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  • August 28, 2010
    3:00 PM
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father we thank you again for he enough for us we thank you Lord for that incredible hot plan of salvation to have provided personal we thanks for calling for such a time as these North and speak to us in the White House as I see the news made my words may your words in my words John noticed someone here who needs to submit my pre- this testimony will have been in Jesus personal screen we do pray amen the Bible tells to second Corinthians second Corinthians chapter five verse seventeen bottle says there is any man be one in crime she is a new creature all things are passed away behold walks off things are become new I'm fine I promise precious is a precious prompt and I promise I believe has very big significance for my life because I was you know you saw me fifteen years ago totally different person totally different lifestyle and yet when documents in my life she made me a new creature a man when I bought some of your translations may actually save any man be in Christ he is a new creation a new creation and it's amazing when you begin to understand that all you know regulars sharing today about learning how God works through studying the Bible or that they talk about how you know just studying the book of Genesis and the first two chapters you begin to see the how to earn off how God works and not as he was sharing that testimony out shaking my head back there because I said that she doesn't even though under the talk about God because God works a certain way amen and Don and so I remember as I was not looking at I came to a two in an amazing point was that while God relates Argonne re-creates us in the same way that he creates how the stock gone read reason and if any pricing is a new creature all things are counseling all options are becoming the new creation at the same dog back created the world in six days and rested on the seventh is the same Doc system we create on a man and if we look at the pattern of how he created the world we can find that same pattern and how he re-creates us someone to share my testimony with you through the creation week is not okay and I love shack up with you you are the same way to many that think the mutual because you'll find in fact he dismisses that some of the Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one and will begin the first one Genesis chapter one verse one the Bible says in the beginning God created that have been your family are at once with our lawn and walked for light and darkness was upon the face of the deep are what was the condition of the world before God began his creative work it was an fee without fall that was in darkness do you realize that the condition of every person before they come to Christ have you ever felt that I feel empty boy darkness without falling solace share with you that for some of my life I was wanting to make a non- estimate was an NT void dark place I decided going to make a my parents were not Christian they went brought Edinburgh my brother and I missed as Christine so you know we live on life my parents were they were wrong they were good people you know they'd be trying to teach is good morals but without going to church you know what it is like you you're going to spend someone born in Jamaica nineteen seventy two and I was christened as a Catholic and the extent of my in a religious experience of the baby was not christened and I wasn't even went to church or did anything like that I love back at my life and I look at how God was there even though I didn't know what I can see how it affected my back medicine men that was gone I want to get a couple examples when I was about ten months old I wasn't I was on my mom decided to go to the beach I heart my uncle and so they they went to the beach of a bunch of other people and you know when I was a baby I wasn't very fair skinned baby lying on the White House why and so on my mom visited on the beach because she gets in the Morrissey things on my uncles watching me my uncle is in the water because he thinks my mom is watching some amount of water and something tells her to turn around to turn Ron seen my blanket disappearing in the horizon soon begin screening my own concerns about the water he takes off running he catches this couple they said it would take me for a while it was a white couple him to as I know I went with a hint if they found out to him and so so I'm not going to say what I know those are those common instances we see God working in your life you know before you even knew who he was about age of five my father was in the military and dumb you know he was always dealing with the job more than Jamaican Rastafarians you know and so in the military know just force yet also inform us cannot know my father would say my my sons will never have dreadlocks were talking about it later and so you know he hated those drug lords in the job was because my father was young pretty effective in in in arresting these people and a copy to my father one night on the one on my father was out on I was was not home and my older brother he was not maybe not attend the time he was getting ready to go outside and it was getting dark and before he got to the front door he noticed that there were two minutes either side of the door with guns in their new home and garden so my brother teaches she turns about goal is not to mom just outside England while standing in the sun of the guns while what happened like you got to come to the house to be read execute all and we had on our neighbors on either side of us all what was going on and they had guns and so it wasn't like they should and our lives were spared and again I'm back and I say one that had to be God protecting us when we didn't even know as a result of that incident my family when we decided to leave Jamaica and moved to New York and so we that happened in about nineteen seventy eight nineteen seventy nine family moved to Brooklyn New York and I had anything yet and all and they are in Brooklyn New York you know from the small island units it is each city with all the lights and everything that you know my brother and I would just like all what is missing up nominees chosen and that he went when I came to the United States or anybody ever heard of not toys okay class like protein a piece of broken English okay and and when I change the nineties of America March twelve was so that like my older brother told me that Jamaicans couldn't understand me okay so so when I went to class and I went to school and enough if I said anything the kids would break out laughing like seriously enough for a classification essay in a first of all on on on him might my wars this was always the first day of school because you know is what would happen if usually Mohammed as you do a roll call Bob here Tony here Billy here we hear and then I think this and I just think Donna my seat because I knew was coming at you it is the blitzer on the kid who does break out laughing so so if I have that and then you know when it's time to region grades everyone had to spend an insane degree and I'll just stand up and I wouldn't say anything because I knew that once I open my mouth the kids would laugh so I didn't know about this intense fear of speaking in front of people so so so my brother and I rejected in autism of amenities await you where we are introduced called the hip-hop culture now we're watching these kids like toward this weird stuff like standing on their heads and breakdancing then you know popping in this mutant never heard before and we begin to realize quickly you want a friend start breakdancing and so we began to get involved in because that was all real easy way to make friends and so you know because dive deep into the culture and you know started like dressing like they validated and you know my brother down to gymnastics and he became really popular of all the things but this was merely getting involved in the culture drawing of New York City you know my parents still be with what is my first religious experience called at the age of twelve years old twelve years old I is in his homily nine and all and then we go back a little bit is on funds I'm twelve years old and I have a cousin that is from England that comes over to the United States to spend the summer with us it's my first time meeting this cousin and she's about thirteen or fourteen on twelve of eleven and you know she's a real cool cut in seasons of my number never into the Bible but she does not talk about my soul one day we happened to be home alone as she begins talking less about the Bible but not just any part of the Bible city is a conscious about the book of Revelation she's like I'm in the market abuses not that I the summer before I just watched a movie about a little boy who discovered that he was the antichrist and anyone who found out his identity guide these tremendous excruciating painful death so my car this is naturally I know the market abuses do you want to know and I might guess not just came out but like all my why is she talking about this my parents are not home does you know what happened when and if thy right eye and so seems like she's like okay well there are certain soul companies that produce so and on their soapbox is is a fun it's a sign of a house move oh six that is the mark of the beast anybody ever that Procter & Gamble not know this stuff is like she knows and mark the beasties and she's like do you have a soapbox in your house yes there is a system call my brother not recently will walking down the creaky steps and I promise you it's like I heard the horror music in the back we get down to the basement and unlike bears the box my brother and I stopped seeing continues to want forward picks up the box she turns and turns the Nancy says Sherry my brother and I take offense for the book we see the half moon with the man's face in it we turn around we run out of the house screaming in the streets in our pajamas because now we are about to die through singing cave full of mysterious deaths after about three days and nothing happened outside the home while another close call I think it will now want them to know what this mark of the beast venues in a minute nothing happened maybe it was nothing to the movie a few months later it's not only by the way what was God doing he was planting a few months later is following and dumb where microchip retreating my friend suck my brother my will honor my father pulled up just well enough by some of the takeoff so my brother and I like and not signaled open like a dummy like you don't get the car get in the car that when I put you treating you like you're not going to be treating following the company happens than never my father used to turn double before so apparently what happened is I have on whose Pentecost apparently he was talking to her and she convinced them that funding with those holiday when I got these can we talk about this in the car we get in the car were going to you going to church down on Halloween these don't make us going to start my bad taste of the Pentecostal church drops us off I sold my brother and I sitting there fuming anger and the church is showing this movie called the cross and the switchblade about gang members who are given their life to Jesus Norman Watson moving into the muscle while gang members given their life to designing Jesus one p.m. I want to know this Jesus anonymous heavy sense of conviction that began to come over me and like by the end of the movie off I think a lot of interest and that conviction last about five minutes and I step outside inserts outflank there by God was doing what I can see software high school now when you know what we're getting deeper into the hip-hop culture and great move from New York to Virginia and Virginia my brother and I know we must all black school we get to Virginia and it's an all-white schools the right so you know my brother wanted to get on the first day and the principle you want to listen him help you if you live your life you anyway you may want to know whatever all but you know what we did was become a positive attitude you know we're going through New York you know from New York one Shoreline home while he does from New York would he does so because I want to second that yeah yet enough at the same time there was another guy that had just moved from New York from Brooklyn New York and his name was Sean saw my brother Sean Desmond was also disclosed that was on the Islam was around my brother and I were into dancing the song was another so we say why we form a hip-hop so reformist hip-hop and thought it entering tonsils and every time so we had to becoming first place the kids options among the yard or anything is eliminating any day I really dislike the other thing that happened before we have to graduate of Boston College you know we want Langley and the lifestyle that was seen on TV that doesn't happen so we graduate on about a comments on Virginia State University Petersburg Virginia my brother goes to Virginia University and the song is averaging a statement meet so when I get to Virginia State University I like totally lose my mind you know because I'm on my parents house now and I visible crazy I'm behind on a whole bunch of friends like Hall once her friends and we do nothing but hang out and party like all the time when you're going I'm not really going to continue to wish him not going to class because you know my brother and my best friend you would with still continuing on the well whatever will be famous one day for the Mac so what's the Honda 's breakdancing and you know all my minion you know we were getting this whole were friends so we end up acting like a crew as we called unlike the earnings of forty three night that was all the time that we called ourselves X-Men United and so that we were in the comic books you doesn't rely a very early we decided to thought we would close as early needs student in a will will and so we get in the fight finally we does both clubs like I will instruct five so you like people just called to need and filling no reason one one one nine newtons I cannot anymore he know we were at a party and heat I was alone he comes up to me and he's right when you say nothing was of which is on-site I say and find that they just took his face back and just put it right in my face hey when Atlantis found that the pain I turned my back and I found my best friends over there he denies it like fifty people not likely we happy to turn around and while riding profile so that's the kind of yell stuff that I was into assault you know which is limitless crazy life I began drinking alcohol and smoking and everything is not especially weekends which is going crazy one night a friend of mine invited me to his house and he's like a bodily at this time my name is Africa this is no longer I thought that I wasn't nobody when I was in high school document that can in the tenth grade my name changed from iBooks that I was making fun of its past Re: what they tend raise nothing on you both through a maze so anyway now I'm my colleagues and now my name is not on a person 's Africa was the name Africa how do people anyway so my friends why don't you come and ninety five next Communists also among Muslims won't be here I will also looking for house music is but it's like a real humidity like a dance music so he called his house and he puts on the song was God speaking in a demonic voice but he's he's reading something that sounds like familiar you know I know what was experimenting with the Bible and what ends up happening that he was reading the book of Revelation was reading about this field and I remember him reading enough and the wonderful Michael the six Seminoles it was a great earthquake and the site and when I heard something about incredibly thanks so that I got this idea man will be like called my friends as I hate what we read through the whole book of Revelation and one nine select for it my friends got together when the Bible marijuana and alcohol I recast the Bible and the whole night we read through book of Revelation five and wow what was God doing he was planting seed I can think of him Angel Cisco health monitoring we ended is also we have to then I'm setting we know within a new window will be that deep with an unlikely new mix from revelation in Iraq when IBD so we began doing as we evidence how how University became in first place of the Council as a result of that we had our scouts comes with a few report a six album demo it in your city shopping for you and having that in sixties he got a major recording contract with EMI records and contract where we are not mom dad on the Internet if you were dropping out of school and I know you cannot read my dentist series eight hundred thousand dollars we had made reduction can you give us at least one semester just to show you we got ready to our analysis our parents explained to them that this is real that it up my parents had taken one semester if it doesn't work I do about this I got a good so we left and like almost all of our forty friends thirty friends left with is for people in the group seemed to have groups whose sole what I manually put you up in so we all left so here we are in New York City like just thirty of us you know dreadlocks and sagging and not by the way at this time my name was now you'll know him and I explained you see your know was why someone was a man nine we doesn't be that deep intellectual so my name was healed I want to and was sent by an so often in New York City when the melodically partying when doing all these things you know to three o'clock in the morning where I would just like to get away when we does writing music and lifestyle on drinking smoking all these things and not because out in all creation the story the latest is that she started using creation story what happens after there was no without one was without form and void darkness I think the spirit of God what moved upon the face of the waters you remember when God began to move in your life in a visible way and Australia we do not see where in this house where parking is living and the earth is God when it was not witness he was introduced was on the guy you were all like Trent Lott hanging out smoke and all that stuff but what we don't know about this guy is actually a seventh day Adventist Huguenot eighteen of the time nineteen to twenty were all around his age and I remember one I was sitting on a walk onto still talking and begin talking about the New World order because I was come to coordinate on you know if it is not hunting at our mechanism I discussed this was Hazel and not something what days do you think the subtleties like he just changed in August and that's a really disconnected question and we also look at analysts will like something everybody knows that the news like he says was the first principles the was the first day of the week now with the seven days a week firstly we can rely Sunday with seventeen week we rely Sunday we eliminate a time this guy some memory begins to break down strategist what's I got my eye on thinking to myself why kidneys are able to do what everybody goes to church on Sunday what are you talking about some of this on Saturday it was like the Holy Spirit was able to demonstrate net gain of small and just argued and to crown all of our minds got my weekend of how much a three-hour Bible study like cardiologists two o'clock in the morning from that John had you come into the house you what is seen very like Trent Lott and dragging the light guide across the floor my living room studying the Bible and still smoking on because you know God said that all Arabs were so here we are studying and studying studying and then one day we find that young man I want to do anything I'm a Southern Adventist online one is that Canadians once when and where you come to church with you ASAP so imagine with me if you will twenty to thirty Radloff and sagging gums with hoodlum looking 's walking of the church we were so excited to be insurance we did not notice the people who we send out and the pastor would say something like beloved remember Jesus loves you my friends and I would be shocked she will look around and around with blankets we would like to do is you have to stand in case that will and the reaction was much like an airline and these people don't even know all another member seventy is the Sabbath will say is that it's in the gotten what they had how many things on our friends could easily decedents we've found him like he was the Christ comes we just thought he was not how you know this stuff we thought he was only wanted was him I will follow you that you want I went when we find other people will absolutely whistle we were so excited no we didn't we got to do with anything you send them into the three Angels messages and put it in our hip-hop we are going to be the hip-hop messengers of the three Angels messages in the world so we'd be on cooking club on Friday night rhyming our hearts out and you we and we do things like this the first of a leader like you know what you're doing and Babylon are the clubs him to and we don't do things like this means we do want to know about us as so as I wrote Anthony Eric and then we start doing our great controversies should we were since the end of it we wanted we were Syrian Al you know sometimes not the party of those that drop me a note that the heat would come to you and connect them in the we get back to the room locked the door open your Bible at now that I or send them there and there was light these were the Bible says that God separated the waters from the waters knows interesting Dede announces made us one with the waters represent peoples nations multitudes in thousands of separation is something that happened a lot because I actually don't become one and all what these people listening to what West Tonawanda Babylon is what I thought that we are going into the club in town and I and God said to me my son cannot call people if you're still in problem yourself my brother and I came to the conclusion that we had an omniscient is real fast but God began to soar some things about the entertainment industry that in light and darkness could not dwell together similar who was movie monsters and died first I know you believe is easier and African Christians and was like well okay for the monsters believe that people are afraid of what they don't understand and while the library people were Christians and wondering yes okay great athletic products of the monsters I read this that you want to know that and then someone was a fan up and defend what you call yourselves once enlightened unscheduled to get it while you call yourself but I love your music than one hundred twenty sold twenty months as an economist at the medic on that disk with this guy that night we all met together and need to change minimum went to the record label Ziggy got crazy nose at that moment I realized Chris is working for Babylon cannot really get that far if Babylon owns them as a result of that result in being a dominant summit by the entertainment industry by the way didn't save his home as a result of that young man of about twenty to twenty five of us and getting baptized into the Cendant minister at but then the time came when that's it okay enough I'm not selling you more like an uniqueness separates I began thinking Lord know what you mean separate here's a look at these things need to get you need to cut off if you truly want to follow you cannot walk in lock in darkness while cleaning to be in life my brother and I made the decision that we were going to leave the music industry behind not the same as my parents who had now been began to celebrate that their children had made it famous MTV cells trained rat city Utah all of them occurs like kids they made a good and I will come home mom dad just like everybody will be antichrist is an icon and was stealing all the Suboxone and a while I'll all noted that my parents would not did not go to church began to pray for our children have gone crazy somehow it's on our parents you know where we're cutting the software were not doing this anymore not job out of school so I didn't left I went to work at target making five dollars and fifty cents an hour my bed and went to work for the government holding stop signs now we go to meeting his own there were people in the committee then there was so much rather be on the streets like she would be like I'm about him and him and I got working entirely optional comments Leon well enough yet I'm here because I gave Jesus a analysis of how the value of it it's amazing it's amazing I still have the same issues they were Muslim people will not like I'm getting excited religion is like a religion so excited evidently it's amazing that so many avenues are sitting on such a treasure and it's treating it like what so when you can so excited I want to walk away from a eight hundred thousand dollars in the eye England and so you know what people walking away the Bible says on page three that God brought forth from the love of God began to produce a new need you see the fruits of weakness was what I want from this coming for me but now that was pretty forth the fruit of righteousness I remember you know my brother and I what I remember that I had a discussion about it since he went digging out I think that if were likely to be good submitted his we need to stop cursing place on the uniqueness like Krugman can be seen like that will our mouths were I sigh Maggie wanted to find out gay saved by faith degrees and religion has liked in holy week from the Christian stalkers and criminals but it was like God just took it away and remember that you know the way that I used to walk on it I trained myself for years and okay to do it I got it to check for years and years in the directed and now my weight even if I'm really like all that streetcar of me believes a slow process I help me to walk straight on but things began to change and people began to see this change in me and then it's a beautiful book of the Bible says when they forgot that God created the sun the moon and the stars to serve the one at times and proceedings for direct you know that the Bible is the light by which we are guided not keep me on new guy in my life he gave was a son who is called to what the greater is your but I knew God in my life the greater light somebody has to have a book I control that another man in a red book can in a Redbook and Ramallah on the cake none I know that's his home that Sheriff please am I in a land a man gave me the brighter like the one of God and as the spirit of prophecy and let me tell you the first time that I read on why Michael Yancey the propaganda no question is limited tomorrow I had a new time in my life with love and the word of God was not my guide the spirit of understanding until Reagan who is one in our fourth day advises the concrete stars place an interesting not with the eye without Star Wars funding was your and then I began to realize waiting waiting what meaning the Bible says the devil casts a third of the stars of those arrangements and that he wanted to exalt his throne above the stars of God those brains as they went to the stars of God were fighting against the start of the double Star Wars the first hour was inhabited the honey is produced the flow and the identity of administrative mean of all the Star Wars I thought how the profit of all of them had prophesied that the star was coming so Israel had been looking for this are probably my favorite weather our service than when that's not okay on Israel was in the ring that will only three wow albeit only I may who saw his stone as a result of that story that Jesus is on creating stars like the stars of the yesterday on you annually some of these stars they turn many to one writer says Ms. at the stars forever so beloved dog has his stars and the devil has to stop and this is Star Wars one on my now on your thoughtfulness of what are the odds of me months of your now leaving the dark side but on Monday filed by the way this book I want my parents to be seen I study this book so much compares like a crazy study this book 's sole day and night you were not passed highly day and night when I can have his book in my hand I was studying it in my head I will be a target not be picking up boxes like the box Michael is not put on my cat put my panic in my pocket like religion I was studying all round the clock life in a House of Commons that he but I was studying around-the-clock I be sleeping angle will all will will and you will than anything since you know Paul hip-hop industry in an enemy of the other like no if you're going to say something that somebody else said it was call anybody know by now I'm watching for my Muslim north you know something I didn't consciously misled nor was it different way of seeing the same truth so I just began like starting like that cannot seem to explain it differently but I can see that you are there other ways to prove the same truth and going to begin assuming I just know it was just like I have copied you I'm not similar to all goddesses taken that same excitement and obsolete into his word someday five different prostrate countries he creates the fish and the birds if you read Ecclesiastes chapter nine update is verse eleven the Bible says that the medicine was the first to God Jesus says after he caused on the equips you with the word of God brings food what is according to he calls you to be one fish serves of man who motivated to be related and I realize that God will call me and my brother to be ministers of the gospel I have helped a lot in the music industry 's sake will be an asset I'm just saying you know what God whatever happens and suddenly I find on using me to witness this person here when it's that person in my parents house crazy they argued with me for three years and then got that my older brother thought I was in that he argued with me for three years four years then got his wife three years while the church in Atlanta my cousin came to my cut my aunt to occupancy will you listen to reach a year later baptized for what happened the other day on and you will too much amount shall be baptized and then only when God calls you when he is as follow me and I will make you what dishes of May on basics on top speed this up nonchalantly six the Bible says that God made man in his image the Bible also says that God gave man dominion over the beast the nonexistence of God 's ultimate goal is to re-create you in his image and to give you dominion over the piece and when that work is complete then come the seventh day when God set his seal of completion upon your finished work it's time to ceiling that I want to make an appeal for a quick what day the week arguing where are you some of you may be finding yourselves before day one has even started you're still in darkness void and without are you chanting out invasive carbon dioxide will longer rebaptized is an honor to be doing a disservice to my baptism anyone any souls know uniting what about you ten years ago now learn will China do so always one of my continues this is still in the without form god 's summary is that if the walk-in in a scientist and say that's the case wasn't going going on when you like me minus this something you stand is as fast as NASA's decision the answer is you need to watch I mean and I her beloved dog this weekend he suddenly thought students doing here right now there may be some young person what will old and young person like me then he now is the time or in this manner hear his voice and Johnson & Johnson 's to term or thanks for the business is business as far as this drug dealers and gang bangers to understand what God is making me at my understand is eleven because then they took everything he says in that's why you see like Chris and I asked me through her was the dental cleaning and then or what phrase is meaningless as a needs to find your perfect time is in your inner hair I thought her her as soon as to how some I will run as a single and CNS is in the synthesize and her and her a interesting way to our Atlanta ministry our mission is to help prepare timely in Christ by playing the supernatural power of the Lamb of God as a clearing object-oriented Christmas and all more information on our multimedia resources were contrary on speaking to please log on to our website at www. our lamb .com www. power of the land thank you and God bless


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