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The Forgotten Pillar

George Jackson




  • July 15, 2010
    3:30 PM
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who are doing this talking is go more into the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and look for what creation is telling us the message of creation rights in the Bible and what significance really is and how it may be being almost certainly in some circles being overlooked today so that's a start work prior father in heaven is good to be here and spending time and you were the spirit of prophecy and sharing my experiences and truths reduce the price that you will speak through me may you be lifted up and may we see the importance of the truths for our time today maybe be present also we can apply to each of our lives personally we pray in Jesus name amen trying to act seventeen were taken up the story in the early church in the time of Paul and Paul as we know was a he was a great evangelist for the passengers were just reaching the world particularly those outside of his Jewish people next seventeen it starts off at sixteen in my brain in verse sixteen in my Bible is entitled Paul at Athens and Paul is start up while he's at things as it is not like Paul waited for them in Athens he is very was stirred in him when he saw the city hall we given to idolatry now I've traveled a little bit in this world and I believe I've been to cities that are probably almost wholly given to idolatry and what comes to mind is Frankfurt it was not long for the Frank I thought I frame for the same life it was pretty dedicated to idolatry of my water rises San Francisco I've been in Paris and London and he can these are places that are pretty well given to idolatry really is God tells us to live in the country because I can't imagine living in these places with that sort of environment surrounded by idolatry and interestingly he inserts have a detox that he was dispiriting in the synagogue with the Jews he was talking to the Jews in the devout persons in the market daily within that met him so he speaking to the Jews but he's reaching out to the pagan peoples he wants the people to understand about Jesus and in verse eighteen interesting is a lot of parallels for us today verse eighteen if it didn't hurt certain philosophers of the Epicureans and the Stoics encountered them in son said what will this babbler say others saw me he seems to be a setter forth a strange gods because he presented to them Jesus and the resurrection I got some ideas of this when I was taught about the sermon talking to you this this presentation with Don McIntosh we sat down we were actually well this thing blew up about evolution some time ago and our mind goes back to Paul who he goes and he talks to these pagan people any encounters the Stoics and the Epicureans who these people that Paul was talking to what was the mindset of these people back then so we go to Wikipedia right and look up stoicism and Epicureans and this is what it says about Stoics it's the culture of ancient Greece in the context of the great religion and it is a historically prior to Christianity that was before the time of Christ Stoicism was naturally regarded by the fathers of the church is a pagan philosophies we were younger Paul is there an pagan place if it is been at and then eats it talks about Stoicism 's pantheism where God is never fully transcendent but always imminent this is gone this God as the world creating entity is personalizing Christian recipient in the Christian religion saying but Stoicism equates God with the totality of the universe okay the Stoics also stoicism unlike Christianity it's the it says there's no beginning or end to the universe and no continued individual existence beyond death sought out the day don't really see a on individual God God 's sort of the top pantheism God 's everywhere all throughout the universe this can in no beginning and no end to the universe and is nothing beyond that that sounds a little familiar today doesn't have other Epicureans they believed in the existence of God 's but they is has ever they believed that the gods are made of atoms just like everything else and they were too far away from the Earth to have any interest in what man was doing cells like theistic evolution doesn't answer didn't do any good to prayer offer sacrifices day they believed that the gods did not create the universe nor do they inflict punishment or bestow blessings on anyone so there's no document no creation and is not current nor moral values it says Epicureans reject it immortality and mysticism in China believe in a soul about they suggested this was more whole like the body and they also rejected any possibility of an afterlife so here we have Paul reaching these pagan peoples and their essentially evolutionists just like today now on a different footing what were seen evolution today it is essentially Greek philosophies the same mindset that we see there all the time all that long ago couple thousand years in the time and also what I'll do try to reach them so he's trying to debate and talk to these Epicureans and the Stoics and inverse twenty three and twenty four he stressed how can I reach the hearts he says anything he looks anything he's preaching it was as rough I passed by and behold your devotions I found an altar with this inscription to the unknown God therefore ye ignorantly worship him declare I and you he's using any opportunism there's an altar of the unknown God is saying this is a God on telling you about know what it explained to them was this unknown God the true God in verse twenty four of acts seventeen he says God that made the world and all things therein seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth dwellers not in temples made with hands he points these mystique evolutionists to a creator God he said is the God you don't know about this is the true God this is a God that created everything he's the creator God he starts with that foundation verse twenty eight and twenty assists in game really is and move and have our being and in verse thirty and he says that your times of ignorance God we winked at but now commanded all men everywhere to repent so starts to bring in the gospel right you need to repent and unlike verse thirty one races because he has appointed a day in righteousness by which man whom have by that man whom he has ordained were using given assurance and all men that he is raising from the dead and so he talks about times in their ignorance any talks about a day in which God is great as well it sounds like a good Seventh-day Adventist destiny is reaching them of the gospel he points them to the foundation of God as being the creator God he says that this could be a time when this creator God is to judge the world and therefore you need to repent and what happened thirty two and when they heard of the resurrection of the dead son-in-law and others said we will hear the again of this matter so now some amend and where it is guys crazy in our resurrection from the dead others their hearts were pregnant how do you know when you get when you learn more about this and we got these two groups of people we had the two groups of people back then and we got the two groups of people today in that group of people is backslidden Christians well two two there are two groups of Douglas Paul speaking to and we are unfaithful Christians and this is outright pagans and in first Corinthians one twenty three again Paula sang but we create preach Christ crucified and unto the Jews a stumbling block and under the Greeks foolishness so the Jews knew who Jesus was and they were guilty of killing him but to the pagans it was just foolishness and he didn't know anything about that so we got the two groups of people some of the say you have stumbling block and they don't know about it and this is just outright foolishness as I was thinking I was talking the summary last night I think I'll touch on this is at morning manna as a young person perhaps the university setting and to interact anyway friends you can reach people 's hearts because young people 's hearts are open to the truth and young people have a great understanding of fairness and then the right and wrong and and moral values but there's something that happens after you go through an undergraduate course and you go through a course of graduate study and you become a working scientist and you start publishing newspapers and become part of that boys club and I talked about that you develop a bias and your heart is almost unreachable I mean almost in many cases unreachable you even reach people we got to reach young people time to get to these hard-core signs now of course the gospel is open to everyone and people change but it's really tough these guys have been just indoctrinated with these basically Greek paganism with evolution that it's very hard to reach them or just were just on different as Emmanuel back the same it is a completely different platforms reaching them young today were faced with this inundation of evolution it just keeps coming up everywhere we go we run into a van it's interesting when I was look into textbooks when I took on this job and I had to teach a first year biology class it'd been years I'd been a researcher and ecologist for many years and even looked at textbook I wasn't part of what I was doing and suddenly I began to start browsing through textbooks again and sent me and I was shocked what it happened in the best part of thirty years twenty to thirty years since I had gone through education at my undergraduate level and the people ate philosophies that they report are putting these textbooks are our shop I was shocked if I am sort of thing one for a while and I couldn't believe how how blatant and how they do in some books is just infused through everything I find that no matter what you do it here it is studying English if you study psychology it is thinking that if you studied history it is studying biology well maybe some of the sciences won't be as bad chemistry perhaps certainly does aspects of physics or you're getting all these pagan philosophies bombarded its its top our young people need to be on guard and to reach out to those that are struggling with these things then in verse twenty is one twenty it says has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world that we encounter we maybe bought off by the world and an that's probably a normal reaction from the world as these as these Greeks in with Paul I thought you disguised as babbling and just on a different completely different platform just a completely different platform but that's not surprising because God the wisdom of the world you is just foolishness is foolishness with God likewise the world sees God 's things in a fruitless life this is the often don't they just can't connect an inverse Corinthians one twenty seven God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise so I can't help but thinking that creation is becoming a forgotten pillar I see creation as an important pillar of all our believes it's right there it supports everything we stand I mean if you start wavering with your belief in creation and God that was a personal God who created the earth as it says in the Bible you begin to doubt God as a personal savior and God is doing in a sanctuary in heaven and every one of our doctrines are based it is no wonder it's no wonder that we see under attack why it as a Seventh-day Adventist people this should even be an issue is really beyond me I guess I don't understand the mindset of my colleagues that are out there you go right back to the beginning of the Bible you turn to Genesis one verse one in his bed in the beginning God created the heavens near finding the very first sentence in the Bible gives us the foundation for my persons if you go any further than that you have an idea of where we came from and then there's two chapters out to do away anyone is reading the spirit of prophecy I encourage my students to do this these two chapters I love you so relevant in their patriarchs and prophets one is called the creation and one is called the literal two chapters nicely I don't know what number they are I don't have that down to have in my notes I don't have that one is the creation and one is the literal week the literal week is a few chapters on the creations the second one of the first chapter patriarchs and Prophets talks about seeing in real world and introduced into the creation three or four chapters on June nine okay Falluja weeks my wife on two and nine thinks that chapter to chapter nine good reading if you read those two chapters your secure from all this nonsense that's going around that will give you read those you believe what she's saying take them on board your guarded against a lot of stuff going on in right okay L wait yeah while serif you yeah you're right you either a very far I actually missed that just read the title it's a little week so we just need to be well-founded and if I read the opening yes she starts the chapter on creation with your Bible text strong text page forty four it is by the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was he commanded and it stood fast Psalms thirty three six and nine delay the foundations of the earth that was the Psalms thirty three then he said she said he laid the foundations of your that it should not be removed forever Psalms one oh four five he creates a world in six literal days he stops any rests any creates the Sabbath of the Sabbath is an integral connection to creation some of us as Seventh-day Adventists who honor and and and the Sabbath Army creation it is part of that whole package at Howard getting off track that you can be a Sabbath keeper and forget creation it if it does not make sense in others a lot of the literature out there I've read of God in direct read little bit and there's just a whole bunch of stuff coming out and I love Michael B's Darwin 's Black box now I realize my three network that is not even a believer I know you are more powerful and ninety nine read the whole book provides reading through a lot of and I can realize that the battles order to be waiting in the field at raging in the fields of molecular biology because that's the only unless I stranded Indocin viruses they say well vistas popped and the Selznick changed over time when you get to the molecular level I'm not a molecular biologist it's absolutely incredible the more and more detail you look at the incredible intricacy and interconnected and biochemical pathways that there are its phenomenal money you have to have a great leap of faith to believe and how some of the stuff works of his discount happened I'm just one of the bacterial flagella I mean it's you got this incredible cell wall and you got what is essentially a miniature outboard motor this business is little it's been around a molecular level and it's all run out and fueled at the molecular level seat of his little bacteria buzzing along with these little outboard motors and if you look at his book in the complex city in the steps of blood clotting I mean it just amazes like the most steps in all this goes now that anything you try to read Aziz explaining these missteps as a biochemist living one of us that didn't work if it's missing the whole thing collapse optimality just got a dead organism or something is not quite being where it should be bleed to death I mean it's absolutely incredible so the evidence is out there we don't have to vote you don't be accusers of blindly believing something in faith if the wanton evolution of belief first of all that is spontaneous generation of life arose out of nothing which is absolutely against biological principles you have to go there because Wells to start and then to see these complex steps strengthens my faith incredibly it doesn't weaken my patent is that all you won't looking more and more in this detail at the biochemical level of their unlocking the genetic code in all the stuff that's going on in the this is incredible stuff it really is incredible it really is incredible so that this and that their websites are full of it information and research and you bring up the websites in the books and so there's a lot of information that we came that you can reach your friends if they need any information provided I know where I stand I've seen the miracles of God working in my life I know it's changed my life reading and information that proves God but there are people that might need that and we can come to them and we don't have to to feel ignorant we can have a solid strong foundation patriarchs and prophets on page forty four and forty five would told here is his talk about creation here is clearly set forth the origin of the human race in the divine record is so plainly stated that there is no occasion for a erroneous conclusions no location is so clear is so clearly stated there is no need to be confused God created man in his own image there is no mystery there is no ground for the supposition that man was evolved by slow degrees of development of the lower forms of animal or vegetable life science teaching lowers the great work of the Creator to the level of man's narrow earthly conceptions she's a hitting creation arose the great time in our church was getting going and she's in Jesus goes on to say that menace only about excluding God to make him come up with these things as they wanted it really got me to have to been one of leaving on it she goes on to say later on page forty five the genealogy broke off our race as given by inspiration traces back to its origin not to a line of developing germs Mollison quadrupeds but to the great Creator the form from the dust Adam was a synagogue so the moral implications of understanding correct our origins correctly are huge maybe down we don't have any morals we don't have the right and I guess that's our postmodern age what about the modern times and will move into that shortly and we read the fourth commandment annexes twenty eighth eleven were within the Sabbath commandment right within their God reminds us that he is the creator from six days ago made heaven and earth all of that right into the Sabbath commandment so we as a Sabbath keeping people should be the strongest Sabbath the strongest supporters of creation so the Devils really pulled a swift one where his people are getting confused were told Pedro 's professoriate that God desires of the Sabbath shall direct the minds of men into the contemplation of his created works nature speaks to their senses the claim that there is a living God the creator of the supreme ruler of all so you look to nature and nearly got God 's word that the spirit of prophecy and you can go to nature and may reveal the creator even even the way the Earth is now in our widgets within six thousand years of sin and and the degradation you can still see the hand of the Creator their name creation and that's why you know in this wonderful occasion up in the mountains and trees and every window you look out you can see a tree and outline lecturing I can think of that well in our you look out and the most common substance near the cellulose there is in our strata by cellulose Alan at a distance I look at it and there is living things all around us incredible things going on each of those leaves are carrying on photosynthesis with their chloroplasts and incredible biochemical pathways are going on and it is sitting in the sunshine with it we don't think about it but this incredible biochemical pathways going on all around us now we come down to the end of time where God raises alas state people because as step-by-step since the Reformation God keeps revealing more and more truth as we as we entered the end of time and and God raises up a lasting message and we can go there revelation and where we have the descriptors incredible revelation ten basically describes the raising up of this last day group of people it starts of the Millerite people which gradually moved into the seventh day Adventist church chapter ten and resources I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven closed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head his face as it were the son 's feet as pillars of fire anyhow to have a little book open anything his right foot upon the sea in his left foot upon the earth of his global message going out and he cried with a loud voice as a lion roar of the many cried seven thunders ordered out of their voices and it goes on to say that we move ahead in verse viruses and the angel which I saw stand upon the sea upon the earth looked up his hand to heaven and look at what the angel said this is what is ushering in the eighteen forty four movement that they were proclaiming the world in any crisis coming from any sort of human limits for ever and ever who created heaven and the things that therein are and the earth and the things that therein are NSC and the things that what's our Therrien that there should be time no longer is the significance of this memory may thought may not thought about this here is the is God 's last day people he he hands them a special message in that special message is that there was is the end of prophetic time eighteen forty four is the last prophetic prophecy in the Bible right it ended of course the people back there thought Jesus was coming they misinterpreted the but the very foundation of that message was that God was creator they were going to the world and the message was from him who created heaven and earth and the sea for guys like me like Brink Marine biologists have a job right and always things in the world were created in a verse nine is specifically about that eighteen forty four millwright Newman I went to the angel in seventeen give me the little book and he said and he take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be and I mouth sweet as honey and I took the little book out of the angel 's hand and eight at and it was in my mouth sweet as honey as soon as I've eaten David my belly was bitter they were proclaiming the second coming of Jesus it was a sweet message families gather together they were waiting October twenty two eighteen forty four they were watching horizon watching for Jesus to come anything can and it was a bitter experience that they had to go through and of course on came the synchronicity and in the next room and then they saw themselves in the next verse reset any set in the knee that must prophesy again before many peoples and nations in time thinking so they got disappointed it was a bitter experiment six experience that they think they thought Jesus was coming it was a bitter experience anything and they realize now you work isn't over yet but that very message was based on the creator God the creator of all things that's where we start that was the original pillar interesting interesting if you look at make one manuscript manuscript release page ninety nine it says she tells us that the mighty Angel who instructed John was no less a personage than Jesus Christ that was Jesus presenting the message and she says later on as Satan United with evil men will do see old Satan she some of the future United we will deceive the whole world and the churches he received not the love of the truth but the mighty Angel demands attention he cries in the loud voice he is to show the power and authority of his voice to those of United with Satan to oppose the truth 's argument that was relevant back pain and even today and again a manuscript written one manuscript release page one hundred when it says it's time to longer with him he mentioned that since this time what's the angel declares with a solemn oath is not the end of the world 's history neither a probationary time but of prophetic time which should precede the advent of our Lord this is a message is going out in Jesus is about to come back and suddenly we as a people have lost the vision and were going after idolatrous beliefs and beginning to stumble in darkness and how did we get there how do we do in illegal revelation for people that's when we started as a millwright people and then the movement grew Ellen White began to have which had her first vision there which is other people walking to heaven on that path at the barber and somehow they followed Jesus another was my one was entering their eyes and fell off the path and in some check going and others are falling by the way and it was Advent movement and it began to grow there right back at the beginning and ministry began to gain momentum and by the way they were all young people everyone went well I guess it was old father Bateson arduous debates are a few oldies amongst them but mostly they were young people and hello my honey barely a teenager right James White was young they were all young people just like you young people today most of you will likely unto at RW must carry light it seems that God uses the young and you look at the world when you look at riots in and tear gas and often university groups is the young people that I seem to have the impact both for good and for bad so you have a power as a young person that other people don't half and then we come back as on our movement is solidified we gained momentum after the the great disappointments and we begin to realize what was wrong that it wasn't in the the proclamation of the message but the interpretation of what will happen and week at understanding the sanctuary message and what Jesus is doing and have enforced and that something significant happened in heaven in eighteen forty four not on the Europe and so forth the boys as people don't believe that's many more to him we look at Revelation are very foundational thing the three angel it is my Bible says the message of the Angels Revelation fourteen and starting in six and seven and what is this I use it then I saw on another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that dwell on the years and to every nation in kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come in and what is more the Angel say next and worship him who made heaven and earth and the sea and mouthwatering to the ocean keeping thrown in there does appear to see it's talking about creation the very foundation of our three Angels messages what is the core of Seventh-day Adventist and is creation in a Creator God it is the pillar that people are losing side of so what is it holy living spreading the gospel of living holy giving glory to him the judgment message price and have a sanctuary in the creator God in the Sabbath because that's actually almost a direct quote out of the fourth commandment so thought the varying the time that the fourth commandment is highlighted as as the Sabbath takes his appropriate place the creator God sits right in the midst of it saw the Sabbath keeping people we should be the strongest proclaiming creation of a trust in profits one eleven it is like the Sabbath the week originated at creation and it has us and it has been preserved and brought down to a survival history God himself measured off the first week as a sample for successive week weeks it was a time like an every other policy this it consisted of several seven literal days six days were employed in the work of creation upon the seventh God rested any bless this day and set apart as a day of rest format now could you be any clearer than that I mean to say anything more clear it was a week just like every other week six literal days then the Sabbath that's the pattern and why we're here Seventh-day Adventist people today yeah I agree so humiliating in something else you got a problem with the spirit of prophecy it is the and the next step though is what are people doing I don't think anybody in the church is denying I don't think so while on a obvious spectrum but a lot of in all of the continuum a lot of people still claim they believe in God but they're taking on elements of evolution any try to mix the two will mention this a little bit of moaning manna and a MS called theistic evolution I'll talk more about that so they don't claim to do away with God biggest mixed truth and error and they come up with a hodgepodge called theistic evolution where things evolved but this still a God not tell you it is really confusing it makes no sense that well what about man and how did that work in the whole foundation for the theistic evolution is that things had to die as as things progress ending up God in creation saying at the end of each day was very very good evening welcome things were dying out theistic evolution is really ridiculous it just it is it's it's incompatible it's it's inconsistent and you yourself tied up in knots and that's so people and helping us do not demonstrate people still claim to believe in God but the one hand and talking evolution in millions of years and you think at heart how do you recognize reconciled his new cat that you reconcile unruffled to work but Ellen White kids this head on and I'm reading further down from prop up the charts of profits one eleven it was in her day as well but the assumption that the events of the first week required thousands upon thousands of years this is evolution well that's just creation is just kind of explaining something more I had somebody tell me that once this one might at this writing college that I was at he was saying in our how would you describe and thermodynamics to an aborigine was actually using Australian examples of using it as a simple person you know living out in primitive conditions and you try to explain the law of thermodynamics I think that's what he said so basically the same well that's why he can be tricky to use these arguments that's why you know when you read creation at how can it possibly explain what really happened that's the same as was said to me and and and the surface it seems to me to have some credibility to the point is this read what it says of course we don't understand all the intricacies but God is given is enough information is made itself clear that we should get confused but people get themselves twisted so this idea at all what was directly speaking about theistic evolution that that each day a thousand years of summing strikes directly at the foundation of the fourth commandment all it says our Sabbath keepers we should know right for you how do you have a Sabbath of everything took millions of years and that is just kind of a metaphor that is new that that Genesis is some sort of a metaphor something it says it represents the creator of estimating men to observe the week of literal days in commemoration of vast indefinite periods like this making sense right now what once these of the Sabbath the creation took millions of years this making sense this is unlike his method of dealing with his creatures it makes in definite and obscure that which he has made very plain and she goes on to say that it is infidelity in its most insidious and hence most dangerous form it's a real character is so disguised that it is held and taught by many who profess to believe the Bible that's why it's so dangerous because people are claiming they believe in God and the one hand they're talking about evolution and millions of years and things involving anything is a disconnect human although I believe in God and and somehow Genesys is just kind of politically explaining or something it makes that they got explain it away I looked in the dictionary .com on the Internet see what infidelity match it says want of faith or believe in some religious system especially a want of faith in orderly disbelief of the inspiration of the Scriptures of the divine origin of Christianity unless pretty good dictionary .com hit it right on ahead so this whole mess that people are getting so wound up in the foundation is actually losing faith in the word of God what have to you can't believe in the word of God because the word of God plainly says who the creator is how the world was created courses we only have a tiny understanding of what was involved the goddess explained clearly what he did all data that was amended at this institution out of later on partisans and I am in real you will yeah now that's true is the one about about this the line of idolatry is what it is and that's absolutely true and so the point of all this limited vision of early this afternoon it's like this one afternoon is when I looked at starting back with Paul was trying to do to reach those pagan people what Paul did to reach them is to point into the creator God the one God that they didn't know always other pagan gods they were worshiping and then as we look as God brings his people down through history we come back to us God 's people at the end of time with a special message and integral part of that message is God the Creator God the creator established in the fourth commandment the validity of the fourth commandment of the camera commemorates creation and honors God the creator and is the maybe they appointed in the time and the mark of the beast and we have Sunday and Sabbath and you've got to make a choice well it all fits in the place you can take creation now and have it all together it just doesn't name Revelation four eleven which is kind of the title of running realize causing our English teacher was told me on immunizing US that for eleven is an information number in the US to dial for eleven and it's in from out you can even dial revelation for eleven and this is what you get more information out of Revelation four eleven thou art worthy oh Lord to receive glory and honor and power why is he worthy to receive glory and honor and power for thou hast created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created were trying to do it here we mark were trying to get that balance of a true school where we have the sciences and we and we honor God with revelation by way of a cover for a lot of this is you people talk about academic freedom the really careful couple things the careful people and at this system start talking about academic freedom because I mean it's often a cover designer can think way outside in the pagan philosophies the other point I might just add for those of you that may be looking for colleges either you may find yourself in a secular university or you may find yourself in a Christian or an Adventist University or college if you're looking for principles the base your choice on if you're in a if you are in a letter sure or a class from a seventh day Adventist instructor and you don't know where that seventh day Adventist instructor stands on issues and origins for he doesn't want it take sides Nanette is a big red flag you have the right as a student to understand what your professor teaches dance you just do they act as a general conference president said in his sermon we need to hold our institutions we need to hold our ministry it is accountable anybody that's employed by funds from the seventh day of his denomination who we are as a people and it's again one of those societies if you know Steve is a lot harder he's presented this I don't really know where he stands why why don't want want to know where he stands where my class my students know where I stand on a project kind shut me up sometime probably but that they don't understand the language wanted to know where I stand so there's all these subtle things that look for place it if there if there is talking academic freedom if there's saying well we does present both sides but wait out and we let the student decide for themselves what the world is a pen spinning all their money instead into an Adventist institution that is cannot decide for themselves what they believe these people and I'm not saying anything specifically but we noticed people out there that are promoting antenna and coin with evolution for trying to mix in theistic evolution are outside the seventh day Adventist church and its we had never changed we had never changed where we stand as a people on the doctrine and the belief in the truth of creation and God the Creator and God the creator of the Sabbath we had never changed anybody that's coming out with new ideas and that's all they are our daughters are outside the belief in the truth of the Bible and how it's magnified in the spirit of prophecy this is when it is running they believe that their outsider believes the Seventh-day Adventist people they really are they really are so you can you can look for those those those if you're looking for principles that ask your professor or teacher what you believe I doubt you are paying the tuition was to resonate they deserve to know ask them what they believe on creation see what they say income asked me I'll tell you what I believe brought y'all tell you read the literal literal literal week in review creationists rightly that army says it better than I could so I think lunacy changes unable to see reformations people carry the torch forward and people are held accountable because is a lot at stake and anybody that causes a young person to lose their faith is in big trouble I mean they are they really are they have a lot to answer for judgment they really do summons you cause any young person to lose their faith over Greek philosophies I would want to be standing for God I was at person in so God bless you will close in prayer anybody has some questions were discussed things we can be happy to talk to you I guess we'll have a question and answer time after Doctor neurosis I isn't two to two thirty tomorrow or something will have a question time at the end of everything Doctor Barroso go on with our creation evangelism things now for this is then forwarded prayer father in heaven it is just encouraging as we look down through the pages of history and even in modern times relatively modern history as we see the history of us being raised up as a people your last day people we can see that right through that and right up till the end of time or on the sea of glass that in the time will be honoring in worshiping you in proclaiming you his creator and assistant teller father we can see that right through all the truths that you are worthy of worship because you are creator in fact you're our Redeemer and you can re-create us even know from our fallen state you can you can redeem us and one day we can stand glorified with you in heaven as we look forward to that time we pray for each precious soul here some are students that are or are making amazed through perhaps secular or Adventist colleges and universities made a be a way where made to be on guard and made they'd be fortified may their minds be made up and cleared before they're faced with with Socko and difficult and and and sneaky tricks that are being tossed out in the field of religion and an evolution and in false philosophies may they be made a be empowered to stand and not be deceived so we just pray that this this group of young people in the small group is even if he is even a representative group of this great Reformation that's taking place in the stream I see movement beyond me they take the torch of truth forward may it eliminate even more clearly and more brightly so people will see the are veterans of evolution agree philosophies and stand more firm for you and we just pray that you'll fortify each one of us and I will faithfully carry the banner you ask us to carry in Jesus name amen


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