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Tony Moore
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Tony Moore has served as a Bible Instructor, church planter, pastor, and evangelism director for It Is Written. He was converted at a Rolling Stones concert in 1972 and has a passion for sharing Jesus. From this rich background he launched the Biblical World in 2004, dedicated to creating seminars designed to reach people living in the western world. His wife, Helen, is integrally involved in their ministry.




  • August 7, 2010
    9:00 AM
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well you have signed this morning and to be able to share and I about the saddest lesson I have to tell you I been living in the world of Jesus for the last five four years and the time limiting myself to reading the gospel so it wasn't real relief notch and say that it was a real blessing to read Romans five because I have been focusing on Romans for a while been focusing just on the gospel stories and to come back and we would take a look at this powerful passage I really excited about sharing it with you out if they get a aside for their wonderful support of the biblical world during the past five years we've been working on this project tracing the footsteps of Jesus has taken much longer than I ever dreamed I can tell you is coming out much better than I ever dreamed as well and were very excited about it we returned her first film trip in July of August of two thousand eight as three years ago when we return right to the ASI Lexington Kentucky and since that time I've actually return across the Atlantic eight times working on the series or very very excited about it and a special offering is gone on several occasions to the vocal world and part of the offering that will be taken today will help us to write lessons that will take me tracing the footsteps of Jesus from being just a nice informative faith building television program to being a powerful evangelistic tool that you can use the study with your neighbors and friends and so are very grateful in advance for the offering that you're going to give today and thank you for the village of letting me share with you this morning in the footsteps of Paul now some of you don't even recognize me because I didn't have my trademark blue shirt on I have a blue shirt is not the one you're used to seeing on the footsteps of Paul by habitat that shirt is faded much like my hair so I thought was probably better to all this morning but I want you to take your Bibles and interpret me to Romans chapter five and I want us to focus upon the memory text now I don't know if you memorize the text or not but it does say memory text during your lesson guy did you notice that and so I think it's important for us to to put these ancient words into our minds and before we do that spell your hesitancy for a together father in heaven thank you this morning for this tremendous privilege of being here at ASI Orlando but thank you for the extraordinary privilege of meditating upon this price this chapter of Romans chapter five we asked eligible your blouses with your presence with your spirit the children in our minds as we study and meditate upon this passage and may indeed agreeing to recipes and hope I pray in Jesus name amen OFR memory text therefore being justified will say what made you have it therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God is an incredible all how powerful analysis break it down he says therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God no earlier in the book of Romans he's explained the basis of this justification and now iconic refers to it and bills back on it and he tells us that the result of this justification is one piece with God because remember as we go right back to the beginning as Paul does in this chapter we talked about that original sin of Adam it brings a disconnection between man and God now God is still there seeking searching and looking as we see in the Garden of Eden right was that I'm doing is running and hiding is a brokenness when ISS since we been justified by faith we have peace with God because I broken this is then removed but you like the right Outward Bound justification been broken down so nicely jobs as is never send a massively countless and he says a lot of that we now have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ who has given us through faith access into the incredible grace all of this passage we have peace with God the apostle Paul had gone through the Roman colony of the city manioc is Skyway on the middle of Turkey and this comment on place before the so far from where Paul normally would on his journeys it's today probably four hours in the closest Bible site that fall went to because of the city manioc was a Roman colony veterans in the Roman army are settled there and they have a copy of the great arch of peace in the city of Rome and established by the rotunda of Augustus Caesar and it has the accolades of the Roman Senate of Augustus Caesar and it proclaims them to be the Prince of peace and the Savior of the world Paul says this is a misnomer the real Prince of peace is not addressed the cedar yes he brought that these of the Roman sort of much of the ancient world we could not bring peace to the heart only Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah could do that and so he says therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God throne Lord Jesus Christ Paul however is a realist Paul was a realist is not cease that piece is the absence of trouble that's common popular ideas that he says in verse two we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God not only so but we also rejoice in our sufferings because we know that's suffering produces perseverance and perseverance character and character hope and hope does not disappoint us other than a very interesting brand of Christianity was very popular today and it fills rooms much larger than this room with people coming to hear it I call it the Gospel of wealth health and prosperity talking about eternal the television that's what you often see if you just sell your scene here gods and I give you a true and then moves reaping the prosperity and everything is this going to be fine in your life doesn't work out great well Paul doesn't quite go along with that that would be orange of the apostle Paul Paul talks about how the this piece is in our hearts and he says we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God and we rejoice also in our sufferings of the things we go through because we know this would develop perseverance and perseverance character and character hope and hope will not disappoint us this brand of Christianity before the apostle Paul he taught us to rejoice in our sufferings expresses Terminator second Corinthians Chapter 11 health apostle Paul wrote to the moon this letter to the church of Rome from Corinth and so now let's drop over to second Corinthians he's living in Corinth he's writing this letter to Rome and let's see what some of Paul's experiences in life where he has this piece and he had this hope busy exempt from the problems of life now not exactly as he will share with us here in second Corinthians Chapter 11 anyone reverses twenty three through twenty eight if I can see it without my glasses on I can't so rebut my glasses that happens a lot of the J are they servants of Christ I am out of my mind to talk talk like this I am more I work much harder than imprison more frequently than flog more severely and an exposed to death again and again five times are received from the Jews the forty lashes minus one three times I was beaten with rods once I was stoned three times I was shipwrecked I spent a night and a day in the open sea by the late this is before his experience of being shipwrecked on the island of Malta I is running this is what I happens so you should read at least four times in his life I was shipwrecked us in the night in the open sea and on the other the open sea I've been constantly on the move I've been in danger from rivers in danger from bandits in danger for my own countrymen in danger from Gentiles endangering the city endangering the country in danger to see them in danger from false brothers I've labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep I've often known hunger and thirst and gone without food I've been cold and naked besides everything else I face daily the pressures of my concern for all the churches alcohol went through tremendous difficulty so peace is not the absence of trouble we may have trouble her life I want you to know that trouble is not an indication of God 's favor or disfavor because Paul goes to the trouble you say we have peace with God because he knows was leading the things that we experience when we passed through and we suffer as okay as the build perseverance perseverance is a real character and character zooming of hope and hope does not disappoint peace is not the absence of conflict is from having our hearts reconciled the heart of God we don't have to be on the run anymore not to be avoiding the Holy Spirit anymore we have peace with God when the first atom sins it brought a brokenness to him and his descendents but now that brokenness is removed and are just as if we had never said and sonar interbeing we have peace with God Paul does not say however that because were justified by faith we have happiness without God does not promise you happiness happiness comes in the English word half which means chance and sometimes by chance your circumstances are good and sometimes there that when Paul was in Philippi he was wrongly accused he was not even able to exercise his right as a Roman citizen in such way that I must have a trial and they jumped right ahead and they flogged and remember that and so his rights it then violated you speak then there was silence there put in the stocks in the dungeon Erin Philippi and what's he doing in the night he singing I don't know if he was happy as he was singing because of blooded final is back and probably had not even been cleaned off but he has peace in his heart he has joy in his heart those are some of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in his life and so she passed to the why will use them as a barometer of whether God loves you or doesn't love you know that his love is based on the ancient words his speed on what happens in this mortal life is what Paul understood what Paul taught us that we need to remember as well God promises to give us joy and peace in a concert being reconciled to God by faith through Jesus Christ next fall addresses the basis of this hopeless go back to Romans chapter five and verse six and here is just all one of fabulous verse you see at just the right time when we were still powerless Christ died for the ungodly oh I love that don't shoot at just the right time I know about you but I've received tremendous encouragement from that passage to my journey with Jesus it wasn't because I was good it wasn't because of all the things I had done all the selfless acts of charity I performed he says while we were one yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly it was while we were yet sinners he died for the ungodly I was born here in Orlando in the last millennium past millennium and I grew up my family abortion they really weren't religious people they're great people it really were religious people but I had a good Baptist grandmother on one side and a good Adventist grandmother on the other side and my Adventist grandmother she was a good grandmother so she convinced me to go through and I missed your school the six grade are the seventh grade and eighth grade and then I was in the tent were going to the tenth grade she said that phone if you go to mountains the Academy through the North Carolina juvenile visit Academy annual graduate from there I'll buy you a Harley Davidson motorcycle you know let us go so I'm often not visit Academy and there in North Carolina and things worked out pretty good I actually fall into into some problems there and the school 's very kinder exceedingly kind and the runaway independent Texas and now they come down to get us back to interesting stories about a will talk about all this morning instead but ultimately I got the lead Mountains Academy in the back of a police car that is not very good visit got busted for marijuana and so I get to leave in the back of the police car and they take me and as they read my rights to me they say you can't be president because this is a felony and you can't do this weekend and so was that he might not talk to MSM I like to talk the Bible teacher Wayne McNutt can you send them but so after not famous of you know I can do all these things that could get after wondering where that came from I don't know anyway it was the kind of strange but effective pastor one nine is that yes if you get in your heart to Jesus as the cool our member that maybe and so I was kicked out of school they been given grace and that was my first driver was kicked out of opposite counting on the North Carolina and very involved in the counterculture is our factory of us began to control the flow of drugs into our small town there in Salisbury North Carolina and I was struggling because loudly and his church school and one of those years they taught us these incredible prophecies from Daniel and you know it is always stuck in my mind up to Halliburton agrees Roman and Daniel to Daniel seven the as for visa and how they all kind of came along and the ten horns which is almost I could really shake it and that prophecy of the twenty three hundred days it was just in the back of my mind always and every also thought about that idea of a judgment of one day out after you've answered for ongoing and so I thought well I saw Mrs. Alderson is not a God is not a double editor 's note on this development it can be a judgment someday therefore in the Llewellyn eleven I don't have to be troubled by me this makes sense right so that was a philosophy I develop well my cousin who houses there North Carolina he made all the way through Fletcher so I respect for him one night we were taking souls on the mushrooms and I thought if I can just cancel to agree with you there is no God there's no double and I can just know it away from this whole thing out of my conscience troubles us of Philip 's in the Bible is not true that God doesn't exist but agree with me and therefore you look to him and he said Tony you can't write off the Bible is the angel of history but there is something true about the file like this cause my world tumble down like this is all now and so we went from Aaron is a lot of rock 'n roll concerts my favorite band with the Rolling Stones and they were touring in nineteen seventy two me or come to Charlotte on July the sixth I'll never forget it we went to the concert and I throw carload of friends there and see the wonder play them there after you play they move the equipment and there on the stage I saw two servants and now I have no idea I was tripping and doing many different things I don't know but I saw to surface less quality servants and on the state of all all I could think about was the serpent in the garden of the him with stones economic slave in the third song to play the sympathy for the devil was much my favorite songs admitted by heart I never thought of the words I was there and I was judgment hall made real sure he washed his hands and seal this very pleased to meet you Hope you guessed my name is puzzling you that's the nature of my game just call me of Lucifer the assessment hand was while I heard that and I heard a voice in my mind and the voice said yes I am real you said I didn't exist real and you sold your soul to me with no doubt about that I thought was old and and then I heard a voice saying you blaspheme God by saying he did not exist you committed the unpardonable sin gal ever had anything to do it you use soldiers sold on to me you are mine and tonight you will have to pay for your sins you will have to die Welt at Celtic the joy of the concert and I said back in positive diving of the five thoughts after told my sense now is interesting and I would not ever cast a blame for the schools I don't know what the schools are teaching about this and another one of the base level school I have no clue because I was a selfish person doing my own video as I really don't know what they were teaching on this but I didn't understand the gospel I follows the only center in the whole world the only sin the whole world I thought I have to die for what I'd done I deny God 's existence here was so I settled back in his father would die to the concert well they all claps for long for the concert and the road manager community came out and said thank you through here and here services at Internet have to sucker him and you coliseum there in Charlotte into the people will now my friends were writing music we have to go and somehow they got out of the car and I find it hard to believe I drove back out to Salisbury on our Hathaway imagine the farm and all night long they partied and I pondered what happened I thought about what happened I felt so lost I I I was so the next day was my grandmother 's house she was a wonderful Bible workers of Salisbury North Carolina church and I really couldn't verbalize very much what happened because I was no use determined that I space out but she has these the true evangelist versions of the contributions living room talking other conflict and there was copied books and I just go through the good read I was way to space out Areva to go through the looking at the pictures I came upon a picture thinking and little window of hope I don't understand the gospel at all as a picture of the Garden of Eden and there was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden there was Jesus some of you know that from talking about and there was Jesus and he was stepping on the servants had neck a little window of hope that maybe Jesus was stronger and serve again it's sad to be this confused about the gospel restaurant wafts and so I saw that I have told remote about what happened and she gave me a book bizarre Vegas and couple days later I took my friend home to Atlanta where she lived and why was there began reading desire of ages I never forget going to page twenty five and reading Christ was treated as we deserve to be treated that we might be treated as either him he was Parsons in which he had no share that we might be justified as our word as righteous as in which we had no share and by his stripes we has civil if that's what you are about one hundred million so I gave my heart to Jesus here in Atlanta Georgia and will came back on the table more Porter story came back to us that a large stash of drugs and I told my best friend he was Afro-American guy that twenty years older than I was of the nose ring and the nineteen seventy two in North Carolina and told periodontist says wow that's interesting notice I do have one last party now never forget the stones problem hot lots was playing in an is are playing the music Kerry came to the needy eyes he says you can't get away from the Canyon is as Omar please help me and I went on them a little car and drove away now the last time ever for displayed in that lifestyle so the Lord really taught me only to say grandma 's never stop praying for your grandchildren friend was never that you have anointed him help it general conferences a few weeks ago I saw the vice principal of the school now we seen each other a few the previous general conference and he was rather shocked that the Lord had changed my life that way I actually got discipline once we got since the girls these family hotels there in Tennessee and the Margie actually was born the footsteps of all I took the call in as well you know Marty I recognize your name your boat she went overboard in some sort of this wonderful series asked about Marty I'm actually the guy a nice disappointment since your parents and the Lord in a holy life and change myself grandparents parents kids spring for your fry for one hundred and to write anyone off as a lost cause God 's Grace that's what were talking this morning being justified by grace we have faith we have peace with God and wanted you what is to describe that piece on a wonderful thing I was a sinner I knew it but I didn't understand Romans chapter five and what a joy it is to understand that now how would you take your Bibles in the salon or passage wasn't because I was good and deserving was because of God 's incredible grace of a recent of my heart Romans chapter five verses six through eight you see at just the right time your when we were still powerless Christ died for the ungodly very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die God demonstrates his own love for us in this while we were still sinners Christ died for us all my dad has to be one of my favorite passages was Paul referring that popular Greek legend that so many of his readers and Rome would be familiar with it was a story of a Greek team he was a young man at Mrs. Annie fell in love with a beautiful girl Alcestis the daughter of a neighboring king of the father would let him marry her himself the story goes that he has this encounter with the Apollo was a young man and an increase in kindly and Apollo promises to help in the future and so he helps into the Beaverton area assesses their wedding he gives them a special gift and the gift is that if he should ever false it that someone who loved him could die misplace hairy body in Google the story is very popular legend in Paul's day well the King and the Queen the very him for many years of the former Kingdom of Leslie Felder such as rulers and one day Atlantis crew Bill and me to screw it only began its center Institute parents are older near the end and so someone remembered the gift hollowing given to have someone love them with the highest place he wouldn't have to die is unable to the parents they said you know you saw the game is in his youth commission only love a lot but not that much that once we don't have a few years left of the notice brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters love them and the other set of the Royal table tennis we love them a lot but not that much many people who own their very lives to him the kingdom over the lot no one could be found to be willing to die place was lovely queen her goal is helping happening and so I'll see this calls upon Apollo I says he such a good man how time and so she goes according to the story and lazier than their life ebbs away will immediately he had the strength regards I'm fairly jump seventy runs in the car and there she is lifeless upon the couch all very likely is referencing the story that his hearers are very familiar with because this is an incredible flowering of love no one would do it but here the wife would do it and you can imagine that people are saying wow that is the ultimate flowering of laugh and so Paul says for a good man someone might possibly dare to die but him reveals his love to us and us that while we were still seen as Christ died for the hidden because we were it wasn't because we were teens when we called her kind while we were yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly that's how much he values each and every one of us while what an incredible story Paul goes on verse nine and says since we have now been justified by his blood how much more shall we be saved from God 's wrath through him for if when we were God 's enemies we were reconciled to him to the death of his son how much more having been reconciled shall we say through his life not only this not only is the soul but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have now the reconciliation and so it says that while you are sooner you are reconciled to God just think about what it means that you can reconcile and he goes on to say that we shall be saved from God 's wrath through him for if while we were God 's enemies were reconciled to him through the death of his son how much more having been reconciled shall we be saved through his life seems like the reference to Hebrews chapter seven worst when five thousand were describes Jesus as that eternal high priest who ever lives to make intercession for us and so we should never question the depth of God 's love for us sometimes will go through difficult times sometimes our helpful fail sometimes our businesses may fail sometimes it just seems like God is forgotten all about us let's remember the him us him to go back to those ancient memories and focus on while we were yet sinners Christ died for us if you notice that much just the hasn't stopped since we reconcile the continues along this because our numbers twelve therefore just as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin and in this way death came to all men because all send for before the law was given some is in the world of sin is not taken into account when there is no law nevertheless death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses even over those who did not sin by breaking a command as did Adam who was a pattern of the one to come just as sin into the world through one man Adam 's gift to humanity was to mock the second death of the first death we all died because of her part of the human fabric we share the DNA the second death comes because of our choice because of our choice death came to all men because all have sin your Jewish sinners and there's Gentile sinners their Baptist sinners and there are advent of sinners because we have sent all were all in the same boat were all in need of God 's grace all this and well was rehabbed on the lawn and this will refer you this question through Romans chapter one verses eighteen to twenty about how those who don't have the law of God 's revealed his nature and his person to all people Romans chapter two verses fourteen and fifteen if you don't have a law that you can be judged by by the law and he talks about going have a loyal in the judgment of things when you're hardest that you show the working of your heart originally the principles of the finca memo to remember everyone's heart and avenues hard and that's passed on to all of us down what do you say so Paul says that those who don't have a law they still show that they know something about the law because they have principles of right and wrong how we deal with that Howard you without sometimes we struggle about how God judge those who don't know what the refrigerator coming going to wish your mother majored one would even second Thessalonians two eleven talks about how that God will judge the ungodly who says there lost not because they don't know the truth because I don't love the truth and so you may only know one person of true for you may think you know ninety five percent truth out he related that one percent that you do not pass how will be judged in the steel how do you relate to that one percent that you do know was says death and upon all that is the common denominator that we all face people often ask me what is the most intriguing special thing that happened to you filming the first of the fall is for you to go on all these places and so on it was the most intriguing thing that happened was something it happened and surprised me if you are going from place to place a gander was written only trace interesting cc calls and Philip my knees rattled Philippi to go down the Thessalonica mollies varies around Thessalonica he goes out that Maria am always very found Maria Paisley leads Luke and Silas he takes anything they go down to Athens and was in Athens he's preaching in the things are happening applied in Thessalonica so Paul sends Timothy back to check on the church in Thessalonica and Paul goes down the city of Corinth to make him sound to Corinth and brings report from the church the plan in Thessalonica Mrs. Paul something really bad happened the church is devastated and Paul takes on his skin the rice the first piece of the New Testament first he says we don't want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep or to grieve like the rest and then you have no we believe Jesus died and came back forcing a written written to a church just as real as the church you attend once you die and the people are wondering Willy C Arlen once again Paul says I want to know the Lord himself citizen from heaven Michelle the voice of the archangel trumpet call of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first and then we which are left to be caught up together with them in the class to meet the Lord in the air and so we will ever be with the Lord forever I saw that the depth of the dividing of the New Testament to raise the blessed hope about a thousand points in my thinking and that as we came to the conclusion of Paul's journey city of Rome is a little place outside of Rome is called St. Paul's outside on SARS mustard of three fountains are safe all those other walls is great cathedral of all it is called a monastery the three fountains Roman tradition and Romans that Paul was Khan 's head was cut off and down three times in three films popped up in the gonadal places three fountains and I believe that but this is where the executed citizens in the first century so most likely Paul's executioner I thought of the story I walked down the runway episode nineteen of the fall series so you would follow Paul for thirteen thousand miles always faithfully followed everywhere Jesus Ladd now agrees a visible spot outside of Rome we don't know his last words we do know is last letter he said I have fought a good fight I have finished my course him henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord of the righteous judge to award to me on that day and not just the name of all can you imagine the first thing forward is less about lasting ballrooms a possible because in reality it's the only hope were all terminal in this deal because of Athens because of what Jesus we have been justified by faith in Jesus and we have one peace with God so we can rejoice in that of any other father thank you for these moments we've had to ponder this and row I fretted each of us in the quietness of this moment when the surrender our hearts to you and except you Jesus as our Lord and Savior made each one of us experience the peace that comes from being justified just as if we never said by accepting you through faith this morning are granted with that peace and assurance and may in the near the open are alive is a a you might not ever worry about not having Lehman like to learn more and I live in a number and I is the word our online user and www. maneuver is not


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