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Daniel's Work -- and Yours

David DeRose


David DeRose

President of CompassHealth Consulting




  • September 5, 2010
    9:00 AM
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father in heaven you've already been blessing on us not only this morning but throughout this weekend and we sensed again the shortness of time and right now were sensing on sensing the shortness of time even this morning and yet at the same time we know that you have a message that you want to present I pray you'd make that crystal clear to me what needs to be emphasized in the short time that we have and that that same spirit of urgency would be impressed on each of our hearts as we seek you day by day to know just what you would have us do we thank you we can trust to guide now for we ask it on Jesus name amen I don't know if I can imagine a worse situation maybe you've been there yourself something to you you really look at is as a unifying theme a unified focus in your life maybe it was something that you are putting your energies into many was something that gave you resolving to you focus and now it seems like everything that really your life was centered around at least to some extent has been pulled out from under you I buy you turn in your Bibles to Daniel chapter one we may not catch the magnitude of what's happening in this familiar chapter from the pages of the Old Testament but Daniel wine is a traumatic juncture in the history of God 's people remember the people of God had been physically led by him by Jehovah in the pillar of fire in a pillar of cloud in the lab out of bondage they were slaves now they are afraid in the promised land God is leaving them physically showing his physical man of the station not even in the context he says let them make me sanctuary that I may dwell among have you ever thought about that link I was right there he was physically present there is no question about whether God was with them and yet the sanctuary was to be the focus not only of God 's physical presence with his people it was also a promise it was a promise of who God was it was a promise of what God wanted to do a part of the province was a promise of a God who not only was all gracious and saved me and redeemed me but God was all jobs for the sanctuary reveals both the love and mercy in the justice of God the sanctuary was really the focus of God 's people was when God dwelt to the Shekinah dwelt it so here in Daniel one this is a traumatic story in the history of God 's people because of Daniel one is the account opens in the very first verse it tells us that Nebuchadnezzar the king of babbling came onto Jerusalem and besieged it and amazingly it says the Lord gave Jehoiada Kim King of Judah into his hand with part of the vessels of the house of God which he carried into the land of Shinar to the house of his God and he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his two cats what's happening here do catch what the people on that day saw it happening before the riots when another nation conquer a nation and they talk to their gods are symbols of worship and brought into the house of their God what did it indicate it indicated that the conquered peoples God was impotence that there got I was more powerful they remember some of those stories real testing the ark of the covenant brought into the house of David by the Philistines and imagery here is not drama that happens in Babylon there's no toppling of Chaldean gods and goddesses have you heard the sanctuary through administers Ms. understood that there is no truth about the sanctuary has really no heavenly sanctuary during that is in the ranks of Adventism for years it is still there in February other things like what you know all this stuff that our forefathers immigrated registered really understand things were way away enlightened people today where people science and were not bound by those literalistic readings of the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and her things like that there have always been voices saying that God 's truth is bankrupt but in Daniel 's day in Daniel 's day to the mindset of the people of the Old Testament the people of Judah to Daniel 's peers what had played out in front of them was singing to give credence to all the arguments that were raised by the opponents of God 's people and write in their own ranks where was God why was he acting how come I have lived my life with this focus and it wasn't coming through maybe some of your their today you've been living for something is out of focus you thought it was God ordained it was an educational focus and whether its finances or health or family issues maybe it seems like you're derailed from that focus and people are telling you all has not got focus for you all you misunderstood God and yet you knew he was calling it something special honest of you in some area of lifestyle I gather the Holy Spirit has been speaking to your heart in these meetings gave been telling you he's got a higher calling for you is that I started going down that path before and it just ended up in misery I added up with no dogma but kids that ended up leaving the church are you now I got real serious about my health plan of getting sick are you with me there are times in life where it looks like the things that God has called the stupid is that not only looks like a guy call the guy had called his people to build a sanctuary we got was physically present within her and now it looks as we read the first emeritus of the book of Daniel that God 's ways God 's principles God 's true is laying in the dirt and adopts it it's in that context that some of the Hebrew nobility are brought to Babylon among them were told in verse six is Daniel and Anaya mission now it has arrive and you know how the story plays out there and Daniel one the King begins a brainwashing program that HSM is a wise king of England just like foreign rulers in today's congregations he would train the youth from within the church if you will when in the congregation and have them go back into leadership positions this is ancient history incident or was Nebuchadnezzar following a plan that Satan has to this day are there people to miss their in the ranks of Christianity who somehow think whether they are forcibly by circumstances my family desires by opportunity have them think that maybe that will be better leaders and God work by going to the schools of the Babylonians is that possible I don't miss understand the point I'm making here because Daniel was brought to the school the Babylonian but listen to what happens in this call first of all you get a new name a new identity I know care group are you with me and that your group you have a different identity Daniel and his friends are given different names but beyond that they start working on you to change your lifestyle it may seem subtle it may seem like an opportunity maybe you're in the honors class and that you have some special privileges you get to go out to eat with the professor and you take it out to a certain restaurant or maybe it's a certain entertainment that you have the privilege of being part of because your part some special group in this secular learning environments Daniel is given the very finest preparation that the world can offer it includes not only intellectual education but it is lifestyle education and verse eight of Daniel one it says Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king 's means no with the wine which he drank therefore requested of the Prince of the UNIX that he might not defile himself to file was at work defile gelatin where the filename skillet language defilement is speaking about she were able what you say that it may work like around me were already trying to tell me the educational systems may be trying to tell me my peers in the chart maybe try to tell me because it's true is no longer relevant it may seem like the world is a look at your getting certain advantage is the just kind of compromise a little bit we were talking about a big thing for me is a salvation issue is Daniel said sanctuary in Jerusalem may have been the file the Babylonians may have apparently Martin God 's representation of his revelation in his physical sanctuary in Jerusalem but my God is alive my guy is John Betsy Daniels they need guys shot your father is John and his righteous God is still on his throne and mind-body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit and I am not going to allow anyone to define the sanctuary Daniel says in his heart against the stream against the currents against the tide of influence that smiling over the charge that he and his three friends are not getting cave-in I want to tell you this morning that's not only Daniels were but it's my work it's your work is God has called us in these last days to do what him us him and I think you and I know you were a sharp crew of God is called as the stand is Daniel and his friends data they are going to stand for truth against the there's an interesting insight into this I was sure it was some of you the other day and amazing chapter in the book councils on diet and foods very first chapter there is called reasons for reform and has an interesting commentary on Daniel 's experience in Daniel one I'm reading from page thirty of councils on diet and foods it says share Daniel speaking about the king 's food being presented before him Daniel was brought to a severe test was easy thing for Daniel Kabila now I believe every one of us is dealing with severe test whether you are in the midst of it right now or not there are severe things are going on in your financing severe I think there were lots of other Jewish people and it was much of a severe test at all without they were just being black I forgot a good food to get me another other slaves are detonating it off as great education regarding where harbor or a meeting around the West Coast native Stanford UCLA I don't know where yet but they're the finest golf Daniel was dealing with a severe test should he adhere to the teachings of his fathers concerning meets and drinks and offend the King possibly losing not only his position by his life for Sony disregard the commandments of the Lord and returned the favor of the king sausage during the break intellectual advantages and most flattering worldly prospects are just like Daniel could do for God every just went along with the program just hang in there for a while you know God may be convicting you about things in these meetings and you're staying in hotel when he looked at me Mrs. Connelly got no ten more months I'll be done with my education and elemental circle are you know right now the onion and on a full scholarship at the secular school in any other some influences there there aren't that good are you with me if God is calling you out or something come on of her my people Daniel it says is facing this difficult decision but she tells us Danielle did not hesitate he decided to stand firmly for his integrity like the result be what it might be purposed in his heart they would not defile himself with a portion of the king 's needs nor with the wine which he drank if you think this is not a story of contemporary relevance listen to the words immediately following as the pen of inspiration traces output goes to many people 's minds today when they read the story there are many among professed Christians today who would decide that Daniel was to particular and would pronounce him narrow and and bigoted have you been have you ever been accused of being narrow and bigoted clause nine ninety ninety open-minded were living in twenty ten were not women back in the nineteen fifteen is twenty times your narrow your bigoted many Christians today would label the yoga they consider the matter of eating and drinking of two little consequence to require such a decided stand one involving the probable sacrifice of every earthly advantage the first test lifestyle test that I have even raised the non- Seventh-day Adventist and attending a secular college was not overdone but I can remember when the Lord was speaking of my heart about having a special day of worship the sound the seventh day and I was not a good college for Sabbath keeping because we had classes three days a week it would recall BA classes that met Monday Wednesday and Friday and be classes that net Tuesday Thursday and you got Saturday and so all I was taking a number of those be tracked classes and I brought up an environment where my whole future was contingent on my college education I can remember sitting at my desk in the dorm room sensing that God was calling me to make a stand for the Sabbath it starts skipping my classes on Saturday so you're a good man what if you miss one class out of three what percentage would that be view classes you'd be missing thirty three three percent you got that's a lot of classes in our tasks that were offered on Sabbath there are every word Santa and those glasses as I can remember sitting there thinking I miss his crazy I throw away my whole future to keep the army and it seemed to my human perception that this was a very narrow way to look at life it seemed like this was a very strange way to look at life but it was a problem it was God was convicting my heart about an area of lifestyle by God 's grace he held me to set aside that day else I was very difficult many times but the Lord bless and it was such a blessing to have one day a week night and really probably understand that much about the devotional life in those early days of my Christians but one day it was set apart for God either tell you what I did most of that day goes of the very bad lifestyle was on I love sleeping most of the day I would study up till midnight on Friday night no I didn't know that Sabbath started at sundown and I go to bad and I've sleep until about three in the afternoon as I was only sleeping an hour to an night during the week was really bad so if I come down with some neurodegenerative disease not some of the risk factors I have in my early life history it had nothing to do with my present diet and lifestyle and saw one day Annan and Minister no evidence that school actually came into my room and he said what kind of Sabbath is this good I told him about his value as we hope around all day is land that wherever they were having these Bible study meetings I go to at three in the afternoon on Saturday okay so I think I'm sure but God was speaking to my heart I could tell you story after story many of you could write about God is convicted you about some area of lifestyle that may at the time had seem to of been foolish to fall but God 's spirit was speaking your heart and when you yield to God spirit are you ever disappointed now so didn't ruin my prospect for any kind of education to start keeping the Sabbath while some of these that might say we know about what your aspirations were as a child Doctor DeRose and he ended up settling for medicine I aspired as a young boy growing up in Chicago to be a garbage collect real societies that would be a lot better your serving more people that if you are Doctor but no matter how we value things in life I'll tell you from my perspective today okay from my perspective today by following God in any area of my life is never compromised with God wanted to do in my experience as you think about how crazy that has everything somehow we follow God is going to compromise what his plans are friends we can't follow him just yet if I start following and now it's in a rural land and the prospects for the great Eric I can have forgotten the future really is crazy Daniel 's work was not only standing for what was right for you with Daniel was Daniel is a priest no Daniel was not surveying in the earthly sanctuary but Daniel was fulfilling all of those elements that we been looking at in our studies together remember lawyer first together we looked in Elijah and we saw that Elijah had this unique priestly calling remember the priestly calling it included preaching and teaching and what else healing we look at Jesus ministry and Jesus ministry was a threefold work it included preaching teaching and healing we look family commissioning service to Jesus at least we refer to it in every commissioning service would use out that while the ways out the seventy and we gave the great commission he gave every one of those call a call for his followers to do what to preach and to teach and to heal and then when the gifts of the Holy Spirit to give to the New Testament church three critical dimensions of that priestly ministry are given teaching preaching and healing for those of you that weren't here don't fall into the trap of thinking that spiritual guests even though the Holy Spirit distributes the Internet separately or severally as he will that many of us are not given dimensions of most if not all of those gifts remember in first Corinthians twelve is easy but the gift of what they the Christians are not supposed to have faith right were supposed to happen they were all given a measure of faith and God wants us to exercise any want of faith to grow what about healing are all just called to be involved in some form of health ministry if you haven't seen it it's there it's in the Bible and in Daniel 's life as well there are no missing out on time representative of God 's people the book of Daniel sealed to the time and man the prophetic message is not to be understood until the last days those historical events in the life of Daniel present truth for people showing was the kind of character that we need Daniel is a priest in the annual nine go with me there Daniel nine Daniel nine we think of priests doing certain things Daniel as priest in Daniel nine is interceding for his people Daniel nine verse three Daniel dollars that the time prophecy of Jeremiah is coming to a close he knows it seems to have that the time has already come and he's wondering why the fulfillment of the seventy year captivity prominence it will be Jerusalem will be restored does people be free is wondering why that is not occurring and he says in verse three he sets his face onto the Lord God distinct by prayer and supplication with fasting and sackcloth and ashes a praise in Daniel 's great Prairie Daniel nine confesses not only for his people we confess his zones Daniel as priests is inter- seeded on behalf of his people Daniel in his life if you study it combines not only the priestly intercession were at the receiving Daniel nine he also was one faithfully preaching God 's messages he was teaching people individually like Nebuchadnezzar himself and Daniel to and was involved in health ministry was Daniel involved in the healing ministry Daniel why the most powerful healing ministry the foundation for health ministry that everyone wanted was called to his or her own lifestyle your own lifestyle to be faithful to God 's call in every area of your life remember my reading from third testimonies sixty one and sixty two yesterday some of you are in here but I'll remind you that as we look at those pages the curtain was pulled back and we were told that it was not only a cause of physical degeneracy our failure that is our failure to follow God Council when it comes to lifestyle our neglect of health reform but it was one of the greatest causes of moral degeneracy often I miss reading Daniel often people say doctors aroused are you trying to tell me that no one who is not a vegetarian some as me this yesterday will not be certain and I'm not a vegetarian lineup he said am I saying that is God saying it of course not that's not saying that but God is trying to bless you with an expanding path of true and if God is convicting you that you should be a vegetarian or connecting unit you need to get on a daily exercise program for convicting you know that you need to get to bed early manias enemy nine o'clock at night I'll know what is convicting them are not here to tell you about connecting your dilemma the butt of God is convicting you of something then I can tell you there is great danger in stifling the voice of the Holy Spirit and these things we want as they are not salvation issue is if were talking about a relationship with Jesus you who struggle over what God 's great plan is for your life can I tell you something from my own experience many of the writing strong goals over big picture issues are simplified or eliminated by the little things God is asking you to do right now he said his dialogue I don't know I'm going to live that's a lot not addressing on anything please shop at think tank sure what he wanted to close the matter was to go live in the lowest convicting you of little thing you see in a few faithful and following those little things often those big decisions become very simple things you found a light in that little area there is no struggle is that why can't do that because you'll got Sean is not to let my life as well can I going to an obvious options endorsed to start closing it becomes very clear present and get so clear scary as God was leading me as a medical student I became very clear from a number of things how God was leading me it was he was leaning very clear my mind he wanted me to continue my medical training and residency in endless institution not saying that everyone has to do that God was convicting and he was convicting me that he wanted me going to internal medicine in error times are really struggled with that as with the Lord wanted me to do and he a also convicted me to understand Loma Linda and back in the and eighty four when I graduated there is only one Adventist internal medicine residency outside of Longhorn the cataract was a real hard decision where he wanted to go but you're my friend so what you can't just apply to one program which is high one program they don't accept you what we know what was in issue as I know I'm in the Lord McLaren I wait another year history missionaries on it was okay was it I wanted Kettering and I was there you know within a month or two of my graduation from Loma Linda but it was because of little thing I won't tell you all of the little things what they were one of them actually since we talked about yesterday was I didn't believe the Lord wanted me getting more training and female medicine so I signed leaving me in the primary care and I didn't see the family practice was that the place was calling out by the way I noticed many good male family practitioners who are didn't convicted and just for the records as we talked about relationships here the Lord did mess up my social relations to because of this kind of counsel he actually had the nerve why was encountering and I say this right and I made him say it reverently I'm saying it in the sense that most people would label God 's counsel in us it's tragic that they do but God convicted me from counsel despair prophecy about male and female physicians that he wanted me to marry a physician Galen medical ministries these about the blessing of husbands and wives are both physicians the problem was they were now single and Dennis female physicians again are gone I knew the way God leads people to gather you got to be in the same place to be deleted together but some since I'm running out of time we probably won't tell you all the details of that story but I can see a disappointed attack cat I don't see anyone waving signs then supposed to cut even Arden is always give me five minutes okay well on outside what actually happened I was in a Bible study group that Kettering was actually kind of interested in a young lady I told you can't count about this yesterday in the question and answers indirectly I told you how if you're interested in someone and the Lord tells you and as inappropriate place to put your affections you can just rapidly take away benefaction if you exercise and exercise your mind that direction so I was interested in this becoming interested in this young lady was a Bible study group that I was in Seventh-day Adventists and that she was not physician out as I was praying about in the Lord is kept convicting me you need to marry position of believers not general counsel I don't believe General Counsel for every address physician are many physicians here who are not married of physicians by no means am I suggesting to you should abandon your wife or your husband and find someone else okay this is the Lords convicting me and giving in these illustrations because God typically convicts you in ways that are not always normative for anyone else is safe with your devotional life in your walking with Jesus is that the burns on your are and you need to all of you well know what everyone else is doing so the right can want every physician Mary another physician that I was in my mind I was convicting right size okay Lord Yahweh have any interest in this young lady she's not a physician annual in a short time I know interested because I buy still the know he was doing the Lord sent me out to one Loma Linda Kettering was wanting me to recruit for thereunder residency and Iran until Sonia is now my wife so you're starting to figure out where this is going and was just impressed that she was seeking to file the Lord sees it medical student at that time and the interest in primary care messaging all this would be someone to be a good spouse for someone with this kind of vision but that this is not God doesn't work no two thousand miles apart and to make a long story short I ended up actually getting better acquainted with Sony 's family when her because the Lord sent me to a place after all this training internal medicine residency he sent me I'm one minutes to make this very succinic and then make an appeal to Samuel Wildwood Georgia and some people roll their eyes when they hear wild with George in on a kind of people that want to Wildwood Georgia know what they turn out now the Clifford Goldstein 's and Mark Finlayson all the time I ended up there and has right now were Sony 's family left and so I got well acquainted with her family and the Lord ultimately got us better acquainted and made it clear that we are to be a team but I can give you many examples like that we need to close actually on that now and we want to close because this is my last meeting with got to get back to see patients tomorrow in Weimar we got the capable at Doctor or let's will be sharing with you all the things I neglected to share so make sure you know what you were disappointed about that you didn't hear about the health meetings and Doctor Ora LaToya to cover that say Doctor DeRose is responsible to cover that the next time you see him but I would invite you as the whatever is comfortable for you and some position of reverence what is bowing your head when you understand what he wanted Neil however is more comfortable for me to kneel up here but we're just to seek the Lord in prayer because of this type of message does require a opportunity for us to make decisions for Jesus a list of our heads together father in heaven he reminded us today that you are an ever present Savior the sanctuary reminds doesn't Jesus the great sacrifice the pay for each one of us a great value he places on each of us and worldwide by the apostle Paul we look at that great sacrifice how will God withhold anything from us you won't in the book of Daniel reminds us that the task that we have conceptually is very simple you just want us to follow you you just want us to stand for you because want us to be faithful he does want us to follow you and the little thing and we follow in the little things these little lifestyle things that many people say or of no consequence is doing to get the original fanatical to do that no no no for following Jesus Jesus is always balance hell never lead us away we know that we would ever regret as a father I thank you my own life as I look back even I don't understand everything the things that I can understand I see how gracious you work in telling me things that I did want to hear father there are many here this morning some of them you are wanting to make a dramatic change in our Sunday want to confirm them right were thereafter their wavering then the following you but they're all kinds of precious thing on all your too long the program be taken too much time do not do enough for GZ need to be out there on the front lines in a you called in the training and if there is sung their wavering in that position and they're in the right place father I just pray that you would reaffirm in their hearts thought of as others here that you've been speaking to this weekend and I pray that there are some here right now they're in the valley of decision we want to just pause for a minute father if they are struggling to say yes father I will not defy him I said I will follow all of your counsel what you're going to do more devotional time or taking time for my physical health better work focusing on some issues with relationships my own character than focusing on or whether it's something specific about the devotional life figure leading them in father I pray right now that his decisions are being made his people right now that you would seal those decisions and I wanted this right now I ask you as an audience is worth before God 's throne before the heavenly sanctuary if you want to send a signal up to heaven as our heads are about her eyes are closed if you want to send a signal to heaven that you want the special power of the Holy Spirit in your life to follow the convictions regarding his again placed on your heart just please raise your hand is still a signal to heaven you want his special power God sees those hands he sees those commitments and he is committed to give you the power to follow through into bless you as a result we thank him in Jesus name amen


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