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The Battle for Purity

Sean Nebblett Chantee Nebblett


  • July 17, 2010
    4:00 PM
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him he will go to heaven ninety two was sitting with cementing the last thing Christians music and images Harris Teeter 's stinging my eyes as I was thinking about the beautiful things got has prepared for those that love had to meet with even more beautiful about the whole the whole picture the whole concept is the fat that God wants to put having now in our hearts Northwood had been in our homes he wants life to be in expression levels satellites and habits of the people actually had to Jesus through our testimony through either the simplest looking at my life even as I withdrawn their city and that seeds listening to his word pictures and just letting the Holy Spirit color the picture in my mind I wanted to go ahead and so that in the four other people should should field should sense when they come in the contact with us are busy I'm very lives should make people long to go to heaven and you are witnessing is made so easy you think convincing people and he's got to do with you as you sacrifice for this I will seek in the conflict your net assist on whether because anything your heart but had to get heaven in our hearts friends a tall order message remission of the next few minutes of the bow Judy you are happen to him in our hearts security has to be there to purge us of everything else first everything else that's in the way to make room for his miraculous grace to make room for difficult working power and purity in our generation appeared in our society it is a lost art in the last concept is that most people don't even seek for it anymore and if we hear the word purity we hasten it in such a undoubtedly define such a confined scope that ninety percent of the populations that only the message right now is not for me I'm too old run too young because we have to share with you yesterday that are particular to different ages and stages but most importantly he needs to become precious to each and every one of us matter how old or young so a few minutes as we explore some of the some of the the aspect security and some of the things that we need to do as Christians to go south to set ourselves for success the effect here is that the high priority in our lives improve your ears will be opening your hearts will be open and that plus is the word of God and as we look at examples examples that we will be called to higher ground and called the deeper love a deeper appreciation for God what he has done and what he wants to do in our lives how many you have the opportunity to visit a real honest-to-goodness medieval castle raising hand okay just a few of you in I had always dreamed of visiting a castle or real castle and a year ago our family had the opportunity to go to England we traveled there are a couple of weeks and we were speaking there the family and during the time that we were there we were able to visit the castle it's called Warwick Castle it's very famous cattle actually in England and it was built back in local stone building was built back in twelve hundred and sixty A.D. so in a very old castle and it lived through the medieval times that number out with soap made by this incredible structure that is really stood the test of time but one thing that really made a deep impression on me is that we were touring the various areas of the capital and they were portraying different facets of Castle life and I remember going down this hall dark hall you know with torches lit on both sides and we began to hear music that will music the sound of trumpets and that the call had opened up into the big room it would like a vault where they had armor and and horses and wax figurines that were all just ready for war and we spent the next little while touring this area in this castle looking to the eyes of a twelve -year-old boy because the Earl of Warwick who was in charge of this castle would have to be young lad that would ride into the heat of the battle with him and take care of his armor and holding spear whatever it was he he he needed I remember looking at kiddie Ivan this twelve -year-old boy preparing for the battle comparing the armor and what was going through his mind they are really quite a good job of portraying what it must've been like and suddenly the battle was more then a charming portrayal on the pages of the history book suddenly the battle with the very real to me I saw how it was about life or death and the great Earl of Warwick and all of his entourage his knife in his squires and that little twelve -year-old boy would I navigate to go to war everyone inexplicably left behind new that their very lives depended on the outcome of that battle life or death today were talking about the battle for purity because I said here he is a lot art if the lost concept in our day and age it's not something that's treasured by the masses around that Satan has done everything he possibly can to take away the purity and loveliness that Jesus wants to see painted in his creation and so we had to fight for purity it is that it is a gift from God is a treasure it is a pride that we must fight for we must nurture we must protect purity is not a default setting in the Christian experience when I think about purity I think about various things now comes my mind I think about something that's clean think about innocence clearness honesty I think about virginity fidelity a young person is saving their heart for their future spouse I think the dictionary definition of purity which is freedom from contamination I found that very interesting reading from contamination yet we have a lake near our house and lakes are pretty special in New Mexico because we don't have a whole I don't have a whole lot of water that is particularly a lot of people people driving in from Albuquerque which is two and half to hour and forty five minutes away the face at tomato late now if you know what happens when you have that many people fishing in a small lake and cleaning their face when they catch them and dumping the inside back into the water and all that you know what happens to the lake water it gets pretty contaminated and we both living in that lake many times we actually haven't more recently but please win in that water for a while and you get out you feel clean now you're very smelly you're very fishy the first body and let's find the nearest shower here we are swimming to the contaminated water of this world as a humanly speaking it is not possible to remain uncontaminated to remain pure at heart pure in life but friends the thing that is so beautiful our Lord and Savior the Lord of life and light and purity of the living speaking all they if we had his robe of righteousness but he imparts to us if we have allowed the place that amount if we can stand in this games your kinds town needed world and live lives of purity and actually want to talk about today we want to have the kind of purity that's not just a set of actions or standards that we live by although the actions and standards are important certainly but only a life dedicated in Jesus Christ is truly pure time people think of a message on purity they think they have to do with relationships and a sunset yes definitely there is an asset that have good relationships and we'll talk combat in a little bit here but I contend that purity goes so much deeper than just the way that we relate gender are with our relationship with Jesus Christ without that living connection with him we can never hope to let happening cure life but what if your heart a gift that comes from God I can literally be a love song to God every single day a song that attracts people to attention a song that tested their interests at Nixon stopped to look and listening and say what you have so different so beautiful I wanted to and we can live life life that are shining light in this dark world inspiring others look for him and experienced the salute freedom that they see at experiencing you have a security of life all starts in one place but the purity of heart partisan dimensions that make it become a gift that God can give us but you know in this day and eight when purity is so devalued I don't even think that we as Christians understand the depth of what it means to have pure hearts what does it mean I started thinking in the book of Isaiah as if telling the story of installing a story of Jerusalem but it's also a prophecy of the second coming and it says the sinners in Zion as they see the city approaching as they see the end coming there overwhelmed to overcome in the end date is almost cried who shall be able to stand in the accident comes back to them is echoed in other places in the Bible as well both can stand to have clean hands and pure hearts was a mean have clean hands and pure heart I see names young men especially left to be electric zero bailout the five thousand nights and soldiers and it's like that we can do this we can just fight the battles and be like in all amazing and what looks up to us and your hero is not even everyone's life is really what we want as Christians than I have I have a commission but the toughest job that a Christian can take recognition is to become guardians of purity that requires in us is an unselfish and selfishness that is deep enough to contradict our all natural desires our own natural passions and water to protect God 's gifts in other people and also God 's gifts to us ourselves this is much easier said than done especially in a society when we are not built around self gratification we are built around this is what I want is what it takes to get it I may do it we need we need a whole new concept what it means to sacrifice to pour ourselves out and to push out of our lives everything that makes us impure of the work that we can do ourselves is Christ that purifies is the blood of Christ that cleanses us we need to need to put ourselves we find ourselves under that found we find ourselves at the foot of the cross so that he can purge our lives and make us what he wants us to be do we have any concept of what it means to live in the sides of your and holy God do we have any concepts of the purity of having a clean nest was spotless less attention the standard is incredibly hot friends and even if I look at the standard your commitment I have a commitment to maintain and to fight for purity value myself and those around you but as I look at heaven the standard itself out of reach for the middleman praise God for grace praise God for grace living with purity even as other Christians of this morning letting a life of victory living a life of purity and impurity being the foundation for having having our hearts it offsets the submission it all starts with surrender to the will of God in our lives when we are willing to lay ourselves down when we are willing one week when we come to appreciate the beauty of holiness we come to appreciate the sacrifice on God 's part the sacrifice that he has made to maintain it to give us that gift and then we come to understand purity in its noise this importance now I've only been then and only then will be we have will we be taking the very first step to allowing happening for our lives and having to then speak the life and work through us to the saving of souls but it requires sacrifice requires surrender relationship when it comes to purity of heart and truly in order to follow God 's plan for us in order to have a God honoring relationship in order for our love story some day breath of young people to reflect Christ we must be pure at heart we must have that purity of heart the last time the reason why young people really struggle in this area and really dabble with the things of the world would spend up robbing from them some of the greatest and most precious gift that is given that it's because they're afraid to trust their lives to God in this area they they don't think maybe God really done your duty really care about this area of my life does God really care about who I married the guy really know the kind of person I want or I need what could happen if I completely give him the control in this area who began a happy married if the committee somebody that I can't stand in a friend I learned a price is less than the other day I was at the chiropractor and I know sometimes people don't think I practice any good but for me a contract isn't very helpful over the years but hadn't entendre really long time because I hate spending money and especially on a visit to take the very few minutes and you're having to pay quite a bit of money but anyway I found myself at the chiropractor and he was doing his diagnostic stuff and explaining everything to me and asked there about an hour he was ready to do the adjustments on me and he got ready to do the final adjustment and he put me in this position I was like kneeling on the ground over this bench in my head with a crank to the side I was feeling very vulnerable okay he was like moving over me like a giant and right before knee got ready to do the adjustment he said are you feeling vulnerable site yes definitely as he got ready now yet one hand on my shoulder Monday my neck and I knew he was about to do his thing on my neck and I had a second thought this guy could sever my spinal cord if he does the wrong thing here I very vulnerable my life in his hands at this moment but you know what I wasn't afraid at all and why is that because I believe that he knew what he was doing because I knew he'd done it many times because I knew he'd been trained had no doubt but they definitely go fine and it did forgot calling to my heart later on that evening reminding me of this experience and reminding me of how often I take my life out of his hand yell it's amazing to me friend if I thought about it I knew this doctor for no more than one hour and I was willing to place my life in his hands and I fully trusted him and I didn't worry about it at all but how many times do I look at my father in heaven who loves needs so much who created me would die for me who hath my best interest in mind and do I say to him but I cannot trust you with this area of my life I may not say it in so many words I may never admit that to myself but to my actions that's what I think the guy more I don't know why I kind of want to have a say in this matter I want to control this I'm not sure if I can give you complete freedom young people God does have our best in mind and in the area of our relations if he wants to write a beautiful story for each one of us but the last thing we are grabbing the pen from his hand and scribbling in between his line and things are let's stop doing that let's give our hearts to God let us become your heart so that he can do amazing things in and through our life part is the foundation of a sad but there are other kinds of purity Q which are which are equally importance and that's when I want to consider the security of minds we talked about this on this morning we cannot we can never hope to really attain an appreciation of love for purity as as Christ is fewer without filling our minds with pure and noble things with not filling our minds with your noble thoughts as I mentioned this morning our society is incredibly distracted and I'm convinced that the devil has orchestrated things that there's no down time to the world is going going going gone we are always super ultra stimulated and one of our super altar stimulated in our minds are racing at a thousand miles an hour the things around us that we can talk to become more and more and more real the things that are unseen which incidentally are the only real real things in the universe become more and more and more intangible that's a problem France at the prompt that scares me in my own life as well as what is the was a solution for us as Christians the solution is to fill our minds with things only those things that draw us closer to Christ Jesus you race our our commitments to him to increase our sense of honor and loyalty to him to remember that he has paid off high price for our minds at the least we can do is give our minds back to him the might of course is the center of the thoughts and I think people in society think of a thought the little things no big deal the same can be said for the generation of this generation of young people most of them have this concept that I kind of lift myself if I don't I really want to live to myself I need a really should make no difference younger guys and like a really should make no difference how I act you really should make no difference what I say you know whether that see the world at large work or no girls in the same age the girl says it is really should make no difference how I track say really should make a difference I carry myself these are little things for these are actually not little things the little things these little thought these imaginations of our hearts of the building blocks of society if society is in trouble is because the building blocks of society are in trouble the building blocks are corrupt how does this work in offices look like in real life people have young people many of you many my own difference asked me and asked us on many occasions I just I can't seem to do this you know every time I try to just have a regular whole wholesome healthy friendship it just you know a few weeks in a very elegant mess up things are going we remember this guy control not try to talk to them and that they fully get worse than any of these bombs are not from a few of my friends we all know we can look around society especially in the area of relationships we can look around society and see something is terribly wrong or hard as I think about thoughts the effect of our thoughts I see exactly what is terribly wrong we're not helping each other as Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord we are not helping each other the boys by their conduct are not helping to bring out the best in the girls and the girls by their conduct and by the way they dress they're not helping to bring out the best in the young men around them and so no wonder limited the U girls are putting all secret that they are secret about how boys think there is this common misconception among young people at large that running from temptation is equally simple with weakness that I defend many years ago we got to this discussion he was having issues with his music standards you like him or he was right but you know I just so I can read it online student to know exactly where you don't what was good music and was not good music and arts O what exactly would now like I just know I be I know this is not good besides if a song I want to be fanatical anything is unassigned so I was like okay well but you said you don't know where to draw the line now that's the problem I don't know what you like okay so maybe if this is really if this is really getting into trouble Kansas and the child of this reason this event is really engaged in the getting into trouble beta thing to do would be to back off and I were at least you can see to put a line like maybe no precaution will not know that would not be necessary because actually now I'm again because I would be like admitting defeat you don't allow that I can certainly handle so and I put it on and I can certainly handle thirty five just say no not to get any of that then that would be actually weakness because it would be admitting again but sounds even tossing a couple of the erroneous thoughts many of us adopt that theory that very same idea in our lives we didn't do well okay so we got temptation coming here but we just got a notice want me talking about God witness was kind of friends the only the only kind of strength in a Christian and an brother Chris and he alluded to the stoop strength does not mean income sensation and you are her own know is a big one okay Lord Shell are selling on okay now knowing where knocker when I could do this is not okay you every time strength for the Christian is temptation turned away turn away I have to miss you in ladies was mine works very differently than yours advertise a girl 's mind works very limited in your thoughts so we need to have a sensitivity to each other and how how we probably both deal with our thoughts we with our eyes we need to have a sensitivity to the other so we are not putting them under unnecessary temptation otherwise I have so many friends you have no idea I've so many friends there that are clean committed Christian young man and I wish that you could go with me just one time kneel beside their beds with them these all these are the good guys okay is this a secret these are the good guys the ones that you look at faith I got axes really as strong I EEE is a trustworthy one you could trust if you could go with me and kneel beside the bed with the same young man and see the tears roll down their face and get them praying over and over and over again night after night for strength to deal with temptations that should be nonexistent I think you would change some things about what you meant out of the you ever again plead your right to dress just the way I want to deliver just the way I want to transfer you to help each other we need to help each other the slow purity of life impurity of mine is all about this is the aggregate of real positive friendships further I have friends I have beautiful faithful friends faithful first and foremost to God and because they are faithful foremost to God and because my first priority is faithfulness to God we enjoy the kind of friendship within our family and and their families we we enjoy the kind of friendship as it tastes of a fellowship in heaven but can you see how would you he would work okay and I think were friends but we have no week when we dress when we carry ourselves we probably only think of ourselves I never think about how things may come across to her she ever thinks about how things don't think you see what we might have difficulty having a normal healthy positive relationship especially if they're lying about temptation every time I meet her for somebody than just your hand getting into the conversation I'm constantly having to turn my had a Camaro will will will will wonder that we can't have positive relationships again we need to help each other we need to help each other and if not that would different enough of the young men and young women out there got created if that way you never meant to be impervious to visual input that they were never meant to be impervious CEO to touch so friends let's pay attention to these things let's ask God tips your fire minds that our hands can be QR when our hearts are QR and our minds are pure and our hands are pure then we're ready to have really quality friendships that we have had in our hearts then we can share with the world as well as of something very very interesting she says that friendships between girls and guys are positive thing that important than your important factor in your note stage of growing up just as the girls can learn many things and can be strengthened by the firmer natures of the guys the guys can be softened and strengthened by the other softer whatever the girls what he says is almost never works why do they almost never work because not one in this for a hundred thousand okay one hundred voice whose morals are untainted and one hundred girls whose minds are pew because we do not have pure minds and untainted morals we can be friends over and we can be friends we get in trouble over and over and over again so let's ask God friends to purify our hearts to purify our minds to purify our hands so we can be not only a mutual blessing and encouragement to each other as well and and not miss out on the blessings of quality relationships we have a lot of things Sarah did say were going to have to go over some of them very quickly I want to mention reading material and movies to what was allowing into our minds because our minds are going to be I thought our character ultimately our destiny is going to be formed by the input the things that we allow into our five senses I don't as a little girl I absolutely loved reading so enjoyed reading but I don't get nearly as they used to but not too many girls and this seems to be quite common for a lot of girl that is very very attracted to love stories of romance distributing about all the wonderful Prince charming and dreaming about what hurts is going to be like Sunday now let me tell you there's a lot of a lot of books out there about courtship in the right with a date and this and that and the other and I know some girls who have read like every book there is out there on the subject and yet their lives and their relationships are a mess I will come to realize is the fact that the principles of baby reading in those the number one they not embracing them and number two they are fasting on this subject continuously and continually feeding it with these wonderful love stories with the dream that came true because God put them together it's all they ever think about and when they watch movies and that's what they key into and you know Hollywood just absolutely love to portray the five things and not put your side of things either and so you see these young people who think about this all day long and pretty soon their discontent with where they are in life the ready to go out there and experiment because it is not bringing along the right person on their timetable at Southern Oregon and make himself available and find somebody and do something because their minds have been running in the wrong track friends we need to study we need to become fruit inspectors are we doing in our lives Larry allowing entire life what are we reading what I'm leaking into and what is what fruit is it bearing in our lives we need to look at those things and be willing to give up even good things if they have our minds in the wrong track any rate relating to other another popular way of conducting relationships and if they made I believe is invented by the double because if you look at the way the baleful fruit that is being seen in the lives of so many young people who are in these dating relationships which are meant to be exploratory relationships even there meant to fulfill pleasure for just a short time and season if people want to get what they want out of a dating relationship and the minute they get into an argument with her boyfriend or girlfriend I believe you can just drop them and find somebody else and so they have these multiple short-term relationships that are just based on lust and pleasure and pretty soon what do abound with somebody the moment they hit some rough water which everyone well they ready to just dictate get a divorce and move on and so I think it's very interesting that dating rather than preparing for marriage in helping us defeat what we like in other individual it actually prepares us for divorce down the road to live it normally done in this day and age we need to understand that this whole scene is not cultivating purity if not cultivating honor or loyalty in a and you know it just it breaks my heart to see children that are so small becoming TV and in that way for the opposite gender I see I watched no little setting eight -year-old you have a boyfriend I remember one time we were having some work on our home film and with fixing her driveway or something intervals five -year-old girl came along and took a major liking to Joshua now at the time delay and another twelve percent think he's always loved kids and so he was playing with her and everything and she was talking him she is like our ninetieth I don't get this conversation quite right but anyway she said her boyfriend and he's four years old but were not married yet or anything so it's okay if I play with you because he's not here in an is usually noticed that this trappings off the flight what but to me it goes that because the culture that we live in school system the things that these children are surrounded with our making them prematurely think about these things and pretty soon they're going to find themselves in terrible situations that they never meant to be in because they're dabbling with this area of life far too prematurely I never hearing a story once about I was talking to her daughter taking her to the relevant garden the daughter was struggling she was wanting everyone around her let me define the relationship with the guy and her mother with encouraging her to wait to state herself for her one and only hence she was selling her this growth by and asking the girl thinks one seat in the center of it I want to see the heart you know how beautiful roses are when they can open up all the way and you can just even smell them and their lovely and the girls liked while we can't do that unless we tell the document it won't be pretty anyway another thing I want to see it now I don't want to wait you know we might not even be here tomorrow I want to see it now silly to me and the daughter finally understood the lesson at her mother with the teacher her heart was like that little Rosebud and it needed time to grow it needed time to mature work to strengthen to open beautifully naturally by itself and when we enter into this stage of life prematurely it's like clearing off every one of those petals and then when it comes time forgot to give us the dream of our lives what do we have to give them we given our treasure away prematurely there is a better way young people were told in second Timothy two verse twenty two flea also youthful lusts but follow righteousness faith charity peace with them the call on the Lord out of a pure heart again it comes down to are we willing to give our hearts completely to God are we willing to wait are we willing to trust him with our future however long it takes are we willing I remember being in a gas station right in our local town it's like the hotspot for everybody together and talk about what everybody is doing in town just in their paying for my gas bill and the clerk asked me just off in the top of its head you've extended your boyfriend and it was really funny because they were like probably happened up in conversation going on in the Bremen we questioned the plaintiff went completely silent when you could've heard a pin drop I like they've been wondering the answer to question the nobodies in line to ask me and you feel this with either an urban afternoon I told him that I would have to will have a federal yeah and is that a year is not everybody yet there particularly curious up enough that the exchange rate but anyway my answer was no I don't have one I don't want one until God leads me to his choice for me the one and only now that you created for me and one of the ladies said as you said several half educated in MN I started expounding on a little bit and everybody was standing around you know with huge mountain were just dropping in over tripping over their convents that they were hanging out and started to bring me with questions and it was amazing friends there for about five or ten minutes answering the questions they had never even dreamed that young people existed who actually save themselves for somebody in the future and send them in actually was a beautiful thing can you believe it in this world is so full contamination that is so full of broken hearts when they see a young person who has this kind of commitment suddenly it's like this yet tiny people into beautiful land they'd never even dreamed existed in her life Adam was there and mention vague enough that the same thing we like what I think that's her daughter Jessica and Hunter started my first question is the same him and him and the wardrobe and to think that you're going up against no anybody you don't get around and not have a lot of incredible friendships with guys and actually I gets another whole lot better than I was dating because we're not putting our best foot forward we didn't know each other in family settings I really get to know who they are applied to write all this that but it was a blessing for me to see that even the world respects a young person that has these kind of standard if we are willing to wait not only will I be able to bring the perfect person into our life and he created us for and for whom we are created but will be able to give testimony to the world while we are waiting to hear it and have to fix them after I want to talk about the type of purity of heart mind life at that purity of body this is usually where people might go when the subject of purity comes up okay and when I say something about modesty no modesty is something that actually is not very well understood in this day and age and the definition of it actually is not to draw undue or inappropriate attention to oneself but that was very interesting the world is full of people who are trying to attract attention to themselves modesty means having a meek and quiet spirit which is fine if of great value I know I know not and not a person that has unnaturally neat and quiet spirit I know a lot of people out there who don't either and it was even something I even wanted when I was younger but now began to open up my eyes to see how beautiful it truly was and how being meek and quiet does not mean that your week are your doormat are people just plow over you or don't have respect for you and actually being mom in Christ drank I think that we don't even really understand I felt funny because I look back to my journal I have plugged in unique and quiet spirit New Year's resolutions like four years in around him it was slow learner but in teaching me how beautiful that is and that's part of modesty modesty of heart and start because the accident we can have a modest wardrobe we can have the right way of relating to the accident or we can do all of these things but it were not modest in hard it is going to show it on to show in our lives so we need herself I need a lot of girl art like no I didn't matter so much world where or how I taught her how to relate can I just normal or be myself listening to what Sean was just sharing sure you have the right to do what ever you want to do but my friends do we want to honor God do we want to make things not be a stumbling block but rather in encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ if we want that they will be willing to do what it takes will be willing to evaluate everything that we do every article of clothing at the words we speak every attitude that we allow ourselves to indulge in God if it is truly something that is portraying his character that is portraying modesty and meek and quiet spirit reserve is also very important reserve is something that most girls that do not have at all and very interesting for my sister and I to watch girls relate to our brothers my little sister is an amazing creature she is such a guardian of our brothers you would not believe it you worry it at a CSC voice coming from life I mean girl well coming from my five miles away it seems that legalizing can just call what they're thinking it is always intercepting them but it when you're actually watching from the outside and what a girl and her behavior and the way that hurt her body language and everything is really turn you off your life only she could actually be a video of herself to see a girl who is truly reserved is actually very refreshing knuckles for another girls a lot but for Christian young men as well okay sure girl will get attention if she's out there being flirtatious than greatly lacking reserve and being a modest yet so that a lot of attention for children attention from the kind of people that any true hearted Christian girl does not want attention from me she is willing to be reserved and servant maybe she won't get so much attention but she will be honoring and loving God and representing him as a woman with hitting Christ Jesus and she will attract the right kind of guy the kind of man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with North in physical purity it's very interesting a lot of times young people ask this question okay so how far is too far where do we draw the line where is it that we know that we can come up here and as long as we don't get down here were okay and got his infinity of status and were not to have committed sin and all the questions are the wrong question to ask we shouldn't be asking where do I draw the line we should be asking how can I represent God as his child how can I show the world a new concept of purity it is a treasure it is a treasure physical purity friends that God meant for us to say and to guard and to keep his wife they hear really quickly than there it would be very naïve to assume that when we speak of proud even other side that every young person in this room had kept their purity in their defendant save it for their numb you know number one one and only because the truth is that we live in a world of sin in a world temptation and many many young people make mistakes we have made mistakes ourselves I have things that I have to regret that you know God is an amazing guy and he loves to forget he loves to take our hearts he loves to make them cure all over again and you know what this is the very first day of the rest of our lives and we may not be able to go and rewrite history and change yesterday but we have the opportunity to change stay in tomorrow and the rest of our days and even if we have lost something because of our past can give us back our innocence in our purity by his grace as we choose to accept his forgiveness and live righteous lives covered with his overwrites the file encouraging that it is never too late a person will appreciate the commitment you have made even if it was only committed the keypad for six months rather than the last eighteen years and God appreciates that it's never too late for him to restore to us the years but the locus of Eden one other thing I want to mention if accountability is very a very great safeguard security for young people especially it is so helpful for young people to be a accountable to our parents and to have open and honest conversations with her parents to talk to them about what were thinking Alaska about our friendships with various people in Africa how it's going and how we're feeling young people it is really easy at that time to clam up and not one to say anything or leave them down the wrong road or make them think that given a picture that really isn't there because you're trying to hide her you're really feeling about going well I want to encourage you to be honest the carpeting open relationship with your parents and to accept their accountability and you don't your parents are not Christians or their don't really care about this area of your life still we should love them and honor them and respect them but got to put godly mentors in our lives who will help us in this area and I want to say no there have been I have made mistakes and it's been very difficult to goes my parents at times but help me to see that they are there to help me fight this battle in this world I can be named he worked by God 's grace and sometimes in this world it is very easy to form that happened whatever that habit is you know you know the things that you are struggling with and I've had think that I have struggled with since in my life where I said no I don't want to do that again as it happens again and again it just seems too much for me to bear no God call to my heart when it has crying out to him I want you to go and list your parents help and that's perfect that would be really humiliating but he kept bringing it back to my mind to different avenues tonight with hearing in sermons and everywhere I looked I knew that's what I needed to do and when I did they were so kind it was so understanding and they have really really helped me in so accountability take advantage of that in your life it will be a safeguard regarding to your purity purity foundation for faithfulness faithfulness to God 's faithfulness to our future spouse you got us before we were born he said that before we were even a Fox him call you his covenant with his people for generation after generation to generation Presley had a beautiful beautiful opportunity with our past looks like no matter what our present looks like we have a little beautiful opportunity in the future to allow God to purify our hearts and minds and to be faithful knowledge of God is faithful to our future we can live at this moment at this age from from from ten years old seven years old five years old we can in a way that honors God 's future for us if we can if we do that we are truly learning to honor and truly learning to love I love the girl and I will marry even if I never met her before because I have a commitment I have something I have a gift that is God 's gods to me but I'm saving for her and we all have that opportunity but purity has to lie at the very foundation friends so as we go from this place as we as we wrestle with life you you go out those doors you enter again your life outside this building got the call for us he's calling for our hearts is calling for our minds he's calling for hands and also has a promise because if you give me your little hands if you give me your stony little heart if you give me your week little minds all return it with something so so far beyond what you have now we do greatest expectation it will blow your mind by Scott's promise and promise God has delivered upon time and time and time again is up to us whether or not we will trust him enough to lay our future and lay ourselves at his feet so that he can work miracles he wants to in our lives as they retreated before we close in our purity I remember observing in a particular situation Ali all the details but I went in an environment where a married man and woman not married to each other I watched them several times a week interacting in a way that wasn't very much like you would see to teenagers perhaps in a hall at a high school flirting with each other for me it was very sickening army knife that the first nineteenth and the like that I can hardly stand it and I was always trying figure out how to make them up when they were talking to each other and that is my mind you know the reason why they are having this difficulty is the reason why there's so much infidelity out there in the world because those people did not learn these lessons of purity when they were young and slight very important not security and in the mindset of okay well this is important for thirteen to nineteen -year-olds it is important for singles for you get married this is important curious among the children need to learn purity from and I don't need to know if the minute we all need to have two be a safeguard to Einstein society and not to mention our soul salvation and our ultimate goal which is having and so I want to encourage everyone know there's a lot of that we could have said we weren't able to say unless I give our hearts completely to God and be willing to do the hard things to learn those lessons that we can relate in purity and love to those around us that we can have a wholesome friendships right now with between young men and young women and not constantly have to be going to find our friends at cement back peddling and having broken hearts and try to recover and get into yet another one like that no that doesn't want that for us he wants the best for us and I just wanted to share one thing that isn't really helpful for me you know I have IE seven mind that you will never get married because were living at the end of time and not how it does not can happen and so that person probably is even alive you know because I didn't really need for me to get married so why should I pray for him and all these things I got a call to my heart when baking my little sister because she is while we both really admire her a lot but anyway she shared with me that she'd start a journal where she was writing out her prayers for her future husband and every time she would feel tempted to allow her heart to go after somebody or she would feel lonely he or she would feel like you know when it doesn't happen she would channel at all into prayer and write it out in that journal and she had a precious journal not out of my little sister seeing that I can certainly do this and it has been such a blessing for me and I want to encourage you you know it doesn't even matter if some of us are single for the rest of our life energy and none of us unmarried nudism ever you remain unmarried point of the matter because they were cultivating these lessons of purity and fidelity to ability in our hearts its preparedness for the kingdom of having and if in the meanwhile that is recurring us for a person on this earth how much more beautiful it will be if we could pray for that person we have bought I think you think I fell for that person let's show the world security is worth treasuring let's show them that the future that God has in store for us is worth waiting for we want to sing a song to you to clothe and the song is called promised me forever we this obstacle parts and actually this today with this song in and a few more I hope that we will all lift our minds to all that we have heard Schertz today because we have we have two choices we can get up from this place in a few minutes walk out the door 's same people who walked in or we can get from this place get up from our knees and walk out of the door difference stronger wiser voice for and that is my prayer because you know that is that a lot of people have poured a lot of energy and load of stress into making this happen to know you support energy into today and got himself the Spirit himself has been here he was right there in the corner working with me interested in the West by Chris was singing with their thinking thank you Lord thank you for bringing me to this place this day were to sing one song and I'm guessing a few more but don't let your eyes beyond us but in later years before the words that we say let your eyes beyond Jesus was use the open to his spirits columnist last few minutes that we share the one we leave this place we can leave a truly different I a will and a new began to you Jane Lannon there you may be I know your mom and he will order and I know your command line the will of man he seen me he is San Fran I mean long on scene loans to and mad and he is a game and will will salamander is a paper or will will will you and I mean so you will a will is being on the fees are you smooth to use and the mean I will will that at no name he mean a snake EEA nine nine oh and he may lean staff said game and an I know this time Jane's class and is an history who can swallow alone around me training and sees me marrying me in school I will will will will man and I will will follow within you and all i.e. so will a will remain in use I will you and and and and mean man I will world her and and you I you I can see Jane and have been a main and new


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