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The Five Dimensions of Bible Studies Part 2

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 29, 2010
    9:00 AM
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him down I hope that these year that you understand that the devil is going to double his attack on youth Council and Army training and was a reason you come to an Army training except that you know that you have to be in a fight and when you leave this place I want you to remember all the faces the people that USENET these are your comrades these are your brothers and sisters in you know even though you're on one side of the battlefield and they are on another side and you're not seeing the floor while you've got a site with your brothers and sisters in my event and sold that lets the faith for one another amen is my last message for all Army Army three and just wanted to share you know why your mind probably on overload right now so but it's trying not to really cause a massive crash by wife Sarah Webb and actually cover in this last session reviewer here are five dimensional study yesterday okay so whether do a couple more dimensional studies is not okay on some of the ones I gave yesterday some of you may have attended it I attempted to do some of those assignments I gave yesterday will cover cover those assignments and shares some other you know little big things that will help you as you study about let's pray and I will start writing heavenly father please speak to us today Lord grant us an understanding of your word the principles found in Oregon Jesus precious name we pray amen I think that saw one of the most important things I wanted comes the Bible study is one of things I hear people see in a moment was not as you how to get that you know when I read the Bible I can't seem to grasp what to get that deep in the script should let others read it and you know nothing jumps out at me and I believe that the the answer to that problem office of all the problems that I think it's kindly about the mind is is weak when it comes to spiritual things and I cannot say that in in a mean way I just save in a realistic way we want to strengthen our minds is not right the stronger your mind is the stronger the mind of Christ is in you the more able you you will be through the grace of God to open the word of God and to see things the way that I would have seen and so what we want to do is strengthen the mind and the way I like that is expand the mind United five if yes just fill your cup and you have one of those little you know is not getting along so your copyright yet not have space for a lot of juice but if you come with like a container and you say fill my cup you know to get along and so I learned yesterday how God created the sky and feel the earth and filled it will as your mind is as a sky and uniform reminds might be like visiting and was saying God please I need to have my mind what a sad so that I can grasp the deeper truth of the word of God so the question is how do we expand the mind and Allawi says in our review and Herald of September thirty two ninety years was she right by dwelling upon the revelation he has made himself we may behold something of his greatness and majesty the more we contemplate his character the more will our minds be expanding to take in the grand and solemn plan of redemption stuff I want to expand my mind what do I need to do I need to contemplate contemplate contemplate dynastic question from you here for the blueprint part three message okay how do you think that I was able to put that message together I must have done a lot of what contemplating a lot of contemplating the more you contemplate upon the word of God something happens to your mind space guard against expanding gay on says gospel artist page seventy six the Bible should be diligently study the truth of God like gold is not always line right on the surface it is to be obtained only by Ernest thought and study this study will not only store the mind of valuable knowledge but what strength are the mental powers you want your mental hours expanding the more we contemplate upon these grand themes of the Bible the more our minds will expand Isaiah twenty six three liberals that says that will keep him what in perfect peace whose what mind is what they focus on the word from owning state on the speed on the was any remaining focus fees continual continual you know while I'm you have a set time of my birthday today I set and achieve your Bible study okay that's good and you should have a set Clinton sometimes that I may may you know maybe different one day than it is another day but so is setup on site for many suggestibility that there could be a danger to having a set time of Bible study and explain to you you know what I mean by cooking when I go into the Bible at my set Bible study I go to the Bible in anticipation one oh one because I have already been studying previously I think so any last time I am in college seating twenty four setting achieving what everyone twenty four seven okay what that means achieving twenty four seven it means you are always studying your Bible whether you have in your hand or it at home and your soul pastor how do I continually study the Bible out of getting enough out of that you're always thinking that many things and when I became when I first decided to become a pastor I remember one of the first I was terrified to death because I said wait a minute if I become the pastor that means for the rest of my life every second days I must preach a sermon from the Bible now I guess I wasn't thinking that that is not a big review might have to begin away to me that was a big deal because you don't understand when I first learned about the incident months and months to figure out okay this is how you give a study on the south company located in the monster like figure out how to give a study on the Sabbath how in the world let others know someone is a pastor put together on his week we got a Mac you will okay I think Alanis wanted you to I requiring you to be a pastor can you have no choice you must now get faster you start to think about the rest every second these I must come up with a sermon that is going to move people to make decisions for eternity and in my mind like this is you know I didn't know how I'm going to become a pastor I had no clue all I knew was that guy was learning it faster I was so convicted all I will update it had started you know what I did I bought myself a note that I started thinking okay there is a sermon idea all right here's another sermon idea okay there is another one of three sermon ideas that I'm every eight what began to happen was that it allows enough if I was walking down the street and you know I saw a a you know pebble on the sidewalk how far I get a sermon that have a sidewalk shouting the title master is ready about the Molina title yes at least not as good and so seriously day after day after day anything that I saw I was taking it and making object lesson in going okay there something there something and what I didn't realize I was well while doing always developing my settings but I was like keeping my mind stayed on Jesus now that has become such a happy that like even when I'm minding my own business office oyez citing an example this is weekend I was coming remember it the young man that was lost Jacob sought yellowcake as well as companies like he's crying lifestyle and is a you know what all I wanted and was going on where is the and you know how when I was announced and down and then they find and you know the Joseph giving Jacob right Jacob was missing and when she finally meeting on them he was doing what I knew was he doing he was studying the Bible as soon as she said he was studying the Bible and I didn't think about this the turn this came into my mind he was missing now he was missing in a way and I thought would to God that we would all be missing in action as Joseph is also a regular Bible study is amazing and I said what God that we would all be one I say send out okay there's my sermon this morning I decreased somewhere like how I read I was thinking of any assignment my mind was just as anonymous in Wildwood to God that we would all be missing in action coming on iPhone 4G before he got on again before the iPhone in and I saw that for the iPhone only one person has afford the forty three North forty cents for fourth-generation selling them on amount business and in forty fourth generation set of business you have there is a air sermon coming up about forty six has to promote forty one while on you you know there are forty Adventists okay so did not meet me in a son I think this change five you do you know what I foresee him and what is the twentieth one forty five and we get is that you know me I think I think we have some sixty six he that wasn't just very okay but but but but surely Adventist can only you want to have I was doing so as well ANZ Tennessee you know what bothers our father Abraham and how many mentors you're the cellophane cgi-bin the you must be born again you can depend upon your parents or their heirs or your ladies you must be one she so what happened my everyday surroundings become my son and then when I get the confidant of the bonuses are so mean how can I demonstrate this concept of being a first-generation Adventist only and only on the end of physical army can be spotty nothing wrong with that but in the spiritual you must be one one G many of you wonder about the scar on my head and wondering we moved into a new house some months back four of four four months ago anyway in this house there is these there's an office on the on the second floor in disgust that go up outside the office and there are windows that open up a note that not up-and-down day one medicine Windows and am looking at this window you know and it's open my kids are changing in Genesis they like to play in the office and so while they like to open the windows and you know I am aware Arsenal look at the window like to know what I think is and is disintegrated by kids don't open this window because someone could run also I'm not in the window and has to really doubt that so while Dennis is an okay enough but in the United States and the forget so they can plan genes do not open the window up to okay one day before printing shopping at the prayer meeting and I get something in my office so I take off running and the other running I get to the status and I start jumping note three four steps at a time and I love running and jumping on inmate here and I suddenly see something coming towards me and then the kid of the window the metal tape has the right it misses my centimeters goes on the face my neck myself and blood assists everywhere out wondering about going fine enough I don't know what happened to my face onto slightly so my wife called the ambulance the evidence comes on the way while I am visiting my wife asked me to take on the way to the hospital Jesus warned that Dorothy were Mackenzies Re: Re: Re: we sing and he gave them a scar on I will use this in mind and who is the series my cases it is a never open that window again when they see when they saw what they have not has the window 's economy below the window because they were there when and how I might I was running up and they were climbing and it never occurred but these were now I'm not a native they describe a very bad for him and when we look at the cross we need to see what our sin to Jesus and we see what arson did Jesus not banking same I want anything to do with things that so what I'm try to share with you is in every experience of your life you are studying the Bible in this way you beat you learn what cheap your minds stayed on so now when you go to the Bible your you're not going to the public what should I study now you're going to the Bible and your life experiences alternating you going on that I can wait the kind of deal I have been thinking all the flesh so what I have been thinking about all cheap your mind stays on Jesus if your answer you're looking out onto crisis from nature if you were getting in my consequences at work wherever you're if you're washing the dishes you think and obsolescence as you wash the dishes what ever you are doing your your training your mind to the stage upon the word of God amen amen okay let's see here how much time do we have that twenty minutes okay two hours or less let's go ahead and on the validity more of the exercises we were doing yesterday on the five dimensional exercises will discover which is visible over a few more examples and you'll remember a part of expanding the mind this is a good concept is a good example of learning to expand the mind we talked about looking at the Scriptures five dimension of Australia there is no similar documents and then said no but as you as you look at the Scripture not a one-dimensional book quote but at the book that opens up into dimensions your study of the word of God will go deeper and your mind will one expand how do you feel like your minds haptics and it over the last few days right because you have begun using you seen the Scripture you seen maybe the account of Genesis was working out Gregory shared what I shared with my testimony going through the book of Genesis by the way do you know that you can share your own testimony through the book of Genesis you know you can share your testimony to the sanctuary just like recent each one of you can share your testimony that that is like a young attempt link and you can just fill in your testimony not what your testimonies okay so I was franchising expand our minds to grasp the beaten ever expanding truths of the Word of God amen I thought were going to look at finances and that let's do this again just for those who are not here maintenance is the recovery yesterday there are five dimensions and one of those five dimensional one is not a dimension that is what is on the surface right that is all the details you know the things that are plainly rewritten on who is talking about where is it the context and I suggest what's on the surface and you don't need to be spiritual to see what's on the cock with on the surface anybody can take in all our reading and go okay this is talking about Paul is talking about in our computer this is talking about Nehemiah he is currently in Israel although details are important if not to mention the first dimension must be correct in order to build all the other dimensions amen so it is important to understand the first dimension but it doesn't change spiritual and doesn't take a spiritual life to see that the context is speaking about Israel or Babylon or etc. it's the first dimension is what's on the surface the second dimension the Christ dimension that means how does this verse or story really to Jesus Christ the third dimension the main dimension how does this story remains in me and by the way the only way the story relates to you is through Christ that makes sense in Christ these stories relate to you so the third dimension is how Muslims in the fourth dimension how to relate to the charts fifth dimension I really have okay so long that talk about I have mentioned the Exodus the exodus yesterday so that's that's layout DVR the first diamond send an argument of the domination and then you help me build the other dimensions within the guy look at the Exodus the children of Israel the evening e.g. coming out all captivity okay that's it that's the part of the first dimension that we're going to focus on them many dimensions of me there many parts of the first dimension we can focus on but for this particular example was simply focusing on the action of Israel coming out of captivity coming out of easy access first dimension second dimension what dimensions that price financing what consumer resurrection Christ accidents or Christ leaving or if taking captivity what do what you want to hold him captive that you got that third dimension the need to mention how does this relate to me in a personal way right now salvation being born again God wants to leave me out a lot I will captivity out a faint but veganism versus you seldom thrown out like that and the truth shall set you free and any other persons confess your sins are highlighting that there is free from sin you no longer that's right no longer in bondage so these mercies outward looking at agent coming out of Exodus we can make a secondary application on sorry Israel coming out of Egypt we can make a secondary application of Jesus coming out of the grave but was awake is there another application I just thought attending the enough second dimension is the truth the way and the light out of Egypt have I called my son out of Egypt have I called my son come out of her my people what application is going to the church okay fourth dimension Schartz is to call his people out on what out on Babylon Babylonian captivity what about the fifth dimension a fifth dimension gone with what OKC heavenly help people what is that what what is the application promised land where the promised land had been so we're going to happen really anywhere where leaving the earth we are the final access will be from this are to so are the children of Israel crossed over a party Red Sea so we won't cross over a party sky Katy Siegel 's finances we we take and take just one particular part of the story of the Exodus when applied to Jesus escaping from the great Jessica Israel escape from Egypt we've apply and start dimensions are escaping from what from thing in the fourth dimension and have a prophetic significance God is calling his people out of captivity out of Babylon and in the fifth dimension all gods redeem will be married by the second Moses these two apartments are no viruses the sky will undoubtedly look on sky will will you not be part of the scroll pacer just estimates he so you see the application there when you look at the Scriptures and once again I'm saying that you may not be able to find this an All-Star result stories you might only be able to take the second dimension on the third dimension but always looked for that you know find the flat application and then say no more how does this relate to Jesus okay how do they relate to me okay not housing management search and how this relates to the future ten I miss you another one how about how about the men this you really okay so God reigns now manna from heaven as first application God is rating downgrade that's the letter of application secondary application second application what is the crime says I am one and read it okay sorry application Nassau lay by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God the fourth application see my seat that's a good one feed my sheep can anyone think of anything else okay that's a good one is that the lifeless engine model and that also applies to the church as a whole than asking is how deliberate okay what God do rain rain right the bread was arraigned down I want to go with me very quickly to the book of Deuteronomy chapter thirty two in fact the Exodus sixteen first Exodus chapter sixteen verse thirteen and fourteen at the sixteen verse thirteen and fourteen are right and doubtlessly there sixteen verse fourteen bio says here came to pass that even though quails came out and cover the cabin in the morning Nahuatl Jammu is a roundabout when Don do that was made was gone up behold upon the face of the wilderness there is a small round being small is a hoarfrost on the sunlight is how the Bible you know connected concept of the now forming with the Duke connecting them with rain I want you now noticed Deuteronomy chapter thirty two Deuteronomy thirty two Deuteronomy thirty two and verse two whatsoever swan Jane Eyre all ye heavens and I will speak and hear all the words of my mouth my dogs trained it sounds wrong asked why the rain my speech shall distill into the small rain upon the tender as the showers upon the grass is there coming a time when God will again rain manna upon his church what is that it is the matter rain now I hear you and I go okay that sounds good I think it's the look-alike on the versus I wonder if Ellen White has anything to say on that connection and so I will I search I want to listen unlike those interested in Crystal Springs and tedious page to await the church is to be fed with manna from heaven and to be kept under the sole a set of his greatest class in armor of light and righteousness she enters upon her final conflict PC hostage and that's the final conflict with manna Christmas presentations page two oh eight the trial the worthless material will be consumed and influence of truth testifies to the world and the sanctifying ennobling character so God is going to rain mounted down on his church just like he did not dare at Pentecost he will do it again in the last days and it will be a raining down on the word of God because what are we going to go and preach the word of God is not right the latter rain is not loud cry of the three Angels messages so God is going to rain that breakdown one more time for his church the fourth application fit application fifty dimension then again hidden manna when do we get that Humana when we enter heaven are you with me are you following the banquet you know let us sit up the welcome table one of these days right after the century real quick and we got house on ten minutes six minutes of boy okay these days or sanctuary is him for I in the Napolitano back and so sanctuary first dimension you have all your articles of furniture this is the flat dimension all right second dimension is what dimension priced to mention your member we said Price was born ready to die he was baptized at thirty eight via in the Jordan he went into the wilderness where he was tempted to turn stoning the bread to throw himself down and offer a prayer to God and to despise not the gods about the things you have is what seven branched candlestick then he goes on to preheat or become them goes on to preach what the kingdom of God but as an application here because we know that in Revelation chapter one John sees Jesus where in the midst of the seven candlesticks want to spend this altar sacrifice represents the lacrosse is that correct where Jesus God Jesus the cost would be armed I even began to hear of any where is this located not having so where would this be good so the cross represents what is our kids are the represents one purification purifier being watched being cleansed the priest have to be cleansed before he entered into presence of God saw the altar of sacrifice Jesus death burial resurrection and ascension are all right here Jesus is resurrecting the purified body glorified by the answers into where the holy place where he is ministering up until eighteen forty four were you not go into the most holy voice you now okay mom the service the third dimension okay the third dimension is while us we only went through it we've got to go through the whole process because not all three wants to get us back where to the most holy place fourth dimension the service where the church is beginning at the cross fifty days later the church experiences Pentecost a baptism we know from the time of the church up until eighteen forty four the church was living where in the holy place and since eighteen forty four they've been in the most holy place so that our one dimension our fourth dimension okay and what when our okay I begin Foreign Minister like the fast last three minutes OSU five minutes of changes but that's okay so while fifth dimension has been it will almost follow the same pattern of Christ's we need this are purified by the way we entered the city of God consider the welcome table yet again stopping over the span what a thousand years doing the work of kings and what priests and then at the end of the one thousand years the Bible says and then the tabernacle of God God will be one with men that's the presence of God in other words Nazism and when in excess semifinals in the coming ascension I think the one not among them and the millennium when there is no more said no more judgment we will forever be in the presence of God without the need of that same totally finished and gone okay these days is that we can and we can wrap it up in five minutes okay so you can tell me the skinny real quickly here what were those species okay I'm just in a initial here we have Bob Passover unleavened bread the feast of what's the next one fresh fruits and then while Pentecost and then shrunk this which was announcement on the day of atonement or judgments and then Tabernacles okay so first dimension was the second dimension Christ okay so help me out here Christ what is that a spouse over is what his burial firstfruits of his resurrection fifty days later what happens then again okay I praise I think most of you are saying the NRA on an hourly rate was what I will remember that would be for one dimension it starts okay what happened in hand and I corresponded with the charge being intolerant Christ was inaugurated as one as high priest so that you were looking for Pentecost Christ inaugurated as ivories okay and then on he begins his work on intercession we get down to the feast of trumpets comes home it was basically go together because it is announcing the judgment and we have one year eighteen forty four Jesus moving from a holy place to want most holy place and then we close with one Tabernacles meaning one Jesus finally what being with us right okay so that's the one dimension that's the second dimension how about the third dimension how does this relate to me on a personal level now we must while dying bayberry and what resurrected we too must have a one experience at an early rain experience we now must be living as though not as though living because I we must be living according to what the judgments because we're not living in the time of the judgment Tabernacles while we want Jesus while dwelling in us that's right on the Temple of the Holy Ghost that the one-dimensional sentiment about the fourth dimension by Matthew what happened to the church when Jesus God went to the disciples when he died finishing like the church went through that and burial but when Jesus resurrected are you with me it's like the church was born again it was like they think they went through with the experience with Jesus when he died there holds thy right so that short experiences of death burial resurrection fifty days later I is right Pentecost the church is and how with the early rain eighteen eighteen forty four and then finally again Tabernacles is what Christ coming to regain his people Christ coming to redeem his people so that the as the fourth dimension how about the fifth dimension one minute will fifth dimension those who have died in Christ and been buried in him will be what will be resurrected to ascend to heaven Pentecost Pentecost and I felt again surmise that it what happened to Jesus on the day of Pentecost he was inaugurated as free as what will happen to the people of God are you with me was going to happen with the people of God when they anticipate will be inaugurated as praise to do a work and at the end of the judgments once again the Bible says behold the tabernacle of God the tabernacle of God is with me the EC this is a long moment I encourage you as you begin to open the file opening don't read one dimension again you may be able to you may not be able to find five dimensions in every store but the Bible is not a one dimensional all right I decide to go home and study and I pray that you have been blessed we still have two more meetings I pray that you have been blessed freely viewable only to study lightning never be the same and that revival with her in your heart family and in your church amen let's pray heavenly father thank you once again for us Lord we pray that you would expand online help us to see things we never seen before going to make us firm established in the truth will bring us revival bring us Reformation in Jesus precious name is an interesting and produced by power ministry mission is to help you coming of Jesus Christ by pointing to the financial power of the Lamb of God thank you the experience of victorious Christian living for more information on our multimedia resources or contrary beginning to please log onto our website at www. power lamb that www. power of the land .com thank you Nevada


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