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Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • July 28, 2010
    8:00 PM
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father in heaven boards a night we have come to this place not to hear the words of Wes but to hear words from heaven tonight to hear the words that would proceed from the throne of God and tonight board we seek earnestly seek your blessing and board the theme for this weekend is how to be a witness the Lord before we can we can be a witness we must become a witness and Lord we pray this weekend that you will make us witnesses for you and Lord that you would transform our hearts beginning this moment that board when we leave this place at the end of this weekend we would not be the same people so McCain tonight aboard we ask your Holy Spirit to be poor out as it was in the days of old where young people gather together in the days of the pioneers and they sought your blessing and a open your word expecting that you would reveal truths of them we expect that same blessing tonight Lord would expect no less from the God of heaven we thank you Lord for your wonderful love towards us your wonderful sacrifice and work for what you have in store for your people and we look forward father to this weekend as as we open a Scripture together as we sing together as we write the goers we rejoice together and you Lord help us to be your witnesses help us to be the people that you have designed us to be and so now bores we open the word of life we pray that your spirit would make it come alive to us how we would see truth from your word that is it that is just that applies to our life today so we ask this blessing now only seeking earnestly and Jesus name amen how many of you would say that your you may not be the best witness now I said that I don't mean you're a bad witness okay what I mean is some of you say when you think about a witness you think of one summer that goes on the community in an and gives what Bible studies right we think about a witnessing thing about somebody that has a pack of low tracks in their pocket right and every time they go to the supermarket were they doing given out low tracks are standing in the Walmart parking lot whatever right Emily is or when you think of a witness you think about some powerful preachers some powerful evangelist right on but that's not exactly can a witness in talking about when you think about a witness you think about I want to think about your life right now and and and and and some of you may say why don't know how to get Bible studies or whatnot him how to do if you are thinking just about giving Bible studies or knocking on doors you would say I'm a bandwidths I don't really know how to do that I don't really unload it nervous about doing that some of you have that feeling tonight okay curies and the razor handles as I said razor hands we really feel that reasoning right now I want but being a witness goes much deeper than that our look at a store with you this evening about somebody who was the least likely person to be a witness for God today a person with the least likely to be witness for God but God got a hold of them any change in their life and this person became one of the greatest most powerful testimonies of God 's love his power and his character than anyone could imagine turnip in your Bibles to Mark chapter five March after five ago look this evening at God 's power to turn you into a witness for him and then is a concern the worst-case into a powerful witness to think tonight that there is hope for you and I were self-dealing for me right your Christina even Bernie Rykiel and God can turn the worst case in the eyewitness there's hope for you and me and then Mark chapter five and were you just take a verse by verse and then bring out a number of points here March of the fibrous one the Bible tells us then they came to the other side of the sea to the contrary of the gatherings and when he had come out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit which meant we had his dwelling among the tunes and no one could bind him not even with chains because he had often been bound with shackles and chains and the chains had been pulled apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces neither could anyone tame him and always night and day he was in the mountains and in the tombs crying out and cutting himself with stones when you say tonight that this person is about the worst case of humanity you could possibly imagine which said that through nine and this man was as it is far away from the humanity is possible he was being possessed in fact the Bible says that he had about two thousand humans inside of him the Bible says that there were two thousand pigs and Jesus and the demons out and there was a least a thousand because he says my name is what region right and typically have think there was something like a thousand Roman soldiers in the Legion so that leaves a thousand demons in this man and the Bible says that he who went out in the tombs and every night you says he would cry aloud and night and he would cut himself and people would try to maybe several strong men from the village would come and they would tackle this man and they would put chains around him and binds him and maybe throw him into the ends of the graveyard it says I will do to and did those chains hold that man yes or no he broke these change right and Soviet chains hanging from his arms and this man cry like what go Michael Wolf out of the dunes is far away from humanity as possible as an person could possibly get you know this man this demon possessed man tonight represents you and I is an owner it represents humanity who has gone about as far away from the heavens image from God 's first intentions for humanity we've gone about as far away as we could possibly get from God 's plan our lives when you grew the same Bible says that Jesus crossed the sea to reach to the land of the gatherings to save this one soul is neither interesting Jesus crossed the sea for how many people for one man aren't you thankful that Jesus left heaven and came here to this earth for you nine hundred Bank of America amid your thankful she is then canceled his appointment to come to this earth are just thankful that he came to rescue humanity that gives you an idea of the value of one's soul and the side of Jesus doesn't know it wasn't just it wasn't just jumping in a boat and speeding across the lake back in those days right will likely jump in on the plane and coming to Missoula but it was hard work across the Sabine and Jesus knew that this man was there and he was willing to cross the sea for one's soul you know that sold that you think may never come to Jesus that person you say all you know why this person is so bad to use drugs they use alcohol they smoke pot they do all these crazy things that person would never come to Jesus I could never imagine that person coming to Christ and yet Jesus sees the heart as he sees the depths of the soul and if there is no case is too bad for Jesus amen unto Jesus the bottle says crosses over and it says when you come out of the boat how fast did this man approached him what does it say it says what it does with me tonight I realize that what it says it says in verse two when you come out of the bow how quickly they immediately try running on your version I'm reading from the new King James 's is even immediately this man came out on the boat and he came towards Jesus now let me ask you something Jesus was crossing the ocean to do evangelism right it was crossing the ocean to win souls his his former intention was to build the city of the capitalists and preach to the people there but when he came over and across that see them go up and reaches people how fast did the double way to get in his way not very long day the Bible says how quickly immediately want to think about this when you try to do the right thing for God when you try to to make a decision to follow Jesus in some area of your life how fast do you think the devil is going to try to stop you from doing that immediately when you bring when you step out to witness and face for Christ you made a decision at hand maybe in a group of young people that will be a witness to them how fast they think the belt and try to stop you immediately run so when you go back to your churches at the end of Montana his conference and you tried to do something positive church is a man I got so excited Wells at Mantegna and conference I went to Justin Howard seminar and it was powerful in and gone sports of fire in your heart and you get back home to your home church as you say man I want to do something for God in my church I want to step out in faith I want to be a different person I went to live for Jesus how fast do you think the devil to drugs anyway immediately always remember that friends when you take a step out for God eggs back that there is going to be resistance right when Matthew did the resist the disk this resistance Jesus just know I didn't stop and it is it is fast that Jesus step out of the boat he was ready to do something for gone unnoticed this is says the man thought he came out of the tombs and in an unclean spirit and he had been dwelling among the dunes and no one could bind him not evil to change because he had been often bound with shackles and chains and the chains of been pulled apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces neither could anyone tame him night and day he was in the mouth is in the tombs crying out and cutting himself with stones you know when people are not connected with Jesus ultimately it will lead them to do desperate things when you agree with you know this man the Bible says was in the tunes he was crying out I was cutting himself you know today there are people out in the community of Missoula there are people in your community there are people in your hometown that are crying out for something different in their life as you know that you know I just meant I was a Ukraine just a couple of months ago I was there for two months helping to start our international Asko Al is able to freak I had the joy preaching the evangelistic meetings at the end of that session and so all of our students had been studying the Bible of people in the community Christina knows about those journals of others they invite all those people to the evangelistic meetings and we preached nightly to them and then many of them make a decision in their life to follow Jesus there was one young lady her name was Veronica she was seventeen years old and she had a terrible terrible home life her father was abusive her mother was like on painkillers on the time and she wondered is there purpose to life and she was walking down the street actually thinking to herself maybe life really isn't worth living maybe I should just end my life and be done with it and she said is questioning she says does God really even exist because it's obvious that he's not doing anything powerful in my life is she was walking down the street she began to have a halfhearted prayer to resell visit if you really really need to show yourself to be needed is something in my life because I'm crying out to you when she frightened up for air she looked up as he saw as soon as he said amen she looked up as she saw a huge billboard advertising our evangelistic meetings it was powerful as she and she saw that it said the word of God offers praise the Lord and then as you go to believe it because you just write a prayer there's something in my life Shulman L she looked up and there are lots right and then she said man I really need to go to those meetings if these meetings are for me you need to help me find more information is seriously pray that prayer she looked down on the ground and there were someone had crumpled and thrown down an invitation a personal handbill chief picked it up and it was dusty it was crumpled it was dirty but she saw there is where the meetings are as she came out for a single night of those meetings in fact we had two sessions one of three o'clock to six o'clock and she can't do both sessions every day and her life was transformed she was crying out for God there may be people in your community may be that person 's use of maybe you've come to the Montana youth it's because you said or missed me this this is my last attempt to find you this is my last attempt I've been searching I've been looking to no avail every time I turn there is difficulty there's something that prevents me and avoid this in my last chance I'm giving this is a God thing one final opportunity before I walk the next maybe you were there people that are crying out and not only that says he was cutting himself with stones you know people all around us when we don't know God we don't have Christ in our life and more crying out we go to desperate expense to get attention and to satisfy that long in our heart do not I will says this man was cutting himself with stones have you ever met someone that maybe they've they've talk to you and at and they tell you that they cut themselves in the operator hand whenever mesmerized I met someone like that once you know the person told me about cutting themselves know why she said I do this she told me that the pain it's in her heart the pain that's in her soul the pain that she experiences just from day to day life you know that that that that the Trombino life is very traumatizing that we live in today who wins we live so unlike God 's original plan for us many just existing in this world the matter how badly we try to be just the atmosphere around us is so ungodly it we were almost out of touch with heaven on me thankfully God can work through that I meant but it were almost at the point where humanity is so far gone it's very difficult for God you can reach us but she said the daily life that I live is so painful she said the reason I cut myself is not because they enjoy it or because they like the license of bleed she said the one I cut myself and I feel the physical pain that's involved Ashley said and when I feel the pain in my arm it takes away some of the pain from my heart but in fact is really not taking away at all is is just moving it to another part of the body but the pain of the heart remains was only one way to get rid of our pain right within our hearts a secure life to Christ this man was desperate under and many people today in our communities there are many people today in our church that are very very desperate when you say people that made the deacons may be elders that are crying out and cutting themselves essentially with stones doing desperate things notice what happens in verse six one Nissan Jesus from afar he ran and walked worship him that's very interesting friends because this man was arranging with demons he was so full of demons that there were thousands of them inside of him and when these voltages as I'm sure that his voice changed and he got very the but this man when he sees the Bible says he saw Jesus afar and whatever else of humanity was left inside of this person it says when he looked up and he saw Gina Newman Jesus didn't come up to him but he saw Jesus how far they are a far cry Sunnis saw Jesus so far whenever whoever else of humanity was left to roll himself and he ran and he fell at the feet of Jesus and worship is the last desperate attempt to come to Christ and he came in and praise the Lord says he worshiped and he cried out loud voices and what of I to do with you Jesus so some of the most high God and for you you by God that you do not torment me was that the man speaking now I don't think was the man speaking right it did the demons were speaking after he said to him come out of the man unclean spirit they asked him what is your name and he said my name is Legion for we are what we are many many demons could you imagine friends know the disciples within the disciples were doing it here comes this man his who knows what his face looked like he may have had cuts and scars all over his body chains hanging from his hands the man was probably naked her almost naked at here is hair is probably all matted and he's crying out inside how would Michael Wolf with these the moaning voice and as soon as they step up the blog are just starting to get the boat anchor and they look up and here comes this man running of them wildly waving the disciples that think they were ready to jump out of the boat just as you don't mean and ready to go on Cassell agreement what you think they did they were probably get back in the boat pushing off a and they looked around they say where is Jesus and there is Jesus standing on the shore right amount of that really happened but you can imagine that the disciples were probably not very happy to see this guy knowing that that they ran from everything right they were ours at this point in their experience with Jesus I mean they were afraid of the waves in the previous universes right while so Jesus says what is your name and he says the Legion for we are many multiple beans as of the demons begin to say they drag him earnestly that he would not send them out of the country now a large herd of swine was feeding there near the mountains so all the demons begged him saying send us to the swine that we may answer them and at once Jesus gave them permission then the unclean spirits went out and entered the swine there are about two thousand and the herd ran violently down the steep place into the sea and drowned in the sea shows you what Jesus thinks about pigs right he thinks more highly demons than pigs so no no I want to notice what happens here so those who fed the swine fled and they told it in the city and in the country and they went out to see what it was that had happened then they came to Jesus and Saul the one who'd been demon possessed and had the legion sitting and clothed in his right mind and they were one one afraid isn't that on to you doesn't that seem strange to think about this here is a village of people probably not very big and night after night as they go to bed they taught their children in and what are they here out in the two they hear this man what howling and crying out and you know I'm sure the parents would tell the little tribunal now if you're not good and you don't obey mommy and daddy who's going to get you the man assumes riding in it this may people were probably even afraid to go out at night to take care of any business they needed for fear that this man was out there somewhere right it was no more of the town the fear of the town and these people may run in and they tell everyone the bill is what happened and in the village comes out and they as they come up to Jesus they look and they probably have looked or three times because there is this man sitting there clothed and in his right mind think about this he's close which means he was naked but should the chains are gone Jesus healed the man so his scars were gone he's not crying out anymore he sitting there when you think the response of these people should have been what you think praising God right this is a man look at this guy he's healed he is notable is in his right mind is easy sitting and looking at him and he doesn't demand that terrorize our villas for years and yet here is is normal in his right mind the Bible says there was afraid why were they afraid why were they afraid big about this what were these people doing previous to seeing this man clothed and in his right mind will be doing hurting one swine right feeding pigs now think about as we read the book desire of ages it tells us that these were not just some Gentiles out there somewhere who were these people they were Jews they were waterboarding use what in the world were Jews doing hurting and feeding periods are interesting as and when gone Jesus when he heal this man and brought life to him this man would raise the point beyond desperation this man who seemed hopeless this man who seemed like no one could do anything for him here comes Jesus and he feels this man and that people are more worried about what everyone there hates than they are about this man who'd been fueled think about that for just a minute France could it be possible to day that some of loss as God 's people are still hurting swine are still hurting base and here comes Jesus who wants to do the right thing and heal this man and what happens the people get upset I want to think about that for just a minute think about your own life maybe you're more concerned about what other people think then about what God thinks maybe tonight you're involved in some relationship you're involved in some circumstance in your life where you compromise the principles of God to accept the approval of others maybe today know the boss asked you to work that little bit extra on Friday evening or somebody said hey why don't we go do this or that on the Sabbath when you know that that's not something God would approve or maybe it's somebody so many asking the question hey let's watch this video or listen to this or whatever it is for you maybe you're more interested in and doing the things or how to say it feeding the pigs than you are about what God wants you to do no think about that there was a time in our life we all go through that isn't there you know the disciples probably jump in the boat you know the Bible doesn't even say anything about them I mean they're not even in the picture at this point right either probably watching from a distance they don't want to do what's right the people and the villas there supposed to be God 's people of the Jews they don't want to do what's right and GSS was the only one who wanted to do the right thing right which was reach out to this man who seemed hopelessly lost you know in your life and our life today somebody always has to do what's right when you say whether you're married here in your home you may be in a home where your spouse doesn't always make the right choices and you may be tempted to go along with whatever they say somebody's got to stand up and say what's right and maybe you're in a relationship with someone and you're not married yet you're not towards it and there's pressure to do this thing about thing somebody's got to stand up and say we got to do what's right amen whether you're at the workplace and everybody around you is doing everything else and they're asking you to join in somebody's got to stand up and say I'm not in the billet right and a loving way prevent search maybe you get out by yourselves and they say none of the parents are around and were limited that some of them do that somebody's got to spin up and say God will not approve a list right someone's medicine up and do what's right somebody has got to be a witness for Christ I don't know where you find yourself today you may find yourself in a type of situation you may find yourself like the disciples running and hiding inside the boat same way what happened to Jesus Jesus would just hurry up and come on we can get out of here right we could tuck tail and run from the enemy and that's exactly what the disciples wanted to do they wanted cocktail and run from the enemy but is that ever make the enemy go away Esther now you could be like the Jews you may find yourself in I like the Jews who were hurting and seating swine and doing all the things that God said not to do you may find yourself in situations and eyes and you may find yourself more concerned about the things that you're doing that you know God doesn't want to do more concerned about those things then you find about doing the things that are right and pleasing God know the Bible says that there is you may say to yourself yeah but young people today we we experience more pressure we experience more difficulties than any other generation before us in what I say to that so what so what and I can say that I'm not saying that has some sixty -year-old person nonfat no fences six zero people that doesn't know what young people both of the day I did all the things that young people face today okay you understand me so what the power of God no matter how desperate no matter how far from God we get no matter how I bought this world yes God 's power is always stronger than the enemy amen the way to overcome the enemy is not to run away like the disciples that it's not just say oh well I'm just going to get a lot because it's so hard on his gun again and save the day 's the Bible says the only way to make the enemy flee is to submit to go submit to God Jane says I'm the devil will a lot will flee from you the only way to be victorious the only way you're going to be a witness the only way God can do something powerful through new is if you're willing to submit to his plan for your life you cannot run you cannot find you cannot just give in because that's what everyone else is doing but you have to be that somebody like Jesus was and stand up when nobody else will see and when you stand up I got news for you friends you may be standing up by yourself you may not find that there are many ready people willing to stand with you beloved say something when you are only one person with God on your side you then become the majority one man one woman standing with God beside him becomes the majority and I promise you this that may not be many but if you make a stand for God and a group of young people that are compromising God 's principles you stand up for Jesus and there will be young people that will follow you you stand up for what's right a relationship and that guy that girl who is leading you to compromise God 's will for you what either respect that are held we have been raised to praise the Lord amen because he's not the right one for him are you listening it's always better to stay in for what God wants matter what feed pigs don't think things if you want to become a powerful witness for God you cannot feed your eggs and then there's another young man was in the store in the Bible not feeding pigs of fuel and air quickly Luke chapter fifteen chapter fifteen in verse eleven read this briefly Luke fifteen verse eleven says then he said a certain man had two sons and the younger of them said to his father father gives me the portion of goods that fall to me so he divided that he and his livelihood and not many days after the younger son gathered all together journey to a far country and there wasted his possessions with prodigal living I can just imagine what happened in the store this young man goes to his father is his father wanted to say those two words what is it is me or post yours again to me I remember those two words okay give me everything is through me so the father took all of his wealthy split down the middle he said son this is your portion and this young man loaded it up I mean I can just imagine he probably had several camels and horses and donkeys or whatever he may have had and it is all this stuff loaded on these donkeys and is probably this big procession he maybe you have taken some servants with him as he leaves his father 's house right and he says guess what that I'm finally free ride I'm free to do as I please I'm free to those I want I don't have to live under the restraint of my parents rules anymore on the house and I got money in my pocket right now that you are are desperate to get out your parents house and you say I don't want to live under the restraint will notice the story of this young man it says he lived he wasted his possesses with prodigal living but when he had spent all there arose a want severe famine in that land and he began to be and wants to know the world will tell you that there is a lot of exciting things out there and guess what there are the Bible says that sin is pleasurable for a season right sin is not boring sin is fun but let me tell you why this is what happens and it will happen every time if you think you can escape it think again because no one ever has nor never will eventually withstand there comes the last party there comes the last dance there comes the last song there comes the last drink there comes the last everything and then when it's all over and said and done you have to go home and look at yourself in the mirror in other there is always that last moment do you spend with that significant other and one moment of pleasure could mean a lifetime of consequences are you listening you always happened when it's all over and said and done you always have to go home and look at yourself in the mirror and you got answers of the question is this the person I really want people to see is this the person I want to be in the Bible says that when this young man wasted is that nearly always have friends when you have money riding north of friends when you're the one that's throwing the party when you're the one that's buying all the drinks when you're the one that's applying ever the funding for everybody is the last you always have friends but it's the true friends that really count true friends are those who are with you when it all comes to an end right when you're in a hard time and this young man with the type of friends that he had when the money ran dry the friends said bye-bye right this man was by himself it spent all their rows of your family in Atlanta and began to me and watch another where this man is grown and the on the inside of his life his heart was breaking his heart was aching and notice what happens then he went and joined himself to a citizen of that watch country and he sent him into his fields to feed swine your thought about that when this young man left many have those long train of camels on the gold in the money bags and all this stuff is great that he ever thought one day on enemy out there feeding pigs your body you think you ever thought that not all not all but after the money ran out after he spent all his life he found self-feeding pigs the Bible says he joined himself to a citizen of that country in other words he was no longer in his father 's country he was now in somebody else's property he was now on somebody else's land we think the other person wants the devil right or not in the father 's house were on the enemy side right a joy to suspect that the enemy the citizen the double and the double sent him to feed pigs none is what happens and we he would've gladly filled his stomach with the pods that the swine ate and no one gave him how much anything this man went out and he was feeling good and he got so desperate that he began to even eat the food of the pics no when we get close to send we think to ourselves you know this really is about their right but Pastor Doug told the story wants no pastor to Vassar he he lived in a cave and he was a hippie and all those things and he talked about the first time he ever witnessed dumpster diving and heard the story before and I he he he 's all these he was out these through four guys I said hey man warned about dumpster diving for something to eat he was hungry I said you know I said I'm not getting in there he saw those guys job in that dumpster they were crawling around the garbage they were getting all this note food and catch-up mustard all the stuff below them and he said the longer they render the more stained up they got the worst they smell recent I am not getting in there but after several days he got quite hungry I said you know he's eccentric but doesn't look too bad sweet like one day he saw no half sandwich in the receipt he was able to reach in and pull out the half sandwich and there was lunch right and the next day the Assam which was a little bit further into the dumpster and so he he had to Connolly 's really stressed to get in and in the next day was on the other side of the dumpster guess we have the new and he wins and the more he didn't signal this is really not that bad right the closer we get to send the more we play with it the more we engross ourselves the more we get the double opportunity in our lives to do something against what God wants to do the more comfortable we become the more easy it becomes a compromise the next time a little more and a little more all this time he only wanted to give me a kiss on the cheek but then the next time it took us a little bit closer and so maybe that this is only just a short distance from the the letter so what's the big deal right and before you know it you do something you really really regret that the weather cooperates he gets us closer and closer to what he wants us to do until we realized we get so comfortable with it that what's one more step but what we don't realize is is that step could be the one that puts us right over the edge right how we come back to God for how we make things right so this young member seventeen and says when he came to himself he said how many of my father 's hired servants have read enough and despair and I perish with hunger I will arise and go to my father and I will say to him father I sinned against heaven and before you I am no longer worthy to be called your son however the two words that this young man said at the beginning before he left what did he say he said give me what what what is due to me right but notice how his attitude changes right notice that is he says I'm no longer to be called your son first nineteenth one of those two words he says he says make me one of your hired servants right when he left he said give me what I deserve when he comes back he says make me like one of your servants NN is that not the attitude we need to have to be an effective witness for Jesus ethanol we too often we have the attitude God gives me give me give me give me we should really have the attitude of makes me so what was the father 's response notice this note we may find ourselves like this demon possessed man we may say to ourselves I've been feeding the pigs I've been eating with the parents I've gotten so far away from God that I I I do I'll know how to come back believe it or not I've been that way multiple times in my experience I've been a Christian now for eight years Minnesota examines for eight years and there's been times when been so discouraged by feeding the pigs that I just feel like talking but as for out and bring me back minute and it's not everyday experience when append multiple times and everything was nobody's immune from this and you may say I don't know if God could ever allow me back a compromise so many times I given incidents of the to the user group I've given into my boyfriend to my girlfriend I've given into the people I work with I'm compromised God cannot accept me and I'm just going through the motions right now it's all about our attitude with organization gives me a room and say what makes me notice what happens when the young man returns with the attitude of made me watch this verse twenty and he arose and came to his father the way he was still a great way off his father wants saw him the Bible says and he had compassion and he ran and fell on his neck and kissed him this is amazing friends because the Bible says that as soon as the sun 's attitude change any started coming home as soon as his attitude went from give me to make me the Bible says he was on his way home and the father saw him a great way off what is that mean for you and I in other words it means this no matter how far away we get from God right when we say to God God I want to come home Lord I'm sorry no matter how far off we are the father sees us and what does he do he runs with compassion know what's absolutely amazing as this is in the context of the story in the middle east where I would've been told did you know and and the society where Jesus told this story for an elderly man to run to run literally run for any reason at all it's absolutely for book for business it's like a taboo and elderly men can completely you lose his respect in the community by running for any reason you know that MS will make the so powerful because the Bible says when the father saw his son coming and he saw in the right way off what the father do says he Ray he got up and he ran in other words he wasn't concerned about those around him he wasn't concerned about what the neighbors thought he wasn't concerned about what the servants thought the only thing he was concerned about was that his son was coming home and then and it's the same with us tonight you may find yourself eating eggs you may say I can even make a right decision forgotten much less be a witness for him but let me tell you what God is not through with you yet amen God can turn that around for you if you will lift up your eyes and say father make me a servant give me a clean heart we can we can say give me right now but if it's in the right context give me a clean heart and makes me what you want me to be and when we do that God will run to us amen he will run to us no backdoor story in Mark chapter five feeding pace if you find yourself eating pigs and I there is good news for you amen if you find yourself like that demon possessed man as far away as you can possibly get from God there is good news for you if you find the unwavering and your devotional life there is good news for you if you find yourself in compromising situations in the always given there is good news for you if you find yourself addicted to what ever it is you may be addicted to tonight there's good news for you I met that there is good news for the dealer possessed man is good news for you and I tonight watch this and they that they were afraid and those who saw it told how happen November sixteen Mark five who had been demon possessed and about the swine then this is very very sad this is very very sad notice what happens then they began to plead with him to depart from their region has a status text what are the side effects probably in the Bible a whole group of people the whole village came out and they said before Jesus pleased to part from us they were more concerned about the pace than they were the men had been few Jesus wanted to do the same thing for them right when the same thing for them whether they would rather feed the pigs is a friends when we come to Jesus note there are many people that would say Jesus doesn't care how you live is long as you as you love him as long as you as you just say you're his and you claim to be his to claim his name and really doesn't matter how you live you heard this before and if that was the case when those people came out in a similar pleas the parties will send you know what don't worry about it he said you can continue feeding this was just a page just accept me as nuclear however you want to him Jesus wasn't concerned about how we live it would not have even driven the pegs over the cliff in the first place right but Jesus is concerned about how we live and when they came and they asked him to depart he respected their decision they had the attitude like that first time they were saying gives me what I want to write Lord do what we want and still bless us at the same time but Jesus couldn't do that Jesus couldn't do that it matters how we live and we cannot feed pigs and serve God at the same time you think that's possible tonight it's absolutely impossible and so they began to plead with him to depart and when he got into the boat he led been demon possessed begged him that he might be with him praise the Lord amen that one young man he was clean he was made whole he was demon possessed and had all these problems in his life but now he was clean standing before God as a whole person when all the others said Lord lead this region young man said one young man said Lord let me go with you and this young man was through feeding phase this young man was finished with all the business that separated them from God and he was made whole and he wanted to real Jesus amen the notice uses words however Jesus never met him but said to him nowhere go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had a passion on you and he departed and began to proclaim and the capitalists all that Jesus had done for him and a few Marvel though it's a quiz and say it says it all marvels this is amazing France Jesus took the worsen that was the least likely to be a witness for him and turn him into a witness even greater than the disciples were and then just fine this man is taking changing his attitude from give me to make me cry you may find yourself tonight in one of several places you may find yourself like that young man is far away from God as you could possibly imagine you may save man I tried and tried and tried again it just doesn't work it's just not happening for me I had no personal power my life I have no way to overcome I I can't fight the addiction I can't find it pressure I can't fight this and that I'm struggling every day when I rip open the Bible I try to read it and it just doesn't even make sense to me that my last straw now my last moment you may find yourself in that position tonight the Massey something are you too far from God that he can reach you are you so far that that it's a euro hopeless case you know you put your hand in hand of Jesus the Bible says he's never lost a case and then and there is no case to hopeless for the one who offers hope right you may find yourself like this people who were feeding the pigs dogs people not to say people what God 's people letting the cares of this life drag you down letting the cares of this life crowd out what God wants to do in you and through you you may be allowing the different circumstances of your life to rule you rather than God 's Spirit and I to an end we all had different situations we all had different different experiences we all had different weaknesses of the devil knows exactly what they are and knows exactly how to to to to move us in his direction you may find yourself as God 's people saying I've been feeding the pigs also long I've been involved in things I shouldn't I've been involved in things that I know God is not proving and they're driving me further and further away and you may feel very far from him let me tell you why if you're one of these two categories God can work a miracle in your life the human he is not beyond Jesus can come in Jesus will come when no one else will the disciples were not willing to go approach that man nobody else was willing to help that man but Jesus was the only one payment you may find David that when you compromise aspirins with your life you look around and see where my friends to help me they're not there right the parties over and you have to deal with reality and you may say I feel like them all alone when no one else is there for you Jesus will come and Jesus wants to take you from the worse case to the best case he wants to take you from crying out in the tombs to being a powerful witness for him I want no you can read in the book desire of ages and Al White says that when this man went to the word Decapolis means area of ten cities region of ten cities and this man went and started preaching in all the cities about how Jesus had healed him from demon possession and she says when Jesus came back to the area when he came back to that region that because of the preaching of that one man thousands received him and they accepted him and they were saying in your case you may think not so believe me I've been there I have sunk into depression for weeks at a time and saying God I've done it again my case is hopeless give up on me God walk away but Jesus went to he kept on and on he kept pursuing me and friends until you Jesus has power to help people and River case you find yourself in tonight the answer is Jesus and God wants to heal you he wants to restore you and then he wants to use you in a powerful way to reach others in the same situation in the circumstance you may be going through tonight may be just what somebody needs that God has in store for you to meet sometime this weekend on outreach sometimes you get home whatever may be whatever you're going through God can use your circumstance to read somebody else when nothing else reach that person and then so I went for you tonight put your hand in hand of Jesus matter where you are in matter who you are meta- what your passes then Christ is the answer tonight and then he can turn it around and he can do powerful things for you and what's the right thing to do tonight with the life that God has given to you tonight where you find yourself receiving tonight 's you may be like that man so far from God you feel like you can never come back thank you may find yourself like those people who are God 's people and yet they were more concerned about the things of the world and the things of God so concerned about what's happening in their own life that they neglect those in need around them tonight maybe letting the things in your life crowd out what God wants to do for you for guidance can you give us another chance amen only when he sees us afar off he runs to us he runs with all his might and when we come to him and we say Lord I want to give up big in the attitude why want to say to make me make me into what you want me then God can do something so radical and allies seek to do something so powerful and he can change us so powerfully sold so fully completely that it will becomes obvious to those around us that something is different about us and will begin to affect others you can go from the worst-case to someone that God uses minorly to reach thousands but the choice has to be your semi- you have to say in your heart yet the safety God gone and finished with all these things Alderson all the pig business I'm done with that father arm reaching out to you make me like one of your service and when when you have that prayer in your heart God will God will work a miracle and he will do great things for you I've seen it happen in the lives of people in Apco seen happen in my own life and God wants to do a live tonight the decision has to be yours in there maybe somebody here tonight that once the same board I recognize it you're the only one all my friends all my family they can do anything for me you're the only one and two nine four by faith I reach my hand up to you God wants to take your hand tonight friends he what he's running to you he's waiting compassionately from his throne all heavens stand by ready to rejoice when you take the hand of Jesus tonight and Jesus reaches out to you this evening when to take their hand or maybe somebody here tonight thus says the Lord this is a small group but they that they say Lord I want that in my life I would become a powerful witness for you but first and foremost I want you to change my heart I want to change my life like you did in the story of this man and then maybe you year this evening even say Jesus take my heart take my life it's yours tonight there's someone here tonight that has a designer heartland to just stand where you are and say Lord I I may be the first one standing tonight I made the only one sending tonight but Jesus my life is in your hands tonight does anyone here tonight that has that desire in their heart God bless you folks and tonight you may see you may think about the things in your life you may say Lord there are some things that I have to give to you there are some things that I have to give away some things they have to change in my life Lord you may have to take those things in my life and run them over the cliff right and God only Jesus has the power to do that only God can do the New York tonight but only you can give him permission to do that tonight is that your desire is anyone else nine for we pray on bike to stand friends there is no greater decision there is no greater need in our life and allow Jesus to take complete control and that is exactly what were lacking in our church today and that's why were not seen the power of God is because we will not let God take complete control but the night we make a decision this evening as we kick off the Mantegna conferencing then why would Fraser goes we close father in heaven for tonight we reach out to you Lord we cry out to you to change our hearts come to us Lord when no one else well just like you did that man change us draw near Lord and father we ask that you would do something here this weekend that is powerful you would you would convict us of the sins that need to change in our lives the ones that we need to confess to you you'd fill us with your Holy Spirit Lord and that those around us when we go into the community they would see the power of God in our own lives more let it not be of ourselves the B from you and let everyone when they see us say this person has been with Jesus that is our prayer tonight as our prayer throughout the weekend how we ask for your sincere blessing board as we as we pray for this family and Jesus name amen


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