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Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • August 26, 2010
    3:15 PM
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Paul Naumann we sang the song and we want that to happen this week in the Army in our own lives I desire that my life and I know you desire that in my life and in the lives here so we asked them to that end we could study together today in Christ's name on the receiving several weeks ago I was attending the world Congress in the ore was that the land I have been a lot of different places reasonably add you know I all I have already arranged to speak on the second weekend of the general Congress not knowing who the general conference present would be an annoying thing is I was thinking of a small church has never been speaking and just wish that you were not speaking unless you were listening to someone else on it I don't I don't often have that situation ML but I really just wish I was listening to the elder Wilson will write when I got done we went to the South and there were about thirty or forty was supportive is there and we listened to the sermon right after the fact and it was such a powerful server computer that certain segment that's a problem that we all this meltdown and we asked the Lord to bring revival in our hearts and like I said in the night fell as I listened to I also was kind of like saying at times this is a blessing the service of great that you know I can see exactly how this person needs that message the other person needs the methods and I was like applying the message the other people on the government done that it is like applying you go Mac I know that my wife needs to hear that a man all brother I know that my husband is that you don't know what you know right and the and then I realized the message was from going for no one else it was for me and there was a quote that he has started with there and finally they told me here I'm if I don't like to visit away when you're learning how to study the Bible never invite me back and I'm so terrified about that is what I tried to do my best here but this statement really got my attention of the Bible of true godliness book called selective messages page one twenty one revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our names and to say this should be our first work Lord does not know worked to bring many souls into the truth because the church members because of church members who have never been converted and those who have excellent meeting desk the sobering statement so we have selected messages in testimony point sec that I just wanted so I thought about that you know I began to search my heart and I said no to me standing in the need of prayer begin again the then vendor study and many times are studying our Bible study will come out of a personal sense of made us are not I may give notice that and then I went back and this is always a good thing to do I began to look up and I began to ask the Lord what I should study and I I I I said well it's revival in the study so what did I do I look up the word revival in while on my computer you can do that your concordance of Johnny times the word revival occurs in the Bible and in terms of translated in the English word is only sixteen times are just delighted when that happens is like sixteen words I've been a study on the hardware would you all do so within the next hour here but that was eight hundred and some word-of-mouth model words right to go through with this was like sixteen thousand have you and some of those work this wonderful powerful little Bible studies like you know that dead child was revived by the prayerful life to in first Kings seventeen twenty two and in that dead man who they very remember that and they put them in the channel and he touched a license a licensed ball and he revived the tenth color like to be a natural dislike will all you know that would've been something else the revival of the dead man and then you know the revival will lead to the reestablishment of the Temple and the wall in as root chapter nine verse nine so I look at all the stack but once I especially gripped me and it is found in it in the middle the Bible there in the songbook subsection however so it to you this Psalm eighty five now the Psalms Psalm eighty five similar Turner the Psalms of course are divided into hungry sections three one oh and probably sections of the salt divided into it as you know this all rightly divided in sections directly divided into sections and they have five sections and those five sections are actually divided in such a way that those songs were supposed to go along with the first five books of the Bible so when you read Genesis the sauce to go exit as you have saw you I mean our pianist or Jackie will love all right Mister Lewis Lucy was actually mixing Exodus and runs several books together last hundred euros that but anyway so these these were all mixed together now they were Mexican so the salt would go with the different books of the Bible and the course of the Pentateuch itself Genesis asked about his Numbers Deuteronomy the Pentateuch itself is divided and some of us of impairment types game to sometime of a like amount of development you will where you can look at this point this point is when it goes right to the center and do not the center of the Pentateuch is it's the book of Leviticus and you know what chapter in the book of Leviticus is the center of the center of the center it is Leviticus chapter sixteen Jonah and the biggest check the sixteenth Journal of that chapter is about what's it about it's about the day of atonement I'm if you've heard of this before the data don't the day of its home within some and just what Saul you probably figured an out and out just what Psalm was to be song on that day was only studying okay of elitist thing again revive us again and then doing the extent of regalia with me so this saw that were studying today is actually the middle of the middle of the middle and in it it it it was the song that was sung on the David Thompson by the way on the day of atonement there were different so-called alleles saw that as you say you would go up one step and the next step in the next step in the tent and the priest would just move up higher and higher and higher and you know that little thing was a Selah you know that means of course think about but also means kick it up a notch and they were saying and then we don't have to and they would be taken up and when I got the day of atonement this was like a high point of five eight now looking at some five you notice anything about it you know soon enough will rejoice him about it there are different literary structures in the Bible we are studying the Bible you need to figure out what a songwriter Stan Van you know you got to figure out how it was built whether the what the author was trying to and did you know that this particular author David and that he knew he would he would build slums sometimes as as acrostics you know based on words or letters of the applicant like for instance I wanted nineteen all of them developed all at once they are in all the letters that he brought that he would go through those and that was in the entire output and when you learn the alphabet as a little boy was a little girl using our lesson in the woods eight versus that we did were alphabet and now and then dollars and had all the way through so when you got to learn the alphabet you knew all about the law got and it was put in your heart because you had to memorize the whole thinking is saying another so I think it's important the time understand this now having said that we look at Psalm eighty five I guess what it is I just discovered this then written a book by doing it is better to set it up I will not renew the other books and just really do your best try and figure everything out you can without written anything else because guess what it's exciting and you learn more that way and you you will not succumb to thinking in someone else's thoughts and ideas the work as a nurse and no we go into the patient's room I was wanted to take a new look at the patient right I do want to read everything that had been there before I might find something else out if I didn't just get prejudiced by everything that I read I saw as I looked at the soul I saw that it too had a kayak instruction would you like to see that structure look at me Psalm eighty five and so you briefly and how to build toward a center that centered text is what I want to talk about the big but look at verse one eleven favorable to your land look at versus well yes the Lord will give what is good and our land will yield its increase can you see how verse one thousand verse twelve land land melody verse two you have forgiven the iniquity of your people now look at verse ten Mercy and truth have met together righteousness and peace have kissed you see how those are related his mercy is what gives us forgiveness examine so first two thousand and first and then look at verse four restore us O God of our salvation then look at verse nine surely his salvation is to narrow those who fear him and that glory may dwell in their lengthy essay on those go together these events will boom boom boom it's building then look at verse five William me with angry with us forever will you prolong your anger to all generations and then look at verse eight in the middle he will speak peace to his people so he was angry now he speaks peace and then we come to the highest extent of the very middle of the song you want to see the middle of the song the very core look at it I was studying revival and this was one of my favorite text but if will verse six middle of that song middle will you not what does it say next revive us again that your people may rejoice in you he said from the rail will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you is and not the person next to you two guys are looking down each other will you not want revive us again that your people may rejoice in you is the one that now we just heard from Pastor Myers that one of the best things to do many times is this kind of a word study and then asked questions of the text is not right as were studying the Bible have we learned anything so far we have learned already by the litigant week we tried by the setting of the chapter work what were looking at what we wanted we discovered that it was a song that was sung on what day David's home and it was the song that was the counterpoint of all of that day the tunnel which was wherewith the damage on and turned the structure of the Pentateuch the very center and install than it had a casting structure to the very center of the Psalm was William the revive us again O Lord that your people may rejoice in his elevator that this is the center picture of the Day of atonement Robin Eubanks is a church that that actually has been birthed to bring attention to the David's a new news and is and that's your thing Will you not revive William Donald Lord revive your people get that we may rejoice in you is the whole idea right we want to be a part of the jury that selected by and we want to rejoice a support now word study which is at work reply me next thing you do want to find the mint middle of everything you might want to look up the word for word revive high God in Hebrew means to live server five people live within the recovered to repair to restore it to be holes of the nuances and work as you look at them through the real test of how leaving themselves give you something to me so let's ask a couple questions of the text many times when you're studying if you just look at the text and the force yourself to ask questions that the text and let me after those questions what is the text saying is needed you got some of you are awake some of you are just not quite awake what is the fact saying is maybe but anyway that's right it's this revival and what is revival it signifies a renewed spiritual life of his powers of the mind and heart so it's basically we need our heart to be revived second question though needs revival going to the tax look at it Will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you go into the net text that needs revival over the words and what else your people right so the people it's and your people in other words it was a vintage revival that search what George Mason Laodicean church is not right so what is needed revival remains at your people the church and embrace it according to the text will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you break the drawings it is says Hugh Joe twice another was the Lord pray for Michael can you bring revival and someone else manufacture a viable cook and bring revival clemency through again you see you my exact deceivers of the Moran was met with another question here has there ever been any history of revival as you read the Jack William not revive us was the next word I can that your people may be rejoiced may rejoice in you but it is it has a good history and the need to revive the work again again on than what the court and taxed is to be the result of revival William Niles revive us again that your people may want to rejoice in her and me so what's the focus of the revised rejoicing that in yourself but it is hardly think that's a rich while sitting right there will you not revive us again that we may rejoice in all is that your are correct Will you not revive me again and then that I might rejoice and you have a budget but that happen this is one person this week all week would be worth and the only person that you can really do much about terms of openness at is not your husband is not your wine site your kids is not your parents as you say will will you not remind me again that I might rejoice in you write a hub about you but that's doesn't want to see him again to again arming the 's award for my love to see a revival in my licensor my wife loves the revival my wife to and I'm sure my after students would love to see a revival it's nice once someone being revived in so what do I passively waiting as well we have to look at the context remember this was the guy at the center not only the Pentateuch but also of this all right and a and and best the charisma that's the core that's the essential save all will you not revive us again that we may rejoice in your back how doesn't tell Thomas week we go back and we look at the whole song and then it answers the question on what will I do like passively wait so when it seems indicate his revival some capricious act of God that calls only when he sees fit yes he only brings it but does the text seem to indicate how revival kick off while let's look at verse one or board you have been have been favorable to your you have brought back the captivity of Jacob what's to say and indicate what's it telling us has got done anything has ever acted what's intact seem to indicate you have been favorable you have brought adaptively jiggle awards if we desire revival waited to look back and say what the legato style that he has acted in the past has ever brought revival in Europe your life before has ever been resigning his movie by this again Lisa revive us what I do another with you back to before you have been able you have brought us back but it were that were favorable and brought us back if you look up another war studied by the way when you're studying the Bible look at broadly within look at every single word was given it also sometimes listings of telling when you know that we would look at the text alone can't find anything else I look at the paper that I'm going to do about there a little more think the fight about that day you just keep looking looking it up whenever I get up to make a presentation is not like I'm prepared there are so many things I don't know about that there is more to this XML average cover with you today right so never so I got all of you there's always more but look at these were these words if you start the mind the words it comes like you've been favorably impressed by the Journal of those words literally are related in Hebrew just satisfying that apart and reconciliation to dry back to refreshing to restoring another words this is talking about God 's amazing grace it is some if you want to have revival I can remember where it was the last time as you know you are a walking picture of revival physically speaking your heart just went love the honey that I once is enough for you that's it thanks we donated more than au pairs manic on us we want your heart to gay baiting and every single time that's a revival cannot get the SA node and the AV node and NSA knows movable and immovable Paul Lugo 's general course goes your lungs goes down hundred let that look at the person next to you may does not work as to while you visit him on the chest of revival and let ideas to work an emergency of the paramedic and sometimes the heart would stop and we would we when we would attempt to externally bring revival would thank us afterwards thank you so much for saving my life right because they wanted to stay alive but we need to look back at the past to see what God is then I remember in the home and when my churches there was a couple that want to remember everything they got a defendant had done for them did for them this aggregate had done for the amp from amazing fact so anyway all of everything that God had done for them and so they had what were called and told how stones on their on their posted table a coffee table and right there on that bed typing table they had like all of these fellows they call them Ebenezer stones based on that story and make it visible stones and they wrote the things that happened down and then when the family came along they would add more things and have big pile rocks I remember when Johnny got better from having a terrible fever I remember one the doctors didn't know why had I'll nephritis he laid just been born it was an odd thing and there was a healing she is a walking miracle I remember this I remember that I may think is good to keep a journal to keep some Ebenezer stones if you want to have revival because how do you think the devil tries to get you to forget how it is they got active in your life has reacted a lot and we needs it we need to be reminded that because you know what summary times we have is the picture that we developed this all quart little will you will like today I have a herniated disc and C six and seven I got tangled always on my arm these two fingers are numb I burning pain in my back but I rejoice in because I'm all off I couldn't thought I'm only here as an act of God it's a miracle I'm glad I can fill bank today a very unnoticed that is a sound well I am glad to so we need to remember you know the early and didn't move if you ever want to say all will will is working July just get out early writings just go and read the first eighty pages and then you will just just knew that musical thank you I I I asked forgiveness I have been read by a man and I love and his sister because of that it helps me realize that this movement was begun with my energy savings can be completed and then overdue if we desire revival look at the text again we have to consider what look at verse two one three of the verse two and three year will have forgive and be in the equity of your people you have to cover their sin you have taken away all your wrath you have turned from the business of your anger you are from if you were doable study and what would you learn nothing what does your you what to say have done what forgiven the iniquity you have what covered how much of their sin all you have taken away how much of his wrath all what you think God 's people according to the stacks are iniquitous sinners by nature and by choices met with Sang the only our deserving of what according to the text the wrath of God and God has reason to be kicked in anger delivers the diversified to be in while you're angry be with the anger be with us forever will you prolong your anger what is a next to also race I mean God has reason to be angry at you for a honor generations not just your generation and regeneration but not to say hello Internet that I don't know is that there is cause for rejoicing and then the Woody's done in the land was done in your life is not chosen to be angry but instead with the descendents versus East Germans in Virginia at the top are hungry all of them chosen to take away all of his wrath and he has turned from the bearishness all I was a design by the window I think that revival can only come when text went when we recognize that we are sinners Nazism something like oh god outcome relations and others many thank you specifically MN specifically if you want to have an experience this week and asked the Lord revealed to me specific issues in my life right listen to this from a book called great controversy for seventy two the commission of a known sin silences the wedding book witnessing voice of the Spirit and separates the soul from God what did you do that the commission out one person I know soon silences the wind is a voice of a while spirit and separate the soul from God anything you want to get specific if that's the case and that is the case only when it is a specific and say Lord I want no specific thing that is completely silenced her voice maybe you're here at Army because you're going man I need some revival right I did a very fun to draw energy from the people there after Myers is not only get energy from it while the might be helpful but you know what the bottom line is when you say Lord was coming between me and you and others specifically identifies that and say Lord I want them taken away as well so how can soon be pointed that it's only by a faithful preaching on believable law Romans seven nine I was alive without the long ones but when the commandment came sin revived and I thought the only way we can have revival is when we lost those halides that is in our life the Wizard101 editing away all the sand is what the Bible says there's a fascinating chapter in no way threatens modern revival summit of the redness and is built around this idea out LOI says that false revival really the difference between then and true revivals is that in false revivals the law of God is not great log of that there is no real specific point out of sin for a controversy it's only as the law is restored to its right position that there can be a revival of primitive faith and godliness among his professed honorific that sounds like something we should be interested by the way what was happening on the day of atonement the Psalms what Psalm eighty five one was a son David what was anyone the day of atonement where was the high priest and what was the ministering over the mercy seat which was over the what and he was reviewing whether or not at any to any any and fast sin the whole idea was a focus on set kiddies see why I would hope in this context that do my homework okay right so I could always stop in our lives that we get serious why is lay down one of those attending nursing school and I was not doing a very good job and because never mind why because that's not the point of army camp and but anyway I sometimes found myself in front of all the nursing instructors and they told me you will no longer be in the program because of this plan to go back to my and go back to my room and I was thinking of in this one person comes up on my behavior I went on my behalf to help intelligently insulting why add this this person spoke on my behalf and at about forty five minutes I was called the room and they told me you've been stay in this class if you and yes another class that do not relate in a single assignment you get at least a ninety percent or above line saying you cannot be mostly in the lot had been laid down so I actually went and bought textbooks and by this point and I actually I actually did not go to the beach anymore and Bible and my grades why because the law had been laid down event since then I've been doing pretty good academically so everything is good for the info for the Lord to say this is this is it is now just about that brings revival some eighty five percent mercy and truth have met together rices of these have just chose still sprang out of the earth and rice is a letdown from from heaven what a beautiful Texas was a beautiful text this is the secret to revival we will see what Jesus did he came mercy and truth met together righteousness and peace and guess what was that the judgment of God fell on Jesus right onto a say hallelujah that's like if they are sent to forget and one and because of that predesignated that they can then get on how much you that's good news good news Hosea six two and three four six two after two days he shall revive us in the third day he will raise us up and we shall live in the site that's what it says is that what Jesus did he died he rose again and is going to revive us so we look back we look at our present state and we see what God can do now as we can close your legs look forward in the text as you look at it in exactly studying any text with a couple questions you can ask what's the problem is being addressed in this text and what's the solution what has happened what is happening what will happen everything is a good question to ask any text those are good I write those down I asked those of every text we look back we went to the present state of the text now we look forward back to the text first well yes the Lord will give what is good and our land will yield its increase righteousness will go before him and knows what it says and cellmate his footsteps our pathway did you read that okay looking at me with a look at the text of the twelve and thirteen look at the text if you have about the revival how can you be in the Army absorbed or iPod or whatever you have iPhone doesn't work Doctor Jabbar yes the Lord will give what is good is looking forward our land will yield its increase the verse thirteen beautiful promise righteousness will go before him and Salome what does it say next yes what steps are halfway out of the desert beautiful what does it say who is going over for us and will lead the way put the craft fair and what's he promised to do make his footsteps what are halfway home but you I think it's a beautiful promise a powerful jaw revival brings what true repentance and true restoration back to the text first eight and nine I will hear what the Lord will speak for he will speak what piece of his people into his saints but let them not turn back to folly when he revived this is he wants to go back and send it always said no more for that is the right surely resign his salvation is near to those who do what who fear him that glory may dwell in our lens thus unlike the first Angels message beer God and do what give him did you see the progression in that textbook of verse eighty nine were talking about revival here how to have as you see the progression in the text he will speak peace what is the peace of God if you were to do a study on about what basically is a piece of God 's love okay it's good he is is poor his love into our hearts therefore we have what peace with God Romans step five right so the peace of God really is that through what he does we can be justified a man as is left unturned not back the following is the peace of God is justification what is it when it says don't turn back the following will that be sanctification easy to progress in the text the peace of God justified let them not turn back to folly we can be sanctified than what to say next surely his salvation is there those who fear him that what will be in the land that the Lori may do what well of our land so what's the last step in this progression justification sanctification and that was an excellent glorification there is elevator that that is that sanctuary my dear moving in that text from where on the outer court the holy place of the most holy place the place of what was glory filled the entire will at the end of time to be a revival will at the end of time the character of Christ speak perfectly represented in his people I was told that listen to this great Congress for sixty four before the final visitation of God 's judgments upon the year there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive God 's answers nothing was witnessed since apostolic times the spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children at that time many will separate themselves from those churches which the love of this world has supplanted the love for God and his word for the looking for a church where there's a lover got in his words looking for an army right bill separate many vocal ministers and people will gladly accept those breakthroughs which got discussed be proclaimed at this time to prepare people for Lord 's second coming and the enemy of souls desires and this work solo progressive and that was while justification sanctification glorification and have it will have only question is will will you not revive me that I may rejoice in you with that wrong I want to say Laura revived me let me be a part of that strong that's the picture so I guess I come back to the question under because you have we studied that you see how we did that in the context we can but isn't it a meaningful text force today and account database the question do you need revival in your life why did you come to the Army are you spiritually dead do you want this death to continue do you desire a change lives are changed as a quote that got my attention that Satan had his way there would never be another awakening great or small children and Thai it is want you to be revised is one making you tired stupor us right now right he's the one attacking the speakers of different people with physical maladies is any that was doing he does not want there to be a revival serving the line your life change at all but look at this we are not ignorant of his devices continues it is impossible to resist this power when the way is prepared for the spirit blessing well a desire that there never be another revival for those of this Satan can do no in the shower blessing from the sending of God God 's people the need to enclose the windows of habit that rain cannot near undersea hallelujahs that would give men and devils cannot hinder the work of God are shut out his presence from the assemblage of his people if that this is what our job if you would if they would subdue contrite hearts confess put away their sins and in faith claims promises every temptation every opposing influence whether open or secret may be successfully resisted not by my overclock but by my spirit saith the Lord of hosts reviewing here March twenty two is true so the text is true the only question is whether we really desire what was our text the memory Tech today and see if you got it will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice will you read I must again that your people may rejoice in you you want that there are events fun and have a more weeks seeing a little bit about how to study out of breakdown of text but there's something much more important than that and that is that our heart be broken down and that you broke breakdown are pretexts from them we allow you to ask us questions so we can see your needs in need of your justification your sanctification your glorification Carhart 's prayer our hearts desire is the same as Islamist William Lord revive me again that I might rejoice in you work on our hearts we pray in Christ's day


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