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GLOW Part 1: Human Purpose and Prophecy

Nelson Ernst


Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW




  • October 16, 2010
    2:00 PM
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I cannot hear out here from California because something amazing is happening over there this globe program something is started about three years ago and we had very small beginnings very interesting over in such a call for a conference every year keeping they take a big evangelism offering and it's been around us upwards of three million dollars for the past few years and one of the initiatives that came out of that was the school project which is how can we get adults involved in doing literature evangelism has another he has been as you look across North American division is not much literature evangelism going on except for the students about during summers in the Shelby softcover books well wanted to get that the adults once again activated and getting into doing outreach through literature and so that identical down to our department centric offering conference and I said hey start thinking about a program I happen to be living in a garage at the time renovated garage knows little studio apartment and have anything to do lots of time on my hands and so I picked up this book called and I was working for the competent topic of the book called publishing ministry and as I began to read that book this the blueprints for this program just started coming out and blow is basically a program is based off of the blueprints of the spirit of prophecy it's nothing new it's something that our church is done in the past but has a new name and has a new face and the Lord is blessing you know in all the Bible says believe his prophets and you shall prosper and that's what we've done we built this program off of the Council of our profit and it is prospering since the program started about three years ago we've printed about ten million tracks and get started in this one garage and now spread to about thirteen different conferences across United States for getting the program going in hopefully in Scandinavia pretty soon here in fact I have some subtracts I just got this last week that a been translated into Danish Norwegian Swedish so that those prequel I can't read like one were to separate the glow on the front but some people of their campus accounts so enjoy my crazy the Lords 's blessing and it's a very simple program still does organ talking up-to-date but sound leverages give you an overview of the three sessions session number one were to talk about why we do evangelism the reason the big picture and never to hone in on the details session number two were to focus on literature distribution out which everyone of us can do and in session three the last session really talk about how to get involved in literature sales and schedules of the two different modes of the literature banned literature distributional of your sales but first and they were talking about literature and and why we do that work in general is made out the reason why before reaction what do it so without further ado however I'll get into our study today father in heaven I just think you so much that we can meet together we can discuss your word for it we can read its pages father that we can glean wisdom knowledge world of Hitler but for the benefit of the unsaved Lord with our communities and our hometowns father I just asset your spirit with speech today in this seminar and Lord that as a ripple effect of this seminar your people might be equipped to better reach out to the lost father we pray for these things in your name and ultrathin your Bible 's account of the Jeremiah chapter nine three to start right there and as a China Jeremiah chapter I was share if you something interesting I found the other day it's very interested people Jeremiah chapter nine as you turning their people at the screen here in seventeen oh seven there was a man born by the name of Jedediah Buxton Jedediah Buxton was a farmer and he was a simple farmer in fact she couldn't read any good rights he was a simple man to most appearances but interesting thing about Jedediah Buxton was that he was a genius when it came to Matt it said that Jeremiah when he said that one time he took a farthing and he squared a hundred and thirty nine times in his life you notice a square number right what's two times two four okay good as his interactive audience I can tell what was four times for them okay what sixteen times sixteen got now running into a problem right will he square that number two or three times Jedediah Buxton Square to number his mind a hundred and thirty nine times and then he took that number and eventually squirted by itself I've said it once under the Jedi to a person 's property he walked to the acreage and as he was walking he pays every step encounter the amount of steps and measure the entire perimeter of the property and then in his mind he broke down the acreage into into hair 's breadth and told Holly Harris Brett 's square that property was once wanted I was taken over to a play in Europe and rather than focusing on the theme of the play he sat there you try to count the amount of steps that all the dancers took on stage and try to count all the words that the people set his mind was constantly wrapped in numbers and he was a genius he was a savant second minute we have up here his name is Leslie Lemke and the I sound like some of you heard him Leslie Lemke was born prematurely in nineteen fifty two with glaucoma cerebral palsy and brain damage the doctors actually when he was born they had to remove his eyes his mother thought you know what I understand it relisted she abandoned him and he was adopted by a nurse at six months old Leslie lived for seven years without making a sounds and no movements and he made no signs of emotions in fact it took him until he was aged twelve to actually learn how to stand and then he finally had a walk when he was fifteen but when it was when he was sixteen something amazing happened his adoptive mother had left in a room by himself as she walked into another room shelves in her beautiful PL music coming from the room she left she came back into her surprise she found that Leslie was playing a beautiful canopy said he had just heard on the radio find out that Leslie was a savant he was a musical genius you can duplicate anything that he heard and put it on the piano also people doubted that Leslie was was really thought it was a trick and so they took it one time to a a auditorium where there was this this means PNO playing lady and she created this original piece which nobody occurred before and so they set her at one p.m. on the stage Mister Leslie on the other piano on stage as she began playing this original piece which he could have seen before him because of his original piece that the sound from the notes of the PO went into his years and register out on his fingers and he was playing just a few seconds behind her and then as the song progressed she helped me get closer and closer timelines until they were almost playing simultaneously how to select filled with Gallagher and I think ten years of piano lessons and I have to read those notes I can do it like that that is an amazing gift the third person we have appear in the last let me assure this morning is a man by the name of Kim peek two people a born nineteen fifty one from what I understand he's still alive they were born the two hemispheres of the brain art were disconnected they did he was born with and being a separate from each other this guy can't even button his shirt he has limited motor skills is that has to take care by with all these problems I have in life guess what he's considered a medicine for an ingenious in twelve different areas the reason why is because every single thing that she reads he walks into memory when he was a kid whose dad accidentally read to him about a second time and he said that he read that story he said what and why did Sun and then Kim proceeded to tell him what exactly was the next sentence that his dad was reading the book is not time on it they realize that Kim has special gift when she reads a book it says that his left eye scans the left page in his right eye scans the right page and you read both simultaneously he's memorized over twelve thousand books your members everything that he ever reads even be considered a genius in history geography sports music dates numbers ZIP Codes ZIP Codes you actually his favorite pastimes in the Library in Salt Lake City at the savanna revisit codebooks and Verizon I once argued is tested and either Ivy League college by these erudite students in literature with no estate in the some miniscule poetic iliac thing off in some corner that nobody ever knows about right and there they were questioning him on these books once I miss the students sit up and asked him this question he sits away this one author seen this one place and identity say this can exit watching phrase a question wrong because in this book in this chapter this page in the sentence it reads and then he quoted where it powerful now think about this Jedediah Buxton a mathematical genius Leslie Lemke a musical genius and campaign a reading or memorizing genus all of those are in the power of the mind that God has originally endowed us with to imagine what it would be like if sin had never entered our world how how powerful our minds only question is why it got even give us minds that were so amazing to me originally we were developed to be just that smart that talented why did God give us so much power let's will refine the answer in Jeremiah chapter nine verse twenty three twenty four Jeremiah judgment verse twenty three to forget is the reason why God gave us such incredible minds that the title of our presentations they issue an purpose and prophecy Jeremiah chapter nine verse twenty three says thus says the Lord let not the wise man glory in his wisdom neither let the mighty man glory in his might let not the rich man glory in his riches but let him the glorious glory in this that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord which exercises lovingkindness judgment righteous sneer so why did God give us such incredible minds was the beginning to exalt ourselves so that we could know the best methods to lift the weight and become really strong he didn't give us our minds for that purpose using to surmise that we could exalt ourselves and get lots of lots of money and boasting that the reason why God gave us our mind that humans are purpose for our existence and in our intellect is so that we can do what greatly the sources so we can understand the purpose of our existence as humans is to understand God so you might be thinking okay and I was unpacked this the sexy quite deep the purpose of our existence is to continually grow in our understanding of God you know in John Chapter seventeen verse three Jesus alludes to this he says and this is eternal life that they may know you right where we had to drive eternal life throughout eternity after Roth 's rock were to mean drilling in our knowledge of God is taking the Chapter 11 verse six he was eleven or six brings out to critical critical ways that we need to understand God to cripple things we need to do to give a comprehension image deliver success but without faith it is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must believe that he is still everything about what the purpose of our existence as humans we know that our purpose is to understand who God is according to these verses that we seem but what can be a roadblock in it in the way of that if we don't believe that God exists right according to this verse we come to God we must first believe that he is existent right this is where a lot of people get stuck not tricked in our world is because the devil has lied to them initially even telling them that God doesn't exist admittedly that he exists guess what they can't fulfill the purpose of their existence now is there teaching in our world that says about God doesn't exist yes the teaching is called evolution Satan 's big lie that could derail us from our purpose of existence you know I really like animals and animals are perfect illustration of this have you ever tried on how to resist sat there and watched like an ant I don't need on the owner has free time but the every now and then I just like to watch animals and bugs in it and think to myself what's going on in their little brains if you look at dance and just watch it walking around is that in conscious of your existence know that the right answer is no man is an conscious of your since you effectively put your finger from the ego struck its way I was angry to is a single call as McLeod Butterfinger and think that you know nothings like they wanted and still recognize you and she comprehends that there is something greater in some intelligence looking down at it and actually observing its ways right now let's take it a little step up animal in the animal kingdom say a bird timbers recognize our existence yes again when you stick your finger in a perverse chess was a day of it steps up and I used to have a bird that we caught our front yard his name is tough he because she is while the and when we first caught her she bit my mom 's hand no justice terrible bird had a bad attitude that was also fun out of business she always screened squabble or tread pattern is a solid passer but Tuffy went when I would go up and I would poke her with my finger you better believe that she recognized my existence as you go and she knew that I was there but it doesn't write yellows go one step farther a dog the dogs recognize our existence right they do and in fact when I think that I like the best is to come home and have a dog happily waiting their wagon is failed see you know what went down in my system and that a house my parents are places with the dog notes little Pomeranian below puffy ones in the market everything I did she starts everything my person on the country when the turkeys come down the hill she just goes out there and got got got got got if she really triggered out lots of churches they probably demolish or facetious low puffy thing but the point is that there been times when taking that I've taken a picture username below Pomeranian and I held her up in front of me a little puffiness and looked at her little beauty quivering eyes and thought I saw what is this dog thinking they are knowing what is done seems like it but it was time to look at their kind glazed over look like what is in the goddaughter and will continue with my but the higher you go up from and to a bird to a dog from the one the main differences between all three of those animals is that they what they grow in their ability to recognize who you are as a person right like all of their conscious of something else I checked as herself in songs chapter fifty servers to the boundaries of the same elements as God looks down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there any who understand and C God is like God I get a mental picture of values in the sanctuary and use he's looking down on earth and she's always people are doing their busy thing and he's any looking at them and he's just waiting to see one of them actually causes and looks up and says how I wonder is there a God right that is the first step that we must take us humans to get on the path of our purpose for existence the first step is to first recognize that God is that a sense that he actually exists or friends the sad thing is is that many millions upon millions in in this birth don't even understand that I don't believe that God exist to begin with so are they on that path of fulfilling their existence and their purpose but not and what's our job in life is to help them to understand that God really does exist to help in the pause and is a you know what there's actually some good reason to believe that God does exist now once we get beyond that point we can start understanding who he actually is going to humor Chapter 11 look at this it says but without faith is impossible to please him for he who comes to God must number one believe that he is and was the second step and he must believe that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek in other words now were getting into the whole part where it says that he is a rewarder were getting into not that he exist but were getting into who he is and what he's like does he reward me or does not the question of his existence is now behind me now I can focus on who is God what goes on in his mind and I volunteer Anita who served you Peter is not hard when ask you to do art with your wrist for Nelson will adventure okay I Christopher wait from around here and so now Christopher but I want you to do something for us were talking about how to understand what God is like were to talk about how to understand what's in God 's mind okay every as a trip to your pastor and animated films and it is okay to okay good will his analogy I want to take and imagine just just some kind of object in your minds that your Natal essentially what you hold that object and we had in there just tell me is anything anything that you can tell us afterwards a limited something it's that's okay obviously not so hold of their holy now can anybody by looking at this man tell me what's in his mind no I be if you got really close maybe maybe looked in his ear could you tell what he's holding mentally now maybe if we had them up as Malcolm looked in their or if we peered into his eyes right with the television assault no really if we look at what was going on in his life correct okay well maybe if we had a woman look in your mind and help me because I hear it was every perceptive enough ladies can tell you think it know know guess it's okay well it was also it is what is a silver ball silver ball okay so now we know it's in his mind right in thinking this is like the lamest illustration ever but what will Strasse seven okay we couldn't tell what was in his mind why because that's over ball was invisible and it was behind the cranium and all that stuff anyways we can see it even if it was not invisible than a sense how can we know how to be known just tell what was in his life because he couldn't pull his right as he spoke it thank you you consider here's my point guys how can we understand what's in the mind of God by looking at what he speaks whatever comes out of his mouth were to have first originated it originated in his mind were originated in his heart so if we want to understand what's in the light of God it will fulfill our purpose as humans which is to understand the mind of God in his character what must we look at we must look at what he says right okay look at this loop chapter six says Wood chapter six forty five a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good and evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks so now now are getting astray from the Bible to buy what you bring up this possible to do understands a person 's heart all you have to do is listen to what they're saying you know a lot of say that we we speak before think was rowdy as well as think before you speak even if we say something that's really dumb if that will sideline in some capacity where not right in the same way we got to check this out my friends if you understand with my gauntlet we spoke but when God speaks what else happens when God speaks she actually is wordlessly he actually creates right so if you want to understand what's in the mind and heart of God what must we look at creation in fact the entire universe my friends is just a picture of what was originally in the mind and heart of God and a sense so what are you doing rapid heaven I really float around like puffy clouds and you know strumming the little hearts no of course not really studying the universe really I know you are plentiful and Jell-O or something how don't you I had for his time doing it but really what are we doing over studying the setting the universe and all the handy works of God what were studying is a bit by bit were beginning to understand more and more about the mind and the heart of God because before the universe existed in reality where was it invisibly it was in his mind and heart in fact and just ask chapter seventeen the Bible says that in him we live and move and have our being right this notice is is is is amazing I mean when I settled upon this point my mind just went all over the place of the Ellen White talks about was can it be like when we get to heaven or were on the new Earth and what were going to do lower their check this out she says their immortal lines will consult and never failing the life the wonders of the creative power others in understanding the universe the mysteries of redeeming love every faculty or mental power will be developed every capacity will be increased in other words our inability like the savants that I just talked about the beginning right revealed that revoking the rational eternity actually revealed to hear counties Navy and disadvantage plan laid out again right will see a math problem and it will be a problem have a friend named Scott easier this weekend we're in high school used that you used to call down to sleep at night he stated calculus what a strange strange thing before and thought to me but I suppose we just haven't you will need to sleep but if you do need to sleep you'd probably be able sit down and just like you know chocolate one regular logarithmic our losers sometimes crazy thing is way more intense right anyway Mister bungle your every fact delete will be developed every capacity increase the acquirement of knowledge will not weary aligned or exhausted energies in another state something like after our Tuesday I can handle this anymore apparently go do something else right now what happened all the treasures of the University open to the study of God 's redeemed unfettered by mortality they wing their tireless flights worlds afar with on honorable delight the children of Earth enter into the joy and the what the joint national wins of unfallen beings they share the treasures of knowledge and understanding gained through ages upon ages in contemplation of God 's handiwork another was wounded of what is different plants right and talks with other beings a God is created this has been studying God 's universe for how many years in Missouri and was going little school kids you know and it teaches a few things Nirvana with undimmed vision they gaze upon the glory of creation songs and stars and systems on their appointed orders sir Ferlinghetti upon all things for the least and greatest the creators I was written and and all are the riches of his power displayed darkness before Dawn sixty two two I imagine it's it can be quite exciting when rough this rock in a and really out there in God 's universe studying all the things but remember without studying those things just so we can get no maybe five PhD 's and astrophysics or something is not desktop and goal Angola so that we can understand God 's character more know when you get a little short tangent war on this point if everything that is in existence now all fields of knowledge were originally in the mind of God before they came upon the scene in existence then when we study anthropology we studied English languages one study mathematics will study any given area of study what is the end objective and goal of learning those things to understand the mind of God right is where the subjects originally in his mind so the purpose of true education is to find the angle in teaching us to know more about our Creator and to love him more and so within that context we can see that education can actually be one of the greatest tools to lead us back to the purpose of our existence which is to understand the no effect by the way friends as we begin the process of understanding who God is we began basically the path of eternal life we can begin eternal life right now as soon as we begin understanding who goddess and the thief on the cross did he begin a journey because as he saw Christ on the cross he learned that the Lamb of God he recognized that he in his heart was nothing because of the beginning and healing are two steps down that road but you know what he was on the path until you can be on the rest of eternity in a source at some more time now working on going to explain what time is it three to thirty five played some good check this out I level LOI says she's got these one-liners you know sometimes you just you study something out for a week maybe in your life and Associates Inc. a local file but nobody's ever heard of this before and if I like LI summarizes it in one sentence like man no well I guess it just proves that she really knew her stuff so I guess I will be happy to check this one liner out she says writers are dated this twenty two to know God is to love him no not sure on that one for a while to know God is to love him that is a deep one line director for the purpose of existence as a party scene is to grow in our knowledge of who God is right but as we grow in our knowledge of who God is guess what happened simultaneously we grow in our love of God right and has withdrawn her love of God that leads to our obedience to him and all other things right so where's that was a beginning point the of all that beautiful circle of of signification starts with a knowledge of who God is interestingly enough no with the disclosure and gray conversely page six seventy eight Mrs. White says about eternity and the years in eternity as they roll will bring richer and still more glorious revelations of God and of Christ as knowledge is progressive so will love reverence and happiness increase now some of those of you who are married here for a while can probably testify to this know when you first got together with your beloved you have a certain level of love for them but as your knowledge of who they were grows deeper and deeper in your love also gets deeper and deeper in fact Mrs. White and inadmissible she puts about what she says marriage should be the end of love rather should be the beginning of and this is anything in heaven as knowledge is progressive cell love reverence and happiness increased the more men learn of God the greater will be their admiration of his character when we go to heaven where you love God and but guess what ten trillion years without Ritalin got even more than eleven waivers that they had been exempt I know that in Ephesians chapter three the Bible says that the love of Christ surpasses understanding the text I just imagine as I know I package myself you know that and in and in eternity and and maybe I'm I'm I'm neighbors with one of you right but we haven't seen each other for ten billion years rank although we have like little golden condominiums next to each other and the new earth or something voters in each of ten billion years because I didn't often is one part of the universe and enough is one for the universe annually collect together all flesh come together incensed worship resembled intergenic in such big crowds out of right sellout but more than separate audit over this one for the universe and I been studying like by some leave for something on on the planet and but this isn't just any leave some Caliph like outside of time space continuum or something else it's like a really amazingly and and maybe one of you my neighbor you been over on this planet learning how to play the PML and you're like the best puma player ever and you come up to Jesus and Caesar Chavez special music that I want to play for this next step any unit of friends another plan is likely to be arms or something he joins in the Leica quadruple duet thing whatever to sounds awesome oil after ten billion years I come over here and I say a neighbor will hear another problem that I was working on ten billion years ago but at least I was aired out so we sell our error when that plant Linda leaf I say check out this is what I learned in like it's amazing this week is so profound because it teaches us something new about the love of God is that little thing helps our hearts swell that much more in love and gratitude to him we go back the next Sabbath every prison even louder and that's what it's all about the purpose of our existence as humans from the Bible it brings it up clearly our purpose is so that we can understand God growing our knowledge and our love of him penetrated continuous or eleven more loving pictures and by the way you wonder why why why would actually have to live for all eternity I mean what's the deal what it on your cuff link because it can take an infinite amount of time to understanding infinite mind and an infant heart and I tell you what I'll do understand what you look like when we just we love Christ so much that is just what and you know what he is the same yesterday today and forever so if were alumni must then gets much we can let me know all my goodness we can love him so much that I don't legislate regularly room really can understand the problems that we don't understand because our mind is clouded by her own selfish lenses in a sense selfishness cannot comprehend unselfishness you read about the cross sometimes in the Bible and that the narrative it just doesn't really strike a chord it doesn't only affect you in the way that you feel it should also reason why consulted the Bible says you five I was altogether like you another was when the living God and Jesus in the Bible sometimes we look at him and just we automatically projector motives on him because that's all we understand we understand selfishness we know that we have a knowledge of good and evil mainly right but if we really understood who Christ was hearts would overflow because love awakens love answer C is luckily loaded our own hearts one interesting thing on this point in Ecclesiastes it says that there's nothing new under the sun right nothing ever but guess what Jesus didn't die under the sun your father the reason why is when Jesus died without the sun shining on him it was because it was something entirely new the world had never seen that kind of a picture of unselfishness Erling else had been self-centered but when Jesus died on the cross it was something the world never seen before I think the cross deserves a deeper study by us and so friends there are two ways to understand God when God speaks he creates and in his creative works we can understand who he is and we can run our knowledge of him thus filling our purpose for existence but when God speaks what also does he do he speaks through his prophets and what topics do they write stuff down in this book called the Bible and in the rest of our seminars we are to focus on just that one aspect where to focus on the written word and how the written word is a tool to help people get back on that track of their purpose of existence which is to understand God with this little track that I have your I was in Turlock California the other day and I was looking I actually was doing some outreach and this little tract I happen to find a laundromat is going to laundromats to take up as opposed Caroline principle attracts and a lot said about on this next session of the Jehovah's Witnesses anyway so I went in there and whose ornate literature truck rack outlook while this is amazing however the reputable legal things and the title this one says forty eight hours in help and the story is actually the man who apparently died want to help and then his head or something connect license was all that now a little write up he says things that are pretty interesting fact in part of his experience and help he says that he saw huge bills of fire new rollover each other in great waves of fiery flame would each other and meet high in the air like the waves of the sea during violent storm on the crest of the waves I could see human beings rights soon to be carried down into the lowest depths of this awful lake of fire one boy on the crests of these awful bellows were kinder curses against the just God would be appalling and their pitiful cries for water would be heart rending this vast region of fire echoed and reechoed with the wails of the lost spirits and then check this out presently I turned my eyes to the door through which I had a few moments before entered and I read the awful words this is thy doom eternity never ends Jill Elmore says that this doctrine of eternal torment has actually made people go insane because when they read it their soul is so tortured over the thought that they might burn for all eternity but they literally go insane friends our job is to vindicate character of God our job is to help humanity get back to their purpose of existence which is to understand him and how can we do that we can point them to the creative works in a but more easily than that we can handle a little Bible tracts and hope the Lord our God we can take into the Bible and in the Bible study and penalties on the part of God to win Ohio holy calling and that is to begin people walking down the path towards eternity in that path is called the knowledge of God and have civil practical ways to do never to talk about the next two sessions to practical ways that we can get involved in sharing the word of God with people number one by literature distribution and number two literature salesman talk about those things and I just pray that all you can come back again is rehearsal exciting stories about what the Lord has been doing through this program called below which is based off of Ellen White's writings father in heaven think you have that we have this opportunity to come together the study or word Lord is given as a big picture view of your purpose for us and what I just pray that you would help us personally to begin to grow in our knowledge of you in an expedited manner but more so that what I credit that would lead to us helping others to learn more about you as well or that's why were here is because we want to learn about how to save the lost how to point the loss to you what I pray that in these next two sessions as we talk about highly practical ways of doing that Lloyd admits in your spirit to just move upon us Lord give us ideas on how we can make this more effective while we pray for these things in your name and this media was brought audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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