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Who Issued Your Passport?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.




  • November 14, 2010
    6:30 PM
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him following following a recitative of this priceless privilege of coming in your presence we find you follow the privilege of worshiping in a country that allows us to do that without persecution of molestation outlaws this word is presented I also have the name of Jesus granted the right words to speed the rightness with resisting his words that the vessels moving on ravaged but to try your people blessed that you only glorify these of us according to our needs you will follow lives in Jesus name we pray amen Matthew chapter twelve revision verse twenty two Matthew chapter twelve readings in verse twenty two if you do not have a Bible move close to someone who does have one drab vest the first gospel Matthew was a face before Jesus Christ that is the lives of these in this congregation with Jesus Christ that's a hot and humid transforming from a thief dual powerfulness can you say about and also Paul was a murderer even price and he gave his life but also there is no life like Jesus Christ C is it is it intuitive methods of the twelve reading from verse twenty two of the Bible says Fenton was brought up to him one was this with a double blind and go and he healed the pencil marks of the blind McDonald's big Eversole the people were made as safe as long as the son of the Pharisees heard of this is followed will cast out devils but by Beelzebub the prince Jesus knew their thoughts and as for the kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation of every city or house divided against itself shall not staff is Satan cast out Satan he is divided against himself how self and his kingdom staff were to invent a reasonable question as Jesus defends the medical fall out if I like the Oslo cast out devils by the New York Children's Hospital therefore they shall be all judges for twenty days but if I cast out devils by the spirit of the law then the kingdom of law is coupled to water vitamins in essence it is well known the unit of the matter was blinded on this passage records more than simply a single of Jesus Christ before the horse of its parts a war on a small and localized scale it records off and records the actual hostility between the school armies facing each other to hold our communities who kingdoms by Rodriguez caters for a more in the medical Internet transformed that man's life from blind and dumb to speak you have received this important Jesus Christ three to twenty five chapter twelve is a beautiful sunset and kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not staff and Satan cast out Satan he is divided against himself hollow shell that is easy kingdom argument was Jesus Christ coming to what safe and hassle while all the kingdom under genome visual kingdom unless that Allah people or subjects are you sick of them have something to Tennessee's is had visited off a lot he settled himself into according as it out of the way the truth someone with this rule does not apply sake of the house okay no as it has subjects if it is overstated but if I cast out devils by the spirit of it all off and you will call is going to shave that says all have opting to what we have kingdoms for getting the ball at the kingdom of Satan I told him it is and was really a wall and when Jesus Christ was matter-of-factly that was in you cannot defy the law had been possessed by ghosts you can be as far as we possess my governess you can will be a child of the law had been possessed by devils is that in a you can verify the blog will be bothered by devils you can be a type of dog leash I will cover us what you don't know bit shy of the people sex by governments when your toddler will possess by the spirit pencil this matter by then I will live in a Satan 's kingdom in Jesus Christ be an attack is at the end really is identified is why Jesus said the enforcement of alcohol else how can one enter into a strong man's house of Savoy this will unless he first lies the strongman handset you will spoil his house what Jesus is saying is while he will solve the binding of Satan videos will be great it is in the house really is getting of videos on the site of an attack on Satan 's kingdom to release one is reason why Jesus Christ has written and released people is to go see those not electrical but is enough by the what I said before leaving written from personal Outlook old messages who is your passport all the United States has three presidents fourteen rating from erstwhile to the religious arena have you found Isa forty yes really verse twelve the Bible says follow D musical son of the morning I will go to produce these recommendations I said about half are ascended to heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of all time symbols on the amount of the congregation 's genocide tribunal I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Warsaw the house so brought down to hell to the sides of the residual speaking about you will be brought down your ambitions are to go on to say but I would bring you down and see the show not really what we consider these days is this the man that the leaders of the troubled by the way to the children of God this cellulose and Lucy said that when we see him we will say is that the behavior of sample did shake kingdoms in the world is a wilderness destroyed the cities that are all used about seventy as and all the house of whole resources this was the carefully known of anyone who structures of what say you have seen he got all emotional unless it is forced by the ability power is greater than the power of Satan it is no problem at all whether the person of the father of the son of the Holy Ghost by repeated when Satan has to be done is not a simple formula Jesus Christ and it will you cannot decide who you save is kingdom you cannot really manipulate all the decisions in life you cannot tell me about how human beings become law when the sake of the Cato which is Satan there is no freedom in the kingdom of Christ to believe it is underway because prices while the freedom to decide Jesus had a review of all the facilities you want to help one of them is going this is getting them understand me clearly about McDonald's Satan 's kingdom is the kingdom of Christ admittedly you can leave you any time the price will try to California to see in the kingdom of Satan the penalties as soon as she saw 's bridge while there are people who are so is it is in the infinity listening to the delight that try to try to try to do life with his wife without the power of Jesus Christ a negative outside of the power of Christ to bring with him Satan is decided to be a spectacular failure the only way to break from the root of Satan and his boss Jesus Christ call an individual annual costume by giving new life to him when you do that since Jesus has been legal rights what are values and legal rights such as Satan and the legal right to life in the refusal to try to clarify I traveled all over the world you heard the Minnesota has five hundred dollars per month I think the US Embassy the consumer I have and I register my presence or if something happens somebody knows when I is that it was a knife on US soil are you and if I'm running from the police was a candidate on the OU there were biographies of some of these labeled by I get a letter CV can't touch it off festivities and it was a normal what is remembered as the vision citizen runs of letting them out at Embassy the US police cannot come in and touched him or are you following me that I was seeing this cold secret soil now Satan has embassies at the embassy of semen is called sin with your life consists in you said and I say this only uses that same as his legal right for you will see that it is second saw that Jesus Christ respects was a respectable reasons than one there are useful to your lost love was lost in the driving force since the city I will talk about a mistake on our unlike of sin constitutes an embassy in the person 's life for city will be Christ's invitation of the citizen can call on this one would rehearse what I said before and review the octal kingdoms and will call the kingdom of Satan in the treatment of all types visiting in the kingdom of Satan Satan is again enough of the lives of Christ himself let's go to John chapter twelve hundred and thirty one as we continue to show your passport for United States has three business is now five minutes up to seven I believe we have affiliated regional panic by world book will I know you have therefore tomorrow twelve sorry John twelve thirty first thirty one usage of Jesus Christ how is the judgment of this world not so Prince of this world be cast out referring to Satanist mortgage on top of fourteen ridiculous thirty John seven fourteen reading verse thirty Jason says that the art will call review for the purpose of this will come in and have nothing to me John sixteen so this is Christ will run overall bids on sixty first eleven Jesus says the judge will because the purpose of this world is judged so Jesus calls Satan the prince of this world is Jesus Christ on this task I recognize this MSA currently is the widespread influence of this error and most of the inhabitants of this world have given their agent 's estate is in Christ Congress passed that law is that hotel putting Jesus Christ legally on the world from Satan if he does not yet possess these coming to do immediately is practically it is still under the control will follow how safe is the purpose of this world Paul called the second resumes and job performance for all of this world of villages responses I've survived for six front to us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder is made wall wonderful Counselor mighty God everlasting father and in the Prince of peace in accepted three versus live-in fourteen is rewritten to his life God raised from the dead in Iraq where witnesses it is called the Prince of life please call the Prince of peace Satan 's kingdom has friends who are friends are reason she's the road on Satan 's kingdom as a ruler message boasting about the ruler that's price kingdoms consists of subjects question for you don't answer the witch King the view below the Loomis out of at based on intelligence was false it is a question again to which kingdom you been all there are only so if it is only looking at where you rest have to talk to decide which of the joint there is information in the engine is determined intelligently blocking the law I do all the kingdoms twirlers distance of subjects constitutions vessel to the Constitution of the exist within morning from verse one Exodus twenty the second book of the Bible reading from Chris one the Bible says involved stakeholders would say I won't like all of which have brought out the vision and out of the house of bondage thou shalt have no other gods before me thou shalt not big into the Eddie remembers all the likeness of anything that is in heaven above all that is in the relief of medicine water under the earth and the competitive fray how shall not take the name of the multibillion faithful remember the shockwave even forty five on July father mother six South shalt not to set up shop block without breathing out shalt not steal my house shalt not bear false witness and how shall not covet fees in the Constitution states you shouldn't hope the kingdom of God without the kingdom of God extends throughout the universe originated this Constitution already on available evidence and have representatives of the photos will require strategic bomber father saying and doing choirs of angels in heaven as so we driven also present with me and I'll follow which often have a hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come five it will be God where all broadcasts will stay for the entire intelligence of the universe by the intelligent universe on exempting the animals all created intelligently the Angels supposedly moderate Republican love of inhabited planets and are required to live by one universal standard will call the Constitution on which the entire kingdom upon runs is no law and I want to write a Bible commentary volume six page ten seventy four the law does not save citizen by a policy of using all is the foundation of this supplement if you have an Augustana thirty two enter insolvency reports to the Bible says the Lord and his angels are not a satisfied tool to talk to me on political activism the Bible is clear and to keep the commandments of all we are required to keep the commandments of the law because we don't will you don't want to know what constitution that is all difficult emotional because it is the wording of the Republic of Venice what is working on this everything that does not happen with you with me as a very rubber hits the road definition of anything that does not have to do with the offset mechanism and what I mean this is the number one the Holy Ghost before me in other words I called upon to respect somebody else was that God would know what it is as amendment two five South will become the agreement is I called upon to respect someone else I'm not having images that all commandos and how shalt not take a minimum the multicolored grid again I called upon to respect and consider on someone else's medals for remember the Sabbath we even bought is called upon to respect someone else that is naught but also my fellow human beings although my son the lightbulb of the land seventy seventh Google I stringently my days remember file out of iPhone and I must consider someone else in six out of the deal I consider someone else remember some of thou shalt not commit adultery I must consider someone else then you shall not steal I must consider someone else can I look not thou shalt not bear false witness I must consider someone else when thou shalt not of it I must consider someone else is not one of the ten Commandments called upon me to consider the law is not present out some of myself that is the city Constitution we regularly are not doing what he wants Isaac fourteen hundred and thirty one thousand seven my heart I understand that you have exalt my friend about the stalks of all signals on the mount of the congregation of the site criminal by sending an accident file so I will be a delectable Thai citizens Constitution is says Seth Lee he said I have I also constitutionally is you as a little research is a foregone soul to the world that he told all that important to know for God so loved the world that being in baptism JK is not love giving his temperamental psalmist did get multiple people will tell a man not to ourselves the biomedical you won't need it won't sell it is that we might more effectively and efficiently to Scott's Constitution city has one as we get all you can put by the center of everything else constitutionalism someone else at the center of everything and so for the sake of our salvation nor did his son for the sake of saving us before simply so for the sake of saving us he refused to remove the call from his son that he must save us there are four kingdoms the reversal Bigelow was illegitimate there are optional and is all rumor was written for a swallow then the second will that are subject to we then have an invoice in the seasoned citizen I shouldn't let him save I think goes just as bad singers can you leverage them about anything absolutely communities and ninety five I will you fall the kingdom have a constitutional and what isn't all the same as economical situation and what is there I said there is aggressive in the ones you would below here's how to tell what is my best to towards God 's Constitution offseasons Constitution of the legitimate role of allegiance derivatives is another thing the opening one okay what did you swear allegiance to french fries and workers in the zone was well known to say that it will spread allegiance to that would protect domestic authorities that call speech anything that's unconstitutional is not a lot is thrown out the Constitution shall you like this takes a half every country has its equivalent whether written on the storm will pass his citizen of Cato 's solo Westmoreland on reaches the Constitution of the coverage resisted three NY Prius like the Angels the dwellers in need had been placed on probation and happiness and could be retained in on this is often done at the end of the creative Smoltz for allegiance in areas so the cash well I sent us files ultimately will go to someone who is knowledge is communal as the standard of righteousness on earth and is in all of the citizens in existing videos someone who does not acknowledge the central rule of constitutional using all his commanders believe that person 's life but that is a beautiful individually without you will meet you in to be right with God is derived with his low doses of reasoning processing but it is best viewed with what this is what the author said I heard it said love was elusive righteousness we have since we have righteousness what is said what righteousness yes you will momentarily distracted living over that lesson again what was said what righteousness yes absolutely what little could not do in that it was the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and fourth-seeded dentists in the flesh is our right to this is all him will will be fulfilled in us what whenever flex to discredit all ultimately will want after this other man over woman who wants after this is the right decision of the lawful has been just as you are in her outfielders and we will be molded with the perhaps it is surprising because the message that you must know if those of the Maha music formats resulted in the permissible because I was short and long why the law is absolutely necessary why I say that we live in a world where Satan has very very cleverly craftily go into the hands of preachers the drunkards a lot of preachers just a boy just say that we all has been law aware with uncountable successful in the Avenue hydrogen to say the law the members have people believe my videos there are two kingdoms all the King will say to God in every country on earth you have hosting kingdoms plus the visible kingdom in that country are you with me so is the visible presence of viruses you don't know that without Barack Obama the whole of the other invisible process God passing the really only two things because all of you in the visibility him I said in one of this is looking at all the other by making this letter is represented in our alien is one of my C is the United States have reprisals but the really little and see if you are a college for all the face of the in every charts as last not necessarily now though I must get the goals a bottle in a heavily safe visiting the better single person that you might as well I'm the boss can you save his kingdom in the news for you if you will need by the quality of your life sentencing a deal to be like that in life as a malnourished proceeded to buy the horse that this is not my knife to visit again he believes by the life you live Ball can evaluate July 's that you are insisting you can leave a by the power of Christ as gifts it does not let you go but there's a problem you can follow to bring feel free that he finds the Devil rays in this house you see while visiting his second new Christ preview invite Jesus Christ how do I know if I was a visiting what is my attitude towards Baltimore Dwight Barbour and Bigelow 's law through faith in Jesus Christ do I understand that a converted person is converted from disobedience will be him what enforceable to the heart is also a half not responsible wireless and what did Moses instructions for moving the auto protect the management is the art for our representative role of all the phone is almost thrown is his will in all subjects of the kingdom is in the Baltimore has Jesus love you all about it was it is accorded was in I like to believe I will hold my dog and I will is and is in my heart the law is in the Bible but that it is that's where this is the oldest closing unemotional law was moved from the Bible to our hearts when Baltimore is in Omaha as it was for Christ resuming off ourselves as citizens of the kingdom of God not church membership the rooms and searches it is addressed of the church there were the ones who say crucify the movement of the church they said and all the rooms that assures say crucify have fellowship in the church does not constitute an admission that he will not have boldness in the shaft and what is wrong and this man is to want to talk searching the associated in Chicago say if there is a person whose of them is someone who writes its local dog by which Jesus means for which he died this is a key strategy renting to have for the holder of the global things so forgive if I ever did not looking tool sets of subjects offered heartfelt addresses visual radio radio satellite right there along all classes in the world today in cattle class of the recognizer the judge will also violate multiple angles will be as oppressive as to which class the one I belong this is because in every service like this there is someone receiving the message the cold invitation for the last time kingdoms rulers two sets of subjects to concentrations were Yasser something for me if you believe you are securely the kingdom of God resurrected and waiting for Haskell and sells it all started belting of the Visio have you ever talked to you while not so exhausting original have a very serious answer he'll Shaw will resume Lebanon is in my heart you know it on penalty but likely was to be murder or releases of someone who incites genocide is to be polite when educators will give up his life for whatever else am a child of the devil anyone else I know what I've heard of a seventies of my own life I am not indicating with binoculars you are someone that you says about this I mean that from my heart got listed someone's focus someone else I don't painful honesty I am involved in the kingdom of God nice but I'm not insulting them as a writer Susan on Tuesday August we go to change your life summers suppleness I know I know anything was wrong and nice and everything but I'm not posting shall have one of sorry seven thirty R what I wanted to focus but this should those view original hands quickly someone is the first I don't I run I been updated to handle it there is no I don't think original statement concludes thank you someone is consistent on this is when you leave this means you leave us it is little to have someone say about him defeated here's oh five it is someone else I do not think that I'm involved in the cold there's nothing will help I am not sure what affect approximately mostly cost this is life and death were talking about Susan Odyssey someone else no I don't study his word I don't pray how people may not have the beautiful fifteen years I don't think I was supposed to how I will say this is hosting the resolution to bring it won't move on hearts consider subject even if she's gone nevertheless you from my heart someone else comes to succumb my longest evaluators of my life tells me I really am I will highlight us all that you will say because you like to see because the light is the man Jesus Christ three strong young men gone missing someone else or shortly will bring I will need to bring about us we should pray for you so in my voices heard of course will have become representable with someone else completed I'm quite sure nothing else to call physical Abilify I am not sure of course I was I know this one is not sure if you knew this initial and I certainly must be renewed every day I thought Shaw sighed exhausting the call God bless you from my heart God bless God bless you my brother molested I will show my processes don't be cold a decision is a psychologically powerful faith may use this site I mean this place shall class citizen costing the Carmichael on someone else I've also produced their technically googled I have not only will you be here tomorrow Bible says the video here is what will tomorrow and alike already living it up but is able to send us you will see a rise seed maria Seagram's as kind what you saw will hate his name I will live in the use that represents the death of his father derives you start to write lifelong and call the Microsoft life I'm not sure what you mean this additional call of always holding some of the church journalism that I was over the meeting is called on someone and may have gone a little internal limited to go from five to sixty seconds I know I'm not asking them I want to be I am not sure I want to show six seconds but this will message the message forty five seconds of message publishing system thirty six somewhere else fifteen seconds five hundred and thirty photos okay for myself was the last all it was asserted to the rigors in my recommitment of our life-saving when I saw the helpless tears streaming the data available in Christ's triumphant page one hundred three the NY Prius to follow Jesus requires wholehearted conversion as a repetition of this conversion to 3-D revenue derived from sleep as a resurrection remember that life is a gift to him if you will give the permission to settle for noodles who came I want to see original is whenever you have raised so I know we all together every have raised as follows will you move in order to boasting abusive father thank you for your love and salvation I recommitted my life to join us in staff in order to belting them want to read the July through all that is necessary everything is just stand with us I pray for those who came as about I suppose our loving father in heaven father in heaven leaving the gold you are in charge of the entire universe we thank you for this message of sense related to go this route with your kingdom for all of those okay reflective of the power to break us from the kingdom of Satan his available or even as this prayer is often at all the resources of heaven is necessary I also overrated to be put at our disposal to break us free from sickness brass steel Kingman has awarded seven costumes wanted to limit with us from the power of darkness have transmitted us to the kingdom of business object were asking you to do that tonight father in heaven to exhibit is that every citizen supports the kingdom of Satan and we publicly sue real sorry we apologize to take any omega made my point also supposed to come up with a different kind of life we are sorry I would ask you following it was the is to eliminate us to pray and cry as we pray how to construct an open house so far as we pray to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ it is the business on which you can forgive many say it is difficult to say our lifestyle branded ourselves as citizens of the kingdom of Satan we want to try this for now as I believe in Jesus Christ who is not willing that any should perish in the name of Jesus Christ who gave his life for us in the name of Jesus Christ that our human condition in the name of Jesus Christ for a deceitfulness of our damages was powerful in five coordinated when asked about receive us and all costs bring us our sins Russ will listen related to the movie when it will hurt us and he is done on father is not written free under the relentless assault steelworkers we started our past children of the kingdom of God I wish it hadn't only our Savior you will not fall I was at our hearts and we may renew this arrested even acidified causally to bring us back to the alien recommit our lives and your happiness but you remember for us to tell us gradual spin of the due is a desire for word because it is the world that hast power has Jesus Christ demonstrated and women is when he repeatedly said it is written notice find joy in spending time alone please follow change our habits change I would place in the spiritual fatness we had to give as God inhabits both of those resisting the call for whatever reason father I ask you the trouble the trouble to the point of the demise of the relation to this entry solid look for the role safe for your glory it is appropriate it will all bring us back tomorrow night to hear our message I believe this is in my heart for your people bring us back tomorrow night it will hit me why did Russell certainly protect the apartment is posted as Toronto houses that we may sleep in safety and reason and it was like tomorrow let us live to your glory watch over us father we upheld reflective real salvation wheel is made more to say that all the hospitals in Madison County man was brought to redundancies with confidence tomorrow not allow anyone to question the fact that you are a citizen of God 's kingdom I'd like to fill my heart tomorrow the Lord has a message for you that you must know this and bring someone with you May God bless you until he comes to take you home as soon him and him portraying every human being has the freedom to choose his online business someone would like to make Nazareth about to say I don't think of anything at all I want to make that system admin the quality didn't know when I first eluded you want to come out anyone want to come out before throwing I don't think anything was possible I am not sure one of which is want to come now you didn't come early or sure you suffered for you individually writing and one by the site I need to go to this all I need to step forward in a message if you print the ministry or whispering loving father in heaven is the presentation of this message I did anything that is these URLs feel forgiveness by Chris Alden who works for will be taking my holders thought of perfect mind we need a provider of reediting the world and apply to all hearts particularly those in resisting fast surrender might be the result we thank you for the city to follow there was a fighter voles okay bring us back tomorrow and more with a renewed determination to sling while those lost to receive the savings transforming work of Christ we praise you for being on the autoimmune loving operations are also giving audible salsas when we forgive the class five definitely knows so much praise your holy name with all this prayer in Jesus name and a good night everyone will sleep well at comeback of autobiographies


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