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Justin Howard
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  • July 29, 2010
    7:00 AM
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this morning I was humming for my hard to see her again I think that whenever we share with each other with anyone around the world is to come from where from our hearts the Bible tells us time and time again that God has called us to be his witnesses not to this conference is all about it we might be a witness for Jesus Christ and there's one thing that we need to have in order to be a faithful witness of Jesus Christ can anyone tell me what that is we need a personal relationship without question without regard that is what we need the most so when you think about showing your testimony you feel a little insecure your kind of doubting whether or not you have something to share the thing that you need to ask yourself is this do I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because if you do ever going to see this morning you have something to share with somebody else and he can be excited about it because it's your experience that you can share that you have with Jesus Christ and you can say without question that you know Israel is in this morning can you say without question that God is real I remember an awestruck my testimony with you I think it's Sabbath morning I'm looking forward to hearing West is also I read that little blurb on the on the handbill that the American way to hear but I'll be sharing my with you on on Sabbath morning but one thing I learned through my experience is that God is real that was one of the things it actually changed my mind and my thinking about God when I was first learning about Jesus I first started reading the bylaws about why in the road and I was just questioning whether or not God was there I was reading the Bible my family was sought Seventh-day Adventist for the most part and as I was reading the Bible and I was looking at the church I saw that there's issues discrepancy I was reading in the Bible about how God given his church power and authority and ears listen to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth and there were just moving and shaking you know and him and I didn't see that the Seventh-day Adventist church as I called I grandmother as I looking forward to coming home I said I can't wait to be a part of what I'm reading in the Bible she says I just want to let you know that is not like that out here is what you mean this is what the Bible says the Bible describes many experienced that were supposed to be having and your time he is not there she says it's not here she says I'm just telling you because I don't want you to be disappointed as I continue to study more I had asked for someone to come visit me I was in prison now this leave that with you I can't not say that this morning I was in prison and I was asking for a pastor to come and visit him it took a year for a pastor to come and visit me and at the end of that year one didn't come to visit me but didn't seem as though he had a relationship with Christ because when he came to see me he could convey nothing to me about who Jesus was all he did was ask me questions about my case and I know if you know anything about people in prison I've seen a couple driving out here but you just don't ask those kinds of questions of prisoners that you don't know in that environment is not safe for you so needless to say it was a good experience and another pastor came to visit me I was pessimistic I have my ideas about the church house comparing and the Jews of Jesus 's day when he came in when they are passed in a visit idleness and I said am looking at the church that am looking at the Jews I said the Seventh-day Adventist Church of the Pharisees of the present day and started hammering him with all my thoughts and negative comments and you look at me that day and all I said was brother you're right he says that I want to say one thing he said with a huge smile on his face this gleam in his eyes as I would say one thing God is real in those three words changed my entire thinking about who God will I had meant on with God it was as a music that they from heaven it was in the person of a man that is not one of my best friends one of the pastor in Washington conference one of the churches God is real that was his witness that was his testimony that day I was engaged by God that day and it began to wipe away the questions that I have my mind to find that when we share our personal testimonies that's really what we might call the natural bridge is the link between us and our link between Jesus and and then another people sometimes there are people in the world and don't know Jesus and they need to know Jesus and you are the link for the natural brisket imprisonment in connection with Jesus Christ and you know that our member the first time I had to give my testimony I was shaking in my boots I got a phone call from Chattanooga Tennessee is a friend of mine who lived in the Collegeville area and she says listen we have a spot for you in our church we hear testimony the passage that it's okay have a great woman to come is your testimony I was okay with it to begin with because I had a personal experience gone through this whole transition and here I was I have a life with Jesus I don't know where I'm headed all I know that I'm headed there with him and so I get to that church but it realize how big it was it seems like every church in that little valley is huge and I walked in and I had a Sabbath school time as I walked into the saddle school time and am there I stood on the platform looking about five hundred people and I was excited but I wasn't you understand so I started sharing and sharing is sharing in the Lord was just getting worse to say that I have forgot about all the people I just wanted to know what the Jesus that I'm and as I stood there I saw the past and leaning over and I look to him as it was time to have these pastor stepped over Mrs. if you want to hear more about Justin 's testimony come tonight investor or send health show the rest of the story with the that evening we got together and I began showing the rest of my testimony at during probably actually within probably the latter third of the testimony we are wrapping up one of the fellows of the church stands up and he says I just have to say something I don't know what have I said wrong there felt that way when I said wrong when I done I wanted to run and hide the first whenever in a church and hear some guys caught in a car is if I have something to say I just want to say that at first since this man has been here and I thought here comes he is not stopped talking about Jesus he says a lot of guys the situation the company is experiencing talk about the things that they've done the things that they've experienced a negative way I saw Audie hereby was then in them and them and their experience use of the gym very seldom hear about Jesus Christ he says ever since we've been here that's all you provide I just want to say praise the Lord that's where our testimonies all about is not to share glorify the things that we experience in the past I've heard that time and time again is nothing more than destroy the confidence of people and Jesus Christ and rubbing salt the sinfulness the car that doesn't want them to be involved our calling as Christians is to go and share our faith with other people you credit time again open up with me in your Bible study Chapter twenty eight Matthew chapter twenty eight and were going to be looking at verses nineteen and twenty actual as beginners eighteen it says and Jesus came and spake of them saying all power is given unto me in heaven and honor Joey therefore he says and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son the Holy Ghost first twenty since using them to observe all things how many things whatsoever I command you and while I'm with you always he says even unto the end of the world Jesus says I am risen from the grave all power and authority has been given to me and now I'm commissioning you and giving you that power and that authority and when I want to do is go tell others about the experience you have with me and he says here that you're going to continue to have with me until I come that's what he saying here when this is low I'll be with you always this is not just a one-time situation we meet me and that says and a lot of times our Christian experience we run in the people out there in the Christian world without an experience maybe and they lead and base their entire life with Jesus on that one experience and that's how you cannot do if you have a relationship with someone how often do you communicate with us every day if I did not talk to my wife morning noon and night I've been drunk and installation will be in trouble Jesus by the way through he wants doctors that were not really in trouble necessarily but nonetheless we need to be talking with Jesus all the time everyday developing that relationship and as you develop that relationship you learn about him and you get to know him more and more and more as you have that experience that's what people need to hear about that was going to change their life because that's what the gospel is all about you were told in the Bible that are this gospel will be preached unto the ends of the earth men Jesus will come if you read that before we look at that it's more than just preaching with your words and understand it's about the power of God changing your life and by words and IDs living never experienced before people in this world may see that it's changed your life they see Christ in you the Bible says the hope of glory and they see it and that what they want when Jesus says when I be lifted up although all men to myself if I be lifted up all draw on myself it wasn't just the cross he was talking about although that's the primary function of that verse he was also talking but after that time as people would let them up in their lives they would see that experiencing life of the people who were experiencing that relationship he will be lifted up in the lives of his people and people will be drawn to him the personal witness and experience of those were having a relationship do you have a relationship with him this morning because if you do you'd be his witness acts chapter one verse eight Jesus just told the disciples that he had all authority and he was passing on that authority and power to them we find your next chapter one verse eight that he says you shall receive what power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you you shall be my witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in Judeo Samaria and how far unto the ends of the year Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will be with us until the end of the world and none in the Holy Spirit power gives us what we need to share our faith made by day now how many of you are not excited to be honest now if you're not excited about sharing your faith with someone else that you don't know beyond this okay thank you I say what almost every day I'm excited about it but I'm not that make sense I decided I might work this meter service today I want to assure my favor someone else will rate them at the big world out there but nonetheless after you've had the experience is nothing I see one more than out another experience just like a nine the only way that we can continue on from what the Bible my call basis of faith is to have the spirit of God dwelling in our hearts by when we have that it will not be a burden to share Jesus but it will be a joy and excitement to share a favorite with whoever we come in contact with you finding God works in amazing ways right it seems like the most inopportune moments or anyone are not even paying attention gone against a billion other people and by the time of the stuff with you looking back at the expression is a man I can believe it is said that I can believe a shed outside of the person that was exciting I was to do that was everyday he wants us to be excited about sharing our faith she wants us to know our hearts these only do that when we have an experience to be reeled other people so massive question and what are we to witness about this just a recap for a moment a personal experience right it's our personal experience and were supposed to ship if you look with me at first John first John chapter one verse three versus one to three action first John chapter one verses one to three John says that which is from the beginning which we have heard which we have seen with our eyes which we have looked upon our hands have handled of the word of life what is John saying I know I have personal experience with he goes on to say for the life was manifested or revealed and we have seen it he says it again and bear witness to showing you that eternal life which was with the father and was manifested or revealed zoonoses is that which we have seen and heard declare we envy you that you also may have fellowship with us and John keeps repeating himself and I find it when people repeat and seventy Japan excited about with their thinking with the reading or whether express the future paying himself as it is not made clear but is very very clear and guess what we see we harden exhaust and we know he's real we know where you came from we cannot wait for you to have the same experience that were he says that was the scene heard Aquarian view that he will also may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ John was saying listen we want you to come and share what we have what you have fellowship with us when she beat we want to be a part of the family of God we also want to know the God and Savior that we know it was singing a different way in second Peter chapter one verse sixteen the filter with me there second Peter chapter one verse sixteen says for we have not followed what cunningly devised fables Peter saying listen I know what I'm saying I've had experience is not some live something was some story that some of his past and often generate generation this man was here he goes on to say when we made no mention of the power and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were what eyewitnesses of his majesty we have seen him Peter says without question we know that he is who he says he is he is the son of God I think of Paul who said he saw Jesus raised the basement literally knock him off his high horse that in a road to Damascus you have personal experience with Jesus all these people you'll find throughout the Bible had some type of encounter with Jesus and because of that they could serve a confidence that Jesus was someone in a day by day as I spent time with Jesus and the Bible to spend time with Jesus sharing my faith with others the just spend time with them even though I don't understand everything about him he continues to share things with me and I always by God 's grace has something to share with someone it's enough of the Christian experience is all about and I think I maybe mascot talk about a little bit the West will I know that I'm going to talk about a little bit work in a talk about what it means to be in a consistent continuous relationship with Jesus how to maintain that relationship how to deepen that relationship and how to strengthen that relationship because this is what eternal life is all about Jesus said in John Tepper seventeen verse three for my favorite verses and this is eternal life that they might know you the only true God and Jesus Christ Jesus says simply that eternal life is having an ongoing personal relationship with them as exciting and that relationship is the last how long everybody grab so that means we can start today if we haven't started already and it begins to deepen and progress throughout eternity imagine what that I have a feeling that we're going to be sharing our faith all throughout eternity so we better start here in the Hebron destroy the woman at the well excellent story basically sees Jesus goes is looking for a good drink of water he comes to the well Samaritans among the Samaritan woman is that we find it he actually goes there specifically for they begin talking and engaging conversation Jesus leads her into a conversation where he reveals to her the condition of her heart one thing I enjoy about Jesus as he never condemns the people he's trying to say payment in these the woman at the well and he began to speak with endless ticket within John chapter four Johnson before verse seven the Bible says there the woman of Samaria to draw water and Jesus said under her give me something to drink and VeriSign says the woman of Samaria Senate have how is it that you being a Jew ask something grass to drink me which am a woman of Samaria for the Jews don't have dealings with the Samaritans and Jesus answered and said under her if you knew the gift of God and who it is that as you give me to drink you wettest have asked him and he would have given you living water one of those on the same answer you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep and how you give me that water that you're talking about personal this is our you greater than our father Jacob which gave us the well and drank of himself and his children and his cattle Jesus said back whoever drinks of this water shall thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life Jesus is drawing her in to a deeper relationship she Artie knew of him but the personal experiences lacking and you can tell because of the sinful condition of her past life it without Jesus our life will continually be rescinded soon after sin after sin will never escape his grip because without him we can do how much I think West last night for sharing with us that Jesus has the power to enable us to overcome the terrible situations of temptation leads us into that we can live a victorious life in Christ and that's what our witness is all about the victorious life in Christ and verse fifty as of the woman said in answer give me this water that I so that I don't thirst anymore and it in a computer drawing board Jesus is the Collier husband coming woman answered and said I have no husband and Jesus said to her you've all said that you have no husband you have had five husbands and even now is your husband is not really her husband and that she said to the woman said in answer I proceeded assigning different about you I perceive that your life profit she was right wasn't she basically they go through the conversation and Jesus comes a point where he says listen your wedding on the Messiah you just told me that I am watching and waiting in his letter water hot never did he is anything a drink he said there known issues at a comeback but she takes off and she goes to her study that Samaria as you says Tom C on May CNN who told me all that I've ever done and businesses could she says can this be the one about what was on it tell us in the book of John that all the city came out to see Jesus that day and they began listening and as they listen they said not we believe not because of what you said for we ourselves have heard him and we know that this is indeed the Christ the Savior of the world that woman did not wait after she had a personal experience to learn all that she needed to learn about the Bible ginseng as soon as I learned twenty fundamental beliefs of the church that I might be ready to go and share genes they are after I go to church for a year on the washer after I went to amazing fasteners in college then publisher because then I'm done be ready to do it she heard the message the convicted her heart she knew that this was the one and she immediately runs to the city and told everyone that she can and it says that the entire city really cannot listen to what Jesus Hudson but here's the important thing you have no power or authority to change the heart of a person we find here visit now I believe not because of what you said our interest was speaking in what you are saying and we wanted to know a little bit more about the man and now we come out we've heard his words ourselves and now we know that he is the Christ the Savior of the world and that they almost entire city was saved and brought into relationship with Jesus Christ the same because of one person 's personal witness about their experience with Jesus Christ at the moment it happens were told testimony from the heart coming from list which is no guile the bacon humble trust again and what kind of tone stammering is accounted of God as precious as it doesn't matter you can preach what Apollo 's doesn't matter if you have or don't have the knowledge of Paul all that matters is that you have an experience with Christ and you can even use the stammering tongue the person who is afraid to speak to share him with other people it honestly I have an excitement when it came to the idea of preaching my mother always told me I've always pray to be a preacher I was knew that one day he was not so happy she says much about it that's ultra this was was is am so happy that my dreams are coming true about that I'm not real happy not really excited about being a public speaker on and so I wasn't excited about it begin with a stammering tongue was definitely there but as time goes on and on calls you from experience experience even though you have a stammering tongue it doesn't matter anymore because what you're doing is sharing something so close and dear to your heart the germ passion and enlightened about and people just get you have a passion for Christ in your relationship with him this morning because of this just a formal dad situation then you don't have anything to share with him but if it's alive and active in your walking with him and you're talking with them and your experiencing daily life within you have something to share as witnesses for Christ were to tell what we know what we ourselves have seen and heard and felt if women thought into the step-by-step wish something like the point to tell concerning the way in which is less basically were finding out is to be witnesses we just tell and share what we know this important office doesn't know your find Bible studies it's okay if you don't know something giraffe it's all right he just tells them and hey I don't know it really opens up the door if you have another Bible study with it I don't know but I love the look into it for you say what can we get together next week the pretty excited about the question Yasmin of the Bible has the answer all we need to do share what we know and what we don't know enough lineup because God promises to Dallas and limitless germ or the next week have a sensor it goes on to say we can tell how we have tested this problem and found the promise truly can bear witness to what we know of the grace of Christ listen to this last part is that this is the witness for which our Lord calls he calls us to share our personal experience with him at each other with him with other people and he says this is the one of which the world is Paris the world is dying because I'm not enough people out there who are having is an expression genus and sharing it with we know that one day Jesus is coming in on me when other one a Jesus is coming even thank you so they haven't scratched we know that his company and we know that we have been given a work to do necessary for the world were told that the world 's parish it's dying people are going to their graves day by day because they're not hearing and not seeing enough about the grace and the power of God in the lives of his church the sobering thought is not Jesus calls us to be his witnesses to go dying world and share with them our experience two thousand testimonies of people in the Bible that are shared one of his last night and wanted to share last night was about the demoniac is the powerful deliverance from sin on the immediate experience that type of the relationship with Christ he bent down in the dumps for enough ripped up and left for dead by the enemy but somehow I got Grace Jesus comes across the state and he finds you you a racist revolution and what they might have had that extra praise the Lord we solicit me over the next few days home like I have owned one share with you plays Sarah is not just a mild talk about this anonymous call our continual Christian growth if those people who have had an experience of their young and it continues on and on and on and they just continue to grow in the grace of God and all Jesus Christ is awesome I will ask you a question of begin with which one you think is more important or more powerful visit the powerful deliverance from centers of the Judeo-Christian I broken the continual Christian relationship which was more powerful attractiveness both of those are important to whoever with whoever you share them for me personally the continual Christian growth was importantly because I give my life to Christ I promise of this awful situation and even though I'd given my life and I still wasn't allowed that situation out of the deal with the repercussions of my own experience at that time I needed to know about how God has the power to maintain someone after they made a decision throughout the rest of their Christian experience that's learning after how this experience with a look at this for a moment on three basic points here when we think about the demoniac number one where you were before crisis after quick question here where was the demoniac people before the Christ changed living into the dead people cutting and suffering run naked screaming hollering out in the darkness causing problems to people literally just almost destroying his own life and I just want to let you know on a side note every decision that we make and I'm sure this with you every time I have an opportunity every decision that we make has an influence for or against eternal life I don't believe that the mother does the I have got bear by just one decision that a baby was born this way to the lifetime of bad decisions and the transitions from those decisions leading under the condition that he was then and he was absolutely without Christ crazy living with the people but we find that he then met Christ I didn't even Jesus came after him and that's the entire picture of the Bible if you would get a lot on a large scale defined in the Bible continues to tell us about how God is pursuing that he loves and is coming after them and there's nothing to stop him from saying at least one that he wants to save the entire world and we see them coming up after the demoniac in the demoniac with what power he had rises and falls at the feet of Jesus and he meets them there and it changes his life and we find out then after he meets Jesus is clothed and in his right mind with that level experienced it changes him and he's ready to go to share his fate with the rest of the world amen powerful testimony of delivered from sin now there's the one continual Christian route this is our confession of his faithfulness is heaven 's chosen agency for revealing Christ in the world with intelligence is telling us that our personal experience testimony is the way that Jesus wants to share himself with the rest of the world we can read Scripture after Scripture after Scripture people and may not have much impact but when we begin a short testimony combined with that combined with a Christlike life then it has a power for the salvation of souls are in agreement here right now this is where to acknowledge his grace is made known to the holy men of old but that which we most effectual is the plot the testimony of her own experience we are witnesses for God as we reveal in ourselves the working power that is divine it goes on to say every individual has a life is different from all others as an experienced differing essentially from there as you hear testimonies from people as they share with you I do not want you to think that your testimony is not pop along and important events you may hear our voices testimony in a year my testimony not whoever testimony this week and anything while they have a powerful testimony my testimony is as awful as they are that's why the devil your testimony is power because is your individual experience with Jesus Christ the gesturing and nobody has that experience except you it goes on to say God is either appraisal is sending a marred by her own individuality these precious acknowledgments to the praise of the glory of his grace in other words these testimonies about our own personal experience combined with what OnStar system in support of Iowa Christlike life have an irresistible power that works for the solutions in other words testimony personal experience together revealed in our lives can save souls for the kingdom of his job for new experiences you see how important your own testimonies you don't know who it is in your life from day to day that needs to hear we never share she should always be ready payment and you don't know how the words that you share about Jesus that impact the lives of those you come in contact you should be prepared because it could be one word one sentence one glance when actually be good to bring someone across the line and the king how careful we need to be when it comes to living a life exemplary of a Christian and being in constant connection with Jesus Christ so what Shelley witnessed about here's some simple thought forty this morning I love this when Jesus died for my sins that they may be forgiven can we justify that a map a lot we are born again with a new nature I can say amen in a hominid you can look to the past bitmap so glad I am not what I used to be a man I can say that I seem to many people who say that the Christians and return experiencing the power the grace of God and they maintain that low-level Christianity F Christianity at all our member being a man imprisoned and I thought I was a short amount bunkers six registered reading the Bible that was into it I just love reading I couldn't stop at plenty of time to do it as I read I was looking for more people who are having a was having a father praise God there is one guy who just seem to have all the knowledge of the Bible of the dawn asking questions about the Bible and he was a this text this text this text but when I found is that after a while I was sharing texts with him and as I drew in my experience I realized that this man really can tell me about Jesus you could just tell me things that he heard he didn't know him you just heard of in that man's life as I began to look more closely at it told me really nothing about Jesus were born again with an image were changed we have would become new people we have new principles and motives and thoughts ideas I would become more like Jesus Jesus set me free from our sins can we say that can we say that Jesus has given me everlasting life a man some testimony pointers don't be worry you don't have to convince people the work of the Holy Spirit is not even exist to have righteousness and judgment account etc. reveals himself to be human heart we just need to show people what we know and what was seen and heard and felt I was never speak critically of anyone or any church it is necessary to refer to past experiences do so lovingly and carefully okay God doesn't even condemn and why should you and it's our hope that we as we speak to people we can leave people dry testimony to her relationship with Christ so when we speak critically of people were outside of the personality of Christ himself not his mind and should be arched we should explore expressions it may not be meaningful like for instance when I came into the truth all I heard the message was you better say things like hey you know it when I met Jesus Christ when I met him when he came and visited me to change my comments or thoughts or words like that of things like that are more meaningful the latter I said if you had a powerful deliverance from the simple life around counting your past life and how awesome it was all man I remember when I was out partying with the fellas and we were doing this we are doing that when I met Jesus everything changed off as giving testimony this insane rather than giving glory to God if you haven't expressed I said and also beware of listing sacrifices I hear this all the time when it comes to people sharing their testimony about God is done for the all you know I used to do this and that you have it when I met Jesus I be given along you can get up many you gained everything when you came into relationship with Jesus Christ even sacrifice anything and stop eating this food even since stopped doing that bad habit even if they give up the movies or whatever it has been give that up Jesus took it from you he delivered you from it now he's given you so much more be specific in your testimony share specific voice of the people guessing here are God 's work in your life try to identify with your prospect the person is playing time with you talking to because in identifying with them they can see how God has that under a similar experience that they're having an innovative god did it for them credit for you you can do it for them all at a time when a giant estimate on the people over the head and condemn them all but where they're at it when you find that as you want to share your faith with other people as you strengthen your witness by the grace of God you do run into some crazy situations the world is inhabited in chaos Satan is doing his work and God is doing his women but your government of the people out there who may be imminent in an adulterous relationship they may be a relationship in the wrong way if you understand what I'm saying they may have been going on in their lives it would never even consider having in your life and be surprised don't be condemned and you should confirm through there's a God in heaven and there's a devil here on earth and there's a battle going on in God is giving us the opportunity to share with them to always be time never condemned Iraq's surprise or shock and also pray that when you share praying your heart also spread out ceasing pray that God will be what they see that Bill C Jesus and you and also always be positive even if you get a negative reaction a lot of times when you share your faith with other people they can respond negatively because they see Jesus in you to see the condition of your heart and its sometimes discouraged discouraging to think there so far away from where the need to don't worry about a negative reaction if the guard goes out to just reason Jesus is speaking to the Hardy men and just be positive and go back to something agreeable to your listener and then politely when that when I share my testimony I try to share in general ways I tried it in my testimony lead people into relationship with Jesus himself but if I find that they are not willing to go that far all person you know I'm just so happy that I got to share with you when Jesus means to me I'm so happy that I was just able to tell you on the power of God I hope that maybe one day soon nothing more but I hope that one day soon maybe he'll consider accepting Jesus in your own life and you have the experience of having because it's awesome I'll try and do something agreeable and good so that they say the goodness the kindness of God 's amazing I say to people I can say I needed help and I found it in the pieces of this morning hopefully we can say that everyday fever game I sensitive all my guilt away I found the Bible to be the voice of God and my soul amen they gave me hope for the future and something to look forward to antichrist the hunger of my souls than satisfied I no longer feel lonely or empty I say that every single morning amen I love Jesus understands the eye level and it's my joy to spend time with because in this world there's really nothing to live for I'll be honest with you without Christ there is no hope in the world calls the second coming the blessed hope and if we don't have that hope in our hearts we had no hope assured of the people and the people who don't have any hope will never have any hope in the world 's for sure hope our hope with them few more things you might say I still have problems but I now have someone who can help me with my problems and give me the strength and courage that I need now every day is a new adventure with Christ he puts a song in my heart as smile on my face the best decision I've ever made in my life was the decision to accept Christ and to follow him it's our duty and our opportunity is our privilege to be witnesses for Christ all power is given to you and to me do you believe I wouldn't believe it initially but that Dave and I want to share my faith in seven I realized from that point on no question in my mind that God gives power to the weak figures power to the needy gives us strength and words in our hearts to share what we need to share in the moment so that other people can know about the Jesus they want to be a witness for Christ than any a personal relationship with him this morning it is one of challenging if you don't have a personal relationship with him that relationship is waning you're struggling with it there's a lot of things that are getting in the way world spending your life around faster and faster you can put the brakes on it's in your power and authority to do that maybe their influences in your life as young people friends and you should be associating with things that you should may involve with how to send and activities that consume your attention and take you away from Christ's put on the altar this morning so Jesus should rather have him those things that will ultimately destroy your life even if you think it's good if it's not coming from the Lord will destroy your life 's foreheads Massachusetts to take control the powers to be his witnesses father in heaven we pretty take control of us elicit your spirit give us your joy is sinister the ends of the earth to be your witnesses in order there's anything standing between us and you we pray for the grace of God to see it to confess it to overcome it and move on from victory to victory and prepare others for your company to refrain your name Jesus in


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