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Issues of the Heart

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • August 26, 2010
    4:15 PM
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around the room in here and okay and all let's get started then and to study about the heart issues of the heart today and wanted to tell you the second first time for me this presentation 's major problem be better the second time you guys can have a hard time with me on first year and the reason that I wanted to study more about the heartless because our revival of my life so I was asking Lord how is it that that we can have a revival part that I was reading another little book about the importance of the preaching in this book there were so many of these quotes to talk about the heart shall show you some today that exist totally convinced me so I started to than study all of the different passages in Scripture and you might do that you know like we are studying about program and you can see here that I I searched out everything on heart and then I put it into like a document and well to show you some of these documents these are all the preparations that you know different things to different documents were with two different quotes of different things and then it all I kind and categorize them into into different sectional like what is the heart and then I put it into another document that even looked more closely at at different aspects of the heart that I study started studying through all of the none I will widen the heart which will take me a couple you dear signing event done but but they're so rich that you know it was powerful so then came the document ways to prepare the heart so you know when you're when you're preparing for like a sermon or a talk you can literally spend weeks or months right and a have to discipline yourself not to do that sometimes so like for instance tomorrow I'm going to talk and how to study the Bible but this can narrow it down I don't like to give talks there like all over the Bible because I find it Bible students can follow those of find the best profitable people because they don't really know what you're doing when you go from Genesis to Revelation to Exodus they have to take your word that holds context makes sense and I don't like them to do that so I would rather study just verse by verse with them for something and that way they start to get confident if they if I go to the Palestinian I have them blown something about studies that I know what to tell you what not to do it give them a Bible study they can like the Bible study because of their cleverness and because they like you but when it really than on what to do they have absolutely no clue but if you study with them how to does go verse by verse and they have a clue or if you show them okay we just look up all the text the Bible about something enough topical studies show them how you did that then it helps them but if not guess what they can never reproduce that study and then when they say something to their friend of their pastor of their or their their relative that has forgiven the video to talk about and it's embarrassing so I like to put people in a situation like helping so anyway that was a solo preamble before this let's pray together Bob Hammond were thankful today we can study is the hardware we ask that your spirit would be the Lord that you would speak to our hearts were told in Scripture that your heart that your heart and your soul is in the sanctuary that's where it dwells your mind here that heavenly sanctuary and you you want to communicate with us so we asked that we can from what we learned today that you could and we thank you enjoy price paid on okay so I want to look now it at the actual presentation they came out of all that will plenary workers of you which I'm scrolling issues of the heart issues of the heart am in the reason I want to do this is because you know what I got invitation from the Army they sent me a little e-mail this is one of the things they said prayer in her preparation would open the Scriptures of the word is what they want us to talk about we may specifically request a particular speed to address this topic however every speaker may well include some aspect and heart preparation is that is important it maximizes the ability of the Holy Spirit to work and bring understanding I think this is something a minute sound like a simple sentence is a begin studying I realize that it was so entitled so you why okay here's some of these quotes I came across time and in the spirit props and what this scripture to the third volume of the testimonies two thirty seven two thirty eight by the way I will post always on my website at amazing facts .org go under the Apple tab amazing fact centered evangelism and you'll find directors notes and that's me the director and you can find notes from many different presentations press country up with the Army and then I lasted the length of an army page also put the notes from this morning 's study of the classic structure of Psalm eighty five you guys who make the euros earned freely I received freely I give so you've been to give the other so put them up on the website Mister should first feel the sanctifying influence of the truth on their own hearts and in their own lives and then there pulled efforts will be enforced by their example out of the desk ministers need to be softened and sanctified themselves before God and an especial manner work with their efforts are that going to go on the you basically was saying is what you need to be ministered to forty minutes and other heated be connected before you can help other get connected Mister know it doesn't matter how artfully or Bible study incident I connected ethernet fairly clever and artful Bible studies which are not connected you're not interconnect in the these will become more more convicting this text really convicted me out of many of the text this one convicted me the most of our rent second Chronicles twenty five one two most what it says and Uzziah was twenty five years old when he became king and he reigned twenty nine days Marie twenty nine years whether the date was here twenty nine years his mother 's name was Joe and Dan of Jerusalem in the notice this text and he did what was right in the sight of God but not little loyal heart another was you could be doing everything right but your heart be wrong them a sense and another was not with a perfect or blameless for example vibrant and says or now the whole heart so you can put on a show and then you looks like you doing right things and I so my like a Messiah and I had to confess him before they many times I have been I don't want to be like him as I do was right but now the perfect card you join in that prayer so what we need is reviled we have to have revival damn arts back with a ninety degrees and of course the heart is the seat of the will and emotions in the Bible and God gave us the will write and he gave us the ability have the emotions of the well and yet we sometimes feel of our own things away saying his his heart was not right but what does it mean look at the parallel passage and by the way when you're fighting something it chronicles you always can look at Kings and you can see the parallel passage right and sometimes you find nuances notice this nuance in second case that passage second Kings fourteen four seventeen forty four on the screen however the design is still about a missile what was that what was not right about his heart however the high places were not taken away and the people still sacrificed to burn incense on the high places so another words he was doing everything right except for puberty neglected the high places and what were the high places they use the term only reason we have like high places even you you do like to study in high places of the Bible we can figure it out but basically even also little Bible dictionary sometimes save you time your rush this is what about the recent term used to describe hilltop shrines were people of Israel offered idolatrous sacrifices to fail and usually those were very immoral they were the Canaanite religions where presence again I religion they had sanctuaries even though the sanctuary would meet someone who is not your wife or your husband you would go through the entire Temple ritual with them in the redo things that only otherwise to do together and he would go home needless to say there was a higher ten both for all wrong reasons right and so he was allowing them to go on in defiance of the scriptural rules nevertheless the high places were not taken away for as yet notice the influence because even taking away as yet the people have not directed their hearts to God to the God of their followers in other words so they were going to church they were doing all the right things but they were involved in basically today would say possible for not having which was in virtual reality back then because you could get on the Internet it was a real thing that makes this city was doing what was right but his heart was not right so they had not what's to say they had not directed their hearts or had not set their hearts many times but will set your heart world the highway the way in which you went set your heart purpose in your heart they had decided to do totally got well many palaces that you can give a clear Bible study you can give a clear server it can be logical they can be eloquent you can use all the highest it struggles you want you can show all the different things you can be heard by you can know Hebrew Greek Latin pig Latin whatever you want now look at this this quote met men may present in a clear manner whatsoever manner in other words it's very well put together the client intrudes on others and yet their hearts become sin maybe lots of practices secret their hearts may not be spent not me our hearts have not been sanctifying the love of cinema exercise no constraining power over their basepaths many status acquisitions and yet they handle the truth of God 's equally they cannot lift up holy hands to God without wrath and out other words they know no I know God was accommodating the men under his rock rent and they are down so they don't have power this is because God has no control their minds what their present a clear logical message that God Army Bible camp they have learned everything they know everything about how to do word studies they got it clear I mean this type are sorry the truth is never been stamped on their hearts their conversion is only superficial I want that a free convict right as they were taken from Timothy I desire the government met everywhere men pray lifting up holy hands without wrapper doubting syllable words prayer life should lead to what holiness so the weekend I is really the heart claim of first Timothy out of this tomorrow we study out pencils and Timothy L the end of the commandment is love from a pure heart love unfeigned in the same person so the labors of our many on many of our ministers lacked power they pass from day-to-day possessing only a cold level fate presenting the area that you bought was now noticed this the vital force which comes from a connection with heaven and which if you don't have a connection most was next with cents the spoken words all to the heart of men you want your study to get to the heart of men it can't just be eloquent it can't just be logical it can't just be clear you have to be connected with Evan if it's going to connect other people 's hearts I read those like you know is no substitute for intellectualization here is going to be is not intellectual right pre- practical heart preparation brother reason preaching has not been marked with the Saints of God spirit Elizabeth he can not fluently and make a point play we got seminars as we can do fluidly make point-blank right into their but his preaching has lacked Spiros Bridgwater 's appeals have not touched the heart with a new tenderness there's been array of wireless guys like verbal advantage is telling you all the different warranty everything he said he will augment was under those words like some spiritual or unspiritual Rush Limbaugh and an array of words but the hearts of the hearers have not been going in and not the sense of the spirit saviors but centers have not been convicted of drug honey out of what you offers read I was like a really convicted me that the issue that I need you guys might share with me is to have my heart right with God okay so back to the role asleep behind the cameras I think that's okay man whom God has chosen to be his ministers should prepare themselves if they are not elicited this is just really in the if they are not successful in winning souls to Christ it is because our own souls are not right with God why that is a fairly powerful quote only because of revocable that the cannabis of almost seems like extreme but but that's what's being said you know that is the measles will get one sometimes when you're preaching and teaching but it might be because the other him sure tonight you somebody else but I'm a human out anyone with so little organisms are zero and you know I saw the guy an individual to the day roaming e-mail sent the only metric at the end of the day is how many souls are one kingdom from history and I said no it's not symmetric metric is is your heart right with God that's the real metric right with his general authority that which is not of faith is sin so that was your vandalism could be sent that to heart your Sabbath keeping is not done for the right motive could be sent your vegetarianism could be said on the another was a heart has to be right and besides it was right without perfect heart sank to the four five one cell of all things endure afflictions do the work of an evangelist make full proof of your ministry in other words if an advance is truly as winning souls his heart is right at this that's you can see that it's demonstrated by his these texts of course you if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not what so this is why it doesn't work if we got a great arts what does God do Son of Man these men and set up idols in hearts by witnesses often that topical study to do the same study of four of the eight hundred and sixty cell versus the Son of Man makes these men have set up their idols in the heart and put before them that was causing them to stumble in liquidation I let myself in quite a while then surely you can be inquired what happens I will answer him lookups according to the multitude of his idols I'm a season out of Israel by the heart another words if you pray with oh you're doing it to you according to the idol not your request he knows exactly within your heart while I'm thankful for that God loves us enough to not let us get by with you the right 's OSU according to idle in your heart and humor the story available right then keep praying what is a safe fun got says all it will be missing is go go go I'll give you the answer that you want the best answer you want you prayed three times in your idol is that go a sense of donkey is starting to account no gymnastics and not some against civilian talk to him and he has so far gone his heart is so gone they start beating the nonusers into what I tell you say not really as of the donkeys talking to him and almost sounds funny but that's how desperately wicked his heart was right on about to let convicting him it was a microphone instead of the way the soldier not all ministers are devoted to the work not only put their what Intuit hearts and they move is listlessly as our temporal millennium were allowed in the woods to work for soul for business and I got a thousand years based on burdens and responsibility Karen privatizations and the notice when it says next year self-denial suffering weariness are not pleasant more convenient it's the study of some to save themselves from wearing labor they study their own convenience and how to please themselves their wives and their children and the work upon and was then entered when sin entered is nearly lost sight of while the as a powerful playing to find so I went and had this to say about the ministers I tremble when I consider there are some ministers even Seventh-day Adventists who are not sanctified by the Jews with the preacher come back to the end of that one legal how they can see why I decided to spend some time talking about issues of the heart is not for you just for me so let me ask a question was what to do now you can answer me what makes a good preacher his relationship with God dealing with people getting along with people I would route the requirements of the same thing that makes a good salesman okay I'm not sure what you mean by that exactly except maybe the best soccer okay believes in the product anything else I found this amazing quote that this rock to me and I the way we many times by more important maybe I should back up so this is him take no minister should be measured by his ability as a way as a speaker while notebook should be measured by this that the shocks as we see them why not for it is the pleasant part of the work and is comparatively easy how maybe a fabulous as ability to maybe not not too many but it is comparatively easier than what you have in your heart right with God having her run the while this is why when we asked the question who's a good minister we can't say we'd be willing to say we don't know we don't know our only God knows the heart right so we can say we can't make the judgment on the basis of what the ability as a speaker as a powerful quote about you but it does get me awake couple nights so what then is the measure God will board does not see man to see as man sees for man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks at heart was a menace it a go again he has preached excellent discourses what kind of discourses excellent Bible studies excellent discourses type logical sequential implementable books if you want big books MP3s audio verse reverse converse right but out of the desk is not carried out the principles he's preached this kind of work is an offense to God so ill course ministers and people don't buy work we have a stricter judgment spots were all here to learn how to do it but as a stricter judgment I here's what this is what Paul said I was with you in weakness and fear and in much trembling Paul was a very great teacher it he felt that without the Spirit of God working with him all the education he might obtain would be a little account we need to have the same experience we need to be afraid of ourselves Honegger freighted herself I join you in that not be afraid of you I'm afraid of myself does that makes it this Paul Johnny says IAM and fear and much trembling I started fearful and trembling when I read these quotes so one of the treatment I think we've had a diagnosis right what's the diagnosis we many times do a superficial work we think that the sermons and Bible studies are good work but real work is something only you know between you and God can you hold up hands without wrath are doubting the EAA you know that and God knows that I don't know that but I think my friends at there was one thing I happen an army at there's one thing they can arm of me and they can arm you is if our heart was right with God if there's one thing of getting in iron I know how to do a Bible study if your hearts right with God you are more powerful than you ever were before I'll give you can't even speak I don't care if you are paralyzed leave it here at the hearts right will guide you more powerful and more useful I'm more useful as a people the ethical class again speak akin to this event with their hearts for with God they were more powerful than anybody else I mean I've seen people like this one got my church he could complete his sermon ascends either this guy places I want to preach you can preach it getting it you can even you can even give caving that I talked that assistance we says I went up right he went to preach in his convalescent home he was a not a quadriplegia but almost any of the school thing anywhere then he couldn't finish his sentences and start preaching and everybody yet the slides Seraphim slides use the button and everybody was finishing the sentences for sixty people got baptized he can't even talk he gave his offenses but his heart on the people God won the people through our does one thing one thing we can have only been here it's this I'm talking myself not talking you I'm talking to myself you could see me to ask myself so the preach of the Gospels God 's chosen agency for salvation so the question about that what it is but our first work should be to bring our hearts in harmony with God and then were prepared labor for others what that's it you mean our hearts are in heart of God met said they were prepared labor we don't have to go to this event reality had set this is the only seminar you needed this is it for his promises for those seeking his experience was a promise is now ludicrous look at these wonderful provinces but these are the best promises a mobile but from there you will seek the Lord your God and you will find images taken of all Iraqis say hallelujah he can be found in EKG can be found first Chronicles twenty eight nine the Lord searches all hearts that was directly for twenty nine proposals twenty nine the Lord searches all hearts understands all the imaginations of the thoughts if thou seek him he will be followed by the butt of the upper second he will cast thee off forever however sick MMN but if I say Kim what does it say of a fun hobby is that the most wonderful problems you don't have to have a special telescope you don't have to have a special army boots or backpack you can find Jim five twenty thirteen you shall seek me and find me when you search remove all your heart what a powerful promise so that step one step to what has been seeking him of these are just off of a topical study of Volvo 's hard-pressed as you could use a bank you probably find better things and I have only worked on this like twenty hours so you guys you just you could buy a lot more but in this ask you to examine your heart I step to you can find them that's a promise but as concerts railgun though my heart try me and know my thoughts see if there's any wicked way driving on my examiners it is any wicked way in me Psalm one thirty nine twenty three and then pour out some hearts out before Moe God cleanse me that David said is in the insole nineteen twenty from secret faults right he he he knew the plate once listened closely from sequence Psalm sixty two a poor hearts out before him Charlie Laurel whole hearts to him with fasting with weeping with morning Joel two twelve and thirteen so if you settle on I can have a television of the television fast on my can have any Internet are not any of this or that of the other I just want to form our heart I this is this is the prescription given or what will happen we goes on it was he was getting at here the promises these are pretty simple promises but they want exactly what I need a minute into it they are white affluent parts of him as a search me and see if I'm it is any wicked way and he was getting at one end Isaiah that I said while as many farm undone I have a man of unclean lips I dwell amidst the people of unclean lips for my eyes at seeing the keying the Lord also he said when we do that was in a happy organization a holiness of God is where safety for him and when he reveals himself to us through script through the spirit of prophecy with you whatever it is working to say wall with me I month that in order to find out the sin is written in our hearts with the pen of dialogue with the in a violent point diamond Jeremiah seventeen one were defined in our hearts are desperately wicked right but then notice what happens one of the promises as we recognize our woeful state look at these provinces and one for promises the Lord is near to those who have a brokers here and save such as a contrite heart soul and we find out how terrible we really are that's what guys nearest to us as not to feel that way it doesn't feel that way as to how the world could ever let me buddy came to love you love you why you are yet enemies labor supply was pass the good news out of this one but thus at the high life Casey added to Bible study based on topics it is taken all of the sizes of some beautiful vasa bus at the Hyatt lobby one who inhabits eternity whose name is holding I'd love a high and holy places I'm Isaiah 's all right with him who has a adding those up in a high place I dwell with what Tim who has a contrite and humble spirit and the was he promised to do to revive the spirit of the hub we want revival position will be my sin and to revive the heart of the one contrary once you want to know what you what words would you study these passages if you are doing words that you want to know exactly what what what means you want to know what contrite needs right you want to know what does that mean you won't know what reviving for your vessel I want to know so you just go look them up in the slipping me contrite as world .com which means to be crushed to be destroying thing I am destroying idea on dog and he's close to you when you are destroyed on a people from amazing facts gets saved in jail jail is the biggest blessing to so many people they go to jail and finally they have focused attention and thousands of people across this land except the Lord Jesus Christ he noted down when they get out of jail wish I could go back I had time to get in touch with the Lord in heaven for kids in an after class on submissive or just take me to jail so I could dispense a more focused time a man of sin be laughing but how many give ever had a struggle to say Lord I want I want to spend focused time with that you can still do it still have to have a time of this one revive your revival for sending how Ya to live to revive to keep alive to recover to repair to restore to be whole have anyone that so what he says is that we go to this process that's what he'll do it's like you can rewrite the hard drive how they think of things happen in Army if this could have an army this was the only thing that music doesn't be the most important thing at sense okay stuff right now I'm not saying I had all the steps are okay but these are not like sanctified steps in fact they may not even be right orders of a black they made sense to me based on the top of the leader is one of three then why we say we shall luck on powder on dust I'm nothing so you can make something out of me create in me a clean heart O God renew a right spirit within me Kathy now with my present state not thy Holy Spirit from me restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and open with my free spirit is not a wonderful prayer lastly Centinela this request was David lost in the soul always as he was lost souls separated but once he does sawmill thirty three some thirty three warranties as when I kept silent my bone scroll through all my groaning all day long for your hand was heavy heavy upon me any and some thirty three he wouldn't address for like a year then in this song he finally comes and goes I blot out my transgressions this and that ready he gets clear and the cries are created in me a clean heart O God of recess on the you need to say that today on asking acknowledged to me just between you and the Lord is only her heart that God does how does he respond to such a request under this I will give them a heart that know me even though I am the Lord their my people Jeremiah twenty four seven and I will be there got a Mesa return to me with a so returned their whole heart but she says I want to use I got the transplant team there is like is this ready to go looking for this is the largest quotation from the Old Testament and in Jeremiah thirty one thirty three the dissections as Newco is the largest single complete quote from the Old Testament of the new this is the I will make with the house of Israel after those days that the work I will put my law in their minds hallelujah and write it on their hearts I will be their God they shall be my people only want that then that is the biggest is Artie Old Testament that is the biggest design the New Testament that's the biggest need in our anybody's see even if you look at the mere that is the biggest need and it's the biggest quotation on the older the test has always been the biggest me always the biggest descent conflicting Bible study as I'm just looking at the list of Bible texts and convicted my heart is in convicting your heart then I will give them one heart mother was as good be unity and one way you want your family to come together give your arctica New Jersey come together give your heart to God they may share me forever for the good of them and their children after them and I will make an everlasting covenant with them I will not turn away from doing them good are these wonderful promises I will put my spirit in the heart to golf their God-given morality to that he puts it there by the way fear is that desire to open a and it's the fruit of faith he posted in art so they will not depart from me yes I will rejoice over them to do them good I will assuredly plant them in this land remember in Psalm eighty five or were studying them in the session before the land would prosper summative episode what does that mean is what it means a plant in the land all my heart O my soul all the way you know they were planted in Canaan when this was but were planted where in the heavenly King one prompts I will give the one part I will put a new spirit within I will take the stony out of their flesh and give them an heart of flesh notice how thoroughly cleansed David was in God 's sight those are thoroughly cleansing look at this powerful passage I read this passage I've read it before but this struck me with the logo look at this his first Kings fourteen eight this is after Bathsheba tore the kingdom away from the house of David gave it to you yet you have not been as my servant David notice how God looks at David who capped my commandments and who followed me with all his heart to do only what was right in my eyes look at eyes looking at date even though David had dollars wrong but they still as I look to you as I looked at me if we get artsy so what would fail whale is going our hearts the recipient of a wanted to look like that you as a powerful warrior day was a powerful warrior what a powerful way his heart preparation needed what the David desire to do with his heart was right with God would you design it mostly says in Psalm fifty one restored to me the joy of thy salvation of my salvation you gave to me thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit then he said I will teach transgressors your ways and sinners shall be converted to you what happens when artists are right even if we'd done what David did or does it even more powerful so I don't have to go through its Manasseh forty years forty years of the Bosnia God worked through him proceed a lot of evil things to enough fruits of what happened status of my cellular before me that doesn't mean we should not wantonly at all last dollars same but is this wonderful no matter who you are community even though it's hard enough and write the data to have a ministry for Christ might have been the opposite could've been in some ways but it was powerful who wrote the salts look at it this is based on another these are the words I spoke to was there with you Jesus now talking to those wrote this two on the road to romance and then to the twelve afterwards the eleven and remember how their heart was downtrodden and in their heart was slow part but then was that they saw heart burn within us why do the heartburn these arose that I spoke to want was still with you that things must be fulfilled which are written in the law of Moses and the prophets and the one solves the salt to write legit it were five sections of the song that went with the primitive and look at David and David have a ministry is David still have a ministry on our care what you've done if you give your heart to the Lord if I give my heart toward he's got a ministry for us and it is a powerful ministry this is why Colossians says let the Word dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another in what David again solves and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord that I might join you in your salvation look at the amazing things that we got to do to us as we close up as we surrender our hearts and daily lookout this is this is this is beyond the pale dad prepared enough for my steps that another was this guy surrounded by the wicked but my heart is steadfast oh God my hardest step as I was saying again right now we don't have that kind of the situation in a lawyer 's arrival at the wicket got my heart is that this is an Army principle right I'm in the midst they took me kept about this praising God is like volatile it in my heart is so connected that even in the midst of it I'm converting the jailer in the midst of a amendment in the midst of the he will not be afraid of evil tidings his heart is steadfast trusting them hello I can say is that once I did this is the biggest need this is the biggest need for me on the peace of God which passes all understanding so keep your heart is how can I keep out you can keep your heart you can't even write us was that the prices take my heart my week on Christlike heart keep it or it is my property I can keep words to get that from Philippians it will keep your hearts and muskies alleluia you give it indicates that he gives afforded these are wonderful promises of this is the last toiling with you wonderful quotes from desire basis six sixty eight you probably heard before but isn't it what we need again all through obedience come from the heart was our work with Christ lowers Christ that he gave his heart and if we can set what will he do those so identified himself a lot thoughts of the cell blend our hearts and minds of the conformity to his will that when obeying him we shall but be carried out our own impulses how you want that the will which by the way is another with the heart of the heart is always called will the Bible refined and sanctified will find its highest delight doing this service we know God as it is our privilege to know notices from our life will be a life of continual obedience how many one thing through appreciation of the character of Christ through communion with God sin will become hateful to us heart preparation how many one of our preparation how do you feel like you just want to know that as a Lord take my heart I mean I knows this a few of us but it doesn't matter if there was as one of us it is one of us gave our the thing that's been a failure I didn't get into the Army can anybody here want to does come forward join me give your heart the Lord again lets us pray together for other arts and I don't have to be the only one perennial to start maybe someone else wants to say someone will close file and have the Lord 's text of just convicted he is not wrote her Lord I need to be the new experience with you in a deeper experience you say behold I stand at the door and knock there's a lot of doors not just the front we want open every door hearts than there might be others you want to just confess what their models but they want a hard experience with you


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