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From Pastoral Call to Pew Warmer

Jim Ayer


Before becoming a servant of God, Jim was a biker, drug dealer, and a thief. That all changed when God intervened and helped him recognize that there was more to life than what he was used to living. Today Jim Ayer is a sought-after international speaker who has traveled to 53 countries around the world.


Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio



  • February 3, 2006
    7:00 PM
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him me now here I than the part of this group you are turn this the worst I think that the along the business how long will nineteen hundred and the my wife and I greatly know you might be here in this building worship in the building and I was sitting there but now this seems like a really great text in Isaiah fifty eight and the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy the soul in drought to make that iPhones also be like a watered garden like a spring of water whose waters fail not and they shall be of the stability old waste places also like the foundations of many generations and also because the repair of the reason we score has been well about how appropriate to be here as part of this group via part of that group it is one of the early stories of how well I found God hath but before I am done now my wife and I wanted to reveal we didn't know that we weren't Christians we weren't raising Christian home that effect on my life and all Christian finances personal laptop with a little kid for me to go to church honey and white line with the neighbors and church that I think with the Baptist Church eleven hundred we had a good time at school somewhere along the line I never ever heard about Jesus Christ I have not included Jesus was even going on here is will will a high school well high school the only reason I would go to churches and my point world and she went to church this is an enlightened leader on the first of what I continued on for a while pretty soon the monitor where I always got good grades in school what do these never had a study is the greatest thing variously I work a lot I had a hard part of the work you made a lot of money I think everybody is different I was the oil grab the school has always had a good car you know no my parents really have the money is worth a lot and play sports I work in the party not work within my senior year I was in the sixties that must be relatively long life is good like that I see a few of you have the semblance of human trial of marijuana found in one and final in I was pretty good as well it is once more and once more pretty soon why this is really good stuff and you see I think what happened what happened is you look at Adam and even the trio life the tree of knowledge to enable I available develop as the alternate for your life that you're trying it'll make you like a young raise your consciousness it will take you to another level for another plane here join us drop find that brought you expand your mind and let your knowledge of the universe will always be playful with them make no mistake because the more I began to partake of it if I went to college resume it was either my brain more neither was going to say him higher and higher rates when Lorne Lorne moonglow and pretty soon I found myself I didn't care about school anymore didn't care about it all there was absolutely no reason two new school all I wanted to do is party or presumptive in order to take care of the time I didn't want to work anymore because I thought he now the money these people today to talk about and wanting to know is it's not even is not a problem knowing this whatever the one is absolutely on anything we put in our bodies that changes our attitude changes I want to achieve the drive and motivation is not a everybody knows that so many people in mind this one pretty soon I became a really and also some of rest for myself I present alcohol one more reason why it wasn't a problem someone is going to have fully everything I wanted in my faith society devoted to Elizabethtown you notice and in a few short minutes here I just wanted to play what one is the only person in line to another and another level involved in it was all a pretty soon I hear you and why it wouldn't of been a problem contact on one of an artist that somebody was trying to get most of the bath of the and he will have a nice country boy on a invasive and work on the final had all evening because I worked hard and was carrying a gun is no him him him him but I don't have one that almost hit so far away from his life the system going down down down down one day I was setting locales that I was ready the roof wasn't any bigger than about three rows of chairs I started smoking in the end I wasn't taking anything off-site and I started talking grass and all of a sudden the room expanded and living standards the morning famous one reason I'm sitting on the top level of the few auditory embodiment doubling down on your iPhone and I do need any introduction I knew exactly who they were not exactly how the Holy Spirit what I feel is not enough arguing over meeting about it was using all arguments that I use the term everybody else on the panel I have a lot of one I was late one to sell drugs was gone I thought what the devil would say something regarding is one of the argument and I would say something and I I can remember Wisconsin but all in both of them will have the show immediately the village of you minimally would pass and that would save something else an argument about why I should be here in again on Wednesday and the government shut and this went back and forth for a while and pretty soon it will completely over I was sitting back in my little stone cold sober absolutely flat on the ground will send you you have a hard time in the five one minute it was at this plaintiff I'm speaking with you tonight Jim short time by and I sat there and thought I can handle anything that is wrong I've taken everything everything is out there on the market or wherever I'll take and I never got crazy I never gone off the deep end this is this was and every time I would get one of which was every day a voice within him you have a short on the focus of the Muslim harvest it anything was leaning only for that finally I just thought I can I got up with the perfect time because all my friends all of a sudden are these men were laughing everybody's likelihood of the MLM home loan little my parents I lived with him for about a month and I found myself crying myself to sleep every night and wanted something from them if I want a full bar one night eleven then God the bar one night sitting there wiring this guy walks in the door not taking no one as soon as he walked in the north that this guy is a set of the barn city for the next time I felt taken while the next town happened the way that no one there is anything that I was dating her in a timesheet with us in this young lady you never got anything as you never told me that she never done anything like that and that she was so wonderful never done drugs or anything else I don't know why you are not mixed up me know if you and we headed down relations and on the far post and would like to join it absolutely I have tried his hand in my mouth of death lit up it was great and noble all I wanted in my life a little more like now and well I guess I was still persuasively got her going on recently started doing a unethical meeting my drug of choice in the one you like the most anyway goes on and on and were loaded one afternoon a life member and I ask you said yes now only forgotten voices though my life is a long years of bacon and a communal one is and what we had a little one one day we go to Sacramento California the run across a whole bunch of friends and they are all smoking taking drugs and I joined right in I've got so loaded my wife had to drive home the night we drove home a lot of guns in the car because I can I think probably most of the money is taken most of the money undergone at home even on the table we only had a table we do now much else is a small ball placed to achieve the baby on the kitchen table I gone the other room I'm still smoking as I walked in the bedroom of the other room the voice is the night is your last night beside him until it was like looking at the crossroads of eternal God populated out an e- and I could see there was only three directions and I was going down one of the other human mind showing it was my choice please understand that this is a choice of everyone in this world what we think is choose you this day whom you will serve and I have to make a choice of why went to the Bureau I grab up all the stuff I walked out of the kitchen my wife and smiling as one of my semi- item along with the okay nine one thousand ninety and now that porcelain bowl lives of their ninety one supplement formulas within I was stuck on the following formula I cannot possibly be had nothing to do at this this was on my heart on the front door leaning over the toilet bowl and now is on point stuff out it was like a whale and all with one of my children always understand I didn't even know I have because I find him in the final was like this huge weight off my shoulders on the line overhanging on the toilet bowl full mold pollen mold crime I turn around energy is normally she is trying to turn around a bit funny when you join you for it we walked down and find the living room there is a God sorry for sorry that was the beginning of it was just the beginning because we didn't have a clue what that will then thought well we found liable for a week or two of the value of this Episcopalian priest because he married a solely decidedly going to start off this surgery when we were there several months been known for some reason believe me I a lot that is Episcopalian church and no people in the country each week the priest would say the same family I will send notification is like you have anything else I can sink my convinced line starting while the board so what am I here when you begin studying more time studying the Bible more and more and getting more funding was one other church sitting out Wednesday nights are talking about formula one leave will help me understand what is I think that I and I was so persistent that kind of you I can quite understand that when I was handed in the meantime you met him when I have to thought after help me out here last night could really be an infinitely Barnhill I find that my this is him look a little one who gave you this site will help forever on the side of things and is him I think you think you never think about and going on looking like I said when I got in the book of Revelation Revelation seemed excited by really putting is one I went to the priesthood is Jimmy's phone on the book of Revelation John John is a woman's revelation and is warmer this time now some of our techniques in agony and sitting at home once you on the TV comes this commercial the Bible in living color folder to use this inglorious and I don't remember everything is had for the number of policy number someone will sell units that you are going will I you always later somebody showed up at the board developing and talking about what's available to you if you're one will result in only one I like the showing on them I know you find the procedure he wanted to show me the website of one of my vehicle one thousand nine hundred megabytes so anyway another week or two later they shall not hold volumes of the Bible stories I sent them on the shelf when they look so pretty I'm looking with weeks of violent media and the sun is moving on him maybe I'll will only help you in this lawsuit I couldn't really understand this on to lead for five volume sex while going six William Lamb this is his best lay the land press on this land asked forgiveness for your sins and God will follow everything you want me to do my wife is but I'm finally am only going to wear identifying only and I guess fish is going back and forth and back and forth and I don't think I sent word for my wife goodbye now she was always thinking of you related to just forty just before the Panhandle violently and guess what I got the volume seven Jesus Christ and the Lamb slain from the foundation of everything him I was so excited I is price and volume seven will Hillary and oh now everything for him you also need off I was one of the study more and more and we got to know that now one will know we should talk to find out things like 911 is is is not like that we should I would like you because it was it was all of their money husband Manuel is I'm sure United five one one two two it helped bring along one of one night well now I'm getting very little because I love you how many churches it's like everything on the study I couldn't find anybody to buy from them is now one afternoon I had a terrible idea was to do that well when we visited almost right across the street but I have this as a moment across the street I didn't hear them actually so I went to him was because I is real as a place out in the chair and I was only doctor said everybody is labeling what you know that's the benefit got enough stuff is high enough these are the drilling and he started talking and talking on everything a man with whom was everything is will you would like this one down from the losing I would suggest that the normal way that no one offended by the Holy Spirit we read anything about them but then after you all my mouth is not done suitable one is now my wife is been argued when the calendar says one look at your calendar no Saturday the seventh day visible as a guy I heard was crazy I had been through all the stuff like this will fill you in on the island of the around seventy and I guess you can see the constipation is as long as Johnson will want to comment next week one business ongoing chart and but went to church I have my note now I'm getting smart because I'd be everyone preaches another churches of his disguises taken no increase on the guy got been his recent upset was the last time you heard someone on staff probably one but he was refused by I soon asserted on the line starts that I check out everything alone all-in-one observatory and the changes in the calendar going down this amount I go through everything couldn't find the title back the next week and I think if I go home I study the following I think most of them said that him for life and invite him to go nevertheless God showed me it turns that have more to offer older you need to go there through the because we need the following on my life were not following the church is a thought that this is a church with God is blessed with your address but we need to did you know well that time I felt that we were baptized and I explain in me is not in less than a life we got extremely active in North interesting when the Holy Spirit comes makes you notice that you do if you want to share because the Holy Spirit venue in the sky and all well the cost of the ministry 's school and this very interesting things I I don't have time going through the night that we had hung over he is turned over the keys to a nice home we had and everything is someone with Simpson the money was on the school of you anyway back home for a while I get a call Presidents and Jim we've been very active this gym is not a brand-new church Tuesday and once he beautiful manager half a visible live only for the phase I basically have to work everything is going I finally had two children wife him I slack on that one begin slapping on Wednesday there is a direct evolution one of how you like there is a direct correlation with public funds and burns that is how much here and follow another voice that is in you he will call you in order to enjoy that when you think you'll have a related real estate and begin selling again occupy my mind north of what appear to develop a valid stuff more often work ethic and that I was mulling presumably the point where I was on the top one percent of all a crazy night and you I got into politics in doing all the grassroots organizational things and in part of becoming a player on Capitol Hill no and the friends in Congress and all of this at my own talk show a radio talk show millionaire of course what else living I started writing articles for newspapers doing all these things occupying myself completely and thoroughly long unsigned regime this food is only now the Holy Spirit when you don't have the time of the preaching you convince you after a while the voices the Holy Spirit is poured out on him a him or bother him and I will fight I didn't know what to do is go here along with implementing on Pamela Doctor Dan Miller is talking is something question is when we get together and is it seem like the direction of sounds good his brother visit Venice and Oregon Susan is a great study guide it was called experiencing God knowing doing the will of God by Henry Blackman and unlawfully illness study guide by Seth if you don't himself the first item of the twelve lesson study guide is twelve weeks thing you do is go to the back page back inside covers is iconic to spend forty five minutes with a person forty five minutes of it is important for that I don't have time to spend forty five minutes a day in the current study that's crazy there is only on the window he everybody else on his progress on the Holy Spirit speaking with you needs almost no time for the video to follow and when it is plugged in the videos of you know what you are not white that I reviewed yesterday she is always talking about leaving pilot so much garbage on a marginal that when God calls with you this morning when I was in position I want something that is always him or him or not the meeting was over I got still there started to walk toward the front door everybody else is going on and filthy I finally turned to Asia I'm number two now the second time I saw twice praise God it was the second time this whole huge wavelength on my home my wife and I began having sweetest time of prayer and study with God Holy Spirit and you know the funny thing happened within within weeks one called up cancel vault previews new television on that incentive but I was always on one more time got left on the television is a hard-working wartime one oh one autobiography my life although nothing is pretty good but not as good as I know and so they just get changed and changing toner is piously we are greater so everything we had moved down to Costa Rica and we could look down there like kings and queens and have a good life sitting in church says Jim is a block car right after that and I say honey soothes on the one of the reasons we really need to do something you are constantly interested in the are you okay Monday morning there were a normal landing area and Jaya near I am going to Venezuela Venezuela found that you would like to know the Venezuelan law it was fantastic they were there it was a monster crew they had down there with all kinds will involve my mind in that one namely one I definitely want in my life when you block the fellow ran across one of the reasons you imagine we are the answer to so many prayer and I thought about that I know some of your Folkestone it was standing there the church members it was one of the plaintiff in Oregon because of your family I would be interested in someone who got it actually using a assembly of Yellowstone are so excited he was born on the tenth and bless our hearts we have a couple of older racism inherent in lady we going the tenth and and we have to usually hurry up and trying to sleep before midnight because this snored so loudly convince even if I thought we would lay there for a few minutes of the talk about all the wonderful things that happened the day and how it ended more than it was so wonderful it was we got home you're not the more you know what you need to do something a little more difficult we want only while we need an island of liability was known in the third well you got with the team together forth will go needed within six weeks of the finish of the school property guess what what you think in six weeks we had up to thirty two people went down there one of the Wii is for the song only began taking Martinez in the different parts the world that we had in evangelism how to him will him have fun with evangelism were doing construction taking entire medical team of medical and dental team one time we treated three thousand two hundred medical patients we know we built the church and we get evangelistic meetings of women going someplace in the phone I saw my name on it when we left they knew who we were because we turn everything upside down and and left the monument there is not in the process it was so excited and over the years one time I did talk somewhere we charted out time that we wanted away from God we put on a big chart we held it up for the audience the object was Bill it is an piece of paper appointment things is not oblivious to do with you with the timeframe the functional and have a piece of paper with about twenty people and it had all these heralds one for the wife of the different people and we will refund most people have become missionaries what people had done this for most people taken off and on evangelistic meetings and they taken up and started on the things in their country and it was fun no one that was well there's a statement as we get please got everyone here is his choice and we get their people but you shake your hand one way saw all of the above and let you off the ground a hundred feet I'm not sure what is currently by both saves the company you are you I know you are a result God wants to work every single one him one thing I believe in we think not I have not seen nor ear heard neither in harmony you basically want to win and through both of the Pacific life inside out upside down making the person that radiates a remember when Moses now I think what is was alone was alone is an experience in my life one time when I was witnessing the phone talking with this as I got to find a morning said your face actually liked because I can see it is so exciting to think that God is to be so life is integrated on a half of going through each one they want to know if I want here are in your life will so wonderfully radiate out to you the radiation field friend and a fellow of the gases like you below this is actually a simple formula that I'm gone where I fellowship with you my wife and I have been married as long as I will close by the following is because I thought you young husband the new young lives now you all the old one you know already what makes it work married only on the one another somehow we think it's different but two minutes and then my hand on the point out the work and when I get home tonight 's second son bless this food I bless this food is non- verbal and I'm sorry to help me I'm so sorry I send today in the present work with your wife is at work with your husband within the ludicrously annoying I got had friendship and fellowship by community so tonight Eric H one unwanted work in ruling for you and when you just can hardly imagine and only might see on the company spent more time with normal and your body burns in a mission thinking of the God nonsense souls someone will be in such a devil 's meet you present you all had a net effect will you said that you send every evening the rest is being overcome by the policy father looked down upon tonight him him like this one more time prior to each one of us to go closer to help each one of them receive the power of the Holy Spirit we receive the Holy Spirit in our lives we will review how simple it really is our prayer Jesus


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