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Jesus' Work -- and Yours

David DeRose


David DeRose

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  • September 4, 2010
    3:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you for the privilege of being in the midst of your creation on the Sabbath day thank you for drawing our minds to the beautiful things that you've may as we posit in your presence we're reminded that the crown a active creation is the human body we pray to you to help us better understand how to care for that by privilege we have of being involved in health ministry each one of us that you guide in our time together that would truly be practical and make a difference in each of our lives we can't do that in and of ourselves but we know you're fully able to give us that experience we asked for it in Jesus name amen have you ever received one I'm speaking about our radical breezing a radical reading they might so what is a radical greeting let me have you turning your Bibles to the book of Judges and I want to give you an example of a radical revision of course the judges is quite a radical book it's not one of the high points in the history of God 's people but there are fascinating insights into the Lord and his character that we get from the book of Judges is ongoing with you to judges chapter six judges six and the familiar story of Gideon Judges six because we're looking here at an example of a radical greeting judges six verse twelve before we go to verse twelve oh three minor cells in the context of fully appreciate how radical this greeting as it says in verse eleven of that is six entertainment angel of the Lord and sat under an old which was in Opera entertainment and Joe Ash the abuser I and his son Gideon thrashed week by the wine press hide it from the Midianites and then verse twelve it says the angel of the Lord appears to get again and says to him what the Lord is with the thou mighty man of valor so where we find Gideon and his story is hiding as right he's hiding in the wine press and actually this is not the place you would typically find a hero is at high and so there's greeting that he receives from the angel of the law are is a radical greeting integrating that you would not expect were you in the situation with Gideon is in with that percolating in your minds I want you to look at another radical greeting and this time we're going to go to the New Testament into the writings of Peter and specifically want to observe whether there might be a radical greeting that applies to each one of us today are turning to first Peter chapter two and I'm looking to see if there is a radical greeting that applies to you and me this afternoon as we study first Peter chapter two beginning with the ninth verse first Peter two verse nine but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people but you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy the question as is this a radical greeting when you think of it stop for a moment and if I were to walk up to you and say how is the priest doing today how many of you which are around to look and see if I was speaking to someone behind you I made a list of the circles that I man it's not a normal grading to call someone a priest in fact for some of you using the word phrase may bring up imagery in your mind that is not all that engineering priests God calls you up recently ask you question if God calls you appraise wouldn't it be helpful to know what they're calling it now right they were talking this morning about one of these great names in every one of us as integrated as a Christian we want to know what God 's will is for our lives right now maybe I should build that because I know it's hard to draw people from the discussions about relationships as important as those are especially in the last days we look at that and Malachi for those of you who were with us this morning but I want to suggest to you that this call of the priesthood is vital to us understanding are in time role as believer we can't fully probe the subject today because really these thoughts about Jesus were and yours will look at him somewhat short order will look at some key scriptural passages some insights from the pen of inspiration smelling white and there were actually going to make this a more open ended workshop and that is we have a roving mic and actually interact on some of these topics because I might really prisoners they were talking about issues are of concern to you today back and if you're talking about subjects that I don't know the answer still we have a group here for a workshop we can dialogue together some very practical things I believe the Lord wants to do in our minutes so let's talk about this job description of a priest if you are to put it very simply what was the purpose of the Old Testament priesthood mediator intercessor and are you talking about themes it alternately become very clear in the book of Hebrews what is the book of Hebrews basically tells the purpose of the priesthood what offer gifts and sacrifices that's exactly right but what's the big picture goal keeps being brought into the picture in the book of Hebrews in connection with the Old Testament that's why Jesus so the ultimate purpose of the priesthood was revealed Jesus as a director the book of Hebrews Jesus is greater than the high preachers is greater than the earthly priesthood the priesthood pointed to Jesus but what was it in the Old Testament priesthood the priest pointed to Jesus what elements even talking about some of the intercession and ministry being a goal between well yes things that we would put under the umbrella of spiritual ministry over the priests in the Old Testament involved with anything else in addition to what we would call typically spiritual ministry would even yes they were involved in teaching and in healing that's exactly right preaching teaching and healing were all part of the priestly ministries today if you got up this morning while assessing this morning let's even getting up every morning for the last six months and as rash on your arm is looking worse and worse it's itching more and in fact starting to bleed where when you likely go today if you had worsening skin condition yesterday like we go to the dermatologist and your number the Zhang but in Jesus they and the Althouse limit administration where when you go to a skin condition to go to the creates so there was not a medical profession but the phrase was profits as one of the roles of the priest was given me the profits were priest not all of them there was the spoken word it was practical ministry there was healing ministry there was teaching was talking about cheeses work the priesthood gives us insights of the work of Jesus turn with me to Matthew were first going to go to Matthew chapter four and Matthew four we are given a glimpse of summary of Jesus ministry from Matthew a Jew if you want to see a physician 's perspective on Jesus ministry you can remove Matthew not not that he was the only Jew who was writing the New Testament of course but he has this perspective especially of how Jesus was coming as the fulfillment of prophecy so look at Matt Matthew chapter four verse twenty three as Matthew gives us a summary of the Savior 's work Matthew four twenty three is as a Jesus went about all Galilee doing what teaching in their synagogues and doing what else preaching the gospel of the kingdom and doing what else here laying all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people not you think it would be simple enough just to read Matthew four twenty three and get the point is a pretty clear that when Jesus ministry is being summarized it has these three elements to it at least in Matthews inspired rendition for straightforward right in Matthew nine the same summary statement is given later in Jesus ministry it seemed that was important enough for God to reemphasize that so we could when I could withdraw the Scriptures bugging enough tags that you can trace through this every time that not only when Jesus was ministering but when he conditions his disciple first the twelve then the seventy eight and in the great commission what three elements are present JJ preaching why you say that with such confidence turn to Matthew twenty eight I want you to find where the great commission it speaks of healing Matthew twenty eight I see some of you realize that as a teacher I like to ask for questions I see those glimmers of recognition because if you study Matthew twenty eight indeed you will not find any mention of healing and that rendition of the great commission but if you turn to Mark sixteen you'll engaged find the ceiling was part of the great commission the Jesus gave in fact with two different accounts are there different times and seasons post- resurrection experiences March sixty in Matthew twenty eight it suggests it was the geniuses was repeatedly repeatedly getting this great commission and Alan why was she writes about and desire of ages she says that great commission applies to all believers to the end of time so we are being included in his priestly commissioning not only as Peter writes about it as John wrote about in the book of Revelation as recently portrayed in Jesus 's ministry in the gospel without background let me tell you that I have a special affinity for prescriptions is there any surprise as a position that I would be somewhat partial to prescription nongame as a window we write prescriptions many times and I want to give you a prescription it's very important prescription one of the things that positions most fear is making a fatal mistake and by the way as we speak you about the great commission Ellen White tells us it's a fatal mistake to think that the great commission is just appointed ministry is how it applies to all of us as the body of Christ but here is something else that relates to fatal mistakes in the church if someone has just suddenly fallen to the ground and you rush out to them of you first perhaps check to see if their breathing snow were trained to do it in the ABCs of your cellular airway breathing circulation and I saw the person is not really how many of you even if you don't have a medical training medical background you think this would probably be a bad situation for a stupid question right case also was not breathing what do you want to help the person do if they're not breathing yes he went out the brain is over this is very basic to your bubble to get to more advance material here in a few minutes so I'm going now to something that's a prescription for the breath of life but when you want something to have the breath of life will you be concerned about getting the breath of life simple question it on my read Brian will like to know when you have a special meeting at five o'clock and routing it to put the wood and put the physical breath of life into people now most using physical breath of life on a breathing I don't need to go to that meeting but one thing I can skip I'm reading out from sixth volume of the testimonies page two sixty seven and she's going to tell us how to bring the breath of life into our churches this am you don't need to listen it is MRN from a great local church it's a vibrant church I knew I came to the wrong seminar let me read because she felt it was a big issue in her den I believe it's probably bigger issue in our day-to-day I'm reading like a set from six volume of the testimony this is page two sixty seven sixty two sixty seven get the young men and women in the church as the work yet the young men and women in the church is to work visit UIC is a this is the GUI see message and is speaking to those in leadership listen carefully belt when she speaks about getting them to work here's what she says next combined medical missionary work with the proclamation of the third Angels message so it's not just a preaching and teaching ministry that the young men and young women are being called to buy the latest plenty of other statements if you don't feel young anymore it includes you in this medical call to medical evangelism but then she says giving some specific instructions about how to combine medical missionary work with the work of the third Angels message she says many regular the organized efforts to lead the charge members out of the cabinet level in which they been for years so this is obviously something antiquated because there's no dead church members and Adventism today is natural man what kind of efforts regular organized efforts what is that imply what is regular organized effort imply continuous what else does it imply structure a plan right does not do something okay we heard about it and now it doesn't happen it's not our fault back in the bus of statement to the pastor and out the bottles in his court rights all they had Elder make regular organized efforts to lift the church members out of the general level in which they been for years now listen very carefully she says send out into the church workers who will lead of the principles of health reform sent out and in the churches workers will do what was the principles of health reform now none of us would probably ever want to say that we've arrived living any aspect of the Christian life and I surely would not have said that some for five years into my experience as a Seventh-day Adventist but when I graduated from medical school I came into the Adventist church as it young adult I was the product of secular college campus evangelism so I appreciate all those of you who are involved in reaching out to college students because of the word for an Adventist minister who was willing to fail in evangelism I would not be here today and lengthen why Sega on this fellow 's name was Robert McPherson in Minnesota had a vision to bring the address message to secular college campuses and everywhere he went he fail really doesn't this is a story that was told me years later by his son so you may notice on Steve McPherson introduced over conference president Idaho everywhere he may fail either they going to get permission to hold meetings restart the meetings may cause them down or know what I don't know all the details but everywhere he failed how many of you if you sense the Lord was calling into a ministry and it seemed like every time is a wiser ministry going is that well you know no one came to the meetings of button I think the Lord is really calling me to do this so it was sooner or later some as the employer decides that your brother sister don't you think of the Lord is really calling you don't you think you'd be blessing your ministry he said he don't believe they can be seeing more fruit from your labors such as this is a pastor there a management got in the workers meeting you these crazy yet it doesn't work but he finally got permission I see to get permission right off he decided he was going to bring the address message to the small college I was attending Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota and I he and his sons Steve went fiercely was a pastor that time as well and when they walked in the Carleton College and on the billboards in all and they went to the administrative offices was also a student union they were seeing things like the communism club and the rule in society and the Marxism interest group are you getting the picture there was absolute and no evidence of any Christian influence on a campus so what you think they got it they turned around and laugh they said no displacement reaction lasted more than a warehouse and as he got permission to hold meetings there and I won't tell you the whole story but the Lord providentially got me to meetings that I would never showed up in and introduce me to the Jesus of the Bible and the like you heard last year this morning as I was an agnostic at the time but to see Bible prophecy and these shameless of Scriptural truth of Seventh-day Adventists and emphasize was powerful in my life and let me look seriously at the Bible and they get to know the author of the Bible so from the background I realize my lack and I shared with you this morning that I was not particularly excited about the spirit of prophecy wanting nothing to do with it as a young Seventh-day Adventist episode you think it's a shame the past and even baptized me at knowing I told him I wanted nothing to do with Ellen White and he baptized me anyway but I think that was a providence as well whether you made the right decision or not I think in God 's wisdom he got me in the place I needed to be and then later on as I started reading that counsel the Lord started to show me something amazing and the amazing thing about the Bible and the spirit of prophecy is that God is demonstrating his great love for you individual using if you went to a doctor and you had the lets are you having pain for many days abdominal pain you've been putting off seeing the doctor many of you don't like doctors and maybe is partly our own fault and you finally coming to see the doctor maybe missing they oh and Weimar we don't do a lot of my advanced diagnostics were usually treating people with natural and lifestyle therapy is after they been diagnosed as a coming from a great distance we presented be diagnosed first but some of them to come with diagnostic challenges but let's income the we mark and we do an exam may we send you down to Auburn nearby community with an ultrasound maybe some other diagnostic studies and I break the news to you that you have cancer and I tell you this type of cancer you're the good news is it looks like from New York transit staging and testing to evaluate the extent to cancer we say the good news is it looks like this cancer is surgically curable might be some pricing keeps it we supposed to be doing natural remedies Doctor draws but think about it for a minute where was the first surgery done on this earth have done regarding so I might say that's taking astride the railway both the spirit of privacy or prophecy endorses surgery as one of God 's approved healing methods so anyway I recommend surgery to you and NUS new question is a question our dimension earlier today is a Doctor DeRose you're a Christian I'm a Christian just tell me I you you saying I should have surgery but is this salvation issue I still have it on the physician as far as your body MES is a salvation issue it's life or death unless the Lord does something miraculous is a no no no I'm asking this is a salvation issue I get if I don't have the surgery might be lost forever is that the issue that's going on here I'll bet that's not the issue but here's the point guys try to bless you guys try to get your blessing what are you asking his life illustration some of us are in the early morning meeting remember the chariot driver some of you are here and the question is how close do you want to get to the edge of the club I mean some people say it's exciting to be living on the butt I see there's a God that loves us enough was trying to keep us away from the insulin is love he points out to us the best way to live for our churches for us individually and work on arousing was not a salvation issue you know we shouldn't do teachers in the church it's divisive you see we shouldn't talk about how the divides churches have churches been divided by over health family most of a meeting of a pastor and having sat with pastors and meetings I have I could tell you stories about churches that were divided over the healthiness and excitement my conviction is why this happens why happens is because we're not as a people giving sound balanced spiritually focused for I centered health teaching globally throughout our charts and nobody's got a read very far in the spirit of prophecy to know this is one of things were called to as a people some is not happening from the pulpit and were not involved in health ministry in our local church level woman who was to fill the gap it's often some there reading the Council but they're not necessarily the most balanced person in the world they may not have any medical training and they may actually have access to the Internet amazing island understanding and they just went on the Internet and I found out that if you are a total vegetarian if your ball will land here and so immediately you now that I have no credibility by the way there is no such connection in the medical research literature that I'm aware of and I having experimented with best not to grow my hair I have for many years I can tell you it's not made any difference but the point I'm making it is a troll that the vegetarian diet is the optimal diet yes it unethical for the first chapter of Genesis for and yet what happens someone takes something is true and they start pulling in all this other stuff that goes along with an Weisinger because in many churches that is not in your videos are all sitting here your all actively involved in health ministry your charges are involved in the Ministry of tremendous but many churches not happening to get some people on the friend is the day we got a start on our message is a bellowing spirit is connecting the at best it's in the Bible is in the spirit of prophecy and ominous start preaching hell and many times that help regionally do is devise they start judging people and saying you know you can't be innate in the elite group in our church if you're doing that sent in the making of going to church for they say we really got into visit our potlucks are you know were an abomination we looked at Elijah 's ministry this morning and I want to tell you something that I think is very important to look at the New Testament was especially inspired there could be more than one answer but late New Testament was especially inspired by the ministry of Elijah can you think of anyone Sylvia St. John the Baptist I'm sure John the Baptist was was inspired by that and you think of anyone else go in the New Testament so the guy let me tell you I'm in Luke nine Luke nine beginning with verse fifty one gene is 's has set his face that vastly they had to Jerusalem and it says in verse fifteen two oh hello nine loop the position writing he says messengers are sent before Chinese as they gone the Samaritans and assess Americans do accommodate Jesus on his travels in verse fifty three it says they did not receive him because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem is very interesting is in it think about it didn't Jesus care about Samaritans yes he loved them just as much as Joe it was everyone right and yeah Jesus was on a mission not actually heard a madness minister and his late people being accused of not showing proper deference to people because their face was set on something else is that possible could you actually walk by someone and not greet them even if you knew them as a possible answer might put me on something else and if you're involved in evangelism your eyes especially looking out for those who are visiting the meetings right and you're your first priority is not to visit with all your friends of the church Jesus is focused here we talked about focus earlier today he's focused on ministry is focused on his ministry going to Jerusalem and his Americans don't accommodate him but now now we have tool of Jesus disciples Gore inspired by the Ministry of Elijah there inspire James and John and what an echo of a club the Old Testament NASA as to what we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them just as a a story like that when inspired by the example of the lines in knowing where we left because there is a certain humor in it but really what we think about it it's tragic is and were speaking in this seminar about the need to stand right but you know this as we were looking at the early church today and the fact that they were disciples Jesus always sent the disciples out to buy two the disciples set up churches wherever they were at if you thank you are being called like Eli John de Gaulle before the General conference president and speak a stern message of rebuke you better be very careful if the Holy Spirit is prompting and it's the same with your local trash when they go back down to the statement in six testimonies because limited time to sin with my background because she next says this led to the sense you heard this book and see the necessity of self-denial and appetite will be a snare to the church send out workers who will left of the principles of health reform so I didn't come into the Adventist church I didn't go through medical school with a desire to be example to anyone else but the Lord was working in my life and I was making changes in my life and he led me ultimately to a small church and in no small church after a very short time the folks know why was a physician now they happen to know because the first time I visited that church of the few days before when the church members had been the medical clinic near Kettering Hospital where I was doing my internal resident medicine residency some arrested accident her first year of internal medicine at Kettering and that's church they know I'm a physician after a few weeks when the ladies comes up to me and she says Doctor DeRose we've been watching you eat and we need you to give a seminar in our church on healthful eating what about the Lord already given me some insights and attacked them how to work with a church and I said sister I would be happy to do that but I couldn't do that unless the whole church wanted a program like this and in fact if it was going to be a nutrition seminar I would not do it unless there were ladies would be willing to clock the kind of fluids I think talking about because I am not a cop so I was often you say it has been cast for nearly having some insight I was always off the hook for at least ten minutes because then the pastor comes to me with great way and adapters as we really need this seminar in our church and hear these three ladies who are willing to do the cooking was I supposed to say okay sign me up you know sometimes though it were just not thinking straight it does ever happen to you I would enter some of you have a medical background you realize what that entails and I'm sitting that I've never given a health lecture at that point in my life a new startup put the pieces together and I'm just busy all the time in the hospital and I think this is crazy I can't do a health seminar on medical what can happen is nowhere have applicable reminded talk about this was before you know we had all these DVD -based health education program before there was such a thing as DVD so besides that up looking at me what always laugh when I talk about my age anyway so I I get on the phone and I call the pastor as a pastor you know this health seminar we're talking about he says yes we're so excited about we got advertisers up to the whole community and in the newspaper I was stuck I was the what actually happened was I just started praying and I said Lord how is was is getting a and the Lord did something Iraqi in his never happened to me before since I can remember here I am on a cardiology rotation in all this was a time when the we had market levy heart attacks than we do today I mean relative you know age-adjusted data array of people are better off in the in the eighties when it came to heart disease and I still been off though misunderstand me but this is not busy service if something happened on that service everybody started getting what and nobody was admitted to the cardiology service I love you girl I read one or two patients but what was I to do with all that time that was my first house on okay and what the interesting thing about it is I to know about this statement but I'm trying to share with you for my own experience were health ministry health ministry starts with your own life not to be an example anyone else but because you realize what a loving Savior you have any so interested in your help that he wants to bless you is that I'm running away and say like I told you this morning when I heard years later and Adventist center of higher education the councils Undine food should never been written so unbalanced by the way some of the most balanced spiritual material on the importance of the health messages in the beginning of councils and influence it's amazing stuff they cannot house the spiritual integration of the health message but the point has because of the Lord impressing me through those councils it changed my own life and less oil now I was much healthier as a result of that and so I didn't go into health ministry Public health Ministry church -based health ministry because I came to the church and said it all I'm ready to health seminar they came because the Lord was working my own so want to tell you right now the most powerful thing you can do to change your church is just live the Christian life where of the health message and she say there that one of the most powerful things we can go into the sand workers into our churches will live out the principles of health ministry and health reform of your young person your pride about God is leading you what is he calling it to administrate one of the things he's calling you to do is to be diligent in your Christian walk to be diligent in studying God 's principles and putting them into practice in your own life are you with me a guy will take that implies that when you do a public health seminar or not God is going to use that influence but the statement doesn't end there because like I said she tells us we don't see the necessity of self-denial and appetite be a snare to the church and then she said as soon as the breath of life will not then come into our churches God is wanting to revitalize their churches now we have the better part of two hours and these combined segments and right now I want to hear from you actually do why want to hear from you is because we don't just want to talk about concepts we want to talk about things and meet you right where you're at it so we have a roving mic we've got Daniel is outright Daniel and back with them I and I want to hear from from you if you got a question or reaction about what were talking about a short experience when I say sure I'm in the tolerance you have a hot day so if you start you know waxing eloquent about you know how long you were when you were born or something you were not have to try to wrap it up quickly but I see some a hands up throughout the audience share went with us what's on your mind sister TTC are on Kenyan professionally as our physician I will end on our bodies and stars that means that he what you have to say about vaccines of cash so the question at hand as were saying look at it forget me involved in health ministry we need to be able to answer questions of people that run we need to be able to minister to people with very out a lot of people today are wondering about vaccine will be on a bad person ask about this because I lived in an era roundabout speaking whereof there was a real scourge at this time of year in many communities and was called polio and he and I if you've ever seen someone who is stricken with polio on some people would die the polio would attack a vital brain centers some of us who are here today we had a good friend in Loma Linda some years ago Milton Corwin Savino Milton I see some nods of recognition and Milton was stricken with bulbar polio he actually has respiratory center was wiped out powerful man of God that experience brought in the Jesus and he was a tremendous influence for many years in Loma Linda but he had bulbar polio that he had to consciously take every breath what you think happened at night yet again I'm ashamed to pray for him or he would die so if you saw wholly all as people sought up through the fifties America when the polio vaccine came out how many mothers and fathers were saying you know this sounds like it's probably a bit risky and I don't think we should get a vaccine for accusing the guys with the attitude was not everything is lined up for the polio mixing and getting the polio and the thousands of lives or say the interesting thing that happens in any community is a brief public health perspective here for you is that once you start using an effective vaccine especially but the bad thing the whole community benefits we call it occurred in unity is scenic is contagious diseases after the passing person-to-person transmission so I have if everyone in a community is immunized but one person are they getting it slowly out well and not least those even know the history polio vaccine there was an oral vaccine that you could ask the shed the resonant stool and people could get if they were unvaccinated but that don't exception if you're vaccinating large groups of people there protected from these serious diseases such as what happens is the interesting thing if you got all communities it's not vaccinated in your dealing with a serious life-threatening disease people by and large look at this is a tremendous blessing but once you come to a community where there is her immunity and no one is overseeing polio or measles or pertussis note that I was go use that example but there's an outbreak of pertussis in California right now yes okay but there was no need to be vaccinated and in fact on a certain level the side effects of the next seeing the for the average person even though they might be very small and low risk may actually be greater than the risk of contracting the disease eczema I'm saying that everyone but use it why should I get the vaccine I can't get it everybody around me is immunized the problem becomes though with more and more people say I don't need to get vaccinated because is not just as a pertussis is a monument pertussis in California so my said five years ago but now their litter mates it's in the thousands visit of the people here in California Zephyr tosses its owners anglers and when you get your tetanus booster make sure you have pertussis booster within their immunizing people who just immunizing against pertussis today so what's the answer the question the answer the question is actually complex one I think you picking up on and this is the same answer to most questions the very profoundly answered a few pauses someone says you have a question for you about this important adequate and I didn't do this but if you want to know various student very erudite you simply say you can repeat the question rephrase that and then you can give is profound the answer it depends it depends and we laugh but it's a very spiritual answers well you see what I see a patient in my office I typically cast a vision to them that I am merely a consultant and they are the expert and is my philosophy after all all of you in this room no matter when we met and I know some of you for many years but no matter when we met you live with yourself a lot longer than I've ever known if you come and see me in my office for the first time I'll tell you is I'm just meeting you and I might have memorized I actually have it does put you these if I would memorize all the medical textbooks and know every single contemporary medical article I still would not know how a given vaccine were given medication regimen procedure is to be tolerated by your body but the amazing things there is someone who actually knows the future who is Jesus using as Christian lay members as Christian health professionals as Christian Bible workers we have the privilege of becoming educated about seven as well as vaccines or diet or natural remedies and we share with people we can encourage the download to go to the great physician and it'll give you individual guidance about what you should do but one of the most common things people call me about I think that there is not a black-and-white answer to I can't tell someone that there is zero risk of side effects are many vexing by the time I always various having travel internationally and done a variety of things and populations or high risk for certain diseases that I have routinely been immunized for many including hepatitis the ANB including when I worked in intensive care units I would always get the flu vaccine not because I was afraid I was a get sick are you aware as it should let you know speaking about medical missionary work are you aware that one of the greatest risks to patients in medical settings are that healthcare providers there is a significant percentage of people who get in apparent infections when they're exposed to certain viruses like influenza is I never get the flu Doctor DeRosa why should I get the immunization typically the population of working with today's healthier I don't get the flu shot the warehouse working intensive care environment I would get the flu shot every year because if I was I felt fine perhaps and I'm breathing out influenza viruses on the patient I love you never done how telescopic exam you know you look in the persons I was coming a few inches from there no I'm breathing right in their face it's a vacant valid influenza and they die where they get it from Michigan for me I wasn't sick you see a lot of these issues are much more complex will be one euros yes no I know you weren't asking away but when I come the other settings where the people aren't you know of anyone I know yes it was a split as his bachelor degrees in our church was really serving a potluck Doctor Gross and what I'm trying to help you see is the guide causes to be part of the body and we have this privilege of coming together and it's amazing what happens when you work with ET is amazing I've been in churches and I've been a member of which I've even Pastor and I went to church district and bill of bearing the brand is vision for health ministry in those two charges but you know why when you're doing things to blast people and help people and you're not making all your main job is not to tell people how bad they are but it's a blast it's amazing what happens it is amazing okay we met a little bit more time for interaction one more question for you to get your short break and a chance to escape is getting too high new to pass out and will reconvene in a short while so I know we could probably keep going without interruption would do that anyway I news the loaded question that I'll ask anyway firm it is worth where's our health system today compared to God 's model citizen and his church and its young people who are in the medical profession where should we be fishing ice should we be happy to be mixed in with just regular hospital work or should we be focusing our attention in preparing for places like we are other place like that this is a very very important question and actually it's such an important question that since I promised you a break we've got a duty to break right away because once we get into this it may take the whole hour not don't worry of February but we ardently we didn't do it dirty to look at this in detail since the your program sheet says we would break from three fifty to four we are going to do that my wife says it is three fifty now back so were going to dismiss with prayer over to reconvene right exactly as for ember to start with that question if others if you have specific questions or things you want to share I knew no one ever mentioned them out loud you can write them down and let me be more selective so let's does have a quick prayer together and thank the Lord for what he 's doing father in heaven we just want to thank you so much that as I said many times your guy who's willing to be misunderstood you love us that much and we look at what's happened in the Adventist church and there's a lot of misunderstanding about this tremendous message this health message that some people think the more they distance themselves from it the more spiritual they are father please help us and please help us as we dress is very important question about where were at his people and the importance for each one of us individually and in the local church we thank you we can look forward to doing that as we look to Jesus for the answers in his name we pray amen


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