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The Urge of a Fadeless Vision

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • September 4, 2010
    11:00 AM
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following one of Holland 's to acknowledge how grateful we are for me why for the gift is given unto us every good gift and every perfect is from above and one of those gifts that you gave to humanity and allow us to carry outside the garden was the gift of the size tap time to come apart to spend time with our father to remember that we are loved that we are not forgotten and that God desires our happiness we pray this morning that as we are gathered here in this place that the Spirit of God was not failed to speak to every mind and every heart young and old revive us again Lord and speak to us on this subject of the church of the famous vision is our prayer in Jesus name but all the people say acts chapter nine when you designate accepted nine and obviously have mercy okay acts chapter nine the title of our message is the urge of famous vision at ADE L E S S vision of famous vision what I take a birds eye view of the life of Paul this one thing that I found in the very little expense act in training young people in ministry studying the Bible exists in the you need to concentrate many of us are struggling at our devoted allies because we have a hard time concentrating focused mind as we does want to get to the application what you want me to do it where's the powerful idea that I can go share with my friends tomorrow but many times if we could read the Bible with conservative thought chapter to chapter to chapter there are messages that lie from the birds eye view of Scripture now there's a place for the depth of every text and I am a firm believer unlike preaching on fifteen twenty thirty five texts I know some preachers you know that's fine this is not my preference but there's a place for many chapters enable to see when you get to chapter ten you can connect it to chapter one but by the time we get to chapter ten we forget what we even read a chapter because the inability to concentrate so today I want to show a message with you that came out of concentration trying to remember after chapter after chapter after chapter of Paul's life and this is the message next after nine were familiar with this passage says in verse one console else's name originally still breathing threats and murder against the water that disciples of the Lord no one should notice something that if you are a careless reader you might miss nowhere in the book of acts are Christians called members they are only called disciples so it says and gone activities are as many as we save money Carsten MSS the disciples multiplied and in understanding when you look at Simon Peter Nathaniel Fabius Cindy these were the kinds of individuals that will multiply a disciple is an individual whose life is the organized around his master and you have a situation where the Bible says okay that was always you doesn't even take a son the Bible says that Saul was breathing outbred and murders against the disciples of the Lord not another disciples saw has no problems with an individual whose life is lived centered around Christ not all not Peter as powerful as assignments are disciples of the Lord and this is something that's very tedious as an aside moving away in our church from this personality driven kind of movement Google places and people have their favorite creatures and individuals who summons they love to download and listen to entries like it I have no problem with mentors and with discipleship within the body of Christ you don't let them finish thank you gentlemen but we have this error in our church right now which in my opinion can be an abuse person gets out of region Don uses and we praise God that God is still using imperfect and women but were not to be driven around personalities you are disciples of Jesus not Randy Steve not Sebastian not Doctor diplomat David we will always fill you are disarming the first international disciples of the Lord and when this movement is become driven by commission not a man the reason why we gather in this place on this day is because we believe in the mission not a man and when we are driven doesn't matter if there's in as WIC it doesn't matter there's a conference it doesn't matter there's two of us we stand because of this particular message and in this sense as we gravitate away I pray that we gravitate away from the people do not attend as WIC based upon was speaking but because they believe in the mission disciples of the moment he went to the high priest and first lady asked letters from him to the Senegal of Damascus so that if he found any shore of the way recipes to call Christianity the way any for all the way whether men or women he might bring them bound to Jerusalem as he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly a light shone around ten from heaven then he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me and he said in verse five who are you Lord then the Lord said I Jesus whom you are persecuting it is hard for you to kick against the pricks or the boobs in the new King James so he trundling and astonished said Lord what do you want me to do then the Lord said to him arise and go into the city and you'll be told what you must do and the man who journeyed with him stood speechless hearing a voice but seeing no one that's all arose from the ground and when his eyes were open he saw no one but they let him by the hand and brought them into Damascus and he was three days with our site neither eight nor drink now here is a man on a mission for the Lord in his mind as Jesus had foretold his disciples men will persecute you and kill you and drive you from city to city believing they are doing double and service as Saul is a clear fulfillment of that prophecy of Christ in his mind I am jealous for the glory of God a young man of great promise in the Jewish nation having learned at the feet of familial and Jewish theologian on the zeal and passion wonderful piece is conditionally this heresy coming not a lot to be said about immense character like that is solved whether men or women drive you to the tribunal to try some condemned to prison some condemned to death and he asked permission cannot go to Damascus businessman is spreading beyond Jerusalem a lot of find them wherever they are is less polished traveling window the story the light needs and knowledge to understand what's happening in this passage one saw also the ground and out of the light he hears a voice saying are you persecuting me and salt responses who are you Lord so you have a situation that up until this point podcast believe that he is doing lobbying service for God and now he is on the road to persecute and all the sudden light beyond understanding the Jewish mind life is associated with the presence of God why because in the sanctuary when you get into the most holy place there was no Shekinah what glory shining every apartment of the sanctuary has liked a very out-of-court it is the altar when you go into the holy place it is the candlesticks and when you get into the most holy place there's no need of the light of the sun the Lord is the right everything is an integration of the glory and so Paul being that my disliked any Jewish mind like a symbol of the presence of God hears Jesus coming to him shining being a null is the Lord that's why this question ends with lower but the question is I'm confused about who you are are you telling me that all this time when I thought was helping gone what I thought was comforting God what I thought was encouraging his name in the art was actually destroying nasi that is in short this because if you found out that going door-to-door preaching this message in your walking back to your dorm here and find Springs Ranch in your life on the road follow them around your voice and wine persecuting when talking about Lloyd these youth conferences that door-to-door ministry are doing I know you thought I was defending my name is actually destroying my church now you understand the words trembling and astonished the very person that Pol Pot was an imposter of the truest someone we even grapple with ourselves and we say the Pope this person who claims to be the vicar of Christ in the place of Christ when I is an imposter is not Christ on earth and then you find out the manual you thought was not Christ on earth is actually Christ on earth you're telling me you won't be struggling and astonished after having present evangelistic series after having gift hunting Bible study on who is the antichrist anti- pistols and agreed in the place of Christ and now to find out you were wrong on evangelism on .com quarterly alt. preaching destroying the God of the universe and his church on trembling and astonished he says why he to questions Paul asks meets Jesus is both questions one in notice Jesus answers the question she says I am Jesus whom you persecute it's hard for you to kick against the booth nobles were used in order to direct talks so whatever not to try to go the wrong way it these goals are like little boys and it prints the oxidant is like and therefore the Oxon England and go that direction as I got hearts are labeled this way and so Jesus is using a factor here you are Paul as a strong spiritual all of the Jewish nation and Jesus has been giving you goes he's been printing your conscience to the martyrdom of Stephen as he saw his face light up like an angel you think that was not when you heartily child a history of your nation on till this date you sniff had stood next in Hartford you always resist the Holy Ghost Paul Crichton 's conscience kicking against the boots using some of us know what that's like when the Holy Spirit has been speaking to you and you keep fighting conviction and fighting conviction and fighting conviction and Jesus says isn't it hard to take against the goals isn't it hard to not be able to sleep at night as well answer the call of God isn't it hard to start keep propagating these false teachings wrestling in your mind maybe Lord I'm wrong but my try my education popularity I can't abandon these things Namibian minister have sleepless nights for the same reason I haven't ended on the doctor of theology it's hard to convince the groups we tell you quick story and have to move on when I was in Atlanta Georgia church I was baptized into the metal the story somewhere recently while we were having a wine all of a sudden a tall gentleman and a baby blue suit is in a part waving around money he says money for the church money finance arts and the members are like a little nervous about Sebastian you are Marine and you'll see what he's what he wants to go with our right so the elders walking out about five feet behind me this is definitely and was alleged to Paris on certain civil I don't want to say certain I hope you nice as I have money for the church okay on can I help you will will take the money prison with it he says I know that this church is the only seventy Minister Jeanette Tom and I know that this church is the true church I said really suggest on the Sunday Minister of the Baptist Church have been for twenty five years he says I know about the sun have always known he says we didn't talk about it in my Sunday school classes say really okay so continuing on I said so what brings you here essentially is the thing brother is that reason we got been having these dreams I been wrestling his he said dog has been coming to me in dreams as you don't start preaching the truth you will be lost and I will count every selling a church on your hands listen to me the man said he's been wrestling with gone for two weeks and he soon finds that I'm done with this I can't do this anymore in any start asking the most vast and how I transition my church to keeping some I know it is the truth it is hard to pick against the bolts and we do this already gone was speaking Sebastian listen to me I was only an artist maybe a year or two at that point just than actual reminder of what the church these Sunday ministers no as some of them are having sleepless nights they may come on the radio and reach whatever they want against the sun they may try to explain it away but they're having a hard time sleep they make it up and shout and dance on stage and region also the foolishness will enable there the goals waiting for and Paul instructed against maybe Jesus was when he resisted and resisted and resisted and Paul met Christ on the road Paul Y and Susan heard a few thousands not to this experience the question that Jesus does not answer right away is what he wanted to do it there's something that constantly plagues young people everywhere I go is this constant desire hotline quite possible for my life I don't know what God wants me to do I guarantee if you have a seminar on God 's will for your life you always before always God 's will and relationships always will be for him Thomas Haven guaranteed I went to Guyana South America they said Sebastian want to talk about relationships and sexuality I said on the interested Americana stuff and I trust me to go before and sure enough it was it was full but you is that in this passage when we meet Christ and we may have an experience with it we comes when asked WIC we collect and UIC we meet Christ in these places Jesus appears to us not for all our high horse we recognize probably going the wrong direction which is what repent means change your direction that familial in the Greek mind these the switch you been thinking wrongly so you called the Word of God Lord I was way off who are you should be our first question now what do you want me to do and the question he will always answer immediately is I will always reveal myself you need to know who Jesus is before you serve him and this is why many of us pass and fall out of the ministry like I think this is God 's will for my life who do you know the gone disabilities young people need to become acquainted with gone is your first calling is a relationship with not service was so busy saying how I get active how do I get involved you need to be involved with Jesus first and a deeper relationship with Christ you will hear his voice you will know when he's calling you will know when descending and when he calls his disciples in Mark chapter three he prayed all night that when economies as I called them to be with me first then I sent them out but when you haven't been with Jesus he can send you he doesn't send people from afar he doesn't send text messages it also sent e-mails hey while you're over in California can you do know personal contact and when you're walking with Jesus he says you know when walking together for some work I wanted because his first concern is not your ability to fulfill the task is the spirit in which she will do it will you reveal me correctly when you go door-to-door will you reveal me correctly when you preach when I started off as a preacher I do not know Jesus had Nissan is no hope sentence just blasting constantly and I think I am so ashamed Mike Hartley but let me get up to preach and are remembered this one something in all of these people were only just the looks on their faces when I was pretty and I was getting jolly oddities here conviction and not ours preached his sermon and I found the state meet I would like to abuse the spirit of prophecy self understatement sister White wrote to a brother instead whatever you purchase that is not for your food for your necessary clothing is robbing God so you can imagine to start hammering people in the church on the guys bought a pack of the robin knowledge is any and we think that's what it means to preach powerfully I know Christ and you see it's easy that results things when you're not so much troubling you don't understand the trouble once inside leaving you then you understand people need momentum they need to understand there is hope God still loves you in spite of its still calling sell what you have friends that when you have experience with Paul needed to know who Jesus was before he was called to do what he wanted now in this account this experience Paul brings up two other times in the book of acts available to the second one accepted twenty two Turner with me asked after twenty two when NSA men get another theocracy Mercy said no actually to verse one the Bible says accepted like tumors what are you there and then all right the Bible says brethren and fathers get my defense before you know and when they heard that he spoke to them in the Hebrew language they kept all the more silent now you understand he's talking to Jews and these Jews tried to kill Paul there was a moment that he brought in a Gentile into the sanctuary now I wasn't true but you know how it is people love to jump on gossip and rumors so it came in they started dragging Paul out to beat him the rolling Baba stepped in St. Paul and Paul is luckily says look if I speak of easement for me he says do you speak Greek pulses on the road Schlegel says okay back is with design the Jews stopped talking and then went here and start speaking in their own language they get even more sign and he says in verse three I am indeed a Jew born in Tarsus obstinacy but brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel taught according to is this author 's mall was that was a foregone as you all are today I see your zeal he says I persecuted this way the data binding and delivering into prisons both men and women as also the high priest bears any witness and all the counsel of the elders from whom I also received letters to the brethren even those where they are to Jerusalem to be punished now it happened as I journeyed contained near Damascus at about noon suddenly a great light from heaven shone around me and I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me Saul Saul why you persecuting me so I answered why you Lord and he said to me I am Jesus of Nazareth whom you are persecuting and those who are with me indeed saw the light and were afraid but they did not hear the voice of him spoke to me so I said what shall I do vote and the Lord said to me arise and go into the Masters and their you will be told all things which are clear for you to do and since I could not see the glory of that right being led by the hand of those who were with me I came into Damascus now positive for second this gives us a little more information and to get in the book of acts chapter nine so it actually to Paul says in this account I was blinded by the glory of that light so here we see that when Paul was there Jesus appears to him he fought down in the light is so bright that is blinding to him now we understand if you look at the sun for too long what will happen you'll go blind so this life is at least as bright as the sun except it's not ninety three million miles away it's right on the road to Damascus now you know me look at the sun too long anyone going to know what happens see the sun right everywhere this is the circle on everything you look at someone who prisoners experience right and so Paul sees the sun 's light is blinding to him that's all he can nomination a statement with you from the book acts of the apostles and this is what she says page one fifty she says upon the soul of district and you saw the image of the savior 's countenance was imprinted forever upon the soul of restricting saw the image of the savior 's count was stricken there for ever imprinted upon us now Paul says in this account he was blinded they took him up and again he says I was led by aldermanic and I could not see the only thing Paul could see was what Christ that's all he could see blocking and everything else but the one thing I was currently on his mind the countenance of Jesus why are you persecuting me he sees the face of Jesus that's all you can see and hear he has an opportunity to speak to his nation to try to get them across the line Paul where are your arguments from ask chapter seventy where is the philosophy of the Areopagus where the reasoning even your own poets have said where is that Paul Paul says no no one says I have to speak to my countrymen I will go back to this experience what is one other time this comes up this one actually six this is what insects comes from actually six when NSA men anybody be mercy okay acts twenty six in this account Paul is talking to King Agrippa and Agrippa sets the ball you are permitted to speak for yourself so Paul stretched out his hand and answered for himself now notice and twenty two he was giving a defense to the Jews and actually since he's giving an answer I think myself happy king Agrippa because today I shall answer for myself before you concerning all things of which I'm accused by the Jews are especially noticeable Paul says especially because you are expert in all customs and questions which have to do with the Jews therefore I beg you hear me what patiently some alcohol starts off with his childhood but he knows King Agrippa is familiar with Jewish customs he knows about the Jewish prophets is familiar with its overall so now you start sliding into the situation and that he says beginning in verse twelve he says while that's occupied as I journeyed to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests at mid-day booking along the road I saw a light from heaven brighter than the sun shining around me and those who journeyed with me and when we all had fallen to the ground I heard a voice speaking to me and saying in the Hebrew tongue Saul Saul why are you persecuting me it is hard for you to choose again as the boobs so I said who are you Lord and he said I am Jesus whom you are persecuting but Rice stand upon my feet for I have appeared to you for this purpose to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen and other things which I will yet reveal unto you I will deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the Gentiles to hold now Ice Age verse eighteen what is needed to Lord to open the eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in me notice Jesus is calling Paul who is blinded to open other people 's eyes not yours I'm calling to open their eyes Lord when he leaned to take them from darkness to light from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness and Paul says after recounting this experience to King Agrippa in verse nineteen he says therefore King Agrippa I was not what's that next word disobedience with a happily white vision thoughts acts chapter nine was the vision acts twenty six he's still bringing it up now you have a situation that Paul says when Jesus appeared to me it wasn't so I can just go around saying Jesus appeared to me Jesus appeared to me for one purpose I saw Christ and Christ says I have not come to you just you can say you had visions of God like he's CQ Lucille Ball because I have a calling I want to expand on your life I've appear to you to make you a minister now when you call Paul Paul says in responding to the vision either I will be obedience or I will be disobedient are you following this vision requires response and Paul says from this time when you look at Paul's life from the birds eye view from actually nine all the way to accept the twenty seventh wait a minute what's going on here Paula has never allowed the vision to ever think from the beginning when he left spent three days in acting was baptized accepted amongst the apostles Paul has always had the urge of felicitation there's nothing policy speaks of Christ so are the dollars you find them there any Areopagus what happened the Bible says he was stored in his heart when he saw the idolatry Paul was preaching in Thessalonica this is while he was preaching he was starting his spirit I must preach Christ now you understand something what you saw back then has never ever faded for Paul ever and he says here I am you want me to start me give you an argument you want to begin the defense of the brethren and after thinking over the I have a famous vision listen to me I saw Jesus and called me in this whole issue is surrounding my response I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision Paul had the urge offer free discussion every day he woke up he remembered that fishing he's walking to the fitness and in his heart I have appeared unto you for this purpose when he goes to Thessalonica I have appeared unto you for this purpose he sees it like it was yesterday but when you look at the life of Paul and you see that while this approach this phase is a vision you start seeing the parallels to Jesus 's life is wait a minute Paul told the Ephesians I must go to Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit has testified to me that bonds and afflictions await me there but none of these things move me neither do I count my life dear unto myself that I may finish my course with joy and fulfill the ministry given to me by the Lord Jesus wait a minute did not Jesus have some disciples were worried about him going to Jerusalem that many Doctor Jerusalem there were some Jews who wanted him to die and while he's there he's testifying before Roman governors and kings and if someone was almost persuaded by using the picture so you recognize that Christ is living his life again through the life of Paul so then the question becomes did Jesus have the urge of fulfilling this vision you see for Christ who stood before Pilate and King Harriet almost persuading pilots Christ's oneness and when he told his disciples I must go to Jerusalem and who wasn't what was awaiting him there Christ talking to his disciples get into Jerusalem testifying before governors and kings and then when he arrives gets crucified but what was it that got Jesus the Bible says in John chapter one verse eighteen no man has seen God at any time save the son who within the bosom of the father she has declared him that were declared in the Greek is when we get the word exegesis if your development exegesis upon God Jesus is the answer on the very brightness of his glory so Jesus comes down and as Jesus comes down from heaven he's walking amongst men and he says I'm the one that touched the first name and he sees a man laying paralyzed for thirty eight years he comes down and you see people burning down thinking God cares for sparrows more than they care for you he says I was in the bosom of the father and Jesus as I know what it's like to be loved by God I know what is in the heart of God I see his love for humanity listen to me not like these the Christ walking among us and then saying look I know what man was supposed to be like an every day he got nobody to heal because I know what you are supposed to look like I never lost the vision of I never lost the vision of peace and every day he walks amongst men amongst women urged of felicitation on Nokia for myself I'm here to show you that your father is not I was on the train in Boston while riding the subway standing up as a man sitting right across from its hands were deformed space was before you couldn't even put his feet actually down on the ground when he was sitting on the train and as I glanced at him you could see the shape the embarrassment that he felt just hoping people would look at and as I was there most thinking about this said Lord I understand when I see that men this is the result of the devils work he wishes people will even look at him he saw deformed but he has to ride this train and you can tell everyone in the car is looking away from him they won't even cast their eyes upon him when one day man when he was created the whole universe beheld his new creation and now we won't even look within my heart Jesus was like no looking him Sebastian and you understand when will Jesus up early in the morning you understand what he talked the man with the withered hand he says come and stand here do you think it's a lawful to heal on the Sabbath day touch the management of women whose back was broken down up man who was born blind Jesus says no my father is not like this it does not delight in your suffering God is not trying to figure out how to maximize your pain so sorry for you you must have sent your parents must have sinned virus of the famous vision Jesus cannot wait as he walks among men cease what God originally intended he sees people who think God will provide for sparrows will provide for PCs people who believe that God people more than insist when you come to God in prayer don't call him the hot dogs say Lord also a master don't say all yes Almighty eternal say our father and the way that God will treat me is the same way he will treat you our father Jesus God is not like this this transcendent on the road somewhere in Johnson eons away hoping that your prayer makes it a famous fish and when Jesus comes down he never forgot what it was like to be in the bosom of undaunted countenance that his father had when men fill in the spirit of prophecy says that Jesus had to convince the father to let father labeled on the father said no probably because the way that courses met in my life to Jesus a Sebastian I have to leave you like but I need your permission you will need to give up Jesus for someone that's what the Bible says God so loved the world couldn't he said he loved the world so he gave his only begotten son he so loved the world you have no idea my question this morning is to you have the urge of the famous fish kill you remember what it was like when you first met Julia remember when you first found a way to tell the story of how your child heart bowed down before the men of Nashville when you said when I survey the wondrous Cross on list appraisal glory you say 's love so amazing so do you then had to my life my salt my all bar the whole realm of nature mine it was a gift from two small that was the day you felt that way and it woke you up every morning no one had to tell you how devotions know when I do tell you witness no one had to tell you that you need to get some more training don't treat people that way that's on Christlike don't be selfish something in us when we first met Christ just tell me what to do all doing shown only from the Bible I will follow that's how we started but somewhere along the way my sense is the vision high-speed tool you have the urge of the famous fish have you lost the site have you ceased to be blind to the things of this all of a sudden is a little more attractive to go out all of a sudden the video games and the Facebook in the Internet stuff that so attractive Lord you lost your vision speaking where the hymn comes from when you turn your Christ's upon Jesus the things in this world groceries brothers and sisters have you been obedient to the heavenly vision when Jesus appeared to you that preach when a person knocked on your door when seventy one someone came and prayed with you and you heard the voice of the Lord and walked away said Jesus although with all dual what abhors what we sent a soldier from the Bible you shouldn't need this I will need it they showed us on the Bible 's brother you can notice on the second day I will delete since the takeoff to stop off to use all open off Delaware clothes like that I will that was no question but somewhere along the way the vision of the noun one a debate about whether I should dress as we are not now nor not so sure this kind of relationship is okay now are not so clear about what idea why this is important because the vision has feed you see brothers and sisters when you lose the arch of a famous vision to get comfortable and you think about what woke up Mother Teresa everything children laboring amongst the poverty-stricken areas of when you think about William Wilberforce Avenue the slave trade in England a man who would come before even when England was on the brink of revolution and William Penn his friend said William you need to lay off the opposition of the slave trade he said do you think issues of conscience respect more I only answer to God and here was a man who would come before Parliament and he would say look at this map is not a man created in the image of God the right to freedom will you live before spent his life to free people and his purpose was accomplished these before his he died three days after the Duma the words of the famous fish when you hear about Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights thus whether speech is so when he says I have a true and in that speech he says I refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt I refuse to believe that I cannot one be see black men and white women Hispanic and Asian walking on the heels were justice comes down like a mileage and when MLK was questioned they said you know the liberal pastors around him Jewish rabbis they wrote him a letter similar to maybe a little on later d on this you should wait before you continue these demonstrations these seconds people are going to jail any rollback of famous letter from a Birmingham Jail and he says perhaps it is easy for those the same weight who haven't felt the stinging darts of segregation perhaps it is easy for USA weight when your mother and your daughter are not given the titles of Mrs. maybe it's easy for USA weight when you make cross-country journeys and a second nobleman in for colored people and you got to sleep in your car in the side of the road maybe it's easy for you losing weight when you don't have to explain to your six-year-old daughter with one child is advertised on television and a safe not open to colored people and he says you see on the news clouds of inferiority forming in her mental sky when you see your brothers and your sisters lynched at it's easy for you losing weight brothers and sisters we cannot forget why God raised this church and our pioneers had the urge of a famous fish why do James like die prematurely because it was always on his mind wine and St. Andrews die prematurely causing was always on his mind and in the last days of his life he would sit at his desk and he would cry because he couldn't do more reading to do being question Mister Andrews is it true that you memorize the whole New Testament word for word he said well if the New Testament were destroyed I can reproduce it from word forward in five languages the urge of a famous fish when you have lost your vision Bible is clear we need to remember remember from whence you have fought I remember when I first came to Christ study the Bible for us when I first came to Christ to Sebastian when they do outreach no problem I don't care if it's hot I don't care if it's uncomfortable I'm doing we see now are happy with thirty minute devotions on Audubon outreach is hot today and got to bed at ungodly hours to respect the health brothers and sisters you have the urge of a fetus do you see something that wakes you up early in the thank you to all leader that you're willing to lay down your life Paul says I don't count my life dear to myself none of these things move me you think I care that I will suffer all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer you can edit uncomfortable shipwrecked twice imperils of my own countrymen do you think I care I have the urge I have not forgotten the heavenly vision Christ appeared to me for this purpose and when I was blind with my face in the dirt he sent rice instead for I have appeared for the Springs to make you amidst every head is bald and heavy eyes close perhaps today you say Lord my vision has feet I've lost the urge it doesn't wake me up early anymore John and I like to sit down and just stunned the word out about the passion that overcomes weather and other opposition to mention it today what I'm trying I should counsel the church in Ephesus you help me to remember what I have for to repent and to do the first works what I do when I first fell in love with Jesus if this morning Wednesday Lord I need you to restore my vision because it has freaked as when asked to stand to a luncheon to restore my vision it has faded and him asking I read this about every eyes closed sometimes like to look around to see that someone in God has called you had an encounter with Christ in you heard his voice and he was calling but you haven't been obedient to the heavenly vision this morning Jesus called for that soul that said Lord I know you call them into ministry but I resisted I know your colleagues initially but I left it and today you hear his voice saying you need to obey the heavenly vision I thought you to slip out and come forward I know that there's a call in all my life that I have resisted or left I know you been calling me I know I should be doing certain things and I resisted I didn't know what and this morning Jesus is saying openly that heavenly vision discharge back you know who you are you hear his voice calm Lord I have not been obedient to the heavenly vision I know Jesus was calling me left I resisted I didn't think it could work I think I would get the finances I do know how to go about it no more excuses no more excuses I will be obedient to the heavenly vision nor will you are heard the voice when speaking Jesus I will do with two thousand one might urge back no more will I say wait easy for me to say weight when I'm not the person without the gospel answer his call let's pray heavenly father with thankful this morning for visiting your people father we are thankful for hearing your voice today and reminding us where our vision has faith it will forgotten far less we have fallen and it is our prayer today this morning that you would restore the verge of a famous addition that we would always set Jesus before our face we would remember when we first fell in love with Christ that like Paul Lord we would live a life whenever the face that when we step foot in malls are hard to be stirred to see the idolatry of fashion and visit poverty-stricken areas which see the need to show them in your heavenly father is not forgotten about you Jesus give us back our urgency and for those of us will come forward there was a call on our lives and we resisted you know the reasons for putting the excuses aside and was in Christ we are your 's completely totally available for your service we will never make excuses Lord as to why we cannot do what we hear the voice of God calling us to help us to be obedient to the heavenly vision to follow which cost this is operator to trust the hope is to be our experience we ask in Jesus and God bless you


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