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Standing In the Midst of Pain

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • September 3, 2010
    7:30 PM
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full service fee allowed to use us in our use you love Jesus and had why do you love Jesus I is the see some of me that be then we love to you see you here you by the sea I see the fee to the community that's why you is a statement I not excited to be on the West Coast it is a privilege and an honor to be able to open God 's word with you I know that by God 's grace and by the movies of the spirits we will not return home the same as always my prayer when I get an opportunity to preach that God would help me to be a different matter and so these themes challenge my own life I bring you greetings from artists of all the Ethiopia while Micronesia swept to spend the last month of my life and on there is something happening right outside UIC phrase and you not to get angry with applicable essay that has in my mind nothing was happening but something must be happening because he says of something happening but now I see having had the privilege to all gala event the earth to different places and I'll meet with young people different cultures and to recognize that is my good brother mention and on the stage that is a famine in the land and I recognize that God the harvest is plenty it is the labor is not a few and so I trust that as I come back to North America Jesus says that when you're overwhelmed you pretty that the Lord of the harvest would send forth levers I want you to know untrained that some young people here this week God will send you into visiting online I used to be of the persuasion that that the answer was just work harder steel leader get up earlier and I used to do those things and I recognize that you will live a short time in ministry and I saw my friends you know canvassing say Sebastian you know about things like right so yes I know about Brother Wang and Jan Andrew 's violence fifties dedicated to the work what's it going to using you you need to preserve us so offering sweetheart a presentation on souls and unsure other ministries will be highlighted but that gone with such young people 's hearts to enter into his vineyard cannot tell you how much work is to be done is limited to things in Omsk and approximate methods after that first of all I was in when I was in Ethiopia you can go door-to-door in Ethiopia it is against the law and you know when I was sitting down at the evangelism team number one go door-to-door and apparently there was a young there was some some incidents that happened in the history of the need you communistic rule as a result of that nation the sonic combat in such activity not to mention an Orthodox is very strong in that part of Africa Ethiopian Orthodox cost of Orthodox etc. etc. and so as we visit will does little to do with it and let health Expo at the Avenue school in a cocky which is just outside audience and so I went there to do the trusting bottom of the Council people to get a little paper that help Asian counsel from the doctors in the regular exercising etc. so they come to my and so on China just common transition from the help into the trusting God scientists are counseling people on recognizing that the Bible you know announcement of Rossi talks on the education the chapter on faith and prayer she says that there is a time coming upon us with the mind body and spirit is engrossed she says for the desire for gain and then she makes a free she says and the struggle for existence are being understood with an excellent view people are literally struggling just to exist and you bring out your health principles and the ladies that I can do that you might manual good to have some exercise conscience on progressives as I walk twelve miles to work everyone all right but she leaves her five -year-old and her three -year-old at home the five -year-old daughter ties her three -year-old brother to her back to Golden and banks holding open and her mother walked twelve miles home just hoping other children they are not kidnapped her placement to child trafficking struggling for existence when we tell the is not a hospital for miles you recognize that health noodles people are out after an hour how to get up facilities might replace running the route I need a break because all I can literally do was pray for the cannot really do this in short I would love to have nutrition we need laborers but we also need Christ to call so as long as doing a legal prayer at the STD clinic in the morning and for the island in the evening and on Wednesday night preached a message on except it's an there is a lady was visiting she's all that to the series and Sian has done some work for the STD clinic and she is very familiar with Seventh-day Adventists so she came to the meeting in my initial story was about my friend in Botswana his wife and when I was preaching about one about six years ago the University of Gaborone she wasn't coming to the meetings and I was wondering watch wasn't going to the meetings and he gave me her background story which I may share later on this weekend on Sunday nights message and as I told that story to start my message believe he sent me an e-mail subsequent to the sun she left a briefly at the end of the message thank you on Yahoo good night and got an e-mail the next day she says that Mister Sebastian suppositories as he's the president of Micronesia right now the mission as she said the story that he told at the beginning of the sermon is my story word for word exact same experience she said all told me that something that happened to her somehow we got a hold that information to be given to the preacher integral with other story as you said that after that night she went home she prayed to God to send Lord we organize my schedule to make the rest of this mezzanine that she bought a daughter other people from the Baptist Church on Saturday you know we had on the world overflowing in the church and yet even the past new covenant Baptist Church visiting the church now you have a situation that one person cannot continue follow-up in investment and discipleship in those lines the Bible says when Jesus saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion because the people were weary and scattered sheep without an intern to his disciples and said pharmacist is the leapers we are finding young people all over the earth being crushed under the weight of a crisis such absence of the Bible and show leadership in such so it is my prayer that God will touch hearts this is why take some of my time the sequence because when you minister in those places you recognize the only thing I can tell this person is Jesus will come life will not always be like this that's on top of what we can tell that help is on the way because God has called to missionaries let's pray mighty God everlasting father it is time we are not home theater the words of lament we've come to the words of God and you know that this man is what Dustin yes and to dust you shall we know what God can do with dust and so we pretty would brief upon us breath of God and Phyllis would like revivalists again is your word is preached help us to see Jesus and when we see him helplessly like speak to us Lord as we talk about standing in spite of suffering is our prayer in Jesus and that before I was off baptized as a seven-day Adventist April six two thousand two that's my birthday got had a newborn son is named Sebastian the weight of hundred and seventy five pounds and him and before I was baptized and I was reborn I used in the SCN and I and I was faithful watching CNN so the data O'Brien who on all the people on CNN and while it had all the school my father it was a faithful ritual to sit down each of breakfast cream of wheat was my choice and watch CNN and their mules I noticed legal duty cycles and what they do is they take something that's happening any time I find all these other stores that are happening on the same line Kennedy contemplates you on the media and you start getting worried one person you cannot now everybody's getting kidnapped but the problem is people are always getting kidnapped like that they just been reported by following soul this time the focus was the devastation that means epidemic was just passing through the continent of Africa this places in Botswana when I was there preaching Arizona the lipids Italy Botswana there's places in Africa which sixty percent of the population is part each other just rifling through the continent and it was the story about a newborn baby girl in Africa Southern African village was raised by nine adults and whenever interviewing down for why this act took place why this atrocity the man said while there was a rumor in the village that if you sleep with a girl that is a virgin you lose your HIV-AIDS so they took this woman after she gave birth to a baby girl how to be broken on now having been in the Marine Corps in you know considering myself to be a nonemotional individual your heart cannot but break on SR remember walking away from the news that morning going to school and I was reading the great controversy for the first in this issue of why that wasn't thought in God is everywhere and God always knows there is nothing hid into him God is an eyewitness of every crime that takes place he was there and not only was he watching the crime boss feels all the pain that comes so he does not only is he suffers with the software come to that a little bit later so this issue a lot of things happen to good people and I remember as I was grappling with this question back then before losing to baptize you start to recognize that in the Bible there is a reason why God devoted entire book to this issue the book of Job best thoughts long answer and you recognize that out of all the books of the Bible the book of Job has the most questions than any other book which tries to give you some insight that the subject of suffering tends to raise more questions than answers you see you may be able to say well I understand why these martyrs were suffering because they were being faithful but what about the baby girl in Africa where is Google reader but even more so we got a deal with the fact that this question of why do bad things happen to good people comes with a bag of assumptions every question comes in the back so soon as a person asked the question why do bad things happen to good people one assumption they have is that bad things should only and always happen to bad people and good things should only and always happen to good people now that he's either track in the world right now is a rainstorm was raining on his head it's sunshine on his head because I be back right contest WIC it starts raining during Sebastian simony are heading back I forgot my umbrella which are a good person by following it will rain on you but it's a disease like getting wet oh yes to use wiki at baseline needed in nature this was the philosophy of Job 's friends being only reason why you are suffering if you Muslims it is divine retribution now clearly in the book of Job this is not a response to the issue now I wish I had time to go through the entire book but we don't have time for that someone is start off with the introduction to the book of Job and a volatility taking notes when I look at six attributes until commenting so what about those six attributes of another look at the happily conversation between Satan and God never look at the second conversation and Elkanah wrapup from their standing amidst suffering now bursting John chapter one verse one are you there say that in August have mercy okay Mercy this time John chapter one verse one the Bible says there was a man in the land of Oz whose name was Joe and .net was blameless and upright and one who feared God and shuns evil meeting from the new King James version now what says there was a man in the land of files and means will what does it mean boy named Joe which they don't have Jason Hebrew immigrant analysis of why they would say yield and the name yield means afflicted Apple selected a man from a place of wood okay boys and was a while blameless for performing an outright one being gone and he disputed anything James Bushong and the new King James evil the first thing the Bible tells us on that list of six things about Joe 's director is is one character this is a man who is perfect he's a much Christian if I had time I think individual chapter twenty nine you can put that in your notes to me when you get home tonight you have the fact that Joel says he was the one doing the streets and young men would cover their mouth to listen to his counsel Joel says he used to help the widow so you have an individual the Bible says was perfect I want to see him gone you know you will hear about doing God anymore sometimes I wonder was presented in such an young people in the past you in the last conversing text me doing all kind of things in the house of God doing you're going to write about the story of us have you read about me down enough by where is the respect for the deletion unable into a Symphony Orchestra in a tell you turn off your cell phone to respect the art and if all goes on it will escort you out and did you know your tickets in a symphony orchestra or always revocable at there at their choice they can help you out and not reimbursing it's part of the controversy by the ticket ceased acting crazy not pay for the tickets are our security will remove you and you will not get your money back what is a cell phone went off in the middle someone's construct out of respect for the court how much more people don't hear dining the White House says Joel was Batman was partly right for you on NPR avoiding evil a lot to be said about some of us the Bible says are already desperately wicked so you have to help yourself into wickedness you naturally gravitate towards acting statement the Bible says in the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots that may yield new drug law custom to doing evil it's easier for you to change your skin color density changed the customs every designer for evil in your own reach and understand how the revealed God of reason that I am the youngest of Job 's character and what severe just noticed the last point on this happens first concern among you is you can for you and your inmost notch of trophies not two degrees not sure blessings who are you in your core consistent life what is it about you that is unchanging it is not the occasional good deed or missing but it is the tendency of the life so you have a situation where Joe the Bible says his character was a good care the second thing the Bible tells us in verse two is about Joseph family jewels while family it says and sent his sons and three daughters were born unto him now can they probably don't feel like children on blessing some of us in China have as few as possible or maybe we wish you have the ones we have now but the Bible says in Psalm one twenty eight the solid windows of the fact that the man is blessed whose quiver is full of them so you understand why being buried in the Old Testament was such a stigma if you can't not have children is that you must be Carsten gone there's something about human advised that he doesn't want any of you to be reproduced in another human being that's why we let you be married are you understanding so when Rachel said to me children or how I got is because of the stigma when Hannah was neatly because she was bearing Elizabeth and Zechariah righteous before God why will it is my wife and I think that Isaac prayed for twenty years was once the house Jacob was the result of his father 's prayers many of the project children were assigned on the earthly culture of Job you are blessed by wanted your posterity to continue with the angel had ten children just to less than Jake his family number three verse three also his possessions were seven thousand sheep three thousand Tamils five hundred kilowatts and five hundred female donkeys and a very large household knowledge boss here but starting the Bible tells about Joe is his well okay it is what well firstly what is character second it was his birthday as well Joel passed seven thousand sheep now see Verizon University seven thousand seat that's why doesn't strike you a while seven thousand two UB the Bible is interesting when I was when I was in Ethiopia driving through the city is that life herding the sheep down the hill when I'm driving on the street and on the grass on the side of the street maybe a hundred sheep next know what landed China manage a hundred sheep now clearly digital that have servants Avenue every once in a while to you you have to shear the sheep and what you have to do is the way they do adapt to put the sheet between her legs holding onto shaman turn over all these other things seven thousand not if you just had seven thousand she does a lot of you has but the Bible says he also had three thousand camels Lord have mercy a camel can drink right up to fifty gallons of water in one sitting was carried out water is not when you got a solid accounting there was no holes on the back of Jones house all well for three thousand camels so we can also gather that until seven thousand sheep three thousand Tamils five hundred yellow the youngest locks you're talking you must have a lot of land a lot of servants a lot of organization and accounting I understand his brothers running on this was equipment like a multinational corporation is well even Solomon could not maintain his character amongst prosperity character family is well with the Michelle first three the Bible says so that this man was the greatest of all the people of the East forefinger tells us about Job is his reputation he was the greatest man in the East well-respected and well-known so now you have a situation that okay some people can handle prosperity but give them some famous unpopularity all of a sudden he's not being willing to compromise where your fans some preachers do that got some high type paying members can preach this message come on statement not a freedom money to burn with you that it's okay but the truth Angel was one of those that forcing what he fears God so he fear is gone he's all right he's shown his evil he's got a family is wealthy he's managing a household and he's well-known of all men of the East the new cohort first four and five he tells us that his sons would go and feast in their houses each of these appointed day and would send it invited three sisters to eat and drink with them verse five so it was when the days of feasting had run their course Daschle would send and sanctify them and he would rise what is the next race early in the morning and notice what you got early in the morning it says and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all for himself say if need be my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts Joel number five was a faithful priest of his father also these managing of the reputation you know Joe by sitting on our team committees and Joe says one way to sum up early in the morning is not his company is not such a punishing is not checking on his serve is whether the action managing his property correctly Jones is not with the behavior of his children because they come to church he says but maybe the cars gone and it's it hasn't yet become heart religion sought a part of the so he gets up early in the morning brings his children one at a time now insert a burn offering that means Joe number one is taking from his own wealth well-suited to the animals he sacrificing his wealth for praying for his children on top of that a burnt offering means until it turned into ashes in certain translation I think is the duly translation for a burnt offering is the word Holocaust completely burned off until it turns ashes and he has how many children have ever how early was getting up bring me another box from Tucson to see Cuba's wants his son to see him put it in order on the old and watching the returns its ashes faithful priest of lasting number six of trying to find seven but I just couldn't do it it says it costs Joe did continue to have a new King James says regularly the six thing it tells about Joe that he lived a consistent seems some of us we all have our good days don't we know some days you wake him up that will help find in the morning praise or I'm awake to bed early that night before after you know you able to detach from Facebook get some sleep statement that you got up early in the morning devotional time it was powerful then you're on your way to work got a chance to witness then you got to work it was black and regulatory action out of work early came home and spend some time with your family with your friends had a great time even had evening devotions able to sleep in your life and more this is heaven on just walking and talking with Jesus right is an old song says you know woke up this morning with my mind stayed on Jesus the weight of the Mister Anwar Lord only got thirty minutes for devotions I don't get to work now education then we get to work you know you've got to do this project and I ignored what happened we get our days would Jonathan have days brothers and sisters the Bible says the digital continually what Angel continually fear God perfect up right Sean evil took care of his children as a priest of his home every morning not all about you but after reading the book of Job when you look at the six attributes of Joe clear signs emphasized in the eyes of men blessed by having well and a lot of children character reputation faithful priest of this whole consistent hello I says it is a great miracle to live a consistent life she says a change life is a great miracle and another one is a consistent to some of us can do it for a while but consistent unchanging like the sign rise and I don't know about you but I think at this point in time we have a good man on our hands ways Joe was a good man now imagine for second with me that you did not know the story of you you walking somewhere in Southern California never heard of the book of Job and you only read these first five verses you just found somewhere on the ground and I saw was the book of Job these first five verses what do you think the rest of the story is about you would assume Joe started a youth conference his sons became evangelists they finish the work amen unlike based on what I see here he is he is overcoming Solomon 's issues is overcoming other individuals issues in the Old Testament clearly this brother is on his way and his armies probably translate us on thinking what you is very interesting that just like Joe we don't get the next six persons yet is living her life like Joe and in the Bible says in verse six now there was a day in this day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came oh I board meetings for the universe nothing new but I suspect the board meetings are not likely of our church board meetings some more leaders need prayer on being series some unrighteous people sitting on certain boards God has a board meeting for the universe he wants a report in the Bible says the devil showed up to the board meeting accidental cells at the board meeting for seven Dolores said to Satan from where you can't get missing some money get fired and they shall not I fired so he fires C2 data shows about the morning when you're doing your unit you want to our and the devil comes in and the Bible says in verse eight and I will do in his report nice cover plastic slid it across the table on this coming in representing the earth you know Adam he kind of strength transferred on dominion over to me when he said sure you remember slighted over just one from the Earth things are going great back on my planet just wanted to give a report that can have the rest of the universe but I can have your in the Bible says in verse eight nonresponse in all the board meetings intense right Jesus and the devil are now talking in the board meeting and the Bible says Jesus turns to Satan and he says have you considered my servant Job that there is how many like him how many nine does the Bible exaggerate no who's talking did you know God says things like this about people have you considered my servant Job that there is not little I can in the art seconds and on all blameless and upright man one who fears God and shuns evil notice God doesn't bring up his reputation doesn't bring up as well to bring up his children doesn't bring up is consistent anything just as character have you considered my servant not the one that's wealthy plenty of wealthy wicked people out there plenty all we can people with a lot of children plenty of unrighteous service of gone with high reputations well known and the Bible says God only presented Joel because of his character have you considered running the article what about my servant Job he's on the earth and it's not like not the devil the Bible says in verse nine he respond to the board meeting so Satan answered Jesus and said stroll your God for nothing verse ten meter head around around his household around what the next word all what is odd that he has on every side sometimes the devil testifies of our blessings that are deleted you think God is left that says you have placed a case around the man himself can talk to care such as property everything on every side I can do anything of course even a certain so what is presented in Christ is he says he will bless the work of his hands his possesses have increased in the land but now stressful your touch all I ask when he was really caught resume to your face he says God you know why Job is serving you it's because you're in the pimping business you by people with blessings I serve you Junior protecting the yacht Chicago on ice to be in a gang and when I was a very young child and what it is that gangster without dislike security thing that they do so they walked into a business in us a running log in old butcher shop whatever I like Aion you guys need any protection from robbery or stealing or anything like that seen off on five Iraq is a okay just wondering you know he'll protect you when we just want ten percent of whatever you make it on something we need that I'm afraid this is a pretty safe neighborhood and what they do is hire someone to rob you the next day then after they rob you they saw the third day payoff argued our raw you need any protection I understand God now running around like this universal taster that problems can't pay the immunity protection you need a God in your life that's not a occasion and the devil says I didn't I listen to this this is when the book education unselfishness the principle of the kingdom is the principal message and he its existence he denies are you listening to deny that selfishness exists listen to this next sentence to disapprove city is clean is the work of Christ and all who bury Disney do you have offer nothing is the question is not solid and behavior what intelligence is his motive and if I told you the only reason why the girl likes you is because the car you drive a nice car Mazda six two six nine seven eight that's nonsense she's not with me because of my car to know with me because it is okay if that's the case then does they hate you know testing out so your City Hall final test it out so you girlfriend comes home safely on you know Sebastian you needed a vehicle and so I decided to let them en masse the you know for the next eight months we could just walk or bike to work based upon how she reacts you can gather whether she's in the relationship of the car or just because she loves you this is the devil 's proposition G Thompson he says everything a lot of these people sitting in as WIC you think they serve you for nothing you can call me with nothing being expected in return you start wondering to yourself duly not first because God has brought us you see the Bible says the grade is one of the world is the want of men men who will not be blocked or so there's only two hundred people that are bought and sold slaves and prostitutes so either this is a church where does abroad region our affections will be intimate with God will surrender our energies will but I don't outreach will reach will do whatever it is as long cloth and so my question is will you still be faithful listen to me when your mother gets cancer will you still served on when your sister doesn't get into school will you still be on your knees every morning like you were a poor time when your parents get divorced when your father leaves the church when your mother never decides that make a decision for Christ makes your home a living hell will you still stand is the question this is a test to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority four six to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are this will be our text use of this we must drop of one from the coldness of Williamson from the trees encourage from hip-hop 's would you still preach the same message was not part see as nice as WIC the breaches but what happens when he wanted her to be probably an employee in a back room notice sending you just preached you never creature when I was in England with Oxford St. Mary's church John Wesley preached there one time once he came in this is the University Chapel and you give me the names on that list now attending that church when John Wesley was and what he calls he preaches he's call and I'll send you are in desperate need of a signal within me to come to Christ you said you never breach of the surgery and if you read some of John Wesley and I was happen tomorrow what degrees of this earthly signal never come back will you still stand are you in a contract shall relationship with you see this weekend we can talk about setting and all kinds of capacities but the times where you see the real champions the times when you find some dedication the times when you find Halo even in spite of suffering for some of us rely more on something you are you letting this happen to me how I'm going to this time to do your work in years old living a faithful ability to know why that is happening to that first of all there's the conversation unbeknownst to joke he was not suffering to see if he was a child suffering because he was my understanding it was because there was none like him in the earth it was because he was outright otherwise the Netherlands a Disney and the question is can not mentioned divorce are Eulas are things that God is a you know what have you considered my servant suppressed with the devil but even bring that name you know what goes on private unit was going on I don't care how many books he sucks on County series reduce what is his caliber like you see for many of us with improving the double true unselfishness does not exist because you know what happens we come back after this conference something like one way I was searching you out without doing away why would you let this happen to me you should happen to people while doing wickedness but the book of Joel is a strong answer from God sorry that's not the case that things don't only and always the back that's his first response characterize a good man and this is not a fictitious story Joel was quoted in James and in Ezekiel along with people I know in Daniel Joe is a historical man who suffered real suffering and the Bible says he really is righteous man suffering in his righteousness so we talk about Lord I will say Lord I will stand Henry County one two three this is how many you have in Southern California and that's how many I have been I need to know can you stand on its trials and afflictions can you stand will you will stand even when it's not profitable even when you lose so him on a horse wife and went to jail but for us we must make in our minds soon Jesus absolutely nothing come what may we love to hear about nothing can separate you from the level we love to hear about my question is will there be a Texan have says nothing can separate you Jesus from the levels not persecution not tribulation not select not not nakedness not things present nor things to come nor height nor depth anything else in creation two separate you will not find the love of Sebastian because when it's all in and when you lose everything the Bible says either we start off for now all we should assortment of we are not a religion of works so my statement when Calvin was trying to resist the Reformation is causing all of you we degree controversy came to any said Thomas has been under enormous with his reformer stop in all of intensive look common is only two religions in the world the ones that God has invented and one that men have invented the first religious sense you can do nothing to earn the favor of God you are completely dependent on the merits of Jesus and the other one says that can do something to see himself it I moved to this mindset we say okay Jesus Ali Faithfull also at Sabbath school outreach the truth is all part of this conference although adding live my house and when it doesn't happen as well as long as my children turn out my case as long as my mom eventually comes to God you are signing up for something you should get to a human invention of religion you can't find the love of God the favor of God using God blesses you because you brothers and sisters we must come to a place and we really plan on spending if we really plan on similar on women suffer unwilling to take a hit forgot unselfishly my life is dedicated to your glory not mine not my comfort now my happiness in Africa some of my missionaries enshrined one mission and when they met with me in Ethiopia and I was sitting down with them and are telling me about their experience they went gone unable to Liberia they went to Zambia and I met with them if you and as I telling you this at Sebastian there's this guy Armada name the place and so we were out on rural mission I mean there's nothing out there there's no power there's no nothing and a visiting house to house a heart-to-heart and I rapidly said this guy as he's telling them his story I gave my life to Christ administered this is what I wanted to serve Jesus going while you know praise the Lord again so what was your testimony rejected my family try to take care of his siblings and him while he's out on the mission with them comes the final sister Doris and Arthur already having lost other members of the stem and then he gets back and he called them to see you there okay and is commonly seen you guys are doing all right happy in the moment doesn't hurt yes we have to come to the place brothers and sisters when problems arise when difficulties role in when opposition is knocking at your door we got to understand my salvation not changed because these problems happened Jesus Islam has never changed Jesus is still coming I'm still going to have someone you are missing your mind like Joe you are dangerous to the devil 's kingdom then it matters that you stand in the matter is that if I know I can knock you down this is a spiritual bowling lineup the more of you gathered together the more like a knockdown at the same time you have no spiritual way and that way comes completely empty for him why do bad things happen to good people if I ever knew a good man Jesus was a good and Jesus suffered severe we start getting some intimate information of a man who was afflicted in the place of wood whose perfect upright feeling Chante had a reputation consistently there was none like in the nameless on the cross and when you turn to God and I in our fidelity and see why Jesus is happening Jesus looks at you and says why was this happening to me using our lowest like to suffer is an innocent man you see bad things happen to a good man so that good things could happen to this is a picture of a man who is willing to stay when it wasn't convenient when it wasn't popular when it was into his advantage Eli Wiesel wrote a book called night after his Holocaust experience any got the Nobel peace prize and one of the stories in the book he talks about a young boy whose Dutch in the concentration camp nine years old and this young boy had tried to escape the concentration camp unsuccessfully the client and the rule was when you try to escape the concentration camp you get home on the gallows to attend the Golden document and another German there they were on the gallows and started tying the noose around young boys and the executioner having so many up until this point is that I can use walked away is that there's no women hangs young this is too far to how to bring in some of Hitler's SS to do it because then and Eli says in the book that what they do is a nifty stand afar off and then after they hang them they make you march to the gallows any action while I'm able to look at them in the face so you see this is the result of rebellion against the URI says as he was approaching the gallows he says you know the one person who's kept his promises to while World War II is Hitler when spending is mind American senators haven't kept the promise these people said this haven't kept up on Alyssa if I come to power I will do this and he has done as the voting the jobless to get the place and when he gets there is a low he turns his head and sees the young boy is the life struggling on the roof and he says someone behind him somewhere is gone wrong in the license somewhere within his heart of whiskey and said right there hanging on the gallows was that's why one last statement smacks of the apostles page eighty five never is the tempest tried soul more dearly loved by his seat then when he is suffering reproach for the truth went for the truth 's sake the believer stands at the bar of earthly tribunals Christ stands by his site when he is confined within prison walls Christ manifests itself to him and here's his heart with his mouth when he suffers death of Christ seek the Savior says to him they may kill the body what they cannot kill the soul she's this is fine so more dearly love the Savior then when he is suffering the truth brothers and sisters what that means for you and I we got this convenient religion we got so convenient boldness are you understanding what I'm saying we want to be bought when everyone around us we want to stand for truth when it's accepting that were willing to stand because I want to minimize the suffering no methodologies in your serving officer Lord I'll be righteous and holy fungus is popular what happens when they see as WIC should never happen again what happens in people roll up here is a look if you go into this meeting up with disfellowshipped from the church it's happening in other countries and those young people who care about those things the one thing I want Christ only one and when you stand and account and you suffer dearly by Christ because one day in heaven we see Jesus and see the more sometimes we would seaboard I understand I understand what it's like to suffer as an innocent person fellowship with Christ in his tonight everything is about it we always close as our opening message this one decision we must make before we hear anything you will not surrender to the health message when you hear the seminar if you serve God for something we will not surrender in the relationship seminar unless he served long enough we must make up our minds tonight I come here Lord to be the same I come here to maintain the same dedication that I arrived with I came for something deeper and deeper level tonight is I making a commitment a decision in my heart Jesus I will start you even when it's not convenient I serve you for absolutely nothing that lighthouse be gone when I get my husband I'm a car accident you can shake me that's what it means to stand when you feel like using the very thoughtful tonight Jesus is looking for book 's these keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus if you want to say void in my heart will serve you for not no matter what it's called what we all survey until I die is there some pre- also needs a lifetime in response to the appeal unless the sing this song I have decided to follow Jesus when I was in Ethiopia it had a new meaning to see people coming from the conference no place to live going on to nothing but also following though no one jointly still I will follow size and respond to this appeal by standing with a more this all is the song of my life this is my experience I decided no turning back nothing can be sent in my weight no problem no suffering no opposition no pain no loss I will count all things but loss for the knowledge I'd rather have Jesus rightly follow and when it involved across and got me right alone best when talking about tonight says we sing this song prayer from based upon the reasons why here's nation you live these words who is to the CIA's is him who do see is I is to the CDs known as being a bad and would be a the will and the and me and a live in a clear you will be no name that will be that don't know enjoying the design is a staff will know I is a no no lines in a note to say that in the is now to the disease is when it is now to see is when you use these right now to the disease known that any him him will be four three important appeals like this to make an invitation to some never committed their life fully to Christ may be ruled in the church you were raised you have a whole religion but you've never made the decision yourself I know because my mother reason not because I grew up in the church along with the generation but tonight outlining that initial never made I will follow personally I sorely want to come forward for special brain never made a commitment displease God have to make this appeal because sometimes we let people slimline the church and no one ever invited to just give their life doing all the activities but missing the city anyone please even if you just want all heaven rejoices let's pray heavenly father thank you Lord for sending your son who was not only a good man he was the best and we treated him the worst who treated us the best Jesus suffered innocently declared my multitudes and by a Roman government I find no fault in this yet he still hung we wanted to follow Jesus to the place of miracles we wanted to follow Jesus to the place of popularity led to follow Jesus to the top of the mount but more tonight we say we want to follow him even to the cross we are willing to stand alone helpless more to be willing to part even from our own companions that during this weekend even if our roommates don't get up spend time with God Owen Nolan join me still I will file even if others make decisions not to see gone in prayer we decided even when others buckled under the pressure of pain and problems we will still price and stand on my feet because Jesus appeared unto us for this purpose thank you Lord for giving us this example and tonight and give us power for until the very end is our prayer in Jesus and God bless you


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