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  • August 5, 2010
    6:45 PM
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and as I family and it is my distinct and real revolution to invite QSI tonight my friend build on who is presently serving as editor of the Adventist review we are grateful for his service and he has trouble is also on Sabbath evening of bringing our keynote address and I were going to talk about the Adventist review don't ask his questions and the Adventist review is one of the longest published papers in Adventist church what role wasn't playing as the church has been I was trying to describe not long ago the role of the Adventist review is being the center pole of the Adventist church the last hundred and sixty one years it's where you go to get the best information to get doctrinal materials to read about mission it's a place of gathering and always has been in the life of the church we see ourselves as committed to the central core not only teaching about his but of the people that my wife and I happen to have the privilege of being a DC two weeks ago and every morning when we came down the long walkway from the hotel to the meeting there would be young folks and have flyers showed us what happened and most of the days there was a new edition of the administrative hollow in the world did you manage that logistically that's one of the things we spent five years getting ready to do when you try to turn out a thirty two page four-color magazine every twenty four hours for about eight days challenges especially when you're publishing house is about seven hundred miles away RM six every day we would send the content digitally to Hagerstown Maryland review and Herald publishing this is about six p.m. they would plated and printed and an oxidant and put on a private charter plane but you what we would arrive in Atlanta if I was sitting on the table steering committee by six thirty a.m. we want to write this I have to admit I was one of those moments that huge team of people contributed JI have said and I will say again publicly an enormous thanks to the good folks of the review and Herald who made that possible by literally staying up all night now I believe you're rolling out some of the regulars do I think I've seen them in the mail in fact all eight special daily bulletins are in addition to the normal thirty six that you get an annual subscription and two thousand ten and in every GC year bill urine editor I and that means you make some decisions do you pride everything that comes to you or you exert some kind of editorial prerogative I don't want to discourage people by giving away the actual percentage of what we have reprinted what comes in the mail but I can tell you that we look at every article with appointed youth that asks how will this build of God 's people probably teach them how to instruct them however encourage them if it doesn't pass those tests we thank the authors and send it back but it needs those tests we publish those things working carefully when authors to make sure that the impact of the ideas the Lord gave them really good community and believe that your policy as you wire today is representative of mainline traditional seven p.m. absolutely were committed to those values as persons is an editorial team we take counsel regularly with the leadership of the church both lay and administrative trying to make sure that we stay on balance we stay focused on the mission of the church we know to be essential I have seen in our local Congress paper that you were a speaker one of our tech means you're out on the circuit neurons he knew why are you out so much up about one of the things you have to do when you edit a magazine in the in today's culture is help people understand what value it has for their live I can I say you read this magazine your faith will be strengthened you read this magazine to fall more in love with Jesus read this magazine your children are to grow up maturing in the Lord Jesus Christ this evening when you walk out here to get your own copy of the door test that out to see if I'm telling the truth my wife and I read the letters to the editor some of some of the more interesting conversation were points of view are our express their suburban back and forth sometimes it's not always commendatory sometimes it's critical you have any particular themes of letters or particular experience of the letter that you like your a lot of writers send very encouraging note and all those women think were only about self-congratulation what you read in the letters section of the Adventist review is frequently just a sampling usually reacting to the content of previous issues most of the time people right has to say tomorrow this print more of that kind of thing sometimes we have honest voices who say I don't think you got it right here we listen carefully to those and if you're one of those written a letter we try to respond to your letter personally as well as publish the most useful ones we think the churches can be helped by you be willing to let us take a handful or how many people read and/or subscribe to revere that if you're welcome to do it in fact I hope more hence keep going up how many of you received out in his review on a regular basis so your friendly territory that is not unanimous when you know that means I still have work to do that's why I come to places like ASI CYC identikit meetings continuing to put the word out this magazine has been and continues to be the center pole the Seventh-day Adventist church we want you to come gather here and and learn what God is doing his people if you want to members and those in the free again audience to have a take away and what would you want us to know or think or have an impressive amount that you trust it is a place that you can open up on Sabbath or Friday evening that's the way I correct reading the Adventist review little knowing that someday I'd be responsible for the words in those pages once you notice when you come away from these pages your faith is to be built that's been my story so many times as I've gone back in the archives of this magazine I get the privilege to see what God has done through the pages of his journal hundreds of thousands of people have been one to faith and strengthened in their faith by what God is putting the pages of this magazine it began with a prophetic vision I think were still following that vision of sending light streams of light around the world thank you very much thank you just a few minutes ago you heard the beautiful rendition from a Wayne up with your eight years the goal of Wayne decided to pull up stakes from the United States and on a Friday country when you move the design country he realized that there was something missing in his life there was no a S I found an hypnagogic dream and pray and wish them all that is good in drug BSI fireman in a day-to-day basis in this foreign country will too years ago something happened a series of inventive ways that would change everything and bring to fruition in twenty Wayne Festival well I'm very excited to share this with you this evening because as among said it's true that I found it a little bit difficult to be where there weren't very many Adventist and where there wasn't a thriving group like ASI and so it took a while to Kenneth you know I just to him into a different culture because I live in Canada so it's French-speaking suppressible I had a language to learn and then economic a few cultural things to learn as well but a couple of years ago the Congress president his name the Québec conference his name is Dragon land of its and he approached me and he told me about an experience that he had when he was a pastor in Michigan and that experience how to do with ASI ASI was involved in an evangelistic project there in his church and he was so impressed to see the way that laypeople work together with the charge that he said we have to have ASI here in Québec Canada as well and that story really test my heart because I felt here is an individual that the reason you want to find that his experience deified in those of you that have experienced a you know that that's the thing that we should have everywhere were laypeople are working hand-in-hand with the organized church to be able to share the gospel and work in many different ways so it took a little bit of time that we we work together I together with the conference by the minute together with and supporting ministries that are there in Québec and together appointment businesspeople to try to form a first board in order to relieve the pioneers see the ring as I to put that word in your able to spontaneously start to that certain size is always organized within the umbrella church and were part of the North American division recovers Québec so Wayne Khan in front with us once we had a roof in place McCain strategy session and once it was clear that you guys were in the spirit of SI you have roots you were doing what inside the we voted as an ASI or to bring you into our fold vessel wasn't the end I had to contact Dan Jackson who was then president of the Canadian Union and he had to take it to his union board him improvement which they then no one knew I'm sure even though he would be president of the division but months ago this year they approve the organization of the Québec chapter and so you are now formally a part of the North American division link you mentioned language challenges one of the challenges you face in well you know there are a lot of challenges in one of the challenges that we face is just health Malta Turkey and Québec I than three thousand members in the whole province and that there are about eight million people that live in the country of Québec and you know we can look at it from the fact that all there are very many but I just look at it and decide that a SI joint abstinence in impacting the back because everybody knows each other and want to catch the vision of what ASI is all about I believe that it's going to really change the charts in Québec and in a way that will really get laypeople involved in home fired to do something and so that's what I'm really excited about is to see how people are getting on board and their wanting to significant development I know it can be part of the so it's on fire in Québec what about the rest of Canada but what your dreams or visions of the rest of Canada well of course it's you men send it is working back and so were to be French-speaking and in the chapter that we are developing a course will also provide English translation but is primarily for the French and so the English people need something to the values of the French people start thinking his English people than typing the first people in the English people need things as well so not encouragement to any of you that are Canadian members or any of you that are interested in becoming Canadian members to get organized as well there's plenty of room for everybody Canada's Snowmass and much larger than the United States but the population is so small that it makes a lot more sense and the ASI board agreed that makes a lot more sense to organize my sector in order to efficiently work together and collaborate but we wanted to communicate altogether sign so that even a Canadian that get organized enough to them about things likely ASAP for west of the Rockies somewhere British Columbia after somewhere perhaps in Ontario and were open to it we want to happen historically there was an Eastern and Western chapter in Canada so it is time to revive know me I understand that you involved in ministry also tells about some of you talk about it right okay you didn't read human dynamo will will median it is called better living and that's John seven afternoon will be talking about it so be sure to come back in here and we believe that media is one way to reach this very secular people were in a share with you all the things that we're doing to try to reach not have been the comeback thank you alone ASI I love this part of the program we have some wonderful stories your eye out with me my ring would need to and they are from Riverside Riverside Farms Institute inspiring tell me about yourselves and where you're from and a little bit about what you're doing and my wife and I from the sci-fi music it is said from Zambia and everything looking before nine years now and the site is supportive menisci disseminating this judge a member of OCI of the Census international okay were neither note you have an evangelism department is that right so what does that entail will coordinate closely matches and the punishment for this site for we would then come in the countries around leaving the as soon as they only teach me that you are from we teach them how at the same time maybe my domestic dairy I am available by phone redhead and am meant to be represented in the first we have a nine hundred and twenty of the identified work with her this accurately but I actually don't like the others look out efficiently but they do give reports to my wow wow that's exciting so now how do these pioneers reach people of Africa what are they doing we realize that all veterans of the laypeople and playing his last days enough to bring the message of Jesus Christ people and use these lay workers between them we send them out to the foot of the spots of Zambia and even across the borders of Zambia and any good places for you and I cannot go in the same an angry sense and culture and absolute together with him actually the CSI was the team wife and I visited them for months of the year the danger visited it within three program I encourage them to do the work and we use a specific myth and I was speak about that tonight and that is using the kitchen of a powerful way we found that the literature works very efficiently with the Zambia in Africa is a hunger for spiritual things so people are hungry we want to see and especially want to mention my biggest ministry and even Raymond publishes that's given us a lot of material and specifically my visa given us by voice and speak for the voice of prophecy lessons and be use those lessons to increase the Bible these pioneers within the field is returning so in one CA January we give assuming up to them train them don't want to do what is deemed to make a plan for the year and then they go out to every single box you can think off they go to market releases they go to hospitals to go to schools they go to prisons we have a pioneer that he's only working in prisons he goes into the prisons he has full authority to going to any of the state prisons and egos including these five lessons with the prisoners and the Navajo food event listing in a meeting with their inside the prisons and we find that we are increase not just the number of baptisms was the number of Bible studies that one person can give and through this training defining sixty three others also to be involved in this and there found that at the moment they get about three thousand four thousand baptisms in the year and more than twenty thousand people a study these Bible lesson soon and got his health is to increase not just the one on one but people can just find the citizens study them very hey man can you say a man so can you tell me a story about one of these pioneers of testimony storing kinky plants are green users sitting in the office one day and he was busy liking we can unmask men walking two he will be displayed in the plane you didn't know how to get nine anyone to give you money he sold one that even even then many he would need the men refused the money times office in some cases ninety anything he wants the ability to stupidity says it can take what a feeling in the crust of the new right and anyway and any and all information she did not want to be when a madman so she just examinations to get rid of him she walked down the right and she sold anything before the green unit can be hurting and competing in looking at them in getting me interested in some of the current account she links you ultimately I think she's waiting for them wow that is incredible while you must have an incredible budget that sponsor and worked with all these people what is it costs sponsor a pioneer about eighty dollars in a month response by the media mafia while the familiar little and sometimes we need to them and you get a bowl of rice for breakfast is what you get so that's within about that is that is incredible thanks so much for for your time if you have anything else that you want to add thinking they might be concealing names you can invite people to come to the booth and get attention so if you know these people there in the exhibit hall and you'll get built note envelope and ask him some tough questions okay all right thank you so much that's wonderful now I have a special special friends here that I want you to meet at these these folks are very dear to my heart rarely will you meet someone was so much joy in the Lord and this is Jeffrey and Martha JD in their hair from from Kenya and Jeffrey tell me something have have you always been blind I I was when I was a child a received many profit sharing I was going the ninety ten and lays off as a nice weekend and when I was a youth I got this message of day Adventist and that I was on fire I wanted to make sure that everybody has known these message and I continue being Bible study house to house and I was so amazed that God would save soul USC we guess a new believer and identity to battle that's anxiety of preaching I started even preaching in the streets and that many people started driving to resend the message and many people up to every cysts on I would call a cop out and people could I woods and I couldn't introduce them to a neophyte shot in Nairobi and they will baptize and this time I thought being that knows we aren't rich enough program in the build showed me that I got of the bride but I didn't take it and I knew I was preaching about believing God and I knew that he could revise this all he wouldn't have me not to continue being wise but eventually unfortunate to I talk to experiencing that they could not believe the Bible I was very unruly dog bed repeats butts I was inspired goes utile every time you fight people you unloose your fighting a losing battle in all-out war we accepted my feet our auto was shown which I'm not on the eve I get than I am yesterday I made when I seems from preaching all where would I ever get to our wife Margaret you're enough regard when you have the right Bjorklund interviews the streets begging and money so I knew this was the end of my life but the good God beside me it goes he's the one who will know better than I always find me in raw honey mustard eighty eight when you said all principles feel the want for your I could not comprehend these and I don't know how brightness would be oh eight eight two bytes when I accepted this message when accept accepted the reality that will draw it started receiving my iPod is the binding my wounds and you'll started up forming group Meetup group dots the great question on I was asking when it would I get a white to give me this one have tolerated and that a vast for everyone what happened what happened next what happened out how did your life turned around to get in my lifetime allowed for good because I was thinking that was the end of my preaching backs after the Boudreaux did meet his beautiful wife he to stop that happening me around and preach your memory and I was interesting to gain preaching admitted people accepted prize and then I'll stop I sent any of that benefited all been good news and how it begun to transform the whole process of my life me and I tell you now I am experiencing a good life soon when I'm not being a ministry by the name passing that I mean is made and I am suing writes in got them all God 's a man of a rat you know Jeffrey turned to me and he was telling me about when he went flying out depressed he was when he turned to me and he said but who knew that people would flock to hear a blind man preach and Jeffrey has planted fifteen churches and hundreds of people baptize these trained Bible workers in Kenya and nine and they've even started another little program but but tell me on the tell you a story as we have just a second here but you know I'm during the political unrest in Kenya they had some real trouble and I got an e-mail from a lady that was over there telling about the violence and how they were attacked by mobs in their car was being when windows were broken out and over and over they would drag Jeffrey out of the car and try to making speak because his dialect would tell them where he was from and they would have killed them in the months killed a lot of people the same mobs in one village after another God delivered them and she told me this horrible wing story and I sorry start calling Jeffrey and calling Jeffrey finally I got Jeffrey on the phone I said Jeffrey Jeffrey you need to come back to the states and and I said the event travelers as all the lard is that the Lord has blessed a man and I said that you had trouble Jeffrey and he says the Lord takes care of us we had a little trouble but the Lord is good we baptize thirty five more people at and I said that Jeffrey you should go I will let it go unrest settles down and Jeffrey says Mark I'm determining to be spent for the gospel a man and he stayed there and had another evangelistic campaign and baptized more people amen amen so Jeffrey and Martha have started on orphanage and from there a lot of organs from this political unrest and brown eggs there and so you need to stop by their booth and get to know him a little bit insane man and thank YouTube also much easier to tear thank you next I have a doctors Chris and Lee love Lewis and their narratives talk to us a little bit and can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you're up to what you're doing in your ministry yes thank you Mark we are both graduates of Loma Linda University school of medicine I'm a general surgeon and leeway is an OB/GYN together we found the right arm of love which is a nonprofit organization which provides free health screening and free health counseling in Phoenix Arizona also were heavily involved in health media and we've recently found in the medical and surgical health and healing Institute and its origination in two thousand and three by God 's grace and get it over two hundred thousand pieces accredited literature generously donated by project before I got gravely reminded once as an individual that free housecleaning and my time drank and I will have my monthly contact and seven families starts a man prays God to praise the Lord thinking you can you tell me know how you went from health screenings and health media will end two thousand and five we began doing teaming up with Angeles and you combining our health lectures with full-blown and evangelistic seminars there is not really astronomical Elkanah made me enjoy the Trinity broadcasting network ENIAC and NBC where we were actually filmed for free air time in addition to the Arizona government gave their full support and in the executive branch of years and inanimate as well as multiple evangelical church the way also the health insurance open doors for the television show practical living which is produced by Mama Linda broadcasting network and practical living is currently re- aired in Phoenix on the good news television that's a local advantage TV station and not for the named individual container height fifteen upon tenant hereby like the congrats actually McCain acquainted with them through Huntington Arizona State and how they had eaten all of me to the bed going to help myself and Angela I'm not I can see that he's one of people in a given and I can see that there helped bands one praise the Lord you know I know the Lord uses lifestyle medicine and lifestyle therapy your both acute care providers in general argues that the lead people to Jesus absolutely mark on this thing yet it has been an issue with the patient of mine when I was at Loma Linda but that's a peccary and which is where it was like a cancer and growth in the lining of the uterus and patterns in the bowel bladder and even the black vessels and as you can transmit the life-threatening emergency because the patient and lead I actually hadn't planned for hearing me when getting ready and eliminated by the accident and you immediately followed up by taking out the uterine the patients are off limits in the hospital for months on end even connecting exactly what happened to intranet we were watching her very waiting ahead of time see what is happening anything and then the dreaded day arrived and she started bleeding and operating room economy down here everyone was crying men are naturally enhancing that you and she had made me a inherent zebra will even diehard hand of cards in and also please bring her through this very very dangerous operation safely in the accident delivered a very healthy baby boy in the lipid raft near taking up and coming on and gone into the house and law and everything was bleeding profusely there was nothing we could do to stop it I know I leaned over the curtain had been in effect and never want to hear you had any thoughts comprising now I all you've got to be kidding me on which he said no when I start crying from the Lord allowed had previously been trying to beginning and I mean my mind in time I believe probably how they started arriving around the room and all Chaos is breaking with the topic something called a coma last regularly except all I ask in the entire hospital visit Loma Linda University he packed red blood cells these are units of fresh frozen plasma and thirty eight units of platelets later my dad and he miraculously saved her he brought animation and my mind recognizing this operation was over and she was incredibly dramatic and management at Jesus Matthew through that operation he has a plan for you Jesus has a plan for you when she went this maximum of life in her home with a magazine on the mannequin one drive what happens when we die I am so happy and excited today by vaccination involvement in an emergency that they were baptized in man and I finally say will I I understand you have a plan to land lifestyle medicine with acute care can you tell me about that briefly yes we believe that these two are just completely intertwined there are so many situations where it like a patient handle John E had severe Crohn's after performed his surgery for his he had Crohn's disease is able to share with him God 's lifestyle plan for him and today he is symptom-free from his bronze is off on his Crohn's medications of praise God for that that's why replying to start a Seventh-day Adventist Hospital combined with lifestyle center on the outskirts of Phoenix Arizona wow I know it's it's often difficult to sustain lifestyle centers how do you plan to overcome this is often in our house in dealing Institute and is actually a case I and commission I will commission two years gave the three Angels messages using methods in turn has been updated native methods in an alliance with Steve that what is that the mission in play I made a reduced in the reduced salary that is how it doesn't attract funding the Arizona conference in and on salary I utilized to purchase the land the building and income gain the institution in entirety both the life of an anti- acute-care setting the law to my amazing opportunity because they felt that the Holy Spirit is leading we actually have an appointment to meet with the governor in the theater is known in the next couple of months needed to be busy as well and only recounting the Trinity broadcasting network starting August twenty seven wow you seen any evangelistic success from these new efforts will we just open more doors for medical practice but already where Artie seen God producing fruit we sent out thirty seven thousand flyers to the surrounding homes we had a number all people then and what comes our practice is limited to recognize something different about our practice in addition several have come our of said appointment specifically because we are a Seventh-day Adventist practice and many of them are non- and even the Lord will participate in with him as we attempt to create a method as in the world with each and every one of you to follow the fleeting and I guarantee you will not be different point in a man a man to get to know these young people at the exhibits I appreciate it God bless them please make reduced you might dear friend Ruben Diaz and he's from Portugal and I'd like to meet and Rubin are first-time and at this ASI convention in two thousand seven in Ruben US I could come over and help set up NASA chapter Portugal in two thousand and eight so Don and I went and got the car with Ruben and we took a three-hour drive it was one of those what I call Henry Martin called divine appointment because at that time Ruben you asked us how a site had changed our life and we told you our family story about how it is I has changed our our life and our family and given us what we have today in the joys that we have the service and what happened when we talked well you sense our heart because actually you wanted to experience that we came to a aside before we've heard stories and we thought this has to happen in our lives so when you sold about this and specifically about that DVD program I was not and I remember that I ask you the zone we want to do something like this so you did before tell me how to do it and find your place IIS you what country you want to go to and I remember I said L I don't care what you just said let's think about us pray about it and whatever comes up then we just don't okay and I told you that I need to think and pray about this for guys to give me a couple weeks would you still happen he took us to his fantastic vegetarian restaurant and just as we sat down I got a phone call it was from pastor Mark Finley and he said deadline just got back from Cuba and you can't believe the exciting things is going on in Cuba right now we need to get down there and get involved in doing DVD training and training the laypeople to be involved in evangelism and I I said I think I know just the person all third all let you know and I hung up the phone I told you about that I went about what you are enough for about ten minutes yes you came back it's only listen I have a printer for you and I ask you what advertising that are quick what has or is it right I said Cuba has it all that's good because I been there before I know the language my parents were missionaries in South American I learned Spanish medicine until you and I thought it was even better because you live in Portugal in America we have a tough time get into Cuba that's right so as you said it was a divine appointment that was where really shocked by it so if the equitable transit and so what happened after that we went together actually went together with another about eight members of ESI and that was in two thousand nine it was a frown with experience we actually took Ramon Re: it's executive secretary and Ray Allen Harold and several other people in a white light telegram went in we went when we do while we were a great team blessed by the Lord and what happened was tremendous was the first time that I experience them I life again I saw it before another people but then I stress myself we went there and it was scheduled to be trained one thousand people one thousand person you know what one thousand soda exactly nobody missed the one thousand were trained and equipped and that the thousand nine that the best interest to see on that yet we do we can never get some pictures it's amazing how people react in Cuba to having opportunity to show the message was exciting to see is the fit the faces of people when they realized they can do more to tell others about the face of this lady raises an example when you have a equipment and after the training they're so amazing initially there were frightening I think they can't do it but again there are so involved with the Holy Spirit that they just want to go right away and do it okay and then you went and what happened after that when did it again well I called in sick the chain reaction because you know I was impacted by somebody else might you advance of the waste private Holy Spirit and others like you I know and we went again in two thousand ten this year so we did another one thousand with a pretty much the same team we have another different from Portugal Carlos also at Randy Bevis easier and other friends so we made another team and we that another eight hundred families and more than that showed up so there we had about two thousand families now train the human government I know you could tell stories all night long to raise a family tell us one quick story you know one thing that was really shocking was that and it's raining when I was giving the training at the end the local pastor came to me actually be a responsive is responsible for the Ebersol ministries began to be said listen we have a surprise I you prepare for the surprise there is one person right now that he's prepared for baptism he has gone through the studies and he wants to be baptized right now that we've invited sure let's do it so and there's the person 's particular person was at pastor in another domination and you know what was incredible what happened afterwards was that he was baptized and I had this blessing this incredible opportunity that I have over to him his DVD player for an end to the wake afterwards he met so let me get this straight a layman gave him and let him to the Lord down in Cuba a layman for Portugal gave me equipment to use so that this pastor can now teach the Adventist message to other people in Cuba yes and that you know that we have report that I received an e-mail at two days ago that another passer of another nation also happen the same thing and specifically what happened was that five of his congregations have now been baptized in Baptist Church a man sell more than two hundred people already have accepted the message but didn't stop there get it because we has some more pictures to show you what happened magnetically in our business up here we came back to Portugal and we thought it have to happen for two also so right now in Portugal we did the same training process again to chain reaction in behalf four hundred and eighty families that were trained and are ready and their mothers on small groups amen but then not only did that happen what did you decide to do person well myself and Carlos we are officers of ESI reports we thought listen we cannot talk about it if we don't do it so this was a big challenge for us so we decide to set up our own group we have a photo here and you know we had a visit and visit was initially so we prayed about it we just die out to families and what happened afterwards tremendous because now we have a visitors attending our small group so we are a total of twenty five people of four different families running a small group family did you now you understand that the DVD program is of the unit generously given to that has now had impact not only does it have an impact here in North America it has a huge impact in Cuba it has a huge impact around the world and with your offerings in your financial support you Mabel to help this role and millions of people of her message through this program and is just exciting to be a part of it and you be able to play another part of that you are offering this coming the Sabbath thank you very much to our RSS matter is that you are and I is an atmosphere being here and I will forward it around the world everybody that's here is my love for all their hard salinity my fashion sense of mission while I don't if I can mention of my friends are going to see you want to find out how to share your father I is inciting to be revisited on the network and from and I really mean is I actually know me know and meet you're fired as a everything on him and is a aside all about you being inspired to be a blessing wherever you are no matter what you're doing is people accompany us on to share the of hearing I think Shannon as when ignorance my one of my favorite part of the convention in hearing from you all kinds of people 's suffering is sharing Christ restoring the one in South America and Asia is right here in our own North America is nothing like that you have in his old age as his seminars I frame is sealed even really get me on money and he immediately mentioned there is no networking is the worldwide emergency contact in the hallway in general I know what you're doing only is the licensee is is is is is waving and smiling and see that other people are doing are doing he is young and I'm together using modern and will make them the same business challenges you have the worst is the series and the medicine and cellular losing on business are as there is a lot of owners only the exhibit halls and replaced longer around to see ministration to see what's happening all around him the night is presently known for his third divorce anything that is what is or is is is is our exhibit hall you are interested help study the Bible archaeology of privacy and address educational institutions the ministries and assignments on time as I is very selective or is there someone between twenty five and thirty Pacific lodges that we find with battle to the questions that they not be funded and individuals than to be fun as they head for the very large very small every one in advance I can then use the findings around the world I really like as a business and I don't have maybe a lot in I think spend our money in one way or the other you can go to Hawaii DUI reuse and you can spend an awful lot in question what is my choice in how I spend that money return inside is huge to change the way ABC mission how did measure the light changing out I was on but it's worth having because not only can you read that McKinsey is an ASI convention is not a cost less Jesus is evangelistic project in the city with ESI convention is my behalf he will use his program encompasses the idea that young people can be powerful and that has been a phenomenal blessing as we watch and learning how to share their faith out of the room I was letting out a brief sermon as a result of that in all things that are personally and spiritually ask Cronkite about you and you want to say anything of them are giving their lives to Christ for the first time as a result of participating in this program after might see everything as long as Jesus from there I noticed that they were much more willing to share their faith they saw that there was a place for them for things related to him and instead get the benefits açai convention from watching at home there is something very special about physically come into our convention and being there and sharing the spirit have found a safe place and at meal time around Ohio County of Franklin and have friends and community all possible I will become there's something about the dynamic method is to pick up that with the enthusiasm of life is a him sitting in to so rule will rule there are a number and then they reassign is more than just once I will your ministry and reassignment the program that you will will will I never would in the nominal engine had been tell the government will press is actually in this entire thing is I really has something I is is is something powerful video isn't it you can do is you can get a copy of it at a desk at the registration desk if you'd like to have your own copy to take home with you to share with your church family to inspire other people to become a part of ASI would want to talk just for a couple of minutes about ASI membership I'm not sure how many of you know there several categories of membership in ASI you can be an organizational member that means you own your own business and you have at least two employees that could include yourself and you been in business for at least one year or you could be an associate member you may not own your own business but your professional person some managerial capacity and you work for someone else you can be an associate member of ASI is also the associate international category possibly her from a country where there is no ASI presence you can join ASI North American division and be a part of this organization as an associate international member those of the basic categories of ASI our goal is to increase the membership of ASI not the habit get last right we want to tell more people about the blessings of being members of ASI and you can be a part of telling someone else and inviting someone else to become a member of ASI right now in our international convention this year for those of you who are not members and would like to sign up you will receive a fifty percent discount off of your membership so that gives you an incentive to apply at this convention to sign those papers get that application and in you receive a discount on your first year 's membership so take care of that stop by the registration desk and take care of that when you connect with ASI is a couple of things that are going to happen and you are experiencing those things right now you are connecting with people who have a burden to share the good news of the gospel around the world is that true a man not only that you will leave ASI inspired to do something personally so those are two great benefits for being involved in a member of ASI and I have with me today Lindy and Brian Schwartz not many how long if you've been members of ASI we've been members of a aside for seven years although we've attended by about ten years missing to in your experience how would it value you place on a site how does that affect you to attend the ASI convinced to be a member of ASI ASI has been a I think in our lives and how I might make a statement in that paycheck and profits she says that it is it would be good at this time for the people of God to have a feast of Tabernacles where we come together and share the blessings that God has done for us as you know the datatype Tabernacles feast of booths and we have those here but there is a tremendous the last thing that I received is ensuring that other people being incurred by them going good thing making friends see all friends and being connected like Debbie said in the video being here is different than watching you feel it experience that it's a fermented okay now what the new with you and your husband do for work I'm a physician and my husband is a physician as well so Doctor and Doctor yes okay outright I know that you've been experiencing this as well and that some pretty amazing things happen some of you may actually recognize Brian because he was featured in the special that was done on PBS in that was entitled what Brian was the absence of okay feature about Abacus healthcare Tiger medicine to the medical work now if you did any of that happen as a result of being involved with ASI I absolutely think so a few years ago five six seven years ago I used to see my medical practice is just my job and I go to work every day I need to go on a mission trip was about the Sabbath school but my practice was a job and as a result of getting involved with a SI units other ministries like a man in dialoguing with other physicians that were ministry minded I began to see that my practice could be so much more than just a business what a way to Ashley turned into a ministry was as a result of praying with patients with heavy spiritual conversations that I was asked to participate in and have been video what would you say to someone who's thinking about joining ASI I would say that's an ASI because the best I have Wednesday of August every year make time now to come to a aside join up thank you Nancy is that the boot did your application it evening as I my first guess is Edith Tolkien 's and not your heart from right here in Orlando right and center board RI state and have a long commute to get here now and I really appreciate of Baghdad around we have the meetings you know that Edith back in two thousand two there is a movie called the passion of Christ correct and many of you are familiar of that movie and the responses some damaged church had to it your church took the opportunity to order five thousand books to share so what happens only little bit more about that while we had plans to do on and add the passion of the ages five thousand of them at the festival and that is how yearly in humans and we try never women had ordered the books before he made the final management and as it turns out after lengthy negotiations I look forward that they will not allow us to hand out any book stayed neighbor not allowed to him in the religious material had been fast so what you do with those five thousand bucks while at first like Pennington and then I than I thought of writing I was walking and trying writing and playing and is constantly playing the reason for the Lord to show what we could do with this box so you take these to the farmers market and tell us about that while one of these times when I was playing and asking for Ms. Linda Lord kind of impressed me to to try to hand them out at the farmers market and as soon as he did that we jumped into action and an amended the spot at our local farmers market and set up at a table and made banners and signs and how we feature the fashion of the ages book but we also had some other books along I said and started handing them out so many of those looks that you pass out are directly from ASI now had to get the people to take the books that you think you're trying to give them what what's wonderful about witnessing this thing is that people come to your table they are curious they want to see what you have a notepad and they start talking and visiting and we do not approach anybody people come to us and an extensive choice to take the material and because of that I believe that these books are used more than if we working on that site going door-to-door and hand them out to everybody now do most people just take one book or do you have some people that take a lot of books whether they do with those books of a lot about a lot of people take more than one book in hand usually they read them and then come back and they are they look at the table you can see their eyes to squandering and then they just point to the different books on this site I have this when I read that one and I like to take the autobahn of color so and NA and they may eventually end up double action on we also have people who are when they see the box interface returning a day asking how could I take another copy of this and that because I would like to send it to you I give it to my daughter seminar on Randall and we are not only witnessing to the people who actually come to the table but they can interact on doing everything for us is now well that's incredible so you have an individual that's taking these books and send them overseas where they sending them to ought we had a couple we have a competent firms regularly to a table and that they were taking quite a few of you know is handful of books sometimes it doesn't and then say much they were just taking them and then finally one time when we started visiting with them and they said that what they do is say on a Margaret Dion and resources .com ministry when they sending care packages student soldiers overseas and they decided to send out books then I'd like to tell you that these people are not Adventists but they'd like their material so much that they decided to spend our material to disorders can you say amen that's exciting now there is an individual that that is sharing the books in his library tell us about that members on the street as we also have other outreach programs on those invited things that we do in and on the street this evening much the same thing and there was one gentleman who came in and he did the same thing it took longer to hearing their and then eventually ended up visiting with him as well and he shared that he was taking the bugs to you to the library that is in his subdivision and he was putting the books he hinted into the library Taliesin photos right here of your ministry and action so you not only just going to the knee farmers market you're also going to you have your your pathfinders going to a Christmas fair pay I refinance my nurse autonomy I may busy and and witnessing we have a a.m. and uses every year they set up their goods and intimacy of picturing a minute and they are a person or ministry is is is not giving them the books in the amount of books and at the fear they were subdued Christmas in the Park and do the same thing and every much use every opportunity that we have to see material enclosing you have any words of inspiration to the people here due to encourage them to do the same thing while I I feel very strongly about every one of us has a work to do that the Lord has assigned us to do and we need to pray and ask the Lord for wisdom to show us what blood that is in the asked me need to plan possibility arguments wisdom and direction in and actually doing the work that you've has a website if you'd like contact her it's Debbie WW hasten his coming .com thank you to my next guest is Tom many of you know Tom he's with creation illustrated magazine I've known Tom for probably twenty years now first we Mark college years ago now Tom has a magazine that is touched my heart personally I have a cousin that Donna got away from the Lord one day he picked up the mags creation illustrate an aneurysm article in there the test is hard he came to Christ from that article is God the chip that's that's that's a direct answer to prayer you know we had two prayers were returned to his publication number one in the top quality of the professionals would feel comfortable about sharing it with the people in their marketplace but also number two that cut across denominational lines I'm happy to report that it are eighteen years we now have fifty five percent non- Adventist leadership can and this is careless use of shorthand so you're familiar with creation illustrated how many subs are currently subscribed and how many are sharing in your marketplace as well as Freda we were to change that just a few minutes I will slide to share with you just so you can get a little bit more familiar with British illustrated and what is it it's a quarterly publication associate with the latebreaking years and it's in all fifty states and thirty foreign countries and readers call it the Christian answer to National Geographic and will hold the other slides for the second part of the Christian answer National Geographic and I didn't tell you this report yet but I got my degree in geography from UC Berkeley a conservative institutional nationals and I had a dream and I had a dream to write for National Geographic now I have to tell you that God had another plan the men and so we have an obligation to ensure the first Angels message not to in Revelation fourteen seven says worship the creator of heaven and earth not to prove that he's the creator of heaven or on earth and so also the first Angels message is there and is sequential we got to get the first Angels message right before we go on to the second and third Angels message amen and I have to say which slipped a little bit about it and we have some work to do you were suffering and we want to help as best we can now in the other slides that the route their food ration illustrated by you in nature as the animal features the outdoor ventures things like that then the Scripture section has the creation week one day at a time little bit deeper into the creation story in the living section you'll find gardening features getting people outdoors helping kids unplug a youth photo contest and a favorite young women Genesis cuisine recipes all vegan and so one twenty nine is one requiring the source for that and so it's it's really been a blessing to see how it's working and this is really priced method of reaching the masses through the things he made Anton in this approach working and it really is working ship as we read in Hebrews without a parable spake he not a good unto him and I'll just share with you a couple of brief letters to show you that it is working on somebody for matter Patrick Askar Rafael prepared says that thank you for your good magazine is a blessing to us we use some articles and sermons of our ministry in our missionary programs in the village it is wonderful then woman in Southern California rights five years we have been enjoying your publication with our granddaughter asked her little two -year-old what shall we read today she runs against creation was dry now an elder elderly person in England while the elderly permanent parents have enjoyed creation most rated your purpose is not so much to prove it has praised your objective selecting content is more devotional thank you for this different approach to sharing creation so I guess it is working and I have to say that partnering with the North American division education apartment Grace about ninety five thousand dollars a year to send six thousand subscriptions to every Adventist teacher in school in North America and job Larry Bochner writes our creation is becoming a large issue in the church and here is a proactive step you can take promoting the advertised view on one future rights we have already used it in staff worship and inspect the use of an student worship and science classes so is evolution taking into the church at all it really is you know we have a real challenge herein on we need to show our young people that we are the greatest evidence of her creator you know we have our creation science in the publication but we need to show that God is still the creator you can create in us a new heart and he's going to re-create disorder NEC Nokia take billions of years to do it amen and if so we know I have to share this opportunity with people and this is just sure and tell on my last slide here were to show you what the pen of inspiration tells us and it says that we need to be that this is the most effective way to reach nonbelievers who know not God is through his works in this way far more than any other method doesn't just say that it's a good method or one method is far better than any other method that can make to be made to worship the true God the maker of heaven and earth so we have an obligation to share the first Angels message in this church and we need to work together to purge the apostasy out of our schools and our churches and if you have isn't an Kellogg were the first that now flow the pollution creeping into our church in our schools is the imago apostasy so we do need to fight back and we need to join and work together some of our goals are to create a DVD and have a six day conversion program a six-day conversion program one pastor said a pivotal of the Lord six days to create earth why shouldn't take us twenty eight days to make it happen and so we want to work together with people who believe in the creation message and have a six-day conversion program a DVD that can go all over the world so if you want to help without seeing me go on our website creation will straighten .com and thought we could work together now we want to see a conviction of people in it if you don't contact me I'll contact you and if you say times are tough all say time is short if you say I can afford it I say we can't afford not to if you say maybe later I said I'll tell you that it's never been this late before as my friend Herb Douglas says it's never been this way before friends and if you have too many projects are involved in real would go to be called to be involved in one four thank you Tom you make my next guest is at Williams and where you from Superfund naiad that he always Minnesota fans know I started all of a sudden dad the Mister and during my teen years I made some very poor choices not drifted away okay how long radon forty two years while so what brought you back much of testimony while fast-forward from them to nineteen ninety two nineteen ninety two my youngest sister was diagnosed with mesothelioma asbestos-related cancer on Jim Long taken out heavy chemotherapy heavy radiation she made it through that three years later her husband went to his midlife crisis and they were gone he was gone for almost five years during that period of time Charlotte 's job was eliminated because the company she worked for the sole shoes in poor health Jerusalem to my wife and I let them through divorces knew what it was like to be lonesome so we decided we would take her under our wing little did we know that God has put us under her wing well we would have dinner once a week we vacationed together she never complained she was just a good and in this question without me but five years later harassment came back in and has to be reinstated him she accepted I thought was a bad idea to work well in two thousand three cancer came back we can half after it was diagnosed she was gone well they just want to AlterNet time my wife kept on saying no I like to be more like Charlotte like to be more like Charlotte well after she was gone Joe says in a we should go to church as it will if we do there's only one going to an end set by accident or suit the only one that just preaches the other mistreatment the real truth of the Bible so we started going to church and she went to Bible studies she was never not it was in deep trouble is although I give up cigarettes back in eighty seven I was every drinker forty two week Monday and I knew that I was not going to stop some as praying about it the day that the pastor are left on the final Bible study as well we got to do this she said yes so I took to twenty five of the thirty pack and I gave it away at the camera should labor to and on in the good Lord took it from him have never since Monday the Senate so this must do have triggered an idea in your mind that you could have a special ministry for people just like you I knew that that the Lord wanted me to do something other than what was your son started studying in front to catch up on this year 's uncle not been improved and gone only better to go after those that are drifted away but somebody had been there for so we started developing our industry at that time okay so what is that ministry what are you doing now without form which is former advanced recovery ministries we have developed a program that we go out to the churches and try to generate interest in reclaiming their people getting on my study on all the prodigal son 's brother to prepare them for the right attitude for reclaiming we provide information on how to and what not to do like I did in the of you stop and think that the one time you don't want to go in and do that on Sabbath afternoon because if you catch them doing something that they shouldn't be doing that the gotcha because resentment any other time and would we try to answer questions on what to do and what not to do to go and love the material and so forth and dumb we also have everyone to write down the names and addresses of three money that they know the shop away from the church because even though I'm located in Silver Spring if I get the name in California I'll call a pastor that this post there are shipping materials with instructions and sample to helping and let him take the materials to them saying this from from ravenous recovery ministry somebody that actually loves film as I'm in contact with us well now you know initiative add this is a full-time job for him he actually has a company into the home inspection company so this is the ASI model right here numbers in action working in the marketplace and hopefully you can take this to a full-time where this is all you do is we know we all know and let's you have a race ahead of you know anybody that you went to school with a family member viewing by this left the church ballot that every hand is raised in the Washington Baltimore area where I live estimated between hundred hundred thousand if you extrapolate that out nationwide in scope to be well over a million it's a big job we need your help okay so what tools do you have it we can tell about right now that they can go to stop by our booth at six twenty nine and show you what we have to offer on the materials and so forth and if you want to do it at your church will get to the materials just let us know okay so this man is is coming to you he hasn't it here he has a solution you have a problem we all have this problem we need to bring our friends and family back to the church back to God and so I really want to hello and visit with this man Jesus six twenty nine and Williams and you also have a website for those of you on television you might wonder right the sound of visited www. happiness farm .com thank you and thank you and we need your prayers mystical evening I would like you did meet my friend and students a low and high on you again low we are so happy to be here to share with you in amazing ways God is leading the love family can you tell us where are you from BL from Laos but beyond moan from the mountain of Laos so you are long from the mountains of Laos yes any of you have ever heard of on people you may quite a few Chinese are on reach he thought he tells more about long people on the moment people originally from South in China is seven pounds off of China on mom country but in the early nineteen nineteen hundred on my two cents fee the Chinese have among countries so they migrated to Salix and China to Laos Vietnam Thailand Burma and between nineteen seventy five at the Vietnam War the mall migrated again to the United States can dial a study of friends Germany New Zealand Argentina thanks for your what religion are the mauling people on the mound believed and sensitive motion and Andaman Newsom and Buddhism and will you and along the elites in your family was what religion my family believed Van Susteren and and the monies and you tell it how you became a Christian blowup of the Vietnam War me become a refugee in I can't than Richie came in Thailand and worth it the visit she was divided by dividing into two section one section is the non-Christian and the others question so I saw the the love of God holding from on the Christian around the war to the Christian science and one-day my cousin in Miami to stay with them Sunday teach me some Bible him singsong and then they also help me to find sponsor sponsor a Christian family to sponsor me to come in this country I did share all the wonderful interesting story tonight and I think he exhibits in your more and has to Jay and Tonya and they would tell you more of this story I will forward to the United States when they were both had come to the United States and found that forward Julian Chester J was the veterinary teacher at the Lutheran seminary in St. Paul Minnesota he also was challenging the church among the Hmong people all of during that time there was a lot more than improving fusion can you tell it about that share when Jane decided to become a pastor we asked the reduce on this file I really ten offbrand and the multimedia key leaders because we always involved in the community and they believe that we have betrayed him people home culture and how religion sold one actually drove and all our full of gasoline in front behind the garage and tried by Houston they also wrote Maney maybe many messages on how the rest that you would not want to read they actually tried to shoot down his request that at the time was the wrong coordinator for the Lutheran Church at that time and they missed him they hit him on his shoulder they actually bonds his garage but he wasn't home and then also a reassuring that we have a mission trip to Southeast Asia weekly phone call and threats from people that we would not come back to thinking but you know what got guide others through August eighty on the because they know that we are doing his work on him reaching out to the mound people in your work is very great no actually out and grew stronger and we do not we continue doing that with reaching out to the ball people and for sixteen years he served God with the you observed it many times omissions training training students to be missionaries and how is it that you became interested in the absence needs out one day I am this than this by myself and a night questioning they supervisor why looked than it doesn't not practice as what we teach and preach by keeping the Sabbath so he'd turn around and say are you questioning the Senate on our documents with Doctor than three months later I received a letter saying that you me no longer have fund to support your mission and you now frequently you and your virtue is in the life and in truth this time he will lead you to alter it and so what happened at that time when you are released from your clustering job in front your work in teaching at the seminary what did you do after that after that my cousin from Thailand came to visit and you say well I have a brother-in-law who is then long past the married to a missionary also leave in the Twin Cities Minnesota I wanted to meet maybe you can


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