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The Holy Spirit's Work -- and Yours

David DeRose


David DeRose

President of CompassHealth Consulting




  • September 4, 2010
    4:00 PM
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oh and welcome back welcome back to the second installment of our afternoon workshop looking especially in health ministry and were calling is the Holy Spirit 's work in yours you'll see why we call that bad after we get to the question at hand I'm not going to spend a lot of time about the theme but I think will help you connect the dots would really give him and asking a number of great questions that we want to make sure that we answer while were all here together so that's what were going to do and out actually I think as I'm on as I'm just thinking out loud here would invite the law are to be with us as we study against other and of every article first the Scripture laid a foundation that will come to the question especially since I think the person asked me last question is not immediately visible to me let's just our heads we begin Grace 's father you are so willing to instruct us to teach us and father the great privilege you give us is of being your coworkers of being priests together with you as Paul put it we are in fasteners for you so even though we don't need another priest beside Jesus you have in your love and your mercy given us these priestly roles to be coworkers with you help us now as we continue to study your word as we continue to look at your counsel to appreciate just what you calling us to do today we ask in Jesus name amen okay line turning in my Bible right now to the fourth chapter of Paul's letter to the church at Ephesus Ephesians chapter four is where I'm going I'm going merit-based cause I called this presentation the holies various words and your now is mainly going to be a open-ended question-and-answer session I know we've got another Royal question-and-answer session later today but I think this is the one most profitable ways to spend our time below are looking at here Ephesians four is one of several the plan I went to how you count them three or four lists of spiritual gifts in the New Testament so I'm in Ephesians chapter four beginning with verse seven it says that on to every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ going on in Ephesians four verse eight wherefore he says when he ascended up on high he led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men now that he ascended what is it but that he also descended first in the lower parts of the earth in the Senate is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens that he might fill all things and he gave some apostles and some prophets some evangelists and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ till we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God unto a perfect man the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ one is Paul speaking about here when he's talking about spiritual gifts what purpose does he say the gifts were given for best right to build up the church to bring us into unity to bring us into the image of Christ statement talking about Christ's image with the image of the priest and so not only are we given the charge to be priests in the New Testament but were also called to have that provision to do priestly work Jesus not Muslims is what Jesus never called the no call list to do anything but bad when she is fully committed to fulfilling our lives you believe that God is not to give your vision or a calling to do something unless he is willing and planning suite for you to do that work soon were called to be priests when you read through Ephesians four you don't see healing ministry there is returned first Corinthians twelve and you look at the list of spiritual gifts there you will find that among those spiritual casts is this call to ceiling ministry first Corinthians chapter twelve when I can read the whole list but if you look at verse nine it speaks about the gift of faith as well as the gift of healing in verse nine of first Corinthians twelve now I must tell you something I have a problem with most spiritual gifts seminars as it done in Christian churches and administer because I don't know if you had a spiritual give seminars spiritual gifts inventory in your charge but by and large what I see happening when is a spiritual gifts emphasis I see a bunch of people telling me what they don't have the gift of illness not my gift nothing just looked in first Corinthians twelve you see in those gifts there is a gift of faith did you catch that in verse nine so how a lot of the pastors calling you to be faithful with the appropriate response is a lie don't have the gift of faith when you think yes every man is given a measure of faith the Bible tells us God 's special beast stole of these spiritual gifts to individuals but many of the spiritual gifts are given everyone in some measure and healing is one of them were all called to be involved in healing ministry were all called to teach the sugars in Iraq on the Republican features were all called in some sense to ministry to preach as far as telling what Jesus is done in our lives right so instead of looking at the gas is saying while I'm these are not things that are my guess what I would suggest to you is spiritual gifts it is another window on what Jesus is calling the church to do he's calling on every one of us to catch the vision we have a role in health ministry and we look at our last hour that health ministries start with your own lifestyle as a powerful Mister one of you came up and made you could come up and told me what another individual year today was a health professional a nurse to Sonia Maher personal life how she was not trying to give seminars are presented to a teaching program at my hospital where I work but people were looking at how she was eighty eight and is a way to what you having for breakfast now and you want one how come you're not drinking coffee and so our lifestyle is a powerful witness we want to come to this question about where were at today as far as medical ministry workhouses fit in with our Adventist hospital system and secular hospitals first of all let me tell you that some of the product of Adventist medical systems I have either worked for or practiced in or trained in many of our large Adventist hospitals I did some of my their medical rotation at Hinsdale I trained command the degree of Loma Linda I did my internal medicine residency at Kettering I did some work for Kettering after I finish my residency I work for Florida Hospital for us four years doing preventive medicine for an enzyme I've been involved with many of our admin is health institutions I will tell you something there are some wonderful things happening in this opens there's some wonderful people there is a wonderful Seventh-day Adventist in non- address health science so I don't have I want to take anything away from any of the byte anti- something else where were at his church and where the world is that in the medical community is not fulfilling the call that we have a Seventh-day Adventist habit Allen White called sanitary it's a different creature and antihero have to be defensive about it if you know the CEO of an Adventist hospital I'm not saying that God didn't call you guarantee you're not supposed to be doing what I am saying is was a special calling for Adventist institutions not just add that is wrong as far as administration but where the team was in Anthony Steen would you every physician being converted where she speaks about spiritual ministry taking place from the entirety of the team this is the most powerful weapons and I'm not saying that we maria 's heirs are the pinnacle of fulfilling our vision we got lots of problems that we mind is to let you know the Lord is doing a lot of things are blessing I've been auditing there for seven or eight months and left and mix of of pastoring and that running a health education health media company in Northern New England doing that for number of years but so I'm back in teaching half time at Weimer College and practicing medicine there with the new start program and the Lord is doing amazing things and it never ceases to amaze me who got sent to these kind of programs is very humbling for me as a physician many times I sent me patients that I don't know what to do and as often whiny combine with big group into a number of health centers or things are working in a calmness he has an urban many times in my experience rising more wine you sent me this page I will wait wanting to for the XO you pray and you are together as a team a guy just as remarkable thing is nonsense his sister was asking about coffee and caffeine you know we have so emasculated the Adventist health message and it is really weird how does Natalia I don't know how else to describe using once we think the world is saying something that we've known about a Seventh-day Adventist walk around with it we known about that for a hundred years okay but the world isn't very then we find many Seventh-day Adventists compromising and going back to a file in the world 's counsel and caffeinated beverages and one of them with a story about Anna 's ministers on his amusingly income the we Montecito to try to figure out who is seen in the last six or eight months and a candle problem this was one of those guys watching the world is he doing here I can help them to guide product restrictive lung disease he was on oxygen we will reverse that kind of stuff I mean his chronic back pain you see that all the surgeries and seen the orthopedic surgeon I was enjoying it a lifestyle center with a bunch of madness hydrotherapy natural remedies and even when you do when you see someone like that I just go through the help message my own my and I talk with the person and is going to the medical history is using some caffeinated beverages and found some of the reasons why is probably not best for his back pain in the vasoconstriction that happens with caffeine and he was very nice it originally was in my office but he told me was really upset when he left it all these major problems and I'm talking about Kathy he told me this a month later because some months later I saw him I was traveling across country and he informed me to come to his church any line of all these meetings in the community he was letting and I went on walk with this guy up mounds no oxygen okay he has no back pain I'm not saying this was I just human intervention but you'll were told in the spirit of prophecy what we use natural remedies guide and supernatural blessing that is and this guy told me the story about how upset he got about the caffeine but he told me no uniqueness is just his opinion but he felt that was one of the things that he had to give the Lord was going to leave the site was partly healing program maybe Sable was for the Lord channel of blessing to come to him more than the physiologic effects of the caffeine I want to explain it but the point of NAS when you are is Seventh-day Adventists often minimizing our message and we go out we look at what Harvard is publishing in the nurses health study of the physicians health study and we say you know what they say it's okay to drink a little bit of alcohol is good for your heart is a wetland of Seventh-day Adventist who are social drinkers and their social drinkers because they are a little bit higher level than the rest of the poor and messages read those your spirit of prophecy books next to believe that I'm serious it's tragic and I just tell you since we tossed on a topic just make it very clear to you with the medical research literature indicates is that alcoholic beverages give no benefits to people who are already on an excellent lifestyle we think about it for a minute there is data that shows that people on a lousy lifestyle get some heart benefits from alcoholic beverages when alcohol beverages conference they come from plants that Ryan what is greatness or whether as shown at Cannes or whether it's prior letter and Americans are on a vinyl chemically impoverished diet phytochemicals you what those are some of you there chemicals in plant products you can only get them from plants these are drinking a little bit of wine and what all your eating is no stake in the potato chips and drinking cults and you know what you might get some beneficial agents in that wine may help you some but if you look at the Oxford vegetarian study not Seventh-day Adventist Oxford vegetarians that you can look it up you'll find it in that database there is no heart preventive benefit from moderate alcohol use in people already consuming lots of fruits vegetables so I can go see example after example before coming back to the point and the point is simply this guy is called Seventh-day Adventists have a unique approach to healing and includes seamless of seventh day Adventist health professionals and lay people involved in ministry because I is a medical center or medical setting or sanitarium is not just take health professionals to run it or you are not waived good people with mechanical skills we need people of the vision to clean rooms as unto Jesus do you realize that you realize when someone you can tell the difference I can tell you about a patient hospital reportedly killed in a car accident number of years ago and I can remember telling much patience with which staff in the hospital really cared about me you know when I put those sterile gloves and normally sterile but no they would clean gloves and then they would empty the garbage can and then change my sheets you see I realized that they were really not all that interested in my help using the way through things house for Jason and efficacy of the people up right now is working to help visitors and for a number of years on this gun is sanitary mod work in a number if you want a less while Vlad living springs lifestyle Center of America we month center of health and education as I've been a number these days one day a woman one of these studies came to me she had been this woman and her husband not Seventh-day Adventist had been to the Pritikin Center many times Pritikin is a secular lifestyle program and she said things to me like you know there's something different about this place one day she can reach to Doctor Mroz I know what's different about this place I supported she said it's the prayer the prayer 's this is powerful and so the answer the question is I believe that it's wonderful I'm glad I trained it administers institutions I know friends who did residencies in an secular institutions and dealt with some issues that I never had to deal with with language and music enough of it can happen in our advanced institutions but listen it's a lot better than many of the world institutions are many mission driven people in God 's working and when when working in preventive medicine Florida hospital we saw got too many remarkable things in the community but I'll tell you what's happening by a larger address hospitals is our percentage of evidence is getting smaller and smaller our Adventist insulin and I don't know specifically about the institution you represent but by a large there becoming less and less and doesn't need good things are happening but there's a special call to us as a people even since a call for someone else that's okay I must say your call to it there is a call for us to start or to maintain her to help these is you know why both sanitary and I feel like the name or not it doesn't do much for us today and not twenty ten doesn't sanitarium now but the vision is mission focused evangelistic reoriented health institutions which seems of Seventh-day Adventist believers are working to minister to the body to the mind spirit of people we can't lose that vision we have to resurrect it if it's not present in your part of visual nozzle to be the half of our medical work but every sharks every single church was to be a hobby in their community for health ministry we would have treatment room 's medical treatment rooms in our churches know that doesn't mean your church is ready to do that you've got to do that tomorrow but at the vision that God gave to our church and we can't lose that vision okay not a few other questions that came up at all he answered before we take some more from the floor is always asking me about medical training of being a physician of course I went to medical training and arresting a state that grows it's obvious that you read the Bible the spirit of prophecy were you reading that kind of stuff when you're a medical student and I Watts and Don Allen why in the blood medical ministry talks about medical training it she talks about the importance of medical students being true to principal just like Danielle was faithful in Babylon and we'll talk about Daniel tomorrow morning Lord willing but were to be faithful to God 's principles were scholars and amazing things will happen on I don't know how much detail to give you here but since there is some specific questions answered on I will answer those in just a minute but let me tell you background one of the great problems merely administered the others be honest with you no most of us here we are staying one are relationships that you were here or were more interested in health that's fine too I appreciate both groups but someone tell me what Doctor draws you probably have a bit more mature audience here than the other rooms one glad that there's a good number of younger folks here in our midst let me tell you something that is being this in our many of our Adventist ministries good Adventist ministries that are involving young people I don't know intimately about what's happening southwestern QSC I'm very glad to be here I see the Lord blessing in these meetings it's exciting to be but I will tell you I have met with many Adventist young people and there is a sentence among those who realize the times were living in the nearness of Jesus coming to think that they are for they should not spend time in health training at let me share something with you I wasn't completely prepared to share but I'll talk to you anyway Ellen White if anyone says the imminence of Christ's return in their day it was Ellen what was it not and as she was writing about the importance of health training and health institutions she said something very telling that I want to share with you and I believe it's found in the six volume the testimonies and we'll see how quickly the Lord can help us find this on the fly here but she's talking about the danger that she saw in her day of us thinking because of Christ the nearness of his coming that we would minimize the importance of starting even new institutional work let me ask you something how hard is it to start a health institution it's very difficult sixty four forty six testimonies for forty euros which he says listen when the Lord shall get us make no further effort to build meeting houses are churches and establish schools sanitarium 's and publishing institutions will be time for us to fold our hands and let the Lord close at the work but now is our opportunity to show RCL for God and our love for humanity what's he saying as golf on the trap of thinking that it's your own personal preparation on making extension big is clear in her writings and other places where the statement here are institutional preparation we also accuses commenting and why waste our money on churches we need to just do evangelism go door-to-door it's wonderful to go door-to-door and believe that I've done it we translate people that we were at a rate but that's not all there is still it is as low-budget Doctor Sharon we ardently looking at fulfilling all of God 's commission to us as a people and that includes expanding our work not just closing schools now we become very good at that heavenly and bilaterally with nearly no remark nearly came to the point of closing a few years ago were glad that the Lord is is reviving that institution it's exciting to see what's happening on some sixty students I just got an e-mail in the college this year that's up from zero a few years ago the college officially announced disclosure and then the amazing facts came on board and brought the center of evangelism over a hundred and fifty students on campus between the Academy the college and the Africa Sussex exciting environment but I tell you that because we can't snooze that vision is a when it comes to training as young people a lot of them tell me with Doctor DeRose I don't watch I spent years and for any what everyone is called in years and training but in a short time you can get training in a specific area maybe they'll learn to be a phlebotomist or venipuncture is that doesn't sound like a real important job but or maybe to get specific training in massage therapy okay so whatever it is maybe a day to get a in RN training in the inner shorter scope that it would take to have your bachelor 's in nursing are you with me here so God I believe is calling ultimately something if we do write in some places are trying to do it right and health professional training is is more like this than than other training for your Ellen White in the book education speaks to us about the problem with education it is commonly looked at one of the things he talks about is we look at life is divided into periods of time of training in a time of service it uses IMAP model people going to school in a trend they train a phrase so long that they forget the reason they were even training for and they lose their way training to join a preparation for the Lords work while I tell you when it comes to health professional traits usually very practical but when I was in medical school coming back to the question of the Lord help me to see that I need to be involved in more practical things even in my first two years of medicine where we are doing just basic science and so I was involved in more practical fix and when it came to undergraduate work before I was in medical school after I became an evidence the Lord help me to see the importance of not just studying but just like you I see emphasized being involved in ministry while you're training and by legal one the greatest fields for ministry as an health care training in the unrestricted areas it's your peer 's it's your peers we know where they may on his lifestyle and inanimate institution don't you think their Adventist doings quote admitted students would need your example I mean there they need a new set of an understanding on converted people who were raised and evidence homes in Loma Linda Glenn Madison the low wants Christian Seventh-day Adventist converted physicians and Sunnis calling in the Madison that I would say father calling even if there's ten people telling you sister brother you could be a Bible worker in four months after he was a wonderful program arises when using collagen is up in his other ministries represented here their training while workers we need Bible workers every physician should be a Bible worker but don't say if God is getting a vision for how preparation we decide is we need those sanitary leaders administer health institutions in addition to whatever else we have right now and so I think our customers even when they come back to one of the detail so asked about some specific things about medical training Benson concerns on one of them is about the Council that Ellen White gives us about male and female physicians she has some specific counsel about this and I know some of the medical ministry she speaks about how our institutions man should care for the specific these diseases of man she's naked male diseases urology male urology things like this she effect in one places to mention utterly refused to look on men in that area in a single that was just her antiquated view of things I don't believe it was I believe this was institutional Council and its still institutional counsel for stupid argument my interpretation but I believe will be a relief to many people of many women if they knew when they went to the address institution or only women that Medicare renowned McCain gynecology you may say what they were beyond that Doctor draws I was born in Europe Yunnan we are it doesn't bother us it's an American thing I don't care where you are born I'm just telling you is a lot of women if they suggest you go down at that hospital the only one is to take care of the female problems of late it was institutional Council having said that I wasn't all that excited about getting a lot of training obstetrics and I was on the story to the personal assets of meow talk to now because of you may be interested I started crying when I was on the OB rotation is of marginal and I need to know I don't think this is anything you really want me dealing with the long-term but and I discussed in the take charge there was a young lady on the same team medical school classmate of mine wanted on Obi whenever she was on as a medical student it always lays a K menu having babies left and right not nine ten deliveries which is under what I want only to have exaggerating up there but I may very feel I don't even really remember whether ever deliver a baby on cellulite my own children you know so maybe I would've been better served if I had your head a little bit more training but the player has the Lord can orchestrate things they desire and I can all be a it Rosie if you're following the clearest light you have and I try to do this is question came up to was Sam on many of us need to be more concerned about what we do on that is health professions in fact Alan White gives counsel that if you're making money on the Sabbath medical work you should put that money aside and not benefit from it yourself but you she speaks about the benefit of using that money for people who don't have the means for medical care and something that she especially indoors but not as a medical student I can remember a couple of rotations where I felt all all I was doing on Sabbath was being asked is to do busy work for my education and on two occasions I said I would not one occasion I was that community hospital fortunately I had an Adventist intern and the evidence in turn every day made me write progress notes on the patient's and then he threw them out and run his own notes you would let me run the chart and when Sabbath came I think you'll really conscientiously I can't do this in others I was a service where there weren't a lot of emergency things happening they really didn't need me there and he just got very irate he's assembled what you mean you know you can't be here since keeping the Sabbath was so it went up to the chief resident who fortunately was seventh and was also and that he was even more irate that I would think that I could be off on Sabbath amid this vital work that I was going every day writing progress notes and diamond having them thrown away I mean really really that was not doing much more than they might think I'm exaggerating and so finally these guys were both irate it went to achieve now you was in for trouble codes this guy was Jewish or something and I was can be in big trouble so I told the chief I said you know I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and I'm not really doing anything on the rotation I don't it's this critical is that things in nine I would like to be often Sabbath I'm planning on him when I said Sollecito probably don't need you here you know you're well but what lesson would happen when it came to writing my evaluation wasn't to change the road at it wasn't it was the chief resident in a row you know Doctor DeRose needs serious counseling as to whether he should you know even not remain as a physician in whatever and so I I have some bad evaluations by that the Lord made it very clear he wanted me to go into internal medicine at Kettering and I didn't have any problem with whatever those fabrications into my class stand was simply telling you is a mess doesn't mean everything is connected to happen which doesn't mean you're supposed to make a stand for things that I made a signal even have to deal with it but in health professional trainer maybe some things even inanimate ascending you have to say gods called me to do this this is the clearest lead counsel with people of faith with Brody brothers and sisters don't do something extreme and less godly calling you to do it if I was an error and I took too strong a position and start treatment sharing my bed example with you but I just tell you that to say God blesses us if we follow him and I will tell you one other thing I got a call this this week in fact from someone far distant unanimous college this young lady was calling me because she has serious health problems and as I was talking with her I always tell people you know I can't diagnose or treat your with a phone but you know what you're describing any sound like a lot of this may be related to anxiety and and she's again very driven students and was now telling me about her her student lifestyle and I sure whether something is very helpful to me and I share this because I noticed a number of students here there came a point in my life I was not an Adventist many of you heard me say this already today when I started college became an Adventist end up going to Adventist school which is not my plan either and I actually appreciate the fact that address teachers some of them would pray before tests and they would generally pray something like help the students remember what they study in the wireless is very comforting to me until I had this distressing thought what would happen if God wanted me to do poorly on a test also I find this shocking but you say may then I tell you will do more background about this when I was a young but when I was actually getting an interest in the Bible is not only Seventh-day Adventists were Carlton but there is an inter- varsity Christian Fellowship group but some young campus Crusade 's number of groups that work on secular college campuses and I to another Providence was attending these Bible studies with this group and he would often have testimony and one of the girls shared by these inspiring testimonies how it was final exam week and one of the girls in her dorm was going to some great crisis Arnold was a family illness surfer boyfriend broke up with there whatever what was in great crisis in this Christian young lady nine and Dennis fell that God led her to step all night ministering to this girl even though his final exams she had a final the next thing you know how the stories are not a type of finally getting a social tells the story she took the final Aegina and she was very the testimony morning meeting praising the Lord which you this opportunity to minister the skull that was more important to her than the grade she got under test of this was radical for me I mean not just driven student even before I was in and signing the sky we're well got another weird experience about a year later because I had a teacher right on my final exam account I'm a Christian at this point in Athens still the secular college a teacher wrote something on my final exam I have never seen before since what you think you wrote on my final exam he wrote this looks over studying however a study I got a high area on the tasks in a high-end class and I stopped in a signal one I have done a whole lot less work and you know something was there was something vitally important it was our history okay our history not none don't adhere and finance don't misunderstand my comments here but I really haven't used that our history all that much maybe said help me be a more well-rounded person perhaps that's true maybe my clothes match better today I don't know but anyway what happened why I said you know what made my priorities list all maybe the Lord and want me spending so much time in this art history presently gotten a and so this this was the background when I had this strange thought as a medical student at Loma Linda thinking what would happen if the Lord didn't want me to do well on the tests maybe you didn't want me to do and so I actually started praying before my test in medical school board you know what you want me to do in the future not trying to be faithful and maybe I made mistakes and study for this example you know what your plans are for me in the future and an IRA back then I knew if you want me to be a neurosurgeon I'd probably have to be pretty high in my class whenever but I also know that maybe if he didn't want me in neurosurgery if I was the top guy in my class may be a temptation to do some islands both the user to follow my train of thinking as I started for a warrant if you wanted to poorly on this as more poorly than I could deal with what I know starting out too much with this confuse my mind and try and I have to tell you what happened the Lord Astley never confuse movement but the amazing thing that happened is all that I had tremendous anxiety you know it has everything an artist when an evaporator because he really what I was saying is I was going to trust the Lord whatever however Re: why I don't trust him you say I was inputting first he only knows what he needs me to do in life out of me honest with you I know is possible to walk on articles on it it was possible now be honest with you I think our students who flunk out of medical school that are better off because they flunked out and the ones who quote succeeded there's a lot of people to go through health professional training and sacrifice the Christian experience is a whatever training you do put Jesus first okay we need an honest health professionals in our churches leading Adventist health institutions that sanitarium vision okay what else is on your mind this afternoon visible open-ended begin singing a number of you are talking with me at the break I remember everything was somehow supposed to give me a signal some as pointing at someone out of the roaming my care is loving like as they come to you as we need sanitarium 's a lot of them and I have a feeling there's a lot of health professionals that are here for people who are very close to getting into health work how can we facilitate the growth of the sanitarium work in this country and around the world well I give you lots of examples but you know one of the things it is it starts with vision you know without a vision the people perish and if we would cultivate his vision I believe just talking about the vision just reading about the vision God can use that we're hearing about the foundation of the Christian life is the devotional life right or spending time with Jesus and his counsel in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy God will will do amazing things not long ago also many of you know Kristin Lee Lewis I don't think there here young husband-wife physician couple and seen the narrator in this general neck and was and I presently like trying to start a sanitarium type program in the Phoenix Arizona area right now I'm in a just just trying to get this off the ground and seeing God 's promises I heard they shared something it I don't know if they shared about that or some other experience that they were dealing with but it's just casting the vision and realizing it's a call and not just saying yes it's a call for us as a church is not a call for me you're asking Lord are you calling me to be part of this vision the Lima you want to know the truth NSI got involved in pastoral work I was completely happy in Oklahoma we've started the less they'll set of America there the Lord led me away from that ministry and I was actually doing a lot of medical evangelism free change in an keychain is that a lot of health media work and were very content with how God was working but people started coming up to me because they believe the spirit of prophecy to missing why aren't our physicians and ministers working together more closely that's the divine plan and this was happening for about a number of months and I got a call from the northern New England conference and they said if we gave you a formal call the pastor would you consider coming to pastor northern New England and my wife and I didn't have to pray very long because they're praying about why are we doing this is a church and I was in a position where I could disable look at I know what to do how are doctors and physician doctors and pastors most work more closely together they wanted me to come up and pastor especially do health evangelism so we were content in Oklahoma but we said you know how can we say why are we doing workers if I'm being asked to be involved I can't do it so we start Randy for prayer because especially my wife she didn't want to leave she said Lord if you want us to God if you don't want us to go close the doors are both offering it together which he was praying wasn't telling where she was saying Lord if you want us to go you to make it so clear every decision has to be unanimous if recall the counter conference with Douglas personnel committee and executive committee in conference committee and we did have some experience with this in the past because there was a conference of one and a higher meet one time and the conference committee shot it down because he said I couldn't be a good position if I was willing to work for ministers wage and besides we should be putting our money into evangelism not how true story so where Brian about this and every time the conference presently calling a lot different committee my wife we asked a stupid question on why didn't ask about it it was a well that you know administrative committee is no decide to extend an invitation to you it's got a personal committee was unanimous my wife would hope you there was unanimous fairly all of the personnel committee they may have had mixed the overlooked extended the call pending the conference committee approving it wasn't unanimous but what if you want to keep my wife's a very godly woman I love her dearly I don't know why I didn't ask you about this but finally after all these unanimous decisions she told me she said I've been praying that everyone of these decisions would be unanimous if the Lord wanted us in the and us as we ended up for three years and then the same thing with Weimar where the Lord is blessing our ministry their northern New England and every time we see the link in the sanitary invasion we kept worrying about how we need to combine like this is combined while teaching printing mailing and isn't it happening in our schools as all you're after they asked me the first time and we prayed about that okay I think the Lord might be reading this what would the Lord 's blessing and New England he was clearly was mostly and came up a number of times finally it came to the point where it was a square the Lord was a look at you believe in this vision in the Council there has to need help with it they're trying to the best they can only month are you one of the partner you want to see how things fly ever given flies everyone's as all this is really good it's a great ministry then you can go some years later came that we don't need a bunch of people sitting on the fence waiting to see if things work out when is it always some unbalanced people there is some problems there you know what I missed out something five start summits to start from scratch is all kinds of problems to go someplace is already in church already people and only start new churches in new institutions the Lord when I call you delay other what he called Elijah to think about what he called to the north thinking how many good things and they have from the northern can try to all nine that were out there and so God sent Elijah to a lousy church as we settled down I think it was fine the worst church you can be a member of the worst cellular backyard during evaluation one maybe a part of the solution it starts like you living your life in reading the counseling reading the Bible and is in asking the question like all the more will you have me know at just the right time to make it clear to you I seen it many many times in my lives I can't give you a blueprint for what you're supposed to do but the Lord was understood to say okay what did were here in the Southwest were a bunch of young people in energy were not all like Doctor DeRose you can see the vision anymore will you start help institution right here in Baltimore I wouldn't discourage you all within the light challenge as I can tell you that the Laurel blessing to everyone in the day we got the time for one more question or two is enhanced up over here means we should do wish I could just furnish all professionals as far as I know that I've heard Public health which you're into on there's nurse scene there's like dietetics there's nutritionist there's a lot of other things as well it's not mentioning but what I'm asking is how can you integrate minister what would be your vision as far as how to integrate ministry into these different health professions and especially what is your opinion about which help profession is the easiest integrate ministry into okay everyone take a good look at Emily if your health professional he could give her advice from your own personal life experience are excited about the health Ministry do you have I think from the Council we have in my own experience the most powerful ministers we are part of a team winners of the local church whether it's in the Adventist health clinic whether it's with the advent Ascension is the most powerful because of five one under Weimar and I don't have time to spend as much time with someone one day a patient who's got spiritual needs I know it doesn't alright on my shoulders not that I would neglect that but John I know that be seeing other people throughout the day were mistreated and spiritually in the collective influence is much more powerful left on John seventeen Jesus didn't pray make us all one man in evangelistic team you're a one-man evangelistic gamers another solo ministry that's not God special guy special calling is to call people into the Buckley and we could've spent a lot of time able talk about this in the group question-and-answer session but there's a problem with him and the theme of this conference if it's not understood correctly biblically as a lot of people there's unbalanced people who think the call to stand means the big ideas in the individual standing up against the whole church this is a very very unusual the most usual calling is where God calls us to build one another up to be part of a team okay so sustainability your is or something more important than another is true usually people who have doctoral level training usually aren't decision-making capacity and people who are not is not visited a very young ride with you maybe hundreds of examples where this is intro the people who have less training usually are working for someone else is up at work for someone else I'm just saying you say we don't worry him more latitude sure of your position you start your own practice you can do whatever you want beyond the Council was originally Council was the physician should not going to private practice it we were supposed to be employed by the church in sanitary ministry not the Iranians the irony is that many of our most dedicated Seventh-day Adventist physicians and Dennis have had to start their own practices have a ministry focused organization that they could be in charge of this is ironic is it because we as a church have neglected that calling exactly many churches and conferences of distance and that will want to be involved with medical work because it is a liability risk and so best not to I want that right now but let's not lose the big picture and silver amylase benefit a particular ministry you're really excited about was nursing her diet tags are physical therapy or medicine or natural Catholic medicine yes I said natural Catholic medicine there are several accredited natural Catholic schools and they do some good things that probably keeps aligning your thereto I don't know all that there are doing but I work with some people from best year is up in the Seattle area and are giving some good natural remedies training maybe they're doing some spiritualistic stuff to buy laminate one aside about them as evidence let's try to be known for what were for not what were against and I'm very concerned about our inability to build bridges with some of the people that are more sympathetic financial medicine many non- abstinence who are using a variety of natural systems are using things that we know have spiritualistic roots it does not help us one bit to tell someone that what they're doing is of the devil movies are not Seventh-day Adventists okay make them were thereat help them where they react you emphasize what's true and when you're emphasizing what's true and God 's blessing of idiocy that's more powerful than all the crystals are that applied kinesiology or the other nonsense it is really nonsense but the problem is this nonsense is packaged with people walking in the Council is a based Seo put some salt in your hand and you know your all your you know very weekend this shows that you should be eating salt and you are you stopping song what happened to blood pressure goes down while the blood pressure to go down to your handout week when you're holding the saw previously seen in the point or someone you know most of your foot they're doing a reflexology in a concise you've got liver to that's why your feelings abandonment of liver cancer but they tell you all these crazy things like the vegetarian diet exercise every day and drink a lot of pure water and you start doing and what happened to start feeling better and you say look and make you come back they looking for liver cancer scare our little chance of begin with but don't tell someone who's been a practitioner like that that Iraq's alliance in the following say me maybe some other methods are having roots that we wouldn't want to endorse but they were getting a lot of good counsel to social yourself in the foot while you get me you know talking about too much philosophy against my core eating America's result is also to talk about philosophy and and medical science so you don't want to miss those we do need to clause if you have some final burning questions you have a group panel and my guess is the most about relationships anyway they got a few health questions to control those in as well was pray together as we finish the other you have spent pages and pages in your inspired word in the Bible casting the vision from the wife of Elijah from Jesus from Jesus commissioning services from the gifts of the Holy Spirit from the priesthood of all believers that every single one of us is called not only to a ministry of sharing the good news the gospel spiritual message but you call us to be involved in teaching people and involved and practical health ministry we hardly talk about it and we'll talk for two hours and the encouraging thing to me is this doesn't rest on my shoulders on my correlate your shoulders are the southwestern GUI seeing shoulders because you have given us an ample amount of counsel this design help us individually to help us at the local church level compass at the conference level father please help us to know how to apply these things in her own lines and make a difference in five years we close I don't like to preach in prayer but is coming to my mind about that statement you make a ministry of healing page one forty nine one fifty we say that every church should be a training school for Christian workers and father as I just think about that thought I pray that people hear their church is not a training school you somehow help them to see practical things they can do was connecting with Sebastian Braxton with the doing went with the with that ministry and training people in churches whether it's just a stronger connection with GUI see what is other ministries represented here their training people at the local church level help to make our local churches more vibrant agencies for salvation and for health ministry everywhere thereat and help us individually make a difference each one of us we pray in Jesus name amen


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