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GLOW Part 2: How to Fit a Preacher in a Pocket

Nelson Ernst


Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW




  • October 16, 2010
    3:00 PM
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father in heaven think that we can come together and that we can learn how to be more effective eyewitnesses for you Lord I just love reading your spirit would be here on to speak knowledge of the Lord but to be in the hearts of everyone who is in this room father so we can learn to the lack of the said more effective witnesses for you Lord me a few morsels at least be in the kingdom of heaven is a ripple effect of what were talking about today obviously things in your name and all right well the title of our seminar today is how to fit a preacher into your pocket how many guys ever been in a situation or even maybe the grocery store line or something like you know a premier opportunity opened up the witness of the person sitting next to you and you just don't quite know what to say pages was a couple Mark Finley in your pocket and add some water while off yell of evil sermon baptism right well were inducted into the super Junior Vonnegut Mrs. White says that our little Bible tracks are silent creatures so you can put a preacher in your pocket just like this on identity bridges in my pocket sons David Asher can in the other ones are doing okay moving on so I missed out with the year of the spear prophecy she says the best help that ministers can do the members of our churches is not sermonizing what will what is it with this quote the best of the ministers can do the members of our church is not surprising the planning work for them the regional something to do for others and let all be taught how to work now she's not talking about how to let go out I know rake the leaves in the front yard to talk about work as an work for saving souls so that's all that I can do today is not to surmise but said a practical ways to do outreach right next quote the work of God 's earth can never be finished building is not there and then were gone as it can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work neither efforts with those of the ministers and church officers is training and education that is needed those who labor in visiting the churches should give brothers and sisters instruction and practical methods of doing missionary work what benefits practical methods practical it's about time we get done with our seminar today that it was not practically eliminated her work and I hope that that's what can happen on moving onto the next quote getting yourself man helmet sizing the records to us for largely more there will be times oh I hope you isolate you know whenever the school for the first time I was flabbergasted Alisa and you know this coexistence now obviously to see how many of them read this book before she says there will be times when it is fitting for ministers to give on the Sabbath in our churches short discourses for life of Christ but the church members are not to expect the sermon every Sabbath what what would we do a church you know we discussed that there would have been there service in context of this quotes yet she says that during the divine service in church is a running as it should we should open up the floor for the church members to give testimonies about how they've been reaching out to souls the previous week she says of those covered services will be as meat in due season to everybody visitors included an about that insulator might have to read this quote but I I I am wondering if anybody ever seen this kind of church happen if you have a want talk after zone file churches to my membership just joking a segment of ravens of the church so okay N seven good good this is from Pacific Union recorder January twenty nine nineteen oh three P1 recorder are moving on so the question is then how can we all get involved in practical outreach how can we bilaterally like my PowerPoint slides I spent like two hours working on this monks of August two thousand ten got some good graphics the Mac that bitten Apple services among my computer we got some are just joking here you'll find it is the slides really cool effect additionally the slides and the degrading of free except audio verses on Sunday to say something yeah so the question is how can we all get involved in practical outreach not only that how can you get involved but how can you involve your church everyone who represents Michael a church and how can we get our church members involved in practical outreach and how services like that everywhere he sold left and right while this is why ask assets in question that she doesn't answer the next quote she says but ever so that Dennis asked himself what can I do to proclaim the third Angels message Nancy finishes by saying the distribution of our literature is one means by which the message is to be proclaimed let every believers scattered broadcast tracks and leaflets and books containing a message for this time as Christian service page one forty five soul one whether we can all get involved is by passing out tracts all try not out to put it this way if you have a phone you can be literature evangelists data phones that I gave thumbs up an additional good motivating why because of the unavoidable fun you can get a visa literature and willingness to go right in and out of Congress was a good descriptor with the other fingers so none of us are left out we can only literature evangelists this is one method by which every believer can be involved in getting the message out soar into the Israel talk about how we can practically get literature into our communities back home how to activate our church numbers okay and that applicable programs all about it back in the habit of carrying literature without where they don't notice the disclaimer here I let everybody know that I'm not I'm talking a method by not raising method because the guy behind the methodology that we should praise him and doing what we get started into praising methodology weather be one kind of evangelism or another or one name or another one local and or another we get into stuff like comparing our booth sizes and ninety and would only do that if the guy behind his methods in fact nobody he's he's he's I think of limited humor he actually shows us how little we can rely upon methods eleven Old Testament of the methodology of Samson he's the jawbone at work right what he did in use he used just like a jar and and a torch right what it is like to use in Jericho they just walked around and blew trumpets right it's about context methodology some findings as I don't want you to have faith in that once you know that it's me working through these methods the next stuff happen and I'm still looking into this how we can blow it doesn't matter how young you are an analogy are better ways using other hand there will draft no matter how old you are you can get involved in passing out literature every one of us sort of talk about how to glow anew to be practical ideas in literature and your community and a shared his stories about half the work itself you have a piece of paper pencil or pen to jot down some notes renotice good high practical method number one for literature and your community getting literature out while you're on area needs is one of the best ways to do it is when your parents got about them right unions anthology like at stores like Walmart are not too long ago we actually had a man call in because he got legal attracts and you called in on the phone number the back and he requested Bible studies I was actually other lymphoma picked up and he said I want to get these files items the Renaissance tract set will praise the Lord we help you out that is another story doesn't end there knew my wife just got done similar ten -year-old son to a BBS program where they talk about the ten Commandments waking up to my wife he said mom and dad why are we keeping Saturday holy awakening also we were just praying about whether we should use Saturday holy or not when all of a sudden we found the soundtrack in our Walmart shopping cart and the evangelism order at Walmart apparently just stood right there in the shopping cart and that somebody is going to learn about your praise the Lord actually had recently I went to Winco at the grocery store in California and the visit to the church is passed up two hundred thousand tracks in this area and so that the committee just inundated the tracks smuggled to cashier this time I say he had never gotten one of these before I portable check the shelter she says yeah I really like them she pulls out her little cashier apron thing to blow checks she Artie had from that day she says I really like these and I gave her another one and then the lady who was in front of me she was having frustration for the check was working or something like eternity with a check and I pulled out with the promise of peace lesson here this'll hope you'll stress she replaces all of my sister 's been getting most to me and I can have that one I said will of course and more parents at stores like Walmart weekend we can get a literature moving on driving through fast food healthy desert of fast food talk about what is not alone Sacramento we actually had oh woman drive she was actually the drive-through she worked at the drive-through talk about and when the Adventist guy drove through and got Ismail maybe it was you that actually is true he handed back to her related to drive through Outlook tracked on the second coming she called inside of my all settings and actually have another one to wear guy also no one will do later restaurant tips if you're little fancier restaurant new leadership statement said inside of a little piece of literature and the waiter is surely not to reject you and because super stay one step and it's encased a little tracts of the ticket and deftly had a Baptist pastor who called in from Michigan to sign up for Bible studies and because he found a tract on spiritualism on the table at McDonald's now you have a legitimate reason for going to McDonald's because it's not like there's any other good reason for going there I mean seriously no development on serving their window vandalism are so restaurant tips bill payments if any of you ever pay bills via snail mail lots of elderly folks love to do this too they does the global check mail that's great I don't know if you get a lot of these maybe or college students but I get credit card offers like old-time and that when you get those credit card offers no the ones that have the a prepaid return postage envelope inside of him and yes my friends that is forty four cents or the free evangelism money is figured on checking their mail anachronistic why didn't it happen so is getting about that another has nothing to think they meant him and bill payments there is a lady once I seems younger than he is sitting on a male attract on stated that my friend was another state such as sticks attract that she licks it she knows enough to find it suddenly other state she gets it she likes a statement that attracts so much that she photocopies it she males a photocopy to her brother who lives in another state the brotherhood as they get the photocopiers track he called back this is remailed to him and I will say on the phone about the tractor they just read when used in the Bible study heart of the phone call the glow program they said I will find the closest unbalanced church because they believe this I want to check and I mean we're talking about the traffic light dusting of lawyers right and people are sorry for the truth that we had out there that are willing to photocopy it and mail it to people in Australia relies on the Bible when Jesus wants us are Phoenician women what she said him even the little dogs get the crumbs off the table right it's the least we can do to give people a little crumb truth right away sermons to give on that we are just like corpulent nightmares so obese with servants and strode right when even like spread around the limit for the people knapsack I know when getting literature in the committee garage sales I wanted she turned over the story to relax if you draw still stores someone was selling have a garage sale and whenever a person a common purchase something they stuck below tracks into it and this one woman on all here's here's what happens she hurts her husband had died she didn't have enough money to put into regular funeral and so she decided to cremate him but when she told her her priest that you create her husband he said all you shouldn't of done that that means you can go to heaven so here she was with the torture of her line of thinking that she was the one who would barter her husband from ever going to heaven is bringing how Intel she found the school attracts that I think she got a garage sale but talked about the state of the dead can imagine the alleviation of mind that she experienced to know the truth the truth set her free and taught her about the true assume that garage sales if you ever have a garage sale you can go ahead and do not just the literature in a large public gatherings I don't know if you has had a large public gatherings out here in Chattanooga area it's a flea market maybe someday concert get-togethers or something that's a great way that you can get literature out did you know that Mrs. White says that's where there are cases where there frequently trafficked by tourism all that we should have creatures in and vendor who can arrest the attention of the people and we can do the same thing we had a Christian rock concert come over to Fresno California recently and thirteen thousand people showed up for the Christian rock concert and the Clovis Church decided that workmen were able to run a pass out literature of his people there's only four exits from this giant auditorium only people come together so we need a plan was developed for teens and you better believe it we had boxes of literature no rids us will say now the water yourself we go over and I were driving up and and and sitting in in in the car and darkened parking lot just waiting for the week we had people inside like other evidence were like texting is tossed on the last songs that another like infiltrating and is now selling military health elevator that I was posting I saw two squad cars are like ocean like I almost felt the handcuffs on my hands already know the good Lord please take these cups away Susie said amen they drove away fifteen thousand people started flooding out of those four doors we were passing out literature left and right people reaching over our shoulders taken a step presented all about Jesus and you will regularly check this out here are some reasons related to particular left and right the only person ever like to meet any slightest like maybe I do want I was walking along the locker next to me and the anti- ahead in which he says what denominations this e-mail address question right as I listened to the Jehovah's Witnesses again their stuff out there was that we did some better insight in five eight six objecting to Londonderry Lane and six thousand pieces of literature pass out in half an hour at that supercenter in a large public gatherings listening attentively and want to look at passerby did your church was together and get out there and do so without it and literature living in tents are another way it will blow address people is to the homeless I would actually in the same town where they passed out a lot of tracks that you have mightily when you activate your church to get them on passing out literature they can get so much literature it if you continue to encourage them to do that and get so much literature into the community that people start in duplicate so what happened is a call porter was in Fresno the other day who sourcebooks you run across a homeless person and trucks on the book got a thousand guys that are right you expect that well so the connection drops down to some Islamic in all is that you know you understand that I will have any money so all the Cole Porter pulls out of Ontrack is I will hear how this will look at a set of thanks collecting these and in that same town in the same town will by the way another thing to do all holidays on Thanksgiving and Reddit what is what has it up thanks good housekeeping and in some fishing the idea gluttony which actually go out and feed the homeless and eat a smaller dinner and with the money that we saved not doing the exorbitant stuff that is offered to God regardless I'm stunned it's that simple I like your misgiving is make little food bags and then Google attraction in the now homeless people and that we go down the banks and is great it's like he own dried by voting for something all right laundromats listen the Jehovah's Witnesses have taken over laundromats by the Mister MacInnis and then I was meant by the way I see a few things nodules witnesses and some people might think I don't like them as much or actually I got converted because the Jehovah's Witness ironically it was because the Jehovah's Witness Bible bopped me that you inspired to go read my Bible just proven wrong but once I read my Bible I converted go figure right we are in the Bible does that so laundromat only one US are hearing college Dale were or gender that are back in your hometown but you can go back there and every week is going to take out the bad stuff and really good stuff and I think they got been chosen as material Aristotle 's vote will go check surveillance extract some and it's great developed estimate that the surety about that would I keep on moving hotel rooms here's the hotel room no malady and Bibles stimulus check intermixed nice but marker indexes Chapter twenty and regular Bible study you can also put the go check on the on the bed for the made come pick up to that's motivated by the way back she had a guy he works as a janitor in Southern California at hotel he came into the hotel in time and that the receptionist is up on the phone and she was like just a really emotional on the phone he happened over you're just talking up the person on the other line had just had a relative die and so the receptionist was a friend with her and she was trying to console her but she didn't know what to say so the janitor he's like all I needed and attractions that his party brings back his tracks hinges or bonuses does God care them hurting she gets it she's like session session breaks down into tears and she reads the whole track to the person on the other and then when she gets off the phone she should get the generative and she says that you are constant this is amazing can't come to find out that she was so impressed by this tract that she actually asked the janitor and he gave her he can choose to give her whole stacks of literature and when people come to check into the hotel she passes about yourself and the janitor windowdressing things up a stuffy he says that he sees what tracks you know the people that they left in the hotel rooms and you would have to have more non- Adventists call into the global rental order literature and Adventists on several occasions because they get our literature history stuff that I don't and cannot be used Tennessee actually and he's a truck driver named Jimmy Angie one date order literature and as were talking without he wasn't evidenced and he pulls his method for passing out literature people he was in the truck stops it is up to and he gets up a whole stackable tracks it was not a fan talking game he says give the car individual celluloid him in an was not to try now we need a message I am our airplanes is it just me or everything we sit next to something airplane it's like a divine appointment waiting to happen but the bleeding about the Christ and not going anywhere anyway so in fact about the Lord sky Mall magazines you know little magazines that are in front of you the ones that sell like ramps for a dog to give on the fatter something or know what kind you finagle 's that they got in there but listen you can put low tract in the same two people some ask a quality reading every time I get on an airplane I'm just some fuel injection then keep on going about a way 's last as I was flying out here for Fresno I principal warlord help me to have lighted my appointment to that I could get somebody in track I was reminded of the security checkpoint I felt as impressive though I can track the people around me or something with a conversation with him but I wanted it on your and the all minutes of the lipophilic S&L but the Lord had his way anyway what happened is when I took off my my belts in my jacket on stuff to put it in the little security box things that rolled through the conveyor will anyway went through fine no bonds but then I pulled my jacket out and asked when my jacket off the conveyor belt always blue trucks fell out of my pocket on the ground is always good Jack's innocent than indelicate about this lady sitting next to me she says all below attraction she said all blowups that I like are you kidding me could get easier than that him type for the one that says I get for you and I said hey here's a gift for you you know you here you can learn all about it I I don't answer all the lime of the Lord of the building that leads you think outside billing down okay if there is one day the best day to go door-to-door and entire year will really many guys are a red why is hollowing the best day to go door-to-door out of the entire year because everybody in the world is expecting you to come to their door and secondly just blend in with the crowds just about a church member a look like in costume right and then we go to the people is a trigger truth and didn't want to payment of taxes every year with developed a new under tracked for Halloween exposes spiritualism listen calling is not unlike to be dillydallying around collecting cavities need to be out a serious need to be out there spreading the truth the dark of the night the writer should be the light right we should organize our church members to go out and be passing out tracts Arnold you guys are doing your son for hollowing but if you have a festivity knowledge and go on to Chattanooga start spring on track following night is the most fun hello everyone door-to-door in the off-season Hollinger everybody's expecting it is one writer the crowds that Hanover who begins in clumsily passable tracks on hauling night the day before talk to Jonathan he's the man but only Jonathan was when I was first ever cult for seven years of your own some years ago is my program had likely my father called him and I saw as you describe miniature because I'm the student and then Jason is my student in India Mister Dennis Rocha all all in the Gulf ordering I had lots of so you guys like you are weird there I was article bring about the leader the rear to it open a terrible stuff okay keep it on your running out of time to keep on rolling Halloween was in the literature out there we developed a new trap Steve Walberg wrote it it's called twilight exposes the twilight vampire series painting is watching I recommend that you don't because it is of the devil and we need to expose the darkness rather than invited in all right on the table in public this is perhaps the most complicated methods I'll illustrate for you basically find a table in tracking and he put together well now it fell off at one of my day look even so that will slide off but even when we know still works one lady one girl decided to this message is after students other recently and she said attracting tracks on the table and the Merced County jail chaplain have a walk by to pick up a tract he read it elected a colorful number is analogous to nurture for all nine hundred minute in jail since then he's ordered called into three times in order over two thousand pieces of literature and I have handwritten Bible study requests for those jail inmates because I wonder that one track on that one table was in the garden you will stones not the liabilities are humble everything in our next method if you graduate from from what when you graduate from Southern and if you actually work behind the desk get a little cardholder and you can put on tracks in the cardholder and that's a great way to share your faith to rely your desk is a guy named James in Fresno and he works in an office where there is also theft that actually has happened in office after hours so he decided what the steel solving from investment will steal my tracks so he keeps on keeping on putting checks on the desk after work testator but for a few months yet disappointed because there never been stolen and so he was there one day late and a janitor comes up to him and says hate you the guy who has been reasonable tracks on the table for the beginner says thank you for doing that I've read every one of them apparently she does really put them right back and RI moving on gas stations the Jehovah's Witnesses like it so they have a laundromat was ticketed officials know the little place of the receipt printout or fits perfect fit for what is going tracks I doesn't jam up the receipt or anything is picture-perfect I mean it just looks like it belongs and is divinely orchestrated and is not to have any else to do right you just put the gas pump and keep on rolling and the person gets that the public NASA got some time to kill slick and regal check and that every got time that I go to a gas station I make a point to go to all the gas pumps and stick one of these on on the gas on the gas pumps on pulsing with the handle goes into little holster thing in between the handle the holster you can slide into networks as well with how I interest expenses from that speech at gas stations one woman in San Francisco Filipina lady she goes in is what the mother of all was first two thousand seven called into work hospital late at night and she's driving and she suffered a station that surely stops up and down so she stopped at a gas station and water drying up on something efficiency goes in the window in the middle of my ranchers working a night shift and she walks in and the cashier just whatever reason won't sell her in gas and he keeps on saying things like just just in one achievements no time did you try to get her out of there she's going on there's like three other guys and their disgust at the time well anyway she persists like you are sent to us and finally one of the guys and then gets frustrated easily don't you understand this is a holdup the other three guys were armed robbers there will be gas station Oceana waddling at all that and she's like and and when she heard that I don't know what she was thinking of it she just ask a gum bowl and and is a Filipino scourges like to know came up and ears she said no shingles up she let the children she had an butcher she said you need to read these is only doing the good people and financial goals then she went to the one action handguns in the back the cashier which she didn't notice because it was behind him and she did some glow track she sending me to read this to his intelligence and good man in Italy the classroom on his astronomy living in a beautiful Filipina Lady sale this stuff and then you can imagine these crooks were thrown until I surprise amid ineligibility to start the slow constant finally one just spoke I said that at least stalks too much sugar interesting it's alternately not around assays and leaving just her in the Senate and is in and asked incomes of these is waiting to save my life what materials you have the most important not joking this is a story that we have heard this from my car rental and seven relating and so anyways invisible in the literature and that he sets it up his gas pump station and he passes himself in a Bible says and not Proverbs twenty eight verse one of the righteous are bold underline but the wicked flee when no man pursues and I'm not recommending of course that's a no you choose dental armed robbers in passable tracks but the we can definitely take over the gas stations and in different ways all right now it talked about a lot good way to get literature into the community the question is how quickly to have visited with a disinformation down but let's have in our lives were just it was pointless how can you get your present home doctor to have a caring literature do you know that back in nineteen thirty nine at ministry passing out twenty million tracks every year there at one point there were as many people coming into the church through literature evangelism as I work through the evangelists preaching and we have lost that there's a reason why I'm to talk about that in our next session but it would be if I remember that is but willing to people back into the habit habits H a B I T of carrying literature within were ever there so the rating below is not about a certain kind of tracts will you can pass out whatever you want as long as it's doctrinally correct is not a name it's the concepts of just taking the stuff with the worker is not even going door-to-door leader not although that is part of the program when you get into the higher levels of it we just want to the casings of them we let your home church and when you go back there he would get them into habit of sticking using the pocket all the time and came with them the license present right right now how can you get into how to get it to practical tips to make your literature habit one choose one spot in your house and your car to always put your literature I'm a little stack in my little Toyota Corolla I have a little pop out pocket being a village called this will pop out in the digger and a helmet will Jackson or whenever I buy my car go the grocery store or to go to whatever I'm doing I grandson tracks of their stick in my rear pocket am ready to go and if we do that it helps us renumber in fact I was chipotle recently while I'll have to skip the story but I'm sure with the on-site has viewed this delivered to use prayed during your devotional time for divine appointments that helps you get the right literature the right-hander the right time you know the Bible says Oracle labor 's were to take his yoke upon us whose yoke his yoke so are we doing this work by ourselves no were doing with him in fact Wells is it not the Bible but Mrs. White says that all heaven is awaiting a paraphrasing is waiting for us to get moving on evangelism and Angels are distributor help us out this next seminar Maxine and talk about several Angel stories from this last June through August of angels that we've had work with us in California were called for he was shot down but I'm going off on a tangent here where was I okay pray during emotional time for divine appointments the Lord is setting up to my appointments know it for you but for your church member that hard to get involved in passing out literature not too long ago you heard my decimated last night another woman in Arizona and it attracted on the bus he said I was just praying for sign of more than one commits suicide is about appointment and another one I have you heard Ira Myers hi yes like to your right idolizes Pasternak conference and I preaches church and we've started low over there and recently there was a person requested by studies in an Templeton which is where he's from here is my worker went over to the Templeton Scott to the lady 's house when the counselor house later launches his crimes like all of the house my subject was suicide so they run to Doctor fosters a twenty five -year-old guy sitting there his head in his hands tears coming down and they go Iver Myers and Cameron Senators are trying to comprehend and help them in the midst of their conversation the Bible calls article checks of the sky care I'm hurting digital when he sees it he says while he starts crying even more and more boards like they do something wrong he says no you don't understand this is the third time that I've gotten this tract in the past three consecutive days does God care that I'm hurting with drunken poinsettia story number one why did he get the tracks only times it it it's because those rentals and also because there was a lot of church members were passing out literature all throughout the community so he got in three different instances and that is what I'm talking organizer to my point was waiting for us out there Celeste Prater an emotional plan was to help us by the way slide it out using one spot for your literature one one girl she issued on the far right she had stuck the literature in her car in her SUV but I guess it wasn't passing out enough or something because guy actually decided to help her pass it out she was driving down the highway ten in LA when all of a sudden a cemented accident or as we actually ended up flipping over three times blast broke she came out unscathed and that she was sitting there and all the cars are parked on the freeway and some guy was helping her she opened her eyes and she saw over stuff strewn across the freeway annual was sure across the freeway below tracks and guess what the people in the cars would stop what they were doing they were picking up the book tracks and hey listen you want to double check actually always a part of the accident how do you think there again all right so just do some basics like I said you can use any current literature that you want to that's fine with these ones in particular the tracks you'll notice on the back panel we actually have information for a person to e-mail into us or to cause us or to snail mail right into us and that we had people sign for Bible study like crazy from all through those methods when they go to this website they can ask a purchase the great controversy online and purchase the desire it is unlikely that people from across United States buying books but it looks because a valuable tracts in an powerful and that of sexual Mrs. White says we should do I told as part of this obscure prophecy she says it are small tracks we should advertise for larger works so were trying to follow out her methodology there when a person calls in for correspondence Bible studies before that's relating facts lesser outside of the United States in particular differently and then it can you as an individual want to order any of these sleek and passing out what you want to do is call the phone number that's on the back development secretary Ms. Desiree and I can get the phone number afterwards five five nine three four seven three one five two but you can order them individually outweigh or if your church was to order them they can do that same way and then lastly check it out if if and when you guys graduate and start working for conference security problem conference and they put you in charge of like in the glow director something you can actually order a hundred thousand two hundred thousand tracks of the time and you can put your own contact information affected you that your church Doctor pastored a blow in the wind instruments started by one of our own contact information about we can work that out to some cost and that we can get that on the back personally I once I working on this one slide is awesome this is the Darth Vader them money and what Jack so here's the latest and greatest musical attracted out with as about a month ago this is called return to rest and it is a Sabbath tracks from the angle of getting rid of stress you how easy that is the hand of people you'd seriously he looked stressed out any Lavallee say stressed out to his will be dual stress in the scope of that right up in an listen Lord told to pay off once a week and house arrest right here is called steps to health this is on the new start principles nutrition exercise water sunshine something anyway there are this all right here two thousand twelve and the end of the world this is a glow track that is on many people 's minds when people are thinking about the end of the line calendars with encountering and is a movie out to them twelve people are saved by three arcs or something like that and this is a great one such on the second coming from the angle of two thousand twelve very evenhanded people called a gift for you at the home of salvation how easy would that be handsomely here's a gift for you and I take it you like this is cool in a recent and their six new public in the last one here is the attractive we have created for hollowing and begin hauling but you can use it year-round on the twilight series exposing twilight digital people young people were watching twilight are now across nine states many of them are getting involved in actual occultism and drinking blood and talks about that the stark reality of that in this tract was as associate vampires that they're there to pick it is willing to take your blood but Jesus gave his blood for you and I'm the truck on salvation so all those in the phone number now anyone actually start your church at home on below and you don't know how to do it very simple we made a video up on YouTube ten eight minute video interview practical steps on how to start this program nutrition get involved and so what you understood as DA below .org and you'll find a little button that says how to start your church on below and you just click that will take you right to the video SDA is an Seventh-day Adventist FDA glow .org our redfish up to quotes here as we have tenants left London's that Mister Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one if you have your Bibles relation Chapter eighteen verse one by the way to see as now the last seminar that were doing here right after this we had talked about literature distribution in this one the next organ talk about his literature sales if you look at this graph with me you'll notice it's literature evangelism the greater part only says that every church member can distribute literature right but she says that only some can get involved in at least selling literature but the ones who are get higher up and start selling it that is an amazingly powerful ministry and uninsured Ellen has a safe on call quartering and assured to a school that were starting in California to train people on that are sure to come the stories about how angels been working with us recently relation Chapter eighteen verse one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was what eliminated or brightened with his glory this is a symbolic picture of the last message I got has for this world and it's a message likes getting lights tour worlds one page at a time did you know that Mrs. Weiss says of this message but to go out she says that in a large degree you are publishing houses is to be accomplish the work that other Angel who comes down from heaven with great power zero two the score in other words when you and I go out and we put distraction people 's hands we are planting seed bitterness spring up for the harvest was a lot arranged for them their sense you are laying the foundation for this message by handing out a little track it's a small work but it's a powerful one and were to replace the harvest of souls the lettering comes in fact checked this out she says right here more than one thousand will soon be converted in one day most of whom will trace their first convictions to the reading of our publications how many would like to see a thousand people converted in one day I mean Mark Finley Alejandra Buie on whatever that's MBS priests and even with the Holy Spirit 's power in there to make decisions because they were the tracks before hand so my encouragement each and every one of us is let's be faithful in small things but continued it to the pass out literature whenever we have an opportunity keep it with you at all times and before you leave the seminar everyone to come right up to the front of your house literature we can put your hand so that he can let the rubber hit the road we can start passing the stuff out a spray father in heaven we thank you that we can we can spread this message board such a blessing for us and it's a blessing to the people receive the literature as well but I pretty good help us to be faithful in small things lords be faithful to look for opportunities to fish for men Lord Hunt for them as your profit plus why I pray that through the faithful efforts of those in this room spreading these little tracks across the world more than we might see a mighty harvest of souls and the latter rains poured out who made the decision because of the humble efforts before him father we ask these things and think your coordinates privilege of working with you and your you and your and this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and visit www. .com universe .org


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