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A Muslim Hears Christ's Voice

Golden Lapani


Golden Lapani was born in a Muslim home. As Golden was battling with a serious illness, he heard a voice that called him to become a Christian. Listen to Golden's story as he shares the precarious decisions he had to make in spite of the consequences that could arise.




  • October 16, 2010
    9:30 AM
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ha ha some of Buffalo monitor bottom of the life out of Lebanon who my dear friends this morning this summer is a special one of this solvent unregistered investigate whether will you like on sport book on the item uncheck your lives completely believing one of the Minnesota because it made me the memo this am that exists church in nineteen eighty two if it's a manual glycerin for each one of us let us pray whatever the father thank you for this morning on this topic some of the dream of giving us for free would like to do something for your nonlife was this a clinician would have given us to blogs and principles now and my friends and relatives bought under somebody for your kingdom was accompanied as soon forgive us Lord in Jesus name I pray amen it was in nineteen eighty two when I began the Christian what other areas of the long run on Windows portal place a Muslim on the nineteen eighty two one eight four six and imaginative tool and overregulated to do tonight it was the hospitals in my life told me that they can I come a video was this was so severe that they do not recognize what I was suffering from him and him and find out anything in the human body metal spinning but all was Amico a missing law fungi so I listen my designated for eight months one night I had a dream three times that night somebody coming in everyone's able industry become a Christian your video three times but not as I woke up unfoldment by my daughter but that that that that that dream and being Muslims they protested the Radisson he died and was in that same meet a lot of interesting but I told them about it I thought it might become a custodial so I'm making my decision William Inge in in my country begin Jones sent by Louis on getting by whatsoever with humans according to students I had invented I need some will buy with it that you did my soap gets out of my dog hoping that Bible for me that I don't don't don't don't deposit a sixteen enough so that they may have wanted an embodiment of the disease went off on L0 but my gut and my mom taught me to vacate Millville Bob we don't wonder you and I live with my wife that I most wanted of the vehicle with a news within an advantage I known on about a new place where some of it it will remain on the list sorted therefore one of years but often cost of my hailing and all one everyone in my view my on my mind as I leave them there on out for Jesus Christ with excessive time I just hung that but there will buy suitable alternate Sheppard was built on the vested gentleman was a beautiful need to talk to was my inability weakness his name was witnessed upon a liberal blogger through images associate meet a good visit with you my brother and I develop a small Bible about going to New Testament on my brother said well I hope I'm thing that you are doing the truth when I'm joining in Solano really joined me and went to bed is now during this injection is my father said no to me and my mom signal to me during this field of redemption I tried myself to just chill out my father because I love you very much and my mom I will I was visited them that often I'm sure the bluster within them either because they wouldn't even listen to me by then called something a wonderful thing on stuff I canceled my clinician my father became a member of the seventh day Adventist on and on and ignore why not let it become another just it was my area there was no any other member of this event registration nor another Kissinger what I think is one that winter not interested in miles away for my own then right there I meant to this other gentlemen when the book sold and in the Bible as a liaison than asking why the audit is babbled and seventy million adult meal is a positive of the Seventh-day Adventist undivided republic these church leaders seventy miles away from my home sites will be vulnerable that they available of the foregoing week on week I rode my bicycle to that church and I discovered that since of the Adventists has the same we went the flag shortage of fun and relevant this is not to blame that have been a health little about foods that most of this is just like another Muslim inmate in a pleased and fun slinky cards we become a Christian a on a minute not religious I miss mostly college of music modern Bernays Bonanza Jesus is coming again in New York in in in in in in your image it's the judge it was canceled estimated with it certain that the group of people out there so this time my brother and myself on them and undone and my sisters joined the judge underwent a cam member of the Sunday advances on and on and my my mother rejected on said no adventurism for all until nineteen ninety eight when she went on decision for Jesus Christ and I saw lobbying book times that some of the things that blood is donning in in Malawi through our ministry ministering to the Muslims in Malawi a few of the things that I've done by the Lotus done through our many of my ministry is bringing many many souls to Christ and on the hitting himself meant to be glorified for what has been done in Malawi that they I visited people in their homes and going to Bible studies with them ideas of friends you have on your resume having the sink bread for them the influence of items the coatings medication on the unbidden after Bible study limited local embedded with God 's churches are like you'll see some of the things that are happening in Malawi right now I am a member of the they are allowing one man went to the Hamas chief his name is Jennifer going to mines it I went to him but without avail and before I went to his house at four ago I've done all what you told me to doing this village region everybody except McDonald's chief may want about me do it now measured genetic origins understrength so I gotten I can talk to him then I went down to his house with their customers being a major form James Manuel communities allows many local physician intelligently budget a little golden helping to seamlessly integrated in Zimbabwe undiagnosed and the Adventists but I cannot become a priest and I said my company is not for you to become interested my coming Daniel is getting that Jesus is coming again on Monday cheers was very much interested I guess in Bible study is from this bad was a prophecy which he started studying with me day after they were enough they even his decision for Jesus Christ on the event 's decision form of autism and he was booked as himself on his life that you can owe him a lot after some time my one another we rejected this in the Adventist church I'm signaled to the church say I cannot wait it was during my amendment limiting windows Bridgman one one one one plays I so love my mother in the cloud and I thought since I stopped reading this I was made a decision for Jesus Christ and all my fun remembers our sympathy on Adventist members the music that I made when I became a Christian was to his iPhone my job I am a science to support future I'm the better they said that I may also resign from adult I definitely knew who resigned that I went full-time on my life and is a loving to everyone wanted to get into finally managed to resign from his job while alarming language is relevant powerful so it shows segments will bring up being eleven unknown places sorry is not busy augmenting and never forgot Malawi is not easy being the only working on a new family and resigning this time was uneasy but it's about I want to I wonder before time wiggle for Jesus Christ and that is safe to fight in this by limited trouble my friends sometimes we develop forward on anyone would come up unsupported this is what I say where without food than this is what I said wasn't anyone I should only added the possibility to reach somebody is a disease that that's why we went out for forty dollars and that means everyone the story one time we had a geology now country nineteen eighty five thousand father now Clinton already debuted on their bills on the underwear suffering on one morning I say God prevented by three white people in it they also stop the now house I know asking for boredom upon want to want to want to what is about home and I think I have voted upon an visit we are Roman Catholics we'll comes far away from God at five fifty miles a week we thought we aware that somebody's dying from hunger under the about so we welcome you give you some food as an idle mind you will solve everything they say we promise to give you toolbox to stick AG to stick KG over Mays toolbox at the hundred kilograms of maize and on their way to five pounds of beans that can proposal sought every months from the salt will be bringing them every months for you we recovered out as a southerly approvable LB out of what saw the upbringing me fortunately his and that on the hospital is their window I've never met with them up to about build on that's unavailable that I sold seven loads list I don't envy you see what is providing some floss this is wonderful we are sending them you awaken in blood with providing us with the unimaginative things I made a process of the Adventist bus that missionary goal is admission take away the church 's levels but that mailman educators in California Portland OR Oregon and when Amy had about me give you a good friend of the others and want to know regularly got my plan so you become friends so every chance that was established through our ministering to the Muslims here were to bring islands she is for the judge so what we were doing is with other people in Romans Greeks and random unfussy IQ brings in idleness is unwilling for judges said of the wonderful vision that comes anything without them just by bringing the most note that mean that the people themselves bringing their bricks and commitment that the laws under judges established under know that Aldus is provided for the six judges among the Muslim community understood the two thousand souls but dies destined for that unsalted to let you know that Boston and at odds games possibilities some five usable in in Washington state civil gaming by Museum heroes that instrumental to our ministry the nonstate is this six judges Bob Miller who up to now when it moves for people who'd wheeled under him and I miss that one window just made come to America in failure to solve and then I printed from there if you got an available slot very different if you and I had to follow an attempt to America under that time I went to the General conference in Canada Toronto on magnetic flux Judge Wells at the damage that juicy this is what is unjust I don't somewhat positive and impromptu automatic unseat they had photos of your church was a momentous judge is where most than before so I said well back and what with you I can thought medical with boundless church announced a visiting the demo conference was really busy I went on up to what Spokane a washable instead visit my friend and I don't give than some other people out there then after that I can lock the Washington DC air friend was on the nonreligious in them was George on on this phase of my seat said well what if we want to drive you to New York from Washington DC so basically David told me out there but on our way I can forget if you are certain that the subject of a car on take another one decide what to do during an episode of Baines I want all my butt was in his pod from the General conference my possible and my driving license my money my donated monies everything was in the Internet don't intend to talk unbelievable it read with article eighty three decades of ministry may be greatly beaten is called on many bringing it makes it is based were sent over auditing things I discovered that my blog was music under remember is my first attempt to visit America and remember I'm uniform I remember a little bit vulnerable before under them out in order to blogging that will be on those all the limits of government this family is people say and what enlightened you didn't you know to join America went into one additional point and I'm not an unforgiving ethnobotany always present again about the single your mother knew about both human and that season is that you see as your sordid misadventures this is amended with you going to present well so it kind of gave me a room where please sign in the aroma that I say that I I I noted bedroom for thirty minutes as I wrote what he or their women but was missing bring it back to me I need by Bob Bennett out of the way the Sunday administration is that we don't know where this amendment is sorry it hasn't anybody with an eye because web makes a visit nobody is another okay on when when when a lawyer who has worked on some of these as an old lady was walking by the signal is simply augment this is fine for me it kind you more than a new meet the so I joined employee seeks set it off to the greatest introduction by fund adequate outside his levels low to moderate sitting sunning outside this when I taught them about my story my body is missing out another biographies and threatening one Boston disclosing to the judge to a maintenance as a young public on the Internet was I not had I enjoy award income without and when he sees me I tell you mom from Oswego by the essays you know you about Islam the resident wetware is about is Andrew at the details that what the money presented to contact you to admire the level needed his bug is an important decision so they drove me to precision I've wanted down at the result is a very young on it was resisted up she says is wonderful what eyes on the Lord as you were driving outlet for his fellows behind your car then we sold you want to open myself on something like event was not a frying from the drop in each cylinder brought in which to develop cognitive big videos about the coordinator called and we rushed to get you what important finding that went to all those that were augmented in trouble they plausibly be greatly written vividly affordable then we got his covenant people in the fall and more equitable was too busy month service date on which is every day saw with Mister Cypress found that bug I say that I think this is what I've would accommodate about mobility and I did not open the bug was those very much very much amazement what happened when the door or the one that the role of are both open myself such a wonderful pal Jimmy Charles Way for more for a police officer as being accurate if you for my first time and I said that the way I printed the results of the unplugged and the stories about me then I left and hesitantly will deposit the function I want to bus Iowans and find you unpleasant as it was to meet that would present one for you we all read about his store the do it wasn't before and when they bring it within his fussing and playing for somebody will knows how to reach them was on the board has given us you so you're not going web and extend your stay cycles the first time that I've read I preached in America entered as young as much as and we saw sixty five souls baptized in America doesn't another miracle might happen but me show you one of the things looked up and also in a knot in a melamine history every day as we goal as I talked about my mom as I talked about the judgment that changes led to establish on interstate great big big big it isn't myself when they think they lean over most given obligee in my wallet she blessed me out I went down there before I come here to preach on that that this thought also to for you to do for you can all their Muslim and Muslim media 's name is taught John R meetings out there in Malawi they seek not one jazz but on the dust on the soil went on him chose to sit with people I don't know if you can sit down on the wonderful for six hours that is what people dogs out there on this automotive chip for amendment on this video cam to that meeting an analysis preaching wetting my wardrobe in fact which are not enough we can list on a unsafe blood and economic weight I wondered Jesus let you know when he gave his life to Jesus Christ is it when visiting the hot bidding in my life I signaled who am I that the removal of these things to me it was sitting on the floor they will not get times six dollars as I preach my new David Jesus the news anybody they can also use you that men out of the body only subdivision through us when it has the sudden everything to him but Jesus Christ then if any was there were not made all it will not meet our education what a lady is our passion for his work the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't need anything else eliminate all money is twenty nine is our legal targets that we have vision was that when I'm speaking to his Muslims when they come to Christ visible is it wise New York the four digit aware I presume for what he is doing friendship evangelism is an is essential to the mediating about you why not visit independent visiting people went to reach people by their needs and other help them with their mates but let's think we need to performance women who have it the native people willing to do whatever we can wait to have each other in reaching somebody in our participation in what you send his son Jesus Christ of loss of Jesus Christ the only eighth of the sun is a sensible default on somebody and then I wonder somebody kind where you originated laundry somebody isn't something like we needed to go on on his insightful reminder Waldman on some other for Jesus Christ before you comes we don't preach while I judge with a degree for Jesus Christ but all of these who you met me not be discernible happy I want to assure you Raven when I people single study that one denominational dogma I thought this was that the district on the they call themselves whatever they call them I asked questions why I start asking questions why what is wrong we should each room nevertheless on the Adventists undertreated the three Angels messages which are not good what about people under the thinking we should realize that our Bibles and see what board wants us to do let me on his only hope in the wild not what else without the SQL alone subdivision and even if we and we had troubled by any other things you know how to say no minds were visible but because this is a rolled up mediated I may also numb your daughter is away on not being troubled by what the world is doing by asking many questions about Jesus Christ credited his coming again my question is one of you done for you in your life what you're going for Jesus Christ in the life is coming again on this timeline is gone he will not take as long one we without a resume of his well remembered and wanted about no education on whatever public money and I think it will give us your worldwide everything was I did use a coming again so we need to be ready let me share with this story about the big day that thou shall die but something about it update the money is making about about God that I was here I said that it was thing about x-rays those people were leaving x-rays in life are the ones that will be with Jesus when he comes silent electro to tell you when I die because I met that you might never die don't know but when I die I mean when I die I don't know about talking about it will they be written on the butt I mean when I die but shall have any is that before or not when I die if any cyclists argued on right your new wrapping arena and a white I knew decided with my body it didn't even give him a deep freezer under the medical personnel close it at the mortuary awkwardly there is a certain all week about getting out what I was going for him then I shall be in the mortuary flag of know-how many eight days enough that you decided to send me Bible under my will under the one thing about my coughing my bucks to build my body in the fund are not and there's all relevant books I dig it deeper hole and put me down in the soil on on on on them finished when I die when you die you take nothing from this elf something that we do we are here for you his aunt what oh what hello folks that's why they raise our to become a doctor to become a professor but that is what we review below are just a few which cause and you and you will remain but both things wherein God when we die when you shot at least they can launch everything will expose influenced wetland but those we leave behind the coffee is also more unusual mean that alternate it with all of the money is in your bunk yup yup yup been that troubled was a duplicate them I been struggling to find them I figuratively bond unit of everything but we take on little things we have done for Jesus Christ so what have you done for you what are you doing for Jesus Christ but are doing for your money what are you doing for the life of Jesus is coming again Venice one to take us all month where we show me for ever is my humble prayer this morning that page one oh months this summer will be a turning point think about Jesus Christ and think about the day you die we have to investigate when called to heaven only ones out biology making Illinois alleges to be under no way to avoid idle landline and other motto layout I got begun with the ever-present education the professor schedule type have to age one oh was not his destiny my question is where a zero days the way why was undercutting your money to your life to you about what to buy then he doing for Jesus Christ but it doing for life him and him and smiled adventurism that makes you to this nonsense about that thank you this is how you are weekly ampulla that doesn't give those boys is always awake for him every day my point is not that I don't want to wear cotton and everything that can go out and I went for Jesus Christ I don't recommend that you nowhere becomes as liable where my friend felt like to take everything that out for Jesus Christ my time my money might thought and make a great thing for Jesus Christ to be boy comes out by Jesus Christ to have me read it back at it and would like no one knew where he might never be a Christian but Augustinian is a hell hole had been Hamilton Bedard yesterday 's a hell or heaven if we don't know that Wendell God the way to hell if we do that well but then we had to heaven on a primitive does the word receives but on when you read the Bible he instructs you wearable on what to do another one time everything is in the Bible is not hopeful our lives we half to accept him as our principal Cynthia unedited he's coming again very soon not forget about us but for me and for you not much what about us but forgot to vote for your mom is coming on before you understand a lot of what the case is wanted I love you augmented that you own of Nike you are wrong Gordon have to be weekly where I shall never even remember all of his sufferings are the ones who going on reaching for the seven miles by four guiding envelope moves to share the most I should have a number of Jeanette never remember that I am undecided on my phone my preaching on Jesus you shall be made is already in heaven this is an open of your digital life so we are sending them on course shout bringing everyone also we send them site is coming medicine for you realize I debate is coming again the devil knows exactly what this city on these days oh well this boy this guy out this monde this woman is one to haven't let me know something that the dystopian form appointment but they just chatting human say I have Jesus on my side I went to heaven I want to be Jesus Christ and himself crucified in my life may our lives change may we give him our lives that we just read a portion of Scripture from the Bible joint of the six John chapter seeks this live in the five to nine when Jesus don't does exist five to nine when Jesus looked up on the soul a great crowd coming toward him he said to Philip where shall we buy bread for these people to eat he asked these wanted to look testing for he ordered it hard to even find what he was when the new fairly positive eight months wages would not buy enough bread for each one of advised another of his disciple and Bruce Simone Peter 's brother spoke up he is apply with the five notes two small fish but how far will they go among so many he is the legal boy with the legal fish with the legal red how far can this goal you might always mortality to new you might have a small is small money to a pocket for Jesus to write a personal prayer that maybe sometimes it doesn't call me it is six this is not enough but Jesus saves brings out small those more things to me I want to provide the small things in my ons the continuity of the written that want to tell you it to admit as much riding tastes on thousands defendant that will examine motto what type of education job in an amount out much of the Bible than me to let you know we'll all done on the reach somebody blogged and me somewhat unsafe this is what I wanted all about Jesus Christ understood Jesus Cindy now through me with the Holy Spirit then I can blog and meet somebody you love Jesus and me Rich somebody was there ultimately don't think that I know people things like that you know about you and me we Jesus is he a mouthful you on for me give me your life deal with lethal challenge and you know some legal things anew that you want to share with with other people than you can bring many to support at least single men and to sixty on the chorus your man all we do I haul out and this is all on two me as someone who says Lord to me now I would pray with you my friends this morning it is your desire to blog his admission Roy B Jesus Christ reach somebody this morning on this if you mean all of Jesus help me humbled me on I want to be like you found to be a nation right through the honest people of Jesus forgave all nice but my scenes cleans my leaves please my lot in my mind will want help me now on to pray for you this summer on the street is that it's a desire that the most recently it will now be just right John is a portfolio of heavenly father the computer this morning as we are both ones you accuse us as you wish with the less mortalities might not speak well to other people who might have a really awesome well but Rodale of like you access for Malone allowed a one language to the people but they can be a bit clueless lordly leaving dangerous communities like a Muslim these but Antonio Jesus Christ if you can release us we can be put in any protected ponds have been supported to smile when we give our hearts to sign-up or to just choosing Jesus Christ Bruno side forgive us Lord one I four mix of legacy you want to leave the humble life one dreamlike want to show that was loyal to have us to find all means of fighting much as assistance finding all of the things that we need for the reason so we can blog to bring somebody may overload because of that one the spirit may have gave us everything that we need in a time they had such a hotspot may you send us to want to be somebody thank you Lord Jesus cry for him up with on four Christmases mortgages and this media was brought audio website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. .com universe .org


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