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The Thought Life and its Relation to Disease - Part 2

Horst Mueller
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Dr. Mueller graduated from medical school at the University of Freiburg in Germany. In 2004 he opened a private ENT-Practice in Weinheim/Germany. For the past 11 years he has done extensive study on the relationship between mind and body. 



  • October 29, 2010
    3:15 PM
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on the less Renaissance I would like you to visit all I have to pray for us before reselling you have a thought I think you so much for the first hour how you have led us and now we have the second dollar house Q the give us your Holy Spirit as promised so that we might understand and be able to help our fellow people and their patients it might be restored to you thank you for hearing us in Jesus name so I and I and I saw this with with humanity I came across it in medicine we don't have a structure of the human being movie we we don't know whether human beings start similar events and sense of we need a structure to function we have to find out and I found that the Bible and the spirit of prophecy gives a clear structure of the human being as outlined as many might understand how we are composed of home function and because we don't have a structuring medicine that's why we failed to come to see that we need off as a big week so I I saw the patient that we have a buddy and we have in the brain the center of the brain you will recall the limbic system I knew now what does it exist in the X all our feelings and emotions I believe also that them there I went from here the diseases but I is my invitation and so I say to maybe later becomes gossip to and then we have another part of the brain and is a bigger part of the brain what is that that is our cortex and we know what we have in the cortex of the half-year default yes Natalie have reason on judgment and rehab will and then we have motivation and then we have to perception basically that's what we have in the cortex and we know that all the YSL from the cortex and the centers of the brain and then through the center and going into the spinal cord to know the left side of the right and then right side of the left so the body is conducted in an connected to the cortex now that I think it is affidavit on color that's the biological part oh oh hour of our being but I'll be only biology wondering hemispheric I usually in our medical sinking we think that our thoughts are made by our genes but his thoughts on the production of the brain cells which enables me so that the thoughts are just unjust but that's what sales do so then we have to only a being although biology and the evolution new is this that thoughts are produced by our brain cells so if the thoughts are produced by brain cells we have only biology the production of ourselves and or one of ourselves it's all of biology so why take care of them but as the exploiters and I show my patient as they look is thought to reason real motivation perception would be a biology then we could never do any wrong thing to know that if as then biology would lead all will then we would eat up time we would go to bed at time and mileage needs we we would just follow exactly what the genes but that is not true is that we can kid ourselves why biology cannot keep him in and the law of biology there is nothing that has a tendency to the that all want to live so only after most humans can feel their body by taking away the basic needs of the body this so it's it's obvious that we have you must have something might be called a spirit who know God created man although two things he made them all the years that history can call that my logic and he made it all off to rest off life so that's our spirit and eighty justice says that when we die what happens with our body goes back to the dust and our spirit goes back to God because they come from different sources yes so and since we have already in the cortex mental activity we have the spirit in the court and should I give to my patients a definition of the cortex essay body yes nephew the salesman of the cooking itself thus the spirit when the new it was so sci-fi water know if it is an oxygen bonding oxygen and hydrogen we have lots of deleted hydrogen out with a wreath oxygen the one thing that a simple so this soul is your spirit and everything that is below the cortex I say it's only one now that evolutionists view is that this is the own brand is the new Windows live the revolution as so where is often evolution is that the seed of the heart or the Seagull Road life goes on it's a ninety system H Street feelings I don't want to have inevitably treated it's would be wrong to treat hunger thirst then just showing something that just lights and any necessary would be wrong and we would have never faced that they anymore with the Renault what is so I see and I I don't from the Scripture and also found out like Ally says of the Wii have a higher nation a lower nakedness and she says that a higher nature is August always reason real motivation yes and he says the Lord nation our passions and appetites and he states very clear that the mind controls the whole man and we know that only the cortex controls the movement is so so we know that only the cortex controls on Anacortes actually our life is only reported that yesterday here at this just you nothing happens outside the court fix what we have known don't know what we proceed even on concrete when we hear it already finished rigidity it is as listed by the limbic system the cortex but have a perception is just in the cortex so life isn't according to what we can say that the cortex is the salt because everything else is as a mirror on an exit of Bobby Casey 's life from the Sony does have a lot from here and was he that is that they want one thing that enters from here into the body know what it is already as long and has to supply and keeps life a lot because you know when the cortex is that we are now so the ice I just explain that life isn't according to cortex conducts life the soul is that it is on the on the defendant Lorraine of the love of life as vicious as the mind controls the whole was now all our actions good that have been a source and the mine all the physical organs on the servants of the ending letters are the messengers that transmit its orders to every part of the body guiding the motions of living machinery to answer no one does so it's obvious in the mind controls the whole body in a mindless vehicle because their behalf and anything else must be the body because she says and known all impulses and passions have their seats in the body therefore there must be no views on any of Autodesk know where our passions and appetizing the body except in the limbic system if you are in the limbic system that may sometimes go to the reception of the new system is that for money so it is not leaving all it just communicates clenching and so what do we see the excitement of images and continually at works together with with the with the cortex but the leading force is the will in the cortex and the limbic system just comes up and makes some sense and since you know when you have a lack of an analytical Walter what do we get first as I was so whether we get when we have Hunter ran an echo of a food and to get on his Olympic system that makes all this but bluntly got a BFA novocaine is found in the envelope and on second thought of the envelope so if it but pain is never done by the cortex they just is perceived by the cortex and it's obvious is in the limbic system is buggy than the body can only produce chemicals and all days are just chemicals or electricity that goes up and gives report because biology can present my thoughts biology cannot produce that's why our feelings have no other reason then to communicate to our chief warrant is there a feelings are just the communication of the buggy and it shows what about inside the commission back condition that's why every means that is below noted in the negative must be painful I mean if I working on something nice how long will be this pleasing libidinous on all I like the cold how long will you it must be negative that's why diseases must be it must process and must show us already maybe my full study this is my my my basic structure and it comes even better that is the way of we have the will and will have to has to action and using every action of the will must come out of the so our life if he would have come out of conflict the evolution says that it comes it should be something that is good that comes with this choice when we protest that someone makes something wrong Jesus said in his gain is set on an authentic do not resist evil because he did what was this evil we stopped in the stop being gentle because we can come up and put on force anything of violence not anymore loving and sober disturbance of everything love though some of all real into the whole ability to the nurse and is spread there so the whole body is kept alive know with us and said nothing to reset the heart and I find so glad I discovered you know it is written in the Bible and how often do you talk about the heart of the you know what what is it so amazing I wonder sometimes the most simple things for us on the most complete is there is no teaching in the Bible it is simpler than what is what is what is sin as a symbol it is in the Bible the description of sin there is simple his depression of the law and the possession of the noise affect innocent act the individual but most people think that sin is a state of being most stations and I detest coming sentences to this incident is a state of being that is not possible I thought one pestilence that if you can show me nature and object that can be a fact when asked about the same time instead of the men I believe you it's a simple sin is a service about it the act that I do when it comes on the receipt that then in a medicine the most simple thing is that we need our but we don't see an see I discovered a hot and the heart is here and I discover the heart is only one thought is that I don't know if it's some of you are aware of the discussion of the free will involved with Ms. Leibovitz experiment was a malignant experiment so that it has stunning seven eight two three and some have done it again and again of a proven Internet the city called the floor they put the patient the Buddha they put them on the Verizon site bunch the things whenever you want to know that the watches is running around statement about the the initial that the pension and a shell that when the pup yeah as I get asked to call this the reaction note that there is a reduction of the brain cell when the brain reacts to know the comes up comes on the pizza because the petitioner yes yes it's like I like him yet so so whenever he sees the thing he's brushing one place on the second before making easier and the end this thing it just goes down adhesives one five six seconds late so they come up and say we don't do what we want because I wanted a second before he was consciously moving the stuff that already the action and there is a Gemini now there's a confusion about the things because they say then the will of the managers determine so he does not do what he wants he just does what the brain sex because it's one fifth seconds before you can measure this again and again but you see what they have not discovered what is Jenny playing is that we have a hot video sites before I will end this is very blameless describe the script so called us out of function I I am happy to let involved in a real functioning I'm very happy to do this I could talk of flowers about the will so continue here I paid away like my something this has started to pain related life of Edward Brophy said that it is the main engines in the well and I met many many emphasis to see everything from the buggy is why it's to do with every means of the body and soul or spirit comes off and asks and the will give it to me and that will not only get the deputy moms but also has to fulfill the demand by acting so every why has come here so I don't really find a place for every desire every every means or everything that we have one also the passions was adherent of any system they and Andy Montville will that he might be says and on what sing does the will decide it satisfies as the width also something that refers to the present so you see as I was asking my patients and on the end of two thousand seven I discovered a very interesting thing I was was trying to find out that the common components of their lives know if you have one with your eczema the new busy what has the other was using then you want to see their life situations and unable to and amazes to history 's either one of the physical history and anecdote life happening histories as a fellow so I donated Verrazano history I say when they do have was the first time that you haven't at all his questions how many surgeries and so I do it may detailed physical and amazes and then I them if they are willing about their life situation what happened in the life and so I have two issues and all from then till histories I discovered the relationship of the mind and body and if you don't go that you never and it's a path you can see and was a time you can use it people sometimes think your witch doctor because you know things that just biology talks biology can talk but what I discovered in all my discussions with the patient's receipt I was trying to find a common thing and if this is the tree of all the problems a human that on this world are you know and is really absolute all problems I found out that as a problem if you have myriad billions of dollars you have only one route and I I was amazed I saw it as simple as a live problem has only one salt pans at the base so if anybody wants all NVR is the wonder that's all it's a very simple thought loss if we would have nothing to lose you never have a problem if you're shown a problem of humanity this had not the rule of law cement and I bibliography I haven't had until now and I searched for it to find anything that has a loss in its reach and the problem of human being is a problem office as it and so I set the interest so everything that I need to to do is find out how can I get me off this one falloff loss and I pray to God because I couldn't thought I couldn't start anything with it I said Lord help me how can this have lost lost lost lost every time the same thing how can I get involved in his mercy help me understand until I came to understand that there is a central eye color descent seven you know what this testifies the central thought determines the action of the wind it examines the reaction that is no man when he had the desire comes so lost was I whatever that we are God 's this day and things getting the asset and the world is as it is an advanced central thought that determines as they are action is a simple thought but it will find it very well explained in the Bible by Jesus Christ it's raining and losing and they saw is great fixed but is all well and never knew except when he knows it is a winning at it always has to avoid all this we can never choose levels except we have a winning for each of his root user for women so our all-wheel can only even get the information advisor but I like how amount of chocolate does as your chocolate and my work on my mind what it is I has it because I appetite and usage of which of the dog in the job and advances our phone to know what the music I known each other for five years now and I can never eat again no one because I know Thomas I'm convicted that it makes me more 's dentist this is why I can average except my convention change because everything we know it's a loss we can not delete anymore in fact we had a yes and no only because we have yes for doing the winning and having no correlating the loss if I would charge you know if if I would give your again and got a thousand dollars would you take it yes of course quick and intervening and what kind of feeling what you have if you think you to follow up winning what kind of feeling a good sitting could you ever have a bad feeling when you have a winning number number but if I say I cannot get all thousand nine on the stability I would hereafter know what it would say maybe so you see we had no only for the loss do you think you heavily has to allow you think that God knows no I have a theory little bit I miss mine I don't think that having a bipolar script both as in golf is only just Jesus had a very hot times I know you know that even under the Minos Pentagon slide took he had a very hot time to say no heat he usually involves there is only yet is only winning and you think that the only because of sin it have to do that one thing in the garden off of the edited to see if you don't take you with an EQ eight zero pills and the never came and what effect of a human total loss you're missing some and so he sold her a loss for a way if you easily have been convinced that don't be from the Philippines is a loss she couldn't have never fallen in no one can move Falwell if we are heated quite and have a good everything so this is how we function this is why loss is the problem and makes us sick but why if we cannot lose white entry into the new nothing I just want to read is from the Bible when Jesus explains the Hocking alleges it's a stock exact electric and expensive valid if you somehow know this phenomenon explains exactly what you don't see digital knowledge budget at all things I would have never seen the heart of man it was another experiment on human beings I I don't know how often I would have read the seminal and when not experienced his seat six ninety six following dollars ninety nine up for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust is corrupt and the thieves break through and steal but lay up for yourself treasures in heaven where neither law nor rust us corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal for radio treasury and there your heart BLS now he explained if at all and he says if if the light of the blood is in the eye is therefore that I be singer by whole body shall fail off and be full of light but he died the evil by whole body shall be full of darkness is therefore the light that is indeed be darkness how great is that darkness no man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and of the other or else he would hold the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and know this is the description of the car what Jesus says he is basically you are blind if you lay up treasures where on earth why can we why can we what is it unwise to do with fascism because you can knows that if we could lose then that would be fine but not him kudos because we do not possess anything like you don't need community map only to avoid it now has to butt we says nothing that's why you cannot have to avoid the house has to want and you can avoid only one thing out they where treasures in heaven you see the far needs something what these needs are in each address is young journalists say to their spouses treasure and unseeded winners the Germans are very shops shops Patricia you're my Imitrex and it's not by chance that Jesus uses many parents but do we know what there in the Bible areas many may think about all his uses also the less in spite of Rosales about winning and losing but he uses a credible value find a training that in a field and the twelve on but many precious pup and you're ready to sell everything to get that vote so when the judge is your hardest so we have to wait it's not listening to win we are made to me every creature of God and only when because it has nothing so it goes on a up up up up up up up up everlasting says our happiness in heaven the increase is so long complement the company 's nominee it's only the problem that the alert just in a something that is not keeping you see the heart needs a source of the so you have to have a source of love that is impossible to the him away from you now have a motivation this is the worst thing and all I and this motivation is pride and selfishness so pride and selfishness how does it integrate the saxophone like this and the pride and selfishness pride says I can accept this as I have Diebold lives because we can have nothing entry cannot but they say both of them so I will react react by the principle I did to take or receive so what is winning when I have taken a given something yes what is the meaning when I get it back and so receiving I hope seething is winning about his loss if I give to take the suit was lost in the back have you ever had a patient that say all I'm doing so much I given I am looking out I cannot say no to their sick no how can you be signaled the patients they do what they cannot say no because they need something they expect for what they do something that's like when they had done something and has not gotten enough back you have a loss that mess yes or something is taken away so if there's no motivation this is our cartilage this is how we act here and reaction is done by the will from a few this is the source of information for many of those and a source chooses justice because it cannot do otherwise as love sources what money is as it can have on the management moment in a whatnot my mayonnaise yes that the God of money and if the first and then we have humans or animals I have patient that had lost angle and the glossy music to music so this motivation takes this as additional sources can use money as you let out surfing and my patients if they had a very good relationship in a marriage and one of them dies and the other space back at a patient who says I dreaming my wife is ten years after and I'm sitting with her research picture in and I wake up and I'm very upset because he got severe diseases in those ten so you see that you have one something what then that and I think that he lived for forty years maybe now becomes a also on the last loss in weight loss zone and when you see our relationship and family that is very good can be a trap of the devil when someone because it reveals that you have done is not longer because of US have gone as lossless as you have no loss in the other guy you want guys has lost you interested deception we wouldn't mourn except for personal and business life why this problem in this motivation can never be sold if you have a psychologist or whatever you say to him you have to remove your loss then you are healed then you say it's impossible to avoid loss accuracy it must be possible Jesus says if you are united here would make up treasures where in heaven and trade is in heaven are not perishable so you're having no loss using the motivation that lays the foundation of biology is altruistic the selfless motivation and this selfless motivation is one Mister Thomas is why does it take all its basic needs to do what why is that the message taking his basic needs if you anything the rest of us that seems out any resulting than tomato seed produces a plant produces and multiply you say something missing that multiplication is selfishness no multiply but not multiplication if I didn't know that I have that's why we have to have money to do this want to bring much to multiply so the tomato seed makes tomatoes that she cannot use all and she is a selfless life she uses all the energy that you can get to produce something for me some end in the same mode is on but online easier and so we get to the because we are betrayed when you have a loss then we cannot live anymore and we even if that person has betrayed me and step in another cannot anymore Alisa lost me so happy with the you will never get a girlfriend is a weekly UK you just get rid of it because the principles of the best light for doing so the altruistic motivation in an essay answers to our or selfless love of his finances and motivation says I have nothing and I cannot so what does she then has to do first what has he discussed if she had nothing and she can just post to think yes take for what reason did you see the tomato takes first because if she would not take first the basic needs she would never be able to press this is why we have to did they visit an all basic meets community before you have it can you not know that here there's a high inventory was eating before me something think about weekly before we have something we need every magnetic pole delete the section and so we have first to take and what is a winning when I get the more tomato tomato produces the more she won and as long as we did because my Internet now selfish selfish as long as we give our body is okay as long as we are frankly Florida Pleasantville are not only will it be a loss of Jesus to say he wants to win as I was heading and he who want to give it the know to keep that but it's a busy life is nativist if you spent forty others but recently so the selfish life is made of God to be a sacrifice we have to work this to be very active for us we have to take this from the now the interesting thing is that no one of us has access to his heart we don't have this dissonance this is why I have this patient with a jar to know his opinion in all that I spent all this but he says I'm atheist I cannot since sources go that I recommend on leaving up I said he will associate you have something in your life that produces you lost and is why you have to go pay your medical visit he has a house it's it's only wanting I can reach age is not that my might call it in my business has done to me from and I still need him and I cannot overcome what he has done to me it's not the real benign southerly of fighting between them he just thinks that his friend brought him into the house and the thought of loss always destroys the body in the beginning you have feelings but if nobody sees that you don't get the feeling it major dysfunction the book for that for that saltiness as long as you think that's all the fluff you bestowed because the thought of loss that someone else brought you into lust is a five okay convincing him that I cannot go visit within a minute he himself cannot change that is if God does not exist then again you make an experiment because I said you don't believe it because you have the next benefit and improvement because as the proving that God does not exist is on improving existing SFA you have to go to the other as you you have a twofold experience the first to scissors that if you are asking for the change of heart to change you you know all the things like your friend has done for you to see it with the rear end in reality you was saying to yourself big face and author video that he will enlighten your heart and change it in a moment you will see that your friend has done you no it's only your deception that thinks that your friend has done lots then your job he and then you have the proving in your own London drugs is a I could not prove to business but the Bible is likely die behalf of force by the disease with the symptoms of the budget I believe that the body is a measurement and we can tell the people if you are dissected by a lie that's why six and and so I I I tell them make a statement go to God is the only one why can we not change your in a way why did Jesus come into the wind he needs to take up alert ancient authority to Kenneth to destroy these the only one because he he he came on earth and he that is native to the cross so that the old man is that but as she dissolved when infected through the will the whole solar energy money that's why Jesus needed to die completely on the Christ's all are bodies that had long since I can remember seven below says the Bible so no flesh and blood cannot and I haven't because heaven is a clean place thing has nothing that can be made is why we have to have a change in business why before when Jesus comes those who raised on the Granddad won't be changed and how well does raise this things and we will be translated but we cannot inherit heaven with the money because our bodies what affected by this this is the only room for anything illegal these are my digital can be by God 's grace be put to death so that we can do it every action that we do we must do out of quite Icelanders was like my wife I sometimes in a Manhattan talk problems being flowers of the bosses sometimes and I'm not a man who really can love I discovered this a few years ago and and I I I asked Goss and asking every morning every morning I go out and I said crucify myself I crucify besides my past the day before yesterday yesterday for this aside and I said I speak getting enough of my life is on census is loaded on my slow shoot like you're not taking them and so I brought there now and then dollars and I said the Lord reminded me to bring you some flowers dating how did my wife react I know in real nice is if you take it from me it's selfish I have some interest in community and it's never for me and so this year in March I was in Romania and the Sabbath morning I was out in nature and my wife likes his new Wisconsin springtime snow by the Denali English nice dollars that commented that it would end so the Lord entrusted to take a few you know what brought them and should saw the thought is that Hollywood is God had you asked him to missing this is what we have to understand this is why Jesus says people will see your goodies and will not at all how you know because they will say you did it all because love is of God no one with us will ever be and the except he is in God and he has taken from him and Holy Spirit is so important and we understand the therapy of my patient they must come to the point where I show them you cannot save yourself you had to go across if they all ways that you can decrease of the salt us your selfishness your heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wished and Jeremiah says Hillary is it I do not agree what I don't does have a piece as a medicine of it I see that I will educate says the position is educated so I counsel my business that I don't belong in therapy you have to do it you have to keep for yourself I cannot do for yourself you have to go to God for yourself I cannot go I can go in intercessory I can show you how it functions in my life that can never satisfy you basically if you and the devil wants us not to know that we have a responsibility for his body because his body whom does it belong it belongs to God that's why we have to be careful will this is why when God draws us into judgment for what they could why would you do administration well remained on what else many unhealthy redoing garlic on the house we have to be healthy but not for health reason because only a healthy person is a victim and as such we have to serve a healthy blend of tomatoes can make good tomatoes so I told you about this patient was his job and I told you about the lady I've been is that that story that you might understand why she got sick she has the right it and when I look into that year I saw the fungus they were going Van wasn't nice of you that a concentration I mean they look nice and elitists is that the drama no and the sun was going here it was a nice field aligned is a fungus going there but the city needs this belief there on the heartless king never a fungus can go panic never so if the fungus goes on our skin color skinniest sick we must have an eczema there and she had a deep eczema he and almost close to the throw I said that's not good notice you have to deal with the same I think I can put your song cortisol have told him before but I think any of the new lid on this essay I can for time but if you don't understand what you is telling you you missed the point and you've got a severe problems on oil municipal shibboleth surfaces when retrieving one piece in one one placed this that comes someone else another thing but usually because we are dividing fields and me about the whole movie of the human being we don't say it because the silly on only offer you that's it instinctively I have fields should all be journalists we should all have the whole patient voice the whole patient a very significant and especially his mindset and I have said that eczema comes in the ears doesn't be adopted in the ears it comes from sorrow from anxiety it's a mentor because only the mental status can can make those scratches in the inner thing so that the count can come out so she told me that her source and I have my father is very sick and on the what happens with knowledge of the wrong thing that you have sorrows it's just this is as year says nine cents of the disease from which men suffer from the philosophy perhaps some leaving home trouble is like a canker eating to the very soul and weakening the life force dissociating an initial fueling not all this while you still can heal a broken heart or a pop peace of mind warnings can't or managed using this famine genocide on how Mister Blanton the son of a hot what's restored the wasted my chin out it has understandably says this takes the life forces away but they come from the phone off last so her father is a love source and she has to see if she would have to sorrow that is unselfish like Paul for his church then she would have no eczema but she was not very happy with the circular so I cured it with some some got his own hand she was very happy because she can then there is a conventional today that so I could listen something that is so but that's the time and I won't I want to see this patient may come only once in an adult on a mission that I want to preaching Christ is it's a nice thing is gentlemen who I met this week had a problem with you felt on his business site you know why the ENT doctor didn't even ask him about his mental status with the loss when you consider that he thought mixing the felt pain on this on his left side it happens to know the story his wife was admitted to the emergency room three weeks ago after a few days stopped so for me it was obvious he was indeed so why is the body not enough white with because it does not do willful sin Justice and civil don't he has his wife as well sourced and it is only one of source we do not knowingly break the First Amendment and all that it's one of the most oh broken commandment is a First Amendment he said God says you don't have on it except me and to be God is love and love is life and if we want to take life from another person we break a first amendment without knowledge and that is a second law and most people break and doesn't take most diseases is a fiscal amendment process on a modern phone that the relationship with mother does the most diseases that I have experienced and in my practice and but that's not too far to explain I'm very glad that you were here and we could share this but this even have to come to the point where we have to tell the patient's his need of Christ and one of using it was a small thing also is the iLife patient and are very much I need to have many thanks and this is a king this is a candidate because the more you tomorrow maybe you will say no more unit of law and it gets even in hard and I know maybe today will not grow but when the lake the rain will come and it will soon come that seek will come up and I believe that I will see these gentlemen who studies in a just in heaven one day he might not take now the decision but noncommercial into his body and he will say but why don't you try it wouldn't cost anything because money is going to cost for love for you and I would never ever not respond to this lease this pray because he's the only source of law if you are not fluffed it cannot get it to you it must because he's the only one but he's dependent on all will ask for it to climb a tree and wholly pick the apple whatever we wanted we have to take them off first and then me and when we give all of our planting this guy never give all of ourselves as a will never suffer the government is in a safe manner this is a known her in this video was produced by audio verso amen and this Pentagon analyst never you mind to learn more about me then please visit www. a man and I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe on a


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