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Forgiveness and True Spiritual Healing

Norman McNulty


Sermon given at Community Hospital of SDA on Sabbath, October 30, 2010


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • October 30, 2010
    11:00 AM
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our family thank you for the Sabbath day I thank you for the opportunity to be here this morning I thank you for what we've learned about sanctification I presently working to Scripture and the writing alone why about the concept of forgiving that will get us a deeper understanding of what you want for us in the area forgiveness thank you so much I pray these things in his name came faster George asked me to shoot Sharon topic about forgiveness as it relates the better how now what are you thankful for the is had to deal with how is it anyhow and forgiveness related to each other the first of all how many of us have ever needed to be forget that everyone should set our hand communist today need to forgive a someone out there right now that you need to forget that perhaps you have been out of the Bible makes it very clear in Romans chapter three verse twenty three that is how many tests are all sending short of the glory of God any as we have that means that we need forgive that and who is that forgive it is God anyhow when we see it is true when we send it significantly back somebody here on this Earth it may be is now a brother or sister family member or a friend when we say him that someone that we are related to the Olson family when we set we affect God 's song chapter fifty one first for David says against the VA only have I said and done this evil in my side someone was your sin against God the book of Hebrews reminds us in this astounding sceneries chapter six that when we send we crucified the son of God afresh that he is now clearly are affect on God because ours is that she is on the wrong it is not done as we cannot receive forget that you have are and are need for forgiveness has a direct relationship on personal health library on my reading load from ministry of healing page two forty one in this will give a picture of house effects our own hell and I noticed this the relation that exists between the mind and the body is very when one is affected the other sent by the condition of the mind affect the health to a far greater degree than many realize so you realize that your state of mind affect your health and the notice which he says many of the diseases from which men suffer are the result of natural breasts okay so you're my baby is not for sale all the mental caress and mental depression than can we send many of the diseases from which men's and now is what happens when you have fresh knows what he says Green anxiety decisions three more deal to trust all tend to break down white horses and to invite me and Sonata there is a number of things that she must think I'm going to focus on our green Morris anxiety and feel because specifically if you have killed and you have remorse that means that you need again if you're guilty about something that means that you and you know you shouldn't have done and that means you need to forget he had anxiety reports for something until you know that you did something wrong and you need to forget and if you don't receive forgiveness is going to lean your estate is meant solely how that will lead to depression that will lead to disease and instead of your help and zero so the way we may is affected by the things that we do and we are doing things that are going contrary to God 's word is going to leaving deal in Armagh was relieved every more forcefully depression which can lead to many different diseases and weeds for help in our dog does not want us and I is you believe that will turn a small chapter eighty six verse five see what the Scriptures about what God has for us what he wants for us Psalms chapter eighty six verse five and I love this verse is for thou Lord are good and ready to forget and when he is in mercy upon all them that call upon the vision of God is ready to forgive you or maybe many of you here today who are weighed down with Gil when anxiety with three more wishing that your life different pathway and as you saw the presentation this morning he relied you know what that means I'm allowing my appetite pass to control my life and mind mine is in a terrible state because I just eat whatever I feel like eating even though I know I should say you have killed you have read Morris and it leaves your mind to be another rest day that means you to have for now and you want to have a different experience and you know the Lord is ready to get elected because the Lord of the season merciful he is ready for again he's ready to give you a she is ready to give now once one of the stories of Scripture that demonstrates the forgiveness of God and all that it is as young and Christianity today and in divers animals talk about the majority of the Christian world and Yahoo may present they want to talk about forget the classroom forgiveness is very much a topic that people like to talk about but what we want like yesterday is what is I will assure a true forgiveness by Don offers so I invite you to turn with me to Matthew chapter nine in the story down in verses one through seven and this is the story of the paralytic Matthew chapter nine verses one through seven and he entered into a ship and has over and came into his own city and the whole they brought to him a man sick of all the wine that and Jesus seeing their day seven of the second the policy son be of good cheer nice be forgiven why would be nice here's the and you can see Jesus and the first thing Jesus as being Santa Fe please feel the very first thing the other your save Darfur to be an engineer any holder of a scribe seven of the one and a history of Jesus was not God it would be blasphemy to offer forgiveness is another matter neither is people who still think today you can go to someone other than God and receive forgiveness of an Oxford the only person using energy with God personally Jesus now I never thought that wherefore think evil in your hearts for whether is easier to say by centimeter given the word as they are Ryan Law that you may now the son of man hath power on earth to forgive then said he to the site of the policy arise take up my data the White House and he arose and departed to his house now what do you think is easier to say that someone your sense of her again or to say to someone who where I arrive taken here that an law now it's a lot easier to actually offer someone visiting the minute is offer someone spirit you beyond my work as a physician community hospital a lot of the patient that I see physical illness and crazy for me in my training to say here is your problem here is that we can do to help you feel better but it's a lot harder section one that is their own life by their showing the things of the time in their lives that have contributed to their present physical condition and that they need spiritual healing people more of a resist that so in that sense is easier to offer offer physical healing and spiritual but in the sense in this story what Jesus is showing in that only God can forgive so there are two mere letter half the story is that showing what I'm performing to near I'm forgiving is now and I am healing this paralysis and because I am God and there is no one else beside me it is much harder to offer forgiveness is an high performing on your and with the open thereby by the G spiritual leaders that he was God now I want to point out things about the story is about ministry of healing and has from the chapters dealing with all you some idea of what is really taking place here and this is where Ellen White talks about the paralytic now this is page seventy three a ministry of healing like a letter to Karen when it lost all hope of recovery analysis is a disease with the result is simple why so the paralytic paralyzed because and why and many of us today have for help because unfortunately it is with the renewal of the simple life and his sufferings were mentored by room Morris in Maine he had appealed the Pharisees and doctors for relief they are now ensure then he heard of the words of Jesus there is one helpful to see how many feel and he was encouraged to believe that exceeds you might be here if he can be carried in a anyhow we got people today have messages in the world with Jesus as the Savior of the world who can heal this is all Jesus NaCl and we need to show the world by our lives that she says he will not because of reason over the world Jesus can save you from yourself and then they look at our lives and we are still way down the burden is there anyone he's not it has worked in your life so why when I noted that even though you're talking about him I want within your life you still have that Sanford is so get angry at people people making you give him the silent treatment looked the other way and when you see the nightshirt anyone shown to me that you're really in the right place person so why would I count in nineteen we need to assure the world that Jesus healed our and when the paramedics saw that Jesus can heal others who had been absent on how to gain a and we have the depth of two oh one nine world the whole world around the law and I and we have a message of hope and you page seventy four the story continues his great desire was relieved from the Baroness noticed this his greatest desire was not so much that he will be healed of his paralysis sure that will be nice to let his greatest liar with the relief from the burden is in order for us to receive spiritual healing and forgiveness from the Lord neither recognize the burden if we are okay with why would we want you and I see patients and doctors and designations come through on anything you know what you have diabetes you have high water it's out of control if you change your lifestyle Jurgen and I am missing the doctor I feel on I know my blood pressure is one nine the everyone's will I feel greater why would I need to change well because if you don't change your inhaler or is God sometimes I work by scaring people that we need to realize that as sinners in need of the grace of God we are spiritual Dianetics spiritual hybrid synthesis many times not recognizing our site and not realizing that we have a spiritual condition that is silently killing us just as hypertension is known as the silent killer its people and how that don't know than one made a show of a heart attack that we can be anachronism that this man does your living she had a desire to be relieved from the burden is a you know weirdo Laodicean church and Scripture says that we don't know that we are wretched miserable poor blind and naked and we are destitute of the righteousness of Christ that we are naked we don't have the right amount in dispute of you have to be covered with arthritis to have and when he is naked but we don't realize it so we are light spiritual hybrid synthesis to the hydrogen is they don't know that they have hypertension in the field and we can be that way this may need to that he was weighed down with the burden she longed to see Jesus to receive the assurance of forgiveness and cease with eleven then he would be content to live or die according to God 's will do feel physically she just needed forgiveness from continuing on from the Jesus he's drawn to Christ his friend Brandon in the story they take the route of part you've lowered down through the and Jesus takes a look at and the very first thing that Jesus us to happiness beauty and sheer my son 's been forgiven Jesus and what this man want and Jesus was willing to forgive because this man wanted to be relieved of the burden of same note as well white says page seventy six the burden of guilt roles from this man's soul she cannot doubt Christ's words reveal this power to read the heart who can deny his power to forgive sins will take the place of despair and Joanna presently the man 's physical pain is gone and his holding is transformed making no further request delay and peaceful silence too happy for word so now that he's been forgiven for his he cannot even say okay thank you so much for forgiving me for my now can you tell me why is this happening in a sentiment again encounters many of us here today we know that there are things in our lives that are weighing us down the burden of sin we know that the Lord has promised to give us victory over the things and yet we hang on other things and Jesus is here speaking yesterday soon I want to forgive years and to renew those cents from your line and we have the opportunity to do that today as we continue on page seventy seven says the parallel price ceiling for both the soul and the body he needed help of soul before he can appreciate help the body before the physical malady can be steel Christ must bring relief to the mine and when the soul is worth and should not be overlooked they are today now suffering from physical to these who like the paramedic are long for the method by sins are forgiven the burden of sin without precedent satisfied desires is the foundation other maladies they can find no relief until they kind of a healer of the stolen we need to find that relief we need to come to Jesus as the healer of the soul and sheets for this I thank the effect produced upon the people by a feeling of a paralytic was as if heaven had opened and revealed the glories of a better world and Jesus want to do that today Jesus wants to open the glory of having through his and people who give glory to God in the Jasper Howard when we bring a message that brings spiritual healing that he when we hear the message of Christ to the world when we get the message of Christ for the world has died for our sense that he is cannot save us in our center but for Martha that we that we can have the power of a transformed the wine is the world will see the glories of heaven hoping they will say we have seen Jesus we have experience to our we see what it means to be a Christian Burton has finally been remade I've been always other pastors all the literature Chris I know what you're several private anyway the burden of guilt until Jesus comes bundled why teachers know that burden of guilt can be renamed the second will no one weigh you down when you have victory in Christ imagine if a logic who was in one of our prisons here in Trinidad received via and we told Jesus will forgive all you have to do is accept him as your Savior and he will be say and that person imprisoned except Jesus as the Savior and then we saw the warden of the prison pay is a Christian now he's accepted Jesus you can like having an wonder of wonders they let them go and three days later he does not shoot some and when he's apprehended by the law he says it's okay I'm a Christian there is power in Christianity Jeannie from killing some but because I accept Jesus as my Savior I must say I can do whatever I want without the power of the gospel now all of you here are shaking her head because such a ridiculous illustration that you do you realize that we hasn't seen the very same thing we save you can accept Jesus as your Savior he will forgive you for your site and you can keep snapping your wife losing your temper and an irritable person to be around she'll still going to have any that will be part of the world he just is not the power of the real God the power of the gospel brings restoration to the soul just as Jesus restored this the paralytic spiritually and physically through the forgiveness of sin we can be restored spiritually physically in we've seen how God forgive and I'm just trying to summarize the story found in Matthew chapter eighteen twenty one two three five we know the story story where the serving comes to his master and he has his master ten thousand Alan which is a huge amount of money and analysis of the campaign and I am very imprisoned and the servants of any time please will pay back within his master forgive and serving as now I find someone who goes in a day 's wages and he says Amy now and the circuit serving the essay throw them in a prison anyhow were like that serve God forgive them and when people in our lives across when the onions perhaps even legitimate perhaps some of you have been deeply wounded by armed time and untrue word that someone is setting maybe you have had something even worse happen seen examples of people you have lost their spouse someone who stole who ran off with someone else things are there as you know nomad nomad are matter how awful the things that other people do in the Bible felt that we are to forgive because nothing that anyone can do to and surpass what we've than the God our sins of the Jesus on the cross and sure we can be her in a legitimate way we can be unjustly and finally unfairly hurt but nothing in the way that is Jesus came to this earth the same as an economic cross until Curtis I have right before Jesus told that parable Peter said she Jesus or how often should I forgive my brother for the same seven times Jesus is not seventy times do we have a forgiving spirit you have an SLA a brief story of an experience that I have while in story happen about how a lot of years and ended this weekend actually happen to be my tenure alumni weekend that are not universally that the United States I'm not there down here happy to be with you it has been ten years since I graduated from college in the story happen about a year before I graduated from college there is a young lady there that I needed and must just say that it was a challenging friendship that it time and Tom I was going through a difficult area with my father my father in passing away from a medical condition phone multiple sclerosis but he was still alive at this time and he was in Syria rating wrap and I was with this young lady at once more and and I was having a very obvious I was very sad about how my father was in and I was having a difficult time coming to insurance with a reality that my fatherhood that position very as the visionary and father is now an American company can and it was a very satisfying from an apparently this young lady got tired of me talking about she felt that all I ever talked about with my father 's ill and it reached a certain point in the conversation versus because I made a little time about how all I ever did at this point was studying when I wasn't thinking about my dad she just snapped in these I can still hear the words in my mind she is like what the good thing because if you feel the time you'd be an emotional wreck and I'm not sure that I've ever been more angry and my wife and I wasn't I mean I cannot say that my wife has never said anything to me and all because I was hurting I was going through a very challenging emotional time and him why he decided to see if she just got tired of me talking about it she last time he and said that I would be an emotional wreck of items audio well realize how the story is because I did not handle that situation very well after actually a number of years I had a spirit that was very unforgiving towards the even of the Bible says that we should forgive those who mistreated and so after that conversation I refuse to talk to her later that evening I was in the computer lab and she happening time and energy was going to be there and I was very thankful that there was not a seat right next and so she had to say one person ever so that there was a person in between the two is very that she wasn't sitting right next and so when I finished my assignment on the computer I got up and want an insane word and I think that really surprised so she sent me an know apologizing for what she had said earlier in the day that I forgive and for the remainder of the school year which was my last year 's other every time I passed her in the hall or anywhere else I wouldn't look her in the eye just let her know hey what you did was unacceptable and I'm not talking and I never done this to anyone else before my wife this is the first time I ever treated anybody and toward the end of my right before I graduated we ended up talking and it didn't go very well so things were resolved and I may have the oh yeah and was there for a number of years and then lo and behold one Sabbath I was the speaker for church and of all people that would show this young lady Shona and she was married by this point in time I knew she had gotten and I have many preaching marathon on the faith of Abraham and the methods of weed out the faith of Abraham to win God offer up Isaac on the altar even though he didn't understand was willing to do what God said in here this young lady who I really never forget and I appreciate that that as it turned out one of her friends came to that certain she was the and I never have known that he was in the air now Kenyan and on she sat on the very front row while after the sermon was over she was ever there am I and we so I think we may have made eye contact a little bit during the sermon just as I was looking around when the actor that I was in the nineteen here I was getting a message for the Lord and here was this a sister never forget after all these years she shares and I wasn't even talking and you could make an argument that what she said of invariant final step was that I think I certainly trounced her and find buying my silent tree five e-mail probably about two weeks after that is about five years ago and I never heard from her pencil six months later she wrote back and he said he now I know what to say to you after you wrote me that in a I forgive you and I'm sorry for everything I didn't see and I've never seen her since I doubt I ever will especially now when I'm down here in it was actually in six years for the Lord to work on me that I would actually forgive this person and fortunately God has intrigued me the way I treated her in an e-mail I saw that story because I now that I'm not the only one who delivered them I noticed people here today some of you as well perhaps you can think of someone in your life that you're not on speaking terms that you're angry with that you get the cold shoulder to eat in the silent treatment she when things go wrong and I'm thankful that God is not treatise that way and I want to read this is response from the mound was beginning on page one thirteen notices we should not may that among those who have injured us confess the wrong we are justified in withholding on them harper again here are those like we'll all forget that they undo the wrong they did to me so that be like me saying will all treat her nice if she apologizes for what she said to me when I was grieving about like that now all apologize to her her first she was wrong first and then the him I know because she made the day we do not we should not think that I must let you have Internet confessed wrong we are justified in withholding them from our forgiveness in their part no doubt the humbler part by repentance and confession but we are to have a spirit of compassion toward those who trespass against us whether or not they confessed all however sorely name have wanted us we are not to cherish our grievances and some of my personal over our injuries but as we hope to be pardoned for offenses against God we are to harden all who have done evil jobs now I'm going to guess you the area where I wanted to have a true understanding of what forgiveness until because so many times we say the gospel is that God forgives us for this and that we committed and even if we don't get their treatment works harbored and we going to have enough out as well white says forgiveness had and this is the same passage genuine on how to need to forgive those even if they don't make it right forgiveness has a broader meaning than many suppliers when God gives the promise that he will abundantly pardon she adds is that the meaning of it succeeded all that we can comprehend my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways it is continuing on page one fourteen of bottom amount of blood God 's forgiveness is not merely a judicial act by which he sets us free from condemnation he realized that most people believe that all forgiveness is it that the legal act and having regard to I forgiven Brother McNulty for you to send and now he's legally in right standing with me no longer under condemnation yes that is part of forget I that is not merely that so what is asthma she says it is not only forgiveness forces by me leaning from said he realized that when you are forgiven by God he forgives you because he's transformed with a new car you come to God in faith I surrender Lord I'm John playing games of planning and zoning and planning I surrender I can't do it on my own any I'm inviting you to take over my life please forgive me and empower me to live your life and then God says that's it you have the spirit repentance he forgives you and he reclaims you friends and she says it in the top floor flowing every redeeming love that transforms the heart sonatas forgiveness on not only is a judicial act to transform so many of us as I talked about the beginning be are in a situation where we have all of these problems health problems and emotional problems anxiety reading more skill because we are still living in this and because we're still living in sin we have grief anxiety guilt remorse which leads to diseases physical and the Lord wants to shield less of these things you may be asking Doctor McNulty I've been struggling with certain sum of my life for many years there is likely to forgive and understand when I was a child I with you you don't understand why are you walking him understand my spouse ran off you understand I was fired from a job when I what was right now I don't have money to pay the bill that God does when you and he is willing to listen Cialis for the sins are life and the question is how I want to take you to another passage from the spirit of prophecy enunciated a passage in the Scriptures we close the chapter manuscript releases volume twenty one page thirty seven for Alan White says hanging upon the cross Christ was God 's you know why we have so much trouble understanding the gospel is because we don't seek Christ hanging on the cross for us hanging on the cross Christ was the God he read that passage right before that she talked about how Christ did not want to die and rot maybe he meant each other with the father 's will be setting Gethsemane not my will but thine be done and the reason he did is because the lost world that we are in was set before him and he realized that he didn't go through with across was when the law when you see Jesus hanging on the cross imagine this your synthetic hair he loves you so much that he didn't want to send that fit in there the cochineal law for so here we have our wonderful merciful Savior who lost this match that he set himself on the cross to die for I know I'm happy that I have a question with my willing to die for that young lady made me angry now I was not I was ready to do something to her and we need to learn to develop the spirit of Christ hanging on the cross Christ was the God we mistreated him we sin against we the end there and he says okay I love you so much I'm dying for you because of what he does this with gentleness triage will say how dare you D'Antoni for you and your wife will show you who I am how dare you talk to me like that don't you know who I am also wrong I did this for you I did this for you I did this for you and now look what you did in the videos that introduced Minnesota is innocent how dare you do not need I tend on this earth saving I've been here for thirty three years and the best you can do is spend on me and let me cross forget all of you on going back to heaven and you can go to each of the ending law take that sound like it is the truth that waited hanging on the cross Christ was the God first and foremost because he forgave us for the are you here eighty six licensees ready to forgive us now not only has Christ offered forgiveness for us by the cross that analyzes later in this passage page thirty seven Jesus they see present for us all an example of self-denial and self Doctor say here we see Christ as the example of self-denial and self sacrifice we should back in heaven and the glories of heaven he came to this earth and he died a terrible death by being self-sacrificing love did you know that the gospel calls us to live the same why true with me to Galatians chapter two verse twenty because inspiration solvers hanging on the cross Christ was God he denied so he was self-sacrificing not only did he forgive us sacrifice and denied himself with Galatians two twenty six employed by our I am crucified with rock nevertheless I live yet not I but try living in the and the life which I now live in the flash I live by them they the son of God who love me and gave himself for me you're the passage says when the power of the guy has taken a hold of my why I am crucified with Christ and you know when Helen Weitz is hanging on the cross Christ was the gospel that so that when Christ was crucified he will gobble anywhere that's all you want to waste to twenty I am crucified with Christ I am a living demonstration of the God and the question today is an high a living demonstration of the God when he writes and you know how to know if your living demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ is at the Sea are you really dead so I have to ask myself the question do I still treat people in a similar way as I did when that young lady cross ten eleven years ago am I ready to say how dare you treat me I went online and talk to you again will show you a thing or two don't you ever dare treat me like that again out CG or are we like Jesus Christ who in first Peter chapter she starting in verse twenty notice what Jesus did as he sets an example for us starting in verse twenty first from web oriented Antonini buffeted for your phone you shall take it patiently but if you will suffer for it you take it patiently this is acceptable with God forgive inherently working call because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow does that through Christ with lots of an example one of the example for twenty Q did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not to commit insulting and the judge righteously so when Christ was being mistreated and Chrysler when Christ was a pile of Taj Mahal and he was being spared he was on the cross and they were him him down from the cross then he will normally decanting is now across second patient he made himself of no reputation and when you learn to have that same experience when you have the experience of being crucified Christ are you crucified with Christ today the only way you can it is my see Jesus on the cross for you because in your human nature this is what happened the Holy Spirit can become your mind you may hear something that afternoon about your diet and your essay the Lord now now I'll give you everything that I'll do anything else with that part of my life no way you should take that thing from the leave now I can give that in the question is will he be crucified with Christ how then can you surrender to Christ what Christ on the cross if you look at Jesus on the cross seeing what he has done for you because you've been there how then can we hold back anything from a man sonic flowers with Hebrew chapter twelve versus once you read the verses once you which says wherefore seeing we all start at about with so great a cloud with let us lay aside every weight and that's certain which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and when we look in the case of what we see who for the joy that was set before him and deer the cross he was crucified him about the right hand of the throne of God we do want to work in the Jesus the author and finisher of our faith so that we won't patiently pay being crucified with when we are crucified with Christ then we will be a demonstration of the gospel to the world and how it is time as such they have this to take this gospel of the kingdom for a witness to the world if we just preach the theory of the gospel without the witness of the gospel this gospel will not go to the world for a long time we've been here since eighteen forty four and we found a theory of the gospel for a long time but in practice we are not demonstrating and God is looking for a group of people who will demonstrate the everlasting God the gospel that is never changed the gospel of Christ hanging on the cross they gospel of his people who have been crucified with right and who are living demonstration of the power of the gospel on Mister living demonstration of people who have experienced forgiveness with experience dealing with experienced transformation you demonstrate this is what it is like to be changed by the power of the gospel I forgive those who mistreat you and even if they never apologizing I will trade some of a lot of crimes I will be like Jesus no matter how you treat me I will show you why to all the world around the line of power right who lives out his life through me because I have been crucified with Christ and now Christ lives out his life through the comment you would like to have that experience of forgiveness and healing in your life and if you win I would invite you to stand with me at this time as we pawn with her father having we thank you so easy that you offer forgiveness and healing to each one of us I've created for those of us who are weighing down the brightness is unlike the paralytic that we would feel that burden of sin and that we want long for spiritual healing and I frantically would come to you the great physician they are a great similar embodiments to receive forgiveness and you and that we would learn to experience the power of the gospel so that we can be crucified he and the like he here on the third so that we can be a little demonstration of the power of Christ here on this Earth 's just as Christ hanging on the gospel with a demonstration of the gospel we have been crucified with Christ can be living demonstration of the gospel here on this Earth is the Lord forgive us for where we fallen short homes the surrender everything in our life the incident when you bring new light to us about things we need again so that we can be more like you so that you can speak to more clearly than we would loudly and yet all CE so that you can let out your life there I pray for this church congregation I thank you so much for bringing all of us here today for the presence of your spirit we know that Jesus is coming soon I pray that these messages saw her the ready for one of the count on the world of an overwhelming surprise thank you so much for what you've done for us bring healing to your soul and body this is my prayer Jesus


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