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The Great Controversy Part 1: The Biblical Overview

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator




  • October 16, 2010
    2:00 PM
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okay we have represent very limited amount of time is given a general introduction to know what to expect this is not recounting of the entire great controversy this is not this is a promotion of the book a controversy although I really love the book the the goal here is to show at least one approach how the great controversies seem can be used to simplify the presentation distinctive Adventist doctrines specifically the judgment stated that the second coming and millennium things I got an counter some of the prevailing erroneous doctrines specifically the rapture once saved always saved spiritualism and and things like that the goal is to do this from a biblical perspective so something is shared anyone who excepts Scripture whether or not they have a appreciation brown white and the format is going to be like visiting a sandwich today this is really drawn from a ten ten sermon presentation first presentation here with my training what would be the first presentation to the public and second presentation we discussed how to cover the distinctive doctrines that take up less Arial sermon two through nine in a normal series and in the third session will be number ten from the normal series so first session answer session are going to be presented more or less as they would be presented to anonymous audience makes sense that you can ask questions and things are going to be a few exceptions long live up processing comments by what you see how can we put together in a way that's acceptable anonymous the second session will be quite quite a different decided skin through a bunch of material and show on how to Titus Doctor -itis learned how to type them except to want to get the package together in the context of the I received benefits for everything okay that's that's Leah the approaching with the Flyers forward father we thank you for every piece of inspired truth that has been preserved for us the cost of many lives we thank you especially for the great controversy and its themes and concepts that have been dear to the hearts of many Adventists for many years we pray that today you would help us define efficiency and proficiency in presenting those themes to anonymous audiences masking is I would also say this when I go the third session ties together many things to my mind in a better way than any other know all these distinctive and rest off as we look at and say I love the weird people might not like that by trying to get all the pieces together it's like putting a puzzle together you've got to have that piece as a whole are just waiting for it and if you didn't have the judgment if you didn't have the same coming as its mail biblically presented with a dentist that you keep in having complete picture of some together clear shot you may want to help migrate to the east of their something has been see the screen over there okay understanding the battle to the overview of the big picture can only jump right in set with this verse from the beginning you are of your father the devil is Jesus speaking and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him Wednesday he speaks from his own resources for he has no liar and the father on the me are in a battle this new battle situation will be classes military intelligence it explains to us what the opposite side with the opposing side is trying to do we have a simple idea nothing too complicated the devil was a murder from the beginning and he was a liar and the father of it when is the beginning this actually worked this is it an aside here for the other side incident establishing the beginning helps you out later on your dealing with forever never okay I think people burning forever and ever establishing a concept of the Hebrew concept of time and dating terminology stat helps you put on deficits when we do this and when is the beginning was looking at similar verse zero he who sins of the devil for the devil has sanded from the beginning the beginning what does the Bible means what it says beginning and well they used the Bible writers use their time statement alone is a difficult expressing over the park when they say from the beginning it's always tied to what you're talking about so this is not the beginning of February but in the beginning of creation it's the beginning not even of Satan 's existence at the beginning of sin is talking about said he was a sinner he was a murderer he was a liar from the beginning to see how that will help you when he found it in the forever and ever exploded it that's the point of the full things all the way through you you're laying down things that will be useful to you later on to find out some more about the bill the reason we're doing this is because worry about if you woke up one morning and you heard the mortars going off and machine guns you need to find out what was going in a fine evolutionary any find out where they're shooting at you from your mathematics are maybe admitted wrongdoing committed by the front door have you got to find out stuff this is the system is worried about God here is telling us things about her and we need to do why some of them in the back probably the most complete description of our enemy is found in each so we will jump they are easy to twenty eight moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man take up a lamentation for the king of time and say to him thus says the Lord God you were the seal of perfection full of wisdom and perfect in beauty music of twenty notice in this verse is addressed to the king of higher title supports information of the Northwest from Israel is known for its wickedness but in these verses the King of its higher is used to assemble as someone bigger than a regular minutes of our already the rendering is a bit much but I was it was an important city but by our standards this team tired being on the mayor and things like that another big thing that roughly five thousand people was okay so he can see the sorry the seal of perfection that's quite a thing to say about the local mayor quick breads medical what am I doing that in setting up that's the bad prophecy often use these symbols and will have a servant we want him to tabletop a letter how minimal standard move up with a little more okay and you are establishing the fact that the Bible often uses a a real entity of some thirty other as a symbol for another one so that the entire hair is not really talking about the next verse you were in even the garden of God every precious stone was recovering the sardius topaz and diamond beryl onyx Jasper Sapphire turquoise analytical the workmanship of your channels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created created notice that last word is the same as during the king of Tyre in obviously the king of Tyre here is a simple okay so I keep waiting you were the anointed cherub who covers I established you view on the holy mountain of God you walk back and forth in the midst of fiery stones who are we talking about is not in fact that the anointed cherub who covers ninetieth year amnesty program for grandma this is the anonymous artist that visits can be some stuff that is novelty of overwatering four is the presentation rather than the content and this is new content market investors looking the care of wrenches missing children in the night insurance recovers okay him and where do we see that we see that on the Ark of the covenant schedule large solid gold angels one on either end who covered the mercy seat the resting places of high visible glory of God can recover it with their wings when a thing is that Saddam Hussein surely will come on back till that moment right now many read one more verse you are perfect in your ways and the day you were created till in the critique was pounding only had here is sure of Satan before he was a thing was a liar from the beginning here's the beginning when iniquity was the only thing so what we have here is that one of the two angels closest to the throne of God the most highly are the created beings is now a weakness or not fighting amateurs this is a this is a little late this is the heavyweight championship of the universe everything okay assist in the box as I knew that he doesn't unite and get full of wisdom and perfect in beauty the most highly honored while grieving is now the shooting at you okay as I mentioned before the idea of the covering cherubs is most clearly seen in God 's rest for the construction are the covenant camp this was just at the site Egypt in the wilderness and God gave the directions one look at that quickly here is coming from Exodus and usually make two cherubim of gold of hammered work is to make them and going actually skip over this because hopefully you know all this in one or metered all right okay this is talking about the instructions to create the p.m. chairman of the art event go on a ship at the mercy seat on top of the art and in yardage but the testimony that will give you there I will meet with you and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the testimony came water sermons in those verses but will not cover them all aside from those of doing this since the introduction this is a demonstration of how to approach anonymous audience with the great controversy from the biblical only setting along with parenthetical insertions for the as I was living in Hawaii notice the mercy seat that we should put the mercy seat where some are sixty this is the lid of the art was a solid Gold ten needs the throne this made them the artist was known as the throne of guys with the Shekinah hovered upon the mercy seat okay right beneath the song was the foundation of God 's government the testimony the testimony that God gave Moses the ten gods law the basis of his government that's important people don't think of as an aside NSI will outlive us all the time you getting it up to the ten Commandments are the basis of his government and what does all this have to do with them so versus according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle pattern of all its furnishings just so you shall make you familiar with these verses with any luck at all the universe we use all the time established the fact that the heavenly sanctuary was the more original and pattern for the earth 's anchor therefore we can get his answer and antlers of independent heads that's the way we normally vote up to is what we're doing that now though I got was very particular about the construction the tabernacle had a pattern that's the way he wanted to build chemical rollovers like these but there is never know but that raises a question what was the pattern of Moses been shown fortunately the Bible has an answer for us and begin should be familiar with these verses probably earthly police serve the copy and shadow manly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the cataract recency of you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain okay the earthly priests serve as the copy and shadow of heavenly things recently establishing this heavenly sanctuary the tabernacle numbers are therefore was necessary the copies of these the heavens should be purified with these early settlers in the family things and so the better sacrifices than these regressive and were visibly establishing the heavenly sanctuary and the tabernacle of the Israel's bill is what's built with a copy of the holy place in heaven with Jesus now appearing the presence of God forces our high priest since the mercy seat in the chair of them were made after the pattern of the things in the heavens and since Lucifer had been one of the covering cherubs that every time Satan looked at the Clark on earth was looking at a statue what he used to be just make it a bit more interesting don't you suppose it was a brand-new the angel took his job better me that Satan was a murderer a liar a sinner from the very beginning of sin because he was first where all the ERISA that's where soon began was spent too much time on this often even less for this audience again but with a jump now to see twenty eight thirteen seven fourteen budget fourteen and you're familiar with these verses to how you fallen from heaven O Lucifer we draw attention the name Lucifer means based on light bearer network establishing this military intelligence you have to understand your enemy if you have want to have any chance of battle became that's what Lucifer was called before he soon because his job was to bear or carry the light of God 's wisdom and love to all the other citizens of heaven is like God 's Chief of Staff press secretary enrolled in one handy like Rahm Emanuel and Robert Gibbs combined have been mailed out millions of spam okay and occasional wondering word Satan that we refer to know means your adversary one strategy can notice what happened here for you I'm sending your heart I was in heaven hallows a lifetime of the stars of the house assume among the foundation of fireside 's north I will send another height because I will be like the most high these are the words of the angel the covering chair the one who was the most honored of all the trade intelligence of heaven okay so now somehow this angel became invisible why how to get online only became envious well you can look at the thoughts just so envious though they but the reason that put John chapter eight now you seek to kill me a man who has told you the truth you do the deeds of your father you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do that only make sense Jesus told the Jews in Poland on the same track was forget you even adopted list of first principles of government is going to end up in the same place and what wasn't that they were doing is not hard in pilot knew what they were doing for pilot near the chief priests have handed Jesus over to him because of envy what was most of his problem was envious that I went in yesterday 's download point you didn't really need to know that you can have had this thing from Johnny writing again to establish that the defendant in want to use the IBM Watson connections ascription okay one little verse here is one of her career you've got to build on that concept that practicing and okay something is very okay we're looking at notes in verses from the book of John again establishing more information about Saint okay Jesus talking now the ruler of this world will be cast out he says the ruler of this world is judged he says the ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing in the image in these verses in talking each time you call Satan the ruler of this world that what's up with that how did Satan get from heaven to earth in the first place and who put them in charge for relational and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon the Dragon his angels fought there this is the beginning of this out and up to heaven but now I need to work with something that confuses love people eleventh and separate their personal I had one evangelist omitted if the Vanderslice bringing this point it may be too much negative reaction to this day but a negative feeling out this point you can call your own shots and what you might do it later I think the question here is who is Michael was Michael is that those witnesses and again but Michael the allotted by the negative reaction jet setting potential concerning might want to know if you know your audience you may want to skip that I did okay close Michael reliable persons answer the question that yeah Michael the Archangel and then with a memo that I would need to read so from this person we know that Michael is the Archangel for the Lord himself will listen from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise description the second coming the Lord to sense the voice of the Archangel and the righteous dead arise most assuredly I say to you the hours coming and now he is wanted dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live the logic goes like this Michael is the Archangel the voice of the Archangel raises the dead was the son of God raises the dead this is geometry know if a equals B be able to see that aid will see her here and then it was illegal or equal rank and seduces son of God is the Archangel Michael by the way the name Michael means who was like God and is not a question the statement the one who is like God which is exactly what Jesus told Philip that you see me using a father that is because Jesus is the one who is like God of the Michael that remains on now how did singing upon us and why is he in charge and in war brother Kevin Michael Allen notes Jesus and his angels followed the Dragon and writing his angels fought that they did not prevent this person with the statement Windows and mentoring Schrader got taken out of them but now as a rule the earth what's up with a skylight George Washington segment Benedict Arnold was the governor New Jersey and any access is weird how it was over and that the ruler the world can well there are two clues this right on the screen starting back in verse three John talking about the great area to the visit of the great drag and I decided his verse is described as being fire and that's again the things done by the great red dragon he's been talking about it okay he's been talking a great fiery Dragon says that conversely I'm not there in our version seven onwards verse nine he identifies his prophetic symbol for us the dragon represents that none other than the devil and Satan came but notice what else John says he calls in the serpent of old who deceives the world the serpent with the Saints that remind you hopefully your audience will say the gardening question think of your eyes for the yard gardening in the audience couldn't organize a fix the representations even gardening member talking snake through knowledge the needle tragically he was deceived she believed Satan 's lies laying groundwork Satan 's life and then add them seem to and hear is what happened Jesus assured them most assuredly I say to you whoever commits sin is a slave of sin that's a shame to see anyone assigns but was absolutely terrible things the enemy the slaves it was worse in their case why because government given them something very special God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds the air of cattle and all the other beasties and things and that he had dominion over all the earth and then they became slaves of sin fooled guess what happened to the dominion over all the earth it seems like I will now same claims all this authority may be a dominion over all the data will be as outlined doctors users and this is the temptation that I'm in charge I have this authority where you get it well done it dishonestly frenetically and it certainly looks that way it looked like Satan was in charge of loftlike he was the undisputed rifle will learn the world the Jews will Jesus no matter how did you know better because Jesus knew the story show that over the next Joan is one of the old least utilized books of Scripture is one of the most misunderstood books of Scripture and we talked about when I talk about all those patients that's what we shall be patient and retailers must victim but because people don't understand the background of the battle between Christ and Satan they don't see the value of that book to ship this book is loaded so don't the storage there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them as well as big yellow dog night when the sons of God my Libertas okay and that exactly it doesn't seem like they were sons of God the way we might think of were all sons and daughters of God if that sort of an extensive everybody all his creation of every sock eleven social benefit Job was so when the sons of God and what you said yes and I'll give you my resume and I'm going to suggest that the seller 's anonymous mers are those who had been given dominion over different parts of the Lord 's creation is adamant he had been given dominion over this earth they should have been but now things can ever look at the stars you look at those Hubble space telescope photos big place out there and you sons of God are there I don't know I must be quite an evening idiot as a bunch of folks I'm guessing Orlando I have been blessed one-story and the Lord said to Satan from where Viacom so Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro on the earth and back and forth in Satan seems to be seeing my own here it's my idea is what I want because silent I had me is what I suspect the meaning is the identifying mark and Lisa can do watch what happens next God doesn't just sit there let's take a break he asks one simple question this one cuts to the heart of the concept God says have you considered my servant Job the Disney like you monetarists a blameless and upright man one who fears God and shuns evil and this is important followed in response to see his claim of Dominion gone points out that there is one man on earth who chooses certain rather than saying well so what so what we say were green eyes used to divided government 's top athlete that one guy in a country that doesn't like the government left to surprise you at one that will bother us but seemingly Kenyan immediately knew that having one person on earth was loyal to God was a very bad thing the problem is from sins perspective and Job didn't want to serve the devil and Satan is claiming this whole conflict that will coming down this will quantity down to one of the competing principles between the government unemployment it seems claim was at the basic principles of government were so superior to God 's that everyone would naturally choose the way they would take his leadership there was one guy what was Jill this was a problem no when you get into a big fight you don't throw wimpy punches thrown say what is it when it's awareness of a real issue you use your best ammunition in God 's best ammunition was one man and Satan can't overlook the same okay what to do same has to be discredited and a scathing Jill has to be discredited from things like Job has to be discredited and if you're saving it's all the better vegan take a pot shot about two to four and singular but I was really pretty obvious thing that was not the only thing he could say God your bride so Saint Angelo Gordon says doesn't you don't fear God for nothing have you not made a hedge around and around his household run all the effort everything you bless the Lord and his possessions and increased in the land they don't care about you and your government he's just doing all this could you pay me anything you want to cash a distinction between what we're used to in our society and what's going on in this situation when the government pays lots of people here felt more and more all times and I got is bang on the people is a big problem but not it is safe to use his best funds God has claimed that his government is based on the only principles that produce a stable government and happy citizens and the idea of make sure you get paid for what you do isn't one of his principles Satan saying that's all dumpster children living on my principles guide he looks like he's serving you is working on my principal so Satan issued a challenge stretch out your hand infidelity has enable sure nutrition to your face Satan is not being a logical and you can say what you want about him but he smarter than the rest of us but if okay you would live the great Angels he said he'll claim that Joan was accepted the principles of good government the message is because anything they paperback waiting in our deepest wealthy really goes now all that you can make predictions but here comes the weirdest part of the whole thing God said okay God took him up one hundred and one got actually even listen to Satan in the first place now this is important and this is an aside and scientific this is an important thing to establishing you don't establishes here we go all the way to sell get this out your God is aiming for demonstration it's agreement gone actually listens to say what you want to die once already in looking of doing there now what is the meaning in what is going to listen to and what you cannot again will teach you everything got better yet I was executing deleted over with credibility that remember where this challenges me the middle of the heavenly council of all the sons of God representatives I suspect the entire universe Satan presented challenged God 's love of God he will see an elevator this is no time for God to depend on what we would classify as arbitrarily justification this is not the time for God 's sake is to a sense of you can't do that the simple rules of dealing with with intelligent creatures they want something more than I sense and gone on this was no time for that kind of words were not going to be left refusing accusations when God needed evidence and the Lord said to Satan behold all the DS is in your power only do not lay a hand on his person so Satan went out from the presence of what the and experimenters offer this is no small thing and probably remembers jokes oxen donkeys sheep camels and children were all destroyed or taken from them in rapid succession we can get a little idea of how big an issue this is by doing a few simple mathematical estimations but what about animals who talk about the human body so that five hundred yoke of oxen and any guess it was one plowman for every ten yields X50 plowman they all died yet five hundred CS is one my guess one person for every fifty B Chan but there was one guy who came back and told Job about us that means nine people died in seven thousand sheep I read a lot about this somebody just shoot the Pentagon but one shepherd for thousands I don't know that that's only seven shepherds one guy survived six more deaths three thousand camels and the camels belong as well as sheep so I said that a camel herders for every hundred minutes below but in any thirty herders one survivor twenty nine more people did he had seven sons three daughters they lately had to have some servants around so I put in three negative thirteen but one of the servant survived twelve more people get in hate I know a lot estimation I'm not instantiating another try and justify my numbers my numbers I get a hundred and six people died so that they produce the evidence to refute things I was not little stuff why did he do that what did he do if God let Satan kill these people just forget or because they didn't think they were important anyhow for any other half-baked reason I will renounce my claim Christianity I would say you should too if God is like that killing people or landing site and tell people for no reason I want to but he's not like that you don't know that unless you understand the background of the controversy there is good reason going in the right thing and visitors in fact the reason he allowed Satan to kill these people exactly the same reason that uses himself as one for all the universe could see the working out the principles of true systems of government to political parties if you wish savings plan God laughing wasn't satisfied with a scheduled state loyal right led to second round the story Job at the boils and his wife did help him an hour ago but the result was the same though he slay me yet will I trust in him what does that demonstrate constraints faced the only one case is whether the same experience my God my God why have you for sake but nevertheless thy hands I commit my spirit just as Job demonstrated to the watching universe of the principles of God 's government was strong enough to keep America loyal to God Jesus showed that God was worthy of our love and faith because he loved us first and would take that same penalty himself there is a question that appointed major that may need more evidence you don't need weapons but for those who comment on some people might be inclined to question that is the idea that there are in fact other beings of any of her someplace who are affected by what happens Your Honor is able to buy less thing we go to Ephesians that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times you might gather to the other in one all things in Christ both which are in heaven and which are on earth and similar merger but pleased the father that in Jesus all the aforementioned loan by him to reconcile all things to himself by him whether things on earth or things in heaven both verses tell us that James is working to bring things together some of those things are having phase rebellion is larger than this earth not in others and opted to go with it it has impact on the way because he is challenge the principles of God 's government what happens on this earth affects what happens in heaven we sometimes get the idea that the Bible is all about saving the owner after the most affordable books are small potatoes when it comes compared to saving the government got if a pleasant byproduct actually it's more important than we are not irrelevant notice this we have an important role to play to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to principalities and powers in the heavenly places somehow the church God 's people on earth is to demonstrate before Agnes Jacobs Jacobs even uses all the way through the November ten okay this would demonstrate before all the principality powers in the heavenly places some portion at least of God 's manifold wisdom but is risen obviously what can we possibly demonstrate that Jesus didn't already what we happening in some one thing we are in a position to demonstrate what it's like for actual participatory guilty sinners to come back under the authority of the government 's vendor that we never send that's important CM was ago that's why well we cannot come back under that authority by ourselves where were lost were down the tubes but to get back his wife God gave himself for us that he might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for himself his own special people zealous for good works why is this purifying is very important if you don't establish the idea of purification hearing on on through your head a basis for obedience to the Sabbath later on okay so there's a purification process God is not content to take people in one visit well I'm going back to the non- indisposition place of the place of the angel hotel close a first position gave before standing with her was a good friend Raymond might even argue that money and invest in our own cardboard cut outs and hides money do you think Gabriel want to take any chances bringing sandbag in a hurry last thread was amiss like that so they doesn't need to be repeated so the Angels are watching the church when he was waiting to see this manifestation of the manifold wisdom of God God has said I can see them and make them say Wayne CNET wants they want to be convinced that Seyfert is glad with his plan to bring together all things of earth and heaven where planning on coming rejoices that herd is aware the voice of a great multitude of the sound of many waters the sound of mighty thunderings saying hallelujah for the Lord God omnipotent reigns let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory for the marriage of the Lamb is come and his wife has made yourself ready and to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine clean and bright for the fine is the righteous acts of the saints then he said to me write Blessed are those who are called etc. when that day finally comes when the churches find a reading from every lawless deed and the righteous acts of the saints show that they are ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb than diesel particularly why why did Jesus take some and not others some very basic questions that you want I can he takes a home and not others what is it that the people done and what about those who don't go to heaven when they die boiling down blessed are those who do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life Manor nursing but outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters and mother loves and practices a lie which Satan began because he was the liar from the beginning the one group keeps God 's commandments the other the policy was murdered in life and became the one who accepts the principles of God 's government and lives by them the other accepts the principles of Singh 's government and live by them and what are those principles aside right here for that I thought if I displayed inventive pop up something here that that that we work with all the way through seven smoking a good argument if we were a little bit pretty happy with it as it is at this point Satan says I know what I want and it is necessary also you can get it the fresh hostage because I don't trust anyone else to take care that the basic underlying principle of things on this one was a murderer from the beginning hadn't killed anyone yet get to heaven nobody died tell Cain killed Abel is still murder the because of the list I know what I want and I want important thing you and I didn't do that because there's no money taken care of me I principles of Jesus I know what is best for you and it is necessary all I give you the chance that I don't have to do that but my father thinks it would be best and I trust his love and judgment Jesus didn't have to die for me in Gethsemane he didn't even want to die for me not my will father but finding that's the difference between the government of Satan the government got and that's what's going on behind the battle that's what the store the Bible is and that's what we'll talk about in our next meeting comeback for the love about this but as Internet presentation this is one of the series will take a short break here the next meeting will be talking about how to believe in the doctrines of the sanctuary state of the dead spiritualism second coming judgment refueled at millennium hellfire all those campaigns and refute the rapture once saved always saved legalize him antinomian as and analyzers that matter all that is meeting and backing them this media was run by audio peers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. on universe .org


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