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Standing Before God

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • September 5, 2010
    7:30 PM
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tonight this is our final time together on setting was Friday evening we talked about standing in the midst of suffering and we look at the story of Joe yesterday for church we look at the birds of the famous vision and are clean text and before you rise and stand on your feeds you have to remember when you bought download at the men of Massachusetts Street and Paul never lost an issue when East so tonight when it's optimal standing before God standing before God there is a hint in the hymnal and initiated in its chorus it says how shall we spent in fact greatly how shall we stand in that greatly shall we be found before him wanting or with our sins are washed spending before going it sounds like a fearful thing sometimes but tonight I want to talk to you about a message that is encouraging and challenging at the same time and so I'm just giving you an idea of the lay of the land what were going so for the first time the message you'd be very encouraged the second half of the mail message because of how encouraged you were you will be very challenged in the second half of the message and so I asked that you be praying in your hearts that God will speak to you and also ask that you be praying for me as we should as we should business this together and that God will help us to become alive for us on this Saturday evening the eve of the end of our conference together and so with VAX Lisp free environment to God 's word heavenly father we are humbled to be here God is here and because God is here we want the right heart what have the right mind we have the privilege of fellow shipping with him who angels get to witness and Lord we don't want to take this for granted and we know when God steps in taking the environment any situation it can never remain the same and so we pray that all about hence in humble hearts would signal to heaven that we designed the spirit of God to come it is within us Lord speak to everybody and we asked father that this man which is what dusting is that you would use him that he would speak to him and you speak through him that we all might be blasting changed and more like Jesus when we leave this place this is our prayer and we trust that you will help this to be our experience we ask in Jesus and turn with me to the book of Philemon what book will not only has one chapter so I can tell you chapter the book of the law the book of Philemon standing before God now when I go through the entire book of Lamont Kate don't be alarmed one beautiful midnight for the entire book of Philemon but what I want to go for those of you are still use my favorite kind of listeners want to take the notes that are writing things down on litigating the structure of the message can and this is breaking out the structure of the book of Philemon are you ready first of all verses one to three is the greeting and salutation greetings and salutations versus articles one through three okay then from versus four two seven versus four to seven is the prayer of Thanksgiving what is it friend Thanksgiving one versus forty seven all right now from versus eight to sixteen verses eight to sixteen is no petition for forgiveness what is one person 's all right now assume you may remember verses one to three is not versus forty seven is not verses eight to sixteen and from verses seventeen to twenty two is the promise of restoration the promise of restoration what verses are those very good and then from verses twenty three to twenty five is assigned to greet you as an instrument let's recap I know when a breach versus one to three is not a very good verses four to seven versus eight to sixteen verses seventeen and twenty two and in verses twenty three to twenty five excellent now you'll be ready to preach one window and the maximum occupancy amen all right breeding inside edition verses one to three the Bible says Paul a prisoner of Jesus Christ and Timothy our brother on top Philemon our dearly beloved and fellow laborer and to our beloved of Fiat and octopus on fellow soldier into the church in thy house Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ now integrating its orientation we learn this letter is being written to and was being written for all now who is writing the letter Paul was right was Paul writing to Philemon who else of Fiat and octopus and the church that is in thy house now this is unique because Paul has three other letters that arrange individuals first and second Timothy and Titus but in this one he writes the Philemon as well as a field octopus and the church that is in my house so for some reason something in this letter that Paul is writing to Philemon in particular he seeks to impact the church community around so we have at least two players in our story tonight Paul and Philemon now versus four to seven the prayer of Thanksgiving I thank my God making mention of the house off always endless prayers my prayers was talking Paul now Paul is an apostle even not as an apostle Paul has established many churches now I'll talk us into an individual I thank God for you as an individual phenomenon I thank my God for you making mention of you always in my prayers now you ask yourself a question if you want to understand the sentiment of the verse who do you always make mention of in your prayers people got your logins perhaps your family individuals that are very endeared to a fellow soldier he starts off the ladder Philemon our dearly beloved so you understand that when you think of what is the feeling that Paul has for Philemon ask yourself the question who I always make mention of in my prayers and then how do you feel about them you understand how Paul feels about the this is an apostle now he says I thank my God making mention of thee always in my prayers verse five hearing of thy love and faith which thou hast toward the Lord Jesus and for how many of the Saints all the so here we see that settled on is an individual that Paul thanks God for makes mention of an always in his prayers and then he says on top of this I have heard of your faith and your love towards the Lord Jesus Christ and towards all the saints now listen to this company Christian do you think Paul notes a lot of Christians yes he's found an entire congregations in major Roman cities in Asia and Paul says Barnhart of your faith and of your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and for all the seats Eagles on verse six he tells us what he specifically praying for the communication although I think maybe come up actual by the acknowledging of how many good things every good thing which is in you was you set up on in Christ Jesus so Paul is reminding Philemon of something using Philemon remember and this is what I'm praying for you your face will be actual and acknowledging the fact that rebuilding a new is in Christ are you understanding it came to you by the grace of God that come to the Lord Jesus Christ every good thing how many have been living there is no good thing that dwells in you and I that has not come to us through Jesus Christ they say that to the acknowledged there are some things we think you know is my personality I like to reach out to people we think it all on justice to his person I love philosophy and grappling with these and those things may be true that listening to your inclinations but every good thing in you and he came to us through Jesus Christ we have to acknowledge that and Paul says is on praying about for you Philemon verse seven for we speaking in the plural now for we have great joy and consolation environment because the bowels of the saints we see the word balls in the King James version it's the same equipment that we use for the heart for example right you say you're going out and I say you're walking on campus and actually I was in Guam last week and I preached a sermon about talking with an adult in the back of the church a young girl about five years old came up to me gave me a hug she was like all you know that was a good sermon you are right so on in the King James and say that such is the balls you understand abilities were involved to be from these reasons that would be a compliment so Paul says because the hearts of the saints are refreshed by the idea that someone ensures that this refreshes you when you talk to them yes yes some people like that you just don't talk to them and you feel like the Energizer I like to plug into the gas station like you had a pitstop and after that conversation just energized ready to keep going for the rest of the day and Paul says Philemon was back on a guy in the church when you talk Daniel Hill Tiger in order some people when you are you avoiding them right click on the tube at one o'clock Lloyd I want to be a Christian in my heart but I'm not ready to talk right now but there's some people you're looking for them as I when I talk to this person I don't feel tight there's some people you talk to is just refreshing breath of fresh air in Philemon was our brother for Paul he says for all the saints when people see Philemon they were refreshed by now as we close off the section of the book of Philemon this prayer of Thanksgiving they understand what Paul is thankful for this yes the same film upon I'm thankful to God for man of God which refreshing the hearts of the six loss of face were comforted he says a man who doctors only refreshing to the sink the pulses consolation were comforted the compassion that he has upon the brother I thank you for you I can't think of refillable and now we go to the next section which is what you remember the petition for forgiveness verse eight to sixteen let's go wherefore now notice the word wherefore it means conclusion based upon the things I have just said here's the conclusion so based upon the fact am thankful for you Philemon the Saints are competent by your law company by your faith that every good thing in you paying through Jesus Christ an annual professional parts of the Saints he says wherefore though I might be much bold in Christ enjoying being on these two commands you he says that which is convenient that which is fitting is a better translation verse ninety six yet for lovesick I rather besieged being such an one as Paul of the aged and now also a prisoner of Jesus Christ I beseech the for my son only six whom I have begotten in my box now Paul says while he was imprisoned in Rome which is from where he wrote this letter but notice I'm a prisoner of Caesar he says I'm a prisoner of Jesus Christ Paul says while I was there I met one of your former slaves his name was on this since I don't listen listen I had an encounter now how did Paul want in prison meet a man I don't know what you got on this index and onanism is used to be a slave and Philemon 's house but Elizabeth wasn't converting as a slave in the Roman Empire it was a light sleeper you need about perhaps in the early British Empire even America swings at privileges that were different levels of slavery responsibilities shall assist in the Old Testament was asleep upon what Joseph had responsibilities he could develop you could grow he could study so no sadness assuring sleeve probably have responsibilities in Philemon 's house to decide until one day he recognize that in the Roman Empire you had to buy your way free it was called manumission and eventually go to court and then your master would and he would anoint you and recognize the fact that you are now free and he said that the common Roman practice was when they actually announced the man as free from the master the master with slap him across the head there's been speculation that they did that to symbolize this is the last act that I can do is remaster Phil Otway that's interesting but on this with anyone about the process so that the lasagna of the launch about it on his guys I appreciate he's an evangelist and I'm here at home as a slave you know maybe I can take some of these goods I can defeat the road there's no way he'll find you sooner than this you know breaks out and perhaps Philemon came home in the news HD television was missing on his MacBooks were gone no one knows since and in those days when your slave ran away hardest slave hunter and I cost money by the way slaves also were very expensive and so you hold that a slave would earn what you pay for them in the Roman Empire but here you have a slave whom you paid for already hoping that it would earn their keep not only does he steal from you he leaves so now your money 's gone if you to that end of the property back and which was spent upon it is already proof in the year now for the month of Christian and cimetidine in higher sleep went probably similar to Switzer will then so be it but you can imagine he was hurt right imagine having a housekeeper at your house and income holding Iraq you'd be hurt in the Bible says that he met Paul in Rome and while Paul was enrolled he says to us he calls on this and this my son Eddie says my son who I gave birth to while I was in my bonsai was imprisoned and he will listen this to the feet of Jesus of new citizen was converted and now Paul says I'm writing to you about anything that Philemon probably was surprised to read in the letter is getting a letter from an apostle who he respects and loves and probably follow Christ don't fall any thinking man I got a letter from the apostle Paul whilst imprisoned maybe you'll tell me how he's doing in jail the church is praying for as long as there's always the letter and the letter he's Philemon opens the letter he's getting a letter to get down to this verse and he says I'm besieging you for my son on this and this who some of my thinking on this initial son he was my sleep and Paul says on this issue for my son whom I given birth to him Barnes verse eleven which in time past was to be unprofitable but now profitable to be Anthony Russo now there's another one in the barn he says which is as time passed was to be unprofitable but now he is profitable to be not follow this own this is his name means profitable to see Paul is doing a little play on words in the Greek before he was not on this and this but now he's on this and it's are you understanding what Paul is saying you see them a lot when you have a listen as he wasn't himself he wasn't profitable but now that he's been converted into view on the fact that he's come to know Jesus he's now profitable to you and to me easily use these living up to his name is useful for the cause of God a man was not profitable but not profitable to you and you need verse twelve page I have sent again thou therefore receive him that is my old one files number we said Bosnian he says receive bonus in this yes that is my own heart when you think about this phrase it only makes sense right because Paul previously said I beseech you for my son on this habit of another soul to Christ if you've never let us all to Christ then you understand the endearment you have for that individual they are literally like your spiritual swing and you're worried that when they get released in the church maintenance are faltering them right you get nervous about people coming to them about their struggles hate being kind be gentle why because if a person for the soul that you brought to Christ you said I found one of my father 's lost children and I brought them back one intriguing in this way my heart don't harness all that you baptized his daughters old barns and thought that this is my son this is my heart filled a month now before the Lamaze thinking Melissa news was nicely Paul was saying that my heart receive my heart but he keeps going in verse thirteen he says when I went retained with me that and I said he might have ministered unto me and the bonds of the gospel but with all thy mind what I do nothing that died benefits should not be as it were of necessity but willingly let me explain what he saying here on the oldest of seven children and you know you can imagine food is something that is scarce sometimes when you have seven kids and kids can eat if you have children know what I mean it seems like food can't stay in the culprits but I remember it all I have siblings and sometimes it wonderful on your plate but may organize theater I like my food we all come together segregation the list when it comes to him like the green beans did not think that's in the mashed potatoes I'm all about unity in the church but because that's all in all unless I don't even eat that sat as of the call me unlike just relax again focus on you hopefully not a second time a floor enters into the realm of likely catches a couple of brains in milk my rice and he puts it in his mouth is a some of Iran's not obviously the rises in your mouth so I have been given to you by necessity you understand I can you even can give you the right it's already in your mouth like asking my understanding so Paul is saying if I capitalism is with me and I said hey can I have a list of this dilemma was that you already have so therefore by necessity I get to keep him up all the thing I sent an acting as Ottawa do anything without your permission I want you to go through the act of giving me bonuses so I physically sent him back with this letter and here on this amiss a former slave who was converted dealing with the issues that what happens when I'm converted do I have to go back and confront things I did when I was unconverted idleness hopefully a lipid apostle Paul is doing ministry even Paul says he's profitable but one may pop willfulness in the society says listen to me my son needs to go back to and listen as I can imagine it's like you don't understand in Zach 's HDTV of his MacBooks like I can go back to Philemon there's no way and as a slave he has every right to kill me Paul says Philemon listeners to write you a letter to Philemon because I know on the one baptized and so only give you this letter what you are bringing to fill in on this list takes this letter Paul writes it and in the letter as for the month coming to the says look I would've kept on nuisance with but without your permission I would do nothing only to see the map who Rongji the sleeve pulls you much and only to send him back as a frequent to be with me as so Paul continues on in verse fifteen dealing with the petition for forgiveness he says for perhaps he therefore departed for a season that thou shouldest receive and for all all forever he wasn't converted Philemon and for whatever reason working in Philemon 's house then we'll listen Mister Christ but perhaps Paul says when he ran away anything to roll the magnesium got reborn met the Lord Jesus Christ now he comes back mainly on receiving and forever not yet little for a little bit of time were talking about broken relationships and he says going on I don't want to receive them forever burned sixteen not now as a servant the Greek word is to loss not now as a slave but all but let's leave abroad there be loft especially to me but how much more unto the both in the flesh and that the petition for forgiveness the next section is one the promise of should verse seventeen if thou Colleen was an excellent therefore if thou calmly therefore a partner received him as my wife self this is getting happy now receives you for my son only since he was not profitable but now he's profitable receiving that is my very heart not now as a slave but I thought but let's leave a brother below especially twenty homers more to you maybe he departed for a season that you might receive them forever how to brother be in a few company a partner receiving as many how in the world would Philemon receive Paul you want me to receive my slave of this lease as if Paul is coming but he keeps going and he says in verse eighteen here we go with the promise if you have wrongly or always be anything put that on where my account also started to me put it on my time and then he says in verse nineteen five all have written it with my own hand I will one day it's there's the promise albeit I do not seem to be called now always uncertainty even thine own self besides I'm not going on right now but you just blotted out Paul is a very shrewd men are not even a bring of ongoing high on the own life somebody said him a lot of enough I gave you right as WIC just he says gay brother let me have the joy of being in the world refresh my heart in the holiday Philemon refresh Paul's by receiving what artisans one more verse he says having confidence in the obedience I wrote unto the knowing that thou will do also more than us the re: asking a lot even in the one we never see them as yourself and Paul sent you on confident in your obedience and I know that a lot of you know you guys are about to love in your face the Saints have been comforted by your love and your face and I know you Philemon you'll do more than I even asked for your sleeve only since but withal prepare me also a launching by the word also you want on this list is being your house is vacant my lodging for I trust that through your prayers I shall be given this story is not about bonuses it's about us you see Paul I mean the part of Jesus for the repentant sinner and when you come to recognize the law of God that you want God to you when you break the ten Commandments and I recognize we become criminals in the universe you are criminal and when you break the law and you are criminal and you recognize that the person whose volume what was your own father and not only did you break the law you wronged him not only did you want him to talk some things that belong to him with you you only and some things but then somewhere along the way that Jesus and their Philemon the picture of the father and in a prayer of Thanksgiving I've heard of your love portals I think we see Jesus and Paul Saint Sebastian you could go back to need to go back to your father who did nothing to deserve which perimeter write a letter for you Sebastian and want to take this letter back to you for that Jesus has me the letter and I started making my way to the throne but I get the look of the letter before I get there and in the latter Jesus says Sebastian this is what I'm saying to Philemon to the father father on besieging you for my son Sebastian will not have begotten and likewise but you know what father in time past he was unprofitable but now he's profit one fifty one and really Sebastian Lord and I'm not telling you right now that I'm sending them again in person and I'm asking that you would receive Sebastian that is mild heart if you reject the bassinet rejecting me and Sebastian comes out of Captain to use them but I didn't want to do anything without her permission I wanted to do it yourself so on Sunday Sebastian with this letter and perhaps he departed for a season so that you can receive them forever not now have the slave but wirelessly all brought their beloved to me Jesus how much in the flesh and father if you count me therefore apart receive Sebastian as myself how does the father received Jesus when you read Psalm twenty four analyte uses this passage to talk about when Jesus was going back to having a Jesus even on Arthur would let no one question he came out of the grave thoughts as my son is alive the Angels that Jesus is alive but he's got to go back and there was nary jointing and uses on no Jesus in touch may not have not yet ascended where to my father then angels chained and taken back to having an asthma is going back to heaven out alike says that they were approaching the gates of glory on the study now all you gave this will not do everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in and the angels at the gates and who is the King of glory as you says they did not ask as they did not know they asked because they just wanted to hear his name up or not you everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in and induces his feet touched streets of gold angels remember we walked on abilities never to see him father remembers an empty throne and when he landed the Angels am sure when I grew up seven kids when daddy comes home everybody wants to the door that each eye naturally Jesus got back to heaven it was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands running to the gates and he came to give him a hug and Jesus is wait I need to go see my father and Jesus walked and approached ad litem approach and when he got close to the throne he lifted up his facts uses father 's and the father sounds hence he's thirty years what do you think God can do when you receive Jesus can give a Mohawk my son is in Jesus as father when Sebastian I want you to receive him as myself here's the letter he was uncomfortable pronounced you know father if Sebastian has wronged you what was he talked to Mike and I promise you I Jesus have written it with my own I will repay the story of only six is your story and my going back to the father with the word from Jesus and then he goes on and says listen that you have joy of you in the Lord refresh my heart and then on top of that he says father I was confident in your obedience I was confident he will do what I asked what no know know when Sebastian congealed to even more than what I see is not disabled the Bible says to do exceeding abundantly above all you could ever ask or think you can't did not say Lord I just want to be a servant in your house Lord you know I will be great if you could just forgive me this one time but the Bible says you don't know your father he will do exceedingly abundantly above all you ever ask or think you as one of the authorities and sometimes we know we've been insane we know we want God we know we've been all and you come back like the prodigal son clothes tattered no shoes on your feet emaciated from spiritual malnourishment and after coming back she said the father was waiting at the edge of this property and when his son started coming down the road no stools standard you may see if I told you said I still recognize that's what I decided running towards some we come back to God with our little speech Lord I'll just be asserted in your house and a pharmacist I want to hear your speech you must and we come to God and say Lord I'm not working in the father looks at you and I says you're not you were never working to be nice there's only one who is working since Jesus so when I come back to the father unencumbered my speech Jesus is Lord and other wife says to those who are engaged in missionary work I would say hi in Jesus and Wendell were both heart and you get discouraged she says take your Bible get down on your knees and say here Lord thy word is touched though all you wait upon his promises and every one of them will be fulfilled when the warm Gulf aren't when you find yourself discouraged you get up and say Jesus wrote a letter in the works he wrote a letter and you and I recognize in this passage the amazing love of God he receives us as he receives Jesus when you come to your father he looked silly says Sebastian we were baptized to the into how to see my son in twenty one years thus regardless think and when I came to God which really brought me to himself what he things going to do when the sun comes in hunting and when I get to heaven just like Jesus before and when he thinks I'm running and I'm looking for my father swimming and look God in the face and say I'm home forever not going anywhere that's the encouragement but then the question becomes sometimes this letter is into the father it's the Christians sometimes Philemon is you and me and Jesus says there's a notice in this in your life and am writing to you from my son am writing to you from my heart am writing to you to receive this person as myself and Jesus says I was confident that you would do more even than I we all have experienced broken relationships you see this message becomes challenging because of how encouraging news how can we receive this kind of love and then turn around and withhold it from my brother and will come to God it certainly argue to understand on this and this has wrongly you see the first thing about this is the story I read it with just extreme joy and fear because I remember when I was converted immediately I was confronted with the fact that my first stepfather had abused some of my brothers and sisters he was in jail at the question is Sebastian when you read this passage can you forgive him can you receive him Asmus see brothers and sisters because of Jesus we can stand before God Bangkok 's lobotomy I know that all is well that I have peace with my heavenly father there's nothing between the song says my soul and the Savior but the problem is that people cannot stand before us for giving we lose our forgiveness before are you understanding and noticeably struggling with forgiveness a man whom Paul is thankful for a manual refresh the hearts of the Saints with his love but there's something about Christians who love God love Jesus love all the saints but there's one person there's that one time this person wronged me this one individual in my past this one person that owes me so much I'm gone places and I understand the pain that walks around in people 's hearts go to our Academy 's I could tell you the stories for hours young girls are abused by their old father I can tell you the stories about young men abused by their older brothers and I'm not talking about physical abuse I could tell you the stories about life beaten by their husbands while the elders in the church children emotionally abused and we all have a story somewhere that has a person out there is an only submissive and the question is when an adolescent it shows off can you forgive right now we can stand before God we can sing the hymns we can rejoice in all this but if that person is not forgiving your forgiveness is in jeopardy that's why it's hard and he says how why needs to receive them Jesus says I be gone in my thoughts to reject this person is to reject Christ tonight it's time to go back to that place that you thought you can leave in the basement of your life lock the cellar door but yes now I'm about evangelism now Lord how about going on a sharing the gospel while going to these places in finding people in Africa but here we are preaching the gospel to them about forgiveness and yet we ourselves don't practice and all this will be the first ones in line logging on the ninth and I will usually say you can't forgive him do you know Tucker giving you do you know how much Jesus has paid and when the songs that Jesus paid it all in easy pain in all to suffer in hell for us and I'm not saying it's easy Paul knew what was able to be easy that's why he wrote the letter was in the world can listen to say to convince them into such an tonight Jesus is interceding between you and some you loose stay I forgot to reject members to reject Jesus 's child is to reject his heart know why is Jesus gave his life for that purpose Jesus was forsake so no one on this birth could be for some how dare we receive such love from and in withholding from this is real Christianity the power of forgiveness is light coming from being a slave to a freak nose at the University of Michigan there was this woman was in South Africa during apartheid issues in this woman lost her daughter to these fighters her daughter was home about to take her exam had a full scholarship anywhere she wanted to study right and the day before choosing to take the exam and then had on became a knock on the door she thought it was her mom coming home but he was not raped her and killed her mom came home and the first thing they said when interviewed her segment you know how you feeling punctual some sense of justice she says I just wanted one record on this television program right now if those individuals are out there somewhere just let them know I forgive and there she was at the University of Michigan sharing the power of forgiveness and then that same man later on repented of his acts came back to her didn't find a job she hired didn't have a place to live she gave him a room in her house near the road where her daughter uses and as if that wasn't powerful enough I came up to her after her presentation is like ma'am you know your Christian she said on the Seventh-day Adventists sometimes you just happy to be seventy events is him and please the Lord and I said where did you get the strength for this she says Sebastian when you understand the Lord 's prayer forgive us our debts as we forgive she says my forgiveness from Jesus is too precious to me to waste on a man who ravaged my life she says I know my daughter was with the policy hurt when his salvation is I don't know and I know there's no way in his mind he would think I would forget the Christian now he's a Christian this first with understanding through this woman the law and the forgiveness of God where are we tonight are you ready to stand but if you're ready to stand before God forgive it got to be willing to let you on this and stand before you forget a brother especially to Jesus every head is bowed in every eyes closed tonight maybe there is an omission this of God someone who's Rob all the privileges of his life that he gave the tablets that is given to you maybe there's someone tonight that says the Lord it's hard to forgive but I need strength I need strength to do it because there's no needed standing before God when I cannot forgive someone and if not you want to say Lord I need strength to forgive I need strength to forgive arts when I should expect I need strength to forgive that someone in mind him him someone in mind but my second call is for that elusiveness of God was ran away maybe tonight you've met Jesus in his box and you're saying I'm ready to come back to the Lord Jesus is what ready to be received by God I shall invite you to come forward to slip out all the listeners I'm ready to come back to God on the notice in this I have all God I'm wrong to and now I'm ready to come back to God but I'm coming when Jesus is Lord and when you come up front Jesus says the father will receive you Jesus himself the Bible says you are accepted in the beloved don't listen this I know I all got I wasted my time I wasted my life I wasted my comments for my own selfish reasons they didn't belong to me they belong to God but not coming back to send board this is Jesus 's work on the notice 's and am ready to come back and Jesus as you receive me as Jesus Osama 's heart Jesus says these are my son and my daughter the Bible says that God would just seem tonight it would be as if he would reject Christ season front and become abnormally such in the end he will extent you as he accessed Jesus the first he wants to do is give you a hug is one of talk about your old life doesn't want to talk about your past is just happy of his happy home it's pretty together heavenly father we are thankful Lord for your word to us to seek we've been encouraged and challenged it is amazing as the hymn writers have written amazing how can it be done now my God should start Jesus we are standing because we come before God asking for strength to forgive we recognize that we have no business standing before the father seeking forgiveness and cleansing when we cannot forgive a brother or sister or wife or child or father or mother or friend or foe we recognize to neither to reject these individuals is to reject Christ and we pray to you how give us the heart of the father to receive them as yourself father we've also come up front for special prayer asking that the Spirit of God will be poured down upon our lives because we are only sinister going we've come a front to recognizably wrong we've wasted that was belonged to him but were coming back with Jesus 's words they were saying Lord receive us not because of us not our sake but for crises as Jesus said all of our sins and all of our foolishness he would repeat he said talking to his account he said don't receive us as asleep as a brother beloved he says that were profitable to you now that we are history and we are his heart so he respect forgive for Christ sake please father and thank you for receiving us helpless to never be the same give us courage in Jesus name we pray amen


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