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Reaching our Neighbors through Health

Phil Mills Sr. John Chung
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  • August 6, 2010
    3:30 PM
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good afternoon I was really nice to see you as a prevalence of view of our neighbors and raising our neighbors are priced in the Bible neighbors are very important in fact if you study the Bible you'll find that it is a theme throughout the Bible for example in Proverbs twenty seven ten better is a neighbor nearby than a brother as far away and of course we know the kind of neighbor were to be Jesus is that friend that stick closer easy near his that neighbor nearer than a a brother administered down so that you will and I can see that I've been in the way can you see now the Bible also tells us the secrets of being good neighbors and that's to love them and the blood Bible following Kristen is wonderful neighbor the neighbors of Ellen White always remembered her after she died she was that little old lady that always talked so lovingly about Jesus is a good thing she sent around her nurse to the innocent people in Australia that had no money or insurance in her nurse took care of their physical ills and the way was open to them to be open to the gospel is good neighbor I would like Jesus to be mining in fact I want him to be of living in my house is the kind of neighbor that my parents always drove me know my my father was a pastor in my parents are just godly people and before we would move from one church then go to another when we get down as a family and pray that the Lord would give us non- Adventist neighbors so we could reach them in the boyfriend and everyone neighbors and I learned some very interesting and important points hell is one of the most important routes in Virginia I learned much about treating simple common ailments from my parents long before I went to medical school and I learned more about practical nutrition or my parents before I went to medical school and how they are approached and how you thought it by watching them it's the neighbors I discovered that home is a great place to learn about lots of different simple medical and I discovered from watching them that helping neighbors with their physical ailments is a wonderful way to insult the love in answer to the question who is my neighbor Jesus told the story of what a neighbor as any told the story of the good Samaritan and to show what a good neighbor should be Jesus used the example of a good Samaritan helping a neighbor who had lost his health a good neighbor run Jesus description is someone who helps her neighbor with a health problem in volume six investment is based to seventy six every church member should feel in his special dude the labor for those living in his neighbor study she continues how you can best help those who take no interest in religious things I learned a very important lesson about this since last spring we live in now and it a sort of secluded area about forty five minutes from Dalton twenty four miles and you can't see neighbors is a very wooded area but there are seven homes that comprise what used to be this in this homestead and so we have one of that little lot one of the homes the only home you can actually see user drive up the road is an eyesore it's a terrible home and was actually built because the person who owned all the property was unhappy with the other neighbors and so he decided he was moaning and he put this eyesore they are and sold it to somebody else just to make the other man the other neighbors on and people and no doubt he was now for sale dilapidated leaky roof the roof sucked in like like you in I was so delighted when people that invented and moved out because I thought now we can get rid of this eyesore which lowers the value of all of our home so I call up the ball the zoning board havoc and death and the zoning board did not then you come out to see it well one of the neighbors is an attorney so he went down to the zoning board is on the zoning board came back with this attorney in and said well it's not bad enough and so if we would see somebody driving up that possibly bias we would actively encourage them not to buy we wanted this building this house this eyesore took pictures disintegrate to finally even the zoning ordinance I got gotten old but the house we saw no potential and was viewed differently by another who sought is a bargain any purchase now we know we knew this person this house had been purchased for two reasons the first thing is the for sale sign came off in the second thing is a sign went up no trespassing and the owner who purchased that immediately repaired the roof he young is the cleaned up everything took out all the junk of painted the doors him he is planning on putting some bricks on the outside and he'll put on a real rough as he has the funds and when he finishes this house will be a lovely home and I suddenly realize how God saw my neighbors to it says study how you can best help those who take what no interest in religious things these are the ones we write off call the zoning board of it all condemn this house but Jesus owning board will not condemn even the name words who show no interest spiritual things around the because he wants to get bargain and when he gets our neighbors the first thing he'll do is the for sale sign is off and the no trespassing sign goes up it's his property so I'm vital for that in unfaithful we learned it from our neighbor who saw potential for we saw none at all now how can I reach these people it says by studying how best to help when we find a way to help our neighbors with their physical needs these that show no interest even in their spiritual often change as you visit it goes on to say as you visit your friends and neighbors show an interest in their temporal welfare to that being a good Samaritan the good Samaritan didn't come and have a Bible study on the south he had a care for that sick person and if we take an interest in our neighbors and saw how well they're doing physically financially and socially that's what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves we are interested in our own physical financial and social welfare are temporal well and as we manifested interest in our neighbors temporal welfare by helping them in every way we can this is how we minister to our neighbors temporal and now I told you we live in a neighborhood with seven neighbors it's a non- paved road and we have to the above this road is nine tenths of a mile we actually live at the very end of innocent expense to keep this up because the county won't take it on but we are glad because in this busy age taking care of the road gives us a common reason for call our neighbors on we can talk to them we organize the neighbors we collect the funds and to get there the gravel and as we talk to them would begin to study we begin to discover needs and I've been able to treat skin problems are we been able to talk to them about dietary change in they learned to trust us as we been there for last five years and we've been able to connect in simple things we've had all of them over to our house they've come for the meetings on the route our neighbors and our habits they see me exercising every day they see me walking with my wife they see me run and they know that we go to church every step now because we've ever talked to them but they know but they think of us as good neighbors and the person who lived in our house before they hated and they tell us that regardless of all are so glad that you got that house was so glad that the last neighbor is going of it weeks ago my wife was calling our closest neighbor about some information about the road and what we have just learned about its maintenance and after the brief report my wife asked is the simple question is everything going okay okay we hardly have seen you in the last month there was silence that are our neighbors said no I need to talk to my wife set up an appointment for her turn come over she and her husband had been going through a in radical crisis and so they came over and we had a chance third talk to them who pray pray with them about a terrible experience they had just experienced and to help them in any way we possibly could and they cried with us notice the part of the quotation that I skipped as you visit your friends and neighbors showing interest what's the word in their spiritual as well as in their temporal welfare state many show no interest in either their temporal or their spiritual welfare of others shall only interest in their spiritual welfare if you show only an interest in your parent in your neighbors spiritual welfare only want to talk about the Sabbath only want to talk about the state of the dead don't think you're not interested in them you're only interested in making them a member of your church but when we find a way to minister to their physical needs we find ways to minister to their spiritual needs how do we minister to fill spiritual needs it says President Christ as a St. Martin favorite is only one way to minister physical made an estimate of the right treatment and there's only one way that minister to spiritual Nathan asked another right treatment for physical nays are very the horse spiritual needs licensing present price is the solution to every spiritual me so you have the answer that they need but may not know they need or may not know that you can help them with that name until you meet their physical needs how do you know that they are ready for a spiritual needs being met here's how you can with absolute certainty until a person ask your question they're not ready to listen because unless you ask a question when you ask a question you're asking somebody that you are accepting by the question as an authority and Peter said be ready to answer live your life in such a way that it will raise the question and then be ready to present Christ as Vincent Barton Xavier and then it says invite your neighbors to your home and read with them from the precious Bible from Brooke books that explain street in my office I just started my dermatology practice last Tuesday and we have a voluntary worship at eight a.m. and I'm reading through the book ministry of healing with white staff who choose to come I'm only reading a paragraph or two and then we pray it takes less than five minutes but my staff not that they love the book again and again I've been saying I needed that this morning and I pray for a band for their family of four route our patients and God will give me wisdom as I see each page and the last day let's inconvenience and that was Tuesday and had to drive in Florida my nurse came up to me just as I want you to know how God answered your prayer for wisdom for the patients every single biopsy came back exactly what you were willing out you were thinking it might be now Illinois happen but what had she done she had been listening to the prayer now my nurses husband is a pastor and is not an my nerves law ministry will she have an influence on her pastor husband out there is a lot of depth in this one sentence invite your neighbors to your home and read now let me see if I'm reading this right can read at them from the precious Bible bridge to them from the precious body read what with now precious notice it's something you do together you enjoy the Bible where your neighbors invite your neighbors to your home it is virtually impossible to do this easily in their home in for all the noise in your home and control things when they come to your home they are expressing confidence and trust in you they're giving you permission to lead out the conversation that you and there you invite your neighbors to your home and read with them from the precious Bible and from books that explain its truth today we might add by conjunction on videos of the bachelor Mark Finley Sean Boudreau Kennecott we've done all that were our neighbors and that many of you have by .net as well this she says united with simple songs and fervent prayers Will Koch there are and then it says let church members but in the next two words educate themselves educated since this is where you can have to be selfish and him how do we begin how can we be effective in our ministry the first neighbor that we are we need to focus on is the closest neighbor our bed neighbor and our bedroom neighbors with our children Adventist on thirty seven the first work of Christians is to be united without being in it that United in the family will never be able to do effective outreach to our neighbors and I've had a deepening conviction on the importance of being united notice what the next census then the work is to be extended to their neighbors nine the far-off after unity in the family then the work extends beyond to our neighbors and I far-off our neighbor is not limited to the person living next door to the person of my prominences brought next and Doctor John in a moment is going to explain some of those that afar off but first we want to look at those nine and I wanted to be one story in and I'm going to turn it over to Doctor John to tell a story that just happen that you won't believe all unbelievable in America in two thousand but this is back to the winter of nineteen fifty seven I want you to meet a poor family they were trying to keep warm around a wood burning stove this is Nashville Tennessee and unfortunately the pipe in the upstairs became overheated in a fire started by the time the mother smelled smoke she looked up and saw flames along the ceiling that mother Julie Holmes rushed for her children out of the fire and then ran to the baby in the grip as she picked the baby up and ran to the door ceiling with its burning embers collapse she attempted to protect the baby with her body but both were covered with burns in her baby die she was taken to the Madison sanitarium Hospital where the physician with the entire staff can take care of her she hovered between life and death should never going to church knew nothing about the Bible but she understood law and should be game our neighbor I have an indelible memories seeing her in the hospital bandaged from his I was seven years old our family met her while we went around and saying for the patient is the winter Julie was covered with bandages she had only two places on her skin were not burned her chin in her the briquettes of her scalp and she wanted her husband built a meeting we set a time to see him that Sunday we never didn't even be drowned Saturday midnight he became confused on an unfamiliar road in which it ran into the Cumberland River and drowned his last words where is the road the first session asked my dad to go in and tell her the further news when it happened life and my dad had to put it in a take a hot water bottle on his stomach before you go in and talk with the physician it was an additional shock and if they are truly not survive forty nurses donated their skin for grass to save her life the staff took her children prayer alone save your life before years later she wrote the following letter let me share this letter my folks receive for their fiftieth wedding anniversary June six nineteen nineties dear Pastor Mills and family it doesn't seem that long but it was the year nineteen fifty seven as a thankful we did right don't think I could've made it through that terrible year with all the pain and would you and your family telling me of Jesus loved alien by being living reflections of him meant so much to me I'll never forget when the gel that was my sister Philip singing for me and Linda readings in the one song was Jesus a wonderful friend well it was Jesus Brenda Mitchell I remember the Bible study you gave me with the slides and being annoyed that I learned in Tuzla is a tell me the story of Joe and how he kept his faith in God who always problems it made my trouble seem small compared to years and I have a lot your daily visits the smells I truly look forward to I remember one day I woke and found a note saying I was asleep and you wouldn't awaken your left your flower from wedding account thanks again the faster mills are taking care of the funeral services for my husband and bringing it tasteless and I'm so grateful for you all finding Christian homeschool my children they are looking three of them nurses and one office worker there the hospital they let me know each day how the children weren't brought them to see me nearly every day I have some good loving care that the hospital a lot of prayers from the doctors and nurses taught me a lot about you after all the love and care I received there from you and everyone I receive files that is baptized by Pastor Mills it wasn't easy when I left the hospital is on my own but you are always there to help me when I needed you and show me how to live the Christian life I remember all the nice times he had together in gathering down in Nashville going to camp meeting and having our ten side-by-side and spending the night at your house one night Sabbath dinner there were bad days doing you help me clean up my house and do my laundry I forgot to mention about the skin grafting temporarily that I needed we had four family members to Brandon that wasn't enough to nurses that were on duty that day volunteered that help me to recover some of the rafting trip and that's unusual but with the Lords help of my good doctors and nurses and you and your family my dear family and all of our prayers I recovered I have a beautiful family and I thank the Lord for the MySpace is still strong in Jesus that is what allows a united family and caring for the health needs of our neighbors can do all that we need to widen our vision our neighbor it includes the person next door but includes the person that begins with my home and then it goes on Doctor John share with us what our neighbor is and your recent experience just that you need something fun design features he says his only chapter good Samaritan Christ has shown that our neighbor does not mean the only one of the church of faith to which we belong it has no reference to race color or class distinction our neighbor is every person who needs our help our neighbor is every soul who is wounded and bruised by the adversary our neighbor is everyone who is property of God everyone property of God will been having Bible studies everyone tonight about at a home but on the King is now and over the last year or so as a pharmacist who came to our pilot study name is Tracy V and he's a he worked from Monday to Saturday and seeing learn more more the truth he got one more conducted about the Sabbath but you know he it was very important that he kept his kept the Sabbath on his stolen on Saturday it uses it on my knees on helping people with medicine as you know on people in other ways but God says we need to keep this but he was not really into that anyway one day he called me and said I have a customer that really care about an incoming to my pharmacy for years and he is dying from lung cancer by sixty years old he is this something from the past for several years for the last two years he has gone through chemotherapy and radiation and this test was pretty much all of his body and he was dying and they said when people go home and he has about two to three months of in his name John Devers although not violating any that I cases it would get would you mind coming in praying for him I said okay the problem was it was Friday night and was Sabbath morning I could go to Knoxville to speak for my house in Knoxville about two hours to a half hours I know you ninety two prepare and what I felt and I need to go talk to this person so Tracy the pharmacist and I went to this person 's home what I want is home this person was on hundred percent oxygen he could barely talk and a very hard time I really cannot go upon his chair they were setting the others are the minimum without a cane with lower middle without assistance and he was reading that so it I've been involved in many her services for the sick and unique even unlinking services and it was discouraging for me because I haven't had any heaven hadn't seen any miracles up in fact almost every single person the we pray for an anointed by as the one I went to this person 's home and when I saw this condition I said there's no way he's going as nobody has no hope but we started with a prayer aside Jeannine Bible studies I asked them what they like to eat is a Baptist he and his wife in fifteen children grandchildren pages eleven through the game very nice map enough by the level of this man right away and he had very strong faith I said what he liked the favorite food is pork and I love ice cream I have tried everything and he likes lots of sweets and so I said Mister beavers this talk about your diet and with prayer and I maybe God can work something out so I gave in the diet of the wall was a what they got along the route nothing things right no vegetables after the ball festival was at the wine in a wine festival was added I thought about that and I studied into it and I realize one thing is that by the medications we use is from vegetables vegetables have any properties but in an garden of Eden there is no disease you don't need festivals so God knew in his infinite wisdom that within vegetables so I said that's the diet given applicable I said one was need at it all fit well after the flood there is no vegetation and I said how many animals the unit I have been going to the artisan who like to review think about is clean animals by what seven by seven on and know that there was always feel like to live you know you study in any anyway if you notice one of the reasons why God allowed me is that he can shorten person 's life right I think here you are dying with cancer and we the new reading something though even shorten your life even more the one only stop for Somalia report and then sugar is not really good for humans is the one of myself so I started giving him on this Diane and we started praying and reading from the Scriptures and an outlet therefrom in the two I came home at five in the morning also and I slept about two hours at night by the act you that morning it was I thought it was very good but I thought that was the last time I will see this three weeks later chasing Amy the promises came to the Bible says that you're not going to believe this only what Mister beavers is what the doctor is okay none and doctors cannot believe you and you have a guest and he said being alone he do I know what you is mowing his lawn and has been asked the doctor this agreement does not did indispensable component in Ottawa what happened to you but I don't think even die from cancer something different and then Tracy Bailey button working with praying with her for some time he said I needed decision to the Vista I'm going to close on the seventh and open on Sundays so through these you know it actually it was I had no faith in the person being you but it was probably the faith of this man and also I will retreat and the righteous one the one who prays for us Jesus Christ was the one who is completely a major staff and I question from you Doctor Trump oftentimes we've heard that the reason why there's no miracles here in the United States so the guys over in Third World countries they're not very sophisticated in so they get excited about miracles they believe in not in miracles but here the United States for sophisticated so that miracles don't impact of bid that miracle impact sophisticated United States like a miracle in unsophisticated Third World countries absolutely were actually United States is virtually a Third World countries and entities also fixed the sophisticated people in other countries backing them in the first world for in this federal the country is the we should be able to see this like any other country the same God who is there right so but notice it wasn't just that he laying there was what with it education is to have education for our our neighbors and that had a huge impact on it had a huge impact on the neighborhood this man where let's has lots of doctors around them and you know that God has ways to get his work out if we try were our neighbors simple ways become simple stories bring them to the same to play with touch the hearts many will not be healed they can have a greater healing of loving the Lord and in process of time so the Lord will see fit to miraculously intervening in and we need to understand how Doctor Chung is a physician but was it his business positions ability that brought cure to this man know what we want to encourage people as you can pray for you can share simple things when anything came terribly sophisticated and what Doctor John shared is that something that only about two percent we can do that with our neighbor and we want to inspire and encourage her not like us to look at a little broader view of even farther vision our neighbor is the person that we work with our neighbor is the person that we go to school with our neighbor is the person that we ride in the bus together our neighbor is the person who cuts are hair and I need a neighbor right now our neighbor is our neighbor is the person who checks that are groceries of the grocery store and I want to be a good neighbor that person one of the things that my wife has discovered is now highlights try to smile and thank them of my wife is seeking to do something else in an effort to get Navy more acquainted with them in the future and so she has a little Bible promise bookmark in incautious got guys carry them around and when she is anywhere she is whether it set up at a gas station attendant or whatever should banks and when you are so helpful and she lives them with a simple promise hoping it can lead to maybe a little more discovery about them maybe some way to minister to the help it maybe some way to just administer to their health needs by half smile at you know that you minister to the health needs of others by whether or not you irritate them or whether you bring them peace God wants us to see the broad aspect of ministering in hell but Doctor Chung said some very interesting experiences not only with his neighbors not only with his staff but some remarkable experiences that help illustrate how we can be neighbors even when you're traveling to share her story to longer neighbors on on airplanes what I do I seem to find a lot of neighbors and airplanes it oh I didn't ask about this early hour now one of what I like what I like to do is always Terry providing minimum program and in some reading and I hope the next person on this is such a good chapter would like to read this and the book almost every one of them we do read that section anyway I like to pay three and airplane stories is all and don't have the colors going out to the locality meeting in some Cisco and I was sitting there next on the middle seat for you try always if I go I think please help me to meet somebody is a is a long flight now and the person to the left of me was in the window seat no place to go so in this person was playing this game was other people analyzes reading I can't remember exactly what I was meeting Berlin reading something I think was design majors the law I'm sorry it was not the diabetes it was a picture of and as she was playing this game she got stuck in one of the questions and I look at it as a medical question and get a simple uniform he favored him as correct as the hot honey I knew of the opposition am going to dermatology meeting in San Francisco while mice might husband is a dermatologist impossible but they were separate on sympathies of the washer name on the Danielle and her husband 's name is Daniel and a live-in Daniel Island South Carolina admitted of building a house and there contractor 's name is Danny and I'm thinking maybe this is a sign that they should be studying the book of Daniel February you know which street they live in you'll never believe this is not if the Bucs remain at anyway and so after we didn't like to read a chapter from one of my favorite books in terms of profits because she said she had become a Christian she was with us before and she wasn't an actress she's issued him a sense of movie and HBO and all the things that they were even harder than okay you know but I think you'll enjoy this and so I turn to the test of faith number is but Abraham and Isaac and she started reading as you start crying is that this is the most wonderful chapter of ever read in my life as we can like to have this book as you said all how can I get this book and I get through Amazon as it always think it through Amazon but you know I pay what their five tests of books like this and if you go through all these five books and that's a and I said I wanted his logbook then it really helped me give me give insight into the Bible okay I said I'd like to get you a set husband is to thank you so much you know my boss seeking the truth would unite with the money give him a set of faith no problem so I sent them the three cents now going to come up there your Bible study I just don't know what Daniel Island oh I need to find time to go out there for a weekend and give the study basics of yarn the book of value and so was a small interest of our like ours and on a lower visibility but I know that God was the another time I was also sitting in the medicine dentistry and of the present right of me but not this guy he can escape because you can go into the aisle that it was sitting there and I was I had the book education but unlike and that I was a teacher and I said it not a feature about the position and I was reading a book gone on the temperature of faith and prayer and an accident would you like to read this chapter this is a great chapter in hand this man had a large rest and said okay I like to I don't mind reading that you credit the reading honey can be done in thirty minutes than one shop that can over our thinking for ever to an unpleasant one so long but as he was seemingly easy trip making comments about each each paragraph inside me was reading this music this is such a good book and a thing about his story and he has a billion-dollar company is the CEO of a company called at the past anyway he was heated he has a success story because these he only had a great education he grew up painting painting homes with his father became he got so good at it that he formed his own company when it was fifteen years old they had like sixty employees he was a really well so he never finished high school as of thus one fundraiser slowly and he and I said you know I'm human it was very ashamed about his education and I said he'll have to be ashamed this book is meant by a person with only very greater education nice to get you would like to have this book yes so I gave the book I got a lot happened for my staff hunting the need ten thousand and twelve high changing again out of the red list of zealots want to do it that is I like to have a beautiful motherboard with onboard I don't want to the new board member who are you decide on how we spend the money well cared for so his companies in Chicago he lives in California he travels a lot and so he caught he told me I had a talk with them just a few weeks ago and so I'm going to go to Chicago to share the truth to all his staff that because Al Qaeda volcano never what you got all of the teacher because the book education you know and he had problem with his education and a third grader wrote this book and he said this is his incredible congrats meeting temporal said he had a third why this is a short one I was in the we mark about the nose and and some other people during lunch Sabbath I got a strange call us of who the Lord is not for the laws of the loan that you remember me that no using his name and the one that you met you know and then the plane one year of okay anymore before their way you're the one who called me about diet I wash it in a handsome skin problems and I said I think and treated with with just changing some of your guide to get it a poor diet can cause me a year later when I was in we more thanking me how that suggestions change his entire life is that he lost my fifty pounds and he is almost in problem and he lives in Atlanta he wants me to come out there who helped all of his friends about nine says it doesn't have any credibility because he's not a doctor Levi pumpkin and maybe nemeses is 9/11 know about what's about the gospel but he's preaching to all his friends about diet the health play a big role you know in reaching people with the gospel I have his phone number on my cell phone and I would call him very soon and will pump all of his friend and I found out that later on that he is a very famous singer but never heard of this person so for now I'll our neighbor is the person who also helps us and just a very a few weeks ago we installed a computer system and all and so the person who was coming out trainers allies and he was going to give us a training for one week and so every day I would have a neighbor one week but I would never have to do in so I pray Lord help me to be the right kind of neighbor for this important opportunity the first morning he joined with us he was very at eight o'clock in her start and so I invited him if he wanted to be part of our worship three I pray for a computer program expressed understanding and interest and I could tell testified in so later during the day I had an opportunity to talk to him about some simple help principles dietary because he was having some of the simple problems with diabetes which is an simple but early it was very early in his doctor had told him about the importance of changing his diet and so I could share what that how to change that and so we walked toward the car ride he stayed an extra hour that day is sort of hanging around in when people sort hang around you know there's something else they want to say but they're afraid to say it you got to give him the opportunity and so he kept hanging around right to the car door and so I talk a little bit more about health and in and then he said incident neurologist first large and I said yes I want is an is a Zyban is is have you ever studied anything about the offices is is right now I'm studying the prophecies I don't really understand this I told them I said tomorrow night I said is late I have to do I go to have another appointment and I also saw that it was probably best to have him wanting more obsessive tomorrow night will study a prophecy that changed the world and so we've was interesting that so we studied that the next thousand day to noon though how change Nebuchadnezzar so each night we would study a little bit we had the three evenings and he says you know I listen theory makes some sense but it's as I'm reading all of his other book sentences it's quite is the analysis last night so guess what that was asking for a book I sent him I said let me tell you about a book and so I tried to make great controversy is attractive as it really is full of what you done for me for others and what it could do that help them that not just his physical but God wanted to also help his mental box and make us whole people as we wanted the book so we shipped it off to him this week my Harriet is not I a person working well she called him for some help they promised it is said that if you need any help in this area I haven't had a chance to go over with you you get wrinkles chemical and she said he told her he cannot just as attributable to two this computer program suggesting that one of this as well he wanted to let you know talk to me how that will is in his life and does I want to follow-up and negative content but that means he then made a sale to area just is going to get another copy there is no work goes on if we work with our neighbors they help work with us to the low water jet that the salt waters water and return God gives us opportunities to help our neighbors not because women to do much of a help to the he gives us that opportunity because of how much it's going to help us it's like sort of picture myself being in working for others like my two -year-old son is not too now but he was at one time and he would want help day and so he would come and help daddy was a much of a help out exactly in my way except he was in my life the love the companionship of my son right and he was helping that and so yes I I help God and him really in his life but he likes the convention in I like I need God for love from his children and by reaching out to others they can learn a lot to MSR are our real desire here the Lord has given us many many neighbors you have a neighbor right now sitting next to God wants you to be a healthy blessing to them you have an opportunity in your next meetings if you're close enough to the speaker by your interest by your attention to the speaker to give them health and help you know preach better of God gives us all kinds of opportunities I am convicted as I was studying music I was convicted on the importance of unity and I have been in in in the home and I've been praying Lord make me pregnant help me to better understand the needs of my life minister I want to be helping with health my closest and most wonderful name one it's like standup and so we want to to share these or other stories with good share but there is a very important imperative to sharing with your neighbor and an experience happened so recently that it still left shaken up the truck and I hope this helps this story begins about to tell I hope this helps you understand the necessity of the person next door her name until saying things been going for about thirty four several years before the last post said about sixty months stop coming but for some reason she came for the last two weeks and last Wednesday became an copy of week ago when one week ago Wednesday she came in a should sit right next to me at an new was I felt this strong desire to give a strong appeal to me this is known I said you've been coming to these Bible studies voice years and make a decision we often make decisions right can just listen nothing about that and she was left in the end after the half after the talk at the Bible study she got her knees and hope my and your point to another finding to and you should issue out afterwards you need but tonight the night stayed in she was an I could see that she was making a decision as you are home to a later she died from aneurysm this two days after we go Lawrenceville is today's the day before that they are the physicians argue we have I was that I was a nice evaluator Thursday or Friday evening on the body on early Monday morning but we never know we have opportunities God gives us opportunities right and we are the watchmen in the moment is when the watch cool moves blood is us right we have been given on this opportunity on this information and we know use it for God 's work what happened if I can if I said if she did not want to talk to me or you know it home I had the prayer on the you never know now I am confident I will see her again absolutely I I said Joe I'll see you next week as I said but I will not see her next week right you know we spent you know several years ago there was a a a young girl subdomain like a well remember that it was TV isn't this a more and all this on a bill that was a huge deal and don't try to drill another of the other guy shop and try to annual when they finally got around army was on TV everywhere and they spend all this energy and time missing this one girl right I'm investors for temporal life we have the chance to give everyone on the life if they can spend on energy to give temporal life to one person how much more energy should we spend to give life like the other people don't feel to all of you today is every single person doing the home excellent labor the airplane patient clients should labor and you are responsible think of it as you know what I need something I said that though I said I said I listened to this end is the last time I will be reading this though focus really hard because I said I'm not an Everest is again not even I can put this moment and so I spend it on many focus trying to remember now if you have the attitude the labor that is the last time I'll ever see this person what would I say this person if I know this person is going to go Mister beavers I think it was going to die so that's why I was going to stay in a crockery came on the five and in a few hours of sleep I rather have this person have a assurance of salvation and not only handled over and so on it was we are neighbors to every single he's my name Doctor Mills have impacted my life members and you know the person next to you with all neighbors this is odd I like this is read this one more time because American film and end with this that's the question who is my neighbor is for ever answer for how long however Christ has shown that our neighbor does not mean merely one of the one of the church of faith to which we belong it has no reference the color or race or class distinction our neighbor is every person who needs our help our neighbor is every soul who is wounded and bruised by the adversary our neighbor is everyone who is the property of God you want to be that kind of neighbor like Jesus was for us reaching down to help us temporally right now he's concerned about your health is giving you breath is giving me a hard in wants me to the neighbor to others is a father in heaven we ask that you spirit helpers make us the neighbor called us in our offices in home in our churches may we see to minister to the needs of those around us open our eyes to see the heart give a sensitivity to the hurts and pains keep our eyes on Jesus did on the others which redirects I pray for this PSI convention I pray that your spirit may fall the Sabbath evening and this next the next day tomorrow I is better I will as you might want to address for him this maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a decent and I is him and more as our online service is www. nonbelievers .org


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