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Lessons on Fanaticism

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • August 21, 2010
    10:00 AM
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seven I hope I think it's been a while since I've been so cigarette and hope and is certainly the first time in this building but the familiar faces new faces and always enjoy here at Apple and I'm not skip all the warm fuzzies of the beginning because I want to make the most of our time together so what do we die together for prayer father this morning as we discuss and study together a topic that perhaps is a little uncomfortable or strange and new I pray that you will help us to not only hear your words but to be touched to be transformed to be armed and to be ready for the conflicts that will surely come may you be our teacher today we pray in Jesus name I guess you see the screen the title of our message lessons on fanaticism now why talk about fanaticism why is this even something that we ought to spend any time discussing well let me to share with you one passage that gives us further the backdrop of where were headed second select the messages page fourteen paragraph two it said every phase of fanaticism and erroneous theories claiming to be the truth will be brought in among the remnant people of God is that it is a somewhat shady of this just a minor possibility or is it pretty certain that we should expect analysis on an erroneous theories some messages I've heard them described this way they are like seatbelts what I mean by that widely privacy the forum maybe the better question is when the input on a seatbelt you wait until the moment right before impact the strap itself and has failed to already he put on the single I had a time in anticipation that something might happen and so this message today is probably best described at the seatbelts are or a lecture at the clock or whatever presentations because whatever situation we may find itself now if we are faithful and at times at last I believe as had been mentioned in this passage by inspiration we should expect fanaticism we should expect to have to face it and to deal with it and I say it's better that we are prepared for it rather 's that's because without her seatbelt on and on when I look through history I'm not no an expert by any means but with my basic understanding of history two things seem to accompany every genuine revival was the first thing persecution it seems like every time there is of a movement of faithfulness among God 's people going back to being faithful to God there are companies that the Flyers of persecution and treatment of the gray converse it tells us why persecution largely sleeps today the condition of God 's people is not where it probably should be but what outside the persecution today the second thing that seems the company every revival is fanaticism now why this is my lifetime 's which I believe will become evident to the study today is to illustrate this way our human experience our spiritual experience can be likened to a pendulum one oh one pendulum is the little tick tock thing on the bottom of the grandfather clock practice swings back and forth and often what we are Stephen worldliness and we care nothing for spiritual things and nothing forgot our pendulum this way over here I one extreme but that may be there the trigger maybe it's that we can prayer maybe at some life-threatening experience maybe it's something that brings a part melting Dennis Allen talking about this experience were all of a sudden this pendulum starts the swing and was swinging towards God was doing for God and we want to land with a want of the land but we've got what's called momentum right he studied physics momentum in a swing this direction what the thinking have to do but just in the middle little nine digits and little breeze blowing this way and all of a sudden recently clear over here to the extreme which I call finances and that's why it's very easy for fanaticism decrease right and to what is otherwise a genuine and true revival is this momentum spiritual momentum of course we can harness the momentum to do powerful things for God Mingo conquered the world to Jesus the one that's taken care of a fanaticism missing that well the more the more of one heart of the more on fire the averaging of the better off right God 's churches there's more the field is more faithful and visual design thing the Bible well two things fanaticism can deceive those within because I live I love healthy Brooks explains it says on the road to church on the road of truth they are parallel ditches on either side worldliness in the oneness and then fanaticism were extremely on the other even though we may study the Bible if we go way over to the other wrong extreme it's deception still the same and the second thing the fanaticism tends to do is in bringing this credit to the truth so those on with out looking in they see such craziness is that while I want anything to do with so there are two things that fanaticism can't listen to Satan 's advantage to deceive those within the discredits the truth of those without notice the next passage of reflecting messages page one eighty Satan 's object is accomplished just as surely when men run ahead of Christ and do the work he had never entrusted to their hand as when they remain in the latest Ian states we talk a lot about Laodicea and rightly so that's the message that is found for this pure church 's history but to beware at the same time not running beyond tries running ahead of them because they tend object is accomplished just as surely he has never entrusted her hand as when they remain in Luke one state Luke warm feeling rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing the two classes are equally stumbling blocks to what is a fanatic maybe we should try to define this thing looking at a secular definition new Oxford American dictionary a fanatic is a person told with excessive and single-minded zeal especially when extreme religious or political costs some keywords for me I hear a excessive single-minded zeal of zealous extreme the sort of sound like what we should be added that the truth at the end of time people those who love ever devoted and Jesus single-mindedly obsessively accessibly and become fanatics when the whole world wondered after the base when he can buy or sell and lonely group of people say I rather serve God and I know that look like fanaticism was sure enough if you study to steer prophecy that exactly what the world will call God 's faithful people in the time so should we be afraid of labels just for the sake of being afraid of being labeled not necessarily but what I'm trying to discuss today is that there is a true fanaticism which is a problem and the mistaken fanaticism which is actually true loyalty to God and there's got to be a difference there's got to be a difference so here are just listed some of what I believe are characteristics of what fanaticism looks like specifically within the Roman church I'm not talking about extreme is long enough talking about political dramatic and not enough sports fanatic than nothing but Apple fanatics none of that is I'm not running the church fanatic that he will how does this look like well I believe some of these things will become some of the leader as we discussed as we look at the rest of the study so I'm just throwing this out there for what is worth not agree with me is not inspired list but here we go number one a claim to have the truth we got to be there if they don't have the truth there's no power to what they're saying and down anyway the first passage we read about earlier is that every phase of fanaticism and erroneous theories claiming to be the truth will be brought into Gaza and the people so that's number one were to they are overzealous there is sometimes even in a rational and irrational way of thinking about this whole thing case of number two and three there is an over emphasis on one or a few pet ideas now just emphasize one thing or another is not necessarily a bad thing know some people they are there better trained in in medical practices are in the help message that they teach those things that's not a bad thing but when it's all over emphasized and often to the point of making them that overriding sound vocational issue that the problem if you don't accept the teaching on what you want to eat or how you live your life in this prophecy a different timeline then you're going to be lost that the problem continuing this type of teaching often is fueled by feelings or emotions now feelings or emotions may not necessarily be this whole slain in the spirit bloom you know ecstatic utterances that may be a part of it and we actually have history of that in the church believe it or not way back when in the fundamental light but perhaps more than that fanaticism may not always take that form of just while far out emotions but emotional or feeling based meaning often it is based on impulse or something fresh and that another person field and says on this must be the truth that God is giving me so I better persistent and this must be some level of inspiration that a bigger problem a big problem and often there is an imbalanced use of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy now within the remnant church it is difficult really to deceive very many people if you don't have the Bible is for profs involved in some level because how can it even be in a even partially true if this item based on the work but the improper in Val 's use of the word can lead to disaster finally the teaching field the questionable fruits on this one I guess that a lot of Bibles and take a look at what Jesus has to say about this in Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven I'm not to read the whole passage but it begins in verse fifteen only Donna verse twenty were familiar with as I believe Jesus was talking off false prophets false teachers verse fifteen Jesus says Matthew seven beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep 's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves so on the outside they look just like the shape and the rest of the flock but inwardly they are ravening wolves how do we tell them apart from the shape right into the deception they look like fishy but they're not the sheep how do you tell the difference verse sixteen he shall know them by their what other fruits by their fruits now you can read the rest that about the good tree evil tree verse twenty tells us wherefore by their fruits you shall know them now if anyone comes to you or I or anyone and says you have to accept this new life this new teaching this new prompting this new understanding of of how health needs the work or else and you better except in now or I fear for what could happen to you wait a minute give yourself some time in order to evaluate the fruits of this thing Neil Neil have to take everything the moment it comes before you you understand because Christ says to some time to evaluate the fruits of the tree entries don't bear fruit a day you plan to do that at by the way incidentally if you think about that if someone forces their view of the truth upon his thing that accepted right now that's the type of fruit isn't it something to think about our continuing here we need to know them by their fruits now what I wanted enough for the remainder of our time is to look at our history cutting what I want look at our history this passage were familiar with last investigation into when nothing to fear for the future X of what except as we shall forget the way the Lord had lettuce and are teaching in our past history now as I've mentioned earlier is seen that the fanaticism follows the weight of every genuine revival so what I'll need to do it we had to be prepared for what must be coming in the future or take a look back at our history and say what has happened in the past what can we learn from it how was God 's people able to deal with these situations so let's begin a short survey of history the first is store call story I want to want to discuss is the story of Paul and Thessalonians Paul preached if at the ninth annual rate of the little church there but you run out of the city he went to Berea and he was preaching there they don't run out of Berea and he went to Athens in Athens she was worried you'd care about that the church plant back in Thessalonica so he sent Timothy back and Timothy later came back and has a good report this amount of the reports and what was happening was in the church is that the Leica there was fanaticism creeping into the church and Paul was not there to deal with this so what were these people teaching having that something important for us to see after the apostles page three forty eight misguided souls have taught that the attainment of true holiness they shun falling the slides here Kerry and the mind above all earthly thoughts and leads men to refrain a whole leave from labor ponders taking extreme views of certain text of Scripture is kept hot but it is a sin to work out that was true and that was really what the Bible taught a bath one thing we probably would say hallelujah but that's not what the Bible teaches writes that Christians should take no thought concerning the temporal with welfare of themselves or their families should devote their lives wholly to schedule things the teaching and example of the apostle Paul are a rebuke to such extreme views let's take a look at this species of fanaticism very quickly what are they what the end goal here what are they saying that this type of teaching and leading them toward event sued to get the patient and worldliness and lukewarmness all they say this teaching is true holiness Paul teaches that we are the holy people so we're just taking it to the logical conclusion I believe the Bible is the basis absolutely if you look as if this is right there they take extreme near the certain texts now if you mean what they say here to the left out a little bit reminiscent of something that really aren't Scripture right Jesus and seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and what all these sayings shall be added unto you so see if you seek for Scott's Kingdom if you're working you're not seeking document first how they got all these things to you take no thought tomorrow for pretty sufficient for today the evil thereof right to get the lilies of the field would neither spend that the Bible people that listen these people take the Scripture and a twisted construction on it in a league table outside to the other extreme Bible -based they claim to be the truth they claim to lead people the holiness and they make it a foundational issue to make a salvation issue now how do we know that let's keep it going the next passage also from the same book page two sixty one the Thessalonian believers were greatly annoyed by men coming among them with fanatical ideas and doctrines but there were some and this also showed that's what the fruit of this kind of teaching it still seemed what type of character these people develop from this from following this type of thing but there were some self-willed and impetuous refused to be subordinate to those of help positions of authority in the church they claim not only the right of private judgment but that of publicly urging their views upon the church in view of this Paul called attention of the authorities to the respect and deference to those eventually occupy a position of authority in the church he knows these people they said they come to the point where they're saying this is not just a nice teaching that you can just accept or reject this is the present truthful people this time and if you are not letting me presented before the church you are compromising your not giving them the full light in your deceiving them and you are not as precise because this is life or death how often fanaticism ends in this way it shows the fruits of a sphere that is not the spirit of Jesus mentioned in John seventeen the spin event they may be one as I am the father are one of the fruit of the fruit consider that so moving right along here there's a lot more the study he can go back and study the history upon the Thessalonians but Paul actually deals with the situation in his epistle so let's look at but look at them let's go to first Thessalonians first first Thessalonians five how does Paul the apostle Paul held the church to deal with fanaticism like this first Thessalonians five beginning in verse nineteen quench not the spirit verse twenty despise not prophesying now weighed in minutes wait a minute shall Paul be just throwing the hammer down low dignity while the church now persecute them get rid of them they're there they're not they're not faithful their leading people to extremes of Paul began by saying hang on here the spirit despite not prophesying just because someone has new truth or new understanding of truth don't just write them off don't just throw them out just because there is any something new don't of the baby out with the bathwater right but personally one of the qualifying statement here first we want to prove all things but hold fast that which is good so Paul he says listen me that approved this thing tested according to the word of God and it is not good then you throw it out but admitted the truth hold fast that which is good let's turn a couple pages over to second Thessalonians chapter three what Paul deals with this specific fanatical movement specifically he addresses the directly will begin in verse six he said that we command you brethren in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you withdraw yourselves from every brother that walk this morning we not after the tradition which he received of us for yourselves know how the author follow us for we behave not ourselves disorderly among you neither did we eat any man's bread for not but rock with labor and travail night and day that we might not be chargeable to any of you not because we have not power but to make ourselves an example unto you to follow us for even when we were with you this we commanded you that if any would not work neither should he I went to a small and is boarding Academy in this passage was referred to when we did not want to work continuing verse eleven for we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly not working at all but our busybodies now abandoned that are set to become man and exhort by Lord Jesus Christ that with quietness notice quietness now with complaining now with figuring with quietness they working either on bread but ye brethren be not weary in well doing births fourteen and fifty are the key year don't Bellamy lose your follow me here verse fourteen and if any man opening on our word by this epistle note that man and have no company within that he may be ashamed out in the first epistle to the authority to set hang on courts not the spirit despite not prophesying prove all things hold fast that which is good but in this case she's already determined is not good it is not good what ought we to do it says have no company within that he may be ashamed but noted verse fifteen qualified the statement in college that genius year is fifteen tell him not as a wife and me and admonishing as a brother often when someone comes and has a certain view of truth are some teaching Vietnam War not whatever he will become and they want to impose this on Sunday Monday they rejected the natural inclination is I'm a martyr I try to preach the truth and they persecuted me submitted in evidence that what I'm doing is right but hang on here what does Paul say to do Paul says yes you want that no company with and don't associate with this person I certainly not to have another influential person within the church be the elder or deacon or teacher or whatever but at the same time don't treat that individual as an enemy because that person is still our brother and when you love someone like that they can have that more than syndrome yes we disagree with your brother but hey come over let's have lunch I don't agree with your teaching but I still love you as my brother Paul is a genius and this is how we ought to look at the brethren that we perhaps don't agree with they are still our brothers so the story upon Thessalonians let's move on here to the Reformation and the time of Luther I love this story I wish that we had time to just go through the Reformation it's just this powerful so many different things we can learn of the story goes Martin Luther he swiped across the Reformation with his ninety five theses on the wall and on and on the Reformation group and see what summoned to the deity of warrants and the great controversy or you remember that chapter sticks out the diet of worms like with my liaison some special health reform method of something now it within the old Morris it was a AHA Council where he was called before to testify for his faith they are supposed to force them to renounce but of course that the famous time when he made a speech here I stand right and may God help me I forget exactly how goes at the conclusion of that Council he was still under the protection of the Emperor there was a safe passage decree may offer is protected and nobody could touch Martin Luther SL but he knew he knew that once that they expired he was getting the no year of most wanted but on his way home he was secretly abducted by a friend it was orchestrated by Frederick of Saxony one of the princes in Germany cool arranged for bandits or whatever to him Martin Luther and they were within the way to the Wartburg Castle and Frederick himself didn't know where Martin Luther was and he got made up the good thing at least I'm honest with Eleanor is Martin Luther was snatched away for his own safety and that the whole story of God 's Providence right there but through this app since they were the void left in the Reformation Martin Luther was sort of the postwar Iraqi with a charismatic leader that was leading the charge now all of a sudden is not and so on both sides there were some strong feelings in the case of papists on one side early death that had gone we had our way to go and they cannot take over the Reformation again on the other side Reformation they look at the boy and young man of capabilities roads of the occasion and continue to carry the mantle forward and the common people who previously sort of followed Martin Luther as she all of a sudden realized wait a minute my really believe this myself and they were driven to study the Bible and in since there was a greater revival on greater Reformation of course during this time Martin Luther was riding he translated the New Testament into the common language one of the greatest gifts to the world in El Toro track to continue to talk about the evils of his age and people near the page is safe is not what you say and so the Reformation continued on Dana had actually depicted someone thought were so fearful because the people rising up and are taking the think of the grassroots level that they were thinking we better find Martin Luther bringing back to give them back to the people do this is getting out of control but of course during this up swelling from the grassroots this revival what do we expect but fanaticism so what happened this one is from great conference see page one eighty six a few men deeply affected by the excitement in the religious world imagine themselves to have received special revelation from heaven and claimed to have been divinely commissioned to carry forward through completion the Reformation which they declared had been but feebly begun by Luther what do these people they're coming in and are they saying what everything littered it was wrong now he was misguided is just it is off his rocker working to correct that wrongs are they coming as they know what to take a moment to the next level the greater faithfulness greater zeal and they come with the imaginary authority as though they were inspired of God what happens next one of these profits claims have been instructed by the angel Gabriel a student who united with efforts such as studies the clarinet he has been endowed by God himself in with him to expound his work again the word is still the basis and are going out the word that you think may have abilities that nobody else has given a special insights into the word and I only go to school anymore this young fence others who were naturally inclined to fanaticism you not a weapon the proceedings of the enthusiasm created no little excitement in the last sentences of the pendulum the fact that I'm talking about the earlier the preaching of Luther had aroused the people everywhere to feel the necessity of reform and now some really honest persons were misled by the pretensions of the new profits you see how this is a danger in the church honest cries of our Bible believing God loving Holy Spirit filled people can sincerely be mistaken because of the momentum that they have achieved swinging this way so were looking at some of the fruits of what this fanaticism cost the fruit of the new changing soon became apparent the people were led to neglect the Bible to cast the holiest site the school that thrown into confusion students spurning all restraint abandoned their studies and withdrew from the University the men who thought themselves competent to revive and control the work of the Reformation succeeded only in bringing it to the verge of ruin the Romanists now regain their confidence and explained exalting me one last struggle and all will be ours do we have a promise that fanaticism is going to come in the future this is exactly what Satan wants to be noticed that the fruit of these this new teaching isn't it ironic clinging to play the Bible and on a higher plane of the call people to greater revival actually lead people to cast the Bible aside and to trust the human future more than the word free conversely one ninety minute had no desire to accountant to encounter the fanatics whose course of the productive of so great evil he knew them to be men on sound judgment and undisciplined passions who while claiming to be specifically or specially eliminated from heaven would not enjoy the slightest contradiction or even the kindest or covert counsel arrogating to themselves supreme authority they require everyone without question to acknowledge their claims is a similarity between this fanatical movement and the one at Thessalonica there is a similarity in the spirit of these people they think I have the truth and I'm here to help you and why rejecting me I'm going to preach this any better except we can be lost this is a problem so one month with the due day after day same page or a whole week Luther continued to preach the eager crowd the word of God broke the spell of fanatical excitement the power of the gospel brought back the misguided people into the way of truth is not just any old gospel writers got many the true gospel and when we study the Bible we won't know that the Bible of the gospel we are preaching is true when of these people steadily step-by-step logically call me to a full surrender and consecration to Christ and it goes both ways the true gospel with people from worldliness to dedication in these people in the fire the fanaticism that can be more even keel logical acceptance of the truth that the power of the true gospel and I think it is good for us to be diligent students of God 's word and then not just to protect ourselves but also to be able to help those among us who perhaps may struggle with these things data movement now went down to our day that the movement from the beginning even so now we have a real checkered history with fanaticism is amazing when you study the writings about what she had an incredible amount to say about this in fact she spent the majority I would say or conscious enjoyment all large percentage of our ministry dealing with fanaticism now just to give you a few examples there are one way out on one extreme call the holy flesh movement different monthly Internet Indiana this fungal withholding garden of spices and they use their music to suit the people until they pass out and they have these ecstatic experience and then supposedly when they pass through what they call the Garden of Gethsemane experience through the other side they have shed their sinful human nature and out in a perfect human nature and they can no longer sit and that's one extreme and by the way all the food the references the Muncie Indiana also has direct references to how music had a direct result on that movement very interesting study but there are lots of other instances whether individuals who claim to have the gift of prophecy who claimed to have new truth who claim to have some new understanding that if Ellen White didn't accept them that Ellen White was the false prophets these are the things were rampant and she had to deal with them all throughout her ministry will so rather than going through your case-by-case one interview now is just share with you some of the direct counsel directly to the Council that our way gave to those individuals in question is through what she writes I think you'll see not only what the problems were but also what her suggestions are for how we ought to deal with first first elected messages did one seventy nine there are those who pick out the word of God else it from the testimonies the attached paragraphs or sentences that may be interpreted to suit their ideas any dwell on these and built themselves up in their own positions when God is not leading them here is your danger I've often heard some well-meaning people say well that person she really knows his Bible the presentations will despair prophecy and you realize I have lots of spare property so just because I like the spear probably don't believe me ground in the new study this thing for your own but what I'm trying to say here is that just because someone's use of the Bible the spirit of prophecy just that alone is not evident that what they're presenting is the truth that the idea of personal investigation on each one of our parts to determine whether those things are so right prove all things hold fast that which is good she continues writing to this person he will take passages in the testimonies that speak of the clothes the probation of the shaky lung got people and you will talk about coming out from the people about of a pure holier people that will arise now all that created the enemy which is not needlessly take a course that will make differences or create dissension we should not give the impression that if our particular ideas are not followed it is because the ministers are lacking comprehension and in faith and are walking in darkness here's one that unfortunately I have heard myself some individuals will come up and they would preach a certain message essay you ever hear this priest churches do you the truth is that so whether that mean about your pastors what does that mean about the church to which you belong than that doesn't that mean that they are unfaithful beware when you hear such things because that is true what is the fruit of the true gospel it is to bring unity it is to bring humility to bring harmony to bring respect the lives of those who perhaps maybe an air even perhaps of those to make a living incident what if God has placed the second debate of the leader of the church of the conference of the General conference wherever it might be enough we disagree with him or her they are due a certain amount of respect when anyone gets up and begins to preach a method is that the only bridge of this I have the truth and they are whatever they want to call them we better watch out because that is influenced in his bearing being born on the street and also about there is said that there is all this talk of special messages about the close probation coming out of the holier people the shaking longer people Mrs. White has plenty to say about those things and we ought to study them and be well acquainted with what she says but we need to beware when people make those things that were on the message because if I don't have the passage of act is just the paragraph before we started she said that is not the present truth this time we often know about those things but should not be the sole part of the core of what we are presenting now continuing your mind has been on an unnatural strain from long time unless you precious truth but mingled with some positions noted the wind of the same thing that Paul does Paul says Calvin still as brothers don't count them as enemies she says he got lots of truth Rochester New York got a bright mind but ways your extreme idea of the strong language often destroy the effect of your best effort should many accept the views of math and pocket department we would see what one of the greatest fanatical excitement that had ever been witnessed among Seventh-day Adventists this is what Satan wants to visit exact with Satan wants that will lead to one the greatest lack of movements and we know that assume that can be broadened the government should get an times should we not be prepared for some things that look a little bit like this for select messages page one eighty some of those and this is a very disturbing passage to me and I think of see why some of those who are resisting the very principle of the message God has sent this time prevent just such cases as yourself they point to your extreme new Zen teachings as an excuse for the neglect of receiving the Lord messages having earthly may we never be caught in the position where we exactly such extreme views that people say I want nothing to do with the truth because the what you are teaching have mercy in the next passage is exactly what we read earlier Satan 's object is accomplished just as surely when men run ahead of Christ and do the work he had never entrusted to their hand as when they remain in the latest in-state lukewarm feeling rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing the two classes are equally stumbling blocks she has a lot to say about this first let the messages page one seventy eight ago one Armin service will cease to dwell upon the peculiar idea for the feeling you must see this point as I do when you cannot be saved there was Davis went hurrying through every phase of fanaticism from the pile Paul to the Reformation now the Tylenol like the movement they like that of the common thread here they come to the point when they think you better believe as I do because I got the present sure that if you don't believe in any lots within the glycol this always within egotism we see that one of the fruit of the spirit Galatians love joy peace long-suffering egotism that is not the fruits of the truth amen the great work to be done in every case is to win souls to Christ men must see Jesus on the cropping work and live it is not your idea they must feed upon but it in the flesh and the blood of the son of God as has features those of us who are here we teach them to settle score elsewhere or preach that is our goal right there and then letting Jesus on the cross they must feed on his flesh and blood not our works that is always a struggle not to allow people to listen or to trust us the trust Jesus Christ second select the messages page eighty two my brother you have been deceived yourself to have deceived others you have not searched the Scriptures in the right way search them to learn the line of God not to prove your theory to be the word of God in the light of your own views to build a false structure and then barricaded with tax which you claim proven to be true but he passed over the passage all passages which proven to be untrue this is a interesting paragraph that have this area in the next paragraph illegally because I fact that with individuals they are lovely people my friends actually glad then who studied a certain also see Revelation is just so far out and asked me for my opinion and I just looked at the pattern is it doesn't say that that's not what the word says I think it's just a plain meaning of the English learning you just can't put those two things together but then this individual well-meaning says but why not this is how I see it if you just look at it this way and then you look at it this way and they put it this way it works the problem because the Bible is written in such a way that the common man can understand right you read the literal word of God not some symbolic mystical thing and when people put their own structure and put their own imposed their own suppositions on how the Bible ought to be read and understood the eliminates Ashdown to three fifty this wishes as you say the Bible of my foundation of faith but is it I answered the Bible does not sustain the position again you say she only by the Bible that I am wrong I will give up my news but how can you be convinced by the Bible as long as you rest and compliant utterances by so doing you can't only source by which God might reach and convict you it is one thing for a human being just a regular old guys know Karl is here and I'm going up than if they let men what he taught a lesson study is not sure that's not right the Micheli and because they let Matt Underwood but cooler than writing right now it is the messenger of the Lord and when she comes a person a says let the Bible does not sustain your views you notice how far this individual can go in his second wife said wait a minute I don't believe that I think I'm right I agree with with I think that the way I enter the Bible just fine and she said no by doing so you cut off all resource I went on my region conviction that dangerous because if that's the only way got your region convict us how else would we can convict us we are in so doing if we do such a thing are we not subtly ever so subtly putting ourselves above God 's work when we place our own construction on how God 's word are to be read and understood I'm running out of time here and so as you can see there's many different directions that we can go I want to close with a couple passages that I believe are promises they ought to make us feel it out they often make us say amen but at the same time I believe they are words of caution I think you see what I mean first let the messages page one twenty one a revival of true godliness among the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this should be a first work if you haven't heard the new administration of the General conference with the new GC presidents and his new leaders this is one of the first priorities of the world church and I say praise the Lord because what is it safe to think this should be our first work in fact I now obviously nothing is dependent on one man even his here the GZ president Dennis and I'm not saying that just because he said is a priority to and therefore must happen about once a but what I am saying is that we are promised that the last event there will be a revival before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon your there will be among the people of God remodeled permanent godliness that had not been witnessed since apostolic times now wait a minute what follows every genuinely vital legal persecution is the Bible very clear about that what else has along the way to every other genuine revival fanaticism it's a blessing because there is going to be a revival of primitive got and is not at the GC president is not at all director here is not up to anyone mad it's up to God 's people collectively as we each individually seek after him and his will by the same time we should not be so naïve to think that the devil to sit idly by holding his hands behind his back watch this all happened without lifting a finger he has tried it every time before in history and it will happen again so in closing out a leave you with a challenge a challenge to those who are leaders here at Ivanhoe seven school teachers here at an hope or elsewhere if your spiritual leader in any capacity anywhere in your homes and your school at your workplace and other churches where you participate whatever you are this is a challenge to you today Paul here in acts twenty he is on his journey to Jerusalem and he know that this is the last time is going to be able to see the elders in Ephesus so I called them over to where he is and he had little meeting with them and this is what he tells them in his final words verse twenty eight he therefore dear self into all the flock over the which the Holy Ghost had made you overseers to feed the Church of God which he had purchased with his own blood I noticed that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you not sparing the flock we heard about wolves early before maybe in the words of Jesus will district 's clothing false prophets false teachers will arise enter in among you not sparing the flock also of your own selves shall men arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them therefore watch every number that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn everyone night and day with tears and now brethren I commend you to God and to the word of his grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among all that are sanctified so leaders spiritual leaders here everywhere wherever you are a leader I commend you to God but more importantly take heed take heed to yourselves responsibility got has given you over your flock because there will be wolves speaking perverse things cells may we each individually collectively at leaders collectively about it hope collectively as a church may we be faithful and diligent and studying God 's word to all things hold fast that which is good but power has followed this morning as we has spent a few moments thinking of history fanaticism and extremism in the past how it has crept into your church in different times in different ways in different forms help us to recognize that we are not immune to such problems in this our day now we have the same weapon that has proven effective every time that is your word rightly divide I pray that you will help each one of us to be diligent students of your word not only to study it to wield as a sword to defend the faith has been entrusted to the fathers but more importantly to be transformed by it that we indeed my bitter fruits of the good tree that we might have the character of Christ reproduced in us and that instead of repulsing those without we may draw them with irresistible power I asked the Lord be with Avent Hopi with the other churches that represented here other spiritual leaders who might be in the obligation may we each be surrendered and submitted to you each day and even beat us safely through until Jesus comes this is my prayer in Jesus on


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