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The Kingdom Principle

Isaac Olatunji


Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



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O'Reilly when I was here body of the good afternoon again is beginning to open up our next seminar on today we don't talk about understanding the kingdom principle in Scripture understanding the kingdom principle in Scripture and before we get into the word of God this power is awarded where heavenly father we come before you prayer asking you could help one of the Holy Spirit life dispute on this study Lord in this workshop that we may all be blessed in Jesus name amen amen term in your Bibles to the book of Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew thirteen chapter we all know the place where Jesus says and this gospel of the what shall be preached and how much the world as a witness to all nations in this shopping income that tells me in the last days is that we know the end of the comic of the men was prophesied by Spencer that means that the gospel of the king will be moving pretty smart people who have received the present of the kingdom of God and those who understand the principles of children living in the kingdom principle outlined in Scripture now the Bible says in the book of Matthew chapter thirteen Amherst forty one do you have it the Bible says in Matthew thirteen chapter and verse forty one the Bible says in the Son of Man shall send forth his hope and shall gather out of his way to dumb all things that outstanding and there was no one so we understand the Scripture only honest man the general principle as well as the kingdom of God that nothing at all bears more commitment and anyone entering himself a job about that point is very important that we understand the King of the Bible says in verse forty two and shall cast them into a brightness of fire those who chose not to align themselves with God 's kingdom while there is only wailing and gnashing of the band the Bible says sound arises on form as the one and mixing them on their way out of that began result of the jingle printable dialogues about very hard to look into the kingdom about father used to hear the Bible says what yet then we understand in the team embraceable incidents of that we understand that God is the King of all things Democrat around the videotape and the Lord of life but it was Somalia the one the meeting and have been available Lucifer the schedule says that he was on his throne above the Bible God is and I will be like the most high but for Avalon that to win cannot will want their own so somebody had to go and we know with everything you have the need to treat the strategist says that Lucifer was kicked out of what and what must understand of this type is that it knows the theme of the Bible is about eighteen establishing a chain of owners the thing that the Bible is about eighteen establishing a chain upon earth now when God created the world the Bible says that he made them all the heavens the light the firemen all the things you read in Chapter one now they understand that the chronic act of God 's regime and would eliminate man Emma run around the Bible said let us make man in our way and image after our likeness not even know God was the owner of the whole entire you must understand the spirit of prophecy says that Adam was needed to overhaul a planner he was we don't bias our busy little device Jared or the representative of God upon planner and what happened was that godly commandments in decreased dispatches at many that if they would've obeyed them and follow them their posterity would've obeyed up and follow them in this hall our web in a kingdom on earth with a piece and happiness holiness drove but what Apple mother that you know Satan had the method up and got habits as man's loyalty so on this article about the game the team had to get along and give a lot in the Google all Vermont man's loyalty had been tested before they were eternally secure and we understand this took place at the forbidden tree or the tree of knowledge of good and evil now we know what happened Mandy and contrary to what God said and unilateral man got kicked out and since that time on planet Earth there are kingdoms in conflict with the public King is in conflict with mailing the thing about him in the king establishing a kingdom where owner in which you will find out if this theme goals block the law that's our Bible from Genesis all the way to a book called what revelation help build a spirit not in the chemical conflict these more things you need to understand we understand became the principal instruction number one in order for a team that became the role you must have a what a kingdom so when you have a kingdom and you have to have a lot of averaging another one the government is what on a certain territory and I found it through somatic that's already we understand the thinking of little instruction you understand that at every kingdom you have to have a lot and this love must have what they already met law and the signs of abatement law must be found in a certain where territory now we understand that within the Bible is not a king established eighteen where on earth but when Outlook is well illustrated Bible leave the rightful King Mike on the truth but what happened was that another team and call the kingdom of what at this him able to eliminate conflict so when you read Genesis chapter three Arlington and the Bible using to them and conflicts and would particularly conflict philosophies principles and values and complicated with the absolute confidence in the Bible that say that Satan is the God of Islamorada Rome this interns Wobegon is still the right bouquet amaretto so what happens is that this is yet the kingdom of God editing and what fighting is one other thing around to all the rightful lock of the law what God which is built onto the table to what how many things the year tells the air between a watchdog of the abandoned themselves to remember it's in command of the men a man and what happens is is that you need to install to begin babbling a lot and I tell the truth barefoot with five children all every time so that you are right behind him is not on the logon matter-of-fact arms the Communist VA the law of love and I will call your dilemma and lots of man a man to prison of the love while you have it to nonsense legs because repetition it was the impression I even so what happens is doubtless a note in order but the battle that all walk with God we have to walk a lot the one hundred percent analog clock donate one hundred percent what you say out there and which have told attempting to be back with a man now some globalist installed with his fingers and that was yet the government something Donna God it was ten Commandments entry says the doctor all obligation of God and humanity so what happens in entertainment and the kingdom of God and the kingdom of what got to love the rack the law of God would you have the love what we get the transgression of the left alone no you must understand that because a seminar the government Adam Sandler all ball is simple the runaround what a natural bent towards what people thought that is about the power tries we will obey the law of what is the team of writers with my paper is the kingdom of God is apartment the night so that you don't see below what you obey the law of what vigorously to do it but thank God and everything to be a subject of a runner-up in the last subjects setting these goals who are under we you have but what it also given a licensee for the analogously than failures they renovated the commercial but for salvation amen you believe that you are not the fact the lesson amen anything you cannot save yourself USC's of the commenting aware to begin give you what I've see what the holy one and that he saved you from that deal in the penalty of sin yet is venerated cohabiting at a Spanish say that you made me every day salvation on the website always say you walk in salvation he walked about saying something on the logged on a particular level digital mouths of the Colossus are the ones of classes at the one because will become the darling the price will begin on Martha Jesus we received prize of a personal site and mythology and you want to sit upon the throne of your heart and intelligence glasses after one and verse thirteen and when you get it and he is a man because lab of the RSN a console of the glory of what because we have seen it we are all on loan payment on what if you don't make things public about the era in this role we read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation using to turn the fan able to Canada and the game of rebellion is thereby there absolutely is posted on the heart with a tip or entertainment will end all dolls will also make anyone know the last day will Alyssa what the tarmac what the team will die and those American style of the kingdom what one thing you are realized that bells in the two hundred and always in the majority in the days of Christ those who follow Christ all the way is able to Liam and I will attain a level and also to the bottom the bulge was nice with acting on what in the charts hello I want to imagine somebody in the Latin American market he exists by ten dollars the Walt Disney of the know nothing of the district is annulled by the Republic but the papacy and although the bombing of limiting what always in the majority of Spanish radio something marketing on principle when you read the Bible that it will be and asking them to be in the minority when it comes the man but withdrawing a side gospel with the majority amen sister one hundred thirteen p.m. this web delivered us from the power aware of the kingdom of darkness argument and has translated a smuggler translated means movable one place to another someone happens as we have all been under the law what the language translator I hope so from the loss and law what God and when I was is it no longer lost which are what the literary prize with the power of the Spirit Jesus obedience as arises partly from the vessels of the store was rated so you move the camera may looking on what laws they have to log what movement in all of the nail what therefore you are accepting to the kingdom of God bless translated as the Bible says and to let you know of is that what just what Lindsay was in the King of heaven is that what you are talking with the King of glory when he would come in all the holy angels to talk about the kingdom of grace some of the game in the race him him him and baptized life where and when did you want to Lausanne in seventeen of the kingdom of heaven is within a year when using the lap of the match friend might have problems with one of you all out the Scriptures give always and I'm not going the way of the world of our own Internet fable written investment outlook on the Kindle what do they all the Bible by the system 's radio so I believe it's all thing applies on the same territory call planet what if like the Dallas Cowboys against the Washington rift in the Lakers against the Celtics who is gray what I'm writing with such absolute King is incompetent on the same territory but just let upside down we kept down I was okay and you and the Gallup would but you are a beginner rebellion only about five billion on it does not win the facility were going to come through somebody else's right is the bombshell booty was in my the theme of the eighteen established a kingdom or where an dot of the bipolar in the law this came in with a lot of what and those who are born again of the Taliban original purpose you need to be borne from Adam to be in the kingdom before Saint Menominee born alive from the secondhand softness about a man seeing God 's original purpose lab was anymore and driven more than from Adams Boulevard hands before sin and once again with the Carlos Santana being born again for the second at the Whitney the second image is a certain event come on so there's this writer it centers on the same in the end Socialism double what all the same territory call planet what I need all that become a thing of the burn of the actor I'm right or wrong so what we see here is God 's care of his plan of salvation and management of a really great customers and the final culmination of the two chains are become in the last days and we don't do a thing on Sabbath talk about the third Angels message all you what we got Sabbath and on Sunday you have bells and Michaela got always feel in their way and apologize on it obviously I thought it fallen whether literal symbolic best for you is analyzing to be part of nonpayment are I a man news of the origin okay but the Bible says all I will want after the team them up below of these buses raised in Glasgow who did good on Sabbath and Sunday because the Chandler diet is so off I race to pitch for anti- all right all-knowing leave the beautiful hands of an appraiser I was just looking at the steps of Woody Allen July seven letter to forty four nineteen oh seven she says but how many years saying that spent experimenting upon the property of the human one any as American no one way back to augment their lows of my is the great psychologist that means he knows what makes you tick everybody was wrong the devil knows what makes you tick the job it describes the myths that have a psychological plot against them to make a move in a light of allegiance from the kingdom of God that the King of the rebellion probably somebody that's the reason object opposite is very very important to be effective oversight of the kingdom of God but people but the new realities of the kingdom of what only misdirected the nuclei with the digital descent of Jesus it became a lot addressing better notes if the masses like all of the above music that he's been gone up to psychology with a man and it learns a null allele by satellite many of his last Baruch faculty know that Michael any company is looking at the present unattainable darkness and/or mocking them in the light no doubt have to compensate you detainees finally Faisal market and please let heated linking the human mind Windows live that the reason why we better be linked upwards easily as they have been the apostle Paul clearly individualized below or become one in spirit with the Lord that the reason why every day we got that Bailey everyday we got to give our hearts to Christ am I doing that we link our minds with Christ Mark Elizabeth right in the job and polygamy allowed his own and viewing it Windows live I is elusive thoughts nothing tentative moves brother visits that he is doing this work and so on these sets of a lack that those who accept it no not that they are being that I have added a lot eleven dollars of that man cleanse his way back take it easy and there is no portable one man's in Atlanta Barbara owned by everyone that proceeded out of the amount of your television set they are that night we ran last night probably from ninety four that the Grammy-winning CD it was the last house by every wind that proceed out of the mouth although an argument and that is where we are living by faith we are doing online with the word that the reason why limits on the illumination today you are bringing the present got into your study to wear when you have a audience chat with the Anthony went dotted in viewing is both a number that we do characters being transformed the character of Jesus and Satan knows that so what he wants to do is get our minds off the word write the same household to do what was your attributable voice of God join the noble speaking all the Democrat the soccer views the mind of man and I met that night and what is likely what there is a popular sentiment Alicia G0 marriage you could play the piano display of a gas well is in the interview she said that when I write myself the boys what the right is not the voice of God because he lied about an adolescent already knew the defendant knew that the attainment of a and the genetic history of their own music and bad news for McCain about Elizabeth was legal but I knew that McCain out right now and is that what does a long time so you can now think what they do now with light was wrong to believe the strangest thing about saying yesterday in his righteousness it isn't about right as the religious living in the most likely brings the world has to offer the devil says that none but his voice he said will be heard and it's a easy maintenance and industry might numb before we see this page right here with this person this is ever going to be disseminated about the deniers but that is that I cannot have you and that is all around the abdomen as I understand it check but almost nobody living on the cabinet level this may get what you wouldn't you heal your life is like that I can't stand snakes and the devil put that movie theater up by Disney to you that television at that hell about the Whitney on the Internet I may update at the bottom of the Kabul does the many elves busy making blueberry soup as well as a computer and I I was Israel Dubai said that many players themselves on the one ground while digging into the waves had aground when ants happen whether you are not the medieval on their tanning round so this is what we talk about the Panama by the Caleb died and was just not within the principle that territorial rights to certain places can go right around and you can go to a certain place with rail long by MRI from my commission I think developing in the event you decide which I do a lot with them what happened and we preserved and involved the treatment would only strengthen the territory of the kingdom of God on our because that's what Second Life is our business to this reasoning is that in their own territory and what happens is you put itself in a position where antigen he says many places them on the insanity grimaces from sabotage May eighteenth eighteen eighty two frequency of amusement were fallen spirits congregate in the event their place of abode that their headquarters she's therefore present Christian when you resort to the theater or concert world constituting remembered I think that is where cotton apply them as their last while agreement at the fact that many thought will admit only a month millions if the child and abnormal in the Bengal Hezbollah Hollywood where Danville was in a cellular print of the spirit think that it's just crazy to do with movies their excitement passed in Anglophile which are the very principles of the kingdom over the individual get those emotions stirred up where does feel good the firm will a very atmospheric if they are permeated with licentiousness followers to straight up sexuality out of control and everything onto one enzyme industry is built on the worship of sex and the right or wrong I'm assuming some of this is the movie came out you know what movie but in this scene right here ninety one veiled his wife right but Mrs. Y the issue like it was using what command auditory that seventh-ranked passing out what many regular services make an attempt on psychotic and salt who teaches sports entertainment outline rebellion and when you watch that stuff site analyze there is link in your mind when you and people in all the person different at all of the sand people to want to watch him run around Boston hocus-pocus I thought that the Bible that I have a lot I was which I brought you out of the land will add these are not your brother the between the darkness and what happens is when you understanding everything slants fires after the fun Panasonic is bulging at the Abraham talking to somebody at grandma than that of knocking them but in the end Genesis chapter ten is that identify a new payment will exalt you attend college than in the Bible Israel versus Babylon and the principle to Babylon in the present of the Babylon came at the Egyptian culture sometime the brain got him out of the pictures of Babylonian culture I became about the kingdom of God because I went on that and it's all about the one abundance therefore eighteen merchandise this webinar so I and was with the promise mentally one of my enemy to the promised land everywhere we step on when it comes obediently meant the house out not what you want them Elizabeth opened that you should not be suitable to your learning something gives Dan is right here if you want to change the income you shall learn to do after the abominations on those what they are looking on where rebellion and you see all the description about the negative and conversely after the doings of the land away where you dwelt shining out what in the moving of the bacon and a time of the picture eleven and the congestion living conditions eleven says don't do them enabling what methodology somebody had asked Berger doing on the LAN obtain and can worsen the digits that are born you shall you know what neither side he was after there was ordinances day in the booklet that is not getting the principle of listing the specific example was kingdom called the sanctuary these are the rules working with the potential manifest of the law and adjustments and are doing that the only way to a great seller what happened was they be contrary and you read from the book of Judges all the way to the time at the Babylon the book of Daniel in Ezekiel and second games what happened was that they were doing the works of the even to a God said you did worse than that he said why the conflict of the King of Dartmouth was great in the kingdom of God was his review they tried to duplicity in the church today facility facility all facilities will be hot flushes writer eleven we yeah what he wants is now that have whatever values based on the word of what income with what were the worst Christian aggregate and common with the thing which is really located ten eyes and the paganism of our time is an Israeli Olympic entertainment industry in the old and possible principle in the mind of the people in a fellowship to what you have called zero what and what happens is is this right here cultural changes in neuronal but the values are unchangeable the Adventist review within the province was it is a problem that if things were separate like this would be all right but guesses no one a cultural values that come with easy to be missed and agreed that the cost or value the Delaware and the Christian values become what spiritual lives and talking to some much on the truth so that that was at the cameo on the way down at least that the kingdom of darkness into the and the manifest breach of openings in selecting among the tournament said it will take everything out of it was up and it was not a witty entertainment search individual spiritual lives like this right here will be taken adaptively with the birth of hip-hop rap Jazz reggae so what and who are the embryos of the church and no I say anything about people oscillating singing is said and celebrate with assistance and worse than that if the music that the club people just like the you know what in the class Jerusalem by heard residents in the short run of the law but by now begotten God 's word the word God does what I live for us always glad with human fundamental convictions about what is what with human values didn't meditate on it we live in a time where the church must be more world friendly talking to somebody rabid following God 's rules the education some aren't often the education of the world it has to be with me and calling a Christian education populism that all men can be going on in all the words are always collides with human fauna conditions so I went Frank is connected on the not make anything of it all a lot of the word of God incentives are here yet that we have a son daughter of a man which is the kingdom of darkness and the sons and daughters and what not the reason why you shouldn't marry a ignorance a nice matter of fun or goal of Mandy is don't talk about I don't believe in militia demanded in that way you with me to talk about our right was is rated the human fundamental conditions by collision with what with the learner what the prophet the divine revelation from the word when you have human fun of a congratulatory phone where T-shirts and medications of the last of these candidates of the church and we evidence is not eligible I think we are the church militant where fighting against this right here amen we understand that when the words you can see the Tucson at all of the collision was right here the all world was influenced by Babylonian culture the laughably implausible what's at that time the Egyptian Empire was the chief culprit is in the entertainment is an overlap with Pamela Fowler and the whole world is corrupt and federal and what happened if they were all upon a man called the Pharaoh ambulance when the mountain a barrel on Santa Fe with enough I want right now are what it's all this right here during the heat so you have this right here all of the collision right then I canonized where God told the children don't marry that was a cut on the mob cults of the claimant religion was based on bail date on all these false gods and people will want to dispatches and chickens and Moses and an animal it was all messed up worsen and imitators right here the claimant religion was a related that dealt with nature worship rightly with nature worship sun worship polytheistic and focus on fertility and what is the antimatter to focus on sexuality and are on a roll to the Montagnais to my religion identified against the religion of this because the Michael Jackson God limits a little search in Chicago November and amateurs think that it matures that David should we democratize narrowminded to ten ago global thing a man in the mirror and my possesses only whitening as well should make thereby with assistance have mercy in business right here all decade they talk about the belief that one can control or egg of power from the practice of what we have magic in an event manager today in his life is very fascinating and I thought you might want to stop typically the glasses and Cisco secure the abundance across multiple horse toward the more problems you would be an ADL covered with its practices violent ecstatic festivals that I thought whom the world wrestling Federation the boxing of the day and he what is inside animal sacrifice I want and they are you with me being burning incense worsened the file ceremony about your way not have a company is aired by the labor head around right with it the same thing that negligent on the wall rack prepared a sacred mystic takes rapidly the Michael Jordan on a cereal box will increase the sales lady with me or somebody else famous chapel plaza to listen an apology after the war is the pornography of their time are you with me at monogamy is a religion today and let madman communicates with the doctors also eliminates M magic of Harry Potter anything like that when it's all about God this plainly went far the land was a lot let me use an outline who hire an additional avenue mounted his loving life in Asia and Bethel he will not read the word not argument me understand the kingdom principle that when I'm born again on our attainment of Christ child and it was getting a lot of later on in his treatment under the Lordship whatever the Lord to help me unwilling to be less than what you'd call me Lord Law and the payments out what say yet David Blaine in this age of my freak and a lot of these cells is so popular because it's fascinating Romans assists and I will talk about it but these are modern day termite wizards and should be put to death unless they get their market yet which is about with war of ugly head in the hormones they drag because beautiful widgets that Israel gives with the monitor certain coaches and their weird New Orleans for Mardi Gras and living at the movies finalized by the bags I think I'll write you may want to view movies and are reasonable or not is moving up on your aim is is is is a Canadian lightning of his annoying the way is not the death that when the Bible says that he'll largely presumes anyone to help you forget about the library of her Hebrew by the federal and have the movies are put out by the forces of the tenet of rebellion should have people all want anything more than the Bible and then with regards affiliates as a lot because Jesus lives amen amen talking to somebody people wanted and I was outside walking movies from abusing people Black rock University need right with them on the back of the ANAs products are safe nightmare I was three Texas I installed two thousand and not want on your Drupal being challenge of somebody to what happened when the people will spend two hours then is satanic sexual movie rather than to find out was waiting that the Marlins on in Revelation and Daniel and Proverbs I hate it when other people 's characters on the phone to where they look at you as always in a let you know how a look at Jason as some of the strength and power the medic and Kevin Stillman arrived again I'm raises serious eulogies within itself ready for Jason of the bogeyman in a castle being in someone and he listed there like the students that there looking with love with firmness if you don't scare me saying get out of here for trying Alexi Al is nineteen years old this good and not ready with me at the logical days and incredibly excited and will will place out and because honestly and I can't say I will do is remember system I said that Satan under the kingdom of rebellion will seek to speak to you the windmill but it was with your at the top of old open the seven administers the mothers and the fathers you are the last generation then new hallway because we live in a time we got seven added this flippant about Joseph Biden with you about an argument of the pioneers a and what I was as we deliver no thing and to wear this is okay adults of the site with it's okay to dance on it with me it's okay to do with the world to locate any of the King regarding identity the spiritualized argument was Israeli withdrawal love and what all they hold little life in my citizen must deliver a again flat out in Microsoft was able to put it on the web are let out a single man I will be going on with life I do belie that I go to the word on a map about the kingdom of God to leave from fornication but the music and education so after the loss in the book enabled with only one system you want on the engine and Hawaii with me and you want to get in the lab of the mystical life that was you I said that Abbott is on page five things I went allowing arena primarily white he's always on the table of not evident in the season was his habit and some property of the outline as he walked in and what they had been able to want from anybody with me this writing was worth about that life I can get them what they watch him again right here that have made a faith-based agency that outnumbered all other productive although Lycos wants our logo that darkened on my aunt comes the love of novel and White House took called my end I you wanted to run again you have a young man it mildly but will allow the way you don't know listing these national complement in the UK is sick sentimentalism that Jehovah did for me once Mister when they read and established thing about this stuff you do not knew they'd have the same affect as Nevada and will do what they go to come all the time I evening when the web these where was why the Bulls fall in love order since these human efforts on the ground in a fight amendment blinded Sabin 's outline around with you all night ABC the influence whom three of an eighties can you guarantee on our end in ninety wow that I lost track of ninety laymen are not converted a man a man but do not have that right now I talk about the is untenable continue pendant on revenue entities called the blessed hope the West Coast the best hope all that foolishness is the same territory planner that Susan a closet and marriage on the great optical near the end two months p.m. for the probability of it he was all were later the hell are you with me somewhere and then they can examine imagery in the Bible of the kingdom of darkness but the holy Scriptures of the Bible to the table with one hundred and eighty even the Lancashire County method by you so talk to somebody at the heart about a care bundle at the movie lives that were early so I read the Satanic notes that the mental novels the deadliest spy novels looking at right here in July said the readers of what is the true there was a laterite whose father less of the father face them but we do outpatient iron dog in a letter that will destroy you what the adhesive eggs individually on the webpage he's all that depends against the sacred book for the kingdom of God by means of the kingdom of God will look beautiful no more it will look ugly it was attractive enough for me but understand that the fish and the movies in the music and entertainment industry against any of all who live where the Bible say the building owner held with all the love and make a Nestlé is right here sees this entry is not unhealthy what an ego and excitement was it ever argument it peters Arlette and choose coverage of the old Facebook my dear friend with the government she had out by Warner Bros. in the seventieth minute she's a lady 's review we does not will make you want like this is that I even only once a witchy said why the last office visit Oakwood mayor told me that reading the novel is worse than watching a movie because when you watch a movie when you listen to what William Watson moving around whether that Batman is developed we coming and there we also had almost of the mortgage although it was when you want and what happened at present I have a site middleware with handling the Bible and we despair probably does not have attracted an applicant will be looking on documenting while diluting the identity and is walking them I was leaving town down systematically use the left and we shall solve and before you read the globular originally no one read the bar and disqualify it what shall you spare a thought five therefore Eli thought I'd why would happen I decide I want to know more the network do the spirit a sauce labels the A's outsider is also able to play with a lot riding that they subsidize my and how they might be much on the right was that when I'm in my account didn't realize that you will analyze it as an volume five page five sixteen this is one of the strengths in league history although I written in regard to an array of exciting stories to see a recommendation for your bid to read Robinson Crusoe out of what an Aesop 's fables my brother you have made a mistake and writer nineteen is easy to get these balls are among those which you have for sale I begged them never all that I can see why you have found that Gant was already dressed up no more than another wonderful about some with a policy with me Jean releases that don't often I'd did you argue it is your duty to call at the lot and I'm not alone and yes the Bible does not become there to their old with me maybe they attempted between the laws in the darkness but on the upside good storybooks which was done by the Atlanta study on the line and a mold is the same as over but by evening the ball will be the glory in most of it and absolve the same way because we are solidly a story thank you we must ourselves need training on the water of life or else no because leaking out Barfield broken sisters was beholden or what and what one wanted him to appear peripheral time and wonder why the liberal live in the chance i.e. when you want to the level that every binary manager Delilah villagers is beautiful and the pontiff in the kingdom of God and in this attainment of darkness with the kingdom of God I with me enough of both you'll probably do all of the restrictor says perfect liberal the Lord colorful perfection for Mitchell David in July says the imperfection of character if they so whenever that we had the are all righteousness and get on the right is of the one in the family is the story is announced whenever you see a football game you have the home team and the visiting the home team has their visiting uniform and the home team out there what long uniform imitative goblin on your form as the white robe of hi-fi systems to get a little like today men but the visiting team to say that the business is different from heaven with his come on this deal take it all right with all his players where not enrolled for live and let a movie spotted by the hamburger right with me we missed that I must as we study partly luck I got in close to the line it was a general word I was just in a lateral is where it is going to go against the grain and if you're going to be a part of the kingdom of God is really all the Bible you always do that when I did the Bibles is no legitimate is Ruby the city get our students say the understand is ready at all only a small portion of people to follow the truth remember that by revelation always allows a human fundamental convictions and we got to make a span amen because we have was called Farrow what would you send it and who was releasable living humanistic living began Yahweh what which leads to what this is based on God 's what was reasonable living proof that it meant brothers and sisters we have to ask ourselves who are we to align ourselves with evil barrel or man bore with Yahweh God 's word I will relate to what he outweighed his word it will need to probate listing and therefore we are rejecting Eurocentrism in our study of the surgically with them yet but reject Afrocentrism will become the third of the Scriptures there should be no division checks a man hater I went me at all leaves the human ethical and white black Samoan signing right with me I reset it in God 's word and we then amended has all this money is all going to our church when you are there Mister isn't it any outweighs the Yahweh God were pulled that it what living is a little close remember and the church we had called Christian values body against society of these cultural values are China where they had come in a church where people put a halo around them where cultural description guys become beer July fight with me but the Bible say believe his prophets from the word of God is so show you what a menu possible that you follow Jesus a man is left to let him allow a particular beginning let the wine and the wireless and wireline long in coming up I see that you are not currently liked how the lamb and examine and mystery a man who done apologies to you Bob and have become before you read we're not going to maximum we can render right now father this in the same industry Lord has existed in the word of God and finally reject the entertainment industry everything he stands for and if that is hat on Hollywood Leo how we walk how we talk how we dress and even how they come to the word but we put in our cultural biases look not to the word of God will destroy him Jesus the father want to print you because of the units white black Samoan Spanish Tongan wherever they're from north bring us together on the work because the word is reversed and final become of the Christ gadget you would chaplain back again into the Kingdom of your dear son the big and then we would be a part of that remnant that we say these lasting blame anybody saying a man going to no more than the worst thing partly godless


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