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A Revival In Preaching

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • August 27, 2010
    3:15 PM
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a presentation in a now isn't it a blessing to have all the land of what we're looking for here than in the conference inspiration and instruction right of landlords when you leave the cancer once a one and into too little of the other right you got to have something to take home that you can do that that you can do right so I was in man made of thinking that was recently reintroduced to me that last night the Lord saw fit to allow me to have back pain all night he is a man so I could not sleep amen so I was able to put together actually some new slides for today's lecture hallelujah amen so right after this I'll probably die of exhaustion but at least it's good for you folks I know I have used it happened a lot some of these slides of good luck but what I'm limited within this put them up on the website my website at half go .com MLB under the directors materials estimate and thought you will you will find those neither three presentations are one on the heart that was the least attended but the most important presentation that the Lord made to me personally here at Army and I would recommend that you you really watch that wasn't good enough reverse whatever you want to do that's probably the most important and then the one that I did just before lunch was brought with it the second most important and this is the third so that any of the top three day so this recommending to go the site get those I asked him that part presentation what makes a good preacher what you think makes a good preacher I think there are good preachers first of all not as many as I will like what makes a good preacher I was amazed to find this this quotation no minister should be measured by his ability as a speaker so maybe authors that want to go to that search I want to do this and do that because either your speakers good and I've measured his ability going but no ministers to be measured by his ability to speak or why not look at this next thing about my really talk about preaching here says I'm twenty perspective because it is a pleasant part of the work and is comparatively easy how everything is good news is comparatively easy can you say hallelujah it's comparatively easy so you're not to measure people by that and I actually happen to think that there are entire ministries that are built around this when this is not the metric God wants right so why not what is the manager here is the master the Lord does not see as man sees for man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart but in this Army conference you did this one simple thing that was to give God your heart that would be the most important thing and that would make you the most effective and that's probably what we suspend the most time about an army because it is the most effective you don't have to know much if you demagogue your heart in fact you don't even you don't even have to even be able to speak and I can use you get given in the heart you believe that I see through school and they all had problems with me on an old wrong with procedure in it all but this one features you really had to really got to my heart got got to her heart she would just look at me she just looked at me and I started crying but she does what she looked at me I just did not want to displease her she didn't say anything but that lady was connected with God I want to have any connection where it is so connect with value just look at people and the disco how can I join your church and event payment so but in this one he has preset select discourses so it is a was preaching excellent discourses on the make they are about to do they learn but on the desk he hasn't carried out the principles he preached this kind of work is enough offense to God so you can ask a be an excellent preacher and be offensive to God in fact more offensive and looking this one he can talk fluently and make a point playing but his preaching is like spirituality has an array of words to get people that pride themselves on the big words that you leverage array of words I doesn't matter if God doesn't have the heart that the spirits that would write so and if you miss everything else if you missed the rest was selected as the most important thing our first work should be to bring our hearts in harmony with God serve printing is the book that God 's or the hour day means to bring the gospel to be right but if our hearts I will go the manner and then the best best a minute if you get that mean the most they can leave no money that's that's the big thing now having that in mind Dylan talk about preaching the comparatively easy part of the work and Riley preaching is by the way just like a Bible study so the same thing you do a Bible study get when you go to Bible study your door like a Nicodemus sermon woman at the well the one I want to violate any preaching now preaching is by well I says is only ten percent of the work ninety percent of the work is coming close to the people you preached to and doing a Nicodemus type Bible study within so what you are learning right now or mid-July will look at as well or no study the words or word is the same thing a preacher needs to know how to do and by the way when you become a bishop is as in the Bible of it I read through ultimately less I do possess some time to kill on when you become a bishop what is defined by your ability and the great senses of the word to love visitation that means a true preacher is one who loves not just articulation but lost visitation and they love people to come to their home they love back that is the sign of a true preacher did you know that that's what the pretenses me so a measure set up a capricious of never being measured you should never be measured by your ability as a speaker but how does God measure you by your heart and house your heart revealed interpersonal interactions what I want and with people by the way it's also by Taipei and that is where your money is for your heart is also will take up an offering right now so anyway free work free drive-through framework of preaching and teaching on covering exposing the truth of that this is the part of the sermon you never see but every preacher as blood sweat and tears get into that message that morning there is no truly just gifted speaker who gets up and they does have the gift of speaking a does not happen they have things in their life that have led to them to be able to articulate in a certain way him and it's just so hard hard work if you have a good preacher praise God for that but know that they are working hard or listening to audio personal which and the hoping and pray you don't go to the Internet so but then that whoever it was that originated that message was working hard you can praise God for the Minutemen so let's look there at at this and I thought today we would take a text and then we would build a sermon together in a practical study way and I hope no one in the yonder goes to sleep and my brother brothers on the front row and he John is a member that by second Timothy Cho Lon and sue you therefore my son you can read it with me you bear my for my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and the things which you heard from me among many witnesses commit phase to faithful men who will be able to teach others also I guess an army that the things that you heard from your money among many witnesses commit these the faithful man will be able to teach others also now how would we go about getting into the meat of this text requested we death number one in the lower right is questions down and you might not defending it and even bring it on notepad with you when you're not enough in the front row you might not want to do that what is the biblical authors saying those what is the main idea of not to point out it remains of what is the main idea of the text that you're studying but if you could get the camera will help us locate what is the biblical author St. Louis the main idea of the text that your studying the asked that question first what's he trying to say what's he trying to say I'm beginning to be able to build a sentence that's looking to the past tense at-bat passage you are considering that Scripture and it's interpreting what the text meant in the original context another was when it was first given as the very first thing it is let's try that with our text what is adding here you've ever must be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and the things which are perfect among many witnesses these can now also available and able to teach others also was he trying to say what's that sends uncle say what I came up with metal sends Timothy needed to be strong in God 's grace so he did pass along what bought told him to tell others and they can also pass along to a Rodriguez agreement summary statement and is a past tense think that's what he wanted and so you come up with that person what was the bootable opera saying number two why is the biblical authors saying it what was he saying why is he saying it would turn us build her up like brothers these people were already knotting in the front okay why is the biblical authors saying this why is that you see the answer this will reveal the author 's main purpose to you and you have asked that question what you say why many say it is also to be another concise statement you can come up with indicating what the author is attempting to do the mess largely found in a larger context right you need sometimes look at the larger context for instance if you look at the price of the Bible and there is no God it does say that the Bible to say that a government that and they used out that I may think that you need a larger context of that was a larger context the fool has said it is time there is no God amen so that larger context and sometimes help you understand why with the Bible said everything why because this rules out event all the tools are out there and then linear by Windows 7 different types of pool in the Bible jnana my father study this with me intensely as I was growing up and I have been a sevenfold full-size database of vandalism also to understand the nuance so on there from our text you therefore be strong the grace that is in crises as a favor to me among many witnesses committees of able men are able to teach others also what is why is he saying that why is this other thing that as I read through first as academic as I read that further to the pastoral presence as I read them through the New Testament I've been come to this conclusion why is he saying because Paul's about to die any urgently desires that Timothy would take over his preaching mantel and then he would be faithful to what God had given Paul that he had given area in a fatal to the word of God this is why yes or no in the leaders of the committee but it does some corroborating tax secondly four six I am ready to be offered and the time of the parsers at hand I thought if I finished my course I for now I need to commit that make the bagel man who may live each other is also right so another was advanced and I question why the Byblos Crusades what is he saying why is he saying an example questions how is the double opportunity is an important thing why Singapore yelled nodding identity of any movement again now I have to do the whole like this is like a spinal fusion immuno how by the lumbar Sorvino is that not there not the cervical and lumbar spines the word how is the beveled author saying it is an important is that important to answer this question is to look at the literary genre of the tax payers say all this time around the island sleep I'm done God now but there are different things in the Bible different way things are set like this is in the pastoral vessels there are certain way things are set on the pastoral epistles you'll always start out with the doctrinal type things and then he moved to the practical application there's a certain way he goes about things you need to understand that when you're preaching from those but there's also other areas in the Bible there's narrative text in English professor asked in the front row who was just loving this icing is he salivating because Yugoslav visits us code number nine something on his sureties a sentiment narrative there's poetry there's wisdom theirs law this prophecy does apocalyptic this Gospel 's the parables of the epistles and sometimes there's different nuances you notice rate of parable like to read a narrative yes or no order it went right so you could say it's annoying to be right busted beauty of my teaching here today so what is above what those above like this is the hard work of preaching only other spices of a bizarre you're with me still is as after lunch after a Iversen also stopped inspiring things that I have to be with you here on the nitty-gritty in everything he did to prepare that message were talking about here right now with the above in mind the following steps it didn't be considered stage one pray for the Holy Spirit 's guidance I can't if any man lack wisdom let him ask God loves gives liberally and what upgrade of not other words you want he is in that he can help you out if you ask a man and sometime analysis for you because you want to help the people that are eighties garbage throw you socialized into braids and deeds of the revised as he was a helpless people and he knows what they need out of your makers of available units alerted to a hitchhiker in a divine exactly like a manager zero learn to you really are a single states to analyze the larger context like I said will send the start button and you know what this reading and studying the larger book contacts as well as the section and immediate context this is why it's hard work on this thing always got Sabbath morning and put together a message that's coherent right I go to do that maybe that's no Psalm one thirty three or one thirty durables like one for a solved even then you're supposed to see how that's all matches with the Pentateuch was like I told you about three times now there were five books of the Pentateuch and over five seconds of the song and your ideas that forgot how this all relates to the Pentateuch what story goes with it what's the context what was being sung what was happy with the things weren't all that and I can do that step up more before your little post in itself or tofu boast about it or so reading and studying the larger book contacts is important so reading reading and rereading all sometimes informed purchaser I will run the roof will thirty boarding times I listen to it in the car I put on my iPod my tripod my guy thought I put it everywhere I'm listening to the deck I'm soaking I'm marinating I'm not laminating but I'm I'm I'm in the text amen and I am able to quote the text I can say the exact time memorizing a deck I need to know that right and the context is the last thing I want to do is get up and tell someone something is wrong because this is God 's work it just were that want to hear me they want herein right so how you do this analyzing the historical cultural context is next on the best you would do that using Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias I may have been sitting around the house you said if you don't and you can get everything on the Internet these days you know because now people figured out they want to make some money though they still find a way to charge you in fact I went medicine out there on the tables all the tables were charging things except for the amazing facts table and is a measure that is all free in man so Bible dictionaries I I'm sorry I even said that Arroyo was about my presentation while working from so a Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias are important things to have and I'll give you a list of those later commentaries like the seven vandals Bible commentary and others I would not recommend I would recommend some vandals bunkered commented everybody in terms of historical context they did a great job on it there are different like primo primal commentaries that go with different books to care QS now probably won't remember but I can get you a list I compiled my library by the way if you would come to my library it would probably him statement of rights that you are my library is organized it's a revelation one library is in revelation one all the major doctrines of the administered the listed Scriptures outpacing second coming Sabbath sanctuary stated that spear prostate and the Saints at night if that's how my library 's organ as I walk in Scriptures salvation second I've sit there I don't well I am a revelation one moment so it is the historical cult like Byblos Byblos as an example as all kinds of things you can get free on Internet I just I got here last night but make it but a screenshot around two thirty good morning one forty two maybe but screenshot therefore you say can look at it and you can get these are friends and I got these right here in Leone just with a click of a Macintosh computer mouse up also get itself and right there is where Paul lived in emphasis and they told all about it and of course unexamined he was an emphasis in a stable pulse friends and that he was an emphasis and Paul was living where in Rome and he was about to be poured out as a drink offering we just learned so what was a historical context as the person in charge of Roman NARAL and Agrippina was his mother and is quite a story that goes with that that might make the epistle lied to you know the story using Agrippina here she's looked better but anyway what's left of her shame was she was Caligula 's sister original Caligula what's I don't want to get into but he was a very base guy in fact he ran brothels all around wrong guess who ran a brothel a gripping but they had a falling out she got sent away from the country but have somehow you know she came back and when she can back there was not the same as you have little new marrow right because she married she married Claudius always but you also need to be the summary I I wrote out of the historical context you want to see that as I preach this text not so long ago the image of role was largely invested in the prisoners of one man the Emperor and had gone from bad to worse time this goal is that one man narrow limited live fifty four a date it became Emperor the promotion of his mother Agrippina Caligula 's sister she was in charge of his brothels when Nero 's father dies she married Clottey is the Emperor not because you love them but because he loved his power however when the time was most advantageous as the one it in other words when Britannicus 's actual son was amazed she then poisoned Claudius with his favorite food watch out guys mushrooms as you serve in the mushrooms and he died and this allowed narrow than the straight shot the local throne even though she had been out of the country now he came back and he goes to the Brown he became Emperor at seventeen Outlook his father was so violent that one time he ripped all horses eye out of his head and his mother was in charge of bronze and his stepfather you did heinous things as well then looking Timothy in your mind your mind 's eye second Timothy I know the faith that was a new candidate was first in your mother Lois Demeter grandmother Eunice is a parallel of genealogies here somebody came from a terrible situation someone became permanent ideal situation someone what seventeen was probably the worst possible person that you could be at seventeenth and someone who was at seventy was the best possible person would been in charge of the ministry at a very young age never using to greet them and by you and her aides forty things you have a book coming why because of the historical context he lived narrowed in a life of excess and became an embarrassment tourism and the Empire when his mother lost her grip on him and by the way she was abusing him mentally and physically and sexually he feared she would kill him so he arranged to have her killed by designing a set that was Sigma therein it is a pretty expensive way to get rid of your mother but as way to do is poor everyone was killed about accept her as he swam to shore and he was walking her and as he was watching her swim to shore he was terrified and sent the assassins and had to go himself to make sure his mother was killed when he did this he turned almost insane at it again even more erratic he went out at night and would run up and down the streets and he would murder and he would write any wood pellets even though he was the Emperor in a love for the stage you believe that had the gift of singing a probable no one had to get publicity and so he went outside of the country and he went to grace anyone's other places and he would say and he would act I guess what they do it then he came back and he built an arch of triumph all the others were building for military pursuits but he built it because he can sing and he was an embarrassment to roll bubbling as the music majors here but it didn't cut it when your military leader the Army leader comes back and says I sang assignment for the for the Greeks and they love me you would lock people in theaters play various parts of you want to sleep like best Fabian would eventually become a emperor yells got killed for going to see how might apply this message brother and myself it is all right he went to foreign countries to act and sing he gave back a bill that arts and they were second it was an embarrassment sixty four he was accused of burning Roman playing a liar a lawyer on the hill as it happened there were no violent act and so that's a part of the story she needed a scapegoat and there was a man who was named Christos first time it's in the literature his name was Jesus and that second died out under Pontius Pilate but came back and he said I will use them as my scapegoat he oversaw the killing of Christians which by this time it was very good at knowing how to kill and as a result Christopher taken of the bandage of the provinces which is exactly what happened Alexander the copper cement turned Paul in Anna was in this setting that Timothy Paul's protégé receives a letter from Paul unreviewable excited to receive a letter from Paul know you would because if you went to the mailbox and people found out was from Paul he was on death row in your associated with enemy number one and it's in that setting that he says to Timothy by the good faith based wrong in the grace of Christ Jesus the things which you will verbally among many witnesses the same commit to others will be able to taste others also it was in that study when he was about to die and think that could die if he was known to even open the mail that he was saying praise the word visit ends season and out of season events reprove Daniel understand how the historical context opens up the meaning 's enemy now that's a long time learn all that stuff but does it pay off is now your knowing why he said what he said he rated three no to preach the word was an incendiary political act Paul was being killed for that is will have been enough to adjudicate is all case demons were thank you for this present world is run thing I was using a historical context reasons why so is normal contact very important analyzing the passage in detail this is hard-working to go to sleep on this note again between clubs you have got to analyze the passage here and this is where you're looking for like Drudge of the grammar the syntax of the passenger but while I don't like drama well I could probably like you either but do as well as you can with rituals some of your different levels of that would do the best you can NFL rumors that were not theologically trained with Greek and Hebrew there so what I think of you have to come up with this feature was improved from every single text if the tell me this passage all these truths from the passage in the proof of it and then I'll verify what you're going talk about in your sermon the grammar syntax word studies diagramming the end result is an articulation of the exegetical idea and person person because of the passage as well as an outline so the same time you're coming up always words me to think about how can I organize this talk about outlining how they conceded this is hard work hard work but it's the same working to provide lascivious or no of the service as a Bible study with a bunch of people isn't it a logo tube I will study one for the user the solids and here I is what I found that the preacher adding one thing to another to find out the reason I like the NLT new living translation this is my conclusions of the teacher I came to this result after looking into the matter from free double angle NL I don't care what messes are breaching or what presentation I didn't even miss on always working right to be in the knowledge of all all all when the notice of by the time you get up on Creator Bible study you should know eight hundred times as much as the person you're talking to write so I use this particular computer program accordance you can get a cheap version like a Peter Gregory has it just shouldn't be sorry about that Dennis was eleven Toronto's lady told me he got the package for five hundred bucks or whatever maybe there's a deeper you by someone I didn't buy this a physician friend of mine who remain nameless as you come up with Bobby and asked them to do the same for you he bought me this part with all the bells and whistles in August because I think you want to your concerns and I visit Isabel same guy when I was first Mister got a video camera says you might want to look at this is which was not a compliment rise to try to help me I had my homiletics class right there the church itself you go into the passage as you note that I have the fastest up here be strong in the grace the things you learn from him on what many witnesses as they commit the federal man able to teach others than I have in the Greek select insert seven great if I want to and you don't have to know great desserts and grateful that you know you have to be great and then I haven't done in ASP here the new American Standard version right because S the most accurate to the text in English most accurate and so I like that I once to investors then I have a couple commentaries open here I don't look at them right away but I have been there I've got all kinds of translations alongside if I want to do that I want to get the new living translation are different things I can go down all of those and get the nuance using five or six translates as when studying objects that make sense so then I started this fact women found if I look up at word will mess up significantly now therefore my son base strong liberal women what's it mean to be strong does that mean the same thing as it means in English that means a great what is that so I click on that SLK strong one of them is I click on it and then comes up the word in Greek into non- mole was Michelin power to enable but then I see it but there's these two business days there's these two numbers here that is made up from an adult do not mind though right I want to look at this what this means is I look it up good among and if you look at African from Dumas which makes powerful right and so I'm going and I do that with every single word and I'm looking it up on I'm I'm learning what I can learn of I think it's interesting I put in a document I got like three documents and historical context word studies this and that all the other thing and much done as I can spend on think about it praying about it help me bring it together I want to see what we need to see a man is still with you you know what is America Lehman revival physically spiritually mentally as well we need so why did his worst enemy if you have a concordance you can do the same thing accurately enough I found a little thing why do a word study that someone had done this nicely on Internet so I do still love the Internet this is their PowerPoint but why do it because English words today at meetings that foreign reforms of the meeting original words and modern version sometimes Mister extends array from the mid- original meaning and muck most Bible versions use transliterated words like apostle or baptism which are not translated so it helps you uncover whether that is an Air France is in the King James version it says that an act twelve for Easter is there do you think the word Easter actually on the Bible now it's really weird Pascoe which was for the Passover with reminds you of the quantum destiny problem way back when they said that we never went as on the same day of Easter that big controversy and I thought about it for centuries later but those are the historical context of that passage or studies others avoid making wrong point based upon assuming of an English word don't use it and it would Meriwether and Webster dictionary when you're studying for some of the bigger for my class are fired you're you're you're you're dying to make a direct them to do that goodbye I'm exactly know will send you to the Army or something but now we have got to come up higher without they use use like the concordance like for instance it says here in second Peter that God 's people are supposed to become a peculiar what does that mean where do now is like a chosen generation it's like a possession of a heavenly possession and doesn't like the killer like you like being there means peculiar like a possession or scarcely it says though scarcely enter the kingdom that means they don't just given their willingness willy-nilly if there is a is a process of opening they can get it working documenting and help locate the English word in one study using the King James version and you like Prince of the work destroy look at the English word in the Strong 's concordance go down the list of the Bible verse that contains the word you want to study and take note of the number to the right of the entry and then noticed what you'll see also you this year I want to throw this in depth except for you to see all the numbers and then you finally get to the this oldest obligate stopping at the figured out so first of all you have the original letters and Greek catalog and then you have the transliteration into English Kapalua and then you have the pronunciation cats oh so when you get out front legal type of loan online news language is now in our user concordance in a fooling me but you muffled the self modification and then the definition comes next to loosen down disintegrate and then they have this little weird sign using the words on right here after the definition columns that translation how was it translated Kapalua was translated to destroy to dissolve on to all the different things in that little sign below looks like I will without the death of that that circled around this is for illustration but a catalyst like a face without amount entered the Messiah because in the problems and writing their is this where you go to the translation of and write down the strong definition the original Hebrew Greek word that your study and compare that the other places where that Strong 's number is used in the Bible a single to the Bible you can find and how it's used by different people that use Strong 's numbers in their works like for instance strong vines and Mary these are all lexicons that then show you they are nuances on the word and lipolysis done faster on a computer and meant what I is to do and forty hours it now takes me ten hours of the computer and is so much a can of the Macintosh computer a sketch that was enacted for the presentation 's cell number step six right now the different English words used to translate the original Greek Hebrew word destroy this all be a big ask the lost count and not using other use of all the different parts of the of the Bible and then you have to weigh it out how was this action we how can it be used here and sometimes this is where we made big mistakes because we don't know over doing but I'd rather get to this point and had to make these mistakes do not try so I can live with it in his own essay so you're getting into it you dig it up I worked every single word the Bible says is spirit so this is like LAL Holy Spirit time I was born and as exciting something to study were news built that is a powerful word understating them until you do business step number seven to bear the meaning of the angles were nearby with the original definition of the Hebrew breaking word church is in the building is the sprinkling is a preacher you know and of course that this was most likely until allegedly disliked so reference works I'll put this on the website that you can go to these or other reference works some run on the Internet that use those strong numbers for the Bibles and from the concordances and if you get the strongest numbers that you have access to all of these areas of study and practice is like going through a gold mine no parsing the words really good as that goes and so Hebrew word studies Greek word studies all these different things are analyze the theological context of the past we look at the historical context theological context you know in other words what does it mean in the big picture from the context of the entirety of Scripture Christ of Christ what does this mean what does this passage means that things be strong in the grace that is in the Lord Jesus Christ and the things which inferred from the woman he witnesses a segment of what does that mean what is in the context of tri-state witness to his disciples and then went within then when the whole idea as this gospel of the gate will be priced the whole world as a witness right and it's in that context that it's a life or death issue Paul realized that they need to turn the world upside down like it doesn't act of the seventeenth all these thoughts come in and you make this theological statement in your mind so that you are you seeing what the intent is that make sense I can see that this is hard work this hard work on it is a good work good work work stage I consult commentaries unvested including a white and make any needed changes but when I get to this place in my study why give this book place in my study you know what I usually do I usually say hallelujah Alan White is a prophet of God it might've taken me forty hours once he says the segue into sentences but still I say praise God because I just really know what I'm happy to be corrected by a way myself personally but many times as I do this work I mean I can tell you LOI 's writings are so Scripture saturated and you would never understand and so you do the work I'm talking about once you start doing that work guess what you're going to see how wide is the prophet of the war years ago while I am so thankful to be a Seventh-day Adventist undated but when I went talk about that as though the health think I think tomorrow night if that's okay with you the right number you will be wondering your management couple who's you know you were talking earlier so I is of good and okay what a little talk about tomorrow afternoon this is a in the might of the millimeters as well maybe you'll never come back on the ugly friends is an writer that because I'm not in this room okay so anyway what will talk about Ellen why and how to use her in terms of your study more fully physical slides up on the back about my family and how have the makings of a Baptist is because of the others and how the L a white factored in the bed what happened over for generations to view models to come so go to White estate and lookout this is why I didn't go that that that that had page there and you'll see on this letter to bond the space before you go down eighty five you know search writings about why you click on that and then it says no to the fulltext search or whatever and you go Timothy really want to go down to the acts of the apostles I I I put in the text and within them this is what comes up the cell while lots of options but what specifically is dealing with this well I see the section right there asked the apostles the final rest on Borneo 's last letter condemned the back and I read that and I'm sorry what those are powerful chapters may help sophisticate my historical context that helps investigate my theological understanding Dell sophisticate and they also are met I was so blessed to be richer for thirteen years we like there were the five people that had CD-ROMs and computers everything was presumable that's something to be like printouts this was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong and then I learned I was being whitewashed so but what I discovered through that process was that that that washing of the water of the words group roster was actually solidly in the word itself I just would have not been doing well with people that study at all and that number people that study Alloway they have done studies of this they come closer to Jesus Christ they study more of the world and people development ancestors and they get all these studies it is so important to not neglect of those that will I will try my cell phone number looking to know what not to say I'm stupid when you say that that's what you're saying because this person was in the word percent seventy years you know a man will do what number ten activists summarize your findings by Wendy Slidell people in my low printing class which we do not regret a class that will is that after going through all this stuff always be looking for potential outlines for the tax because if you get right here and you have no potential outlines of its Friday night you got like fifty pages and don't take them up and the pope of tomorrow the belt walked up upfront safe friends the fruits of the research in sixty four volumes you've got to have a plan that is developing along the same line yes no could be anywhere I did this last night in the midst of pain in the middle like you should be thankful for the other I want you to talk to him take take care of your town okay that's the iPod Iraq and everything was all right out summarize your findings write out the exegetical idea of the purpose and the outline of the bastards and by the way can you see why this needs to happen like Tuesday Wednesday while SuperDrive reads five service yard three to five servings a week so I constantly had to square everything I looked at was related to those things but I decide I'm fourthly I didn't decide this soon but it's best to decide Sunday or Monday about that text and start the work I hope that this process published with Doctor Greer expected eleven nurses this is for you Oregon so you need to get started on this and does it it I have to keep you awake here but this is the most area stop by and about stereoscopic as you want to be telling people what God 's word really sad that at the same that don't stand your office all week because they would think this you can stay there for centuries right but it is his brother and his guys the doctor of theology until you know them talk about the mystery this does two things at once and what one is you do the best you can with what I'm talking about here right but equally as important as finding out what the text originally meant his body out what the people you're got to talk to need a audio creature that stays in Iraq this all week hungry have never been visited by a preacher or I see some of you know that that's not good amazing art are your happy on government doesn't do you come and hide yourself know this because the legitimacy and see you the preacher has this job you have this job if your preaching are you studying the Bible with people you have to exegete the text and you have to activate the people that you're going to be preaching at sixteen dollars yet the study the text and yet the study the needs and the beauty of preaching is it brings those two together right eye I studied the needs of this group of last night I realized that I had to moderate some of my presentation which was actually a sermon on second Timothy and I had to break it back and say how did I arrive there because some people sitting on the front row to the third or fourth generation year one to know how that was done in a so summarize your findings when it was would will translate a single academical idea into the homiletical idea loses not just Greek and Hebrew but this is now the highest in a breach of public distant homiletics this means preaching and transform it into an idea that can be memorable sentence that will stick in people 's minds like it with his friends and I could preach a sermon at the Apple graduates last one be strong pass it along and live like you don't have at law like that you like that's why he struggled that I like ten different things that I like be strong right passes a law remember known available so that was my thing I said that like many times during the message it was kind of the movie think as I was planting that in the mind but that's a ill thirty hours of work to come of it here's an wise sensible to me will get maybe it should be original and well translate the accidental purpose into that homiletical purpose statement another was what does God desire to come to the sermon there is today if you don't understand what you try to day probably want to what anything about you it aims at nothing and visit I can't remember what you say how you say that sentence he that aims at nothing will probably get it Leon make sure you know what you're doing so what was my answer got designed to inspire people with a sense of urgency sense of mission to spread the gospel with boldness and power that's why when people get out they were graduating from Avco wanted to go with that ideology inevitably good purpose statement and then you start looking for the language more because the bridge was wise he taught the people knowledge as he pondered and sought out a set in order many Proverbs so he's doing is homiletical work exegetical work the bridges I find while acceptable words and so this is the wordsmithing a minute I'm than a find acceptable words that will do justice but look there are some people to go overboard with words that something overboard with this and you begin to think what a drug approved the land down under smart anywhere that refrigerator gone well thank you I don't like all the runs of words that can be self magnified right because knows what this says Christ and that sending to baptize but to preach the gospel not with the wisdom of words lest the cross of Christ to be made of no effect another words when people get done even though your words are wonderful together remember that you don't have that much time and they don't have that much time right and when the message closes you want the day to have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and an enormous adjuster now and then so we are almost done this last step decide what forms are more based on other was is and can be conducted deductive narrative and that what I did was start with a narrative introduction that went to that historical context to make them come alive and then I developed a deductive outline I decided at first but definitely flowed together and then expanded with all the illustrations in application and the narrative and then finally prepare that for an introduction and conclusion and rehearsed the server before you get up for a use that on do although steps like Francis update sometime this is that I can't tell you what first year I get the I have to know for sure what God was trying to say back then I have to know for sure what is trying to say now if I don't get those two steps done I just felt terrible if I if I don't have any illustrations but I just add that I'm cool as I know I get upfront he's going to bring me the illustrations in his can help bring the applications I've seen it happen again and again and again but I don't like it I like to have the doctors nodding now back together the doctor and nurse are here so I will put these notes on the bill frustrated that you don't have all these notes in your meeting tiny digits of public is unlikely that because you accept it helpful to you by the White House sermons change a life and look are you thankful for those who labor in word and doctrine you think of that idea thanks for the once been centered doing that work that every thought is that once a preacher doing all week now do you know why the preacher a note right now say thank you for ministering in words and doctoring and do that you're not getting to that book until you have it if you have someone that's preaching and teaching you those that there were lives of the Scripture of double honor they really are and I thank God for the ministers in my life when I heard the most is my father good preacher I got so much trouble that my mom said you must go with your father my father priest five times like three to five churches of the weekend I heard the sermon three five times I've should be there a lot to my preaching ability today and then I get in trouble number once you put me underneath the pull because I wasn't getting along and I had sustainable for couple weeks and I remember those methods as the best a man but no chastening things pleasant the present time but afterwards yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness and I'm thankful for a dad that would not just allow me to get away with stuff you believe in church discipline and she exampled it in my case a member he knew the longest hands of the handbook from the sciences they say Hanwell you haven't seen him around a lot like a backend I was always a new man and man all right so how do you got something out today know how to go about let's pray together and always a practical thing I wish it would been more inspirational it was more instructional bullets pray together just as the Lord bless what we find in heaven the fact of the day that you you came and says in Matthew chapter four verse twenty three you can preaching teaching in their synagogues and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people and it was so effective your work that they can listen what to listen to you you gave that wonderful sermon on the Mount sanctuary message that showed how we needed to move from being salt and light to being built on Barack rock of the sanctuary was of course the love valuable in our hearts and so thank you God for coming being a preacher being a teacher thank you for those of here the waterfall you in understanding the ministry of the word and understanding doctor appliances are allies civilized brother through your spirit so we commit ourselves in and to the end of our text that we would be strong old Lord strong in the grace that is in the Lord Jesus Christ that we would be faithful men and women who would commit the things that we've heard among these many witnesses the other results so that you could come in Jesus name Ray and


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