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Elijah, 1888, and the Latter Rain

Norman McNulty


Sermon given on November 6, 2010 at Community Hospital of SDA, in Port of Spain, Trinidad.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • November 6, 2010
    11:30 AM
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three our father in heaven I thank you for bringing us as a congregation here today and I grant you and give us a special blessing as a open your word we believe that we are living in momentous time that Jesus is coming soon and I friend of this message today with less at the word of God that it would lift that Christ and that would convince each one of us on the nearness of the stomach coming of Christ and of our need to be ready this is my prayer in Jesus name now I really do believe that Jesus is coming soon enough and I really do believe that we as job she said that people need to be ready to meet Jesus in the clouds and I believe that we need to be given this message of preparation of warming up for planning the near return of Jesus we have been given this message as a people to share the world have we not and if we aren't sharing the message with others how can we expect to the world anymore and so we as God 's people I believe in we need to wake up it is time to wake up it is time for the Lord to work through his people in the last days and I want to speak today about the concepts of you my job and the latter rain and how they tie together and signed by you to turn with me Scripture to first change chapter eight verses thirty five and thirty six first Kings chapter a versus thirty five thirty six this setting is the dedication of Solomon so and so on is offering up rare dedication for God sent here we read in verses thirty five and thirty six the first Kings chapter eight Mrs. Solomon praying to God he says when heaven is shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against the estate freight for this place and confess thy name and turn from their sin when mouth then then hear thou in heaven and forgive the sin of my servants and of my people Israel that thou teach them the good way wherein they should watch and give rain upon my land which thou hast given to lying people for an inheritance scenarios Solomon is for Hank in the sample as it is been dedicated he is praying to God if your people ever wanted from you if they come back please you're there for specifically he says if heaven is shut up that there is no rain because their sin and they confess please forgive their sin this was the dedication of God sample and if you look at the history of Israel this was to be an important moment in the history of the nation 's they have their stuff the whole world knew of the glory of the nation of Israel and in fact so much so that the Queen of Sheba came to visit Solomon find out what is going on in the nation of Israel John Siebel work glorifying his name throughout the world and the dedication of the Temple was that I am the nation of Israel when Israel reached its chemical and of course you can say when the Messiah came eventually the was even more so but up until that point this was the planet cool of the nation of Israel and Solomon was praying to the Lord now the Lord answers this prayer and you find the answer in second Chronicles chapter seven verses thirteen and fourteen and this is the verse that many of us are very familiar with and actually will start in verse twelve second Chronicles chapter seven notice awards responsible Solomon and the Lord appeared to Solomon by nine seventy I have heard life for and have chosen this place my sovereign house of sacrifice noticed this if I shut up heaven that there should be no rain or if I command the Locust Judah Bauer the land or if I send fast once among my people if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and ensuring from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land notice the Lord specifically answers the prayers of salt one three installments and if you shut up heaven that there be no rain please hear the prayer of your people they repent and God says if I shut up heaven as you parade if they read I will yield there when this was eight prayer that God is getting God said if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face then will I hear from I would ask each one of you today are we God 's people at heart we called by his name and until we know Simon RSS need to humble ourselves and its turn from our wicked ways but this response of God Solomon still applies then you may have can we work at the history of God 's people sick leave the heart of heaven being shot up so that there was no rain and say was that a condition that was ever fulfill in the nation of Israel and the obvious answer is yes that was only one hundred years later we come to the story of Ahab why and we go to first change chapter seventeen verse one first Kings chapter seventeen verse one we read any of my by who was of the inhabitants of Gilead set on the Ahab as the Lord God of Israel live it before I stand there shall not be to you nor rain these years but according to my word and what it happen in Israel Israel just a hundred years before had reached the temple of its history but samples of the Lord had been dedicated hence had shown his presents if you read in first Kings chapter eight this will glory in the Lord fulfill the sample so that no man can answer and clearly God was demonstrated his friends in the nation of Israel and at that moment hence why the Israelites must've thought wow we are the people of God God 's presence is in our met me have the sample of the Lord we are the true people of God we are the last people of God God will always was passed as a people and your one hundred years later ye wives of the Prophet the King Ahab and says according to the word of the Lord there shall not be reigned in Israel and James five seventeen tells us it was for three and a half years so what has happened in the nation of Israel if you like jazz before first king seventeen verse one in the preceding verses we see starting in verse thirty chapter sixteen that Ahab the son and he only did evil in the side of the Lord and continuing on verse thirty two he reared up an altar for Dale and the house of Dale which he had built in Samaria and eight have made a Grove and Ahab didn't work it provoked the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the kings of Israel that were before him so a hundred years after the temple of God was dedicated in the presence of God is clearly manifested to his people within a hundred years Israel was worshiping other gods they were worshiping veil and so God sends a message to the king of Israel says there will not we know that God is such from second Chronicles chapter seven verses thirteen and fourteen God said if they turn away from me I may shut up thousands of the remaining or understand the plasma or I may send the play why she decided to send Israel in this portion of history was the withholding of rain on the interesting thing is bail was worshiped specifically as a God for bringing why anyway and God said you're worshiping this false God who you think sends rain in the area I'm going to show you to the true God and then we can through the three and a half years to first Kings chapter eight she starting in verse seventeen Elijah had been in hiding in the Lords to give me any verse seventeen of chapter eighteen it says and it came to pass when Ahab saw why did I a have seven million are without you the trouble of Israel and she answered I am not troubled Israel but now my father 's house in that you have forsaken the commandments of the Lord and now has followed Bill Bale now therefore send and gathered me all Israel on the Mount caramel and the profits of the health hundred and fifty and the profits of the growth in the hundred which eat at Jezebel 's table certainly have sent all the children of Israel and gathered the prophets together and Mount caramel and notice verse twenty one and change came to all the people instead how long halt ye between two opinions if the Lord be God called him that if veiled and follow him and the people answered him not a word here's what happened in Israel the Israelites were not worshiping they'll only they were saying what do you like the world around us and we should we can worship they held and we can fit in with the world for worshiping veil but we also know that there is a God in heaven and will worship him in the Lord God that brought us out of Egypt and modification he opened up the Red Sea departed the Jordan he caused Jericho fall down and he gave us this promise you I won't worship and but we will also worship down because that's what all the other nations around us in the end prophet of the Lord comes and says how long are you going to hold between two opinion or in today's vernacular you would think how long are you in a straddle the fence between the two sides there can only be one God either the Lord God of the order God avail how long are you going to hold between those two and the people didn't answer were because they knew that it was a showdown on Mount caramel which went of tropical bill and the prophet of God there were four hundred and fifty unveils profits and there was one of God 's fraud and they weren't ready to take the they were still holding between cute and now we know the story the prophets of Bale played in Vail all day long three Vermont is maybe he's taking now maybe he went on a journey maybe you need to cry louder thirty one and of course he never did and then when Elijah prays fire comes down from heaven CMC alters the province of dollars laying my hand and the like it signal victory was gained for God the story doesn't end there I'm going to come back because the question is can we see ourselves in this story and the national response would be boy what was wrong with people of Israel how can they worship another god besides the true and only living God how can they churn their back from God and worship a false God Bale play has interesting and one Y Mexico about God 's people today this is from letter twenty four eighteen eighty nine and it's also found in eighteen eighty materials pages four forty four four forty five and is well on White says there has been a departure from God 's and the zealous work of repentance and return to our first love essential to restoration they got in regeneration of heart has not yet been done in fidelity to God has been making its cameras in our ranks for it is the fashion to depart from Christ and give employees the skepticism the cry of the heart has then we will not have this man or Christ to reign over us notice what she says they'll bail is the choice in order she's talking about seven and she sang there has been a departure from God among us it's been the fashion shoot apart from Christ we don't want to worship the Christ the Scripture exactly the way Scripture portrays and so ends that we worship they all see Susan Bale Bale is the choice of Jesus the religion of many among us will be the religion of apostate Israel because they love their own way and for say the way of the Lord that shrew religion the only religion of the Bible that teaches forgiveness through the merits of a crucified and risen Savior that advocates righteousness by the faith of the son of God has been slide spoken against critics what felt like because we read that passage and say what I'm not worshiping video I'm worshiping Christ he's my Savior he died on the cross for me how could it be that I'm not following will the context of this while to be clear is relating to what happened in eighteen eighty eight the General conference in Minneapolis how many of you are familiar with the history of a Kenyan writer 's assignment my audience staff here you know what happened in eighteen eighty eight is that all the Lord sent a message show his people a message of righteousness by faith because this shirt and essence have developed a religion in which the law of God was talked about so much that face in the merits of Christ and then lost my and the leaders of the church and upheaval came to believe that by old band the law of God we can be say and what has been in eighteen eighty eight with the Lord sent a message that combine all my gospel together so yes obedience is important not only by the faith of Christ working through and win the message came the leaders in the church found ways the second set of falls that they felt more in the message in the rejected the essence of the message and can send you to worship Christ that they create in their own minds which was not the true price and so well I is you are in reality worshiping them and so that is what happened at that time now what we see from this history as we see ancient Israel they neglected the worship of the true God and started worshiping they'll what we see in modern history from eighteen eighty eight onward is that Ellen White says you refuse to worship Christ according to the way the Bible lists in you are making the same mistake as ancient has written no more not bowing down to when I was made of gold and saying we are worshiping them but what we are doing is the same but Israel did Israel said we want to worship God but we want to worship in the way we want we will worship them and the God of their modern has room which is the church says we will worship God but we want to worship and the way we thank meanwhile the Bible to read and that is in essence doing the same thing that ancient Israel did now it's interesting when we can look at what this message was Ellen why some very clear statements about this message from testimony for ministers page ninety one and ninety eight she says the Lord in his great mercy sent a most precious message to his people and elders Wagner and your then she says manuscript fifteen eighteen eighty eight Jesus this message understood and true character and proclaimed in the spirit will enlighten era when exploring how you know about it this messes up my fears with the glory that is the message of Revelation eight eighty verse one M which an angel down from heaven having great power and the earth waters and when the glory no one has you this house Revelation eighteen verse one then fulfill nowhere because we have not yet seen the time when the earth has been enlightened when the glory of God and that the case that means that the message that came to this church in eighteen eighty eight is not yet done work because of this message when understood in its true character and proclaimed in the spirit will lighten the year is when it's glory now I hear little that more compelling why about what this method is she sent this message with and bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Savior sacrifice for the sins of the whole world a present of justification through faith and the surety in an inviting people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commands of God as well Mike Mister Allen watches this message up with the Christ on the cross in fact in another place he said increased sense of the matchless charms of Christ and we as a people need to understand prices are for I is our see he died for each one of you as if you were the only person in the whole world your sense that I'm on the cross and when you see Jesus as your Savior who died for you for years and not just for some amorphous entity known as the whole world but through the personal when you see him on the cross for you wife that it makes you love and the question is do we love you like have we seen him as our Savior on the cross because I been because of the other people that the people down at your injunction and see where the other sons you have based their largest centers in the eye he would have to die for people like that out for us who have also comes short of the glory of God so this message lifted a fly as our sacrifice and present a justification through faith in the sure GM and invited people to receive the righteousness of Christ and noticed this when we receive the righteousness of Christ this is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God so noticed this if people tell you that you can have righteousness like a wild you are still being disobedient that is not true righteousness by faith righteousness by faith is made manifest by obedience to all the command of the problem in eighteen eighty eight was that people were trying to keep the commandments of God through their own strength without the righteousness of Christ and how the problem in many places the day is that many people think for righteous Christ without being obedient to the commands of God and this is with a complete package present Christ as our sacrifice it presented right is our righteousness and it showed that when we receive that right we will be be obedient to all the commandments of God and so with this message received in its fullness as though my yet occurred therefore Revelation eighteen has not happened yet continuing on many have lost my energy that we lost sight of Jesus and do we really understand who Jesus is at RC they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person his marriage and his changeless while for the human family you realize how much Jesus really was all power is given understand that he may dispense rich gifts under the man imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the house human aide and she closes by saying this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the third Angels message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and send it with the outpouring of his spirit and a large measure that if you notice that last phrase it to the Senate with the outpouring of the Spirit in a large measure to know what she's talking about their the latter rain the latter rain bullets and beginning of this message now here is where the comparison between ancient Israel between modern Israel or Athens it becomes very interested in ancient Israel they forsake the worship of the true God and brought in the worship of bail into their worship and the response of God was to withhold the rain him in eighteen eighty a message with that if it had been received what had been accented with the outpouring of the water rain Jesus will come shortly thereafter the Jesus of the economy and were a hundred and twenty two years after the now notice the passage from Jeremiah chapter to you in three million to turn in your much advocate because we are waiting for the latter reign to be poured out that Jesus can come in yet Ellen White said that when this message was rejected we draw a veil worship into the church and the word veil means the Lord which means that we are worshiping a false concept of Christ our Lord rather than worshiping the true God Jeremiah chapter she verse twenty three notice what God says how can you say I am not completed I have not gone after being Elmer Bale see the highway in the Valley now what thou has done so got to say how can you not say that you're not related how can you say that you are not worshiping veil and number thirty five this is what what God says yet you say because I am menacing surely his language anger shall turn from the behold I will plead with me because you say I am not son of God 's people are saying they were innocent we haven't seen we haven't gone after Dale and God is saying verse twenty three how could you say that you have gone after Dale and then noticed what he says M versus one three three Jeremiah chapter three they say a man put away his wife and she government and become another man's shall be returned and are you show Montana land be greatly deleted the Dow has play the harlot with many lovers yet returned and he said that Jonathan Israel you say you have learned yourself but in reality you deluded yourself with many other people lovers beside me but yet returned a meeting of Iowa and then notice what he says in verse to lift up your eyes under the high places see where thou hast not in-line with in the ways has now sorry for them in the Arabian in the wilderness and now has polluted the land would like wardens and with my wickedness and notice for three errors for the showers have been withholding and there have been no latter rain and now has of course forgot that refuses to be ashamed of this is very interesting says there is no latter rain now for aesthetically speaking what time does the latter ran underneath or about it's going to be for now and God what a church so this message is speaking of God was a church and specifically notice restraints is at the emphasis you refused to be ashamed and yet have you ever seen what God says the latest year in Revelation chapter three in Revelation chapter three he says in verse eighteen I counsel thee to buy me gold tried in the fire and the thumb has be rich and white raiment that thou may speak slow and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear that Laodicea they are wretched miserable poor blind and naked they don't know their condition of spiritual nakedness and serve God you don't know that your naked you really need to be clothed with the righteousness of right and Jeremiah three says new research has shown on your session spiritual nakedness is causing the water ran to be withheld so we God 's people are the way in the future we as God 's people don't recognize our spiritual condition of being ratcheted miserable for blind and naked and when we are naked we are causing shame that God we are just people we are supposed to be his rock and he is saying you are naked please be covered with my righteousness and when John looked at what was supposed to be his bride we are naked and that brings reaching the and yet we refuse to be ashamed according to Jeremiah three and because of what Jeremiah three says there has then no latter rain a year etc. for now have a quote with me Alan White says that the message sent in eating eighty eight with the message to the latest in church so this message of Christ and his righteousness was the nicest year the Laodicean church now there are various perspectives about a Canadian resident some people say that everyone was justified on the cross even though they didn't know I don't find that to be true based on the record of Scripture the record of Scripture makes it clear that we are justified when we surrender our heart completely to Jesus Christ but what is clear is that the message of righteousness by faith was given in eighteen eighty eight and this message was given to prepare people for translation your why that with them they have since raised in my dog to be translated we are in the steeple that God want to translate with outstanding debt gives you here would like to be translated how many of you would like to be alive in Jesus when you realize that what God has raised us up and God has sent a message to prepare us for translation and as I've read already Ellen White says he was eating most precious message that when it is understood in its true character and proclaimed in the spirit it will whiten the earth with its glory and while I read a few Smith and from the messenger that God HD Jensen EJ Wagner to give you an idea of what kind of message they were getting in these or straight from the messenger themselves this first one is from EJ Wagner he says and all our Christian experience we have lots little leave holes along here and there for some we have never dared to come to that place where we would believe that the Christian life should be a sinless life we have not dared to believe that our preaching that in that case we cannot preach the law God fully why not because we do not understand the power of justification by faith so here blackness is the power of justification by faith is a power that helps to keep us from sending because when we believe the power of God we will experience the power of eleven to twenty four which the now wondering and was able to keep you from falling that's not a fairytale that's a promise of God and that was part of this message that the Lord sent to his church now HD Jan's pieces Christ is the DNS just as God within him as character be just as God was in it at the cooperation of the divine and the human the mystery of God in you and me that if the third Angels mouth the power of Christ in e.g. Jones again in Jesus Christ that he was in sinful flesh God has demonstrated before the universe that he can still take possession of simple flash at the manifestoes him present his power and his glory instead of sending the thing itself then God will so take us and so uses that are simple social not appear to influence or affect anybody big dog will manifest his right to stop his glory before men in spite of all of ourselves and our sinfulness and that is the mystery of God Christ and you the hope of glory God manifested in simple watch another one from each engine perfection perfection of characters the Christian know church perfection of change and human flash in this world tries the change in human flesh in this world and that Navy and consecrated away by which an every believer tempting the superpower in this message and the last one is from Latin lover for probation ends there will be a people so complete and then that in spite of their sinful flesh they will live sinless life they will listen most lives in mortal flesh because she was demonstrated that he has power over all flesh lives in live a sinless life and simple plus that of the powerful Muslim brothers that was the message God is in this church one hundred and twenty years ago took a pair of people for translation and God is sending this message again it's never changed at what the people who are wretched miserable poor blind and naked and in his mercy he says to us Iowa reinsurance anime except this message of my righteousness sure from your idols sharing from your way to benefit from continued from receiving my righteousness through faith my faith lay hold of my parents suck my sacrifice allow for Rice to come into your heart I'm standing at the door and knocking on your heart so that you will let me content so that you can overcome as I overcame a flight is getting that message of mercy to us again in this generation because he does not want more generations where we stand by and reject that nothing in his mercy he assigned each one today please except that nothing receive this message so I can fill you with the power the Holy Spirit through the latter rain now you know I mentioned that we were come back to the story of Elijah because that story has much instruction for us in the present day because you would almost think you know when the fire down from heaven sinless sacrifice and God was proven to be the true God and the Israelites all proclaim in unison the Lord your God the Lord he is God that would've been the end of the story they did the rain as soon as the fire once the fire came and consumed the sacrifice did the rain come down from heaven now it didn't what happened for let's read the story in first change chapter eighteen starting verse forty C Perry Reeves or Ahab went out to eat and drank analyzed your lapse of the top of Mount caramel and he cast himself down between here and eat foot this phase between his knees decentralizing rather chronicled before which says if my people which are called bot called by my name will humble themselves notice with the white is dangerous to use humbling himself before the Lord for letting us face when you sneeze first forty three said your servant go it now look toward the sea and he went out and bought instead there is not and he said go again seven saw now he didn't say go back to you so that seven different times until his servant finally came back within the first one twenty ten a pass at the seventh time that he said behold there arrived at the little cloud out of the sea like a man's hand and he said go up Santa and prepare thy chariot and get the down that the rain stop being not noticed this evening lying to raid seven times before the rain came now after what happened on Mount caramel coming times that Elijah prayed before the fire one time in the fire came down consume the sacrifice and a lot of times in our spiritual experience we will see a signal victory from God after we pray for his health and he sends his power and will it blow John is powerful I prayed and immediately he answered that in the case of the rain God said there would not be writing for three and a half years and so a wider phrase one time for the rain and the census are in the him the second time and there is not allied it must be wondering what I freighted automatic fire came down from heaven immediately and in the sacrifice what happened why not learn forth time and by this time you might is realizing you know what there is no power from my home that can bring this ring I may be the flop for God but it's only get me through his power and finally by the seventh as he's humbled himself as a friend for these remind the front of the God Law Review from second Chronicles seven thirteen forty if we want humble ourselves we are your name if we will north you will heal from here from heaven CLR land leases in the rain as you on and finally after the seven we see the rain you know that Hawaii just where has a direct relationship of God people then this is where I'm going it is you know Zachariah chapters and verse one tells us she would fray for rain and the time the latter rain Zechariah chapter can verse one says asking the Lord ran on the time of the latter rain so the Lord shall make the right well and given showers of rain everyone dressed in the field do you realize that we are living in a time where God wants us and the latter rain and he wants his people to be parenchymal I went the last time you raid for the out more of the latter rain on God he will in James chapter five we see how this story otherwise you this with us today James chapter five starting in verse six he is faster follow one to another and pray one for another then you may be healed the effectual fervor prayer of a righteous man available not so gentle the effectual fervent prayer arrived and available and then he gives the example of someone who gave an effectual fervent prayer who was a righteous man notice for seventeen EU Y three Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are and he prayed earnestly that I might not rain and it rains not on the earth by the space of three years and six months presaging and he prayed again and the heaven gave rain and the earth brought forth her word now known as Elijah is just like that he wasn't flashy phrases factually and fervently as a righteous man you know what it is no different from alike and she had white cash and he prayed that I wouldn't ram and a dead and then he prayed again seven times you know how many times in which they and then the earth receive the rain and brought forth fruit other than very interesting connection with the earth bringing four through three and it's found in James chapter five verse verse and chapter the relationship of rain and chance chapter five or sentences be patient therefore brethren and the coming of the Lord behold the husband is not to try the husbandman or thrice waited for the precious fruit of the earth and have long patience for it I'm silky receiving early and latter rain be also patient establish your heart for the coming of the Lord drive my here's what I rise how long rotation when he's waiting to come to this Earth he is waiting to come back he's waiting for the fruit of this earth the ride but he will not come back until the latter rain has been for out so Christ is waiting for the fruit of your were not waiting for Christ Christ is waiting for the fruit of the year and he's waiting for the latter rain to fall and then James is an illustration you want to know how to get that group writes that Jesus can come back look at Eli Hume why Jack was a man subject the white passion as we are busy with a righteous man who gave enough effectual fervent prayer and when he prayed he afraid that it would not rain and in Denver three and a half years and then he prayed again and the heaven gave rain and the earth brought forth her rate annually that's helpless we are to be likely why we are to pray for the latter rain the way Eli Jeff Flake for the rain after it had not rained for three and a half years and there are a few things that must happen in order for that prayer to be fulfilled when God sent the message that there would not be rained there was no rain for three and a half years but the rain came after you lie to get a work of read Bible and reformation among the key even wiser front of people to mount caramel and he said are you worship God or Bale wanting a halt between two ninety and since show the fallacy of false worship of Vail him show that God is the true God and with the assistance of the people of Israel he shown the problem Dale there was read by more people realize God is the true God we must stop worshiping them there was Reformation they show the prophet bail and after that arrangement and God needs you my kids idea today which you just pray for the latter rain and hope that what it will come if we are not experiencing revival and Reformation in our churches you know how long license like the message of volume one page one twenty one that revival and Reformation is the greatest of all of our needs and Don Salvesen Malachi chapter four verses five and six before the coming of the day of the Lord he will send you Elijah the prophet and God needs you why our church today to help wake up this church because he said the message and twenty years ago to prepare to receive the latter rain and yet we are still here the latter rain has not fallen because we are like the people described in Jeremiah three hey can we refuse to be ashamed when got the message you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked we say no were not we have the righteousness of Christ and the way we like to don't tell me I need to change understand the way I am on my worship God the way I've always worshiped him I like it that way and God is sending a message through Elijah in the last they think it is time to wake up it is time to seek the years that the Jesus on the cross you see him on the cross dying for you see his overwhelming love for you you accepted you will receive them as your Savior and using eye by the grace of God receive his righteousness him your life changes in the likeness of Christ so that you receive his right and you'll is his righteous life here on this earth through the power of Christ dwelling in you and when we experience that revival in Reformation that take place we will await the idols are alive better communists cannot receive his righteousness the idleness for the idols of work the idols of the same anything else that you can think that that between us and God and when we put things away by the grace of God and we receive his righteousness then we like to live you can pray effectually and fervently for the outpouring of a ladder ramp so that we will see the fulfillment of Revelation eighteen one word angel comes down from heaven having great power and the earth is mine within Lori Dodd is the time when the righteousness of Christ will be demonstrated in the world through the lives of his people and God calling each one of you here today to be part of that experience you know there is one final connection between God and the people anyway you like to he was translated to heaven without saying that you realize that God last day people who receive the outpouring of a ladder ranking to get the message so that work to the world level in the Europe of its glory they also will be translated to have without saying that they are the one hundred and forty four thousand John is looking for people today she will be like you why should Google do the work of revival and reformation of the church starting with a well making sure that the Lord comes in her life and we are a fun person and then getting a message of warning to the church around us and the world around so that the latter rank in the night was with a watermelon wine review now people twenty one eighty ninety one she says the latter rain to fall upon the people of God on my angel to come down from heaven and the whole earth is to be in line with his glory are we ready to take part in the glorious work of authorities on you are you ready to take part in the glorious work of the three because that is why we exist the seven thousand there's a lot of things you can do in this world that we exist to take part in the glorious work of the third Angels of the Jesus can come back are our vessels ready to receive the heavenly view have we the file system the heart is so let us one personal sample and prepare for the shower the latter rain the refreshing from the present of the Lord will never come to hearts filled with impurity May God help us to die to self that Christ is the hope of glory may be formed with and so I I just read with each one of us today myself and each one of you here he's been waiting a long time to come back he sent a message in eighteen eighty eight to prepare people for his own and have so many times we have said perhaps unknowingly we would rather serve God in the way we want to broaden the way God that he wants and God is looking for a group of people who say and not as an audience hired of worshiping God in my own selfish way the way I want to I am going to serve God the way he has asked the so that he can work out your salvation and my wife so that my wife can be a living demonstration of the life of Christ here on this earth so that when the latter rain is for now and I believe brothers and sisters of mine to be very same I will be one of them once you receive the outpouring of that latter rain because you can send your heart will maybe if I just keep playing games with God for a few more years in the latest kind of humor your and then I'll get my life in order that you don't say that because there may be people all around us better read receiving this message of preparing their heart and when God 's time comes we now be writing the outline we want to be ready now been so I while killed each one of you today as you've heard this message you may be thinking enough there's something for my wife that I know not right that are causing me to actually worship the Alan stuff instead of God and God is calling on you today to give those things that the surrender your life and the leading at the case I would invite you to stand with us you want to give everything in your life the one thing I'm not in worship they help anymore on and worship the one true God and not only that I'm afraid for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the latter rain and my wife so that God can do his work of revival and Reformation through me I pray the Lord to see all of you who are standing here today and this time I'm going to offer a closing prayer as we dedicate our lives to God thought inanimate thank you for each person this year and I thank you for how your Holy Spirit is working in our line I thank you that you love us so much that he sent Jesus to die because our sense that another and we deserve nothing but the second I think even Jesus was willing to step in and take death penalty so that we can have everlasting life for forgiveness for for not officiating the immensity of the sacrifice that has been made forgive us for not meditating on what Christ has done for us in sacrificing his life so that we may have eternal loan I pray that we would allow Christ to come into our lives so that Christ may live how is his righteous life through us so he will have the experience of the life of Christ on this earth and will be a living demonstration of the life of Christ and that Jesus may come soon and that we may be among those who did the final message of warning to this world the Lord thank you so much for all that you've done for us from where your Danforth and we pray that your timing will be staying at Trinity each one of us will be among the tour finished for translation and will be among those who like the life will never say that I will see Jesus come with father so that we can with ages of eternity this is my further in Jesus name team


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