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A Brand Plucked From the Fire

Kevin Sears
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Kevin Sears

Co-director and outreach coordinator for Amazing Facts College of Evangelism's first global school




  • August 6, 2010
    9:00 AM
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good morning and five good morning ASI I know it's morning what a privilege it is for me to be here you know I'm over the last few years I've been up on the ASI platform I usually on Friday night and I'm very much looking forward to this Friday night seeing the youth for Jesus program and the testimonies I think Lisa for that introduction by almost I cry them back there toiling for that before you begin I'd like to have a quick word of prayer with you again and then we'll get it right into the talk for this morning father in heaven what incredible privilege it is to be here to speak your people to speak to such a powerful organization working for you Lord you know the desires of my heart for this talk this morning father I pray that not one person here I would see in this testimony but they would see how incredible you are father bless us send your Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen Kenneth Maitre bottles if you have them to acts chapter twenty six and I tried to move quickly this morning for this I I just want share so much with you but I know I only have approximately fifteen minutes or so accepted twenty six beginning in verse sixteen but rise and stand on your feet for I have appeared to you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen and of the things which I will yet reveal to you I will deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the Gentiles to I now send you to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in me as I read this later on after I was converted I saw that this is what happened to me at some point in our lives God is going to orchestrate he is going to allow circumstances in your life to take place so that you can come face-to-face with him this is exactly what happened with me on to begin from the beginning in a minute try move quickly when I was born now as we can tell you I'm from the Boston area lived all around Boston I figured out I was had lived in thirteen cities around Boston before I was in the sixth grade we moved a lot I was born to two parents that married very young I was the middle child of three and an older sister and a younger brother and my parents married very young my mom was sixteen and my dad I think was eighteen and I can't remember exactly when they got married they were they live they are a lifestyle that would work with go along with what he did for work he was a rock 'n roll musician my father he played bass guitar and he was a singer and he played the harmonica for a group called Jake I'll smell as some of you older folks may have heard of J Gile state made a big they began in the sixties and made it big in the really big in the eighties with a couple albums my father that was not part of that group at the time they made a big and so with the rock 'n roll life rock 'n roll comes the lifestyle on rock 'n roll and so the drugs and the alcohol were a big part of my parents marriage and a width that is the recipe for a broken home and so my both my parents were addicted to heroin they would shoot heroin into their veins they were alcoholics they smoked they did whatever is matter-of-factly led a life of crime for a little while as well I remember some years when I was older before I was converted I was at dock found some old newspaper clippings that my mother had and it was the headline news for that day from a newspaper from Lexington Massachusetts the largest heroin bust in the country and my father was in the list of names that were arrested for that that's very large heroin bust so as life went on my parents obviously in that type of lifestyle my parents eventually split up my mother was very beautiful and down there was a lot of men coming around a lot of times and and I'm not sure why they split up they never divorced they were separated throughout my entire life from very young and I was probably I'm guessing about four years old one eight four five when they split up and of course this is always a very difficult for children when parents split up in our member and argument they were having in the kitchen one time and they were literally pulling me know Kevin 's got to come with me know each other but no let's ask Kevin who you want to go and how you ask a child that and if so this began another portion of our lives as children my father had left and I believe my because my mom was unfaithful because it was always a man around and my father loved her very much and he they were still addicted to heroin when my father left he he decided he wanted to clean his act up and get rid of the drugs and alcohol in his life and so he began the process my mother on the other hand who had custody of us was still doing drugs in our member at one point she decided she wanted to try and kick the habit of heroine so back in those days this is the early seventies you would go to these clinics said they had set up for heroin abuse and you would go to the clinic and they would give you another drug called methadone it was a red liquid and you would drink and it was supposed to help you with the addiction of Hera now they understand today that it helps you the addiction of heroin because you become addicted to the methadone instead and so I remember we would drive into this clinic often sometimes of my father sometimes with my mother one evening we were driving with my mother and she was driving my little brother was in infants on the front seat I was sitting behind my mother on the backseat my sister to the right of me I kept sitting up on the seat and she kept saying Kevin sit back sit back sit back and finally I sat back as soon as I did I fell asleep the next thing I remember was the police pulling us out of the car out of a river out of the Charles River as soon as I have fallen asleep my mother passed out behind the wheel she veered off the side of the road and a section of the Charles River where they don't have railings or anything we hit a tree praise the Lord and we rolled into the river and I'm skipping a lot there was a lot of spiritualism in my family my parents were very intrigued by spiritualism and done earlier that day my mother and I broke into somebody's house these people next-to-last who were hippies they were they were in those in this film a hippie era coming coming coming out of that and down they were hippies they were a rock band and I was very intrigued by them and they were devil worshipers and I remember I snuck into their basin once I left my friend and they had coffin style man and of course little kids were freaked out and run upstairs I run out to my house and tell my mother as if she was intrigued will that stop that morning I was out playing on my big wheel the lake that's still a big wheels today as I so love my big wheel as I was playing on my big wheel and all of a sudden these this these hippies from running their house like HSR goes to jump in their van in the screenshot Iran I told my mother and so she's Acoma so we read she took me in the house and sure enough they left everything in the went into the living room and had a bad of a podium in the living room and on it I not sure I believe it was the Satanic Bible it looks like a bottle it was black leather it was not a Bible and they had chairs set up in their living room where they would have these these services worshiping the devil our member going upstairs and men in a room and they had they had a little table set up with a black cloth over it and they had candles lit in and down those all kinds of demons stuff around and in witchcraft books and so something happened in their service and they got frightened and ran off will that evening is when we got into the car wreck is very interesting the tree that we hit as we found out later and still to this day as a Satanic symbol on it one that my mother and father had seen in a book my mother told me recently when I was talking to her about this last year she said Kevin not only that but when I was in the hospital now my book the engine ended up on my mother 's lap she broke her legs are back or neck she was she was out of service for a while she said why was in the hospital your father came to see me and he was looking about the marks on my leg and there was a Satanic symbol on my knees a sky that we had just seen in a book in our midst square that intrigued and so this went on itself so now this car accident happens my mom has custody of now back then the Department of youth services they were a lot of things that swept under the copyediting and other to give a lot of rights to the father usually in a situation like this so my mom still had custody of us while she was in hospital for a few months and we had caretakers come the state provided to kind of raise us for a few months and down that went well I guess we survived through it and then it was time for my mom to come home but she was still laid up in bed she was bedridden and they were still giving her drugs they had or pumped up on morphine and one whenever she would come around she would wake up then she would take more drugs for the pain and she would call the taxi company and have them deliver her a bottle of thought she was still drinking and so the taxi company would come by and drop off the bottle of vodka will while this was taking place that was one taxi driver that took a liking to her and one thing led to another and they began I guess you'd say dating and when my mother was well enough to to get out and walk around then they decided it would be best for us to move in with her boyfriend now that something normal these days and those wasn't so normal back then but on the abnormal part was we moved in with it was my mother myself and my brother sister we moved in with her boyfriend her boyfriend 's wife and his kids and so were living in a place called Charlestown if you know the Boston-area Chalcedon is kind of fun historic eon Charlestown monuments and through the battles there I will Charles Tom 's more notorious for Bostonians for being a place ridden with crime organized crime from the Irish Mafia and drugs in and of these types of things so we move into these projects the Bunker Hill projects named after the Bunker Hill Monument and these were rough rough projects that we were we were kids that had never been exposed to these types of things we always lived in decent areas up until this point my mother 's father always provided funds for us to live in a decent place even though there they were wasting a lot of money on drugs at this point we moved into these projects and Ironman of the very first day where there are gang of ladies or I should say women jumped my sister was about ten of them and they beat her really bad and I was kind of the initiation into this new neighborhood and so we began a chapter our lives that was was very dark her boyfriend my mom 's boyfriend was an alcoholic and was a violent alcoholic and he would get drunk and then he would if I want to turn that on us kids my brother and sister and myself and a mainly on my brother and I myself as well that that that that the brunt of the abuse was on my little brother my little brother was was the cutest little little kid ever long blonde hair big blue eyes and that he didn't like that apparently so as we are living with them for this I remember we would down go hungry literally would be starving they would spend all that money on on alcohol and they would eat of course they would eat like kings and but they would never feed us and so I remember being stuck and my mother 's boyfriend had a daughter that was my age Lisa had around so we went out one day and we decided down we were going to try and find a way to eat and so this began my my career as I walked into a supermarket chain that Arnold and yet I guess is still around Stop & Shop I walked in there and I decided I was can steal some food to eat and eat I was a little kid and what would you steal if you are little kid hungry you went to a supermarket maybe candy bar something right stuff is bad for the very first thing I stole was a coconut could you imagine not starving after death and I steal a coconut oil earlier and with a coconut it took me like hours to get this thing open finally makes it on a brick and I got about a hundred times a day smashed and we lost all the coconut milk and in and of itself to eat anyways and down so I learned very quickly and hope to get a little wiser in my selection of food and so I began stealing every single that was in the supermarket it was only the hand of God that was winking at my ignorance that protected because I was in that supermarket to three times a day I just walked and pick stuff up and walk out and no one ever even looked at me twice and so I began eating like this and this was a pretty good career for me if I wanted to eat until one day my partner in crime .com and she gone alone I do know she went and I came home and her father was in the window waiting for me I knew I was in trouble he said Kevin come on up here we need to talk and write and I knew exactly what happened she had a comment told on me and so I went up there and I I took the beating and so this ended my career as a thief and saw how to find another way of finding food and so one afternoon I was walking down the street and I saw some food in an open trash can I thought will that looks pretty good and so I took it and I ate it and I thought while this is pretty good in these trash cans is plenty of food and so every day I would go out and I would dig through people 's trash like a homeless person would and that's how I would eat and I didn't think anything of it I thought this was this was normal until one day I was across the street from my house and I was sitting in the sign of a dumpster and I have found this big aluminum foil and opened it up and was a big piece of steak now I wasn't an Adventist at that point and it was a big piece of medium rare steak and baked potato and Matt was good it wasn't bad and so I began eating it as I'm sitting in this dumpster he eyed young adult came in and he went to throw a bag of trash in that dumpster insomnia and there he was horrified and the look that I saw in his face made me realize that this is not normal not known and so I stopped stealing food growing up we never I was the child that parents would tell their kids do not hang around with him you can't because we were I control I didn't have to go to school if I didn't want to I'd very rarely remember ever leaving as a child and saw I was that child I'm sure I probably smelled horrendous I was always dirty I was out one that your parents would tell you don't hang around with that person with that child so this went on for a while the abuse got worse and worse at one point my little brother got caught stealing a little box of Kellogg's cereal you know those eight packs of the Kellogg's cereal well he stole it out of the kitchen we had to steal our own house to be and he got caught and so my mother 's boyfriend beat him severely so bad that he almost killed him and so they decided that they couldn't take him to the hospital because then it it would come to be known what happened so they just locked them in the bedroom for weeks and during this time my grandmother my father 's mother was meeting up with us secretly and she would give us some some encouragement she would take us like the McDonald's and we love that and she would let us know that my father was had cleaned up his act is trying to custody of us and to hang on because they are they are working on this in our member one day during this two-week period my brother had an almost killed you been locked in the room at this point for two weeks and we met with my grandmother and she said Kevin when you go home today get yourself ready or to get and I remember I went back to the house and this was a mixed feelings mixed emotions we're so happy to get out of there but we were so sad we had to leave my mother I remember wherein I was in the living room and now the police came and when the police came a knocking it on the prodigy who was the police they just have a special way they not been knocked on the door and all the adults through the blocker underneath the couch and try to straighten up and answered the door and sure enough it was the Department of youth with the police officer to police officers with the paperwork and said were taking these children out of here and it was one of the happiest days of my life although it was sad so we began living with my father and my father had kicked the habit of heroin and alcohol he was very sick and always since I can remember he had contacted hepatitis through using a dirty needle using heroine and the hepatitis led to difference ailments as well eventually to cirrhosis of the liver and so he's always in the hospital now my father and I got very close I was the oldest boy and I we did a lot of things together when he felt up to it and in the city were living with Somerville Massachusetts now that whole area of Boston is basically run by Mafia are either Italian Mafia or Irish Mafia just to give an example a lot of the file rooms a lot of the liquor stores are Irish mob owns it the Italian restaurants and nightclubs are Italian model and so it's all over the place to grow up with now I had done become a boxer I my father loved the sport of boxing and I wanted to make him proud and and I we're pretty close so I began boxing and right away I took to it I became a natural attic and over a few years a couple of years of training and in fighting my my trainer had mentioned that I have the potential of being an Olympic fighter now this man had trained a lot of famous fighters in the area and so my dream in life became becoming an Olympic fight I want to win the gold medal for the United States in my weight division and then I want to eventually become the world champion Walter weight champion of the world 's what my dream was it became my life I everything I did revolve around that so life was good so to speak and my father had been sick off and on always in the hospital and and I remember the day he went into the hospital for another operation the Thursday night I came home from school Friday afternoon December fifth nineteen eighty three o'clock in the afternoon the phone rang it was my grandmother my father 's mother she said on my answer that she's a Kevin figured I follow into the operations of the said yes I do he said he didn't make and I went into shock how could this be just another operation how could this be and I couldn't speak I couldn't cry just handed the phone to my sister when in the other room later on that Friday night we went to my grandmother 's we took to make some plans and talk about what we were going to who was going to take care of us either I was just turning fifteen at the time was a few weeks before Christmas and during this time I had hooked up with some mom wrong influences and in and school because of my fighting back ride started to gain a reputation with the wrong people and so that Friday afternoon we are at my grandmother 's I would enter a medicine cabinet and stole of all Italians from her now those of you that don't know what values there they relax you and they're very strong these were called roach or ten milligrams each and are members stole eighteen of them I still hadn't told anybody what happened couldn't talk about I literally was in shock so Alice and friends that might to friends and we bought a case of half of the year we bought a quart of hard liquor and a pint of hard liquor we bought some marijuana and I have tilts three three of us and apparently I had started drinking very fast and he started smoking pot and drinking hard liquor and I'm drinking very very fast my friends realize I didn't realize then I pulled out some of the pills I lied to my friends I said I stole six of these pills I gave to each of them and I took the other fourteen now this is America that should've killed a horse especially just the pills won't let alone the hot liquor in the marijuana in the beer of the next thing I remember I woke up I blacked out I had done gone alcohol poisoning as well as overdosed on the pills and didn't know what happened as I blacked out apparently I blacked out and start crying and trying to beat people up and just a mess so this began another chapter of my life I never felt so alone in my life fourteen years old just running fifteen not have this become a man and had no one there for me no one in my family no males in my family stepped up to the plate on my families the black sheep in the family because of the drugs so this began atop a downward spin of drugs and alcohol I was in so much pain I had such an empty feeling inside that I was trying to and I didn't want to fill and so I turned to drugs and alcohol it would wake up now my mother moved back in with us to take care must I despised her at this point I started tough enough with your teen years and parents and I despised her and she was still drinking so I would steal her blocker in the morning I would drink a quart of water with orange juice before I go to school junior high school and I would when drunk and I would pick somebody out and I would beat them up and I was always in the office for months at hand now praise the Lord the principal found out what happened I never told anybody be read in the news paper so he tried to get help for me with the guidance counselor didn't work out we can connect and eventually I sigh getting suspended and suspended and suspended I was old enough to quit when I quit school and started working in the restaurant business and I got burns out in the restaurant business over a few years I my addiction was drugs and alcohol which blended in very nicely with the restaurant business in the area because that's was the the the kind of clientele that you have and the people you worked around a potty a lot and so I worked in the restaurant business for a while and I had a child with my high school girlfriend my son Kevin Junior and it was the best thing that ever happened to my life because of my child I decided I have to give up this lifestyle our member thinking one day what would happen if there was ever a fire in my house and I couldn't wake up because I was too drunk at this point I was drinking every single day morning every night I would drink two six packs of sixteen ounce Budweiser 's before I go to bed I thought what if I couldn't wake up and was a fire and something happened to my son I would never be a live with myself so I was looking at myself in the mirror one day decided to give up smoking and drinking and in the whole nine yards so non- work became my addiction and I would work over a hundred dollars a week in the restaurant business and it's a very is a business that you get burnt out and quickly especially if you're working those times about I got burnt out after a few years of this and continued in the restaurant business even though I despise that at this point but I had no education to fall back on always struggled in school because when I was little I never had to go to school so when my father took custody of us have was always kind and always struggled couldn't understand things and that's I always struggled in school I had no background and had no educational background and the only thing to do was cook and fight and I hated cooking at this point didn't want to get back into fighting and so I decided I was going to begin a career in gambling brilliance and you know the devil puts these beautiful ideas in your head and it just seems so late at the time I thought no football and I know all the bookies in the area outside gambling and betting on football games and so that's what I did the very first Sunday nausea Christians gamble no not plan lottery any of that we cannot be involved in a incidentally no Christian should be involved in boxing shouldn't be watching it we shouldn't be involved in it at any level because it's all mafia run not only is it should be involved anyways but the Mafia owns the boxing world and so now I start gambling the very first Sunday of that on the games I been on every game on the board Sunday out of was eleven of thirteen games at the end of the day Sunday I had one every single game and a member Tuesday you would you would wear it when he won a loss Tuesday you would go into the barroom and meet in the back room with bookie and even they are getting our member that Tuesday I went in and down sat down with the bookie who was actually he was a boss of a small family Eddie said Kevin Saddam is in all the years of not of my career as a book you have first seen somebody do this you hit every single day of course I left there with a bundle of money and I thought this is it time to make my millions gambling with the bookies and down you never come out on top when you can that was the last I want again week after week I just lost of course I lost all the money I wanted then I lost all the money that I had then I lost money I didn't have I started betting trying to win back to breakeven and the bookies liked me they had that previously because I built a name for myself not only in the rain but outside the ring I had gained a reputation in my city and so the bookies are of the people in the mom used to more than I can tell yummy times they were trying to recruit me to work for them to help them collect debts and I would would not do that you have morals and so so now I find myself in this situation where I owe the bookies a lot of money thousands of dollars finally called and that mythic and we can't do it in his matter-of-fact you need a commitment we need to talk so I when we had our meeting and they think any of us thousands of dollars we've than a lenient with you we like you were trying to help you win your money back you could win if we gave you winners affect and so now I have a situation you will a lot of money and we're going to get that money from you one way or another and Juergen emphasized that way either women get it from you or really get it from and so here's your option you work for us and work your bill off or will go to Plan B and what Plan B wants so I thought about it for about eight seconds and decided my best career move at this point in my life would be to work for this mom family so I began selling drugs and again selling cocaine and then I went to heroin and marijuana and pills and steroids and it just snowball and so I became very easy immediately in my city and surrounding cities add so much so that within a couple of weeks I was able to pay off my bill with the bookies and I decided on a break off from them not to sell drugs for this mafia family anymore I'm been into it on my own this was to be my new career now but I have morals mind you so I wasn't other cells any kids because I had a heart for kids always want to sell the pregnant people or anything like that and I told myself on not return anybody onto drugs if they come to me than on cells of the summary also Simon is will benefit from my God became money first Timothy six ten says the love of money is what the root of all evil and so my God my love was money I've never had that we were so poor growing up I remember one my father for ten cents to get on a bus and he couldn't give me ten cents we're soulful my father was sick for years and welfare thought he was lying and so they would never give us any support from welfare so we are very poor I have this opportunity that I've seen can bring a lot of money very quickly so I began selling drugs a male one thing led to another it went from drug dealing to to dealing and guns and ammunition to two steroids the stolen car rings to breaking and entering rings and before I knew it I had seven eight nine people working for me and I was making a lot of money now of course when you get involved in drugs you never ever win at any level you get involved with drugs you will not win the foundation began to crumble under me one of the guys I had working for me got arrested and he gave the police my name then another man a few months later the RSS gave please my name to a free or for my guys got arrested and in my names of the police obviously knew about me and I knew they knew about me and they knew that I knew they knew about me as I began at most things where I get into to almost arrested sometimes get out of it and I just I was addicted to the lifestyle I hadn't didn't do drugs at this time because I saw the foolishness of that to sell drugs you can't do drugs because you are to make money so I was selling drugs and I thought I would never get caught because everyone thinks that and eventually lonely holding a cup I got caught I just picked up some drugs and I never did this but I dropped that my house to go make a sale I would so many elves that I was to come back and hide it and take care of one another to make the sale the police were following me in unmarked vehicles they and I got into a small chase but some of it was three o'clock in the afternoon I had a very fast car was three o'clock in the afternoon and there was a lot of children coming out of schools in so always had a heart for children I thought what if as I pulled over and they can't me with a small amount of drugs and I got arrested I remember him sitting in jail and I know what I just did I just picked up enough drugs to put me away from long time so you know I did pretty I didn't even know if God existed and in that jail cell Isaac God of your real get me out of this and I'll never do this again they were forever like that before so God held his end of the bargain the bail was very high on the and I had an attorney already because I knew just in case and so my attorney had gotten the bill down to a low amount of buildup and we think that it suicide selling drugs again while and going to court for this case and after about a year or so a second time I got caught I was sitting there watching World Series game my father had just left the house about ten minutes later my Dorking caving in and I found myself on the floor with a house full of police state police and ATF and all others and I got arrested a second time and we think I did work the first time so I prayed a second Lord I say Lord is a God I know what I said the last time but this time I really mean it if you get me out of him never do this again so sure enough there was a higher bail I got little lower and I bailed out and we think I did write back into and then a third time I got arrested not for drug system affect the second time was of the drugs it in fine drugs analysis on guns and ammunition this third time I get a rest of the stolen property as I bailed on the third time so now it comes time my my cases are building up and I'm going to court every month and going to court now and it comes time for the trial and a district attorney cut a deal with me because both might be cases they made a lot of mistakes at this point I had to very high paid attorneys in the Boston area and there was a lot of mistakes made and so I have an option either I could take it to trial and possibly win but if I don't I'm looking at at least twenty five years twenty two years in jail my son was eight years old at the time and so they offered me a deal and they would give me twenty two years in prison in the sentence but it would be wrapped up in five years mandatory so I would have five years for distribution of cocaine five years for conspiracy two years for this gone two years for that gun years and years and it adds up to twenty two years but I only certify so I decided to take that deal and my partner Atari been arrested and gone to prison and so he was communicating on the phone anything Kevin you have problems when committee I've been to prison I was seventeen I see through that but at seventeen I was first-time adult present and three together you have problems when you commit under some people saying some bad things about you saying that you set them up and you told him I didn't think anything of it because I knew a lot of people in prison so I thought they knew me then you make them and I would be a problem what it was until I got into prison I realized the serious trauma hand now I was a fighter I would fight anybody and at this point I was taking steroids there was into weight lifting and sci-fi was invincible now I find myself in this prison and some friends that I had my my best friend was imprisoned he wouldn't even look at me or talk to no one would talk to me no one would give me a bar of soap nothing and then I realize I have some serious problems so when I get in some some top guys in the prison had a meeting with me want to know how my my trial Lenten and how much time I got in these types of things they were trying to determine what did he really tell on people and so I had a friend that is the box with his father used to train anything Kevin you don't understand you've been labeled you don't understand what it's like in a state prison once you're labeled you always labeled I can't help you now this man had become a Christian prison is again you can do to help you because if I help you diamonds from so I knew I was in trouble I knew I was going to be put in a position at some point where I was getting either have to kill somebody or be killed and I wasn't until I would fight anybody and I wasn't a killer it doesn't kill as I went back to my cell that day in my first cellmate was a backslidden Christian he had seen some things are going on getting a bodily system and check this out you read the Bible before it's of course not is it will take a look at every single verse I opened God was speaking to me telling me to not be afraid every single one by walk to the Valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and my staff will comfort me Psalm fifty fifteen call upon me in your time of trouble I will deliver you and you will glorify fear not those that can kill the body not a soul on it as I'm reading these this incredible peace came over and I couldn't explain but I could feel the presence of God in Maxell and I didn't even know was the presence of God and so I felt at peace I went out to go to the yard that they just come in from reading most of the twelve versus and I knew it was God but I do know God and walking by my best friend and he didn't want to see people talking music heaven don't want to be a first optimist and why not use it because Johnny arms this man was called Johnny arms biceps like this big cities can withstand you today in the I'd just come from reading deficit Richie Issac is that I just knew fear not anything please Kevin Dunkel while I went out there Johnny never came out for the forty five minutes of your time later that night I found out that Johnny was on his way out to stab me somebody bumped into him to get into a big fight with him stabbed him and one got taken to the hospital and John Jansson removed to a higher security and right then I will that this was God and he was in a protection and so this began my search for God in this prison one thing led to another I would go to every service that came in Protestant service Catholic service on Tuesday night some when the rosary beads and let me tell you and I grew up Catholic the rosary beads of the most boring thing you will ever do in your life I mean really answer but I would do it because I thought that's what you get in a time got closer than on Monday night to go to the Protestant service during the Protestant service one evening the Treacher made an altar call I accepted Christ into my life now never forget not a lot of guys do this imprison a lot of times is not sincere in whatever lot of sensitive for me the moment I accepted Christ into my life it was like a fun was taken off my chest I could first time in my life read and I remember leaving and I just felt as the world was different I left there that night is the middle of the winter walking back to our unit and in the styles of writer that that year was thinner it was the most amazing thing in this began something incredible those five so I spent five years in prison it was the best five years of my life I had Keith every day in prison God blessed me we don't have time I could tell you story after story imprisoned he blessed me he always provided for me and I always went to the best best prisons if you will never even asking to window with a line of people trying to get into these prisons one thing led to another and every prison I was in I always thank you to run some prisons that are better than others like some prisons have better food so anyways I like the and so in every prison there was a man Milton Puerto Rican man backslidden Adventists and he was we always has shirts all the way up and always satisfy will not become Christians didn't know how to be a Christian so I would stay away from is either the little too freaky for me at the time but he would always say hi and had respect for him one thing that's one of them in the last prison a minimum-security and made my way down but halfway through my sentence and I had the best job in the prison I would leave the prison getting to know the job existed until I got there was a line of people waiting some people waiting for a year and a half fit to be next on this in this job I didn't even know existed and they call me guys again were given your new job your work at the fire departments I would leave every day at eight o'clock in the morning and work with the firefighters all day and then come back at three o'clock in the afternoon on leaving prison it was incredible what would happen was I got a little too comfortable the firefighters the wild and we hit it off and so I started getting away from the Bible not studying as much when I came back praying as much and I started getting on issues related to see it before I was even a overlay of the sea in the Adventists I was Laodicean of our legacy and Adventist and down so I started smuggling things back to the prison might think that but there was a sub shop across the street in food is huge in prison and thought for my buddies back I would load up with some sandwiches and and I got along good with the gods have to find it in search me and our member one time I sit in the back of that car when they come to pick me up and I'm like loaded down with these sums and they were like all speaking cheese and so they're all hot and they smell and I'm sick man taken Matt find us all I can smell steak and cheese sub I am immediate and so praise the Lord I got back they never search me I just went right up to myself and them one day somebody however they they told that I was doing this and I got caught they came in nine me I lost a job and writer when this was God 's hand was over me I knew what I was doing I was getting away from studying the Bible and adapt their lost my job I was depressed sitting on my cell Milton comes in he gives me amazing facts final study got you seen the amazing fact is that hey check this out as a ranting lefty can trust tell me they like I read it why this is unbelievable stuff and never knew this I went back to the sellers of having more lazy city I get a on the gray converse first time reading the great controversy theme it just blew me away there is man psychical back in two days I read twenty seven entire twenty seven lessons I couldn't get enough from that point on we began studying the Bible together Milton this manual is by and I got a good with it with God so they would let me use the phone the prison phone I hope they don't see this if it ever gets to the Framingham area this is a huge security breach so I will call the ABC in the last salt Lancaster and out order these books so in the end and the property officer was we were we are eternal like me he would bring them up to their contraband he would bring them up to myself forming backstage so in my cell I have this complete seven-day Adventist commentary set I have the conflict of the ages series have all these books and we wish every day twelve hours a day we would pour through the and it was the most week we studied together the desire of ages who studied the gray controversy we study the Bible twelve hours a day could not get enough never heard this stuff before new England where this message was for never heard for my life like most annoyingly ninety second way to get out good way to meet some Adventist people like what MSP from eighteen forty four good way to meet out white by the way had been no see a fast some might wonder what church you go through in life and thinking of I especially could meet EU I'm thinking man these are going to be like Halo 's white robes and how Marine and that and I really thought that they would know as freeware that our wider room young people couldn't wait to meet the past forget happen is faster like wow and so I got out and back I went through a culture shock for a little while especially knowingly it's difficult to find a church in the Boston area and down one thing led to another I found the church eventually got baptized pass Eric Durand use the passing of Florida in this area and he is a markedly brother-in-law he told her that at the time I see Jan Mark Finley 's brother-in-law really is your church member is safe if you've never had a mushrooming of success so don't do is market size is the so this began I got baptized in right away they they put me in the youth ministry and I was leaving out the youth the one thing let's will not and that at this time pass it around unless we're up of a year and a half of a pastor and head elder Paul Maxwell at a friend of mine said you gave me a pamphlet he say Kevin I want you to check this out Tommy what you think of it was a flyer on the Haskell program and I look toward its icy patch and Doug on the front you know that's how I came into the church and I looked with what is planned on on my knees crammed by my phone rings I answer phone call he said Ken would you think of that flyer have you got a chance to read I said Jan I would love to go but I can afford he said don't worry about Marty brought to the board of Morgan to pay for you to go every week we raise money for you they raise enough money for me to go they raise enough money for me to pay my bills while I was gone so I went to ask him did know what to expect in the Bible worker was that Nora Mandelson was other with one stipulation is that Kevin is one stipulation if we send you you have to come back and do a series and use the new beginning is sure enough whatever I'll do what I want all had no idea what he is talking through a series of new beginnings when the world is but I knew I would do if you want to go them I was in NASCAR I realized what I said yes to not have public speaking phobia my whole life I ran restaurants and could never have a meeting because I was so afraid to speak I thought all Lord when I get myself into like I'm been a preacher series are you kidding me and down to one thing led to another half was a mixed Lessing and in struggle I did good and the academics in the class and did terrible on the outreach and acronym Bible study if my life depended on it got to Bible studies in four months and lost them both and down praise the Lord when I become when I got out of there by work and get a Bible study if I had and the Lord blessed and I just want to work for God I all I wanted to do was work for God with this message there is power in this message that we had and I know that if I become a Baptist or another denomination in in prison I wouldn't be here today there is power in this message I just want to work for God he opened one door after another eat right away open door I got out of prison to go into a Department of youth services one of the worst in the country in the Boston area to begin studying up on with you that are locked up some of them will never get out of prison a Verizon used to a mental facility and the Lord blessed me in an and one thing led to another through Bible work I end up working with ASI use for Jesus program and had never had a man inherits them give it soft I just love has festive fizz my first she and I have done this for five year last five years in charge of the user Jesus program and an integrated program in the world for use today the best in the world and style and never thought we working with them the misuse always thought it would be others and out what a blessing it was for me now let me tell you this the short story I'm running out of time Masco and I understand that if I want involved in evangelism the money of computer nodding brought the computer age we had typewriters went to school and down and imprisoned while computers are getting big so I understand the new computer finally involved in evangelism so I pray Lord I have some money I love you want to spend on the computer but if you do then you've got to make its sole claim to me that I cannot make a mistake is I want to spend this money foolishly about a week later now my church was such a wonderful church that the stone memorial church they would send me money every week make sure I had enough money to eat in whatever and so all of a sudden a week after this prayer of the doorbell rings I answer it it's a UPS guy big box I said although it is one of my roommates get something goodies and Kevin Sears yes you have a package for you for me and so I signed right away took it in I open it up to laptop computer someone in my church before I was praying decided they wanted to get me something while I was in Africa they knew the church was sending me money than want to give me money they prayed about it and they were impressed by new computer at that point I knew where my life was going to be leading I would be involved in evangelism no question about it and so that is what happened I got out of prison one thing led to another let me to to ASI user Jesus ASI has been my life for the past five years it has them in a summer program it's been my life the last five years it is been the greatest five years of my life working with these young people seeing their lives transformed for evangelism and seeing the incredible miracles through that program and I myself have grown so much over this time I was share Scripture with you enclosing where to go to second Corinthians is very familiar with his chapter five verse seventeen therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become new my friends at some point in every person 's life we are not run face-to-face into Jesus Christ and how we react to that will determine the direction the rest of our life will go matter how bad things on your life I want you to understand this matter what's going on in your life you're not too far from God to reach and when you look at others no matter how bad some kids see or some adults see he is not out of the reach of the power of God I hope that you seen the power of Christ working in my life you haven't seen me but how credible are Goddess thank you very much we have a special music and as behind the special music I'd like for us to silently be in prayer collecting on Iran this time around will be using as long as you are known as the medium was using my audio dress poorly and not having this maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find that he will not answer I is him and more for a free online service please visit www. nonlabor is not


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