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The Five Dimensions of Bible Studies Part 1

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 28, 2010
    4:15 PM
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alright well I'm going to our not needing these this for Halloween and saying that I know I certainly was once on what was called off five dimensional Bible study documents the white space alone that's sort of prayer and then how to explain the concept and hopefully you'll be it we bless private string a we come before you thank you Lord for all you sharing to your spirit with us today and over these past few days Lord please speak to us now as we understand principles of wireless that open our minds open our hearts we pray in Jesus name amen okay I believe that the Bible is truly a living book and just like science there are laws that govern Bible study and I think the law would be anything that you could any principle you can take and apply it to the Scriptures in different places and column for the same results that make sense in others there is a law of numbers in the Bible and if you look at the number three for example the number three comes up often in the Bible and who knows when the number three seems to be equated with well you know we can name a lot of threes in the Bible is a father-son Holy Ghost and I you know other combinations of three but what does a number series seemed to be in connection with and managing a common example out of the name something so we may just mention that and that this accommodation of three but three seems to be tied in to a certain concept okay yet that's another combination of three second okay while this is largely because your thought out answers but some of this completion I hope you are not a perfect number but on Jesus was in the grave for three days John was in the West Valley for after three days Abraham saw the place where he was to sacrifice his son the Butler and the Baker were told that after three days one of them would okay what you see the number three being connected with life and death okay not a whole study on unviable numbers when unemployment economics using this as an example there are so many places where that number three is connected will that in the Bible and so as you begin to see one time you might say all analysis coincidence missing twice you need to stop and say through but if you begin to see three and four and five six times are going okay there is a principle here okay the site is not on the I believe that there are laws are yet to be discovered in the study of the Bible because God is an infinite God and the way to retrieve science debate you know someone discovers the law of gravity someone discovers you know that the Dunbar of law of energy in other people discover these laws and once I discovered last night that the string comes in and existence once they discovered it they discover something that's always been there but now they been able to identify the pattern and go on to some of them a sense and so you know why all the speakers here are you getting different principles of Bible study and different laws you see something you've never heard before you know these laws are like universal laws like enough of the object was a sharing in other VI steps up and steps out in don't think Michael everybody knows the step-by-step copying no you know that's something that you know a person in studying the Bible so you know this be a good principle of Bible study and dock and so on when it's honestly view is that as you study the Bible you should be like an explorer in a San Jose Creek don't just goal in the past that everyone else is gone she could go deeper you seek to find new ways of saying the same old thing gastric blog I will also in Pasadena never heard that before nothing you have heard that before I decided in a different way and in that different way it does make you think of it in a way that she had never thought of it before the blueprint necessarily did how did you try something new that she did not know before no using everything I said you already know you knew they were called to judge angels your new that you know things send in heaven you knew that we had that there's been a be an adjustment under the millennium is not one thing that you can say I never knew that but it's just the way that it was presented to you ever seen that before yes you have just been feeling that way that makes sense so I want to encourage you to explore me think about the economic explorers in America you know in the early days who work daring and willing to go on the land they had never gone before you know California what's out there if people have to be dairy you don't explore and so you know where children's that there was yet in life to be revealed will never contradict old-line one simply amplify old-line in so what I'm sharing with you right now is you know it's something that I discovered on my own through the process of Bible study notes is going with me yet there has to be something here and once I began applying it to other stories is that you know okay this is a lot right and so now you know and not normally uses before but once I like putting will form on Visalia I've called this the law by dimensional Bible study meeting with the backing so I am I want to give you the five dimensions and it's not admissible while with every Scripture always every story but they work with some stories with some Scriptures and when when you can apply it it is a very powerful tool to break open the word of God when you read a verse we read a story you want to get the most out of it first you can't like the most out of that story that you can add on the thing is that most people when they read the Bible they read it on the first dimension okay so we want to go beyond that first dimension some stories you may only be able to take it for the second dimension if you're really praying you might be able to find a third dimension application and if you really connected you will be able to find five dimensions in something okay so I haven't gotten there yet so if we use line six Amin praise God in a hotel but make certain it's a law resume so you can apply to other stories and find you here the six dimensions of a song we are probably here maybe about bundle ten or eleven examples highlighting it to all of them we we made it three or four I don't know but here are the five dimensions dimension number one one hundred two thousand three dimensional before the next number five dimension number one I'm a college the flat dimension came and got what's on the surface of the Scripture got dementia number two is what we will call the Christ dimension the Christ dimension dimension of the three of them need to mention the main dimension dimension number four the church dimension and dimension number five the heavenly dimension dimension number five seventy so flat Christ me charts and okay so deallocation immodest something one-dimensional and then you know you want to you one of three open you want to expand this one guy mentioned so you pop open system that's two dimensional people can again I'm getting submitted is not then it is a good like I said you get the three dimensions four dimensions five dimensions imagine taking a verse and expanding it to five diamonds this is our first example something simple the sanctuary sanctuary of NSU on on the first dimension out what you want to do how do you study something one dimensional phase out one of the text say you know what everybody's been talking about what's the context of the tags you you know the pain old place is that basic information and is not very difficult thing to do not the stars about this personal distress you know if saying this at face value if that's the first dimension so let's take the sanctuary at the twenty fibers a God said let them make me a sanctuary that I may want dwell among them so that's the face value of Exodus when he finally got said that this century that was to be built God is good and well with his people face value first mention was the second dimension was the second dimension Christman is okay how does verse relates a price and give me some verses Emmanuelle God with us them of God which takes away the sin of the world anything else say him this is my beloved son and those verses are there they are good but there is a right verse has us pointed out they had okay destroy this while Campbell and eighty three days I'll raise it up again but did you see that was the first dimension God says the manufacturing will do what one among them our second dimension is the Christ dimension how is this verse relate to or typify or connect with Jesus Christ and you just said to me John two nineteen and what was the other one the first one that was mentioned in all godliness I for one want Emmanuel ungodliness because not many many what do well among them and not now hear it up like Jesus Emmanuelle God what window Johnson nineteen is says destroy this temple recipient agrees you to problems finishes for me what's next in another savings with an extension verse know you not you are the capital I didn't answer okay you move from one dimension otherwise you know okay here's the first mission by Ben on the this verse there is more in this price that meets the because if you open up to its second dimension this really points to Jesus because God was one in him I buy what you into the Valium but this first also relates to you in a very special sense of you with me because the Bible says no he's not that one you are the temple of the Holy Ghost which means that God wants to dwell in you he doesn't pretty good but students fourth dimension we all want what the body members of one body and an impressive indigo the body of Christ we mentioned that how Bob lively stones right with one wall a while limestones are spiritual house is not talking about the charts as what the Temple again exactly you're on the vine you are the branches Christ the chief cornerstone but in any and those verses that amplify but the verses were looking for illustrating Temple first dimension Temple second dimension Temple third dimension Temple for the mention and I will thought fifth dimension had the CNET have an example again the Internet in school I just studied the Bible study the Bible and the cause am looking for long the next something I don't about the seven or eight years ago I ran across a book called the certainty of the three Angels messages you are old when I buy the AEI OU on all our Vermont mind my best friend 's name is gathering heat on up anyone on the net when I first met him he also remarked of the Weimar a sort of place although we might just visiting and ICI introduces ultimately started talking he said he see that right there any point in the book to get that book is a good book multiple can't get up and I grabbed a book sensor thirty does message and dog I remembered like I had read like the first two pages nothing these days enough of an underlying all the deep sentences this book have to like page five oh okay so the whole book is certainly am and what I'm guessing in public I mean this guy was talking his name is on Lewis where Jesus is not Australian evangelist he was talking on the laws of the Scripture and often not mullahs in Scripture the mouth of the first and the last was the first mention announcements and laws of numbers might not laws in Wyoming is a ten Commandments what a lovely thought about and as I began to look at what this is guy was writing about how we can prove the certainty of the third Angels message my mind was just like you know what is this how come no one has ever told me of this book and it encouraged me to begin to look at the Bible as a book that is governed by laws and when you discover these laws I'm telling you it it amplifies your Bible study and in a most magnificent way so so we just saw this example of five dimensions right this is another example of this company is a story a story of Joseph first dimension combinations that that the parts of the story to help you out okay Joseph has eleven brothers and his brothers don't like here comes that dreamer is dreaming that one day I want to be thinking you're already ahead of some of you are in the second dimension already some of you are in the third dimension some of you may be in the evening the fourth dimension and some even in the fifth just be thinking that Joseph is hated by his brothers he had a dream that his brothers I want you going to do what thou beforehand Joseph we don't like you just listen isotonic to check on his brothers when they do they throw in an attempt right and then they sent him into slavery so that the slavery and hair Joseph rises to the top of the kingdom in time of famine the very ones that threw him into that have to go to him yeah who okay second dimension Elvia Jesus Cousy hated by his brothers the tribes of Israel cozy sent by his father where they do when they get older Jesus as well as Jesus Talabani was Jesus felt even in a bow down before me what and when a diseases they put him in obtaining the what happens they walk away Gregory got rid of that dreamer Jesus ascends to the top the very one that had rejected him will one day have to want out before season 's first dimension second dimension how about our dimension you become a Christian ha ha man I'm a Christian now Andronicus father mother training those okay and what's I Corinthians that did not have enough Jesus loves us he wants to save us we want to take the gospel to our friends write our family was Jesus he will happen to you and your family you'll be hanging in your McCarthy well what could happen in the time of trouble the very one what happened in the time of Fanning who are they going to come to because they know that you have been blessed by God fourth dimension the church like this one no one happens and you have to hunt around us and taking forty four really do not allow much has been around okay advances and is the younger brother of Christianity you see all the other sons of God and does not have children attaches yet so so the advances tried though started like Nautilus and the Adventists try like the youngest brother and our Baptist brothers and sisters are Methodist brothers and sisters and our you know Presbytery brother this is annoying come on and get out here you'll have the true and what are they doing they are persecuted but guess what happened with the administrative the end of time guess who they're going to be exalted and guess who are brothers are going to have to come to in time of fact we are Joseph and and the thing about Joseph is that Joseph loves his brothers amen as well as don't understand him they may hate them they say oh here comes that dreamer no no no you have the children out here but one day our brothers will come to enable week and it will look and the league no sorry at how liturgy done by Joseph come out of her my people fifth dimension this had this dimension is not so pretty because when the righteous are saved in the wiki are caused to do what I now at that point it's what it's too late Janice Arnold doesn't say historian Joseph and we said okay there we got the first dimension is our second event is there some way that this applies the Christ does this story in any way to illustrate the life of Christ we see that second dimension wow look at this many of the same principles we find the sort of doses up to apply the life of Jesus not do those endorsing principles apply to me individually I'm going to have a sense of my family I would want to talk to you anything you want that spirit we don't want to talk to you come on get out here and then something dramatic happens in their life and they continue to come to fourth dimension fifth dimension had the time is coming when it will be to me yet the DDC the principle of their solution in the sanctuary we seen it in the story of Joseph Genesis three fifteen Genesis three fifteen bottle-fed their that all basically Jesus would bruise the head officer on a face value of this kind of behavior but on its face value got seven hundred and eighteen between you and one between ninth University sub with my also bruises heal the first dimension if not to mention easy second dimension is their second dimension and was a second dimension Christ bruises ahead of the sort where that at the cross how do we know that anybody heard this before what's what's the name of a hill upon which Jesus died gold or Calvary meaning the place of a skull so when Jesus died on Susan 's great earthquake what happened to that skull shapes you it was broken cracked Cuzco did not represent his with me second dimension third dimension is there a third dimension to a writing universe said he and okay that's that that's not what I'm thinking okay that's an all right one okay that's yet that's the rest are just mentioning that's a good one which is what okay now this verse was you Barbara's can be tied in to the principle that God will give you personal victory over the devil but there's another person that's a good verse Romans sixteen twenty and the God of peace shall bruise write the okay so what bruise Satan under your key you shortly so these the first dimension is the fact invention is with the versus say if the Congress of the second dimension how does it relate to Christ Jesus within the bruise the head of the sermon even a Calgary third dimension Donovan approves it and under your feet in the beginning you a personal victory amen Sagan I am crucified with Christ I mean that's a diverse word if him crucified with Christ then it is not necessarily mean losing they had a serpent by Christ in the that is the head of the serpent a man actually okay let's see here fourth dimension the charts will the church as a whole bruise Satan under her feet shortly that same person applies that same lesson applies to me personally also applies to the church and that's exactly what I have on my little I hear about with NX relations on the eleventh of May oh I overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony that's right a exactly exactly the churches declared notoriously using the same verse two applied to me personally if you want to do someone using this in person the VU God wants to do Satan under your feet shortly but on fourth dimension seeking not only to you but for the entire search the Church of God will be victorious fifth dimension addresses pass on enough eggs of the fifth to fifty Revelation twenty and twenty one what happened there where are the wicked and where Satan writhing smart to say what have they become when they become is where under the soles of your somewhat amusing again you may not be able to do this with everything some things you might only be able to take to the second dimension sound to the third dimension sum to the Fort Sumter the fifth column is a sixth mention finally we know okay I am but I wanted to pitch this is all recovery here are you limited to Safari okay so I am not see that do one how about Peter walking on water Peter walking on water first dimension and well that happen after we love Jesus what happened to you started to get another word besides assaying or fall so Peter walking on water what message is it showing us we can decide to Jesus he walked on water and which means that Jesus was able to keep him from falling so walking on water means that when you fall into when you fall into sin so walking on water Jesus okay everything is walking on water it is just simply Peter was kept from falling okay second dimension is right there in the same story is what Jesus walking on water my oneness of the media from Jesus walking on water by Jesus walking on water because he's too is God he doesn't think he's perfect okay okay so what okay Jesus walked among his people go ahead okay okay here's what you guys are doing you guys are thinking for yourself I know making applications your thing you just want to Nordstrom 's weekend while I'm not sure what you're coming of your using your mind to think that how is this number they go ahead okay yet I mean you look at these principles you see Jesus was able to enjoy to rise above the wall above all his problems and situations so when Peter was looking at Jesus he was able to be kept from falling so missing the first dimension missing the second dimension Jesus walked on water water cookies gosh he is perfect and by the way that you know I mean God was able to walk on water because he easily won what it because he is what he is gone and he is perfect as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus that perfection of Jesus belong to Peter what about that is okay that's right keeping the high focus on Jesus and Hitler is happening is that he just jumped for whole different story to pull a application that is very applicable to that story cheap Europe I think upon Jesus okay so I that's the third dimension not want to him that is able to want CPU from falling so all cannot help falling cannot help you walk on water right nonanonymous anywhere and we will walk on water but when we take that applications at the mention of the story and myth the principles we did clearly the principal that God desires you to walk above nature your nature my what was Peter Doherty was defining nature Jesus says when you achieve your on me you will get five nature business third dimension okay now okay I think we had a couple hours one okay going a bit aiming I could never happen here okay are you in the picture she was going on versus come into your mind some something in common with those verses with verses that come into your mind I should looking at these applications you going now not only is there one dimension to this first there's a second dimension is not out of the way to see the third dimension of an author for makeup and so forth amazing are you in the future this is what helps it again this is just one principle one long arson where Ari was still a dimension three dimension for is gone going to per se his charts Ephesians five saying without spot or wrinkle or blemish or any such thing God 's charge is going to be all major in the end of time the government sought to do all he can to call the church to fail at the fall but God will have a perfect being church in an way there you go now we have jumped the spirit of prophecy you see one thing you don't deserve policy and what just as Peter would not did not fall into designs on Jesus so the church may appear to fall but she does not fault why because he has kept her eyes on Jesus so Windows four winds of the blue Moose and the wings begin to blow upon the earth and the trees and the fees got the story about it although all this nature is not to be hacking the church they will not want for extra hundred and forty four thousand God lastly people you can do can continue to add to see this later case that I need to preach five different sermons on those five different dimensions dimension five what about losers give your verse where are the people but what does the verse speaking about the sea of glass actually say Revelation fifteen to look at it what does the press actually say I saw okay and then I will then that had gotten the victory those that did not fall those that had gotten the victory she was just done five dimensions yet God 's people will experience victory and that is the victory that enables them to stand just like Peter did on the sea and not think them that had gotten the big driving beside their we have one minute left in the ongoing trade give you one more example okay this is the this real quick okay no as negative as it is the water that came out of the rock member that Moses smites the wrong water comes out of it first dimension second dimension Jesus is the living one is what story looking for Drew 's far iniquities what beginning to come even closer water on the rotten water out of the out of the five will Jesus Pearson a sophomore come thou Long and water second dimension third dimension Gibeon verse eight he believes in me out of his heart will flow rivers of living water are you with me a wellspring that's right that's right that's right all the stars are coming to my dimension number four relates to who it starts through the reverse about the broken systems you know there's a danger on the charts forsaking the while the living waters again God has called us as a church should present the living waters to the world around us amen dimension number five tell me about his watch this and the way but there's another resident Stephen they will walk they will drink of the living water space a hunger and what Doris no more believe his revelations and verse seventeen it's these about those who are redeemed will drink from the rivers of living water so what was once somewhat of a senior is this that make the song but it seemed like it's a law it seems like it's a law you find it over and over again again it's not live in a find and replace some places you might only be able to find two dimensions but in other places your creatinine to be able to find while this verse this story has five dimensions to and I guarantee you as you begin to study the Bible and look for those laws that govern how to study it will enrich your Bible study in Nancy a man okay I'm into this I'm just here's a homework assignment is not encounter these days that the first dimension seasonings there are five dimensions to the seasonings are the memo there are five dimensions to the nano that horrible on the pearl of great price there are five dimensions the parable of the probably practice out when he you know Adam and his wife Eve there are five dimensions that was a second Christ so you already know where to go from some and many and let's see the last one of stuff is a huge stock market are you okay okay I'm stopping run attaché case just as the Exodus from Egypt five dimensions think of it as you access from RIF was unclear these are the revised praise God let's pray heavenly father thank you for what you have spoken to let Yankees is thank you Lord for the multidimensional nature of the loyalty of into the Scriptures maintains that he did not in Jesus Christ name amen they were produced however when ministering our mission is to help people having a price by pointing to the supernatural power of the Lamb of God in the experience of the notorious Christian living for more information on our multimedia resources or inquiries on engagement I want onto our website at www. Howard Lamb www. went on the lam I think you can go


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