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Elijah's Work -- and Yours

David DeRose


David DeRose

President of CompassHealth Consulting




  • September 4, 2010
    9:00 AM
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there are introductions and there are introductions but this is clearly one of the stranger introductions in the Bible I invite you to turn to first canes with me first Kings chapter seventeen it's not an unfamiliar chapter but it's a very strange introduction it's the introduction of John Eli Jerry is introduced to us in first Kings chapters seventeen and the first verse it says and Eli said by was in the inhabitants of Gilead said unto Ahab as the Lord God of Israel lipids before whom I stand there shall not be dew nor rain these years but according to my word and awfully strange way to introduce someone a resident the introduction is what a powerful message before that powerful message there's a reminder of who you Elijah was as far as his roots look with me very closely at the first portion of first Kings of verse seventeen and what jobs out at you as you look at utilizing Joe's background anything is a process what else you see they are right in the verse what is the introduction of Eli Jonathan 's powerful message what other indicators whether insights into who he is what is it anything else about him he was from Gilead from Gilead now for us as Christians today when we hear the word Gilead what we often think of the bomb of Gilead of course the balm of Gilead ultimately points us to Jesus the great healing balm in the Scriptures and in life but the Israelite mind was this connection between Gilead and bomb connected or the something is more among modern connection that we make in twenty first century Christianity of ever wonder that Darwin in your Bibles to Genesis chapter thirty seven I think will come up with some insight into how in the Israelite mind was this connection I'm turning to Genesis chapter thirty seven and is returning there you may recall the context of Genesis thirty seven is not one of the happier stories in the Bible it's a story of how God through adversity preserved his people it's the story of Joseph being sold into slavery were to pick up the story right in mid point bear in verse twenty four Genesis thirty seven verse twenty four we find Joseph where it I just have to pause right here because maybe it's possible that some of you right now or feeling like you're in a pet on with it it is but maybe dealing with some difficult things in your life maybe there's some challenges maybe or even wondering why you're here but I want to remind you as we look at Genesis thirty seven Joseph is an attached it looks like God has forgot him we're setting about this last night it looks like something really bad is happening as somebody who was quite God but younger inspiration were told that God in this experience was sending Joseph Cunningham and praying that God would send you to adjust the mission field he wants you to be in I realize many are in school right now is a lie nor I'm supposed to babysit I don't post again is very workplace but you feel like you're in a pick your wondering what God wants you to do I want to tell you it's on to Fifth Amendment Samantha paired with God is doing the most remarkable work in sending you to her ultimate destination but they can actually want to make here is not that powerful one but is another because it follows right in verse twenty five in verse twenty five were introduced to a group of Ishmaelites and where are they coming from their coming from none other than Gilead and what are they traveling with guys ride you got gambles with them but what do they have in those camels in this accident carrying that's why they got splices and of course Sam Walton they have the balm of Gilead with them and they're going to Egypt the most prosperous nation in the world of the time what did the Egyptians long for the bomb doing the bomb doing so Jesus is the great balm of Gilead and in the mind of the ancients this connection between Gilead involved in healing are intimately connected going all the way back to the time of Joseph Joseph going back to the Egyptians longing for the finest things that money could buy the Israelites and so they came from Gilead with bombs about the first things please with me first aid chapter seventeen because were actually focusing this morning on you largest work and your 's does work and mine first Kings Chapter seventeen verse one we are introduced to Amanda who comes from a land where there is balm where there is healing virtue this is my friend a glimpse into God 's health message I would suggest you also use it will wait a minute you know the roster of possession you got those in the letters after your name your making quite a leap year to enact Gilead which Elaine but it's intimately connected in the Bible and I just want yours you're looking at this introduction to Elijah to realize it was significant and not for the writer the inspired writer of Scripture on earning guidance of the Holy Spirit to make sure that we know that Elijah was not tested to spike but when he was from the place with the healing long was found with me and so here comes someone with the health message is identified with the HealthNet method message it comes from dealing at the place with a Baldwin is found and so what is the healing message that Elijah brings in first Kings chapter seventeen verse one what healing message does he bring I can see some of you are acting quite perplexed because it doesn't sound like a healing message to say that it's not in a rain especially in a land that we now has the story plays out it's not just a few days of rain it ends up being three and a half years of rain is this a healing message isn't healing this Bible way if you look at Elijah 's message let me ask a question in light of our theme was Elijah being called to stand and people were standing with Eli John when he walked into Ahab 's throne room in first Kings seventeen how many were within none was with them he was standing alone and he was giving a message that by the way this message appeared to be divisive plays out I mean all of Israel on ultimately becomes divided over this message of a larger work that I may never look to capitalize and his henchmen for lives because Elijah had brought ruins of a nation where you remember this was what was going on throughout the kingdom where is this traveler on Israel who was a traveler of his release today Habs eyes it was Elijah but what was Elijah bringing this man who came from Gilead the place of the ball moseyed bringing the question is was God bringing a health message to Israel in the message of Elijah was bringing health message fast-forward with me because you know the story well the first Kings eighteen or once after further and after those three and a half years of famine there is a showdown on Mount caramel and I don't need I think for most of you to review the nature of the challenge but what I want to look with you at is the words of your life 's in first Kings chapter eighteen because Elijah there are is back in the presence of the ones who looked at him as the divisive element in the kingdom now some of you might be be wondering how this mind of mine is tracking is resting the Holy Spirit to guide us as morning having sat not only in medical circles as a physician but also having pastored and sat with fellow pastors and ministerial meetings I can tell you that many people in our church looked at the health message as a divisive message are you with me they look at the health message is in their lives instead of uniting us and in fact many of my past world and ask questions like this was how is it really a salvation issue we just look at first Kings seventeen verse one got a question for you was it a salvation issue for Elijah to bring his message to King a widow lives have been lost if he hadn't worn that message what you have been lost if it's any ally this is to start a Macedonian people go before the king and say something strong LB Kelvin Minghella cut short my ministry when Elijah was being called to stand in first Kings seventeen Woody's first introduced was the question is was in a salvation issue for Elijah was a yes or no I would say don't be so certain and maybe you know more than I do but I'll be honest with you I don't know if it wasn't not for Elijah but wasn't a salvation issue for the people of God God is my scene was calling his people back to him and the healing balm of Gilead is brought in the form of proclamation of judgment something that looks like an uncomfortable message it what is what brings God 's people to mount caramel and women marry at Mount caramel Eli just speaks look at verse twenty one of first Kings eighteen first Kings eighteen verse twenty one and Elijah comes on to all the people and says how long must hold to between two opinions if the Lord be God follow him but if they all then follow him God 's people are being called to stand out there to answer on the Lord 's side Stanford and if males got stand for him what happened in the face of the largest call here in first Kings eighteen verse twenty two twenty one what happened with the people do like many of you know they answered him not a word it with me aren't you may answer him not a word as so as to their that you are just making a call to listen very carefully to the call because this is a contemporary law we heard earlier this morning that God is giving a message to the Seventh-day Adventist church not just to the world and year that this morning and so here's the message the message is not stopped following Bale dear me the message is not stopped following mail the message is not start following God are you with me the people in a rehab stay I would suggest you and by the way we have this on archaeological evidence supporting this position the people in Ahab 's day had not rejected Yahweh in fact there is an archaeological description that comes from far south of Israel dating back to the time of Ahab and his descriptions as something to the extent I salute you by Yahweh of Samaria Samaria was a capital of Ahab 's northern kingdom I salute you buy a do I outweigh of Samaria and his asked Iran we had that inscription dating back to the time of the what was going on his people so you know what where following the true God we believe in Yahweh we believe in the Bible on the spirit of prophecy but we also don't want to be two different uses a lot of good things out there in the world is a and so we can have the world and the church as well after all it's really not a salvation issue are you following here are you phone as so as the Old Testament closes in Malachi chapter four our minds are pointed back to this one individual to Elijah turn with me there because it fits in perfectly not only with our theme this morning but I've seen this weekend and the workshops it will be taking place concerning the very end of the Old Testament to the book of Malachi right before the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament era the final verses of the old and it points our minds to this very man who we've been briefly looking at and the context in which she's been presenting I minute Malachi four beginning with verse four remember ye the law of Moses my servant which I commanded out to him in Florida for all Israel with the statutes and the judgments so first of all as the Old Testament is closing it says don't forget the sanctuary don't forget within the heart of the sanctuary don't forget the Commandments of God don't forget how I use Moses and the text goes on in verse five behold I will send you Elijah the prophet 's before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he shall tie in the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse and of Old Testament as our minds are pointed back to Moses into Elijah was a why Moses and Elijah what's so important about the work of Elijah as far as the closing work on this earth and what is going to happen in the New Testament in the ministry of Jesus Elijah is calling the people to stand as any is gone up able to stand and regions that message to stand on Mount caramel County Stanwood of zero initially zero initially and what I like to suggest to you is a part and parcel of the Elijah message is a health message fast-forward with me now to second Kings unwanted take a glimpse at alliances closing days we don't have time to look in detail in Elijah 's life but I want you to see a divine connection in the life of this individual who is highlighted in Scripture as worthy of special attention in the times in which we live so were going back to first but not the second can't be passed first things and I'm in second Kings chapter one Joe will be translated to heaven in second Kings chapter two cell were analyzed as final days I suggested to you that Elijah is message begins his introduction begins with wanting us to make a connection between Elijah and healing he is identified as one who comes in Gilead the land of healing as soon as his health connection implanted into our minds even though his ministry looks like the first is destined to destroy and five rather than to build off but ultimately we know what happened right the country was united at least to a large degree because of what happened under the Ministry of Elijah but now we're here in Elijah 's closing days second Kings chapter one I'm going to verse two because it is a serious health crisis mentioned in second Kings chapter one verse two a.m. Isaiah the reigning King falls down through a lattice is upper chamber that was in Samaria and he was sick and he sent messengers and sent out to them go Inquirer about a also Bob the God of Akron whether I shall recover of this disease and so it is that the chain of God 's people of course the nation is divided at this point there's the northern ten tribes in the southern two but the ruler of the northern kingdom of Israel is in dire need of healing just thought why the profit go in our minds from the very beginning God Watson Weasley 's revelation to connect with healing I believe and so now a Isaiah where does he look for healing was a look he looks to Beelzebub the God of Accra not like to suggest to you that this was not an unusual thing in a cultural context and zero just as it is in our cultural context of someone is ill they will go to the prevailing power the dominant power the dominant resource is available to them and today in our culture aforesaid where people turn return to the medical establishment has only one and make it very personal and use a doctor 's but they also turn to other other practitioners of healing arts and avoid as not so much where they turn but where they don't turn and so the message in verse three says the angel of the Lord says to he lives in the tissue by arise go meet the messengers of the king of Samaria and say unto them it is not because there is not a God in Israel the Eagles would inquire of Beelzebub the God of Akron now therefore advised that the Lord thou shalt not come down from that data in which you gone up but you will surely die health message loses the health message is unable when the health message comes to someone it tells a lot in a die that doesn't sound too healing but realize that God 's ultimate purpose for the health message is not to give a few more years your earthly life visit so as we look Elijah 's ministry God is showing us a ministry that is focused not only on spiritual health but I would suggest you on physical is seeing God 's point out in his final ceiling illustration in the life of Eli John that healing is his plan but he is the source of volume are not saying you shouldn't go to a doctor for surgery I'm not saying you shouldn't use the medical establishment I still see patients as a physician and my drumming up business for remark but we have the privilege of seeing people they are from a Christian spiritual contacts of water cooperate with the Lord healing ministry and I know many of you do that in other contexts beside me mars your the health professions but what I want you to say it is illustration here is that the problem was a problem of focus and so public God is making this illustration with the reigning King and sang in his word that you were looking for healing anywhere outside of Jesus and his word we're looking in the wrong place I should just mention as an aside that if you read into this second Kings chapter two you find the other a closing aspect of Elijah 's work because Elijah before he is taken to heaven is visiting the schools of the profits part and parcel of Elijah 's ministry was not just preaching but was teaching it was giving a faithful testimony to the health message we see Elijah 's life a recurring theme that would be looking at in our health series this weekend that every one of us is called to embody what you lied to him body it's not only Elijah 's work to preach and to teach and to be involved in health ministry but it's every believer for God 's people today are the modern day gents that's what inspiration directs our minds to I invite you now to turn your attention to an important aspect to Elijah 's ministry that's often overlooked and I want to do that by way of going to a little book that many of you have read Mount Los Angeles page one ten listen with means this application of Elijah 's experience but before we go analysis even though we know the story buses pick up the context of the word I'm back in first Kings seventeen Regina Pena pictured here on a man who's given this threefold work teaching preaching and healing it's Elijah we don't often look to him in that context but I would say it's part and parcel of the story that's what we've given this overview now we come back to the beginnings of Elijah 's message and ministry in first Kings chapter seventeen is just given this stirring message to Ahab and then it says the word of the Lord comes to you live just saying get the hands and turn it out East word and hide thyself by the brook cherubs that is before Jordan and shall be that thou shall drink of the brook and I have commanded the ravens to feed the their cell judge gives this powerful message and instead of extending his preaching ministry what is God heaven do God is one of the wilderness phase alone is apart from ministry and God says he'll provide for him housing provided for the ravens they include what do they bring it like you they bring brand is at an water because water from the brook as to what else is look at verse five is there he does what God said he stands for God he moves for God and now it says in verse six the ravens brought him bread and in the morning and Brian and in the evening by the way if you look at the Hebrew there is no question what it's talking about is talking about meets Torah false John is representative of gods people is on a total vegetarian diet and be careful what application you draw from this is very careful because we do have on good authority by inspiration that this is the diet that those who are preparing for Christ's second coming will ultimately be onto your other but I want to tell you something if were preaching the Elijah message we better be very careful that we don't charge to those who we don't think are coming up to the full standard of the lives his life after all himself was bad by God with is that unsettling to any of you who made me just a little bad I am a big and if you're wondering and I don't say that probably I say that because God in his grace in his mercy raised a non- Seventh-day Adventist that was me as a young adult and Doug drove me to Jesus first of all drumming of the Seventh-day Adventist church in fact when I was drawn to the Seventh-day Adventist church I wanted absolutely nothing to do with Ellen White absolutely nothing to do in fact I was baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist wine assay as far away from any of those spirit of prophecy writings as possible so here they are today I can relate to you but I have to tell you something there came a day when God got me actually reading some of that counsel and actually seeing little bit apply directly to me that the Holy Spirit was speaking to my own heart not only through the Bible but through the writings of Ellen White and one of the things God early directed my attention to throw someone Satan misguided friends got a friendly game inbox like ministry of healing and believe it or not I said maybe not say this in public but one of the blocks that was actually given to me as a young Seventh-day Adventists it was a book actually but I later learned in a very prominent Adventist institution that this book should never have been written but was given to me as a young and the book was something called councils on diet and foods now by the way just to set the record straight I'm very glad that book was written and for someone who had health problems enough to disrupt my life significantly as a young adult God started speaking to me like he spoke to Elijah while not quite as directly but he was convicting my heart that I needed to do things in my life it didn't seem to my mind to be all that attractive I don't know that it seemed all that good to Elijah to go out and be a hermit for three and a half years what was a hermit that whole time but an meant to me I mean I like words but it just does not sound real appealing to me damn birds bringing me brought in flash morning and evening I don't know how it seemed to Elijah either but he was eating what God provided listen now with that background not a blessing page one ten that God who sent the ravens to feed Elijah by the brook Jared will not pass by one of his faithful self sacrificing children of the problem with this is many of us weekly things like that you know we say only really I'm not all that faithful and I'm on it I'm probably if I made if I don't see it right off that I'm not very self-sacrificing I'm the Lord is probably calling a lot more self-sacrifice self I don't know how much this applies to me but divine reading it says of him yet walk righteously they were all the walks righteously only remember God sees us through his son God sees in Jesus is only accept him as our Savior even now our lives are margin quality there is that voice it speaks to us from the Crofts it says were what were complete in him and so as we read about these heroes of the Bible is not because were so great but because Jesus loves us because God sees us in him so as I read this yes I may not measure up in all these ways but when I'm trusting God it tells us these not to forget me in this merger goes on as quoting Scripture you're not a blessings sequence sounds thirty seven Romans eight she says they shall not be ashamed in the evil time and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things so today the biggest challenge we have Bible we many times when it comes to stand is our own fear our senior of what's happening right when they call the Stanford cheeses and you were looking at Allied Zen revenue connect the dots more as we go through this day together but Elijah 's calling people to faithfulness we saw in Malachi four relationships it causes back to faithfulness in relationship he calls us to heal in our relationship analyzes message in his life causes to be involved in health ministry every single one of us involved in health ministry is God good to forget you if you stand for him missing now God is not going to forget is now before we go too far with some of these illustrations do you realize that although Elijah was in the wilderness sat with means provided by Burroughs some of you should be picking up on a common theme here if you know the story of the Exodus remember fed with meat provided by birds early in the Exodus experience but alternate way Jay has lines Arafat on a vegan diet that's all the evidence suggests is that what did not fail from that widow 's stock the mail the grain in the Ohio and by the way God 's children first of all when in the Exodus were given name with God 's blessings remember that it was only after they wanted to return to the old diet the Godhead once allow but he was now calling them from that there was condemnation are you with me God is calling us to walk with him to stand with him he's calling us to take advanced steps because it's calling for unusual people in unusual time I'm in third testimonies now page sixty one third testimonies page sixty one for years the Lord has been calling the attention of his people to health reform for years how long advances got it given the eighteen sixty three health reform vision when Alan why is writing third testimonies you now for years it's eighteen seventy one when third testimonies is being written it's only eight years but for was way too long it was way too long for years got been calling the attention of his people to health reform this is one of the great branches of the work of preparation for the coming of the Son of Man what is one of the great things of value involved in preparing for Jesus to come its health reform is catching the vision that Elijah had its filing got been willing to trust God it is calling me to stand for it is good take care of my bodily needs if God says this is what you can eat this when I provided me when I can eat believe me this was not an encouraging message to me I may not look it but I'm an Italian boy gay story my grandparents were born in Italy they were not agents you can fill in the dots but when I started reading about God 's Council on health this was not something that caused me to run around rejoicing but today I rejoice in God 's loving province I rejoice that God was willing to be miss understood in my life here I thought God was trying to take something good away from me had done into a bunch of things I'd like to do now today I'm a regular exerciser I was not back then this was not particularly pleasing to a guy living in Minnesota that I was supposed to get daily outdoor exercise and you live in Minnesota before you know how cold it gets up there on you were talking up this table is not with the windshield is fifteen below you like a hungry below with the windchill I am ethically sometimes called the northern plains and you can go outside and get exercise spirit of prophecy tells us for a healthy young man Stern severe exercise is essential especially if you're preparing a big guest this a physician you want the reference I can give it to you dad and think seriously about that I'll realize that same item like anybody help me and help me this allows me today as I still am his delusion I'm still healthy young man okay I'm rating on third testimonies page sixty two he was a representative of those living in these last days speaking of John the Baptist Elijah returned I delighted to them God has entrusted sacred truths to present before the people to prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus John was a reformer speaks about John 's holy light by the way and third testimonies you know what Alan wake makes clear about John's diet already to you it was purely vegetable of locusts and wild honey wrap your mind around that some believe the locus was referring to the tree I'll let you study the Greek can draw your own conclusions but she says it was purely vegetable she quotes Malachi four and then she goes on its third testimony sixty two dollars who are to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ are represented by faithful Elijah has John came in the spirit of Elijah prepare the way for the first run coming of Jesus the great subject of reform is to be agitated the public mind is to be stirred temperance in all things is to be connected with the message to turn the people of God from their idolatry their gluttony and their extravagance interests and other things one last statement from this as were closing listen carefully there is nowhere what is the word nowhere to be found so great a cause of physical and moral degeneracy as a neglect of this important subject she speaking about hell is it a salvation issue God is so interested in an intimate relationship with you were not saved by our diet were not saved by our life so was saved by Jesus but Jesus does not just save us in terms loose I've met evangelical Christians they are saved by Jesus years ago but he was not the Lord of my life for many years there is no such biblical vision and forsaken by Jesus we are his we are married to him and he calls us to walk with an part of that walk is to live a different life to spare in light of God 's full Council which includes a preaching ministry for every one of you are teaching ministry for each one of you and a health ministry for every one of you let us pray father in heaven we just close our eyes right now in your presence because our mind has swung throughout history from the time of Joseph to the modern times into your second coming and we've glimpsed just briefly figure calling us for an unusual message that relates to relationships turning hearts of children to fathers in bringing whole list of families your calling us to a message that involves faithfulness and health principles you calling us to a message because us to preach and to teach and to share your wonderful truths and father the things we most need to stand for other things we least desire in our own hearts of hearts to stand for we are the power to stand before you knows what you ask is to nail the bow down before you because we don't have the power to stand on her own but right now father we want to trust you that all your bidding 's are enabling we pray that you would continue to work with special power in our minds the Utah each one of us have a clear vision for how your calling us not just to read about Elijah in the past to read about your life 's work but to realize that in this present day your calling us to a worker can do that if Elijah was a work that can only be accomplished if Jesus is reigning in our hearts made happier experience may we have clarity may you continue to bless in the meetings today we ask in Jesus name amen


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