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The Two Image Makers Part 2: The Image of Who's Creativity

Brian Dunne


Brian believes that agriculture is indeed the ABC of true education. This conviction has been developed and solidified by his long experience as a home gardener, by his seven years as a photographer at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and by his recent work of farming at one of our academies. 




  • October 16, 2010
    3:00 PM
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the law could not do another's week to the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us you walk not after the flesh not the spirit falls into education differences one of the main difference is not the only one is misunderstanding in the falsification of the image of God we will push people in the false educational system to excel in the external gets Google neglects to teach them the most important thing of all which is found in the word of God which is humility of soul love for others above myself she can teach that in a system that uses rivalry is a motivation can you little messier the Lord said he said that what is the what was the appeal of motive most often made the self-seeking just as such education is my own power phrase of which is in such education is not worthy to be called education because our central motive who saw the light Inc. in the veins of appliance goes through the whole thing is contaminated everything good apparently that we can do once it's derived from the automotive 's contaminated fall short of the glory of God and also my life was before I was a Christian unfortunately after became a Christian I fell back into that same confusion everything you look at in the media just about mixes good and evil it's not just about evil things to smart as it mixes good and evil and if you look at the pagan authors will toggle to some quotes about those they were gifted with great light and there was a man of great intellect but they rejected the revelation of God in nature and they had access to his word often times on the rejected that and they chose instead their own wisdom and as a result the gifts that God gave which are brilliance they used for the glory of Satan and Satan imparted to them special gifts in his charisma and people are still an enchanted by them when they read their writings and inducing out this date and things hurting the intellect he beguiled our parents after all you know I mean even if you wanted to sit down and talk to him you can amaze you but don't do it if you wanted to look at his are they good outstrip on the human heart is a brilliant musician and artist creatively got to take those gifts from him when he fell but he threw away the gift of the righteousness Excel and so these external gifts he uses them to dazzle us and he's using them to be dazzled the world today in the media and in the in the movies all so you know you'll notice that the ready are okay all right let's bow our heads I'm in New York and we need to nail if possible oh precious father we thank you for your great love and Lord please help us to understand what it is you want this is a lasting church 's latest CA what is you want us to manifest because me know what you tell us that we are often blind invisible wretched for thinking we are rich but not manifesting images you wanted in manifested not understanding the separation between darkness and light becoming confused over what constitutes riches when it's only the gold of Jesus faith and goodness and love help us we pray in Jesus name as we study the subject send your Spirit with us in JR legal to talk here in about ten minutes some only go fast as I can without getting into confusion hopefully but to image makers same idea right only two images in the universe Ephesians two you get a chance look at it if he has to run to bring it up here hopefully I have time Ephesians two twelve presents to pictures of humanity go those that are under the sun manifesting his glory and those that are under the prince of the power of the air doing the will of Satan even though they don't know what they are sermons on his the only way you can not be a servant of Satan is to accepting Jesus Christ high graders people in parts of the world don't even know the name of Jesus that are yielding to his influence upon the soul so not try to say that you know only this sector in the West to knows about Christianity manifesting God not saying that there are natives in the jungle who when they yield to an act of kindness are yielding to the influence of the Holy Spirit to what Jesus has prefer for the race what is made available for the race they don't have a full understanding that they are yielding to the influence of God so wanted you to understand that it's broader than just those who profess Christ through his makers in the universe the artisan design is the past but talk about those what do they do as an artist or an athlete or a warrior anybody who had a high gift or gift that we consider high their job was to be propaganda agents for the Empire without was it you didn't you know sell art on the street like people do now back then if you read this you are brought in under the Empire in your job on pain of death was ruled the empire was not a lot of freedom by Daniel the art his role was to what was to communicate the beliefs of the ruling empire that's what artists did and the rulers fast and quickly understood the need for ecumenical measures you know you just want to be great empire but there was a problem there were other empires around facilitating out for a quick humanism was sometimes the best way to stay on top what that means is you indoctrinate other people you captivate them like Daniel Roth about long and you treat them nicely the heads of state from various places send them back you try to be ecumenical because pretty soon empires realized that they weren't all-powerful that the use subverted means the sale top as well as shoal of power take the artists were very active in the ecumenical measure because they were the advertisers they had their billboards in all on the greater result was a billboard in the great Singson that the great images like Nebuchadnezzar 's Golden image that was their billboards and nothing really has changed under the sun discovered is bit more technological with it but it's all the same day the artists actors athletes lawyers they were all in one group and outlaws they were agents of the empire to for Trey what the F are wanted which was at that particular race of people was superior to other races and if you wanted to be superior you need to become part of his uvula percent right artist scales were looked on as deified the image of God after all if you have creative ability her intellectual ability or athletic ability is not the image of God while it is certain qualified census skills are from God 's image monies may but are not by themselves the image of God in fact they could be used against the image of God so I've been told over and over again both in Christian institutions ended non-Christian institutions that what I'm doing is manifesting in Ghana to my heart it depends what my heart says depends on my arts is just doing something skillful is the image of God artist scales the art of ancient Greek theater you know what the bottom line of great theater was intergovernmental or stuff like me to watch Star Trek you could probably tell me I used to be addicted to the media a lot and I watched all the science fiction in on it was mighty one what is the basic lie that they spread young yeah yeah not as a humanistic you notice yes it they show the great controversy things interested for trying himself great controversy but always as the good guy and so my travels throughout the universe and all these races that all messed up he fixes that Star Trek 's new theme but only an indissolubility mother really bring out no man is involved slyly to the point where I don't did you know that the ancient Greeks had the same idea in their theater and knowledge different Hollywood today basically not always trying to the trustees or call Greek tragedies and we tried to the desk you know this guy murders his wife and then he does something good and he does something bad but in the end of it all he overcomes it all and mankind is immortal because after all even though I died my son lives in that weather polis said they were gods gods are made because in dying in other lids and they were trying to find a way through mortality at a loss fit but they're trying to commit themselves to the be the wiles of Satan already we did lose a remarkable non- immortality as always always been in one form or another but the art of the ancient great theater was to tell you that your humanity is the image of God that you are a God and that ultimately man is great and shall overcome all obstacles bottom line of Greek theater is much different than Hollywood and rewatch the movies hopefully you've learned that is not the place to go to learn anything but you know when I'm gone for media I use media I believe in using the camera it don't get me wrong but the devil knows that the user very well and he instills in those stories below hi all Nebuchadnezzar 's image not never never shown an image it was a image on the human and God said anything founded upon the fallen ideas of man is not going to stop unwanted crush that image and under my song follow me as the great God not this image that all the empires agreed upon was the image which was a false image Nebuchadnezzar use an imaging God knew what it meant and so when he is the golden image you know God is not the snorkel to be that way never because it was making a statement he was saying man's ways are going to prevail fraternity and forth I'm the realization of the greatest of men and God said but he wasn't the only one you know we have that Egyptians doing the same thing they made up a call colossus sees gray images and statues to show the greatness of man props up later in David's in Michelangelo 's David it's a colossus is uncircumcised you got a great hairstyle and his new obit were hybridizing the Christian ideas the Greek ones now you see Rome love the Greeks like some of the things about Christianity they really like the Greeks and so they marry the two together and you have David is really supposed to be the image of a youth who has no strength against this great giant doesn't have the skilled doctors do this giant but he believes in a God who can understand Michelangelo shows it is great David was a colossus and he's got this know Arnold Schwarzenegger almost building perfect and if the Greek ideal of the image of God that you see in the Michelangelo 's David no later honesty to be a change in Michelangelo he had a woman friend who is involved in the Reformation spirit I think it might have gotten to him because later on he he shows Christ not a colossus and he shows Peter with his arms around Christ and is a different picture there may think that it was the face of Michelangelo that was the model for Peter that he use his own face in his arms around Christ interesting we don't know for sure but you do see a change in his work out of all this came to classical belief that are advanced creative geniuses is close to strengthen God in all anti-Christian offers that make this claim but man's creative geniuses is close to straight to God CS Lewis talking where they get from falling positivism imbibed it from Romanism Romanism invited from the Greeks the Greeks imbibed it from the Babylonians about always gotten Egyptians Egyptians got it from that the Bolivian villagers got a phone cane and McCain got it from it's not our creative ability is no higher than our other mental abilities it's a gift from God but it doesn't make me like God Satan is very creative in fact if you are to go head-to-head with Satan I should say that he would outdo you incredibly would you agree I think so does he have the image of God in him absolutely not he's dark like okay so I been taught this sudden thought is in Christian schools are my gift of art was given to God my gift to compete against others in the legs and when was the image of God out of all this came exhaustively than our creative genius is the closest trade or likeness of man to his God and he deformed as both as Romans one the image of God here on and with this statement in studying secular artist secularized schools and began to notice this core element of their religion it is that human imagination is deified and thought to be man's highest attribute it is reminiscent of Nero 's last words Nero wanted to be a great athlete and a great artist and actor he acted in the theaters Melissa people would say that so they be carried out because once you start acting law for hours and hours and are finally meet greet and sometimes and but he was a total failure as a politician he destroyed Rome he was full against the Christians and finally committed suicide when they were chastened him to get him finally when he was deposed losses power and he killed himself and said plus an artist I go to stop me he thought he thought he was great in the way he died it was a travesty he was so cruel that he kicked became a lay for the theater one night at the PBS that you watch PBS if another documentaries just about historical information but the he kicked his wife in the stomach she was pregnant on both her and the child by but he was manifesting image of God because in such an artist nothing at all the races fixed so he'd win in Illinois we want to be on the court indicated in BPM Greenwich are erased here you lose your head you know so anyway he was he was a lover of the Greeks and I guess great people because Paul tells us that both Jews and Greeks in Christ are fulfilled under the image of God in Christ not against the Greeks but I'm just against the human fallen idea about the image of God okay there are many Greeks accepted Jesus run even when the Jews didn't the Roman church fathers leaving the cutting truth of the Word of God became more and more enamored with the beliefs of the greatest and adopt them into hybridized Christianity Thomas Aquinas is one of theologians that was really enamored with Socrates and Aristotle Plato brought their ideals of the image of God into quote Christian education they came to exalt this idea about the gift of art and craft was in itself evidence of human bearing dust the preaching of the biblical faith morality and you know the wines in the building of monstrous cathedrals increased at the cost of the common labor and I'm not against the beauty of architecture but I wanted to see how it was used in the church that fell they were losing the image of God in their hearts and they covered it up with the external slits build bigger buildings with more rituals let's they love competition with building arenas that have a drama to use drama even the Reformation to counteract Reformation about the calf so anyway on and there are a lot more about these going to come and share a little bit of his experience coming from the world and being immersed in it and how God basically set them free and shown in the image of God or forwarded intellect about our prayer is Lord blesses deadly father I thank you Lord for bringing us all together the seventh day I asked Laura to you will bless this testimony that you open our hearts and our years that you'll empower minority shareholder wondrous things at you life he promised Lord to give us power to become your witness if also promised that for two or more are gathered together in your name and your fairness please be with us now look in Jesus name we pray and originally from Los Angeles California as writer of life of Internet advertising industry since nineteen ninety four I primarily worked in direct mail marketing business and consumer loans database management I created and managed national campaigns for the following companies Experian Staples check bank ING direct and a host of other information and financial services companies over the last ten years of no close of twenty five million direct mail advertising not an expert in advertising but I do have enough experience to know how advertisers think and how they operate and direct mail any person has an address as a filler is a is a prospect or potential customer in the media TV cable Internet and radio any person that has eyes to see and ears to hear as a potential prospect for future customer the total spending by one hundred leading to the advertisers in nineteen ninety three was over fifteen billion dollars so by now that amount was that the war or even from the problem with advertising today is not so much advertising itself because without advertising we would know that most businesses wouldn't survive and we when we were ever limited variety of goods and services to choose from the problem with advertising today is one of the main issues is that Satan has incorporated into so much of advertising that we see the lust of the flesh the less civilized than the prior life as one of the reasons why we see so much pornography all over society and print media on the Internet and even cable TV I like to read to you an excerpt from any of the day as a master of the mind sciences Satan understands and uses avenues of the senses to communicate his messages to the brain without question the most effective way for him to lead into transgression of God 's law is through the appeal of the sensory powers by means of correct channels of communication which dominate our present evil world Satan accesses the powerful visual and auditory paths to reach and captivate the mine the control center of all this is an action understanding the vulnerability of that mind he has exploited the natural laws that God is set up for protection of our mental and physical powers one of those laws decrees that by beholding we become changed by choosing to look at scenes of purity and righteousness human beings can cooperate with the Holy Spirit and restoring the image of God to follow a man that's page eleven the Bible says that Satan is the Prince of power and air in Ephesians two two so in essence he has power and influence over what we see and what we hear according to the word of God what we allow ourselves to listen to and hear shapes our minds shapes and molds are characters Paul was inspired to write in English and six be not deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man so if nationality also read pretty that sells to the flesh so of the flesh reap corruption but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the flesh reap everlasting life many today are being conditioned to accept the ungodly and many souls are being deceived because of a wrong because of a misunderstanding of this principle today I like to share with you some of the devices Satan uses to ensnare people in his routes like most advertisers Satan uses image branding via saturation through constant bombardment of the same messages or images until it breeds familiarity in the mind analog music most of us are aware error of the fact that we can hear a platoon or we hear the melody of the song they might have been assigned to be heard in over ten or fifteen years but instantly the words replay are mine we can recall that sound the slaughter those lyrics is like we heard the music yesterday and that's how our mind works with images we may not know that these images are being stored in your brain for subliminal TV advertisements or direct mail or the radio warming through the visual senses or of our big guys give us but they're there in the background and we will review other images that can bring back triggers and bring back the memories of what we say Satan knows that saturation and repetition works well the more we see it the more we hear it the more they remember it and accepted is not working I worried it will respond to the images or to the tube in the lyrics and the music immediately because the seeds of benzoyl a thirty second Super Bowl promo cost between two and three million dollars and are corporations that lineup for the spot each year because they know effectiveness thirty seconds of imagery is online I know that there what they're trying to convey to what they're trying to promote all they need is thirty seconds because that's all short period of time that it needs they need to for that fact the goal is to get our attention just for a few seconds remember David David saw Bathsheba bathing across all about okay were building and HELOC the problem wasn't very long for the problems that continue to look in your hands are away and most of us are familiar with the story that looking weblogging blogging let a lasting and he ended up committing adultery and in the murder and David after he sought the Lord repented he had this testimony that he would not set any unclean thing are you moving forward lies advertisers they always show us the complete picture of the truth often times there is truth mixed with error I think about it we see so many ads of people have a good time at a party might drink and all they don't show us the individual has addicted to alcohol they'll show the families are being torn apart and lies are being destroyed because of individual it leaves the bar and kills innocent couple on as well Margaret will not call her father so I know exactly you know that the damage that is done through addiction of uses the most appealing and exciting imagery to draw our attention know some of you here that that have TV sets at home you are from Europe when he turned on the TV set you change the channel almost compulsively until you find something that you see you to fit your fancy well that's interesting amusing those of you watching for her couple seconds also boringly a chainsaw while it's pretty exciting for mines are being drawn to two what is exciting and was appealing to the carnal nature of advertising especially on TV is not real estate only compares everyday life because they take something as mundane as one watching washing dishes and they make it look like it's exciting or exhilarating but it's a everyday function that we partake of it is not no money comes in the room and their dance then order the other their bebop and then but that's not reality you know wasn't watching this is pretty Monday we submitted your asked yourself why is there so much excellent violence into the invite anyone an answer quickly while advertisers use sex and violence on TV as a pro in price and in promos and entreaties as a hook to draw viewers into the program sex and violence is an effective promotional tool to sell everything from bubblegum to cars that we see we see promos on TV rather villages select Paris Hilton sell barter the girl from your euro that commercial came out she basically had no very skimpy clothing a figure that was the promos for Carl's Jr. previews only have a short amount of time to show something interesting enough to attract it so that's what we season of sex and violence in most promos contain several scenes thus propagating efforts to explain the plot in ten or twenty seconds was so little time to grab our attention and the easiest thing to future are those things that require little explanation sex and violence what impact this is having our children there is a statistics on what the charity of what to pick a few minutes to share with you on what impact this is having on the children of the society in today's age ever hi I've just been watching TV every day is four hours forty four percent of kids say that they want something different when their parents are not at home twenty five percent of that group said in Washington he is sixty six percent of children ages ten to sixteen 's survey say that their peers are influenced by TV shows sixty two percent say that sex on TV and movies influences kids to have sex at an age where two young according to the Nelson group that from which the survey was taken the top twenty five TV shows the top TV shows for twelve to seventeen -year-old girls are American Idol the OC will and grace and one tree Hill ABC's desperate housewives is the most popular broadcast network television show with kids ages nine to twelve according to the Nelson steps this was reported in January of oh five so I can imagine is much worse now just watching between ages nine and twelve does Riles lies loneliness and assembly will but it shows that it shows why society has evolved to where it now why things are getting so bad what incidents awaken society is because of the things that we are allowing to come into our minds through the visual senses and through hearing children spend more time watching television than any other activity except sleep television reaches our children at a younger age for more time than any other socializing institution except the family television alone his response whatever so while according to the American psychiatric Association for the last two decades the one predominant finding and research on the mass media is a television in exposure to mediate the trails of violence increases aggressive behavior in children the cumulative cumulative impact of violence laden imagery can lead to I mean moral perspective in which viewers haven't unrealistically dark view of life now some of us are meant maybe most of us remember the Columbine shootings Amira shooting soon so that we all will are all familiar with what they were doing before the shootings and things that they were involved in videogames and music that all of those things that they were beholding were pretty much they can and they were anti- God and even one of the shooters think one of shooters targeted Christians of the school that it is goes to show that the things that we can listen to the things that we allow ourselves to behold that it has an effect on our minds and our spirits the average child will watch eight thousand murders on TV before finishing up elementary school by age eighteen average American has seen two hundred thousand acts of violence on TV including forty thousand murders if by beholding we become change could this be why Jesus said in Matthew twenty four twelve speaking of one of the signs that would pursue his return and because iniquity shall abound the love of many would wax cold Jesus looking down through time must of seen the effects of the media especially on the Minotaur always the perfect like a related I'm a personal custom land like to take a few minutes to share with you about my stepson Joshua just made fifteen and March of this year and he was a fight at school where he later learned that the individuals that he was fine with me posted the video on the Internet and he was so embarrassed and shocked by by that event that you cannot handle it and locations life as happened in the mail this year after the funeral I got a chance to see the stuff that jostles listening to on his life was the spring was the same stuff in order of listening to kill Tupac biggie smalls all the rappers glorify death and an new construction I talked to some of his family members afterwards and they said that his favorite TV show was the first forty eight is anybody here from our professional firms for you and the reason I was for sure that this these things out and influence on this because the fifteen year years old you don't know how to go into the bathroom and take a pillow and shoot yourself so that you and your family members on here in a subcommittee song to average fifteen -year-old doesn't make those types of plans news and documents inside I believe that Satan is using advertising is a tool of further his agenda image drawing salts this tactics are still the same from the beginning in God 's word says that his assault for the end will intensify will increase because he knows his time is short I like to read twelve patriarchs and prophets the love they have someone's relevance of the time there were eleven Satan is using every means in a crime into basing vice popular we cannot walk the streets of our cities without encountering flaring notices of crime presented in some novel or to be acted at some creator the mind is educated to familiarity will send the course pursued by the base and the file is kept for the people in the periodicals of the day and everything that can excite passion is brought before them and exciting stories they hear and read so much of the basin crime that the one tender conscience which would every quarrel with horror from these scenes becomes hard and they dwell upon these things ingredients roots many of the amusements popular in the world today even with those that are proclaiming Christians since it the same and as those that of the even there are indeed few among them that Satan does not turn to account in destroying cells through the drama he has worked for ages to excite passion to glorify violence the opera with his fascinating display and bewildering music the masquerade the dance card table Satan employs to break down the barriers of principle and open the door to sensual indulgence in every gathering for pleasure were pride is fostered an appetite is indulged where one is led to forget God in lose sight of internal interests there Satan is binding his chains about the soul is a powerful truth from the writings of Ellen G White many times while working on projects for clients I've had to compromise some of my convictions in order to satisfy my customers request I remember one of one project I worked on was asked to design a postcard that was catchy and requires nudity I was already mailing millions of postcards with his clients and for this customer dialogues our relationship with them so starved for me to say no even though I had told him it was a bad idea and we even had to get approval from the post office in order to to get an exception from our house expose supposed to schism during the design process I had to search for images to find one that fit his specifications for this new promo during Aaron for interim I probably scamper over a thousand images I was exposed to many other sexually related images and I cannot get the images out of my mind looking back now there is no amount of money that would put me in a position again I have to consecrate myself to God compared to prior and asking the cleanse my mind and my spirit from those images I have one more little short excerpt I like to read from picture arts and profits because it's really relevant yet we have a work to do to resist temptation those who were not fall prey to Satan 's devices must guard well avenues of the soul they must avoid reading seeing hearing that which will suggest accurate thoughts the mind should not be left to wander at random upon every subject that the adversarial souls may suggest a when I was eight years old life in order of the California homeless markdowns from New Orleans Louisiana I was a well-known of the New Orleans early summer to visit my grandmother one summer while we were there my house thereof my brother grandmother 's house and my mom sister was there also and she had been separated from her husband who had been in Vietnam and he came over to see her and so we went inside and said Andronico we like to Sylvester 's jersey you want to want you on talk to him so she went out and talk to him and we went inside and just looked up the screen door or they were conversing and HR five five and she dropped to the ground he ran around the corner of ensemble high school and shot himself in his life he knows all as it was a really understand what was going on at the time but that those images stuck in my mind and start right away from home in thirteen years old I started using cocaine and my first time you incarcerated in the fourteen that I continue along the path until I ended up in prison eight enough for a found Jesus and asked him to come in from our phone know what some image of surveillance poses angry and and the felt hopeless and we feel that we as a kid and you don't have parents that they need to talk to start you tend to focus your attention to the things of the world the things that John has exhorted us about love and lust of the flesh lusts of eyes and the pride of life and so many souls are being destroyed today because because of the focus that splits on those things one housing program I went to prison all strung out on Panama for five different addiction those of because are all cocaine methamphetamines I was addicted to last thousands of the degree goes doing crimes for my habit puzzling how can California time and that was basically know how somebody young and during a time behavior is a listened Snoop Dogg some of himself and that the youngster listen to the Ya remember distinctly driving down the street wasn't his name and the layers went something like you know I probably shouldn't repeal but not to the picture of so I'm know we all have choices to make everyday in our lives whether for good or for evil I think the Lord is given as the standard rooms lawfully by a was very successful in advertising business because I play by the rules of the world but I was at the time I was not successful in my relationship with the Lord but I leave behind those things that would understand God 's will for our sanctification and but I leave behind those things that would hinder the process I encourage you you continue your walk with the Lord to discontinue a consecrate yourself and read the word every day and pray everyday is very important because that's the only way that we will know what is Willows thank you again in my first testimony is witness for God 's power Anthony and his vicariate general blessing to me as our closing prayer but his father thank you for Anthony Jerry and accepted Israel's message and want to glorify you you have shown your power to transform lives in the audience you are struggling with addictions or maybe we realize now that we do have an addiction we didn't see before we are called by Christ to give place to his glory not to do him body Temple the inhabitation for the inhabitation of the enemy with his images suggestions his words his appeal to the lower nature how crucify self to your power be crucified and from there for you to beat on anything you create is the very beginning more glory is to rule this media was lying audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain you visit www. .com universal .org


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