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Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • August 27, 2010
    11:30 AM
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well for those of you who were not at my yesterday seminar the breakout seminar I was probably my most important summer so far I recommend you listen to that and we talked about the rail rail meal deal in terms of witnessing and real and really in terms of coming in touch with the heart of God and being effective in witness and that is to give the heart to God and you don't have to know much Scripture the data hate me and army for this but you're right at the moment Scriptures you given your heart to God a mean you'll want to know more Scripture to do that but even just a little bit will totally make you a part powerful witness of even example my little girl she Roy loves Jesus and joined one text in the text wasn't do not rebel against the Lord so she will follow me around the house as he kept saying at all they do not rebel against the Lord it was of most convicting day probably our house along the one I went to the refrigerator do not rebel against the Lord sitting by the television do not rebel against the Lord going down the road tempted to go move faster to get their fat needle more quickly do not rebel against the Lord outside what I still remember it was a powerful message do not rebel against the Lord six words on it was Martin Luther said this one little word will slay the double right maybe just help computers that help Bill Ford on sinking help solve it out even if you have if you're connected to God in heart of you could say one word and people will respond to the buses are member stories that come another time and communism and not Romania were they had told everyone they couldn't have gone couldn't have religion and they were making it very clear that nobody could worship in this and that and they went on one of the holy days of the church to give a two hour talk why God didn't exist and then after that they asked the Orthodox priest to come up even on no friend of how the Orthodox are treated some other groups but this was the Christian representative and he got up the only said three words Christ is risen only said that everybody went crazy clapping only three words Christ is risen the central pivotal messes of Scripture in terms of the miracle of the resurrection event so items for this way yesterday in our wills owner on the heart we recognize that you can have great eloquence you can have very connected words you can have you can be a good a good homilist Titian but if you are not connected and heart with the Lord and does not matter and I can have much success at all because God looks on the heart and man looks on the outward appearance okay so having said that now I doesn't mean we shouldn't try to do our best right infringement I think there needs to be a real revival of preaching today and I want to end this seminar inspired you but also teaches practical day and rarely read from David and I and he is 's day and the Army group are really into not so much inspiration for you folks as perspiration and one zero one I'd enjoy the update will is price phone heaven were thankful for these few moments that you granted us honor and then the very few moments inside those few moments here Army is really nothing terms of eternity yet you can make it everything in terms of eternity if we give you our hearts in our lives we could make a decision here that would cause us to deliver eternity we could learn things here that could cause others to live throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity so please help the happen price they would pray on one of my favorite non- Adventist preachers and I don't listen so most of that but one of my favorite is more of Martin Lloyd Jones the late Martin Lloyd Jones and he was a physician first and then he turns to being a preacher he was actually an excellent physician he was a position for the crown but actually crown the thing right under the crown which was the queen and he was it was just a wonderful this physician turned politician and he went about ministry as he had medicine in a comprehensive logical fashion in fact he still kept his scrip pad and after church people come to his office and he would run a script from the holy Scriptures of them this is what I want you to do this is your treatment may write a timeless book called spiritual depression if you ever want to learn something about how the Psalms deal with the present that's it I wish I could talk about that the whole hour and I could but it would match the title on the tape so we better not so here this book in a was reading his autobiography and this is what he said about preaching were living in an age which is questioning or querying everything among those things that it is questioning is the place and value and purpose of preaching in increasing numbers people seem to be depreciating the value of preaching and then turning more and more to singing a very yes I tried to come in with various types of instruments size I like this is that this is what's happening now going back to get to the dramatic representations of recitals or recitals of Scripture on summarizing going back to dancing and various other forms of external manifestation of the act of worship all of this is having the effect of depreciating the place and value of preaching so I say this was written back in the during his lifetime to be sometime right after World War II maybe you know the sixties was when he retired so this would bent back then and he was concerned that he was concerned because I weigh now know that the Reformation now we know that the Reformation even before you come to that particular Puritan emphasis swept away all such things and when the Reformation gave no dancing not a stop no dramatic presentation swept the ball away as swept away the medieval mystery plays you may wonder why is it that some churches are getting in the passion play is wise of you to get into all these representations you know what they were the first one to get into the first one to get into that with the Catholic Church and the Reformation swept all the way dramatic performances in the church the Reformation got rid of all that and it's very sad to observe you can see is that people who claim to have an unusual degree of spirituality should be trying to lead us back to that which the reformers also clearly had been kind sailing the gospel and true fundamental review think this sounds up-to-date even today there is more more of that he continues if you mind the Scriptures or give a dramatic representation of them you are distracting the attention of the people from the truth as conveyed in the Scriptures whereas preaching is essentially concerned with bringing out the truth of the Scriptures I will let you know but what I read that her thumb is that man's guys like alive today is an idiot preaching the words right they said he makes it plain as to where it all came from under Roman Catholicism preaching had been at such a discount mother was not done much with markdown that there were very few preachers left in this country living with all the emphasis was put on the sacraments and on the priesthood on various things which I referred to plays etc. like the emergent church movement today is going back to all these things as above they are the outer manifestations right out of it we needed the emergent church because it's really the submergence urge what we really need is that the sergeants are in heaven a man out there what we mean as in Daniel eight fourteen movement or the cleansing of the sites were comes out of the Glendale box right that's really what we need so here goes on in this book to say that what really brings revival on how they think that there was one thing we can have here oh Lord will you not revive your people that we may rejoice in you and then after was one thing when it's revival and throughout history most of the times and back every time he suggests it's been brought about by preaching but not just preaching preaching of people whose hearts have really been given to the Lord like we saw yesterday John Wickliffe the morning Star the information Martin Luther John Calvin John Knox these men were first informants regular printers and great preachers some of them were even attorneys but that had nothing to do it you can think of John Max and that actually is alluvial sediment was imminent in Scotland for a moment you can't think of the Reformation in Scotland for a moment without thinking of his great preaching on the way Mary Queen of Scots would tremble as it was man is never the Bible as he always does at the outward manifestations right she was more afraid of his preaching than the troops which the English sent to take her captive in the same was true of Zwingli the great reformers which in this country he again speaking of England Hugh Latimer was first and foremost a great and popular preacher while these men claim and all who believe in the subversive preaching of always claim that this was the Lord 's method of teaching the truth that you want to change breaks someone told me yesterday could have preaching is not really taking the ball yes it is if you have an search and your preaching the Rhineland showing them how your preaching as he preached your teaching and inspiring them at the same fact you don't have to be boring to be preachy and then you don't have to do that no right so all these men play the hall believe inevitably preaching was the Lords method Lord was a preacher John the Baptist was a preacher Peter was a preacher ball was a preacher and use of the printers by the way my wife the biggest return my family to see her walking around all those kids only thing that the sermon right there on the sideshow she is actually present she surrounded by four living creatures amen so Martin Lloyd Jones lived over there in England and the Anglicans the Anglican church is where he was in Vietnam it's good to say about Anglicans only although he was one terms of breaching the Anglican field preaching is seen in this fact that in the book of common prayer now serving as required for the morning and evening prayers they said that's terrible you got a have a sermon in the morning the manual you know what was at sundown priest five times a day every day and everybody had to go all the leaders of the society have become the junior agreement it was like arm with me all day all week my great-grandfather was a preacher and evangelist for the Adventist movement he would be in place for nine months for his Majesty Sears and he would priest five times a wake in the morning and in the evening we left there were churches not just looked over evangelistic flyers and then secondly Queen Elizabeth and her bishops came out very strongly against what was called prophesy prophesying was to break that was their word for it which was essentially a preaching occasion this would be the Puritans called its and the Queen and the bishops with few exceptions were opposed to this and finally in fifteen seventy six reported into it so no more that prophesy no more preaching people I get to inspire fired up legal practice teaching no more inspiration just keep it call as we want we want that were not the Saints to be in circulation you know that you know what Oliver Cromwell said one day and wondering where they get enough silver to what run the kingdom in a similar skip the Saints in circulation they melted down all the statues of the saints in heaven amen after I have anything how do you think that God wants to get Julia Satan circulates about meltdown right amen amen so they put them in the prophesy they discourage the private reading the Scriptures these were Anglicans mostly Protestants in a week premises yesterday and said they proposed the rating of homilies which were prepared sermons on various subject in other words will send you the sermon Judas read that that's why you are me and you in either not a printer ouster by mother died on I have no more inspirations of teaching and the Puritans and preaching to them Tracy was the sound for all and most important thing of all we need to be preaching that's when I knew people were learning the Puritans out of the highest supreme opposite before the breath is to preach the gospel solemnly and publicly to the congregation by interpreting the word of God and apply the same exhortation 's recruitment of themselves for each and another was shot what it means and then apply that that's really what Bible studies most of you the right and sermons as well the other top priorities in the Puritan movement or preaching the word administering the sacraments baptism Lord supper at exercising church doesn't plan horrific death of top word for people today oh no haven't even heard of that what does that mean when you look at so how do they train preachers a number of preachers and others would come together sometimes the public were allowed to listen each creature was given the same text and each one had to expound the same text the younger preachers came first and thereby before Feynman breaking on the same text and then he always would come in make the other one still sad about what dates that demand a man I don't know if the older one for droid is immense I hope not but they would come in and that would just deepen and grow and people would understand that text the real function of preaching was not to give information this is the important part of inspiration it was to give hates to give it life to give power to bring all the years is not open really give knowledge and information is to inspire them and use them your word and this means and means an who is from the last means God I'm other words if his heart is right like we learned yesterday in the heart think then there are hearts will be impacted and the heart of God will impact him and his heart will impact others and only one heartbeat from heaven to earth and so this was the whole idea then they were to be sent out glorying not in the preacher noted the church not in the dresses I saw that day not in anything else but the one spirit so have a history of Bartlett was calling for a smoke of a return to sound simple not simplistic but simple biblical preaching of his guys well the mutual book reports and them giving his seven practical principles that could be applied by those of you who are here for the practical principles a man but you need understand why those is so important this guy Doctor Gordon this guy had terminal road appeared to be terminal cancer and he said before I die I got to write a book about preaching his biggest concern was before he died the hotel people what he thought about preaching and is not ready to die he has cancers getting chemotherapy treatments while he wrote this book this is a kind of book I like to read it is better God says to go to the house of mourning than a house of mirth because the living will take at the heart as I write this right is so right so this does about the diet and this is like his his last words is writing his lungs the load all axes on a big dad in my opinion less than thirty percent of those ordained liquors and misery templates even a mediocre sermon evening I asked starving children in the note was sent to the landfill for food Christians in many tours as of late have never experienced genuine soldier is increasing and so they just pick away at what's available to them to try to find a morsel of spiritual sustenance of helpful counsel here there so he picked visitors today as people I can somehow landfill looking for something blades just give me one piece you to let us waste of the emergent church is about no good preaching I routinely found myself asking my wife what was sermon about Joyce's respondent I'm not really sure I would guess that of the sermons I've heard of the last twenty five years those guys a teacher of preachers of these are authentic regencies like listen the more sermons of the audio verse times ten the last twenty five years fifteen percent had a discernible point of those that they present it's a ten percent demonstrated base the point on attacks from the Bible that is there was no competent effort made to persuade the year that God 's word required to think it was simply asserted and we can see something there you need to bring out terms practically set sermons he continues is about ready to die I religiously use less if they harassed Ernie is listening to a sermon to be willing to submit one's will to God 's will they want only to visit the preacher does is ready by demonstrating what he's saying is God well because it will have bear bile Bible study or sermon should be there was so that there is no religious used to sermon that merely discloses a minister 's opinion but does not disclose the opinion of God we don't need him raising update ends when analyzing facts get in a manner that so why has this happened we all will start to the practical sake and how Logan say a man in the movement supporters are here but culture assumes a culture formerly dominated this is why he says what he says okay you want to know why it is that there's a problem with reaching the abyss gets close to home because I'm from a Christian media ministry my job could be on the line with right now but I am not talking here personally I'm just ready what some professor at the second is a matter that so my job not in jeopardy as his blood three what he had to say the culture formally dominated by language to reading and writing has become a culture dominated by images moving images now we got iPhones we can just talk to people and see them learn even says McIntosh on the fault is not a good thing I say that with my methane being Macintosh that was on from his right Library of Congress Library of Congress Daniel Boorstin had this to say photography photography was destined soon to get printed matter itself a secondary role that once been happening the average adult American range Theodore the nine books and spans seventeen times as much time watching television as rating including all magazines and newspaper actresses and it will save absolutely not I read sixty six books this year here in MN they're sixty six books what do you see that average persons like to know now reading in the last two decades eighty two hundred two thousand two the study was that there has been a ten percent decline and literacy among adults in the United States people dislike all the reboot and is getting more and more by way how many of Gaza Bible studies and thought people outraged and God taught them how to read because they want to know the truth a literacy is advancing a slow steady albeit disconcerting rate once a literacy best the ability to read but then a desire not to all just get the DVD and watch the sermon on DVD of that or written about I love try with my leg was to pick out any particular by the coverage available with shrub but I'm just changing it as always book title is Johnny can't read Johnny can't write therefore Johnny can't breach so that the basic elements of being able to preach or teach is being able to read when people do read today they read almost exclusively for information or content they almost never read for pleasure obtained by reading an author whose command of language is exceptional like for instance light and your writer recently you really discovered a wild and that the first paragraph get to the top of it and point point point point in summary you look out the beautiful different to that of the estate your wife Sonu Suleman think about why some of you do or your friend you say what let me read the steep isn't it beautiful right to do that with my tweet messages listen to this beautiful tweet now it's its weight cultural event were no longer care for each considers close readers of text sacred person what we stand for information but we do not appreciate literary craftsmanship without appreciated back sometimes we be preceding our inability to read tax is a direct result by the Israel studies the media that's what he does he's a politician that is now studying in the insane ones doing to preaching our inability to read tax is a direct result of the presence of electronic media it go dollars three thousand dollars together that would run by the busstop was a little at a big Lombok back to the lungs but I received my whole life was like a trained vocals the bus will have the thing of it from the court and everybody was it away for that bus now like texting everybody knew they were dissolved in the immediately media ties now this is what he says about meeting of this is was convicted to make as a medium reading cultivates a patient or lengthy attention Spain span whereas television is a medium for the inpatient one is therefore suited to what is significant and the other merely to what is and significant that sucks up most of those you're right we got to get right here and his brothers like Notting help is not knotted off all these not in it culture is a constant commercial interruptions every six or seven minutes and loses its ability to discuss significant matters because it's lost the patience necessary to consider the nothing of public import in spending ten minutes in oversight and not the report for the next ten minutes will give you an in-depth look into everybody and adjourned sentencing most must like them and that book I was trying to read about Vietnam the other day a couple years ago that date was here and as I was rating Iraq ten blocks to me that the him and said it was wrong to understand how I'm illustrating the point television Hunter is encountered by what really gets as a practical poison and for those of you might lose any antimonopoly tablet television in contrast the poetry is essentially trivial everything about a struggle because it's appropriate perfect medium part triviality inspectors must move on nevertheless in every three seconds of your ball industry standards it captures best those images that are kinetic and emotion to be good with me yet few of the more significant aspects of life involve much motion love humility faith repentance prayer friendship worship affection fear hope self-control most of what is significant about life takes place before nine years are missing this is just an alarming critique are you infected at all by electronic media as a church water so your clip thereby clipping your ability to read the Bible television even fell doesn't depict these realities very well what realities significant reality at it it it is as it at its best with the super vessel and the trivial our cultures become a television culture although a larger part of our waking life has been occupied by considered another was by considering what is insignificant or worse look at this phrase he uses or worse by an adequately considering what is significant through an insignificant media are all mapped out a step on some toes when I wrote that it was like a pic I could think of things to do so then he says malware to the price one for those of you are timing this practical application that was not practical enough with the practical about those rights health so I can be done here are the suggestions he may not you might want to get out because it's like an army in a pen and paper and write this down as I don't have a light handy dandy little notes I came to army saying what would the Spirit have me to do once I got here actually the pain in my back and neck that me up all night so worked on different things some of the things are hot off the press can I hear an amen on that it has in the suggestions that you may number one learn to read while I was when you can read out loud ring out loud ham family worship in the morning and then at night and have everybody really where I reside Omaha to say Nebuchadnezzar say it again and again for your daughter Nebuchadnezzar was supposed right read the King James version it will really make you learn how to read to set up and punishments don't you love that word again James and so he set up and endorsements that I will say you learn how to read that's a wonderful thing dry dull ranges for information learn to speak not just talk let's is talking to speak with cadence with punch with Paul and Barnabas the right and I have to clarify I haven't read all around the class and the linoleum up against ring out loud like I said have someone critique your messages unravel to me from time to time that it is at times have been in a man of the logic for flow not preachers never did printing that much except by their parishioners and by the way what I said yesterday in the heart lecture we should never judge a minister by his sermons one oh one says we don't know what another good minister by that it's a hard issue but that's yesterday were now moving on to the preacher himself to be judging what he says goes is representing God and he should be asking other people sell particular messages for content for logic for flow for unity deriding now touted a cot up with me this brother is scheduled from him so content logic flow and here in a ongoing on learn to write well as in this book when not writing anymore were tweeting which will put a dent into the Army were birdbrain spoilage weight learn how to write a note he says he says during the World War II era the greatest generation all those letters they would write back and forth from the conflict they couldn't get on the Internet they couldn't talk on the phone they had to write their love for one another and it was beautiful to read and now they buy books legal while that's eloquent but that's like Johnny down the street the trash man he can write well and so can the president so just take the opportunity to write write personal notes he suggest during your devotional time when the Holy Spirit impresses you but someone else write a note to them during a devotional time write articles and he says that doesn't matter if there published or not just write down write about your devotional experience write out your prayers I think this would be good because then you let what he's saying is before you preach learn how to read and write and spray at a cellular level the culture that's taking that away from lots basis as I thought this was great take a nonreligious class on public speaking wises and it has lots of people say old the spirit moved me but couldn't prepare because all wonder what the Holy Spirit moved me and so they get away would like these terrible lame-duck bricks brick no basketball term like brick serve as a go up and hit the backboard and in ceiling as racist economic religious one for the Toastmasters take you to task and say I was as bad as nothing God about it said payment goals with men and women on movement this will take away the God talk associated with poor speaking number six review and the truth of the seven cardinal requisites up preaching it one of the seven cardinal requisites of preaching are is a something and never heard an Army before it's practical like pulling teeth in a pain to get it taken up and replace it with a nice new grill several requisites the hitter 's number one number one number one is this is a Beckett taken notes the seven Cardinal Roulac was its seven requisites and by the way these have been around for a long time a long time maybe longer than Seventh-day Adventist objects terms of the numbers it is acute treatment talk about these of the logic things is that this is a good sense of her one textual fidelity case that being the creature could be see this is the euphemism for humanity is not entitled of rates is on insights or opinion according to our convictions of people like him and here is one that will word of God right here are all law-enforcement official Google to all I just love that guy preaching because he does this or that forget it the most important thing is the word and every time it's not the word am talking to myself here it's a distraction so he says these elements are objectively able to be tested or less on the again because it was seek him I really drew the text then asked this question a person should be able to point very rapidly and readily to wear your sermon was from what was my sermon from yesterday Psalms eighty five and what was the tax that we really talked about verse six hey man that's more important the fact that I phrased it because the word is eternal and then of all you said the same thing was made that was a good sermon not because I phrased it but because you remembered .txt and you learn something okay what was the elder Myers on this kid is on his daily is no unity is the main object of the sermon on the Bible study that meeting might be or a phone conversation or the articulation America is clearly articulate sound articulate that was slaughtering the word articulate when you try to be articulate his problem he said ten minutes ten minutes the series could you add the file to that form there must be a main object that is clearly articulated around which the rest of the sermon is organized make sense of the test after you get through asked ten people what the sermon was about and up at least eight of them tell you the same answer you did a good job but if they all told you different answers you are probably number for a big evangelical told this is a great principle is just this balance with mercy in the message is the message ultimately good and bad news test asked the question I get the sense that Ms. Minister is for me or I get the sense that he's against me is his desire to see me say or is is is Argersinger lost the end should be he wants me to be say yes or no not about some bad things that really supplementals but he loves me it was later noted do I love you guys I want to be better communicators I want you to be done Connecticut is a man as is practical enough of a floor of the state of the scornful back there is healthily out and start their lives known her number four number four who will I walk in the Valley this constructive lives is that teaching going on if I am listened to the sermon as to be someone learned are on second up on Elijah slight clichés you go all the rock can be broken no will they finish the wants and turned JJ has enough you get to use it I learn something did you learn anything from yesterday sermon was delivered it was a chiasm right move right in the middle belt and Leviticus is not right in the center set the sixteenth of atonement and the Psalms they matched the Pentateuch there five books in the end there were five seconds in the salt so you Natalie read dependent of you sang the present of a man did you learn that yesterday I don't know and Suleman get it up a notch a man go like this that my friend you are right and if you don't learn something then forget it will have twenty minutes I'm going up okay instructive wisdom so the tests the just man was I forced the rate banks something as a result of the message in other words was I forced by that Mrs. say what woman who am I where my going what's happening like right now usually sent him a good preacher ever be one to rethinking right I was when I read this was going on my friends let me go back to my closet number five movement of this is not physical movement because it was I would be very good preacher this is not physical movement this is the sense of what the sermon dynamic was it on the move was that I kind of was there a certain well ordered haste to the sermon or what got goes somewhere but not in a chaotic way like a racecar driver goes to the Fed is not enough I just don't want off anywhere like a sprinkler now he's going towards the thinnest black eye and we get a sense that car number three is forming a man test and people remember what you said first at the end of yourself and if they can't just do much and it probably was not connected in other words your fusillade was outside to play those minimal dislodges the engine was outside playing but was replied to so number six the points covered are getting the point of the seven cardinal requisites of predict a boy at the end of the masses as they are all morning and harassed on their whether or not he doesn't raise whether or not he feels good or bad the government comes on the sermon in the lid of the voice for God in order to get another words just the effect of the sermon on those who believe it isn't similar it didn't encourage one dividend visit and to encourage all the troubled one the trouble all for the same reason I would like him about and God blessed for the thank you present policy the big hood maybe there were better things that David nurser the point number seven you're just almost concerned that this is almost over because of practical to extract and has been so helpful while it is not my points these are the points of the rhetoric sessions understood heating them up before you it is why his daily asking about the book that was the message organize related to the other didn't fit together well was until obtaining us was a like Jell-O Jell-O has to be loosely together get together enough to be jealous can I have any men out there so maybe we should give immense for Jell-O but anyway just a day Harris prepare notes and reproduce the outline of the message even without having get the DVD from Army the day of the dead they tell you how the sermon progress from one point to the next our friends that was my talk to them preaching on me give you a little promotion for the next talk which is the plenary have to be at anyway usually they give you the plenary than the talk afterwards but in the UK something messed up I don't know what exactly maybe it was my back and let me tell you unlimited out in the plenary one on the dualistic these were like free homiletical thoughts that you can learn all of these things largely by just ringing out if you want to do some of us I have personal deposit and write out personal notes discipline yourself to be writing by hand if you have a blog make sure it's a logical block not a Tweet Street but like you know you know something this date and NY all right so all of the stuff as he says in the culture the electronic media has an eye I take responsibility and less things Macintosh I probably have more impact on the problem than what I have to say about the solution you're saying just because of my name does more iPods out there just because of the Macintosh thing I was it was related somewhat to the pictures of dead presidents associated with that movement however I'm not so one-on-one interviewing planner one hundred on the pointer is on the now take what we've learned here and apply it to a text and go through how is it that you study and prepare a message right from ancient text to modern here how would you do that one of the tools what are the resources this can be so practical that you say please give us some inspiration but I know you have to be there because it's the planet can have a map yes brother brother whether we have a controversy here because most of people are saying seven new are saying something different I really think we should have a special prayer for him right now him wife and I thought everything I said seven razor hands all right I don't know exactly what I messed up if I mess something up come back to army next year no money back for the two principles but audit with you afterwards thank you for coming when we come to the planetary I may be looking at the book of Timothy one of its academic and I'll be taking account of breaking it down and showing you the different elements of moving from reading attacks to the other assorted fact let's pray together as we close by the Naumann we live in an age of distracts of distractions and distractibility and in the midst of that cacophony of confusion you desire to bring clarity as you and you love Sam three angels who are speaking a loud voice and there I let that up their voice of authority is transcendent it is saying high above all humanity and they'll be a group of people that look at that and come together in unity and clarity and at one point and that is to seek and save the lost and as they preach and as they date is not like a twittering and the tweeting in his sound it is solid is simple but not simplistic and your word is preached to every children nation tong and people all in national differences are swept aside all gang affiliations are set swept aside all family fractures are done away with and there is a sweet unity that come than we want to be in Baldwin so we want to spring well we want to hear well we want to listen well from up here are Bible says Amazon I did what was right but not with the pure are we going to any of these things the Gore far south but to glorify you we thank you we come in Christ's name amen


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