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  • August 13, 2010
    7:00 PM
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at everyone him and him trying to get used to the weather changes because I'm coming from Georgia where it is sweltering hot in the noun here in California Santa Barbara where is conical tonight but I'm grateful to God to bless all of us to be here I'm trusting that you all have come with the next case is closer to Jesus is that right if there's any other reason you giving in the wrong place all here because we know that this somewhere in our lives we don't have the connection with Christ as we should but by the grace of God tonight we want to have what I want to let you know that if you do not have an opportunity to hear the voice of Jesus tonight it will not be because Jesus is not speaking but it will be because perhaps we did not have used the facilities that tonight we want to make sure by the grace of God that every single one of us whatever the distractions on whatever stressing on your mind right now that's distracting you from possibly hearing God speak to you I'm an encouragement to make a very special prayer in your hearts and will at least give me years to hear that I can be focused that when you spirit speaks to me that I'll be able to hearing and that I'll be able to file you will I promise you Christ is 's tonight is something very special Jesus was just eighties and every one of us I'll be honest with you this is a phenomenal environment to do this reminds me of just the stories that are readable where God 's people would come together in mountains and wilderness and type places where they would come together to study the word of God that they can better understand God 's will for their lives as they knew that they were called to do a very special work in the final generation facilities that tonight with and do the same thing so before we go into our meeting tonight I want to invite each and every one of us to bow our heads as we approach God 's throne Interior Ministry father in heaven Lord we are grateful to bless each and every one of us to make it safely through another week we watched over us hear from eyes toward a new grant us various provisions that allowed us to be here tonight every single one of us we've come here with a great expectation we want to hear not the voice of a man but we want to hear the voice of the only man that counts and that is the man Christ Jesus we pray that he would truly be the one to speak to are very marked manner so that we will be able to say that we have heard reports of our separate and as faithful city we will follow him wheresoever he made me so more God whatever distractions that would plague our minds and causes what not to commune with heaven we pray please remove the we pray that you would bind every demonic spirit that we try to hinder us from receiving the blessing that you have in store for us on this your holy Sabbath day and father would bring and what even giving thanks because we know that you have heard the prayer of faith and therefore we accept by faith that you have already answered you have already supplied the blessings we need most speak to our hearts tonight we ask for we ask it in Jesus name amen now I want to let you know if you don't have a Bible you already crippling yourself in reason why say they miss you don't have it tonight I understand is coming so therefore you not to be able to get it tonight but come tomorrow make sure you never come here without you by the last thing you want to do is to get opinion of the man is that right that's the last thing you want it within your nipping is a met all our lives in the Bible says in Jeremiah seventeen verse five this is cursed to be the man that puts his trust in me and maketh flesh his arm so the last thing we want to do is put our trust in what a person says but the Bible also says in Jeremiah seventeen seven a phase blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is every single one of us and I would literally stand between the balances of curses and blessings it is to be your decision if you chose to hear the opinions of men and to embrace that is true Bible promises you occurs but if you chose to hear the words of God and embrace that as true the Bible promises you a blessing I believe every single one of us came for blessing is that right so therefore we want to make sure that was setting the word of God now you go to do the best that you can with the amount of lighting that we have but I want enjoy your attention to a very specific point even it's on your Bibles of the book of Luke chapter four for those of you who have your Bibles with you we're going to the book of Luke chapter four I was at a church and I was actually speaking the word of God to a group of individuals what happened was that with an elder that was there and as the elder was listening to me he said listen you know what I appreciate the thing that you shared in their favor come by my church I want to talk to my young people as are not a problem and it turned out that he had over ninety young people in his church so we had a very large group so here it is I came out there and I saw these brothers and sisters now this was in the African-American community and this is where a lot of individuals were plagued by the things that typically plague be used in the African-American community enemies while saying that is because they were individuals that it pants hanging on the backside of the people like that pants hanging on their backside bagel Astros and is walking and looking like they could care about nothing and watching all these brothers come in and they look at me like what in the world even if you just a narrative that I'm coming to this Bible study has even come in and I see the young ladies they got skirts real hot cleavage low just you know acting like whatever I don't know what it is that there was on their minds but it seemed like the last thing in the world that they were interested in was anything that had to do with God they did not want to read the Bible but in one study but nevertheless they came to the class so here I've said before up the ninety plus young people in cinema so father I would need a special blessing from heaven to talk to these brethren and here is that as I was walking with them and I started to find out if it wasn't what's on your mind you the elder brought me here to study with you what is a guess on your mind and they began to share with me what we got questions about this we have questions about that and it's not going on and on and if they would let me ask you a question at based on a share with me what was on them I miss address your question what do you think it was that made the ministry of Jesus so powerful after you do a great Jesus 's ministry was powerful right now would we agree that Jesus 's ministry without no one would disagree with that right so therefore what was it that you think that made Jesus 's ministry so powerful this was the question that I asked them and him asking you tonight what would you say if someone has to listen to you think the ministry of Jesus as powerful as would be what yes now at the present day and said what was it about Jesus that you think made his ministry so powerful what would your answer be to live the life God anything else the fact that he was healing people okay good anything else he had a way to reach every individuals minds to meet their needs very powerful now let us show you something to add to everything you just put on the show you one of the most foundational reasons why Jesus 's ministry was so powerful that when I share this with them I said and as you find out what made Jesus 's ministry so powerful maybe you might discover why your ministry is so weak and eleven you are looking at me I got their attention out I was given a real with them a syllabus of the keep it real generation I cannot play games with you which is defined by the conclusion of this weekend ladies and gentleman 's time is almost finished and the last thing in the world and on the to do is come here to give you some type of flowers smooth message to make everybody feel good in their sins understanding that we are not prepared for the things is getting ready to come into this world and take the majority of the people in this world as an overwhelming surprise by the grace of God we have to enter into a experience with Jesus that's so real that it won't his last full weekend but in the last for the rest of our days here it isn't the Bible says in the fourth chapter of your loop the fourth chapter a message and let me know by saying amen in Luke chapter four Jesus made a very powerful statement as he was coming to the church and it starts in Luke chapter four verse sixteen now know for the Bible says in fact let's read together the objective for an verse sixteen here's what the Bible says it says in Luke four sixteen and he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for me it says and there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Isaiah 's and we open the book he found the place where it was written not been a favorite read this verse with me verse eighteen is says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor yet sent me to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year of the Lord now keep in mind what just happened is something that was normal now you know how it is when you go to church the always is a money descriptor reading now here it is that's all Jesus was doing up until this point it was natural it was normal for individuals it comes in a synagogue pick up a scroll from one of the prophets and read from it nothing special about it and so it is that Jesus he comes into the synagogue and he does what everybody else that he begins to read it but notice what verse twenty says there was something about the way Christ writing that was different from other people normally written in seven verse twenty is says in verse twenty and he closed the book any game again to the minister and sat down read that sentence with me and the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him so here it is Jesus he comes before the congregation he opens up the book of Isaiah envisions the reinvestment of the Lord is upon me and so on and so forth and it's like the people are looking at him and be listening to him and something is going on in them I'm guessing you know what is not just reading it like somebody was given a job to read it seems that when Christ was reading these words it is almost as if he bitterly the words he was speaking not only that but notice what he says in verse twenty one and here is the secret of Christ power in his ministry but when the Bible says in verse one read with me it's fast and he began to say unto them what this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears CSS know where he was in prophecy when Jesus lived on Earth Brothers insisted he was not just walking around and be in vain acting like he was some type of spec that was visible to be counted amongst a number of other specs in the world Jesus knew that his life had purpose and he understood the purpose of his ministry understanding is quality he always knew where he was in prophecy and that's why when he read the spirit of the Lord is upon me he understood that what I'm reading to you I am living it right before you right now the very spirit of God that Isaiah was saying disciplined some individuals to do all these great words you say I'm that individual he understood where he was in prophecy the reason why many of us also week in our walk with God is because we had no clue where we are in prophecy many of us today we have no idea what's my role why why do I just watched the part that I'm supposedly in my existence on his you think that God wakes up every day to waste breath when God wakes you up everyday is because the of the divine purpose and calling in your life and he is waiting for you to capture the vision that you might fulfill that calling that's the reason why you so why is the reason why sometimes the individuals unfortunately they don't wake up but you still woke up God wants you to understand that giving great purpose is a great calling that he's placed on your life and by the grace of God you need to understand that tonight we are too many individuals today who named the name of seventh day Adventist but they do not know what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist and it is by the grace of God that the night with her to see if you seen when the Bible tells us about the history of God last date searched many people go to Revelation chapter twelve do you know the real history of God last nature is not necessarily found in Revelation twelve but it's aptly found in Revelation chapter ten and you will find in Revelation chapter ten there was a great work that God had placed upon the hearts and minds of his people as it relates to his last day charged with their last day message and I want to see what it is going to the book of Revelation the tenth chapter in Revelation chapter ten I want to see what the Bible says when you get there let me know by saying amen in Revelation the tenth chapter I wanted to see how godly this out yet that is then I would want to be able to go point by point what I want to do is you want to go ahead and make this part of your study you want to go back and one a study in Revelation chapter ten and you want to study a point by point verse by verse there is a wonderful book called event of his written by Ellen White this book actually talks about the various ways to do evangelist at work one on page three hundred and sixty three on that very same book and Ashley talks about how God 's people when they come together it says in place of so much sermonizing imprisons them is what is in place of so much Simon I think this is God 's people should be coming together to study text by text to know what they believe God wants us to get to a point that we are no longer ignorant Christians people go to church say amen to a whole bunch of stuff that we no sentiment for positive I want to get to appointment to become intelligent and understand what you believe and the only way we can do that is not my sitdown was into a predictable forty fifty five minutes and here it is he only gets wanted to Bible verses but what we have to do is get the study text by text and know what we believe and so it is that on one of the homework assignment and they give you is that one encourages study Revelation chapter ten text by text verse by verse it literally is a walk through history bringing you all the way up to the rise of the seventh day Adventist movement and hereinafter as this movement started to come together it was a great Harold there were individuals who was studying the book of Daniel and the book of Daniel became open to individuals it was close for period of time but then shortly after seventeen ninety eight all of a sudden the book of Daniel became open Internet is an incredible interest in also amazing I literally remember being in school and studying this I was raised in a public school system and I did not like history I couldn't stand the class I hated it when he learned that in those very same classes I remember studying about something called the great disappointment that has a son about his great disappointment at the place in eighteen forty four with this group called the middle right I didn't understand it then but now I've learned my word look at it I was studying what the Bible 's teaching and didn't even know it here as it has it was a study in the book of Daniel they began to understand that there was a time of which is Jesus they thought was going to come in and started to spread that they might wildfire started going all over the world they literally got the many people all over the planet to believe Jesus was about to come they said he was an accommodating forty four they tasted almost prophecy found in Daniel seven eight verse fourteen where seventy two thousand three hundred days based on the Saints were declines they thought the saints were constituted to solicit while the cleansing of the sites where deals with judgment according to Leviticus sixteen and Leviticus twenty three well that means that God is good it doesn't help anything twenty four and as a result of that they went around that anybody gave everyone a come to Jesus with an account when your heart and octagon it sees as a clinical and as they began to do that many people believe that the leaders of history bulging leaders in Wikipedia or any of these things and here it is at the people coming together and believing all these things eighteen forty four gaming gets what Jesus did not come in as a result of that fact that Jesus did not come it said that Dylan experienced that the placement of Revelation chapter ten and I want to notice what the Bible says in revelation the tenth chapter if you say men it says in Revelation chapter ten and I want to see what the Bible says within the go-ahead and start adversely this is a revelation to anniversary and a voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again and said go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel with standards upon the sea and upon the earth and I went on to the age of the seventh and give me the little book now again this little book is talking about the book of Daniel now watch this it says and I went into the angel and seventeen give me the little boat and he said unto me take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey now when they first started the book of Daniel and when they saw that their precious Savior whom they said that they loved and demonstrated that they love when they believed he was coming that is a gentleman it was the sweetest thing in the world can you imagine that if USC had a date and you know that Jesus the one whom you love the door to give your life to was actually getting ready to come and take it home and when obviously so it is that it was sweet in her mouth but when Jesus did not come in eighteen forty four honey and they are waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and in Christ never showed up late is in Gemini promising it was sweet in their mouth but it was bitter in the ability and after this had taken place God I've said something very special and this is where the arise of the Seventh-day Adventist movement comes into the picture notice what it says in relationship within notice what it says in verse ten is safe and I took the little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and I still own a riding it my belly was bitter verse eleven is key it says and he said unto me thou must do what thou must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and Kings the very messages that they were giving a message of judgment the very messages that they were giving a method of Babylon and calling people out of the confusion they said the Bible says that they would have to prophesy again there was going to be a movement that Revelation chapter ten Saul was going to come up on the same after this great disappointment that was going to prophesy again and give no right understanding of something very special in the Bible found in Revelation fourteen joined Bibles of the book of Revelation the fourteenth chapter in Revelation chapter fourteen Karen is that we find the end time gospel message you remember Jesus said in Matthew twenty four fourteen he said and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and it will happen Vivian 's outcome right now here it is all we had to do was look throughout the Bible where do we find a gospel being preached that after is being preached then comes in a summary of Revelation fourteen chapter in relations of the fourteenth note is what it says in verse six it says in Revelation fourteen six and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell upon the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people so coinciding with Revelation ten eleven we decided it would have to prophesy again to every nation kindred tongue and people not have revelation fourteen saying that because there's analyzing gospel to the messenger was gone throughout the world 's leading every nation kindred tongue and people know about something called the ever lasting gospel now watch this from verse seven all the way the verse twelve you find out what constitutes this everlasting Gospel in a comedy Angels messages three Angels messages the first Angels message with a call to judgment it was a called individual to let them know that judgment is not something that is coming my judgment has already what come it is already begun understanding of Revelation twelve twenty two tells us that when Jesus comes if you come in to give judgment know the Bible says is coming to give what we wore its so therefore a judgment has to proceed a reward brothers and sisters understand we living in the time of judgment right now right now God is looking at your life and you looking at my life and he's not paying attention to what we do in front of one another necessarily because you know we all not act sometimes we get around to get in becoming to groups like this everybody's is happy Sabbath and praise the Lord for brothers and sisters what are we like when the sunsets and the Sabbath was over what are we like when we go throughout the week where we like when we're not a charge environment when I would buy ourselves are we still representing the very character God says you must understand that we living in a time of judgment we living in a time when God is scrutinizing the life he's looking to see do you reflect Miami's because if I can make it plain to you is only one thing Jesus is coming back for he's coming back for group of mirrors Jesus is coming back for a group of people that he can see himself in Jesus is coming back from everything these to make sure can I see myself in you or do I see another image of another person and so it is that the judgment message was one that would be going that was going on and in the second Angels message Babylon is fallen as far they had to say that I do and then there was the start Angels message which warned about the beast and his image now the thing I wanted to catch as this cannot is that God said we have to prophesy again God says we must understand that we living in the time of judgment right now this is not the time to play games and to keep dinner laying the experience we need out with Jesus now so that for now I wanted to see something while God 's people are to understand as well as heralds of the world that we are living in the time of judgment and we need to get our hearts right with God lives in seventy one here the side commentary of what the prosthetic utterings of Jesus as dull to the book of Revelation chapter three in Revelation chapter three we now find that while God was telling his people that they were living in the time of judgment God had a very special message to give to the same people who were called to let the world know that we living in a time of judgment got actually said I have something very important to say to my very people who are the people of the judgment and a sudden revelation the third chapter and when you get there let me know by saying amen in Revelation chapter three notice what the Bible says in verse fourteen Revelation chapter three verse fourteen the noise is not because ladies and gentlemen this statement what we're reading right here does not apply to the person to our writer left it applies to us this is a statement that we must be willing to accept and with that experience the healing that only Jesus can give Bible says in Revelation three and verse fourteen is safe and unto the angel of the church of the loudest stadiums right and where there was a place called a lot loud to see and hear is that he said the church of the loudness in the word loud the CME is a judge people now remember we are a people is getting a message of what judgment and here is that now got fifth I have a message to my judge people and here it is God says in verse fourteen and unto the angel of the church is allowed to see his right you said we had when the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God God says I know thy works number and the sisters we have to make something clear though we can do a lot of things in this world and quite honestly we can fool man they are many things we can do it as well to make things look pleasing and make it look nice God says I know your works God makes it clear that no matter how much we try to put on certain imagery not how much we try to put up a certain front was certain before others God said I know your works guys I know what's going on in your heart remember first Samuel sixteen seven the Bible says that God does not look on the outward appearance it says God looked upon the heart and therefore we have to understand we are not called to be a bunch of actors know that when Jesus would say woe to you Pharisees hypocrites remedy this was that he was able to write that the twenty three because of well to you Pharisees hypocrites do not have the greatest the actual word hypocrite means after you guys that I don't want my people to become a bunch of actors I want my people to do something on the outward best not genuinely coming from the inside today you have a group of individuals that they either will do church service but they will do what a perverted motive that some people do Bible studies and the only reason they donate it so they can be recognized and perhaps when a trophy of some other award the asset ministers will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and able to attend meetings and do all these great things just so that they can baptize a certain number of individuals and reported to a conference or they can be recognizing the next great evangelist they are people who can do a great one but have a perpetrated motive and God says I know thy works God said it is not enough for you and I to do good works God says you must learn what it is to be good on the inside because God is good and God must be on the inside motivating you from within out to do the work that you do not start without diseases listen he said I know that works any goes on as they were back in Revelation three it says I know that once was fifteen that thou art neither cold nor hot I wanted thou were cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth now the question is what was it that brought the loudest seems to this type of condition that would get that you appointed it would become sold one hot nor cold but it became lukewarm and when you announcing the one what you don't make you want to vomit right and so it is that now these individuals have on the one experienced and it seems as if it all was into his may not throw it up now he is all of a sudden what is it now that brought them into this condition because the cars Carver why is it that they ended up this week is a variety in the next version is what it says it says because the house they just got in other words as they are not in agreement with you guys as you said the financing as you said he says because thou say us that I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing that's one of the problems with loud to see if one of the worst day we get spooked out when we started about cancer and AIDS later legitimate loudness he is a much worse disease now this is a disease that takes hold of the heart in the mind penetrates the body takes over and sometimes the individual doesn't even recognize that they are in their condition it says you saying that you are rich you service are increased with goods is said to have need of nothing that is the way a lot of people living in this world today a lot of people get it today and it only when a prayer they act as if it seems like by the old virtue and in the lead they just get up every day and go about and what they do they are people today who will draw the cause either food make their money into the first things they do in life and that he will not be this summer as part of the say thank you Jesus why because his father concerned I am rich crime increases that are in need of anything I don't even need is the way the majority of people in this world they are living and quite honestly even people in the charge has become some type of ceremonial service type element that we do sometimes acknowledge ritualistic lease speaking what is once a week on this that the other ladies and gentlemen the only time you have a religious experiences once a week that's exactly what we ought a week Christian God expects us to understand you can have a connection with meet once a week and a tribal six days without our business is without a learn what it is to walk with Jesus as Enoch walked in days of old and I promise you in I did not spend time with Christ one day a week is not spent time with Christ moment by moment through out the day every day of the week so it is that we find that there are individuals that date they think that they're rich they think they are kris is good I don't need anything but now gone save messages it but now look at what God says finishing the text it says now is it because I'll see if I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no one is not that thou art wretched and miserable and poor and blind and with that last one and make it the sooner you accept this is the sooner healing can come to your heart we must recognize that brothers and sisters were wretched with miserable report would blind when it gets no matter how many zeros you have in your bank account no matter how successful your business might be no matter how great you and I might think we ought we must recognize I am rich unmeasurable on poor albino midget I need Jesus if we don't recognize that we won't ever be healed so what is that God says this is my true statement of the now watch this after God tells us this truth and then bring this up to another point he says I counseled me to buy me gold tried in the fire that thou made me rich and white raiment that thou means be cold and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear and anoint thine eyes with eye salve that do how mayors see God says even though your sick even though you're in this horrible condition guys that I can build you up I can bring you out of it I have a remedy but the problem is there are many today who will not have that remedy there are many today what's using the rabbit leave on the ideology of self rather than leaning on the wonderful lives in arms of Jesus and as a result of that brothers and sisters the church ended up becoming in such a state that Paul actually said something about it and now wanted to us in second Timothy chapter three Paul Ashley said in second Timothy chapter three a comment in relation to God 's church in the last days God 's people in second Timothy chapter theology knows what the Bible says when you get there let me know by saying event in second Timothy chapter three now watch this because a lot of fun when you read this quote a lot of times it seems like this quote is more so referring to the world but I wanted to see how this is not referred to was a confirmed religious people little of the Bible says in second Timothy chapter three in second Timothy chapter three notice of the Bible says we're to go ahead and start adverse one this know also that in the last days what kind of time shall come perilous times shall come now I'll let a wonder what is it definitely gets it's also terrible than what it says in verse two for men shall be what lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truth breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good for as heady high-minded others of pleasure more than lovers of God now brother this is to be discussed at last month lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God that some of the generation today you know that we can go ahead and hold the meeting where we say that come together so that we can express revival in Reformation and draw close to Jesus and get ready for the coming of the Lord and would like to get a handful of people but it was a halo come together let's get that McMillan it would have volleyball basketball swimming and all this other stuff we would have issues trying to pack all the people inside individuals today they love pleasure more than they even love Jesus Christ and Sullivan individuals testify of this now watch this when we read this we typically will safe yet that's the world menace the world and that the world is definitely like that we see that but notice with the next verse says the next show that although is not the world because that is what it says in the next verse it says in verse five having a what form of what godliness Malaysians in when you are down the streets do you see billboards that have old naked pictures yesterday when we go in certain areas there was the individual 's cousin 's wedding is and also the file language absolutely that is examined in the wild is not ashamed to let us know that there were ugly they make it plain they put on double as they plan and what they put in movie theaters and a slightly personal cause and everything else they make it clear therefore the world does not have a form of godliness but you know what you can find forms of godliness in the church you can find forms of godliness in the church and Paul understood this and this is why Paul's thought that this was not the New Zealand government typically enter it would be one thing if worldliness was just strictly in the world because a lot of the women were only if I want to think that it is truly a parent of time when the very place that God says was supposed to be the lighthouse to let their life I'm in the world that place now become the place with his great darkness and so it is that the day with finding that they are many people in the church who love pleasure more than they love God who are covetous love boasted unthankful and unholy individuals with whom love pleasure more than lovers of God is in the church and this is why it is truly apparent to start and just lamented there is such a time where judgment is taking place right now your name in my name could come up at any moment and Avenue books and here it is then we have the nerve to still be playing games with Jesus was assisted this is deadly we have to find us of the solutions to get out of this allowed to see and state and to walk with Jesus as Enoch walked in these of old I want to consider this a volume one of the testimony to the church please call six is Susan Knowles stronger delusion know what no stronger delusion can deceive the human mind then that which makes them believe that they are right and that God accepts their works when they are sinning against God and sinning against the data attribute again no strong that delusion can deceive the human mind than that which makes them believe that they are right and that God accepts their works when they are sinning against God it says they mistake the form of godliness for the spirit and power thereof they suppose that they are rich it had need of nothing when they are poor wretched blind and naked and eat all things it goes on to say in volume one of the testimony to the church page four sixty six it says as I mark the difference though what does it mean to be indifferent and music to careless image of jealousy evidence am wrong and you don't even care anymore when an individual begins to do wrong things within her husband her life her mother her father when he began to her brother her sister when they began to hurt one another or even hurt themselves and especially when they heard God when an event is to get to a point in this space that they can do things that they know is wrong now keep in mind James four seventeen says to him that no to do good and do it but not exist to him it is what it is said that even though we typically focus on said as far as how we suffer we forget how soon causes God to suffer the Bible says in Hebrew sacred versus visit every single time that we said we crucify Christ the fresh and today we have individuals who will then and at the same time very different dental care brothers and sisters about is the state of mind that we are in we have the fallen unreasonably before God like never before nor please bring a revival in my sold because that is a clear indicator that we all on the road to hell is not that God wants that when a man can commit sin and get to a point that he could care less about the consequences of the results of leverages that may hurt that's a dangerous place to be and he says as I mark the indifference which was as freeware a parent I was alarmed for ministers and people did you notice is not just the laypeople but if it allows ministers as well so therefore this is something that is not some guy standing up for think the debate I look a little you know ministers and the people are in the same danger of falling into this visit difference is in what he says now this is there seemed to be a paralysis upon the call the present Charles this is the work of God seems they if his ministers and people are unprepared for the time in which they live and nearly all who profess to believe present truth are unprepared to understand the work of preparation for this time you see the reason why I'm speaking to you in a sense of urgency as you don't understand something born and raised in Queens New York born and raised in a home that we did not hear anything about Jesus born and raised in an environment where this is the wood bullets passed my head on a regular basis born and raised in a situation where ever been in the apartment on the industry as so many times I would expose the debt and it was only by the grace of God that I've been saved from the last thing the weather I can do within now that Christ has brought me out of the darkness and was modified you think I'm a play games with you isn't on the cognitive again is on several flatly feel-good statements of this as I can afford to do that we have to keep it real with the be honest with ourselves we have to be honest with our condition we had been told that nearly all of us we are not prepared what about them was about to come whenever therefore and if were not prepared what happens when individuals are unprepared in a crisis comes we get destroyed in the crisis you think that's what Jesus wants me Jesus is taking users behold I tell you before come to pass that when it comes a passion I believe so therefore I said I wanted to do a checkup from the neck up classes I want to be able to see us out for you which was condition so that way you can recognize you can confess is a lot here I am here is my true state please help me this is where we all have to be valid to listen to the finishing of the school watch this now it says ministers and people are unprepared for the time in which they lived and nearly all who profess to believe present to our unprepared to understand the work of preparation for this time in their present as of worldly ambition with their lack of consecration to God the devotion to self they are wholly unfitted to receive the latter rain and having done all to stand against the wrath of Satan who by his inventions would cause them to make shipwreck of faith fastening up on them some pleasing self-deception they think they are all right when they are all wrong goddesses this is the description of my people do you accept that I can U on six of the Lord I'm not ready if Jesus were to come tonight I'd be lost but this is not telling right now if Jesus was to come tonight I blame Lenin would be lost there is still more for me to surrender this morphing into surrender and by the grace of God as we pressed together we can surrender together that needs to be the focus all throughout this weekend law how can I be closer drawn to the ballot to consider these these two points as we get ready to close I just received this evening is simply to set the foundation because remember the whole focus of our weekend is that the focus is something called persuaded it comes in second Timothy one twelve where Paul made it clear he says I know all in whom I have believed anything and I have persuaded you and our brothers and sisters need to be persuaded but we can be persuaded of where this condition there is no way that were persuaded me that I am fully convinced I removed the problem many of us today is that we are being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine that builds if you think am not serious also you tomorrow you'll see tomorrow when we begin to analyze us think our whole focus throughout this weekend is how can we be conversely how can we get to a point that we can be I got some involvement in the midst of everything that's going from left to right front instead of that by the grace of God we can be persuaded we cannot be moved this must be the express viewer has to be there is no other option even though the score in the discipline capital you see in first Peter chapter four remember now it all started by understanding this Christ he understood where he was in prophecy a vent cries understood where he was in prophecy you and I need to understand where we on prophecy we saw that we are in the time that we have been called to prophesy again and as we have been called to prophesy again the message is that we had given is the first second and third Angels message which constitutes the everlasting gospel God is a God of order so there's no way you and I noticed regarding his message of notice grizzlies want the first and first Angels message called us to a time to recognize that we are living in the time of judgment and because women in the time of judgment we cannot put off is winning with Jesus tomorrow we must have it to me and as a result of that Gaza is good I'm glad to see that but God said now I have to give you a real picture of my people today and it's a custom renovations at the freight and he saw as his judge people that experiment being ready for the coming of Christ they were perfectly unready why because they were filled with a disease called what thou does the loudest communities with a disease that show that an individual they are wretched miserable poor blind and naked they do not realize it the problem is that they thought that they were better than themselves they thought that they were better than others perhaps the men thought they were better than God and as a result of this horrific disease Paul says in the last days ago times because that belief is manifesting itself out through covetousness and the judge how can both be in the how do I tolerate it and attach how those in the church we love even pleasant more than they love God the more stuck on forms then they are receiving power and as a result of that God magnify these points to inspiration to volume one of the testimony and show the true condition of God 's people as shown out while we think we all write we are truly overall and so it is that God said now I need to bring off in front of whiskey I want to understand this let's go to the book of first Peter chapter for your first before even in first Peter chapter for the ring of these final points out in first Peter chapter for those with a Bible says in first Peter chapter forward to you the Bible says in verse twelve if you have any know by saying amen it says in first Peter four twelve mistreated to get understanding similar things about judgment out a set of the first three to four twelve it says beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which of the try as though some strange thing happened and he would rejoice inasmuch as your partakers of Christ's sufferings then when his glory shall be revealed you may be glad also with exceeding joy if you be reproached for the name of Christ happy are ye the Spirit of glory and of God rested upon you on their party is evil spoken of but on your part he is glorified but let none of you suffer as a what a murderer or as a thief has been able to all as a what busybody in other men's affairs of men's matters mind your own business yet if any man suffer as a Christian then and not be ashamed but let him glorify God in this behalf now reverse seventeen with me for the time is come that what judgment must begin where the house of God and if they first began at us what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God you see while we understand that there is a time of judgment that we only living in right now we must also understand I said I will humbly with his prophet of judgment and he says my judgment first begins not with the wicked one leak but it begins with the process said people of God not that I'm literally starting with those who choose the name the name of Christ that is my judgment begins with them in fact or magnify this point I think is worthy to do so I want to listen to this in great controversy page four eighty it says in the typical service only those who had come before God with confession and repentance and whose sins through the blood of the sin offering which transferred to the sanctuary had a part in the service of the day of atonement it says so in the great day of final atonement and investigative judgment the only class is considered oddballs of the professor people of God the judgment of the weight gain is a distinct and separate what Eric and takes place at a later period on any regarding the relation we got it where this is knowledge and understand a sense of urgency will try to do tonight is by the grace of God is created the sense of urgency not to run to the mountains not the greatest of emergency that you run and try to do something will work to make it somewhat but not with that you would surrender to Christ and that his will be done in your life that needs to be a sense of urgency that's where it starts it says in the typical service only those who had come before God with confession and repentance and whose sins through the blood of the sin offering were transferred to the sanctuary had a part in the service of the data found so in the great day of final atonement and investigative judgment the all new traces considered are those of the process that people of God the judgment of the wicked is a distinct and separate what and takes place at a later area and judgment must begin at the house of God and if they first begin at us what shall be and be on them that obey not the gospel first Peter four seventeen so therefore we must understand that God right now he is putting the radar screen on the whole especially who profess to be the people of God that's you and I is that right so therefore I wanted understand that someone might say walk a fine the Lord is judging what exactly is he doesn't what what what was he judging now first of all you go to Jane Savage you and you read verses ten through twelfth viewfinder the Bible says we had judged by the law of God so they forgot to take his holy law which reflect his character and Godzilla got characters and see and make sure that our characters match up with the holiness of the blog .ru following now watch this in magnification of this very same point manuscript release four eighteen eighty eight this is what it says this is the grand judgment is taking place and has been going on for some time now the Lord says measure of the Temple and the worshipers thereof remember when you are walking the streets about your business God is measuring you visited a way while walking the streets about your day-to-day business understand God is measuring you it says when you are attending your household donates when you engage in conversation God is measuring you remember that your wares and actions are being built David Gary take a photograph in the books of heaven as the faith is reproduced by the artist on the polished plate here is the work going on measuring the Temple and its worshipers to see who will stand in the last day this is those who stand fast no thought what funny now we get vertebrates will close those who stand fast shower had been abundant entrance into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so if we want to have been a one of the blessing and the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we must do what we must have fast payment it says when we are doing our work remember there is one that is watching the spirit in which we are doing it shall we not bring the save into our everyday lives into our secular work and domestic duties then in the name of God we want to leave behind everything that is not necessary all gossiping or unprofitable visiting and present ourselves as servants of the living God this is what God says we ought to be doing he says those who stand fast because you have the bronze the purpose is yours if you stand fast but he says but if we choose to continue to allow our minds our actions our words our thoughts and our needs if we allow them to continue down the path and the road of perdition brothers and sisters we are in grave danger uses the same reason everyone of us and I choose you this day whom you will serve chills that's a wonderful gift we've all been given is the gift of Joyce Christ tonight is a shows me the another dinosaur goodies it was about Ashley to feel the chills mixed economic literature leaving a frantic so often people reject Jesus because they waiting for some electrifying emotion to take place under laws administered are no now ready and even most people who choose either that way they typically turn their backs on him shortly thereafter emotion is not enough to keep anybody in a relationship on earth and is certainly not enough to keep anybody an relationship between heaven and earth God says you must choose exercise the will now and he says I will give you joyful feeling thereafter another statement from early writings paid seventy two with a prophet of God she says Faith is ours to exercise joyful feeling is God to give Doctor Zola I used to the Maly theater feeling that this chose it because you know it's right and so it is that this is the also stamped that they have been abundant entrance into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but if we choose the path to perdition we have no hope no and so imposing we look at second Timothy one with negativity one where Paul was persuaded you see Paul was persuaded and burned this is if you carefully study out the text it was in the midst of persecution you see there's nothing like persecution that can remove someone's confidence but here it is that a second Timothy chapter one here's what it says about God 's servant it says a second Timothy ones looking at verse twelve it is for the witch calls I also suffer these things and on the great work that he was doing ministry to the Gentiles it was called of God and he says it now for this cause of him suffering I'm suffering all these things without we goes on to say that he says for the was called I also suffer these things nevertheless I am not ashamed for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day and barely a given admonishment to you and I verse thirteen he says we do with me he says also asked the form of sound words which thou has heard of me in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus he says hold fast you see when you when I read the statement from inspiration is that those who stand fast but that was those words stand fast with simply go of what Paul was saying what he said holdfast is eligible fast pulses hold fast to my words hold fast in other words persecutions that come your way it nothing fall live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution let's talk about that throughout this week because they are three forms of how persecution comes to all believers will talk about those three as we can because you when I have the holdfast in the mist of persecution as long as everything is flowery as long as everything is going great ladies and gentlemen all will serve God all day long what we do know what the real issue is that many of us the problem is is when the job that was given to the great income is no longer there when the business that was so successful is now the signals and profit when all of a sudden the vehicle that was only one gets crashed and I have no vehicle with an wife and her husband gets cynical when you get sick of the baby dies the mother dies the father dies when relationships break up with when we go through persecution that's typically when we finally no longer holding fast and therefore Paul understanding diseases and hold fast to my words because what I suffered you shall suffer and I promise reasons and if you going to live for Jesus the Bible says all who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution it's going to come but we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the Lord has led us in our past teachings and in our past history we have nothing to fear now want to him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think we have nothing to fear the pulses hold fast to what is it that were holding fast to a repulsive holdfast but what is it that were holding fast to the revelation chapter three we have two more Bible verses it would not a relationship with her he knows what the Bible says what is it that were holding fast to you see when God made the statement needed me to be an abstract you want to be very pinpointed he wanted us to understand wisdom is a personal thing therefore get wisdom all my getting it what understanding in relation to Reno for the Bible says in verse eleven Jean says behold I come quickly hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown BC Paul says hold fast to the sound speech Jesus says hold fast till I come so that no one takes away your crown that crown they saw been about the same crown Revelation two ten the crown of life what is it that you and I must hold fast to it in other words what is that you and I must be concrete on what is it that you and I must not be moved upon no matter what type of storm blows our way no matter what kind of suffering we might receive just like all suffered what is it then we must hold fast to Bible says in Job twenty six returning to Job twenty six chapter wasn't that were holding fast to knows what the Bible says in Job twenty six effect Job forty seven Job twenty seven what is it that were holding fast to enjoy the twenty seventh chapter and when you get there let me know by saying amen is exactly what you are holding fast to which it got old fast as with Joe Belfast you see when you come to Jesus you recognize Lord is no way I could save myself as the Bible says I'm wretched miserable and poor blind and naked on this lot I can do anything even my best efforts says is like a filthy rest once you and I can recognize that than we realize that there's nothing else I can do except surrender my sinfulness to you and except your righteousness in return and then Christ shows us how to live in walking that righteousness they vibrate we need the righteousness of Jesus Christ that's the only I will be able to sustain us as we get rid of the gold of these final saints so therefore the Bible says hold fast what holding fast to the same thing Job was holding fast to an adult twenty seven of her surgery with me this is what Joe held fast to this is what you and I have to hold fast to it says in Job twenty seven verse six my what my righteousness I do what holdfast and will not let it go my heart shall not reproach me so long as I'm the as Jesus comes and he gives you his righteousness and takes our sinfulness our wretchedness crisis holdfast to that righteousness that has been given to you let nothing taken away from hold onto it so long as you shall live we must be determined tonight is a Lord I accept the fact that I have been living in my own righteousness I been doing mount thing Arbitron to do this thing called some of me some of Christ a lot of people like to do that a little bit of Jesus and Linda what I wanted a crisis know that an Avenue is when you make that kind of lifestyle is still wearing a filthy rag but Jesus says tonight I went to the rack away from you completely that means that going forward tonight is no longer about what you want is no longer about what you think is right the Bible says in Proverbs fourteen twelve is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death you when I can't even trust our hearts off the music dinos Mark got his yes I do know your heart I know your hearts oh well since I wrote about in Jeremiah seventeen in verse nine the Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked you know why would you trust a heart like that I have resonated in my heart and my mind I cannot trust my heart I cannot trust my mind the only thing I can do is trust the words of God lives in Jenin tonight God says I want to choose he says you can hold onto your filthiness but if you hold onto your filthiness brothers and sisters Jesus says just remember when the judgment is finished I'm going to say let him who is filthy filthy still crisis today I want to take your filthiness and I want to give you my righteousness and when I give it to you crisis hold fast to and may it remain so long as you shall you must be personally I come what ever it may come by the grace of God I will follow the so I make it feel tonight is a very real the overemphasis is you got to see if we felt don't do it don't remember hypocrite factors active individuals who profess something of an eyelid and a feeling of their life anyhow God doesn't want us to act I got real anomalies if you honestly can say Lord I realized that I am right I am miserable I am poor I am dying and I'm naked and I need your clothing I need your covering of your righteousness I'm giving to you tonight Lord my sinfulness and by the grace of God I don't ever want to take it back I want your righteousness tonight to me I hold fast to so long as I shall do it tonight you a single and a surrender altogether missing the song only to live the song exam tonight and thought I'd give it all to you than a minute like to stay being honest with yourself to be honest with your heart you being honest with yourself if you are saying tonight I realize I need Jesus Lord are not ready for your soon coming but by your grace I can be ready and so it is tonight just a single accent to write out one of the children as you sit upright did you know that Christ literally stood up Jesus stands with the Stanford next duties as listed be not afraid little walking this brought a crisis on the show you step-by-step how to do it and Jesus has never failed a case I promise you if you hold on to Jesus you might let him go but if you simply just lived up to your hand is the Lord please hold me Christ will hold you have never let you so tonight using what please hold hold me that I may hope to measure standing about you his father in heaven we recognize their God that we all what we thought we were all right we realize we were all wrong recognizable ministers and people were not written they are so many things that are coming upon this world father and you just simply want to help us to see on the North as instead of the night we would be honest with ourselves our desire not to be actors will want to be hypocrites would be honest in our hearts that your spirit is speaking to us and we realize I need to surrender all to Jesus Christ father I pray that you my sealed the decision that had been made tonight so that as we all are standing may we continue to stand though the heavens may fall and I thank you Lord that you heard this prayer and I think it units continue to abide with us as a people until the next time we are to meet tomorrow we will once again understand the principles of how we can stand through the threefold persecutions we face in this world that thank you for having heard and answered our prayer in Jesus name amen a this is a PG and this is our mission is to spread the three Angels messages the preaching and teaching the Senate they had to integrate healing the medical essay were in declaring the gospel for more information on a ministry and the resources we provide please log onto our website www. PTH ministries .com www. PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do our part to meet the needs of humanity in the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ Mirna a a a a a a a the a rural all I know


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