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Christ's Secret Weapon

Allen Lloyd



  • October 23, 2010
    10:00 AM
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did you hear this one and not always good to Vietnam vet house whenever were in Loma Linda we actually I came today because of the depression a recovery seminar this afternoon at three thirty and although Doctor Toledo is with us today he was one that arranged all this is is offering it free and have the right reservation only but I know how it is sometimes when it's reservation only and it's free not everyone that reserves shows up so you might have an opportunity talk to Doctor Julio down here to be able to sign up for the for the seminar and as a result of us being here I think MM hope I heard about it and asked us to speak here this morning I had today I'm going to be talking about Christ's secret weapon and I this secret weapon has something to do with the season it is in front of us today to see if my remote works and I thought it may not look at that might work would be nice but did our eye throughout his earthly ministry Christ magnified his father tour and it was one of the primary emphasis of his message the way Jesus conducted his life revealed the father 's true character it was quite different from what they were used to in his era 's life show the power of getting things done with love and forgiveness rather than through coercion political influence or force any LCM railway he exemplified hello latter three methods that are still very prominent today and a lot of people in regards to their attempt to get things done on quotes for humanity so what was Christ secret weapon Thanksgiving was his secret weapon but leadership isn't examples of this there's no denying whenever Jesus faced a seemingly overwhelming problem or obstacle he would first think his father the solution consider this example the problem five thousand damaged men plus women and children with no significant food supply insight the solution acted with complete faith in his father Jesus press forward he organized the disciples for huge food distribution program is a very great quantity of food were already available and with this in place Jesus then thanked his father the miracle of followed astounded the crowd and disciples like thanking him when there was indeed a great weekend is powerful paradigm again and again in the Bible sometimes an even more amazing way for instance Lazarus die when Jesus spoke a prayer of Thanksgiving and Lazarus came for now any care reviewed literature medical literature this is one subject that has not been studied extensively in fact in my our review of the literature recently I could only find ten peer-reviewed trials either clinical trials or comparison types of study these epidemiological studies actually started adding the attribute of thanksgiving and gratitude however those ten peer-reviewed trials are quite powerful and what they tell us about it one by Emmons and McCullough Collins actually written about three out of those ten a gratitude intervention psychological and physical well-being our look at and this is that you may need some help from up top because I think of the birds of the thank you external comparison what could those who can gratitude journals on how often a time a weekly basis and then the outcomes were look at those who recorded hassles on a weekly basis were also look at and those who recorded neutral life events and so this was the escalator they were taking a look at the comparison the control group were those be those with the neutral life even those that have gratitude journals on a weekly basis actually exercise more regularly they reported fewer physical symptoms they felt better about their lives as a whole and were more optimistic about the upcoming week just one simple remedy and that is a weekly gratitude journal and Mary Hart makes a cheerful countenance the Bible says but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast says Proverbs and you know we like to see how speaking of Thanksgiving coffin of the fees associated whether some people wish they could eat like that all the time and get by with it but actually you can experience the joys of continual feasting justify the simple remedy of habitual gratitude a merry heart does good like medicine but a broken spirit dries the set of problems related benefit was observed in the round of personal goal attainment participants can gratitude gratitude lists were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals their academic interpersonal or health base over a two-month period compared to subjects and other experimental conditions ministry of healing one of those classic books that teaches us a lot about health has something to say about this as well gratitude rejoicing benevolence trust in God 's loving care these are health 's greatest safeguards benefit from an individual who told us what we need is critically important in regards or how our physical exercise is important how much sunlight were getting is important I even proper ways to rest all of these things having to do with health but she's mentions these four as being the greatest safeguards now another study was done without weekly gratitude journal but a daily gratitude intervention program online intervention it was a was self-guided exercise that they were told as part of this intervention group of eyewitnesses lifestyle medicine lifestyle medicine is different from preventive medicine because lifestyle medicine there is a disease process and then there is an intervention occurs and then we look at the outcome in regards to that intervention and when a lifestyle medicine is very powerful often more powerful medicines in fact my afternoon seminar is going to be about this the lifestyle intervention therapy for depression anxiety is far better than any combination of drugs on the planet taken together or single layer or whatever and him in the evidence is pretty overwhelming for this but this is just a simple lifestyle intervention in an error message it is just instructing them to produce a daily gratitude journal this was younger dolls and those who didn't ask reported levels of positive states of alertness enthusiasm determination tentativeness and energy but the control group did not have as a result of the intervention would actually found that those who wrote in their gratitude journals daily more benefits than those who did so weekly said the study 's author 's gratitude deepens as we given expression and the joy it brings his life the soul and body that great book Christian service a one-way half gratitude not only write it down and recorded but also expresses it will actually be good as well participants in the daily gratitude condition were more likely to report may need some help from up top there were no having help someone with a personal problem who are likely having offered emotional support to another relative to the hassles or social comparison on a condition in a sample adult neuromuscular disease a twenty one day gratitude intervention resulted in again he 's a disease process and now a lifestyle intervention therapy greater amounts of high-energy and positive moods greater sense of feeling connected to others more optimistic ratings of one's life and better sleep duration of sleep quality relative to the control group than a another study primary author on this one one how are grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions life satisfaction vitality optimism and lower levels of discretion and stress the definition of our gratitude here's to enhance pleasant feelings I and phase more than diminishes unpleasant emotions in other words I even have unpleasant emotions even though your urine gracious person that expresses a lot of things and what they found in their study is gratitude actually enhance the pleasant space on the diminishing unpleasant emotions although did indeed diminishing unpleasant emotions grateful people are more likely to knowledge and belief in the interconnectedness of all life and a commitment to responsibility to others in their discussion they also reported how grateful people tend to be far more on spiritual and religious in particular on Nintendo police systems such as the Bible etc. so hot that only affects well-being even in individuals who have disease states it also had a role materialism grateful individuals place less importance on material goods they are less likely to judge their own and others' success in terms of possessions accumulated they are less envious of wealthy person they are more likely to share their connections with others relative to last grateful person and so it does have a significant role in regards to our materialistic society then this statement also from that classic book ministry of healing from the chapter called my ensure nothing tends more to promote health of body and household and does spirit of gratitude and great is a positive duty to resist melancholy discontented thoughts of the one thousand one hundred eighty as it is to pray if we are having around how can we go as a band of mourners groaning and complaining all along the way and you know the individual who wrote tests have a lot to say about prayer in fact is a compilation of the came out recently about her statements on prayer is for an active prayer life absolutely for fervent prayer but yet she said there something just as important as that fervent prayer and that positive duty to resist melancholy discontented thoughts and feelings I'd like you turn to the biblical example in John chapter twelve beginning with verse one verse one says that Jesus six days before the Passover came to Bethany where Lazarus was which had been dead from whom he raised from the dead there they made him a supper and Martha served but Lazarus was one of them that sat at table with him now little bit of background on this story we get the background from Luke is well but this beast that was actually put on as a honor to Christ not by Martha and Lazarus but actually by Simon it was actually a feast at Simon 's house now Simon stepped out of the typical pharisaical and attitude towards Christ he was a Pharisee but he actually sent out and wanted to honor Christ because Christ had healed this Pharisee democracy and from a analog torture some painful and I really painless way to painful emotionally death and so he recognize Christ was coming into his area again and he had been healed before he recognized that he really hadn't had that thankful attitude towards Christ and so he wanted to to honor him and thank him for what he is done by inviting him into his home and inviting a lot of people over to his home and right next to him at the table there were two people sitting next to him Simon the one that had invited Christ and Lazarus who was also from that area and Lazarus of course been raised from the dead and it was quite a a lot of people knew about this it was a very well-publicized event although Christ invested not to be so publicized and so we see here that Martha served and so Martha was well-known even at this time for her serving ability and then verse three then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard very costly and anointed the feet of Jesus wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment what would we call that active verse three it was an act of gratitude it was it was a significant after Thanksgiving wasn't words only know what you can only know there was a there was a lot of expense involved in this act of gratitude verse four them safe one of his disciples Judas Simon son which should betray him medicines of different Simon and Judas was was not this Pharisees on why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence and given to the poor one pence with one days earnings of this was almost a whole year salary than import out insightful gratitude to the master this he said not because he cared for the poor because he was a thief and had the bag and bearer was put therein says John but of course at that time no one else really recognize that then set say Jesus let her alone against the day of my pairing has she kept this for the poor always you have with you but me ye have not always there is some interesting comments that are given on this example from a book that I would encourage you to get the discount of this month called conflict encourages actually what that we years from the psychological sense because it's a great book on cognitive behavioral therapy every page there is a story told in others an application of the thoughts behind the story and thinking true thoughts versus distorted thoughts and then the outcome of that aspect of things outside the great book that that helps the frontal lobe circulation as well as your analysis of cognitive behavioral therapy is that Christ delighted in the earnest desire of married to do the will of her Lord he accepted the wealth of your action with his disciples did not would not she said understand the desire that Mary had to do this service for her Lord was of more value to Christ and all the precious ointment of the world because it expressed her appreciation of the worlds Redeemer it was the love of Christ that constrain her matchless excellence of the character of Christ filled personal bad ointment was a symbol of the heart of the giver it was the outward demonstration of a loud fad by heavenly strains until it overflows however the next statements are even more revealing the work of Mary was just the last then the disciples needed to show now that the expression of their love for him would be pleasing to crack they have this example they recognize this was pleasing to Christ and now they realized that affection poured out for him in gratitude was quite pleasing to you been everything to them and by the way had he been born to the disciples are ordinary he actually more new disciples for three and a half years he allowed these guys to be taught of him and to see his actions and to see his teacher and he opened the way of salvation to the payout a lot more to to have been married in who didn't have the early opportunities of the Internet everything to them and they did not realize that soon they would be deprived of his presence that soon they could offer him no token of their gratitude for his great love now why did they not realize that and she realizes because even said that she did this is a token of what was going to happen with the death the reason why is she implicitly everything that he said and they still did not they heard the words but they didn't quite believable the loneliness of Christ separated from the heavenly courts living the life of humanity was never understood or appreciated by the disciples as it should've been he led a lonely life there acknowledged there there after knowledge gave been a true sense of the many things they might have done for Jesus expressive of love and gratitude of their when Jesus was no longer with them they began to see how they might have shown him attentions that would have brought gladness to his heart they no longer cast blame upon Mary but upon themselves all they could take it back there is censoring their presenting the poor is more worthy of the gift that was Christ they felt the reproof cheaply as they took from across the Bruce body of the Lord and many people actually only realize the truth of what others are done for them and what the Lord has done for them when they experience significant loss Joseph Rivera missed their mafia and Nicodemus they brought expensive ointments but they brought it after you die how much better window then to show that appreciation while he was yet alive and the disciples themselves throughout the rest of their life they would think about what they could of done to actually show more thanks to set aside one is evident in our world today you appreciate all the crisis of if they'd had the great love Mary would be expressed the anointing would be freely so the expensive ointment would not be hauled away nothing would be thought too costly to give for Christ no self-denial or self-sacrifice to great to be endured for his sake there's another example however from the same event we have like you turned Luke chapter seven for this example and lawyer turning on this leave this paragraph side of the house had been influenced by the criticism of Judas the five areas yet and he was surprised that the conduct of Jesus is saying crime was offended he knew that many of his ghastly looking upon Christ with distrust and displeasure you need to realize there is a large amount of people here in this house and when this took place there was immediately a controversy that entered the room and the disciples were talking Judas and then others are repeating it all can you believe what she is doing and we have the poor all hold years wages and salaries the spirit of criticism coming at and Simon realizes that his gas in his house are now looking at Christ's in a little bit of a bad light more than just a little bit about life he wanted to honor Christ but now he was kind of embarrassed by Christ being so receptive to the Thanksgiving of Mary let's turn Luke chapter seven it's Wilson Pickett the story in verse thirty nine now when the Pharisee which it didn't have saw it he spake within a himself saying this man if he were a prophet would have known who and what manner of woman this is the touches him for she is a sinner here is the one who healed them from leprosy they can a lot more really to be thankful for what America but now he is not believing that the man who healed him is actually a profit and he thanks the evidence of what he is doing and receiving Mary's things yet is that you really this man although he always got some powers is really not really of God because of the word he wouldn't be receiving what he is I knew I must admit in my earlier years when I when there were times when I was more doubtful of the Lord I would think about heaven and I would think about you know I'm one Sabbath to another were going to come to raise and honor the Lord and I would think you know how it is a being of who is and who isn't saying all knowledgeable all all-powerful all loving how can he continue to just receive great near was a human being I'm I'm often uncomfortable when I'm exhausted with praise and thanksgiving I happens on a daily basis son being a physician and helping a lot of people but I always direct them in heavenward as soon as they offer praise to me on praising the Lord but I'm wondering how can a being such as that undergrad and that's kind of where Simon was on in a way wondering about this and also wondering who it was that was doing this now let's go forward for forty Jesus answering seven M Simon I have somewhat the same thing there was a certain creditor which had two debtors the one owed five hundred pence and the other fifty when I have nothing to pay he frankly forgave them both tell me therefore which of them will love him loves Simon answered and said I suppose that heeded him he forget most any seven to him though has rightly judged now the story goes on I'd like you to save from conflict encouraged Simon had landed in this sin the woman he now despised she had been deeply wrought by him but Simon felt himself more righteous than Mary and Jesus desired him to see how great his guilt really was he which shall hand that his sin was greater than her is as much greater as a gap of five hundred pounds exceeded that of fifty and so relegation was ten times greater than hers and that was why he gave his story the parable Simons called us to neglect for the Savior showed how little he appreciated the mercy had received and thought he honored Jesus by inviting him to his house but after that parable was told Simon he now saw himself as he really wants while Mary was a center parting he was a sinner unmarred the rigid rule of justice you desire to enforce against her condemned him what she what he really wanted from the Savior was to push away Mary and to refuse this type of things in the say get out of here you really don't need to be here but in reality the rigid rule of justice he desired to enforce against her now condemned them as a result of him saying through this parable finally went by the kindness of Jesus and not openly rebuking him before the guests he now recognized the Lord knew what he had done as well and herein is light in the Lord he doesn't know what Mary's done but in reality wasn't thinking about himself and yell that's how it is with ungracious people they take point out the faults of others pretty readily when often the beam is far bigger cells but now he recognizes the master didn't know there both of their and he was touched by the kindness of Jesus and not openly rebuking him he had not been treated as he desired married to be treated start enunciation what a hard incitement against repentance patient admonition convinced of his hair he saw the magnitude of that windshield and floor his pride was humble he repented at the proud Pharisee became a lowly self-sacrificing disciple as a result of this event and store in summary the world has just two types of people givers and takers and when the taking becomes greater than the giving watch out that's when we have terms called unsustainable such as our economy is being talked about in a the takers are outgoing beginners and when the tankers don't have a sense of gratitude it makes the givers want to give less and so it compounds the problem significantly and we have entered into an era where the takers are out doing the and a solution to the crisis in America the solution to the crisis in your own personal life as it turned out around by gratitude gratitude and heartfelt gratitude in your e-mail it was unthinking even the employers of this world is it struck me the other day we were wrong we just finished attending residential depression recovery program in the evening we do I frontal lobe exercise where we analyze each chapter of Daniel the first six chapters and see what spiritual key turned from disappointment to appointment and one of the things it was brought out in chapter four by the dream that was given Nebuchadnezzar by lights after fourth Nebuchadnezzar 's conversion story a clear indication they would convert one of the things it was brought out in that story as Nebuchadnezzar was the reason why the world was really a better place you know your member how this tree was so big and the birds fed from the animals fed from it everyone was bad and watered and sheltered and all that it was because of a lot of the greatness of Nebuchadnezzar and you know so it is with a lot of our major employers today sometimes we know in this one of the things that disturbs me in the nation today is the harshly critical attitude lives taken towards those who are seen as wealthy or employer in reality it's because a lot of their ingenuity and those type of things and thousands of people are employed in thousands of people have health care and benefits and those type of things and yet they may be like that he can enter their mind that may not be thoroughly converted nitrosamines in their own part as well but instead those very employees often take the most critical attitude towards the employer where is there supplying them with everything they and those very employers are also criticized by our government and saving our government thousands and millions of dollars in unemployment expenses as if her company went out of business etc. and so even expressing gratitude towards the house that may not have that complete conversion experience can be helpful for them it was part of the solution for Nebuchadnezzar and wasn't the only solution he had to go through depression recovery program can remember foreign resolution with recognizing and being gracious and gratitude to his talent but the other part of him was putting plant -based vegetarian diet is giving him exercise and sunlight then all of a sudden and even hydrotherapy was part of the program but Adam Meehan cognitive behavioral therapy was the was the solution whether thinking becomes greater than the giving watch a the end is indeed here and I would like to encourage each one here today to experience the art of Thanksgiving the art of Thanksgiving is actually thanks living is putting gratitude and action we can more effectively thank God for the gift of life by living life to the fullest and to his glory we can more effectively thank God for our talents and abilities by accepting them as obligations to use for the benefit of mankind we can more effectively thank God for all the family friends and others have done for us by doing thoughtful thing for others when you got it under one of the least of these my brethren he says he had done it to me habitual heartfelt Thanksgiving and I would like to encourage you to really make this habitual you would be nice if it was not even once a year at Thanksgiving so this is why we have them Thanksgiving is is my most precious holiday we always make a special time in our family not so much for the food that actual lesion for the Thanksgiving part of things we we sat around different things you know Justice Center and the story of how Thanksgiving started in the sixteen twentieth sixteen twenty one you see this great new house out of the seventeen heads of households fourteen of them die you know during the first few weeks that they were there and you see the tremendous toil and burdens that were put upon in just a few months after women are sustained through the summer may have this wonderful Thanksgiving really come together for three man you don't see Thanksgiving in America again until when the Revolutionary war right after that George Washington puts this Thanksgiving there are tremendous crisis in many of these founders of the causing you know of the Declaration of Independence the signers lost their life they lost their houses they lost their means or finances everything that they had and now there is thanking the Lord in a tremendous way it wasn't made a yearly national holiday until does anyone know what was the Civil War the middle of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln says our problem is that we have forgotten God we have forgotten the creator this may and he people think the Gettysburg address was his greatest one actually go back and read his Thanksgiving address that he wrote to the entire American people is probably the one of the greatest about the greatest farm greater I think the Gettysburg address and study that for Thanksgiving and actually don't take that as a hand size count your blessings name them one by one show that expression of gratitude and one of the reasons why the Lord Jesus wants you to do this is because he knows you're a little more abundant life by doing and that's why he's so thanking out he so appreciative when viewed when we show appreciation to him because he recognizes benefiting honest farm hearth of the video is part of as part of that whole abundant living is getting into that ungracious attitude and Emily thanks Matt you old Thanksgiving letter was a national yearly holiday goes back to what the theocracy was there and that was that these the Tabernacles that was a one week Thanksgiving with three sabbaths and it was a glorious time of corporate Thanksgiving coming together not just for three days for but for an entire week the nation was healed during that time it was actually just five days after the day of atonement those that so in tears shall revenge upon habitual heartfelt Thanksgiving results in acts of thanks living once the overheads father in heaven we thank you so much for what you've done for us Lord we can begin ingesting moment or two prayer to really express our great appreciation for what you have done not only did you give your son but he came him live the life that we should've lived and died the death that we should die and you exemplified everything in your giving thanks and also you are giving and giving to the point where you gave your entire life for us Lord help us to reject the attitude of the world which is just yet take take and Lord of well there are many takers in this group today many of our young students that men have even taken from others to pay their tuition of this institution and have taken from their parents etc. and I haven't had really the opportunity to be much in the way of giving I pray Lord that even though there are takers that they might recognize that they don't have to be to us that they can actually even though they are benefiting from others they can also use those talents and resources to benefit others around them and to show their appreciation for you and for others and so Lord as we enter this Thanksgiving season help us to make it eventual daily exercise to offer our heartfelt thanks to you in Jesus name we


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