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The 4C's of Christianity

Christian Berdahl


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry


  • July 17, 2010
    10:30 AM
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praise God for that amen I love to see the young people engaged in God 's service and it warms my heart to know that an ensemble of young people can come together and create beautiful heavenly music it's a testimony of what God can do a life and you know what amazes me as a musician myself what amazes me to think about we have a statement from the Ellen why is it okay to use Ellen White Mister LK praise the Lord were good company then she says that compared to the music she heard in heaven all music on earth sounds harsh that's incredible to me because that was just very beautiful and so I'm looking forward to that day when I can hear those heavenly strains and strings invoices ten thousand upon ten thousand voices raining in victory of friends before we sing out melodious strains of victory there is a war to be fine is there my family since her greetings from New Mexico where transplants from California and we moved there about three years ago I would ask for your prayers my wife is is actually having alignment disease she has chronic Lyme disease and she's having a flareup and and I'm leaving directly here tomorrow and flying and meeting them in New York City and then were flying to Norway and so she's starting to feel sick and she's not feeling well and he would lift her up her name is Kobe CLB why I really appreciate that she's not even going to church this morning and have searched together my two boys and they send their greetings before we began I would like to offer yet another prayer prayer of consecration and dedication to the Lord before we begin if you'd like you can join me kneeling otherwise now your head father I love calling you father father in heaven Lord I ask that you would be with our service this morning and father I ask that you would hide me behind your cross not my words but your words spoken I I submit to you father as a humble servant asking that you would just be with my mouth NTC what I should say teach me father what you would have me to share this morning I know what I was thinking of presenting but father I it may not be the best so I just surrender the service to you because it's not about me it's about Jesus Christ we ask that you would be our teacher this morning send us and bless us with the Holy Spirit we ask this in Jesus name and for his sake amen turn with me to revelation revelation twelve and verse eleven and we started by the way while you're doing that I will let you know I'm a Christian bird all and I'm from shepherds called ministry on the director of that ministry and if you'd like some further information about our ministry I have a free message in the back penalty out the registration table and you can avail yourselves of Elvis what it looks like an in here is a sermon and a song and a little bit of information about our ministry revelation twelve in verse eleven it was as red as her opening burst settled in a start first I want to come all the way back to a number that end with this verse my goal this morning by my desire is that you see something in this first thing you never seen before as I was studying this was Texas chapter God brought to my mind something I had never seen before and I want to share that with you this morning and pay who is that that's on this earth right and the church overcame him who's that the devil and that sharks overcame the devil by the one the lot of land and by the word of their testimony to this just things shared by the blood of the land and by the word of their testimony and they love not their lives unto what that that's quite a versus net is not an unfamiliar verse is a very common first used in and around our congregations and I submit to you that there is actually four different elements in this Scripture that you may not have seen before and hopefully by the end of this message they will become clear turn with me to John fifteen were to be in our Bibles this morning and if you can flip and keep up that would be wonderful I don't have a lot of time and I have a lot of material so I'll talk fast as long as you can listen fast amen all right John fifteen in verse five who was talking here what color are these words in your Bible there ran in mind that means Jesus himself spoke I love that when Jesus himself based is like I guess I don't know why but I seem to listen a little extra better solicitor selects a better and apply you are the branches he that provided in me and I in him the same bring forth much fruit for without me you can pretty much do whatever you want not however says the and now without even doing the same nothing feels nothing the title of my message this morning is the four C of Christianity what if I don't know what ORC is on Christianity and so the four C's of Christianity this first Scripture is an indication in fact it into something here that's happening between Levine and the branch and it's our first see what is happening between the line in the branch whatever we call it sucks to see exit I heard it over here work and being so that the procedure taking notes right now our first see is what had now okay so we must connect to the line on the line he says in other words on the one is pulling all the nutrition from heaven on the ground that as the roots do I have all this to all of the power and if you connect to me that you connect to the flying he says you can overcome that's what it says your line on the buying near the branches he got online for kindness to me and he that connects us and me and I will connect to him is not a beautiful promise company and connectivity at all connect to you it's a two way street a connection what does it mean to connect it means to bring together if two people connect a man and a woman they connect their rock together and it also means to to create a real link a real link is established so what Jesus is saying here is constantly on the line I have the strength I have a nourishment I haven't race I have the power and antenna to the established a real weight there's the key though a real and with me that you can overcome me if this is without rain negative but if you connect any old bear much fruit is only one will want a president who wants to go unspoiled and how seriously happens when the connection to the mind becomes strained when the connection to the line becomes distracted may be strangled by the devil you see where that connection is impeded in any way we will not bear glorious fruit we might bear fruit but it is strangled often find it is somehow at the masculine then we won't bear Christian fruit now if you think that the devil wants to mess with our connection with God has see in your life at times ever met with your connection with God he adequately I'm just really tired of him I just wish he would go away but he won't and so here we are in this great controversy and we have gone one side who wants to establish an amazing connection with us because he knows on the other side there is the devil there is the enemy of souls who wants to connect we have some young singers in the congregation welcome the devil wants to connect to our soul and God wants to connect to our soul and you see whichever one we allowed to connect you with is the one that will nourish our souls it's kind of a in thing to think about that Apple wouldn't terrorize our soul is the busy either we can connect and find that as Jesus had power over or we can connect to lead the mind that is safe and we can destruction to the soul is not true as soon turn with me to a song fifty versus fifteen I love the Scripture I love the Scripture Psalm fifteen verse fifteen Simpson went too far song there is Psalm fifty eight and verse fifteen call upon me in the day of trouble anybody in trouble here anybody having any challenges as her last move we traded it is in his mind not call upon me in the day of trouble and I will think about delivering you the seller says no way to call upon me and another worker called when you when you get on the phone on the cell phone or you get on your iPhone or you get on your telephone at home when you are calling somebody what you're trying to do attempting to do with that person connect with them right after Jesus as a pick up the phone lets the phone and the Christian 's life and you guys are educated praise the Lord 's prayer is that I'll pick up the telephone again underneath the Senate in your car before you are going to do wherever you are not alone call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you why is it so hard to pick up the phone why is it so hard is it hard the following know what is really difficult to subdue his cell in the moment when we need to pick up the phone and then drive so call upon me to think and to read in the day of trouble and I when you're in trouble and I will deliver you so what if we just made a decision in writing the rollout of an adjacent when I opened the first of them in office I is here and on before I move on with my day and drink my water and do other things I normally do in the morning what if I just rolled out of bed right on the ninety and everything else in life even easier you know sacrifice a little and ill make your prayers more for her sins so here you are you for anything out of bed I heard a man is eighty years old he said to me by the Christian visit brother Christian this is high and walking with a loan for a long time I suggest you have a brother he says I will I have my days I say Lord thank you I am not offended anybody thank you I'm not offended my wife thank you that I have pure thoughts thank you that I am victorious and you now on the ballot up to get out of bed help me keep it that way all day and then an act of God connected God immediately connected the Lord the first thing is what how do we connect prayer about when you're in trouble if I learned a prayer by the way it is so powerful it's a little long for a little bit difficult to reside but it seemed as if you wrote it down and a new study do not and you memorize this prayer no matter where you are what's going on if you pray this and this is if you pray this prayer when you came into trouble and it will catch you in a way sees is that nothing is connected and informed so they tell you later okay as a writer write this down writing something comes to you yet you got it in the right position and here's it is ready and the prior one word with an explanation of how can you pray that prayer signs you see Jesus he reads the heart and he knows what that help try and anything that he presented to the father not that the father doesn't know but that wording and concludes one of the other for your soul and so his thirties as I know exactly workers in the Sentinel phone call attempt an e-mail sent on a knock on the door of a loving family member to come up and talk to them a friend a word in due season and so God will send anything and everything we need that will help aid us in overcoming and Aman that's how it works prayer in the hand of fate is the key that one unlocks heaven 's storehouse that's awesome to me why don't we pick up all of this is saying is if you connect any if you connected me every resource you need is the best beautiful blessing beautiful promise call upon the individual and I will deliver you you will glorify me I love that so here's the characters is at work call upon me I will give you the strength and I will give you the power and I will delete review high need deliverance friends and because what have you been delivered to the temptations of all vineyard in a glorified his season success it starts with help Matthew twenty eight S is the eleventh it's going to Matthew eleven and our first see is what let's see he can pull it out of this one Matthew eleven in verse twenty eight my favorite Scripture and all of the Bible again these are beautifully colored words the red I like that there read because of the blood of Jesus I send me what is any editing economy in one eye while anything whether at home dentist chairs come to meet with you Mike my endeavor my goal is to connect with you on a spiritual level and Jesus say I want to connect with you on a spiritual level he says on send me all he too are what weary and heavy laden all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I think about giving it some rest no it's not what it says again there is that word again I held it is his desire that we lurch arresting Jesus does that mean that I put my sword down of course not but that means that I will award wielding the sword having this shield of faith and my feet shod in the helmet of salvation aunt Hannah go for it declaring upon myself my fallen self and the scene in me and around me then I can rest in Jesus knowing that I'm not living up compromising life and there's a joy in my when we had a true connection to Jean since we will be a joy filled Christians doesn't mean our trials go away but God helps us because were connected to put them into proper perspective this is very powerful messages young people for twenty nine a little time in selling your wild oats dear young friends will produce in other words going out of it whatever they want about what Jesus or God says I will produce a crop that will invigorate your whole life so young people right now you can begin to make choices that could be in better your whole life for instance some of you that were here last night you know like testimony always reason a horrible mother was sixteen when she had me set at sixty was the opportunity seventeen when she had one choice she made him better her life while I was being embittered for they came out of her it was tough because my father was not ready to be a father he was nineteen and you know the story there was drugs there was alcohol that was infidelity she leaves him just two more boys with him and were married to a stepfather who was criminal in the abuse that we suffer being molested all the stuff that happens in my life all of the junk my mother made one wrong choice in and in and in bigger life for nearly fifteen solid years be careful down for the careful with your soul be careful with your virginity because careful don't give yourself away save yourself for that special one God has for you one wrong choice can embitter the whole life I asked my mother was it worth it as an adult Laster was aware that they will be playing around with hanky-panky and she said no it wasn't she a hard life because of one wrong decision and our listeners how long and how aware of thoughtlessness ones yielding to temptation make turned the whole current of your life in the wrong direction you can have but one you make it useful when once you pass over the ground you can make you can never return to rectify your mistakes listen to this he who refuses to cut back with God puts himself in the way of temptation and surely he will fail the first see his connection we connect with the Bible we connect with prayer we connect with the spirit of prophecy we connect with others driving Christians not the backslidden ones who want to pull you down is that true it's not about connecting with the world were not to be all the world but were to be in the world we are to reject this view evil entertainment a righteousness we are to walk forward in life that Jesus has given us and when we behold his word when we behold his character we can become changed into the same character when we connect to him we will eventually become like him in character that is the promise of the gospel James four seven I love the Scripture there is a lot of Scripture I love this another one James four seven is a mathematical equation anybody know what an equation is what's what's unique about an equation that's right all sides of the must ballot they must be able to meet and equation right okay submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee deceit from you so what is the first part of the Scripture talking about submitting yourself is why connecting yourselves and turn connecting yourselves to God well what is your will for my life not my own but I submit to you I surrender all I submit to you and I'm going to submit to you completely so I can connect with you completely is that not what is saying sure so I submit to you why in the world we want to submit to God because we want to be able to resist the now the second part right so we have to submit to God 's laws resistance equal to double fleeing is illegal is in a manner this love this equals best if you submit to God first and add to that the resistance of the world in his temptations and the devil then the devil will flee from you it is not good news Butler is a star submission picking up the phone dialing heaven hell and then when we have the connection with Jesus and that life giving blood from the vine can flow out to me the rash then I have to strain to read and even the designer to resist the devil is on a set without and we can't let you how many times have you said well I will never and you did it again I only got here that has a problem any as the only person know I guarantee with every person in this sanctuary that is that will I will never do this again I'll never watch this again I'll never talk like that again will never this all never that was how the submission the connection we went back to Arizona back in my life I can see every single time that I made a great proclamation of my righteousness the leader that my righteousness I'm going to do this whether I like it are not well that's a lousy experience to see what deals want to do is to write his law 's character in my heart so that when I connect to him he stimulates that within me I want to engage in what I said they change all the horror not real power I was shown earlier makers and experience all the dues and all the bills don't wear this to where that is this version not that version of the Bible begun to talk like this where you spend it all don't want to see better what that don't listen it is emitted as Nevada all on the Lisbon treaty can listen to this one I mean don't answer don't go to all things and don't anybody relate to me here I know a day all the do 's and don't know this guy is in the house of course he does he always have to it's not a lack of faith are raised to believe and know the others do 's and don'ts of friends if I don't connected Jesus I'm doing it for the wrong reasons I am trying to be say and I can't say myself I can belong I can't the same way that will our Jesus Christ the law ever is the one that saves me and I any justifies need anything if I read that he will glorify me connection to God is absolutely vital would you agree with me so let's deal with and ask yourself this question right now is there anything in my life and brother Sean alluded to some of the television movies Facebook YouTube got to the tune everything okay is there anything in your life that is causing the connection with God to be hindered if it is and there is something in your life is at work isn't money visit the Internet business for I is and is it whatever if there is anything in your life that is messing with your connection to God dinner now let's wrap but Jesus was a radical Daniel was around Joseph was a radical political on Abraham and all in an icing on they were radicals are you ready to be radical I didn't hear a hearty amen on the time to stand up and you will dramatically radical because fanaticism is is off beside Jesus was nothing that he was a radical one is theoretical because he went to get the tie Alito against the tide of the world amen when you go against the time currently in our churches it's true I love the search on an Arduino minister and I will fight for this journey I will give my life I'm not the Savior but I would I love this church by friends it doesn't mean were free from problems in Jesus Christ when he was the head of his wealth there was still some problems in the Jerry Saddam not blasting on this revealing the reality is we have to go against the tide we need to be radical you will all be honest with you I think our new conference president is a little radical and into areas address on Santa he was standing for the chosen for the right and it started to divide the search that quick and started writing I don't plan able at a conference work on music as we walked out I heard little declarations of war everywhere in the hallways this means war in Lebanon the nominal that all the outset when we find because only can we break that connection at all positive it was great in connection and so I don't even have to know the wobbly steps did you give them right the connection and he gladly plunked himself in and says now I've got some stuff free those that like the conservatives and liberals like the traditionalists like the celebrations will and that was going and it's really good then I come to church like rights deficits we can do that in all I don't seem to be enough not no no no no thoughts at all when you rise that you may see the devil sitting right next to the science is he's not I prayed a more protected here and I have but I have been in Congress while playing the whole time Lord of the enemy here is incredible you know anywhere the first Christians are are gathered together the enemy of souls there so we have to pray for his protected because the angel loading campground about them that fear him and what he'll deliver them with nothing to fear we forget how even the past Ezekiel thirty six twenty six says I will give you a one a new harvester near easy deal thirty six and twenty six the problem is on the run out of time were only on the first see I was told I only get the pre- silvery is that right will just bring the food in here I think that's the best message most people have is the fellowship lunch sometime and and I want to give you the word of God this morning in fact it's good that we fast many times to and so perhaps we can do that today okay easy kill thirty six in verse twenty six a new park will will give you I want to help me type the word I was just talking Jesus God okay he says in a new heart will likely be another works I can't make my own new heart and a new heart will I give you a new spirit I wanted to spare I can't take it I like the present I can't put a new spirit in me he says a new spirit will I put in new and I will take away your stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh was the one doing the work here Jesus Christ I do want submit I have to connect when I connect I give him permission to do the work so he can get EI and then he can do the eye and he can to the eye and he can do the I was born in a Scripture are giving you are often to administer any all things away the stony heart out of your beautiful fleshly heart closely at the world but a tender soil part of the seed of truth replanted with to sprout into a beautiful plant being nourished by Jesus called the Christian experience and it will win others to the truth we have to move on the first see is what kind the second C let's go see if you can find it sometimes meetings are little hidden that go to Psalm thirty seven sophomore running a beautiful song thirty seven was able to find the second scene they'll is the first season final yet in fact if we don't first see we can never have a second see so everything starts with the connection all right song thirty seven look at verse five and see if you can pull out the second CD ready the first word is what you guys are going to come it as the second seed diversity is connect the second seat is connected by way unto the Lord now that's different than connecting and assist trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass now what does God want to bring to pass on overcoming us being like human character so it says it has come in your way that's the second seizure signals writing out the first is connect the second scene is kindness you can never get to play his commitment with if you don't connect that we repeat that and I don't know if he understood that working harder you can never get to a place of commitment with God if you don't first connect his high decibel illustration when I called me to eventually became my wife when I met her I didn't want to say I am Christian what's her name will be hot I like to marry would you marry me I don't think it would really work why I was looking for the commitment before the connection had happened then exact so we have to connect with that person and spend some time with that person into a person 's character whatever they like what are they dislike and Internet lines up with me and I know I don't like those things either and I like those things too I would love to have a part of my life once I connected my connected enough I can get to the place to where I make a commitment and so eventually I asked for her hand in marriage I was ready to go to the next staff of commitment if the same way with God he says you know learn of the visitation to see if I'm inviting you to connect with me expected to commit your life to me until you can see if you like what I like my character is like a lion and you want to have this kind of relationship I'm here at the invitation stands as a whole baby or go to hell he doesn't say that commits at me are you going to work he doesn't say that he says and learn of me let's start a courtship and if you like what you see make a commitment on the money and enigma to me your mind on yours and commitment what we did commit it means to class when I finally made a commitment to my wife and I asked her hand in marriage what I was saying was I flash my life to you and no other woman on this planet right now what's hard for me is when God says come to me and plans results any legal basis to lives you say I can only have I I want to make a deal but I still want to have another lover the world is too radical in our relationships Your Honor because everyone in every man is looking for that real commitment and friends if we can keep a commitment to a spouse don't tell me we can keep that kind of commitment for a God in heaven because of the first connect to him he will keep us faithful Commit thy way into the Lord and he shall bring its passes go to first Peter two nine on using just very familiar texts today first Peter two nine first Peter two nine and here it says you are a chosen generation and other words there seems to be a commitment here that God has chosen us just like iCal my wife and she chose me so God has chosen us as a commitment you are a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people that need to be peculiar different I hear that a lot and is not wrong but the more literal translation of peculiar is set aside to see when I committed to my why I sent my side myself a sidebar here right as she said herself aside for me and so that's a true commitment we were set aside for nobody else's use the Spinelli okay and that God says when you come to me and we connect I will say he was dying and you make a decision your were going in your relationship here I'm set aside for you and your enemy set aside for me set aside from one from the world other lovers to be used for and by him alone is that going too far all so the question we have to ask ourselves is I cannot think of God as anything is messing with my connection is there anything that's hindering me from making a full commitment from God there is we need to get back to where God and reject the evil was there because the first submit and then we can reject so we can overcome is not right okay so let's continue on in the Scripture and says you are a chosen people a priest and a holy nation a peculiar people SSL court praises of him who was called to darkness in to the people of life which in times past you were not people but are now the people of God you are not letting me a morning or even committed to me but now you are right now you are connected and you made a commitment to me which had not obtained mercy but now you have obtained mercy God says look when you come intercontinental relationship with me and you connectivity and you finally make a commitment to me I will commit all to our Mariners are giving everything that you need and when you walk together we can talk together and we can grow together and we can become as one I love it's a promise is go to second Corinthians six and and in while returning to second Corinthians verse six then I want you to put this in your mind wherefore as history it if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord choose you this day whom you will serve but as for me my house we will serve the Lord Joshua twenty four fifteen and so I want to encourage you that it is a choice because God doesn't force us to work on second Corinthians second Corinthians six verse seventeen seconds revenue six over seventeen wherefore home alone than be a separate saith the Lord why because we are connecting to him having a revelation that I've been a whoring after other things in the world that the biblical term don't throw me out and if I'm going and going they're filling their ongoing here and got the latest you're connecting to me were to have a commitment and are now in you can have other spouse is is the relationship and so he says he's is so come out from among them these from me from them not the unclean thing and I will receive you you see I didn't want all wine that wouldn't set aside every other man on the planet I don't want that kind of what she does not want that kind of husband Jesus does not want that kind of Christian there's plenty of them out there and he's looking for the ones who will enter into a connection any covenant relationship committed relationship with him he's got plenty of lukewarm professors he's got plenty and lukewarm professors this is why I will accept you into heaven anyway he says no I will spew you out of my mouth just as I will serve AA Harleston woman I will serve her ability divorce is a very serious thing to connect publicly connectivity becomes the most vital independent doorways to God I all the way no man would wish to find out that his wife was with another man in fact when NASCAR vice versa all woman her husband is with another woman got been another man but those things happen what then is when that person has violated the marriage relation the one who committed this sin have the worst amount of guilt in their heart and any sort of conscience in our right and so friends can find you you went this morning when we were in a compromising line when we are all whoring after the world were engaging in these things that mess with our marriage covenant with Jesus in who he is possibly deal because we know and we know we're not having fidelity to God is the worst experience areas of the Christian does anybody know when talking about Angela God wants us to do is to simply connect in a final way so we can make those commitments in our heart and he think he is in all and then there's showing when you serve God because I correct in thinking it's a real relationship second twenty ten five casting down imaginations and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ every thought I'd better bring into this obedient relationship yes I recall you see that by walking down the street and there's a billboard with a half naked lady on it I have to choose Lord give me out right now and askew I rejected and Lockhart I'm a married man I love my wife she's amazing and I don't need to look at that temptation amen that's how it works in the Christian 's life is connected and committed is the same way with God no Lord there's all these temptations around and I know I date in these they will pull me away I'm married to you I want you and you alone this has visited as casting down imaginations and I think you know what they better stop fantasizing about the movies you watch tonight after Sam is over no signs about the big ballgame tomorrow I don't know there is one but there is there is is very easy to do with their time trying to those gentle reproofs and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God that's exactly what happens when self gets in the way I will slay cell and I want my will and here's got straight as an arrow this is my will and will will will I got the Christian is coming to align with my wilderness by law no actually you don't you think you do you're just a seem like I know you know it is the scene where you really love being as a committed Christian is right in line with me because there's no guilt there's no compromise there and you can stand in the pulpit entries were received if you can't tell your children to be obedient and your comedians and I see amazing hypocrisy I was sent ten songs help us use the on-site Psalm one oh one thirty one thirty three Psalm one oh one three I will say no wicked thing before my eyes here's a principle in where go to be fully committed to God we have to reason this through we need to stop putting things that kept us in our faces all the time is that through it so I will say no way getting me but I hate the work of the at that turn aside it will likely do we know is he is he talking about his own righteousness year I'll say I cannot try with you I made my way to you and I want to have nothing in my life is going to mess up my connection with you that's a massive my relationship my marriage the Mrs. making sense are you buying our you see one on are you accepting it are you ready for change it started yes yes yes review and Herald May twenty eight eighteen ninety nine eighty nine let us come in the second see is what come in our souls unto God as a faithful Creator and stopped worrying and driving God will help us to live above the things of this life and give us an abundance of good things to think about and talk about let us come into the presence of Christ in faith of the grace of God and you will not invade she also notable is there I made is a very mature in the Christian strength and healing they will sometimes air in and day will make mistakes but Christ has not been law he loves them so much to get them another try now I think we need deposit for a moment and we need to clarify something if I haven't made it clear that it's not all our strength alone that we reject evil I want to make sure I am not accused of preaching a works -based religion what I am teaching is a faith based religion that works and because of the other religions out there that just don't work including in my home denomination you can do this and do that it is not an end in sight you hate the fact that you have to do all all of these things and you can't do all those things but I wanted to want to go to heaven all that crazy motivation Jesus is not connected me to enter into a covenant committed relationship one to another I will give you grace I will give you the power and even change your heart and your mind and your thinking in a new perspective really desires anymore you know the things you want to love you will hate the things that you use that you will and we will want to bike to hand-in-hand with one another so I want you to understand this when I came to Jesus as messed up as I lies in those of you heard my testimony I was really messed up emotionally mentally every even physically and when I came to Jesus he accepted me exactly where I was and he did he sent me with all of the narrow road was wide enough and I had all of my wagons and all of my freight cars and baggage with me I had all of the world and all of the junk I preconceived ideas I have broken our I brought it all and Jesus said the narrow way is wide enough for you to places really you said yes but as he moved me along he's a Christian I do consider getting rid of that your childhood and what it does is holding about and I began to explore and see these things that were holding me down and eventually he helped lead the disconnect that wagon and sell off over the cliff into the depths of the sea praise God had any interest is one hundred hits this one person and you considered that this is missing with our connection to one another I hadn't thought of before Lord that's okay it's okay is not teach new on humbling your law is all right I respect you overnight what I'm saying them on my computer because I can't be perfect overnight it will the process a man in the process when you see that you are not perfect on my butt you are again in overnight all the things in an overnight uneven over every given moment Jesus when I said I want you I committed my way to him because I connected with NEDs in another league I love you a salvation has come to your soul right now to getting on the process time to rectify his whole life nobody's even in heaven yes that is justification by faith being justified justified never seen in the news because you call centers and so as to news for this so here we are just if I never sin and what Jesus did was see what we call a big word we in he and she eliminated his righteousness unto us it was advanced as and when it was charged to my account his righteousness for me so now I can stand before God as though I've never seen one because this is me and without Jesus are walking around the devil starts they penetrate me I got Lance in his judgment sees me and I'm condemned but when I accept the righteousness of Christ I am therefore no new creature and him as righteousness conversely so when that goal and fires his Darvocet need Jesus as now we reject that or he said no will allow the room because it will help build his character as we were going next and then God blessed his judge is jutting jaws hanging tomato and on to me and he doesn't see me anymore he sees the right is out of him in the news spread that is the two humans in righteousness righteousness by saying right to license a hard concept to grasp but we can never leave out the part in unrighteousness is well busy and punitive free to turn it but then when I come into a relationship with you I have to keep walking in that relationship with him Jesus never stopped he's always walking forward on to heaven he's always wanting more and more into the event makes sense and plain narrows more and more and more and before you know he's got a just told me they sometime because his narrow places in the past and so now Jesus is you say as long as you stay in this relationship with me you're my if you go about for someone else you made your decision is that not true scary scary he majored that he can delay in what we can stay together and say is when we stay together to give you a gift so powerful and when you connect to me what you're going to receive his work to overcome in your life because I'm going to in part what you need every day I will give you what you need every day to become more like Jesus that's the imputed versus being part of their bold final one I'm saved through faith by grace in Jesus Christ saved by faith through grace in Jesus Christ the other is every day I given an opportunity to reflect that grace in my life and so my life is different my life is satisfied my life is committed to go visit next three this is an okay good we got a lot more only on the second season Matthew twenty eight Matthew twenty eight Matthew twenty eight in verse nineteen this is probably one of the most familiar scriptures to anyone who wants to go out and evangelize the world Matthew twenty eight and verse nineteen I can what is the color of these words is read in my Bible that means Jesus who shed his blood for me is talking go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father of the son of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things not some whatsoever I have commanded you and though I'm with you always even unto the end of the world so going heed therefore and teach all nations what do you suppose this scene is first one is that if we connect to God and he will help us to only see what we like then we can commit a place to him will become in our ways and we see what he's done for us and we see what he's doing for us what event on the cross and I need to lie since I have to go out and start doing something and start telling the world about what Jesus has done for me so I'm going to come this the work of God and had come into the third seed without the first and the second you will ever commence the work of God because you will not have an experience to share does that make sense you will not have an experience of being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ so we don't have that connection and we don't have the commitment we will never go out even what is cold outside we'll never go into what is hot and humid outside it I love New Mexico there's no humidity there I came here I just I even enough God wants us to commence his work as I I I am appreciative of the young people who are out canvassing in the summer in this area they need extra prayers because it does get hard when it's hot it does get hard when you're rejected it does get hard when you when you heard no or no after no but friends if they stay connected in a statement made in God then they will continue and it will convince that workday after day but I'm afraid I don't know what I should say I don't know this but Exodus four this is this is really powerful to me this is a Scripture God gave me when I didn't want to go and preach I didn't want to go insane I didn't want to do these things because I was afraid of self rising up all the credit also being glorified and I said no I need you to go and so here's Moses who has missed to speak to be competitive in it against talk talk talk talk talk to wealth and any sign of how to lead on the Beagle and if anything I get the point and here is what God says to him now therefore go and I will be with Norman on the mouth is that what God was saying yes I will be with your mouth and teach me what thou shalt say so what he's saying here is now therefore go into his say on the teacher what to say even right now he said he drove now therefore go I'll be with you I'll tell you what to say and that's what I plan on every single time they got between a situation whether it's on the pulpit or is sitting across the table I was setting up our meeting somebody on the airplane I say Lord I don't know what to say what you promise I just need to go another likely to open my mouth and you're going to help me to know what to say that what is what I wanted to say it do it Moses was afraid care he was afraid no he said he of course would you guess what he was helping and yes he wanted to help but he wasn't concerned that that was the problem what will this happen was a commitment issue in the campaign but he had a commitment issue at that point to the people of God and so God said no I want you to go forward but I don't need to hear all of that now therefore go I will be announced until she would not sell signal big God gave to Moses what to say and how incredible that the power of God living in a life is connected committed and willing to commence the work does that make sense the commencement of the work is an problem is is vital among Peachtree at six eleven ago very fast every word of God is pure problems the reverse side and he is a shield to them in the custody of young people old people know what people will hurt people doesn't matter anybody that's out there will go with you if you put your faith in him and he will protective team will be your shield I don't know what to do I do know what to say now therefore go and I will be with and on another with their cargo therefore come to the work of God that needs to start something goal over what to do but I'm afraid of failure will thought were out of all words are but there's a big PC and all were okay and the multiplayer gaming Moses the ocean was set up our now called foreword in the hottest you all are worth in all our word then noticing that means the work of God and he shall bring in the past Jeremiah twenty nine but what I feel at all what I can do this okay Jeremiah twenty nine was eleven to thirteen I know the thoughts I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace on illegal even in the trial on the negative parts of peace talks not been able to gain you and expect it can not all bring you young Christian old Christian Middle Ages Christian is that you are successful it will set I haven't expected him to I do see you on the tracks he made a phone call into the Bible stated to the preaching there will be unexpected in my opinion is this souls are led to the kingdom I can't even hardly immune to obtain the community at rights don't take it is probably the most effective way to all okay him poor guy thank you I'll read it okay I'll read it will and and wireless I know new people that had contracts they had twice as much desire to conduct is anybody now therefore go and is working on because you're connected to the new commander ways to be out this that make sense precious hours are passing this review and Herald December sixteenth eighteen eighty four precious towers are passing as an ambassador of Christ I implore you to become mentors there were intelligently process command 's pick up the rattling is behind them offered time and turning it is not too late for wrongs to be righted and while Jesus our mediator is pleading in our behalf do our part of the work why is Jesus not come yet it was all done across which we know as as Bible believing Christians it wasn't all done in the cross if it was all done then Jesus could come at any time but as we know it wasn't all done at the cross and he is our mediator in heaven why is he not come yet because you looking for the old that will be in a character because they can sin with in the a.m. absolutely committed their lives to him and it happened when the three Angels messages what is waiting for this is no whole we can go until we have sealed the servants and therefore had been there only connected there fully committed and they are fully commenced the work of God now go and take some officer will you be that people will human being the Christian the choice is up to you I can't make it for you oh I wish that I could I can even make it for my wife I can even make it for my children but as for me my house were meant to serve the Lord and I went to get my wife and my soul and my children sold every advantage and break any sort of time to the world that I possibly can so I can connect to Jesus and not connect my children to the world and that means in practical steps you may have to get some stuff on your life but friends when where and had an intent this afternoon under the program for you entitled a vision of heaven I encourage them to come back more important in your life you're not doing something for God 's related activities can rest today and I encourage you to not only engage in those late activities and come back this afternoon has a date with you and he wants to strengthen his relationship with you sleeping in a way that doesn't strengthen the relationship it doesn't if you're tired and worn out and your beta or the reality is most of us haven't been living a temperate life for the other six days of the week everything that we should drink in the water we should in the diary should exercise what we should all the things that really limits what beautiful balanced life the moment of the Sabbath will be refreshed and even if the preacher goes a little bit long it won't bother us but were so programmed in twenty minute blocks of time I see preachers that treats for twenty minutes something he knows of my introductory warrant remarks how is that all done but we live in a fast food society we want entertainment quick we won ourselves when we want to get into the story want to see the body was very want the finished account because I don't watch the next one if songs are finding along there too long I wanted to and happiness on the verse chorus verse chorus and attack that's it that's all I want everything is boom boom boom boom boom and my brother Sean was absolutely right it is in the still small voice that we can make that full commitment to God it is in a still small voice in a when I drive I don't put on the radio I don't even listen to that much music as a musician is kind of funny but I don't I don't even listen a lot of sermons might drive time is my Valentine Lord talk to me for your servant here and so we have to turn down the volume of the world so we can be seared the still small voice God is not going to graph is not doing well he's not doing that I was sometimes he did do that but he doesn't do that in the whole times when I'm right here Christian right here and sometimes the clamor of the world so loud I don't hear that voice so let's move on before and final seed of the first one is what connecting the second one is Condé and once we connected and we committed always in God we go we don't do what we want can't manage the work of God now if we enacted and we can always stand and we commenced the work of God as we will become the fourth see a column during soul and they write it down take that help with anything they called regarding soul Philippians four thirteen says I can do some things no appraisal organizer visit I can conquer all things is what is I can do Concord I can commit I contend that I can commence all things through Christ who strengthens me so there again it's Jesus Christ doing the work Isaiah forty first thirty one I love and I love the reported this earlier I love it but they don't wait upon the Lord and they connected God shall renew their strength that's what happens because he gives us the power they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall and I was commenced the work of God they shall run into the work of God they will not be weary in doing the work of God and they shall walk and not they live in financing the work of God that's what this is not about God giving us strength to sit around and do nothing because it doesn't take much to do that he at so we can become conquering soul in it here and if there's something lost in your experience if you don't know why it seems Jesus is so far away I can guarantee you is one of the three C's it's as simple as that if you just learn to abide with the three C's in your life and generally always goes back to the person if you feel far from now I promise you something 's wrong the connection it's that simple it's not it's that simple it is something and you're not satisfied with the Christian experience you just can't seem to draw close to you you want to do something for him you want to talk about affecting even get involved in the off-color jokes at work and got one of those stud muffins and everybody else that you want to know that you like the on Christian is he wearing a halo instead of the number one well I think there to every single time when I evaluate my life and I look into my life and I see that something is not right and I could see straight it always goes back to the connection I'm allowed something in unallowable distractions I'm overworked I'm tired and I'm not staying why go to study and sounds and so tired whatever it may be friends if you look at the four C's of Christianity you can and honestly ask Lord in my insane and struggling here is as yard connections can week our Lord only connect you because I want to renew my commitment to you and I want to commence the work of God so I can be a conqueror were going words that pass over these pages here Germany revelation twelve are opening Scripture I'm hoping that you'll see something in here you've never seen before Revelation twelve verse eleven and they who's talking about friends the church writer and a the church old Lord came to him what I see is that very by the way before season and in Scripture and they conquered rated and they convert the devil by one of the lot of the Lamb what is that what seems that is your connection to look for all major connections and amen so that's really a older pain they called the devil by their connection to Jesus and Bible what the word of their testimony what I see is that all comments minutes because they went on the latest supply and increased Jesus and what isn't on the big and Bible studies they told their story is that no one is yet so let's reread that it says and David Scherz overcame the conquer the devil by their connection with Jesus and by convincing the world on and they loved not their lives under the desk one sees that boys not a commitment all I wanted on the biggest commitment you can see right and on the floor nor had I gone on my personal Bible study you see I was connecting amen I was connecting one day reading the words of how we connect to music as I show you something in this spencer you've never seen before what sounds fun Lord will fit any shall be the four C's yes I want to put a message together that surrounds this whole process will this release I would like Laura Lee is a good start writing and okay I'll put it again I need you to help me under commencing the work of God and if you keep this process going the day after day you will conquer and soon your people we and friends listen the devil is playing for keeps have you figured that out does he want to mess with your connection yes is not playing for keeps yes does he want to ask your connection whole home yes please friends I beg with you I plead with you that the things of the world fall away because we began to connect with this beautiful God in heaven who was put everything on cause for you and for me is activated every single angel that will be activated and that's all of the holy ones for your salvation is that come in heaven and Jesus himself who created all things the planet the planet the universal solar system you mean that the birds the water in the mountains that the animals the little bunnies he created and the flowers everything he created and yet the creator said I am noticing a connection with creation and so what I need to do is I need to go down it cannot disconnect the conspiracy need of using lingo down to become like them it was an big thing law the connection Jesus is and will send me I have to go what is with them so we fastened as a man so we can perceive and understand even more reason I called because I had with my father 's dreams you see me doing a lot of me know because I connected to my father can do the same things shirts he says so I want one connected and I committed my life from a child to be with my father and was Jesus Christ connecting wasn't Jesus Price committee yesterday was an bending he commenced the work of God every day of his life didn't he he says just do things in this car look like you but he hung on the cross because he was connecting me when I'm trying as hard as they can do the same thing I did I just connected to my father in heaven and I can do this and you can do this you can do all things through me I commenced this work I'll continue working until I can bring you home so here's the spot hanging on the cross was connecting Google is absolutely committed was absolutely commencing the work of anything for us and we think we can overcome TV what were saying Ms. Jesus is a liar outsourcing can overcome my anger and impatience that Jesus is a liar you know what my God my Savior is a truth teller not a liar and you can take every single promise in this word that had not been the bank as the banks are corrupted now but to add cefazolin encouraging to connect the garlic you've never connected you see I can worship the Savior who's done all week and all he says is Christian just do what I've done is not ridiculous I do go as I say not as I do know Jesus came and said just do as I do and if I can do it because I connected to my father in heaven you can do it is you can connect to my father this is really and it can happen for you and for me do you believe do you see perhaps in your lives some problems with things that are messing with your connection and has amassed with your commitment to God for all of us have it I don't stand here pointing the fingers because when I point the finger at three pointing back at me right is how it works I'm here to encourage you I don't even like standing up I prefer to be down here with you because this is where Jesus is he's down here with each one of us anything not just do as I do and yet when we get to heaven when we get to heaven anymore they're all a splitter the glory of the new Jerusalem is coming down on this earth and Jesus said in an and him I dare what is Jesus do he becomes the waiter he says I will guard myself and serve you friends I want to connect to a godlike I want to commit my life to a Jesus like that I want to commence the work that he is call us to do because there's other people out there that don't even know what this beautiful relationship that they can have an friend someday soon were going to be the ultimate conquerors but even right here right now each and every one of us can overcome the temptations in this life we can be conquerors right here right now God bless you and may your names remain the book of life I like to sing a song for you if unable to before I sing the song this is a very simple song entitled what can I give him the reality is we have nothing to offer God except for our hearts and if you come to a place to where you want to recommit your life to God because the connections been impeded or hampered or even severed and you're on your last little connection if while I was singing the song you you just feel impressed by the Holy Spirit that you want to rededicate your life to God you want to reconnect to Jesus Christ I want to give you an opportunity to come forward and to see Jesus I haven't been perfect I haven't always done it right and and and letting things come back in and distractions and I just want to reconnect it is your desire to reconnect with Jesus than I invite you to come on down in a will will attend he will I was in on burying that oh one online on to my will and what can I do in one nine in all ninety eight EA two eighty W seem what can I do thought was an island Marine that no one was I would do on an what can I do to all I is the more I is in I think he want to be afraid of him on and I gave at nine eighty eight Dale and wise that I would do Han and one cat and I deviated one that you gave me a will can we do in all of Chris's father Lord for those who come forward I pray you would bless them it takes courage to step up for his Navy bills sitting in the rest of search marketing you know one of the father doesn't matter because you know where we and I pray that you would give these dear souls a special blessing on the Sabbath Maine this being the Sabbath they can look back on and say I'm so glad that I came because I hadn't realized how far I have drifted from go and Lord those who may be more physically able to come forward but in their hearts they came forward and those who were afraid to let you really wanted to come forth arguing now you accept them when they are the ones more righteous because were up here in the front where were worth more of a mess perhaps father I pray you would forgive us for hours Lord we made mistakes we have brought other lovers into our relationship we ask that you would please something you have in service with a bill of divorce and year that husband and services I know it's okay I accept you back your mind I love you before you were even aware thank you Jesus please help us and washed us clean us make this new creatures help us to connect to your file so we can make that final commitment to you so we can commence the work of just showing the love that you fill us up with the conquerors here and now Lord I pray that until that great day of Jesus second coming he would keep us faithful and they all come behind us find missing for we love you and we need you more than ever in our life the devil knows his time is short and I realize our time the father even if we stray far away from their will were never out of reach of your arms I'm so thankful that your arms are long enough there long enough they grabbed me thank you Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers in Jesus name


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