I've never forgotten he said you need to understand that if you have enough faith God will heal you and it doesn't make any difference whether you smoking cigars are not all that was rather perplexing for me as a young preacher is faith something that if I have enough of it really doesn't make very much difference what my lifestyle practices are does God heal based on my faith in spite of what I do well brother I preached you turn on microphones you do everything else and if it doesn't work we leave it okay thank you my brother is in on music going I microphone 's on this is number three in the Temple for us to want this program to me that okay thank you my brother is is the third are I thank you it's nice that people take care of you thank you very much so I get a let me to raise a question and here was my question if you have enough faith does that miraculously healed you does it make any difference what your lifestyle practices are that led me to a number of other questions that I want to raise at the beginning of our presentation in order to ransom the Jesus heal everybody who has faith in the New Testament when you look if you look at the New Testament miracles of Jesus how many miracles were they are different miracles open a look at that what was the theology of miracles in the New Testament what was the purpose of miracles and test to the New Testament miracles have a larger purpose than individual healing you can never understand miracles unless you see the larger context of miracles so would a look at first the theology of miracles in the New Testament we look at a number the miracles that Jesus will raise the question what is the purpose of miracles in the New Testament the second thing that were going to take a look at is how you take that theology of miracles in the New Testament how you take everything we know about miracles in the New Testament and apply it to be anointing service today when you carefully look at the anointing service in the book of James and you analyze it word by word phrase by phrase what is God 's intent in the anointing service today so we'll look at that then virtually will look at miracles in the last days both true and false miracles in the last days it will say to ourselves is there a construct to know the difference how can you know the difference between true and false miracles and then we will try to apply that today so for verse the healing ministry of Jesus in the New Testament secondly the anointing service in gods in time church and how that plays a role and then lastly we'll look at true and false miracles in the last days so let's begin with the healing ministry of Jesus himself when you look at the healing ministry of Jesus what do you discover in the New Testament there are at least four fundamental reasons for the healing ministry and the miracles of Christ that one thing you may not be aware of that in the three and a half year ministry of Jesus if you take each of the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John and you weed out those gospel narratives that give you duplicate miracles although there were times that Christ came to cities and healed whole cities that is true there were times that Jesus healed the masses and you see that in the New Testament but if you leave out those what I would call isolated instances there are only twenty four separate miracles mentioned in the New Testament that when I first saw one that that's surprised me that in three and a half years of Jesus ministry if you look at all the individual miracles and you take a harmony of the Gospels new twenty four but that's rather interesting now there are times I'd granted that God heals that Jesus heals large numbers in cities will get a look at that but when I saw what that that led me to begin thinking in a different way there's something else that I think is extremely significant in so let's begin in looking at Luke chapter seven the first thirteen to sixteen Luke seven I were going to look here at verse is thirteen to sixteen this of course is not the story of the win all of me and your remember where let's start with verse eleven the widower named son die in Christ raised the window of name son from the dead but here's my question to you and it's an obvious answer is the reason Jesus raised the window with name son from the dead because the sun had such faith at that what if is dead so obviously he doesn't have a lot of faith is it because the widow of Maine had such faith will you read this story and it's not that it will all so in the first miracle that under the share faith is not a factor now there are other miracles of faith is a factor so I want to give you the balance but to say that faith is the sole factor in the New Testament for miracles misses the point does it have enough faith is to be a miracle because in this instance neither the widow of name nor her son have faith let's just read the story Luke chapter seven verse eleven twelve and onward now it happened the day after that he went into a CD called name and many of the disciples went within a large crowd when we came near the gate of the city behold the dead man was being carried out so did Jesus healed the dead man because the dead man's faith no he was dead and did know not what anything the only son of the mother and she was a widow and a large crowd the city was with her so does she have faith not necessarily if the story doesn't say that she make me know very little about Jesus when the Lord saw her he him compassion on her in center do not weep then he came and touched the open coffin and those who carried him stood still he said young man I said you arrive and he did was dead set up and began to speak and he presented her to his mother so as you read that story what is the sole criteria in this story of America you've got it Jesus compassion so what is the criterion outward to look at multiple criteria 's miracles but the criteria for miracle is not the faith of the mother or the faith of the boy but it's Jesus overwhelming compassion Jesus overwhelming concern for very desperate situation here is a mother that's lost her blankets weeping Jesus Harris Jesus loves Jesus as compassion some reason number one for miracles is not our faith but the character of God Vicki is incredibly compassionate these can credit incredibly caring second issue regarding miracles as you continue to read this story you find that something happens is the result of this miracle verse fifteen sixteen and seventeen and he was then sat up and began to speak and he presented to his mother verse sixteen then fear came upon all and they glorified God saying a great profit has risen up among us and God has visited his people in this report about him went throughout all Judea so the purpose of miracles don't miss this is larger than my healing the purpose of miracles is to bring glory to God so the basis of miracles in the New Testament is Christ compassion but the purpose of miracles it's not about me it is about God and so the function of miracle so we will get miracles in their larger content X is not simply and once this began eclectic in my brain and him and to develop this as we go through the New Testament narrative it made all the difference in the world the purpose of the miracle is not simply to heal a person of cancer but is whatever happens in that person 's life to bring glory to God there is something larger than the removal of disease there's something larger than the removal of suffering is in the context of what this person is going through to bring glory to God so the larger issue is bringing God glory so we look at two things about miracles one miracles the fountain of miracles is always God 's compassion the root of miracles is always God 's compassion the root of miracles is always God 's love the result of miracle is always larger than the individual is bringing glory to God now there is a third thing about miracles that we see in the New Testament you find it in James in John chapter five this is the third fact we notice about miracles miracles are reading God 's compassion Yuriko 's the larger purpose of miracles is to bring glory to God in John chapter five here is something very unique about miracles in the New Testament and imagine yourself living back at the time of the digestive and there is a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus of Nazareth who claims to be the divine son of God where art is credentials are you with me where are the credentials of Christ in a skeptical Roman world in a philosophical great world in a world of formal religion the miracles in the New Testament play a much larger role in launching the Christian church and could that be why at times Christ healed all villages these compassionate guests that miracles glorify God yes but Jesus needs to establish any unique way is divine credentials as the divine son of God so as the results of that he doesn't mass healings to establish those divine credentials and work a look at a couple passages that indicate this John chapter five verse thirty six John five verse thirty six and will look at some of these passages that help us to understand that in John five starting with verse thirty one you have a four fold witness of Christ he speaks of himself the prophets speak of in the father speaks of him but that was down to John five inverse thirty six in which he says but I have a greater witness than John will what is the greater witness that Jesus said that John the Baptist that John the Baptist was a mighty mighty preacher wasn't it there were thousands converted in the time of John the Baptist what was the greater witness the Jesus that he tells us but I have a greater witness than John's for the works which a father has given me to finish the very works that I do bear witness of me that the father sent me so the works that Jesus did bore witness of his divinity when you touch the eyes of the blind in their opening touch the heirs of the death with Aaron stopping tension with his men are so one thing we can never leave out when we study miracles is this the context of miracles in the New Testament Jesus work miracles as a divine testimony of who he was Jesus worked miracles to reveal that he was the divine son of God and those miracles testified to his divinity now let's look at John chapter ten verse twenty five John ten verse twenty five and we look there at that passage Jesus answered them now here Christ is speaking and he says Jesus answered them I told you John ten twenty five you do not believe the work that I do in my father 's name the works that I do in my father 's name they bear witness of me so the works than Jesus did bore witness that he was a lot Messiah no Ellen White comments that on this note everything we did in class the damage of your first biblical foundation then the amplification in the writings of Ellen White so it in the Bible we find the essence by Ellen White enhances that she is the largest that she does not share with us that which we do not find in Scripture she takes that which we find in Scripture amplifies so we looking at the fact that one of the reasons for New Testament miracles is to testify who Jesus is out we together on that now notice Ellen White's comment two comments first desire of ages page three fifty he is Jesus miracles testified to the truth of his words became not to destroy but to say so when Jesus worked a miracle you remember them many times Jesus worked a miracle and after he worked a miracle he said your sins are forgiven you go and sin no more and what did the Pharisees do they criticized and Jesus that was more difficult to raise this man up or to begin his sins so Jesus walked and used physical miracles to heal the body as a testimony that he could heal the soul he often use physical miracles that you can open blind eyes so that he can open the eyes of the mind to get open deaf ears so did over the years of the heart so Jesus did not separate physical and spiritual healing the Christ that healed a man's withered arm could heal is with her heart and Sue Ellen White says his miracles testified to the truth of his words became not to destroy but to what say then best is our pages page three fifty desire of ages page three six seven Jesus desires he desires that are dull sensors shall be quick and to discern his merciful kindness and to glorify him for the working of his power it was to accomplish this purpose that the miracles of Christ were performed about is a very clear statement it was to accomplish this purpose what purpose that we would understand his merciful kindness and glorify him for the working this power it was to accomplish this purpose that we would understand that he is Messiah that the miracles of Christ were performed so when you study the New Testament on miracles what do you find you find the Christ at times healed entire groups you find most often he worked with the one sole audience and that he performed twenty four separate miracles you find at the basis of his miracles was his incredible fashion that the purpose of his miracles was to glorify God that the miracles played a role all in establishing his divine credentials third fourth you will find a number of times in the New Testament where those three things are blended and that faith plays a role not every time but you will find times in the New Testament where God honors people 's faith in working America were to look at that in that I may give you a qualification of Matthew chapter nine faith is not the sole criteria for the miracle which I think is a fundamental point that separates Seventh-day Adventists from Pentecostals most Pentecostals and most people in the healing movement believe that faith is the only criteria faith is not the only criteria there are times that God works a miracle to illustrate his compassion that leaves people to faith who did not have faith we find that the New Testament so it's not simply the face of the believer and let me tell you why that's so critical because if you have the idea but it's the face of the believer it is the sole criteria for the miracle then what's the reverse of that if you don't have to cannot feel what that faith I remember I see Steve Lewis in a statement I was teaching at my Chicago friends for years back in another generation I was teaching in the Golden age restaurant in Chicago don't there's a Chinese restaurant not a New Age restaurant I was teaching the book of Daniel and I ask what Daniel chapter three and that after teaching I talked about show directly check of Bendigo going through the fiery furnace and that sometimes our lives we go through fiery furnaces but in Christ didn't deliver them for the fiery furnace but Jesus was there at the meeting a woman came up to me and she said something like this in the past market with opposite shore just jumbling her fiery furnace I said you want to talk to me about it she said yes she said here's my fiery furnace I was diagnosed with a malignancy my brass that I've can't IM have done everything I know and my friends said you need prior she was in Afghanistan she said you need prayer so we began a friend and I wasn't healed in the cancer metastasized it got worse and she said so my friend said to me you don't have enough faith so now classified to problems number one against the majority of them the thing so I began to be depressed over that issue then my friend said to me there must be some hidden sin in your life and it's the hidden sin that's keeping God from healing the past and I got three problems I got cancer I don't have enough faith and I am so guilty because of some hidden sin that I'm depressed all the time when you study the New Testament there are times that God heals individuals and there's no evidence of anything that will there are times like in Matthew chapter twenty two the of Matthew chapter nine that there is great faith my point is that faith alone is not the sole criteria for miracles what is the criteria for their there is a bottom line here is what it is and let me tell you what it is there is something larger than a faith and that is in the divine sovereignty of God will this miracle today bring the greatest glory to his name if I have faith what is faith faith is trusting God believing that he has my best interest of your faith the leads me to glorify him in sickness and if because I live in a world of good and evil and I am not healed immediately but I can bring glory to his name in the condition that I am in I trust him for that asked him to show you in class mice faith grasps the healing that Christ has for me through the cross before I deal telling that I will be but leaving the timing of the healing to him so faith grasps the reality of healing that flows to me from across with his stripes we are healed but the only issue is whether immediate healing gradually healing or feeling in the resurrection brings the most glory to his name I am willing to leave the timing of the healing to him that we will develop this as we go Matthew chapter nine Morgan a look here at verse twenty two Matthew nine here is a good instance of a woman who went to position after position will start with verse nine eight nine verse twenty nine verse twenty this one went position optimization she spent all her money she had an issue of blood she was hemorrhaging it's interesting how the Bible talks about this woman it says verse twenty suddenly a woman went flow of blood for twelve years came from behind touch them his garment and she said to herself if I only make the his garment I may be made well but Jesus turned around and when he saw her he said be of good cheer your faith has made you well your state has made you well I want to show you something you haven't seen his amazing go to that story in Mark chapter five marks after five and were going to look they are at the biblical theology of healing the biblical theology of healing their three words as we look at in Mark chapter five that are significant and were to start with Mark five verse twenty two and a look at the three words they all offer well or for healing every word as well are dealing but in the original Greek language they're a little different in all talking about the marks five first twenty five no certain woman at a flow of blood for twelve years what did that mean she has a flow of blood for twelve years here's what it means if you have a flow of blood you're considered to be unclean she had to be put out of her house her husband could not hug her because blood was unclean he could not embrace her blood was unclean her children cannot sit upon her lap she had to cry out I collaboration came to the community unclean unclean unclean so she has a menstrual cycle but does not stop lowing for twelve years she is we she's emaciated she has nobody to hug her and nobody to affirm her she wanders through the city she looks for position after position she is poor she's penniless she's sick she's emaciated she is a poor beggar by the wayside she spent everything she had the Bible says she suffered many things in many positions I will not tell you I've gone back and looked at what kind of cures that the position that in this statement is not a disease is too grotesque to talk about in what he is like this I will spare you want that but I will tell you when the Bible say she suffered many things what they do this one was horrible we continue she had spent all her money and she was no better but rather works so here is a woman that is going to all of the brightest minds of the day on the best physicians of the day she has been on all of what they consider to be the sophisticated viewers a day and she's no better she gets what works the Bible says when she heard about Jesus she came behind him and the crab and touched his garment and she said if only I may touch these goals I may be made well now here is the interesting thing the word for welfare is the word in the Greek language therapy while what does that word therapy in a therapy has to do with the watt Q so when the woman came to Jesus she only wanted a few more I don't care what the cure is tell me about your whatever I have to do I don't care what is betting on the money I just wanted to I want you to see the process you as we continue to read she touches the hem of the garment verse thirty well verse twenty nine immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction and Jesus immediately knowing in himself the power had gone out of him said he would touch my clothes but his disciples said did you see the multitude from you and you and you touch the Eddie looked around to see your weight on the thing and the woman fearing and trembling knowing what it happen there are came and fell down before him and told him the truth and he said a daughter your faith is major well obviously where it says in verse twenty nine the woman was healed on reflection the word for healing there is not therapy it doesn't say she was cured the word is IMHO and that word means the disease was removed the notice first she's looking for a cure whatever it is that she says then we turn from the QR to the disease the disease is gone many patients today are looking for a QR many doctors today only care about removing the disease Jesus went beyond the QR and beyond the removal of the disease now look what happened Jesus verse twenty three four any center daughter your faith has made you what well or whole that word is so-so it is the root word for salvation the word salvation in the Bible is a large word that means physical mental and spiritual wholeness or healing if you try so-so through the New Testament is the word for salvation she comes not caring how she is Q when the disease is removed she praises God receives is removed and Jesus looks at her and he says your faith has grasped divine reality to something larger than the QR and that his salvation your faith has made you well it's given you a wholeness so the seventh day Adventist biblical concept of healing is as follows the Adventist concept of miracles as follows miracles are divine supernatural events that Christ works occasionally to demonstrate his compassion to reveal his divine credentials but beyond the immediate miracle of physical healing is the miracle that happens in the our soul and mind of the person went by faith they come in contact with God receive his salvation that is the New Testament concept of healing that is so far beyond the self centered concept of healing that says he'll mean God now because I want to be healed now or else you don't exist you think there is a larger concept expands the mind that is much farther beyond one day I was sitting with Johnny Ericsson taught you remember the story of Johnny Ericsson taught to at seventeen years old was in a diving accident that beacon she became a quadriplegic I was sitting in her art studio and handing her insoles they were colored pencils that she had in her mouth but she was drawing a picture as we were sitting there talking I said Johnny I want to know what's the most difficult thing about painting with those pencils in your mouth she took the pencil to the side of her mouth because of a motion been taken out of her mouth you can use her hands or legs she said marked if the lousy taste of the pencils as we talked I said to her talk to me about divine healing from treatment healing is that when you were seventeen you had all of life front of you one diet and practice swing you sure hand you feed again she said Mark you know when I first was in this accident people came to me I said you know if you have faith to be healed God will raise you up on a chair give FAQ user hands and feet again and so we talked about it I said what is it it really helped you how did you work this through this process through she said once I began to understand the first chapter the book of Mark I worked through to Johnny I've studied New Testament our Stan Jason Uris in the first chapter book of Mark one of my kitchen I said let's do it John Erickson taught it to me through the first chapter of the mark it really made a profound influence inch in profound influence on my understanding also divine healing solicitor back to chapter one of Mark is quite amazing story because here's the background Jesus spent his entire day healing the village remember to you today were to study the reality of the fact of sometime individual healings sometimes general feelings Jesus spends the entire day healing of village if you look at it in Mark chapter one verse thirty two thirty four it says how do you think the sunset they brought to him all who were sick and those demon possessed in the whole city was gathered together at the door verse thirty four then he healed many who were sick with various diseases he doesn't heal all he healed many who were sick keep your finger here just for a moment we're back to encourage John five John five is the story of the man at the pool of Bethesda and you remember the man at the pool of Bethesda that meeting sign up to leave him sign of rain that is always sign up with him his bread Jesus the bread of life is more in the house and Baker Beth Satan Satan is issued that design of our house Jesus called his disciples he or she is amended that Satan where the fishing village using that as the instant is mercy Beth is cyber House of Mercy so Jesus came to the most despicable placeable he came to a place where there was no hope only hopelessness and great mercy now I want to contrast Mark John five would mark one now there is an injury whistling by the sheep gate and a pool which is called in Hebrew Bethesda House of Mercy having five porches incidentally five porches how it looks on during the tour are you with me so far five Jenna sexist lyrics limited run in the Torah the law cannot heal but Jesus can so there is a lot here that we don't see Jesus the divine Messiah walked into the center of Judaism the placement was known for the law and what the grace and mercy of Christ and compassion because they felt that the sickness of this these people brought on their own disease and so they walked by and said they don't keep the law is illustrated those five porches they would all have been well with be very careful that we recognize that although sickness sometimes as part of on about my faulty living pattern habit patterns are also genetic factors that have to do with sickness and merely because a person is sick does not mean that they violated was of help necessarily we live in a terrible wicked sinful world where the matter how good you try to be in my wife and I exercise with diet we try to be vegan vegetarians we do everything we know it remains to have health but I will say this to you there are factors over which neither of us have any control the truth of the matter is that before your hundred years old you have some disease Sunday passenger that you say no I'm not pastoral then I'll stretch out ten years one ten or two before you once annually get sick of telling you that right now and it may not be because of your lifestyle it may be simply because of faulty generic sort because something can control over because I know my genetics are faulty because I know my my environment is faulty that makes me want to father was help more not less I need every advantage you can get right and so I'll take them were looking here you have in it says in their leg great multitude of sick people a great multitude blindly calls put paralyzed waiting for the moving water verse three four eight angel went down and assert time in the pool and stirred up the water when whoever's step in first after the spring of the water was made well that is it something they believe nonbiblical of course a certain man was there when firmly thirty eight years of Jesus I'm lying there is there any evidence that Jesus healed more than that one man there to heal that one man white issues that man because of Christ's compassion Jesus that the most hopeless case thirty eight years man was lying there is there any indication that that man had great faith no Jesus they downright think of is that walk with the basis of his healing was not his faith in Jesus compassion and Jesus divine credentials were illustrated by miraculous healing and a pool we took the most hopeless case so Jesus can take the most hopeless cases so in the New Testament were looking at a broad picture the picture is Christ's compassion pictures glorifying Christ name the picture in the New Testament is sometimes people 's faith is honored by Christ but sometime Christ bypasses state of Norwalk and miraculously heals people to leave them to faith faith is not the initiator of the miracle state is the response to the miracle and you have both of those in the New Testament now but Jesus larger purpose is oh so users we talked about Jesus larger purpose is physical mental spiritual healing that's his larger purpose now we are coming to mark one and this is the heart of it in Mark chapter one where looking at verse thirty four and then he healed many who were sick with various diseases and cast out many demons and he did not allow the demons to speak because they knew him Jesus never Jesus dealt with things he cast them out but here it says he healed many who were sick now the interesting thing about it is that healing work was not done there were scores of people who were being healed there but the healing work was not done and there were still many sick people that evening so the next morning verse thirty five now in the morning having risen along well before daylight Jesus departed to us all replace brains and Simon and those wounded in search for him and when they found him they said everybody is looking for you why would they looking for Jesus because the night before he healed many diseases there was still work to be done and some people were healed and they wanted Jesus to heal them the next day so what did Jesus say I'm coming right over how women finish the job but I started the rest of those people who do you miss the John Erickson Potter shared with me that Cindy was so powerful that I hadn't thought about verse thirty eight he said to them let us go into the next town that I may preach there also because for this purpose I've come for now that's amazing let's think it through Jesus leaves sick people he does not go to yield that seems cruel why because he had a larger purpose Jesus recognized why didn't you heal every sick person at the pool of Bethesda it's not because they wanted and have a wide did not Jesus you every sick person because that was not his fundamental purpose his compassion led him to heal selectively at times he healed a whole cities illustrate his divine credentials it was not that he couldn't be a larger purpose for this purpose so the purpose of Christ in my life is beyond physical the purpose of Christ in my life is that I know him but I trust it but I bring glory to his name everything I do that is the purpose of Christ and where your a miracle will bring glory to his name and lead me closer to him he will work where a miracle and on the night before let me rephrase that we are in immediate divine miracle of healing because often in sickness God reveals himself powerfully to the one who is sick in ways that we cannot dream or imagine and produces a healing of soul and mind and heart that is far greater where physical or immediate physical miracles bring glory to his name and establishes divine credentials he moves in where they do not and where God has another plan he works other kind of miracles now with that context and that was the setting for us to go to James chapter five was my timekeeper today what time I have eleven thirty okay we can do this I think James this chapter I got to go through the anointing James chapter five now understanding the principles of New Testament how then do we apply them in the anointing service today I want to look at the deeper aspects of James five in the anointing you may be the elder of the church called to do it anointing service you may be a pastor the physician were to look at anointing and James chapter five and look at the qualities of that anointing in the fifth chapter of James were starting with James chapter five morgan ago diverse thirteen and onward James five verse thirteen onward will look at it phrase by phrase when you try to look at anointing a much deeper way starting with verse thirteen is anyone among you suffering is anyone among you cheerful let them sing songs James fibers fourteen is anyone among you sick let them do what call the elders of the church now I want to raise a question here Wenger is the initiative coming from in this anointing service is the preacher standing up and saying there's somebody in this audience in the third row with agreement now on brown and black in polkadot shirt on notice I had to say that you want to the point you if there is is is the preacher saying there's something here in this audience that you have cancer in your and you're on it in your left log and come up here and you be healed there is there is is a public service or private service pride is a very interesting thing it's a private service just keep that in mind is not a time 's recklessly healing some public settings I think he does but may I be so bold to say to you but that's the exception of the rule that's the exception this a private service and there's a reason for agency as we look at the anointing is there anyone sick among you let him call where does the initiative come from where does it come from the preacher the patient why because anointing is a recognition of absolute helplessness that I cannot anointing is a recognition of my total inability to deal with the situation them face let him call for the elders of the church let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord that we need to look at some things here first the anointing with oil it's interesting did you notice the phrase in the tech says let him call and let them pray let him call and let them pray there is power in corporate prayer there is power in a group of people that know God praying together there's power in five or six or seven people gathering around a sick loved one who recognizes their absolute helplessness and praying God does work miracles God is working miracles and we can expect will show you the difference between true and false miracles as we go on but I am concerned that the church at times is so afraid of false miracles that we reject through miracles why would Satan counterfeit miracles if there were no genuine I haven't seen too many counterfeit thirteen dollar bills floating around or counterfeit sevens of you the devil would have no purpose so let him call and let what they read so here you have the calling comes an individual but the praying is corporate anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord why we're not going well as a symbol to Holy Spirit or other symbols of what the Bible what I was the other symbols of Holy Spirit fire why don't we light a candle and breakout was about to say fire system of the Holy Spirit is light a candle and bring it and let the person who began under the West in a similar spirit about win was blessed below on how some Pentecostals twenty five thirty two that's it they say is a simple voice their you say it's always bad you tell me a wild are you thinking about what has assembled was written by one a dog and when we bring a dog release and person B while everyone are important doctors does the Bible say Waters is in the Y oil the Lord Asfoor that's a good reason why does the Lord Asfoor why when you think the oil in the Old Testament tell me about oil of the oldest use the sanctuary service and I did the king how was oil used in the sanctuary service and why Blair will genuine healing come from in the last days from the throne of God in the sanctuary could it be that God has a deeper understanding for us here the only healing I want is the healing that flows from the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary Jesus last working hydrogen ministry I don't want any counterfeit oil put on my head I don't want any false oil and false miracles to walk me in deception why oil from the sanctuary I wanted to get back to the Saints were truly wireless back going back to the sanctuary were looking at exit is Chapter twenty nine there is a specific purpose keep your fingers James chapter five is a specific purpose for oil once you understand that you will never look at anointing service the same again we are looking at Exodus chapter twenty nine the sanctuary is being consecrated at first that the consecrated sanctuary have never consecrated priesthood and consecrated vessels while is always as simple in the sanctuary service of the setting apart through consecration to do God 's exclusive will oil as a single of the setting apart through the ministry of the Holy Spirit to do God 's exclusive will best the whole picture of oil in the sanctuary Exodus twenty nine we start their adverse seven and you shall take the anointing oil and pour it on his head and anoint him now notice what's happening here Allen and his sons are being anointed first one and this is what you shall do to them to help them for ministry leaders race salt oil issues that how to consecrate the setup part Israel in a divine priesthood was Peter say you are things and what priests of God so when we are normally a person we are saying is we put the oil and therefore had Jesus even your sickness is setting you apart as a sacred priests of God to bring glory to his name think that's what were doing in the anointing we are we are we are saying to the person Jesus has something special for you even in sickness just as the priests were set apart for four unknowing things in a divine priesthood of ministry and service don't give up my friend because God is setting apart today to bring glory to his name and he may bring glory to his name by dealing with immediately he may bring glory to his name by healing you gradually he may bring glory to his name by healing you in the resurrection but whatever he chooses you are a royal son daughter a daughter my priest of God and what we're doing today is setting aside that service are you willing to do that interesting to see that the emphasis is shifting from the prices set to the compassion of God to the mercy of God to the power of God to the glory of God and I will tell you something we have had some marvelous times marvelous but we have seen once we have understood this and people have put those L in God Saints we have seen miracles miracles of healing and unusually administered but when I had a superficial understanding of this I spent no time with people and I want it without I'm so sorry to tell you I didn't understand our walking with a flask of oil would pray for five minutes annoying and not much would happen but we had people meeting ahead of time studying the Bible about these deeper concepts we began to enlarge God began to work in some unusual ways so were studying us but we need to go now to Exodus twenty Texas thirty first twenty five and thirty one Exodus thirty first twenty five and thirty one Exodus thirty were looking at the whale study only the audio Exodus thirty first twenty five and thirty one twenty five Exodus thirty why did God use oil and you shall make from these a holy anointing oil and ointment compounded according to the art of the perfumer it will be a holy anointing oil verse twenty six with it you shall anoint the tabernacle of meeting in the art of the testament verse thirty one and you shall speak to the children of Israel saying this shall be a holy anointing oil to me throughout your generations what is the issue when the oil the setting apart the priest of the setting apart of the sanctuary for holy use so just as in the Old Testament there was a sanctuary a temple the Bible says your body is what the Temple of God so when we anoint with oil we say to the person we are sending you what part as the divine temple of God for Jesus to bring glory to his name everything you eat everything and drink everything you do that that that that that that life can never be the same again because your beings are just like the Temple was set up are just a sanctuary subpart had there been practices in your life and attitudes of anger and bitterness and resentment that maybe have caused the breakdown of the immune system have there been health practices in your life see how you tie healthy the anointing through the oil that so it's time because the end of the oil is the consecration in the setting apart of the Temple Jesus as your body is the temple of what God so as we anoint with oil people are consecrated to do God 's will but their body is consecrated we say to them is there any help practice in your life that may be inhibiting gods working mightily for healing now here is a precious statement you may not have access to it so I will read it in its entirety it's from the book the call to medical evangelism page thirty five the call to medical evangelism page thirty five Al read it slowly because it's a powerful many how many many many is not few and he was not many because many were few if you were many many would be many right many his many more than one is many more than two of many of many unopened setting many have expected that God would keep them from sickness merely because they have asked them to do so while while prayer not enough his prayer not enough many had expected that God would keep them from sickness merely because they've asked him to do so but God did not respond to their prayers did they pray perhaps they expect God to do something they do it why not we continue because their faith was not made perfect by their works God will not work a miracle to keep those who sickness will have no care for themselves but you are continually violating the laws of health and make no efforts to prevent disease what when we do all we can on our part to have health then we may expect that the blast results will follow and we can ask God in faith to bless our efforts for the preservation of our health he will then answer our prayers if he is name can be glorified thereby so what is the biblical pattern for healing how can I summarize her class that here's a bit of a battery of I recognize that Jeep that God is a compassionate God that he loves me more than I can imagine that sickness and disease are not part of his plan I choose by states to cooperate with him and keep my body in the best health possible when I see that my body has broken down through either my ignorance because I may not be aware some laws of health or because of my lack of following them or because of genetic or environmental factors is when I see it's broken down I recognize that I am no less dear to the heart of God that he loves me with an incredible of I tell him that I have one desire in my life and that is to glorify him and that will bring immediate glory to him to heal me instantly I long for that that's what my choice but he is through this sickness I can bring glory to his name by him strengthening me and me being a powerful witness to others I will accept that I'm not a telemarketer but I know that healing is a gift that he has given me but there is no that by faith I grasp the healing today even if the healing comes in the future as the book of Romans says I accept things not as they are I accept things that will be I accept my faith in what he is going to do as a present reality I believe they can heal instantly to never brings glory to him but there's something more important in my body and that his glory as we anoint we put oil in a person 's for head and they are set aside they are consecrated for holy use their priest of God to witness for him their body is a temple set aside to follow the basic principles and outlines of his laws now we look here James chapter five now notice what we studied in James five so far let him call where is the initiative come from everybody the person let them pray what kind of prayer is this corporate prayer there is power in group prayer let them anoint with oil the anointing with oil is the setting aside the consecration the dedication the commitment of the individual it is the setting aside of their body as the temple of God now we pray in the watt it says let them in the name of the Lord now in the name of the Lord can you remember in the old testament the phrase the name of the Lord is also associated with something else character of God I needed text I need help you got it Exodus thirty four Moses said to God I want to see you are what glory to God 's name is linked to his wife Lori but the back and look at it Exodus thirty four so God 's name and God 's glory so if I am anointing in the name of the Lord is associated with what everybody is glowering the name of the Lord we pray in the name of the Lord because we are praying for his glory and his will notice Exodus chapter thirty four and where looking at verse and chapter actually let's look at thirty three to start Exodus thirty three verse eighteen and nineteen Moses says in Exodus thirty three verse eighteen in nineteen and he said to him well let's go back and look at him Exodus thirty three he talks in verse fifteen about your presence going with us and here we go axis thirty three percent to nineteen Moses says please show me verse eighteen you're what glory they said I will make all my goodness pass before you proclaim the name of the Lord before you be gracious enough to gracious out compassion bottle not compassion notice he says show me your glory and he says I'm to proclaim my what name look at chapter thirty four verse six the Lord passed before him and the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering abounding in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands and his iniquity and transgression and sin look God 's name has to do with his glory God 's name and glory have to do this character we announced annoying in the name of the Lord it has some a large implications one I want to do only his glory to I want to do his will three I trust in his character of goodness gracious compassion this person so when we anoint but I think a person will anoint them this is what happens first thing we do is before the anointing I tell them I like to prepare for the anointing and so we have been three or four days before the anointing read James chapter five I said I just want to read think and pray about secondly I give them the chapter in ministry of healing I photocopy it and give it prayer for the sick we had an amazing experience in Chicago one many of them having recently we just ran Chicago for a large evangelistic meeting young woman from the seminary came to me and she said with her mother she said she was a master divinity student she surpassed the mark I have been having a real problem and her instance was sleep this girl you talk about sleep deprived when she was in clinically sleep deprived she did everything medically we knew what to do with how to deal with it she was not sleeping maybe one hour night she was exhausted the further problem was she would wake up in the night with terrible nightmares just horrible just horrible and it was tearing this girl out she was a student at the seminary so we photocopied the chapter purpose six we read James chapter five we talked about the fact of what to do if she was woken up with these nightmares of their Bible to read them we talk about glorifying God we spent an hour with the group of seminary students going over James chapter five we would over point by point let them call the elders she had called the value of corporate prayer we studied corporate prayer we went through what it means to anoint with oil was she willing to accept this condition it was an unsolvable medical condition in which you glorify God even if she woke up in the night that was hard that was really hard but she struggled with that said I will do that pastor I will glorify God even if I wake up in the night I'm not a complaint against God of love and ask why is all this happening a lot of things we can explain a lot of things we just don't know but if if if I will glorify you whatever are you willing to do the will of God yes can I give Yusuf you little physical things that might be helpful to you when you follow I will do that pastor so I gave her some basic things unrest that we know from medical science and so forth and why this might be happening to her we did that suggested some things to her we went through this process we get on our knees and cried out to God we anointed her with oil I will tell you two nights later sure mother can choose a password I got to the first time in months I slept all night and we were having some really powerful does God always have that happen that we doesn't have we anointed people recently and they died of cancer yes they have I remember one instance was at an ASI meeting was asked to anointing folk which we did notice is just so interesting to me how God works as we were going with the anointing I went over well going over with you and I said to this couple I said them now you know the Bible says confession full swap with another dozen sick of Fisher synthesis confession faults we confess our sins to God we confess our faults to one another you are not my confessor about your confessor there many seems buried in our hearts with the vessel in God but if there's a barrier between people and with one another when you confess our faults so at the end of that before we prayed after going through the anointing I was at ASI meeting about to three years ago with this husband and wife and their family we bring the children in I said now the Bible says confession faults is there anything that you want to say to one another before the anointing that may be a hindrance the man spoke up and he said you know is that I haven't let out family worship the godly priest I should be I'm so sorry for that at times of the cross with my children he began to be he wept put his arms around his kids put his arms round his wife and I said to myself this is he this is healing God is healing this family after the anointing six months later she died she died he came he said you know what happened in that room that day and the subsequent of what happened was I was our healing because God work that miracle at that same a know it was the tent meeting before that I was up in Portland Maine again the there was a woman there again she came to visit can we participate in an anointing service so we outlined the Scriptures we went over she wanted want to share him trip she was so sick she could not get out of bed Doctor said there's nothing we can do we went through a process got raised her up miraculously she went and preached his word so the issue is beyond the individual the issue has to do with the glorification of God the issue that's what we might in the name of the war now because we have probably eleven minutes left on my to do two things I want to look at natural law in healing I want to look at the difference between genuine healing in counterfeit healing does God work miracles will he worked miracles in the last days and does Satan counterfeit those miracles you know that Satan attempted in the days of Moses the counterfeit miracles he created the snake serpent from the rock I remember the great texts that we should look at three passages we should look at three passages in Revelation we need to look at them in Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation thirteen revelations sixteen and Revelation nineteen in the dental work miracles yes and then is there a construct even tell the difference areas Revelation thirteen verse thirteen if you have been King James version of the Bible it says he performs I believe the King James 's miracles is in it great wonders so that he even makes back down from heaven gap fourteen we miracles are thinking James he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those what miracles that he has power to do inside of these will some people need to save in the last days how will they be saved by miracles what is it that leads to the battle of Armageddon the world is falling apart there's a political economic 's crisis their natural disasters there is this move to bring all religions together and what leads Armageddon Revelation sixteen verse fourteen they are the spirit of what demons are Devils performing what miracles where do they go to the kings of the earth where the spirits of demons come from the mouth of the Dragon the beast and the false prophet the dragon represents Satan and all paganism that the beast represents the papacy and the false prophet all other false religions Protestantism and all those most religions so I thought paganism out of the papacy out of Protestantism out of the mouth does the spirits of demons come forth but there working miracles so here you have this great miracle working why when is this context this is between six and seven play what's going on between six and seven play there has been this attempt for a union of church and state national Sunday was the past there is a international enforcement of the mark of the beast but they can't deliver what they said they would deliver basin will deliver peace and prosperity but after Six Flags is not delivered there's chaos everywhere turmoil everywhere so Satan has to do something was he due he rallies together through false miracles the forces of hell to destroy the righteous enemy artillery of heaven falls hailstones sixty six pounds and that Jesus comes it delivers his people but the point is if you look at verse fourteen what is it that deceives you know people say seeing is believing they say I'm too intellectual one is that the deceived thinking intellectual people its miracles is America so they say for the spirits of demons performing signs and miracles want to be kings of the earth of the whole world to gather them to the what the battle got a light this idea of deceit miracles as mentioned of course and Revelation thirteen Revelation seventeen Matthew twenty four NYS label take the Mark of the beast look at Revelation nineteen Revelation nineteen and the beast was captured and with him the false prophet verse twenty who works sign miracles in his presence by which he deceived those who receive the mark of the beast why did the people receive the mark of the beast in his great ecumenical thrust because of the lot miracles will God work miracles can we expect that an enzyme will Satan work miracles but I can tell the difference well here's a chart that may help you in genuine healing when you look at the focus of the miracles when you look at the timing of the miracles when you look at the goal of the miracles that means miracles in counterfeit healing we will do the same thing so simply read your little chart we developed on in January healing the focus of the miracles is always in the glory of God in counterfeit healings the focus of the miracles is always on the exalted self in genuine the miracles under this area of focus of salivary focus in genuine miracles what happens for God 's glory is more important than what happens for me in counterfeit miracles what happens to me is more important than what happens to God 's glory so that's a key point in all genuine miracles the emphasis is on the glory of God secondly in genuine miracles God knows best and counterfeit miracles I know best update genuine miracles who knows best God knows best counterfeit miracles I know that's in genuine miracles it is God 's will be done in counterfeit miracles it's my will be done so when I see the exalted self when I see I know best when I see a quote unquote the you are going is saying don't have enough faith in any field is that contrary to the New Testament it sure is because they doesn't sometime get a pencil budget there's not faith so it's not the state that healed me it's about God that heals me distrusting his glory trusting his sovereignty dressing his omniscience putting my life in his hands on my hands so in that unit in the faith healing business so-called because the was in faith healing the wheel of the person or the will of the evangelist superimposes the will of God it makes the basic assumption that if you're sick you're outside God 's will that's the basic assumption that makes which is a phone assumption Balzac rate three times of this eyesight problem probably I cite this thorn in the flesh this infirmity remove for me but wasn't removed but God says my grace is what sufficient for you on counterfeit healing in counterfeit healing there is no template in in January healing the anointing oil symbolizes the consecration the willingness to change my lifestyle the willingness to do anything the guy asked me to do to cooperate with him freely that is the genuine healing is saying I'm willing to do anything that's the anointing oil that's the name of the Lord that's that I'm when you change my lifestyle in counterfeit healing is just added a favorite at the word watching the counterfeit healing never emphasizes obedience a natural it does not emphasize the need for change neither does it emphasize repentance neither does emphasize heartfelt on your knees crying out to God asking if anything in your life and keep you so in counterfeit healing it is praise God pray tell what America but don't worry about the change in your heart your bitterness in your anger and resentment your jealousy toward the person sitting next you don't worry about that just distrust of their yet you don't worry about changing your I don't worry about the physical habits of your life in genuine healing I come before God the anointing oil is placed upon her for head I think on my body is your temple God whatever you want to do with it you wanted me to glorify you by being healed immediately I praise you join a glorified by you by being to graduate I praise you want me to glorify you in the resurrection I praise you God what he wants to hear from from this person my body is your temple what changes in my mind in the recesses of my mind when changes in my heart in my attitudes my affections what changes in my lifestyle what where's all that all I wanted to reward is being your camp if you see in your glory through your compassion heal me immediately got a preacher for the war I know that there is not immediately your enemy strength and courage and hold so that I can glorify you in every aspect of my life that's the contrast between the two we can expect miracles in the last days let me read you some statements that are just quite amazing great controversy six twelve miracles will be wrought the sink will be healed signs and wonders of all the believer miracles will be wrought God is good have a group of people that are totally committed to his glory and are willing to make any changes he wants them to make in God is the work miracles you may work them instantly and they were congratulating a working by using natural remedies and got at times uses modern medicine God uses a variety of means here is forth I am the spirit of prophecy eight four oh five the opposite side through the agency 's spiritualism miracles he wrought the sickle be yielded many undeniable wonders will be performed so God worked miracles say to be worked miracles here's another one this one links miracles to prayer this is Ellen White wrote this from in it some say attorney notes in California March eighth nineteen oh seven in a pamphlet called testimonies for the church for strengthening our institutions and training centers it's a pamphlet called spreads does the voice of the church with a strengthening of our insufficient drainage he said among God 's people there seem to be a great reformatory movement on this tremendous last days is going to reformatory movement among God 's people to be right five of the Reformation I thank God that I believe our church is entering into that period of time right now Dubya reformatory movement many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrought a spirit of intercession was seen even as manifest before the day of Pentecost so here people get together praying or seeking God there dedicated himself to his glory and God does work the miracles now there is there are state nurtured I want to conclude with and I want to give you a context for those statements because they are easy to be misunderstood it says in second select messages page fifty four the way in which Christ worked was to preach the word and to relieve suffering by miraculous works of healing but I am now instructed that we cannot now work in this way forsaken will exercise his power by working miracles God 's servants today could not work by means of miracles because furious works of healing claiming to be divine will be brought I miss understood that statement for many years honestly if you look at it from the surface you say okay we should expect or anticipate miracles because Satan 's counterfeit but that's an assumption reading into the status of things that are not there so how do we harmonize a statement like this with the multiple statements that white makes were she says in the Bible statement subordinates in many miracles work highway harm arises to very simple if sometimes you read read read this one I said before you don't need my glasses that I missed the notice what it says and what it does not say sometimes it's important to see what statement does not say as well as to see what statement does say it does not say God 's not to work miracles does once it say the way in which Christ worked was to preach the word and relieve suffering by miraculous works here but I am instructed that we cannot now work in this way for Saint Whitesides Barbara working miracles ninth testimonies sixteen says God 's people will not find their safety in working miracles for Satan will counterfeit the miracles that will be brought here's the issue the way in which we work today our prime method of working is not the working we preach the gospel we share the loss of health fats are primarily of working but we anticipate that in the proclamation of the gospel and in the teaching of the principles of health God honors that by working miracles we do not make miracles our main ambition we make the proclamation of the gospel and the sharing of truth our passion and when we do that we expect God to work miracles we do not like some churches offer the way were working as this is a great miracle healing meetings we proclaim God 's work we proclaim God 's truth we proclaim our desire to be committed to his glory and we believe that he will work miracles and it is not the method of our working but the result of our work thank you for joining us today sign of love I do pray for you father in heaven today we thank you that we can bring honor to you the great goal of our life is only to honor you and glorify you and praise you Lord we want I can't bring you our minds and ones that are reminded Brandon Roy 's most new in each moment you are a a a a you as my audio three maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find you and you and I is him and more this is a free online service please visit www. nonbeliever is not a


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