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To Be Nothing for Jesus

James Rafferty


James Rafferty

Co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry




  • August 6, 2010
    7:00 AM
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so why was this morning to Matthew chapter eleven Matthew Chapter 11 verse one or meeting this morning is entitled nothing for Jesus to be anything were to be nothing for Jesus Matthew Chapter 11 records the trial of John the Baptist he's in prison and it came to pass when Jesus had made an end of June commanding his twelve disciples he departed thence to teach and preach in their cities and I when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ he sent two of his disciples and he said to him Art thou he that should come or do we look for another and Jesus answered and said verse four under them go and show John and can those things which you do hear and see the blind receive their sight the lame walk the lepers are cleansed the deaf hear the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached unto them and blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me it's pretty good this morning showing borrower thinking this morning for the opportunity we have to be here the blessing promised to give the Holy Spirit the precious wars is given to us in the Bible and a great gift of your son Jesus Christ as we gather to spend time in this devotional session meditating upon Christ and seeing him lifted up again and again we pray that our hearts we touched and transformed and that we will truly experience that wonderful statement of truth that we will be willing to be anything or nothing that we may do hard surface for the master be with us to this end we pray in the name of Jesus Christ amen I really like these verses because they describe not only the injection that we often experience as we follow Christ the trials that we go through but they also describe the remedy they give us the direction in the hope that we need as we face those experiences of darkness and discouragement when we feel all alone even in times when we feel abandoned why Jesus you know John the Baptist was actually thought to be the Messiah at one point he was exalted to the pinnacle of height not by himself or by others they asked him this question can you imagine being asked of you are the Messiah and now he's abandoned in a prison cell dark lonely discouraged believing possibly that Jesus might come to rescue him but experiencing exactly the opposite 's never been in such a situation when you felt believed hope that God would rescue you and yet felt totally abandoned and so he sends a message during this time of trial to Jesus Christ as we often do we pray to God why wardens is happening to me and the response that comes back to Jesus sends tell him to look again at those things that I have done those things that I'm doing that which I've accomplished not for CM necessarily at this moment but for the world 's I am healing teaching and preaching the gospel and this is for us the secret of six assess to go I can and again and again to Jesus to behold him to see to understand what he's accomplished for the world not necessarily for us but for the entire world this is our only hope and are greatly this one is going to continue on with this focus because our desire is to be anything or nothing for Jesus John the Baptist experience this and we wanted also were going to look again in the book of Revelation because this is the final word of God to this earth the revelation of Jesus Christ is I believe the fifth gospel of the Bible it is a summary of the entire Bible in the book of Revelation the whole Bible begins and an when you study the book of Revelation you study everything that God has written a book of Revelation is profound and difficult and challenging a gas we are encouraged to understand I believe that we can if we will look at it as a revelation on Jesus and not just revelation from Jesus if you look at the book as a whole you want to find it it is almost divided in half through twenty two chapters the first eleven chapters focus primarily on the gospel of Jesus Christ on the plan of salvation I would just looking at it in an overview the book of Ephesians is the same thing just slip back there with me to the book of Ephesians and you want to see the same basic outline because God the author of his Word is able to put much more into it than we made signs understand Ephesians chapters one two and three and this with this verse three twenty one hundred in the glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages world without end amen what is unique about this verse is the very last word Ephesians three twenty one and with the working Paul never does that unless he is closing out an epistle he never uses the word a manner misuse closing our epistle here is a very unique situation Paul was closing out if you will a font and idea but he's not done with the epistle he still has three more chapters for us to consider what Paul is doing here in Ephesians is using lighting if you will the book in half the first three chapters of Ephesians focuses primarily on the gospel of Jesus Christ what Jesus Christ is accomplished for us and then the second half reveals that gospel the lives of believers it shows the very practical application of the gospel first of all in Ephesians chapter four we see the gospel in church relationships then we see the Gospel and community relationships and then we see the gospel worked out in-home relationships you know those verses in Ephesians five husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church why submit to your husbands and finally we see the gospel in work relationships in the marketplace if you well so the first half of Ephesians focuses on the gospel itself we are missing it is all Christ and the work is done for us as we spar saturated by the love of Christ we take in the full picture of God 's love and is itself all closes Ephesians chapter three he prays that we would measure the length and the breadth and height and depth of the love of God and notes so we may be full filled with all the fullness of God and vanishing instructor for begins to reveal how that gospel is manifest in our lives the book of Revelation is the same thing Revelation chapters one through eleven focus primarily on the gospel of Jesus Christ our hopelessness or helplessness Jesus done to remedy that situation as what is so important for us when we do our Revelation seminars and we do our evangelistic seminars it is so important for us to begin where God begins revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one because God has a book that is outlined perfectly for evangelism in the last days and this book tells us first and foremost verse five Revelation one that he has loved us and has washed us from our sins in his blood that is the first truth that people need to know a man and then the next thing they need is to see Jesus and so in Revelation chapter one verses twelve and thirteen John hears a voice behind him as of a trumpet and as he turns he sees Jesus so the message here is we need to know the love that God has toward us we need to know what he has accomplished in sacrifice for our sins the sins of the world and we need to keep our focus on Jesus don't look to people look to Jesus and then as we do this revelation begins to reveal our own condition polygamy overwhelmed when we look in the mirror we realize our faults in our imperfections and sometimes we think will you know I've been a Christian now for X amount of years ten twenty thirty and yet I seem to be getting worse and not better have you ever experienced that this is because the war we see of Jesus the clearer we will see our own defects things that have before passed on notice will be manifest in our lives and what's scary about it is is that when we see these defects that we hadn't seen before we realized we had them all along was what we can be overwhelming to want to give up on ourselves and that's okay want to know what Jesus Jesus Dinges himself in the next on the seven churches with all the false molar problems with all their needs especially the need to overcome of course that is the bottom line message to the churches to him that overcomes to him that overcomes to him that overcomes and we realize at some points in our Christian experience like Abraham and Sarah that we can't overcome we can have the stronger prompts we try to Hagar experience we tried to dupe our apartment guide to his parts regards the place will report our full weight of trust on the promises of God we can't but he can naturally see as we progress in Revelation chapter five we see there own wool that is written on the inside on the outside sealed up with seven seals that role represents the title due to the Earth it is in the hand of him who sits on the throne of Satan claims assert this is that God still holds it as his possession in that role as the history of the entire world you and I and everyone summarized in the history according to Romans chapter three Olson and come short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death John sees this role and he sees that no man in heaven or earth or under the earth is able to open it to change to alter our destiny with death and instantly that is our experience we see are false we see our defects we know we can't do it we cannot overcome and at times were overwhelmed it's with our sinful cells and then the message comes to John as it is to come to us we now behold the lion of the tribe achieved and as John will ask for this majestic being alive in seeing how the universe he sees revelation chapter five he's cease in the midst of the throne for six LAN as it has been slain what a glorious picture of the plan of salvation the King of glory coming down to this Earth and dine at death even the death of the cross here we find the gospel right here in the book of Revelation as you will not find anywhere else in the Bible and the symbolic language and all of heaven rejoices as a lamb comes and takes the book first nine and as he does this everyone in heaven fall down before the Lamb and begin to sing the song pray and glory to the Lamb same verse twelve with a loud voice without a voice worthy is the Lamb that was slain worthy is the Lamb that was defined as consistently in the book of Revelation these praise sessions these hourly as these demands they break up the monotony of prophecy and symbolism and they call us to praise God for what Jesus Christ is accomplished and it is in our experience we let go of self we completely discard our reliance upon her own works but we will find our hearts praising God day and night 's wood Jesus Christ is a call for an receipt is pictured in Revelation chapter six Whitehorse and identify the course in Zechariah conversely yes it is a cry conversely I went back and checked of God 's people in fact therefore horses and these horses represent people people for representing the directions of the compass Northeast South and West this horse the Whitehorse this specifically represent God 's people because the wider on the white horse is Christ when Revelation chapter nineteen and he has a flow that Ward is taken from the Greek used five times in Revelation chapter twelve to describe the man solvent was brought forth that is our weapon that Bo is the weapon that we yield in this battle against sin it is the message of Jesus Christ coming forth is our conqueror Jesus Christ coming forth as our Savior and it says that a crown was given an event that's not a diet that is of Victor 's Reese and they go forth conquering and to conquer what else can we do when we unite us with what Jesus Christ is accomplished for us we embrace all that he is done for us there is no other option but to go forth conquering and to conquer our victory is assured in Jesus it is only as we separate from Jesus that we have defeated fairly as we do not trust as we let him take the rain we go forth conquering and to conquer and of course that word in the Greek is the same as the ones found there in the seven churches overcome the same as the one is found in Revelation chapter five that he has prevails he has overcome he is conquered everything that we need is found in Jesus and is reunited with Jesus we go forth not because of our Marinol because of our power not because our strength because what he has accomplished for us we go forth conquering and to conquer praise God and that exactly what happens is we come to the and of these four horses and every human being is going to find themselves lumped into one of those sources whether they are part of God 's church God 's people of those who persecute God 's people go to compromise the truth the dark force or those who completely turn away from the pale horse the light in the truth the Gaza Strip turned atheism and unbelief every person in the world will be part of one of those horses symbolize one of those horses and as that white horse goes forth it gathers together Revelation chapter seven verse like a great multitude that no man could number of every nation kindred tongue and people you and I are privileged to embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ and take it out to the marketplace is taken out to the world in which we live and move and have our being as we do that filming multitudes and tribes and nations and peoples who will also embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ as we lift up Jesus all will be drawn to him and they will rejoice with us around that throw how many will be there God is not standing haven't seen a hundred and forty three thousand nine hundred ninety eight hundred and three forty three thousand nine hundred and eighty nine forty four thousand okay that's it eleven is now we've got the number no indeed not the hundred and forty four thousand is a symbolic number clearly this is your confused about that there's a book that's going to create soon God is inclusive a study on forty four thousand three available from our ministry God is going to say so many people in the kingdom of heaven that we will not be able to number them all before revelations a great multitude that no one could number I think there is some significance there is not that we can number them per se but that we ought not to number we are so engrossed with nonwords how many were there he would baptized how many attending how many how many how many of them what happened and then we began to try to number Israel we ought not to do that so I could tell you stories of people and places and things are happening that we know nothing off and those are just the thing I know one of the things that you know God is doing a work that none of us know and what ASI presents here is just a small sample of the work of the Holy Spirit drama hearts in the lives of people all over the world will join this vast multitude and omega number praise God praise God and we would revelation chapter eighty Revelation chapter eight six will we have left off it he can brings us to the gospel of Jesus Christ it focuses again when Jesus Christ is a compass fourth in verse two I saw seven angels and which did before God and to them were given seven trumpets and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden sensor and was given only and must understand that he should offer it with the bearers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne there to altars represented here in verse three there is the ulcer and the golden altar the altar according to the sanctuary symbolism represented the place where the sacrifices were made I was the first alternate enjoyment in center it was in the courtyard that alter was a symbol of the cross you find that in Hebrew chapter thirteen let's look there quickly because the book of Hebrews is actually heated helps us unlock the symbols of Revelation there are over seventy references in the book of Revelation to the sanctuary and the book of Hebrews unlocks the sanctuary symbolism helped us to understand in the context of this plan of salvation he rejected thirteenth Paul here is speaking to the Hebrews into his brethren according to the flash of whole book of Hebrews is all about transitioning them from the earthquake of a heavenly argument in the book of Hebrews about a century has nothing to do with whether Jesus went to the holy place the most holy place has everything to do with coming from the earthly to the heavily earthly to the heavenly Paul was never trying to convince us that Jesus was in the holy one the most holy Place was trying to convince us the Jews of literal Jews that Jesus was in the heavenly and earthly have fulfilled everything that was designed in point Jesus and so you find here in verse ten Paul saying very emphatically we have an altar which they have no right to serve the tabernacle but the literal earthly tabernacle was now the salt and the alternate we have is the one that Jesus gave his life upon those bodies for the bodies of those pieces was brought in the sanctuary of the literal sanctuary verse eleven by the high priest for sin are burned without the camp wherefore here's the key verse verse twelve Jesus also that he might sanctify the people with his own blood suffered without the gate so he's taking that earthly altar that that that sanctuary altar and he's applying it across is telling us here that Jesus death on the cross with the fulfillment of all of those lands that were taken to earthly altar and sacrificed the sins of the people he tells us earlier in chapter ten of the Hebrews the blood of the sacrifices to never do away with sin Jesus flogged us exactly emphasize that seven times in the papers and so we have here a clear understanding of the symbolism of Revelation chapter eight verse three here we have a picture of Jesus Christ coming to the altar the cross having a golden sensor which symbolizes his work in the most holy place and then taking that sensor and putting it much incensed that he should offer with all the prayers of the saints on the golden altar which revisions the holy place in other words this first takes in both his holy place ministry that began as and his ascension and it is most holy place ministry that began in nineteen forty four all of this taken in with his first this first is directing us to the heavenly sanctuary and the pre- judgment work of Christ and the investigative judgment work of Christ the focus of that work is the incense that calms from the altar of the cross what does this incident rep instance represents anniversary revolutionary what offers responsive either that instance represents prayers the present God 's people but it says the incense is mingled or altered with the prayers of the saints so in this particular case the incense cannot represent the prayers because that would just be a duplicate the prayers mingled with the prayers many times symbols can have more than one meaning you go to the Bible you find the meaning you put it in the text doesn't fit you go to the Bible find another meeting with insects to see the fifth for example if they can equally year and take legal twenty four hours a day can equal a thousand years a date equals an indefinite period of time like the day of the Lord it's the same with incense incense and Revelation five does represent imprisoned saints but here it represents something different according to Ephesians chapter five in verse two the incense represents us read the verse Ephesians five verse two and walk in love as Christ also has lobbed us has given himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor here that incense represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the righteousness of Jesus Christ so again Revelation is directing us to the merits of Jesus Revelation is directing us what Jesus Christ is a copy sports and revelation is saying that there are saints saints one way to God 's saints and as their prayers ascend to heaven they go on to the throne of God but not by their lonesome they are mingled with the righteousness of Jesus Christ and as those prayers of the saints are meeting with Russia's of Jesus Christ they send out before the father actually except the heavy ever pray cold listless lifeless in different prayer had ever caught yourself falling asleep during prayer have you ever prayed and realizing you even you can remember what you just said we need the merits of Jesus we need the intercession of the Holy Spirit be with me as we'd play the Saints pray those prayers mingled with Christ's righteousness bring a result what kind of result that they bring on the day of Pentecost will be a sendup to God to the throne and the smoke of the incense first four comes with the prayers of the saints and ascends up before God out of the angel 's hand and the angel takes a sensor fills it with fire from the altar and casting the earth what kind of results did the prayers of God 's disciples produce in the day of Pentecost it with one accord in one place they were praying together and is their prayers ascended up and this is the digitally added historically when you look at the trumpets in the history of the trumpets historically this verse is describing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost God 's people pray Jesus is ascended to heaven he has begun his mediatorial work there in the holy place and the prayers of the disciples and the you will sacrifice of Jesus and then fire was fire represented the Holy Spirit and fire is taken from the altar and cast into the earth is all symbolic but it's very literal in the sense that when Christ disciples were trying it was a mighty were hush when it says that the Holy Spirit came down and rested upon them in cloven tongues of life you're what happened after they were filled with the Holy Spirit is as they went forth and they spoke the word of God with tongs is not right with voices it right here it says it emerges as an angel to the sensory filled with Favre the author and cast into the earth and there were lots voices voices and dreams you remember when when God made his presence known through that early church thunder is the voice of God in fact God spoke to Saul on the road to Damascus you remember that and he became Paul the apostle to the Gentiles and the with funders and would like is what the lightning represents in the word of God anyone know why Dean represents ancients they are like angels made themselves manifests in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost remember they delivered Peter from that jail they directed the disciples to minister in different places and then it says that there was an earthquake even when Peter was in jail and was a mighty earthquake all the doors were open and he was released the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit with the fire of the Holy Spirit and they shift the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in fact consistently in the book of Revelation you're going to find voices and thunder was enlightened are you surrounding the throne of God whoever you see a picture of the throne of God you're going to see the symbols there because they represent the power and the energy that surrounds God 's throne and when we pray in the merits and in the righteousness of Jesus Christ when we pray not because we're working not because were righteous not because were sent and Addison we deserve it out for the Holy Spirit when we pray recognizing that we are completely bankrupt the righteousness that all of our righteousness is as filthy rags that we have nothing to offer God not even on ASI membership and we rely completely on the merits of Jesus Christ the promises that we will receive his disciples that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the promises that all have and will come down to this Earth that there will again be voices and it will be like these kind of refineries and a be a great earthquake that all of that power and energy that surrounds the throne of God 's will come down to this Earth and we will see again what was seen on the day of Pentecost but more because that was the form and were looking for the lottery right with me and so we see the very beginning of the seven trumpets in preparation for the opening of the seven trumpets we see the output of the Holy Spirit of a Pentecost as we move through the seven trumpets we had again an outline a comparison of righteousness by faith versus righteousness by works each one of these trumpets represents rise and fall offer different of a different isn't in history the first one represents the fall of Judaism seventy years after the output of the Holy Spirit seventy years after Jesus Christ is the forty years one generation of the output of the Holy Spirit one generation seventy A.D. at the Jesus Christ of left Jerusalem fell first the gospel was preached with our with an earthquake voices with Paul S Jesus Christ was looking at every opportunity was extended and then finally Judaism found because it has become the American Indian righteousness by works of righteousness by obedience to the law and you had rise and fall of pagan Rome in the second trump that great mountain mountain the Bible also represents the kingdom is like a beast does this amount was small enough cast into the sea the Nations peoples multitudes and tongues swallowed up in Asia pagan Rome and those tribes rose up in its place see history repeated in the destruction of Jerusalem in the fall of pagan Rome you see again I believe the falloff the new Rome those of you are aware prophecy what's happening today you know who the new romance and you no wire how it is coming down losing sovereignty losing independence losing its unique position in this world is becoming another one of the many nations and then we see the fall the rise and fall of Catholicism symbolize in history the trumpets and then we see the rise of Islam in the trumpets numbering five and six at incredible incredible fulfillment of time prophecy the three hundred ninety one year fifteen day prophecy predicted by Tsai LH two years before it actually took place that converted atheists all over the world and prepared them to receive the twenty two hundred it seems that the three hundred ninety one year fifteen a prophecy was the forerunner of the twenty two hundred a prophecy it was the prophecy to convince the world of the day for a year principal but like John the Baptist is languished loss on the forerunner of Christ loss I defend him as they ascend the evidence included we don't even know what this prophecy means we don't even understand if you'd like to understand if you'd like to study at corny courage to go to our website LBM .org we have a full set of studies on the seven trumpets including an understanding of this time prophecy and current information from the US library Congress found thereby after Ron Dupree that authenticates the day August eleven eighteen forty it is amazing that God stepped down this and gave us this prosecutor this is not just a day for your process a day for day prophecy this is a prophecy that had to be fulfilled not on the twelfth of August and not an attempt about how to be fulfilled on the eleventh of August no wonder people were ready to embrace between Trinity approximately solve this people fill it was before and we are to be the forerunner Jesus Christ each one of these trumpets represent and is an even Revelation Chapter 11 atheism represents an enzyme that seeks to pull people away from the vision we have in Revelation chapter eight versus two three four five Judaism paganism Catholicism Islam even atheism all have one thing in common righteousness by works creature mayor even atheist will say what I'm better than those Christians or so not a hypocrite I give good things I've I take care look after my neighbors every human being has a natural inclination to rely upon their works their own creature Mayor that's why there is not point that needs to be dwelt upon more earnest we repeated more frequently for status more from you in the minds of all the impossibility of fallen man marrying anything my zone best salvation is in Jesus Christ alone now that can be very discouraging news for those of us who've been doing well pain our time following health message leaving good moral why this but bottom line is the best news on the planets because eventually all of us to matter what our status is we compare ourselves among ourselves are bankrupt of righteousness we find this clearly revealed in one of the most powerful parables that Jesus gave to his disciples when they asked him and live chapter seventeen to increase their faith and we need an increase of faith today that we more the apostle said and him and him Luke seventeen verse five increase our faith in reality we don't need more faith we just need the right thing we do have faith as a grain of mustard seed the board said if you have faith verse six as a grain of mustard seed you might say that a second intriguing by the roots and be applied in the scene it would obey but in order to answer questions let me give you this illustration but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will send him by-and-by when he is come from the fields go in sit down to me and will not run the sending of make ready wherewith I may something for myself and serve me till I the even drunken and afterward you shall eat and drink get the picture here Jesus say I'm going to increase your faith here's a story you have a servant he's been out plowing the fields all day long enough that he 's the Florida heat and humidity is out there for twelve hours and when he is finished when he comes in a I feel for twelve hours in the heat of the day you say to him to down on certain nominee say to him now go get cleaned up and get the food ready so you can serve me pretty hard is that he says one step further does he thank that servant because he did those things that were commanded him no not only does that seventh work outside for twelve hours the hot sun and then come in and have to clean up and fixed the Masters food and service with video Linda thanks for a remember Jesus is seeking to increase the faith of the disciples of the apostles not even the things so likewise first ten we use done all those things which are commanded you say we are unprofitable servants we have done that was argued leaving language of faith when God puts before us everything that we ought to do giving commands of God falling out with his tidy etc. when we accomplish all of that we are to turn and say we are what on profitable since none of that's narratives our salvation none of that can accomplish when I told of our salvation we stand before God and Slovenians to all his commandments everything he's commanded us to leave we stand before God after we have accomplished that as unprofitable servants Leong whilst in full compliance and obedience old commands of God our title and our fitness forever found sweetly in the merits of Jesus Christ I think the disciples they noticed us down the thinking we've never is this our salvation it is in Jesus Christ alone yes indeed and that is the message in the book of Revelation Revelation chapters one through eleven tell us over and over again it's not in Judaism it's not in paganism it's not in Catholicism it's not in Islam it's not in atheism is not a being good in trying to be good our salvation is found in sense in the righteousness of Jesus all those as contrasted with the pictures we have in Revelation chapter eight versus three four and five and as we see that picture and truly in the race that truth we will be the woman of Revelation chapter twelve verse one first look at a picture showing Revelation twelve verse one and there appeared a great what wonder if this works this word one is in a sense indicating that what John is seen here is incredible gone has accomplished something in Revelation twelve verse one that is a wonder to the world it's a woman which symbolizes a church and this woman is clothed with the sun but as a son represent when Malachi chapter four verse two the sun represents the righteousness of Jesus Christ this woman is clothed in the righteous is described here is a woman Church of people who have finally embraced fully embrace and are clothed with righteousness Jesus says this woman is standing upon something what is she standing upon her seat or upon the moon of wipes of the word of God Clomid devices of Jesus Christ and standing upon the word of God Psalm one ninety one of vices thy word is a blue white to my path and a lamp to my feet are allowed to my bathroom like my feet is one of the other here is this incredible manifestation of people produce by the messages in Revelation chapter chapters one to eleven were close with twice righteousness standing firmly on the one about the promises of God standing on the promises and they have she has a crown of twelve stars overhead at number twelve represents God 's kingdom it's counting the number you twelve tribes twelve apostles it represents God organize church got organized structure here is an organized church and organize movements the seven Dennis Church of you will coordinate closely with the righteousness of Jesus Christ standing firmly on the word of God 's the Bible and the Bible alone and organize together for surface to take the gospel to the world and it is this picture that we are just to fulfill Briscoe this is our destiny and as we reach this destiny as we become this woman clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ we well first eleven overcome him accuser by the blood of lamb by the word or testimony and we will love not our lives limited at the wheel well for seventeen keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus we will reverse versus one survivor revelation fourteen follow the Lamb wherever he goes we will revelation fourteen verse twelve keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus we will Revelation chapter thirteen in verse ten not leave captive will kill with sword we will Revelation fifteen Amherst to stand on the sea of glass saying the song of Moses the servant of God and a song of joy part of investing that we share with you closing a thought from this morning 's devotional to stay with God dated August six I like about this particular devotional every page is to the dates August six nineteen oh one this is what God 's servant had to say to us Christ accepts and communes with the most lowly member opening message Wednesday evening blessed are the meek she does not accept them because of their capabilities of eloquence but because they see his face desiring himself to spirit movie upon the heart arouses every faculty to vigorous action in these unpretentious ones the Lord sees the most precious materials which will stand storm and tempest heat and pressure God sees not as man sees there's true honor among those of the love of God in their hearts our object in working for the master should be that he has many may be glorified in the conversion of sinners those who labor to gain applause or not approved of God the Lord expects his service to work from a different mode there are many who will spend and be spent to win souls to Christ and obediently recommend obedience to the great commission it will go forth to work for the master under the ministration of angels ordinary man ordinary men and women and children assesses ordinary will be moved by the spirit of God 's fire from the altar to warn people in the highways and byways this is the commission to decide humble man who do not trust in their guest but who work in simplicity trust in all simplicity trusting always in God will share and enjoy the Savior and their persevering present results across we should say to the we should say to them go forth brethren do your best humbly and sincerely and God will work with you they should be strengthened and encouraged as fast as possible fetish for labor that success may crown their efforts they harmonize with unseen heavenly instrumentalities they are workers together with dogs and their brethren should bid them God speed and pray for them as they labor in Christ name no one is authorized to hinder such workers they should be treated with great respect no one should speak a disparaging word on them as in the rough places of the earth they sold the Gospels Christ will be with these humble workers the angels of heaven will cooperate with them in their self-sacrificing efforts by the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus will move upon hearts God will work miracles in the conversion of sinners men and women be gathered in the church fellowship with God 's fulfilling that word today and thought of thinking so much for the work you're doing and Mister the power of your Holy Spirit for the patient is given so that work the picture you given us of the revelation of Jesus Christ father made his future be fixed in our minds and hearts and may we see more of Jesus when we like John the Baptist go through those trials may week to a revelation of our master our Savior be willing to be anything or nothing so we need to heart service for the master remove our coldness or lethargy are self-seeking destroy the clan this self and help us to focus is a man who in a medium was using my audio only and not having to maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find that he is coming in and out and sign him and more is a free online service please visit www. my neighbor is not a


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