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First Things First

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference




  • August 7, 2010
    11:00 AM
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this morning I had intended to preach a sermon notice the emphasis on the word intended called Crossing Jordan but as I thought about where we are in the history of this world as a thought about the coming of Jesus God 's Spirit directed me to a different topic entitled first things first father in heaven as we open your word this morning I pray the but your spirit would move among us we've talked about outreach we talked about soul winning we talked about evangelism we talked about the finishing of your work in the world before there's a work to be done in the church a work to be done in our hearts a work to be done the within us and some atheists worship our lead us to a deeper heart conversion entered deeper knowledge of you we pray the in Christ's name amen the story is told of a woman who frantically called her insurance agent and she said sir I need to increase the insurance coverage on my house he said well Madam and down to the office this week we can sign the appropriate documents and will make it happen she said sorry you don't understand I need to increase the insurance coverage now this is urgent repeated Madame there are some documents that need to be signed but can't I do it over the phone Madame all come out to your house tomorrow sir you don't understand my house is on fire I need to increase the coverage now there are some things you can put off in life until tomorrow there are other things that have to be done today or else they have catastrophic consequences there are some things that matter little if we put off in life and other things we put off until our eternal loss now preparation for the second coming of Christ is one of those things the second coming of Christ may be delay but our preparation for the coming of Christ should never be delayed in Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus gives us the signs of his coming in Matthew chapter twenty five Jesus talks about preparation for his comic in Matthew chapter twenty four we had the offense in the world in Matthew chapter twenty five we have the condition of the church in Matthew chapter twenty four we have what happens out there in Matthew chapter twenty five we have what happens in here now you'll recall after Jesus talks about wars and rumors of wars about famines and pestilences and earthquakes apricots about fires and floods the natural disasters after he discusses those more than twenty five signs of his coming you come to the end of Matthew chapter twenty four and Jesus says in Matthew chapter twenty four in verse forty two if you have your Bible I would encourage you to take it as we study the word of God Matthew chapter twenty forward looking there at first forty two and Jesus Mary and Matthew twenty four says watch therefore he's talked about the size of the stomach the size of the social war of the political world the economic world the religious world and Jesus says watch therefore first forty two Matthew twenty four you do not know what hour your Lord is coming so Jesus encourages the church to watch in Matthew chapter twenty five you are free parapets the parable of the ten virgins the parable of the silence in the parable of the sheep and the goats those parables explain and what it means to watch him be prepared for Christ government whereas Matthew chapter twenty four give to those broad strokes of the size of the world Jesus says those things are going to happen out there but what is significant is preparation for my return and so Matthew chapter twenty five sets forth the first parable that thoughts about preparation for the return of our Lord in Matthew 's Gospel there are twenty one parable fourteen of those twenty one are kingdom of God parables they are parables that specifically address the nature of the spiritual condition within the church now the reason Matthew chapter twenty five is so significant is Matthew chapter twenty five describes spiritual condition of the church awaiting the second coming of Christ we begin with Matthew chapter twenty five in looking at verse one but before we look at that word by word and study this parable verse by verse I am directed to a statement in the writings of Ellen White in the review and Herald August nineteen eighteen ninety she said this I am often referred to the parable of the ten virgins five of whom are wise and five foolish this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very lighter so heaven things that the parable of the ten virgins is so important that it is so significant but it's so vital for the church today that God brought it to that in time prophet 's mind again and again and again and again this is the present truth for this on our fears is a message fornicating time people this is not something at the fringes this is at the core at the heart of preparation for the coming of Jesus and I pray today that the spirit of God would come down on the SASI audience I pray today that we would sense a new a message on president truth for this hour to prepare and in time people for the coming of Jesus this is no time for fooling around this is no time at dabbling with religiosity and spirituality God is calling us today to an enzyme preparation Matthew chapter twenty five we begins there in verse one then the kingdom of heaven now all kingdom of heaven parables refer to the church every time you see the kingdom of heaven parable Christ is addressing the church first one Matthew twenty five then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins white ten why not seven perfection why not twelve completeness why not for university at universality why not three ten ten was a significant number in Judaism ten that was the smallest number of Jewish man that could compose a synagogue and establish number ten he thinks sharks number the ten tribes of Israel the church 's spiritual Israel so it's another clue was in the tax that Jesus himself is speaking about the church then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins virgins in the Bible a woman represents the church ape your woman Revelation twelve represents the true Church the bride of Christ a harlot woman Revelation seventeen represents the fallen church so this parable is a parable that is addressed to the true church ten virgins virgins represent the church pew or uncorrupt doctrine doctrine that is undefiled by the errors by the apostasy and four and the rituals and the ceremonies in the traditions of the enemy then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps what's the lamps represent in the Bible Psalm one nineteen verse one oh five thy word is a block lamp unto my feet and a light into my fat so here is God 's church at any time with the word of God it said going out to light the way for the coming of the bridegroom here is God 's church anxiously awaiting something last part of verse one they went out to meet the bridegroom so here is an unfinished church they anticipate the coming of Christ they believe Jesus is God the issue is not doctrinal heresy the issue is not defiled and corrupt doctrines yes and Harris both is relating to God 's church at a time like the way for the coming of the bridegroom and let your true uncorrupted doctrines of the Bible says in verse two now five of them were wise and five were foolish now notice something carefully please notice that the story does not contrast the righteous and unrighteous merchants it does not contrast the holy and the unholy virgin it does not contrast the good in the bad virgins it does not contrast the obedience and disobedience virgins it does not contrast the loyal and rebellious virgins it does not contrast the fewer the introverted it does not contrast the faith of the unfaithful virgins the Bible calls them what everybody wise and foolish that leads us to another question if this is a parable of the church if this is talking about us and if the Bible talks about the wives in the foolish virgins what makes the wise lives what makes the foolish foolish where the wise lives because they were awake they were studying the signs of the times they would knew that they knew that we're on the verge of eternity why were the wise lines why where the foolish foolish with a wise wise because they were wide awake and had their eyes opened and the foolish were foolish because they were sleeping the Bible design in Matthew chapter twenty five and the Bible says in verse five but while the bridegroom was delayed they all slumbered and slept so the reality of the parable the startling reality of the parable is not five Virgin are sleeping it is that they all are sleeping bathing on the knife edge of eternity on the verge of the kingdom of God the true charges pictured as spiritually trials he and his sleep the great opportunities to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus this is the message of the babble it is not the thought of our sleeping in is that there is a spiritual drowsiness a spiritual stupor that has loved us all to sleep this secular materialistic godless culture around us affect us as well as the world God 's people are a people with a message of people with a mission of people raised up powerfully they share the light of God 's truth with mankind in this world of darkness Isaiah capecitabine verse one to three is a prophecy of these last days versus predicted probably God 's church is called to light the world with the truth of his Word to prepare a world for the coming of our Lord Isaiah chapter sixty verse one to three Jesus gives a message to his church a prophetic message in time arise shine for your life is gone the glory of the Lord is risen upon you there will be a revival in God 's church and in time the church will arise the church will shine the light of God 's truth will radiate from God 's people arise shine the light is going to glory the Lord is risen upon you for behold darkness shall cover the earth deep darkness the people but the Lord will arise over you and his glory will be seen upon you and Gentiles keeping agent shall come to your life and change the brightness of rising up your eyes all around and see thou gather together .com do you God is going to move through his church in the last days of mercy is great in powered by the Holy Spirit field with the oil of his grace God 's people will illuminate the world with his glory they will impact the world would you strew the gospel will be priests of the ends of the earth the mission will be accomplished that task will be completed the work will be finished the way will be prepared for the bridegroom to return in Jesus will God there is no other reason for the existence of the seventh day Adventist church then to reveal the light of God 's loving glory is loving character in word and deed to the world to prepare for the coming of the bridegroom but the foolish virgins failed to participate in the most exciting movement in the history of the world why they miss out on eternity why the rural members of the true church they're all waiting for the coming of the bridegroom the folders as well as a wise accept and believe the truth of Scripture these foolish virgins are not promoting some kind of doctrinal heresy they live morally upright lives they enjoyed the fellowship of the wise virgins what is it about these foolish virgins who come to meetings dare I say it there I'm not saying what is it about them they come to meetings like this they enjoyed the Fellowship they actually participate in witnessing a time they are doctrinally sound in their thinking but it happens this but their foolish virgins the question becomes what makes a wise virgin wives and what makes a foolish virgins as I reflect on the parable and read it again and again and again I say God could I ever unknowingly unwittingly be a foolish Virgin myself Matthew twenty five verse three Matthew twenty five verse I want to look at the characteristics of the foolish virgins and then the characteristics of the wise virgins in contrast and lead us into a deep heartfelt sense that happens oil is flowing into our hearts today and that if somebody came in here today have foolish virgins you can walk out alive urgent somebody walked in today Locke delighted to see in spiritual complacency got to touch your heart today the work in this meeting today the Spirit is moving in this meeting today God 's guitar charts today they are to be miracles of God 's grace that happened right here today in this place in this hour right now Matthew the twenty eighth Chapter twenty fifth chapter what makes the foolish foolish and what makes the wise wise Matthew twenty five verse three we look at the those who were foolish talk with their lamps into no oil with them that's a very interesting passage when you look at the ancient world often in ancient weddings the bride and her bridesmaids would be in a home in this parable is actually a slice of life on a Palestine Jesus was sitting there in the mount of olives in East saw a wedding like this taking place any use that as an illustration of preparation for his return the bride groom would come to the bride 's home unexpectedly at night and the word would go out the cry would go out brought the whole of the bridegroom comes and the bridesmaids would light the way before the bride to the bridegroom 's home the wedding feast may last a week and if you didn't enter it when the feast started the door would be shot if you couldn't and Durrant now when you look at Matthew chapter twenty five verse three it says those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them it does not say they didn't have oil in their lamps in the ancient world oil was placed in the land but a flask of oil was taken along with the lamb so when the oil in the lamp ran out flask of oil would be used to replenish the oil that ran out in the way now the fact that the foolish virgins had some oil is significant and UC that if you let your eyes drop down further in the Bible passage Matthew chapter twenty five bottle as I read verses five and on but while the bridegroom was delayed they also wondered and slapped it at midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming what the media that will those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps so the wise and the foolish Merced and trimmed their lamps what is that mean they let their lamps and the foolish said to the wise give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out so what does that indicate the foolish virgins had some oil but they did not have a sufficient supply of oil because the delay was so long that the small amount of oil that they had was not sufficient to take them on the journey from the bride 's home to the bride groom 's home and their lands were going out now they lacked this indispensable oil in the Bible what is oil a symbol of what that simple but wait you say it's a symbol of the Holy Spirit but what aren't there many symbols of the Holy Spirit the Bible fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit why didn't they haven't seen until of fire wind is a symbol of the Holy Spirit on the water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit why does God take the symbolism of why oh and use this as the illustration of what the foolish virgins did not have here's why if you look throughout the Old Testament oil is associated with three things number one the sanctuary when the sanctuary was inaugurated the priests were anointed with oil when the sanctuaries inaugurated the sacred vessels were anointed with oil oil represents consecration the setting apart oil represents hotel amendment to the kingdom of God the Holy Spirit impresses the heart in mind through the oil of God 's grace that flows from the sanctuary to lead men and women to make an unreserved and total absolute commitment to the kingdom 's oil is always consecration secondly throughout the Bible what was always healing your member in the New Testament the good Samaritan found that Bruce broke in bloody traveler and he anointed that traveler with what white whale symbolizes healing God will happen in time people whose minds and eyes and ears and hearts in inner beings are totally absolutely consecrated in faith seek first the kingdom of God they want Jesus they put Jesus first seek you first the kingdom of God that is a priority and passion of their lives and the oil of the spirit that leads them to this deepening consecration heels their hearts of anger reset the bitterness jealousy rivalry between the ministries last gossip so there is an annual time preparation of the spirit that the Holy Spirit comes upon gods praying seeking charge and men and women are set aside so they long for the kingdom of God they hunger for eternity and they are cleansed with the NYC old living in through the ministry of the Holy Spirit about the regarding those attitudes that keep the latter reign of God 's power from falling what is the oil representative of first consecration second healing and thirty rumination elimination oil provides the basis for the the laughs God will have an end time people consecrated to him sealed with you on your attitudes that keep them for being the powerful witnesses that God wants to the world who hold the torch of truth high to light the way for the coming of the bridegroom God wants to have a group of people filled with the spirit consecrated to him heal the bitterness envy jealousy competition feel the pride arrogance self inflated importance of people were not so interested in talking about what they do but talking about what Jesus does a people witness to his grace work at Sue with holding a lighted torch of truth to get ready for the coming of Jesus under three fatal mistakes of the false virgins of the foolish virgins are they are three fatal mistakes one they had some oil but not enough they thought the limited supply of oil they had was sufficient enough when the cry came below the bridegroom comes they cried out our lamps are going out we do not have enough their supply of oil was not sufficient for the unanticipated delay is it possible to assume that a superficial experience with God will get us through the great prices ahead have we forgotten the words the profit we will need an experienced much broader or deeper than we possibly can imagine the foolish virgins were part of the superficial conservative glass are you depending on experience with Jesus that you once had is your spiritual lamp going out are you depending on experience with God that is in the past tense and not the present the sure hard steel burned within you when you open God 's word is the most exciting precious time of your day the time you open God 's word spend more time with him how is your devotional life do you know Jesus and his Jesus living your soul and moving your life do you still since Jesus presence when you get on your knees to pray or read your prayer life become boring and ritualistic and something to hurry through the ceremony do you still love to take those long walks alone listen to the singing of the birds see the magnificence of the flowers and say thank you Jesus for nature 's lead and transform your life you see the foolish virgins put their trust in the wrong place the foolish virgins trusted that their past experience that they once had would be sufficient to take them to the wedding feast the height of Christian folly is not collecting personal soul culture and you may think that everything is all right because I believe the right thing and because I'm a witness of Jesus the foolish virgins were superficial and conservative the foolish virgins lacked something deep inside Ellen White talks about this group in price object lessons page four eleven she says the class represented by the foolish virgins are not hypocrites when I read the next sentence I spent significant time meditating on applying it to my own life they have a regard for the truth the foolish virgins have a regard for truth they have advocated the truth so these are not fanatical heretics they never regard for the truth they've advocated the truth the foolish virgins and advocated further about them witnesses they are attracted to those who believe the truth so look at these three things that inspiration says about the foolish virgins they've got a regard for the truth they advocate the truth there attracted to those that believe the truth but they have not yielded themselves the Holy Spirit working they have not fallen upon the rock Christ Jesus and permitted their old nature to be broken up here is the issue although they believe the truth and weakness the old nature deep within their hearts is still dominant it says the spirit works upon man's heart according to his desire and consent in planting and human nature but the class represented by the foolish virgins have been content with a superficial work and I fall upon my knees and I thank God help me not be content with a superficial work in my life they do not know God since this is the issue with the foolish virgins the oil of the Holy Spirit flowing from heaven sanctuary and the function of the Holy Spirit is the witness of Jesus so the holy spirits function has been neglected in their life they have not been healed deep within they believed sure if they accept truth they may witness of the truth but often there prompted in motivated by the old nature rather than the new nature and it says they do not know God they've not studied his character they've not held communion with him therefore they do not know how to trust that look in way of their service to God degenerates into a form the foolish virgins at the stale superficial experience from the past although they acknowledge the truth the truth has not transform their lives the old nature dominates their thoughts and actions on the outward appearance everything looks fine they have lives in their hands what more do they need they thought they were ready for the coming of the bridegroom but there is a difference brother and sisters be had between having the word of God in your plant to defend the truth and having the word in your heart to live the truth the foolish virgins working for but not transformed they were instructed by the word but not change through the word they were convicted of the truth but not changed by the truth here's the essential question as the truth would you believe the truth would you share with others has that radically impacted and transformed your life so your different manner different woman in the parable of the ten virgins the ten virgins do not understand fully what genuine conversion is all about the oil represents the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit but transforms our character enables us to be more like Jesus now here is the credible good news there is an abundant supply of heaven soil for you and for me there is no shortage of the power of the Holy Spirit to give us the victories that we long for your own personal lives nobody else's prayers though can substitute for yours nobody else and study God 's word for you nobody else could have an intimate relationship God for you in the bridegroom 's absence there is a tendency to slumber the greatest challenge that the seventh day Adventist church faces today is this we are a church that should not be here we have never been in it for the marathon we've always been in it for the Sprint but the church since eighteen forty four has one on it's gone on for a hundred and sixty five years hundred and sixty six years and the longer the time goes on the more it the spiritual drowsiness and slumber increases in the beauty is this God is moving among his people today to bring a spiritual renewal and a spiritual revival through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will bring to these people a mighty spiritual revival and are sure in the coming of Jesus but that does lead us to a question that we should not neglect this morning and the question is implied in Matthew chapter twenty five I want you to notice it please Matthew chapter twenty five and you'll notice that their verse five but while the bridegroom was in what is the word in verse five UAE they also numbered and slept there is a you lay in the coming of the bridegroom if the seventh day Adventist sure arch answered one question it probably is the most vital question that the church could answer and it's this why is it that the second coming of Christ is the late why didn't Jesus come in eighteen eighty five whiny eighteen fifty one A nineteenth at nineteen thirty the answer to that question is not a single one sentence answer if you carefully study Scripture and the writings of Ellen White there are at least three reasons why Jesus delays his comic let's briefly look at each of them first reason one why does Jesus delay is coming recent one Christ waits in love suffering himself over the pain agony sorrow poverty sickness and death of our world waiting for the gospel to be preached with all power so all humanity will have an opportunity to be saved the evidence of that is found in Peter second Peter chapter three verse four why does the Bible say in Matthew chapter twenty five we read that Jesus delays is coming the way to love he longs for all humanity to be saved he wants to all men and women everywhere to hear the gospel he does not want one person to be lost take your Bible please entered with Peter second Peter chapter three we look there in the book of Peter and the Lord is very clear in second Peter chapter three let your eyes dropped out of verse nine second Peter chapter three exactly verse nine the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long-suffering toward us God is not slack concerning his promise as he promised a job Willie God the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some slackness peace long-suffering toward us not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance why hasn't Jesus God because he waits in love he waits longing that all men and women everywhere will accept his love he will not come until the gospel goes the bids the earth can the church face in the coming of Jesus desire pages page six thirty three at the Church of Christ John her appointed work as the Lord made the whole world would be for this have been warned in the Lord Jesus would come to earth in power and glory desire pages six thirty three continuing by giving the gospel to the world it is in our power to hasten our Lord 's return I don't know how the language could be Claire God is looking for a people that are passionate about sharing his love with the world passionate about sharing the light of truth with his world of people there consecrated by the oil of his grace who are sealed in the hearts of anger bitterness and jealousy cool focus on one thing and that is getting a world ready for the coming of Jesus why does Jesus come one the Goss wasn't particular reason to Christ waits for his church to reveal his incredible character of love to a waiting world and watching universe you see the cross is the answer to the great controversy Jesus death on the cross answer things charges and reveals that God is love God now longs for a community of grace his body his church to reveal the key is in way brings joy and happiness in Satan 's way of selfishness brings death what is God waiting for not only did the gospel to be preached out there these waiting for something to happen in his church the Bible says when the harvest is fully right revelation fourteen talks about to harvest the harvest of building grain in the hardest of glory grapes the harvest of golden grain use the character of Jesus that he will always reveal through his Holy Spirit to transform our lives so we become the loving people their lights in this world and world of hate selfishness that is why Ellen White puts it so clearly and Christ's object lessons page sixty nine Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in each church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced these people then he will come to claim them as his own what is Jesus waiting for first with a hospitable world secondly the gospel to penetrate our heart so deeply that we reveal his level waiting worth watching universe but there is a third factor and it's this not only will there be the proclamation of the gospel not only will there be the harvest of building great there will be the harvest import rates that will be a manifestation in this world of the wickedness and reap billions and selfishness of sin that brings devastation and destruction to the world although the church can hasten the coming of Jesus but shorts cannot delay the coming of Jesus indefinitely Christ waits not only for a full complete demonstration of his love the revealed truth people but also you must let wickedness evil sin run its course so the universe will see the ultimate results of Satan 's rebellion and be secure forever I listened to these powerful Satanist prophets and kings for seventy there is a limit beyond which the judgments of Jehovah can no longer be delayed there is a limit beyond which the judgments of gelatin along the way God keeps it if I'm advanced MiFi twenty four got into reckoning with the nations when the time fully comes that iniquity shall have reached the stated boundary of God 's mercy is forbearance will cease when the accumulated figures and Heather 's record book shall mark the summer transgression complete raffle of the fair will be a convergence and I believe that convergence is taking place now they'll be convergence of a praying people whose hearts are passionate about preaching the gospel to the world who are asking God to cleanse their hearts in unusual ways so that they can be everything that God wants them to be and at that same time that God is meeting his church into a revival into a commitment to reaching the world with the gospel with people praying and heartbroken people on their knees as that is taking place Satan sees what's taking place in the church he redoubled his efforts of wickedness in the world and transgression leaf reaches its limit and God says this is enough this is enough in the greatest danger that the foolish virgins face and that we face is putting off a decision to let God deal with our hearts as he wants to which is of enormous consequences whatever the foolish virgins spiritual complacency paralyze them they were locked in self-congratulation to how great they were they were beaten self-confidence and they were satisfied with what they had I never dreamed that they be unprepared for the coming of the bridegroom they failed to understand their lack some time ago I read a story about of course the fictitious story about Satan and Jack Council meeting a strategy meeting in heaven and in that strategy meeting be called the Angel season what is your strategy to deceive God 's people when Angel says what evil Angel says my strategy is to tell them there is no God but Apple says in this imaginary story LB so foolish vehemence of nature the Bible property people know there is no God but no there is a God film never accept that there is no God sick Angel says well tell them that there is no truth that wasn't locked in science is truth you may fool some people about it if a lot of people heard angels as well tell them that there is no hurry tells them there is no Paris tells them that they got plenty of time tell them that there is no urgency tell them to put off personal preparation tell them to wait until a more convenient time to deal with their attitudes tell them tell them that they don't need now to be on your knees seeking God for broken hearts is God calling you to something deeper than you can imagine have you been putting off a deeper experience with God in your own life do you sense the spirit moving in your own personal heart to a deeper Bible study life a deeper prayer life the only way to get ready for the coming of Christ is to get ready today and stay ready is there any King in the shadows of your heart that you may not be aware of are you willing to say today Lord I want to surrender any habit any attitude it's a barrier between me and anybody else I want to send a surrender any habit in my life it's not harmony with your will Lord I want you to do a work in the so I can hold the torch of truth high Lord I long for the oil of your grace to flow into my heart and life I love that old song is something about these old humans written out of the context of experience number two hundred and sixty five or over me Holy Spirit gave my trembling heart and brown fill me with your hallowed presence will come and feel me now tell me now filming out Jesus common filmy now fill me with thy hallowed presence governments that we now I love the third verse I am weakness full of weakness and by Sigrid the night battle last divine eternal spirit is now let's will and the only now feel me now will feel me now Jesus God building Outlook to the screen just as were sequencing the first first again hover over me Holy Spirit does God want to do something in your life right now make your devotional life and begin snail is your prayer life become ritualistic informant is there some happen in your life that would keep you from being ready for the coming of Jesus is there some attitude in you to keep your ministry from being as successful as not wanting to be beaten by the Manhattan you write that down but Jesus Christ then how would this lead that the Messiah fresh this urban setting your life Jesus right now do something in your life when significant number me over how wrong he will go home I had a day and him as a way of a me now is the and him and he is us as he and the sense and the third verse is a powerful design weakness and nice sacred right now less than minding internal spirit built with love and feel me now feel me now feel me now Jesus we now as we sing this third person quietly singing and maybe God touches your heart maybe you sense that your experience with God has been superficial maybe you sense that it hasn't gone maybe you are devotional life has slipped away maybe the fires in the vehicle to get in your heart regards worth maybe witnessing and evangelism have not ran passionate priority maybe you're thinking today is not the church that needs a revival it's my heart what if the word went out not that we had a wonderful ASI conventional but we had the Holy Spirit came down the parts were talking the lives were changed but sing a third person as we sing the spirit and message on the last income for Spirit impresses you and you want to talk to God about your own life is loyal to your needs and you care talk to God not about the church not about your ministry not about your neighbor 's on the God about your heart the spirit of prosecuting and wielding this is a physical ailment is now your head and sing the third verse and I am weakness will I is him and his essay is an who is he a and you and will will and is now him and he he is and he is in deserves a Lyons numbered lists and saved me and made my heart around our comforting right now seething balance billing now singing together noticing the last verse is sad to go in this is an okay go and I all and I will as he is a name is a and really is the is honest and you and you and I will all a him a spirit of God is touching hearts here and now right now the Spirit is reading and doing in our hearts as we kneel before him a desire to know him more deeply the desire to serve him more passionately the desire to follow him O father 's morning we thank you that you visited your people we thank you that we may have at times all of us play the role of the foolish virgins I know I have licensed times seems to be so rush so busy so hurry the times we rush without your power we minister without your strength and just now we kneel before you and we believe that the spirit comes from the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and that you are filling our hearts you are calling us to a deeper experience with you and father if we know our own hearts that's what we long for if we know our own hearts that's what we want and so we thank you that we can be wise virgins we thank you that our hearts to be one with yours we thank you that we can seek first the kingdom of God we thank you very sufficient oil and have been to feel our alliance will be limited to hardware of the gospel that we choose to leave this place seeking you first living in your power recognizing were living in time I will now coming bridegroom meeting Jesus 's name on there and you might not ever as poorly in the women's services and industry learn more and I find a number of a assignment is a word as a free online service visit www. maneuver is not


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