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The Thought Life and its Relation to Disease - Part 1

Horst Mueller
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Dr. Mueller graduated from medical school at the University of Freiburg in Germany. In 2004 he opened a private ENT-Practice in Weinheim/Germany. For the past 11 years he has done extensive study on the relationship between mind and body. 



  • October 29, 2010
    2:00 PM
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hey I'm all talk from Germany I was born in Romania and was baptized sixteen and so they did on my became all lukewarm Christian and Michael Tracy June two thousand three I just finished my ENT specialty and so was wanting to know what to do and so little called me to have a practice of private and since I was at the beginning when we have a personal relationship to God and are just starting it with him we are just very dependent on and so I all Scots fit T-shirts help me to know how to prepare for the practice and one book I asked what books are they reach and the thought came to me was when he struck it I didn't surveyed me this afternoon before I just saw three little bit and so I took it very serious and I took this book is my study book and I can tell you I started it and I still started because it's because it is an inexhaustible resource study and of this book changed actually together with the Bible and also with the experience I gained my practice my whole view of the human being and all busy how I came along in my practice with situations that patients ask you why do I have to use why visit calls this ice increases are very interested in the cause of the disease but usually they get and assess that is not very satisfied and I think as doctors we have always and I'm so red it comes from and if you don't have an answer was to have in essence the genetics and the ancestors it is somewhere it comes so let's see how we can do therapy and resumed his book and it's a very serious the physician indicates a return order that that's a very good chapter I recommend that I would recommend also the chapters seven which is before in any an objective but basically seven and eight are those chapters that I have my hold you off the human being not only that but it says here and now page forty four in case of sickness the call should be such now I haven't into the end here to become with it your problems mostly even that generalists doesn't take care of the ears if you have a proven that the petitioner takes care of that is necessary simply to the specialist so that EMTs are just most users assess patient and there is a very common dysfunction of that yet is the new stuff you to that goes on and off by me as well and got to his functions wanted it doesn't open menu so and the other doesn't must remain open after you have smoked in all they often a certain time and it goes back again and so this assumption is that it put off for them to come to me and I that's cool or better to say and my clinic time for my professor that their dysfunctional state is stuck YouTube comes because people drink too much water water is a good thing as an so I recommend the person to drink global beds I have this patient who came back after three years he said now I think of the days three meters of Walter and my ears still thus the same what do you do with an end there is another very common disease in the ears that you examine no evidence it should sometimes a little bit of a phone that's what it's about yes more certain and and so is a wellness allergies and an imaginal test of allergies and you don't find anything and it tells the patient well known to use anymore that's Temple or whatever you think I called is interesting the shampoo use on Johann and it doesn't make any etching but how can he do it anyway sometimes saying that they the skin and it now is different than the skin on the hands of the own the truth is always the same as the him Internet how hoping the layers on the same scanning art you cannot like on the hat and something that should make it examined into those submitted on the fat so much to do with the calls that next and answers here it says I have to assert the cause but I did not know any cults I've never met with eczema scum from I usually think that in medicine we have a basic problem that is we have if it is his among ten minutes and a snowball rolls down here against bigger and bigger yes now we can go back here and unfolds it if you take a heart attack by example yes we know the context comes because of atheromas and the throw must break and then love comes and go but we don't know I'm listed and basic literature medical literature models call at Sonoma comes how they develop no one knows what makes the author Margaret a just unknown so we can a lot of things but what we don't know is what stopped since I so usually we take one effect for the cause of this so if you have hypertension that the cost for what hope that my big princes one of the risk factors for heart attack and went with hypertension has a cause has it and then we have smoking it was not an enemy say okay it's a small but have spoken a cause is and is the cause let people smoke there's a certain constant in the smoke so unless the receipt we have to find out if we really want to know the costs that leaves at the beginning of the process then we have to know the human being and have to know what stopped us because if we do not know what stopped smoking oh what starts the hypertension then how can we avoid the same as with with with other things but I tell you an example it has had last week a couple of days before a gentle man is in about my age and he went to his ENT doctor and because you have the pain is felt on the left side for now two weeks and the pain was already there when he was wallowing so and ordering you did some exercises but he runs to his ENT and it didn't find anything on the tissues so he was is that you even said they might maybe technology and so he honestly also because I was in size of one who I have and Suzanne Ely yes life situation at the moment I knew exactly what had I will unfold your related but it's important to know how can diseases what this lady was a medical professional medical professional of not always the easiest to treat so I too came to me with her right year at all is started five weeks ago and five weeks ago she had a pain she went to her doctor in the same hospital where she worked an ENT doctor looked in and saw fungus they look nice when you see that it might and so he gave her some jobs for antifungal often thinking that a few days the single horse so she went again to the doctor now she looked into as he saw the drum was different so he gave her other jobs for the invention of the many things got worse and worse after two weeks she was a set of the business he also said we have to fix the same so to see what kind of material concept now everyone was into Nozick and that you doesn't many appear possible that will usually always suitable and solve it to does the same in the Navy and diagram and gave her of an extensive and it's not too as much about it as you do that for five days and sure enough the The Simpsons went away and it took her for about three to four days when it started again associate financial enough I found the state five weeks ago it was Congress so I gave in the same Gonzales announced about really angry and says that I have to see another doctor is educationally and it was a pleasant effort and share the health the point I want why there was no fungus growing there in her right ear they close to death it saves a week besides the fungus whenever you have Pseudomonas eliminated all in the enemy was just feeling in his book it says people need to be tall the jocks stood not fewer busy as a hot half day because the CIA and very rarely prescribe something to there is I think reason given antibiotic or something else health just made the symptoms are the best but I'll is shy to help the patient to understand why he has to so we need to understand that that the only hope of Baptist things is in the education of the people invite principles lets physicians choose to people that restorative power is not instructs the image so that's that's a hot saying if if if you are learned through half I symptoms a certain medication exhausted not sure disease so we have to find out the cost so basically what I'm doing my practices these people like this lady are many others I invite for counseling this man who was in his forties and he was healthy but he has pain is jar as the left for four years and have anything else but this before use anything just recently two million and is doing well there is a calls for the end if you want to know which I invite you to come counseling became an I explored with them and I want to give you a short installation hardwood is the patient soul to see if you can follow and see some some good advice to me how we can find out the cause of these so basically I want to explain is that we as humans are a biological system and biology is composed of cells and the most of the cell is on one of the most of the cell is the G so like I say to my phases at the Makati similar to but can do most of the car do something without death is enough so we need to that we might function of what underrated energy best so there is no system is effective since outgoing from itself that's only God but on this three have only this system and have a biological system that needs energy to exist the function and that night my basic thesis is that I explained to my patient had their body shows the disease because they have a lack of their basic needs so if they would apply their basic needs to their cells and bodies then they would function properly because you see the Jane has there is no disease it is not done by the Jake and so the Jays of the disease so it must do it on purpose because he is our program so if the genus everything that it also does it bad because it has a program you could miss something it has to show the missing and there's a slide show on expectations that they missed something that's why their body 's and I saw them a basic law that I called the basic law of nature now the space you to write it but I just pointed out the basic law I think of nutrients that the energy for the team that the gene in a specific sizes needs is predetermined and unchangeable that is the gene can never choose with what passive functions Linda Moulton cannot choose its demand on a multiform for Gaza later for geezer they can only go by that when they are made for so we can change genes in a man in a tomato seed whatever but he can change that what the gene needs to exist and that's that the problem is if if it would be possible for the gene to choose her own energy like he wants then there would be no longer than they would no be no such energy but it must it is so averaging that God has made every specific theological system has its own needs this needs are unchanged and so I have to point out to my patient what they miss so I make them my table what that Mister basic needs that we as humans have so whether we need what does all biological system needs to exist basic needs if you want one of any salary needs oxygen saddling the water and suddenly really foolish fashion we need to now I can say that but maybe before SARS terminates the book and then we need one that shelter in one of the all for this Avenue sagas how much is that in nineteen for ninety eight one six and we need some sunshine Sun Life and real so this is where the things become more complicated thus biology needs up at is is the energy have you ever read that in any medical book that we haven't that love is a biological needs of ourselves I never have you identified and developed with another title to this first hour here it would be the missing basic needs is a night in my practice I discovered long as a basic need in two thousand six I stopped at two thousand four and in August two thousand two thousand six I came to discover that man is an woman had in all the stories they were telling me only two problems relationship problems and material so that he could love and security and so I said no message edited is that what human are searching for or have you ever see that the person searching for him in what he does for Waterford maybe extreme situations but I is such an everyday for water for food is that what you make you up in the morning is that why they have to such trouble I tell you you say all you wake up and use it for something so so love as a basic need not only for the mine but for biology because if the Israeli a basic need for biology it is Mashable on the bottom yes some of these who see the effects on the body and we have I think there is enough studies and Neville also heard how how important a spiritual thing because love is a spiritual thing now what I want off my patient as we have specific organs for our four hour for the engines off our basic needs the order so unavoidably need for oxygen the lung for water and food stopwatch yes CH E or belly okay so much of a justice organ and what would we need for the sleep I think the brain on I sprang so wireless business can ask there is a sunlight again say I is but also skin however comes loving and if it is just with action but that's how I tried to explain to my patients will be beneficial to so let us count on it it is always a spiritual thing how does it come into the book and want to location the hotel is coming but would you say over and yes but it bears biology is here's what I've found to have a budget here is what you hear is is of course something spiritual God works in spiritual bond so it's its alignment with what part of the line and that's that's that's locations but even then we have to discuss but so what must the Bible say when I'm not coming with the heart 's so and so of course it's not yes let's talk I hope that you have isn't the right spelling I hope it good to come to the point to show where the heart is and what it does with a hard accent sections on so if people don't know what the hardest essay will but the way it is only a part of the heart so that's why ad hoc is that the definition yes okay so we see there are their death sentences we cannot choose to put into our stomachs oxygen and into allowance of food would be very long lasting life 's so there's also a face us now the main problem is what to do so that is what have I to do with to have to ensure this so one of the have to do that having oxygen in my body I had to breathe what is there but I have to guess I have to take it in I have to raise if you dungarees you don't have any assets our action to bring in the basics needed for money so what do I need to have what they had each each sleep laydown that's the best position to sleep close allies hope finds the letter have to do with warmth at the options if it's too cold I have to warm it it's okay I have nothing and imaged too cold to warm I have to cool without seller sunlight is maybe the most users I think his son penetrates us without our will actually that's why I put sunlight it's a basic needs that I put into Novak on this guy because he cannot do anything about it it is good for nothing so now it's open either whatever yes exposing to some but how do we get in the thought of this for night and note my vision of making another scheme and I gave him something to think I say look we have a few food and the food has a vessel that's the stomach and and we have love and love has a so that's the hot live in a aggression is cool is responsible for getting to see when it comes to love almost every patient does not know what to do anything else what he knows is wrong and he knows it so wrong like it would put oxygenated and food interviews will so the basic question is who is responsible for our food to get them to stop myself yes the real me I think that I and how glad am I doing my agent soloist is possible that I have another who was responsible to field I see who is making the food God but wanted to give me the response ready for you so was making up WHOIS result to fulfill this you feel us our our things because if you wouldn't do it anything looked at because you see what do I find my patient but I have the sickness what led to the lack of the company whether or not all of it I'd love to body suffers the letting of love and I want to show them what they have to do so that they body should recover and almost all of them they found them they say unless the failed but even though all this and what is all this figure let them state as a family some say God goes on as all friends and it is all Yankees also as something it's also possibly because they saw here that the responsibility they see that I leave them the thing that they might be response and so I they say all may need I am also responsible but it sometimes if I'm kind in other than I did love back so it's it is this the situation so on this point seasons a spiritual thing we are besieged one is to if one just showed with love and with the amount of love I give you an example a lady came to me in her forties and she had severe headaches for fourteen days from the as has been already was the general doctors and the Davis Montréal pics and pain relief and they should ensure that services with itself and it didn't go away it supposedly be a sinusitis of the Senate committee that the patient and I looked at her she made really and she had been good and impressive achievement with space offering and so I sent intuitive CT scan and see if she has anything going on there because of bleeding in her grade in order to world sinusitis even on the nose everything was fine I was very very grand that you have something in your sinuses many the most ever since you can then see you looking to the mills and no scripts of and a source after the CT scan urgent DNC came back to sending and the live pictures out everything about no reading and the brave note sinusitis so I said no one hurt no one gave him anything other so she has been paying some from found non- something so I also said what happens two weeks ago what to do it is very early in my finding out my things but she was a patient I let a lot of and she said I discovered that my friend betrayed the rent slipped another late and she just moved from the north of Germany the South one year before because of this friend and now she has him betraying no wonder she has had who was causing her to have the friend of herself so she herself look so what does you wrong because if it is these days comes from the breaking of the law like really diminished a feeling and what laws should write where is where is it problem is that she falls in the end of her into her and to have missing there must be better than nothing because no one touched her body and we all understand that that's a stressful situation on a severe situation if someone takes your visit when you say yes it will say that because haddock but why is a heaven that we usually know that when we have to pay nobody why do we have to pay pain is always a a like a alongside that's something is wrong but something doesn't function other than what is endangered and when we have to pay because we put our hand in the fire and what says the pain to us that he ran out on a Windows baby wouldn't learn what is faithful but why do we have paid the same paying off the loan what makes they then avoid so we have to understand why she has had sex and obviously she herself is making it but when we understand when you see the laws of nature have no understand they just a very fixed they do what they have to do phase no respect of person the law in order and a loss of our life in the body there is no suspect Christmas everyone who breaks it gets a result what law does she drink you see it's interesting you have to find out what they have to do that we have love and who is it that feels that the car would lock that's that's widely exploring this so I hope you following usually is business me out we had I have about me or you have people in your society has modified whenever Karen I saw when using February relationship that so what do you think you have a relationship to the one behind each of them say a bunch of them on one but if you have a relationship with it is a remote safe if there is someone responsible I love you that's fine we should love each other through the butt in the triceps it is shown if I love him or not but the deception of our hearts and I will speak about that in the next dollars of summer heart is that we have a relationship with others just because we need to them so I just it just I do something then I gain something and if I do not gain it what do I do with that relationship I correct it because it's not possible for its in the when we anyway so so this is how we live in our society in a total dependence on each other just because of love because we believe that others have to fulfill on and this is his is so so strong in us and is so impossible to add any case that it's very hard and not still with that I came to the conclusion from what I experienced from this lady and what I saw and what I know from the Bible is that there is only one way how we feel our tankless love and it is my loving nothing nothing so the only way that is its eye or eats me who feels the tank by loving and this is false on yes we will come to that also bloggers is is is that Bush needs enough is enough I speak only from a company assets to the spiritual center don't speak from drum touching that's that's another point we will see that's that's an instant that we have all that's seated in the body sexuality is not love I hope that we all understand that so love is a spiritual sing it clear how things essences has nothing to do with this miss yet affects to some people companies say well I cannot take all that you take me now on FIFA but if you have love you jiggle doesn't want so you know what but the problem is that in our blindness of our hearts this section of our heart we are just focus on this and do they know something than what we do we do not guess is if you enter up to nose as it is unabated she was dusty do she protests anti- protest next visit because as long as she lives about a dozen all as long as I get as well as I'm loving the person when any injury number is already when I react with my own resistance to when I protests that my body back taxes and busily have to understand the lady is totally dependent on on on this on on the society around her for only one reason that Islam so so these are love sources I called animal sources and and well what should she do that you might not get Hendrix or forgiveness in the good thing but again this is just the fruit of something that must go than results forgiveness I have patients they forgave but is still sick sudden infant because they are is thing that our body accepts and was Allie Fox's in the second half is the and he does not understand anything else in a moment I put tests is a what is love love is the principle that Disney total freedom is not belittle the freedom and never let us go that's the infant and love has no license has nonviolence never but once she does by protesting is she looked on while violence if she could widget which he made into what you made your spouse to review group running faithful I know people will do that I would force my children to do with the adults are with me and I got some assigned sex at stake by this but it handles that is a good thing we want the best bunch of sure that it may put forth in our own self if we resist against what they do we destroy ourselves and we wonder why we have troubles this is where I have I have explained my patient as they look at event Christians I think of them there is no Bible is here that we need to as that is no Bible says you need someone to love you there's only me but there is on each page I think almost about what was that you should go because loving itself is nothing nothing itself must immediately so you see it must be selfless love your and selfless love in this lady was really lost her friend what would you do if you would love thing for free what would you do when he goes away when he goes and and and is the home which you mourn for ourselves or him perhaps but you are not but she wants for herself and so at what length we have to know the law of God is very lame rehash the love and you see the Bible says the law of God is light life it will cease it what does it exist in my life because you see everything that is that they all are our major desk all of these things here is six and they just support life but love is life itself and this is why Americans say that sickness nine tens of diseases from which men suffer have different patient in the night because Islam is the agent that makes life life and to save the life and it is the most neglected thing because we all think we have to become that why we have a a circumstance in our own and we think all I do nothing but what is he if he gives you a bad work at the recipients is the lady who was a bicyclist plenty four years old and she has a friend for five years cheers Elizabeth M and two centimeters ago but nothing certainly I tell them every day that I but she tells me maybe once a month but do nothing to lose her and I tried to explain the issue of an emotionally enough what you are seeing issue of same because she she wants love from him searching bags but I love you Disney's but if she would love him she was not read that he should say I love you too because that's his problem not ours but she believes that they love please her heart this section because it makes you totally dependent on the other person in your poor judgment in your whole feelings in your old way of the business want to come to the next point to foster this is this love a basic need enough and there are two things that we have to know for amazingly a basic need is something that the news for life if you don't have every and the basic needs can never be produced by the gene itself does a basic needs can ever be produced by the by the life itself must come from outside and I must the simulated but it must be so cannot go so oxygen is a basic need oxygen is something that many doing derivatives it have a song but as Austin Frizzell nothing was very helpful if you succeeded so the water New England is it that if it is a candidate is athletic and drink all for the lethal David is it something for something sailors yes yes I I I severely amended I don't see that apples are going on your buddy whenever there's just nothing that can go in on Monday so we cannot produce so that all the sleep those that sleep the facilities and you know that they cannot loosely think I'm just great I hope that will happen we cannot change never our temperature that they have to function we can never do the sunlight we cannot so can we could result whether you singlespaced essay they said yes but you see the deception that we have to have a second knock the deception is when you often hear they say on this test of him I think and then here they come I say I do it myself it is but so this is a line like you can be like you you take something from another but then you think you'd how Kennedy but you can bring people in this anything because they believe lately that when they are someone they do with from their own power but a little is a basic meet we can never produce it because what these engines into the gene is not that the gene can produce income commodities energy everything that agenda is it consumes energy not make energy memo to the content never produce his own gasoline and if is the is gasoline then we have to take it and put it a and I have two reasons why I think the patients that they have they cannot produce itself they can produce selfish and again for those that are in front with you as long as you can know as long as you give me one by one from you as long as I keep you by then I have to move you because you believe me when I need so selfish of me can introduce myself a job is very short and bus that nobody does not need to know when when we are tested in our love only when regarding that Christ know and we don't have want originality people and so I say there are two things why I think that the three half we can prove that biology can never produce the first thing is much to my whole theory that I discovered is I discovering children Mena when a lady comes to you and he has recently nine -year-old old Google and empowers his mother she had she still made she should urinate in bathroom she has a nervous wreck doing that she has from one another five one ha ha it had asked on her right side of her head and I and I when I did not might make my physical exam I found in her nose a a disaster you put on moons that she made and put Angie said probably it's about six months when she put it in English I made that mistake you know that no child in his normal but anything else we know that there is I think that's not pathological I mean it's pathological in a child but something else and doesn't come other engines and therefore months another even realizing so why is this size is ninety is still making and that they not urinate why she has had a novel and a half year on the right side of her head why should we doing that and why is she quite whilst no one is in the source children need a loss date takeoff they don't wait then again it has never seen a child in Winston Cup they make they they could they take an educated unconsciously but I could say from the sentence of this child what her mother has in her life problems and so with which one would you treat the child of the mother the mother has to be checked and I I invited the mother to come for counseling I promise to the waiting two weeks the Simpson of the child will become if she does listen way she has to do for unusually modest and very scary to me and I'll is great I should not offend because because it is if I will have people that don't like to meet up with mother 's because at the very heart of good and upon the heart because they have a duty to fulfill an adult knowledge you want but I could know what they want to say that you and I is latest to its it's about there in the life you have to come you don't need to let the child at home and you come for coffee tell you what you have to do and my life to set yesterday I how does that look just officer in the inner life case chaos I said that's exactly what you shut life what you are trying to show us so there must be if the child's own system could produce its own enough it would not need so I'm not there is already there on purpose now to be a source and the child takes on the character of the mother if you read the minutes of human I have made my son did Mia a copy of all this middle section when a family is so when I have modest white Christians I get in the middle section of the section was written is about feminine mother has agreed what is the beauty of the month and he do which child would continue and so and the second point that I show that we have we need to take from outside of the canal produces is because researchers from all sides as you know there is a genetic of people and that the agents Chris anyhow aroused inside we just have to take everything away to refine it they all conference with a substance not even aware of them they said I I could not hold of me as if you will why are you sick because of it so I I show them that there is no debate no no one can produce unselfish though hast to take it we had first written that's why we need a source may have a source I would have feared for nature and God has done and a half years gone and the type of mother mother takes the place of God and Chuck find also exhibit on the basics so we have to go to God the only source of love you see an opportunity do you think that people could lose love these the Angels because of they just give them know forward when it and they do it by feature may want to do it but they can never produces so please only one loss source in the horrendous for any time for always NASCAR and we have to take from him but to take is not enough because the analogy and take the Apple you have not eaten you have an idea of the most people just go to God whenever each the number two was not send them so they have no reward from going to the operating nothing happens so we need each to take it off and give it and we have to give it unselfishly so the other person can do what it once was alone and it cannot be hunting because we had totally freaked we don't need them we love them for free because only that his love is you tell if a lady 's house on young people tell each other why not to so much I cannot leave without you that's a lie if you if I need him I cannot I cannot often this is why knowledge we need God 's apostles but he does not go it in our direction he proves it it's as if you don't love the long hours deciding how can you tell that he will not so followed our selfishness might bring us about on the Vanessa God but he has to bring us to the point where we love each other without being dependent on each because love must be free and is the only way how freedom can be here on so I figure a little bit on this information I hope the second hour we will continue to make five minutes break and I was given at the structure of the human being call and read is the heart and how is a high functioning so that we might understand the event in one two convention will this media was using my audio verse four amen Adventist medical evangelism network to learn more about the men used visit www. a man and I will like to listen more free time I'm certain the WW online universe


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