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Seventh-day Adventism, God's Answer to Modern Atheism

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • July 29, 2010
    9:45 AM
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Re: will really get started glad to see you guys here today and want to talk about in the seminar for the next couple of days is atheism and where it comes from where it arose from will see straight from prophecy are how that arose and why insignificant today and then we look at and are second-class some proofs of why the Bible can be trusted to look at a number of different things and you know atheism is a movement is on the rise today and thus become quite prevalent especially in American society and we need to know how to answer that so that's what workmen into the rest seminar so all and then were look at our third seminar at the top the arguments of atheism how to answer them how to approach the atheists of mind and and and and seeking to win them over for Christ and so as we begin this morning this is going to be this one is going to be a little bit more philosophical and then we'll get into more practical things we go solicitor general toward a prayer and then will dive right in father in heaven we thank you so much this morning that we can learn from your word how to deal with this modern mindset that has is beginning to just take over our society and as we look at this floor where it comes from may you give us wisdom in knowing how to answer and how to deal with it only so we asked for your blessing now in Jesus name amen all right arts Art Art seminar title are our theme is a reason for the reason rather for faith and answer for the skeptic and some are one deals with the rise of atheism and prophecy where did it come from and the first question I ask is why does it matter what doesn't matter about atheism why does it matter where it came from the why does it matter to us today we were Bible believing Christians know I was going door-to-door once and I was talking to this man about atheism and what not he said one a Christian is that it doesn't really matter about atheism you said because I know already what I'm going when I die he says I know what the Bible says and I believe that so why would I need to know my atheism will very simple is because their RAC of people around us that do not believe in God they do not believe in the Bible that do not believe that there is a reason that we should live for anything except for ourselves and so the Bible tells us very specifically relevant business the minute we should always have a reason for the whole that is in us and there is a young man named Josh who came to my office of about two classes ago and I was teaching at half go and he was about three quarters of the way through the after session he came into my class or my office rather he sat down for many said I don't I really don't know why I'm here he says I don't even believe in the Bible anymore I don't believe that God exists he says and I don't want anything to do with this concept of Christianity Alice shocked because here was this guy NASCO and is coming to my office basically telling me that he is an atheist he doesn't believe in God and he doesn't want anything to do with him even if he did exist and so I started talking with him in an and him and asking him some questions about why he believe the way they believe in he was telling me all this all these crazy reasons why he said there is no evidence that God exists there is no evidence why I should believe and so I shared with him a number of things on them to share in this seminar at the end of our time together he says you know what I've never known the stuff my entire life pieces I grew up in church I grew up around people that believed in the Bible he survived always thought that was just this blind faith he said but now I have evidence that God exists in evidence but the Bible can be trusted in him and so first Peter three fifteen oh one a share with you this text then you probably know what pretty well already first Peter chapter three and verse fifteen first Peter three verse fifteen and Peter is very very candid about this he says but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and always be ready how often I would say he's as always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asked you a reason for the whole that is a new with meekness and fear and so Peter tells us specifically that we should always be ready to give an answer so someone walked up to you and said why do you believe in the seventh day Sabbath would you be an answer that question pretty as I we whip out our Bibles and we go to you no exodus chapter twenty eight through eleven Mark two twenty seven Son of Man over the saddle Revelation one ten I was in the spirit of the Lord say we know how to answer that right we know how the two to answer how the Sabbath was changed what if someone can deny said I don't believe in God I don't believe in the Bible can you give me proof so would you be a bloodbath like to reach for your Bible and say this is why believe I believe yes or no it might be a challenge to do that right because they say already I don't believe in that book don't tell me anything about it how would you reach out for that person that's what we want to talk about in our lecture series always be ready so let's just examine atheism for a minute the word atheism comes from the Greek word a meaning not or no kind of like against and then Fabio 's atheism meaning God so a meaning no or against an field meaning gone that's where the word atheism comes from atheism claims Siebel things number one the natural matter of the universe is all that exists what it would exist the natural matter of the universe in other words the universe operates only by natural laws like the law of gravity the law of physics etc. and any event that seems to happen supernaturally is really some sort of natural occurrence in other words everything in the universe is here and it's happens by natural means therefore there is nothing what supernatural right in any event whether it be some type of miracle or you know some type of flaw of healing all or any type of supernatural experience is just something natural that's happening but it cannot be it we haven't figured out what it is yet we haven't figured out how to explain it right and so that's what atheism says the reality of evil the purposelessness of life the randomness of the universe and evolution all argue in favor or against against the existence of who of God what atheism basically claims that also claims of the Bible is a book of human invention and not really the divine word of God I mean obviously of God doesn't exist it what we see around us is all there is just natural laws the natural universe then obviously the Bible could not be from God because God doesn't exist writes a book of human invention and she is as if he existed are performed no miracles did not rise from the dead and was not who he was not God he was just no more than a man right to prove that to be false in the seminar as we progress there is a interesting statement from the humanist manifesto the second says no deity he will save us we must say who ourselves is not a profound statement no beauty will save as we must save ourselves but the reality is is that human beings have been trying to save themselves for centuries in fact since they have existed since we can have a written record of history man after man has risen up trying to save humanity and hasn't been able to do it yes or no we are still in a worse state now then we were years ago right and so we've attempted to save ourselves the various forms of religion through various forms of philosophy the various forms of coercion throughout history and yet the fact remains that we are a people in need of salvation right at all means just the sense of of spiritual salvation but I'm talking about our plan is an big time trouble is and not we are headed on a course that's very very scary well we are in trouble on every and economically on as far as feeding the world etc. etc. are worlds in big trouble we need some type of salvation right and yet man has been not been able to do it so what about agnosticism was look at that for just a minute Gnosticism is very very similar to atheism on eight Nazism says maybe God exist maybe God doesn't exist but even if it does exist it doesn't really matter right doesn't really matter who cares because God is on it is impossible route to prove either one they say if he exists he does it he doesn't he doesn't and but it really doesn't affect me that much since you cannot prove that the best decision is to remain how skeptical right so I cannot prove it so their form just remain skeptical about the whole thing I'm not to worry about because even if God exists he is not personal and does not care about me personally however while the agnostic claims that no one can really know anything for sure about God this annex South is an assertive definitive statement regarding what one knows about God thus counterfeiting or counteracting rather contradicting rather their own line of thinking of the words to say that all I can really know anything for sure about God means that you would have to know everything right everything in the universe to know that and nobody can really know that for sure so even their own line of thinking goes against the domain point that there sang both claim that human reason and scientific empiricism are the only sensible explanations for why things exist another words things that can be measured right I can take a certain amount of water and I can put it in the top I can boil it and something happens right I can take certain chemicals and mix them together and put them in the laboratory and something will happen probably an explosion for most of us write something will happen okay I can measure things I can weigh things I can I can do all these different types of scientific gathering of data and measure everything happens on this earth right so therefore it's something cannot be measured it must not what exists is about how they view this about God is that God does not exist because he cannot be measured he cannot be counted it cannot be waived right but I want to think about this they say this because no element of existence can be measured tested he cannot exist but I want to think about this way if the original of life and the arms are they says also that the original life in the universe can be explained scientifically then God becomes what unnecessary another words the goal of science the goal of the scientific thought the scientific method this would explain how everything works and if they can do that or is that they think they can then they can come up down to the conclusion that God is no longer needed in the equation because we are the source of what of knowledge we are the source of wisdom and we can explain everything therefore we don't need God right that's the goal and it's very very evident in this whole line of thinking but here's another way of thinking about to say this to say that God cannot be measured etc. etc. is basically fine a limited standard of human knowledge another words we don't know everything right away with me to even know everything about our planet do we know everything about ourselves we know everything about ourselves doing and so we had this standard the scientific method in these various things that we do scientifically we as an essentially how this human standard that we measure everything by what was to say that that human standard is really the ultimate standard by which everything should be measured are listening because even that that very standard can stand to be flawed does that make sense and so if we measured God according to the standard who's to say that God is not much higher than that standard itself it doesn't take into account that everything cannot be measured this way the leave no trace of this do you suppose that by this picture this is not my wife by the way it's only a picture of her new suppose that I love my wife Israel I can you measure the love for my wife is or not I me can you like put in the cup in way it I mean if you did it be so banking on it I'm just getting but the way you cannot measure the love that you have for someone but does that love exists can you measure the luck and they measure the love you have for your fiancé they can write but doesn't exist you don't exist right zoning sets but according to the scientific standard according this way of thinking because the lovable mutt for my wife cannot be measured then it must not really exist but there are some things that cannot be measured scientifically would you agree with that statement and so does say that God doesn't exist because he can be measured is like saying them I love my wife doesn't exist because it cannot be weighed or measured in a laboratory which we know is silly right but yet this is the standard by which they tried to say that God does or does not exist and there's a problem with that because that very system that very way of thinking is absolutely flawed are you with me I the type of God of the Bible scribes may not exist in this type of standard he cannot be waived and ounces he cannot be weight in grams or gallons because the Bible says he is infinite a man he is infinite and he rises above that I wanted to notice a statement from CS Lewis he makes this amazing he asked three questions he says opposing science ever became so complete that it knew every single thing in the whole universe could also answer the following questions in other words so Paul is the ultimate objective the ultimate goal signs came true and that they can explain how everything is that how everything happens etc. could they answer these three questions why is there a universe they may be able to explain how everything works but could they explain why there is a universe absolutely not the good secondly why December one as it does there is no explanation for that you may explain how things work but why does a flow in perfect order why does everything flow the way that it should almost at all times there is no explanation for that and thirdly doesn't have any meaning I like this one the best does the universe have meaning and when you look at the universe grandscale yes the question doesn't having all the stars all the planets of the solar system and galaxies do they have kneeling but then that that funnels down to us personally right what about this planet what's the purpose behind what about my life does my life have meaning does my life have purpose for questions that every person wants to know the answer to number one where they come from right secondly what is my purpose while I'm here was my purpose in this life is to live for myself is it to live based upon what I desire thirdly how should I live while I'm here with built-in with each and every one of us is this standard of morality right the Bible says that God is given every man a measure of faith right and so built in S&Ls for some people is more eroded than others based upon genetics and our our history etc. but God is still built in this morality and ever you mean where did that come from the didn't come from God where did it come from because evolution says that my animal instincts are what should control me rise but yet everybody knows the difference between right and wrong and it goes that builds greater than society will look at that morning and thirdly on on-site and fourthly where I go when I when I leave this place so where did I come from what's my purpose while I'm here house I live on this earth long here and fourthly what happens to me when I exit this world those are four questions that science can they cannot answer I cannot fabricate in a laboratory and science cannot explain these things if we abandon if we abandon the idea of God if we have fully embraced only science as the answer to life is the answer the less problems then we begin to go down a path that is very very scary movies there is a picture of having never traveled across Highway fifty anybody at all Highway fifty across America called the loneliest Road in America and let me tell you it is lonely my wife and I went to California we drove out here and we drove across this road and man is seen my you can drive for hours and hours and hours on you can stop your car get out and lay down in the middle of the road and take a nap and UN's note you would have no fear of anybody getting you because you don't see cars for hours on in sometimes you go for our last seen a house without seeing a gas station or anything it is a scary scary place and we are on a path if we abandon the concept of God in society we are on a path that others have drawn before us that's a very very dangerous on you remember what happened with France real talk about France today our seminar member what happened with France and the French Revolution a terrible terrible time in the history of humanity when they abandoned the concept of God what about Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler said about God he said we just want to we just want God to basically leave us alone out we don't want anything to do with him and we don't want him trying to bother us he said basically I'm been a comparable world Linda do it without God 's help is Adolf Hitler simply and right when he was murdering the Jews when there were was the genocide of the Jewish people he was simply carrying out what he read from Charles R Charles Darwin 's book the original species simply executing that plan that the survival of the strongest should survive and then you have communism and an even more modern times all these paths have gone down the road of rejecting God and it's ultimately ended in disaster every single time and so were to look at that where did this concept of modern ages and come from you know it is really not that old of an idea is not that old of a philosophy at all in the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds there is what is known as the agent wine honey you heard us for you for the age of Enlightenment the age of reason has is also referred to and it sprung out of the French Revolution but in the and seventeen seventy Paul Behrendt a whole bucket was the first open atheists and France began writing publications that there was no God that God does not exist and here are all the reasons why okay and in seventeen ninety two to seven seventy four was what was known as the cult of reason churches that were once places of worship to God were now turned into temples of reason where they debated about why God didn't exist why the Bible was false and book of fairytales etc. and many churches were closed and the Catholic mass was forbidden this was all happening in the late seventeen hundreds early ignores but the question is why why was it happening onboard a look at that notice the statement from Karl Marx about this age of reason about religion during this time he says religious suffering is at one and the same time the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffer religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature the heart of a heartless world and the soul of the soulless conditions it is the opium of the people in other words what he was saying is it is a crutch for people who cannot face the realities of reality right at the essentially what he was saying this there was a transition that took place in the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds because previous to this everybody had faith everybody believed in God everybody no had they been her Bible during the dark ages but people believed in God but all of a sudden there's this transition where did that come from very very powerful all right you remember what happened in seventeen ninety eight you remember right there was the full ultimate fulfillment this great fulfillment of prophecies right note the age of reason the age of Enlightenment comes from these late the late seventeen hundreds and when men began to take this turn were men of faith began to reject the Bible they began to reject God they began to reject any type of notion of faith and the began to embrace this human philosophy and that was happening right at the same time when God was fulfilling ultimately Bible prophecy upon the earth that something so in seventeen ninety eight we know that an amazing prophecy was fulfilled the twelve hundred and sixty years and God was actually doing something on the earth during the very time that men began to reject the Bible and embrace even philosophy now it's it's going to get even more powerful than this one we just do a row brief summary for you aerobic reef this foundation rather Daniel seven three the Bible tells us in four great beasts to him from the scene each different rhino we know these facts and we know well sums can remember most of the row quickly we know these four kingdoms were Babylon Greece Smyrna per meet a person who roam right we know this were some of them as we know well in the Bible says that there was a fourth beast and he had ten horns upon his and what those kingdoms represent I'm sorry those forms ten nations right I said already I gave an answer the ten nations of Rome that came out of Roman Rome collapse correct now uses him as considering the horns it was another little porn little one coming up among them he for whom three of the first four plucked out by the roots and we know that who is this power the Roman church right he says in this form of the eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking pompous words and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is speaking about the Roman Catholic Church during the time period of the dark ages from five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight and in seventeen ninety eight the Pope was arrested he was taken prisoner right and taken captive and arrested and then the power of the Roman church was broken now what's amazing about this prophecy is that it was written hundreds and hundreds of years before it ever even happen it was written by Daniel was written by John and it describes to the letter exactly how history was played out and indeed it was played out just like the Bible said he would be right and so here's what happened and it says he cast truth to the ground he did all of this and what prospered so we know that history now these root there were many false teachings that were introduced by the Roman Catholic Church into society and embraced by people etc. that comes in runs of them wrote very rapidly salvation by grace and work this confidence no bind the indulgences rather than receiving rice is a gift confession of sins to previous image worship and rank the net Saints the state of man and death of purgatory in heaven etc. the false mortality of the soul eternally burning hell cries coming as a secret the ten Commandments are an important and then Sunday worship of course we know this is administer all these false teachings were brought into the church after the time of Christ after the time of the apostles and it was taught for more than a thousand years right it would become ingrained I want to notice what happens after this so during the time period of the dark ages God 's truth upon the earth was what everyone it was lost right or was it it was lost okay for the most part and with the truth of God 's word was very very thin at the end of the of that dark ages the French Revolution and the rejection of God was a sure result of this taking place on the year in other words notice this the truth of God 's word was lost during that time and God when God 's truth is lost this is character also get misrepresented it gets misrepresented doesn't it and so when does truth is lost men can no longer represent directly on your when God is misrepresented we receive a wrong concept of his character right and when men receive a wrong or twisted concept of his character what happens they reject God and have never met somebody that said you know I could never believe in God why is that because I just can't see how God would burn people eternity forever and ever rise on people throughout all eternity intermezzo like that and of course we realize that God is not like that right that God is just what is also merciful right and that he puts an end ultimately to sin and suffering and so God when God 's character is misrepresented when it's twisted and ultimate leads people to reject God now my wants list during the dark ages men had been sold to our God rather had been so misrepresented by the church upon the earth that ultimately and the late seventeen hundreds right when God was beginning to restore his truth I restore his character that men this movement arose up and men rejected God because of how he'd been misrepresented during the dark eighth and that is why the French Revolution took place soon other words the French Revolution was basically a backlash of what had happened to the dark ages now bear with me this because it comes together for the end on is mentioned as I want you to notice is the devil was trying to distract people 's minds from the truth of prophecy during the age of Enlightenment right one major end time prophecy was being revealed to the world right and so just when God was doing something right upon the earth the devil had this movement started that would pull people 's minds away from what was actually taking place upon the earth are you with it with no notice that's the couple statements from the great controversy she taught she here is speaking about the French Revolution she said very conversely page two eighty one to eighty two the only god they knew was the God of Rome her teaching was only there only religion they regarded her greed and cruelty is little legitimate fruit of the Bible and they would have none of it I never met somebody that that saw the thought that the evil hypocrisy of Christianity that's in Christianity today and people say you know if that's what Christians are like that that's what God is like I want anything to do with it right and they rejected at exactly what happened out of French Revolution of the French Revolution she says Ron had misrepresented the character of God and perverted his requirements and now man rejected both the Bible and its author she had required a blind favorite dogmas on the pretended sanction of the Scriptures Rome had grown ground down the people under her iron steel and now the masses degraded and brutalized in their recoil from her tyranny what do they do the session she says they cast off how much all restrain other words they said we want nothing to do with this false religion right and raised at the glittering cheat to which they had so long paid homage they rejected truth and falsehood together and mistaking license for liberty the slaves of vice exalted in their imagined freedom that was potpourri that had begun the work which atheism was completing the policy of Rome have wrought out those conditions social political and religious never hurrying France where to her ruin couple more here suppressed in the Scriptures during the period of papal supremacy was foretold by the prophets and John points to the horrible results that were to accrue especially to France from the domination of the man of sin so L1 says clearly that the result of the dark ages was carried out was played out through what the French Revolution another words the character of God was so grossly misrepresented that people ultimately rejected him in the end is this movement the French Revolution and the embracing of modern atheism wasn't revealed in prophecy yes or no absolutely terrible of me if you have your Bible with me in the book of Revelation chapter eleven Revelation chapter eleven and we must see this played out perfectly from the Scripture Revelation Chapter 11 I will read verses to through a revelation eleven verse two through eight was the start of verse one as well he says then I was given a read like a measuring rod and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God the altar and those who worship there but leave out the court which is outside the Temple and do not measure it for it has been given to the Gentiles and they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty two months is at that time of the twelve hundred sixty forty two months five thirty eight seventy ninety eight and I will give power to my two witnesses and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth these of the two olive trees and the two lampstands standing before the God of the earth and if anyone wants to harm them fire proceeds from their mouth and devour their enemies and if anyone wants to harm them he must be killed in this manner these have power to shut heaven so that no rainfalls in the days of their prophecy and they had power over waters to turn them to blood and strike the earth with all plagues as often as they desire now this is a pretty powerful testimony pretty powerful prophecy and work in a breakdown piece by piece once you notice ceases I will give power to my witnesses and they will prophesy twelve hundred sixty days 's clothing cycle where the two witnesses if you read the book of Zechariah he says that in verse four says these are two olive trees and he says in Zechariah that the two olive trees although what the word of God right we don't have time to explore that but basically the two witnesses represent the old and the testament that would testify of God in his character during the time of the what barricades because virtually got had theory theory very few people that were standing for him during this time right and so God had the word of God the two witnesses that testified of him five thirty eight seventeen ninety eight talks about the power of God 's word upon the Uris during the time of that wilderness the twelve hundred and sixty years now notice what happens in verse seven is says when they finished their testimony that being status sends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them overcome them and kill them now bit about this where is says when they finished their testimony okay how long did the prophecies say that they would testify it says in verse three they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty one days so when would they come to a close when would they be editing their prophecy when will that happen surround seventeen ninety eight right now notice in verse seven is says when they finished their testimony what happens the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit well why will attack them will make more over them and overcome them now let me ask you a question that beast what is a beast represent an prophecy because alive she's alive one of the rest of you it represents a nation right could this be used for this nation be the Roman church yesterday they cannot be because it says when they finish their prophecy the beings that ascends out of bounds that will attack them what was happening to the papacy at the end of the twelve hundred sixty years in seventeen ninety eight what was it doing it was going down right Revelation tells that this these be America yesterday now know it doesn't it cannot be because it says in Revelation thirteen that the second base which is America we know to be America rises up out of the lot of the earth right not the bottomless pit and not only that it says it had two horns like a lamb it was not attacking Christianity during this time it was promoting Christianity during this time right and so this has to be another nation we have to look for its fulfillment in history was there a nation at this time that passed away the word of God that cast away the concept of God and import and and got rid of the Bible indeed of course there was it was France so some time that around seventy ninety eight it would arise and attack the Bible in seventeen ninety three there was the French assembly which met together and actually passed a law that abolished Christianity as the national religion and cast aside the word of God this had never happened before on an official national level but yet it did and seventy nine truth is that close the time when these these two witnesses were closing their testimonials are no absolutely notice what happens here this comes from Blackwood 's Magazine November eighteen seventy this is powerful what he says here France is the only entity and the modern history of the world that as a nation shifted her hand and open rebellion against the author of the universe twenty of blasphemers plenty of infidels there have been and still continue to be in England Germany Spain and elsewhere but France stands apart in the world 's history as the single state which by the decree of her legislative assembly pronounced that there was what no God France did this in seventeen ninety three and of which the entire population of the capital and a vast majority elsewhere women as well as men danced and sang with joy and accepting the announcement isn't that sad but that's exact what happened that was just barely over two hundred years ago would this happen in France they rejected God they reject the Bible on a national level it was voted by the state L White confirms this in great controversy she says the nation are speaking of France was left to reap the results of the course which she had chosen the restraint of God 's spirit was removed from a people that had despise the gift of his grace in the was permitted to come to maturity and all the world saw the fruit of the willful rejection of the light did you know that this is can be repeated by America in the last days and a little bit different way but when we'll see how that's can work in a few minutes I noticed what happens in Revelation eleven eight talking about the two witnesses are God 's word is says their bodies will blind the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and what Egypt not keep that in mind where also our Lord was crucified so the Bible is telling us that God 's word was destroyed it was attacked by this power France it was figuratively speaking late in the streets for everybody to see Bibles were burned churches were closed down etc. and it also refers to France as spiritually called Sodom and Egypt there is meaning to that which we will see here in just a minute Pharaoh of Egypt rejected God when he said what order they say oh three together who is who Jehovah that I should listen to him and let Israel go I don't know Jehovah and I will not let Israel why go was Pharaoh and atheist some people say will Pharaoh was atheist he was atheist in the sense that he did not believe in the God of the Bible but Pharaoh was not atheists and in the literal sense because he was a worshiper of many wine many pagan gods writhe Egyptians had lots and lots of gods in fact it was conceived that Pharaoh himself was also who got right the pharaohs have the authority of God and so think about this in the terms of atheism there is not really ultimately there is no atheists there is no atheist because ultimately even if we reject all concept of God on their we often view ourselves as one as a gone and we will even worship ourselves as God help I'll talk more about that more later on she says of all the nations present in a Bible history Egypt most boldly denied the existence of the living God I resisted his commands no monarch ever ventured upon more open hi hat a rebellion against the authority of heaven than did the king of Egypt she says this is atheism a sense of rejecting the God of the Bible and the nation represented by Egypt would give voice to a similar denial in the claims of the living God and would manifest a life spirit of unbelief in the files this prophecy has received a most exact and striking fulfillment in the history of who of France in other words she says what happened in Egypt with Pharaoh was repeated again by who science now this is where it gets pretty exciting then those from the People's it says in verse was flipped back there to Revelation eleven I like apartment on the screen there revelation eleven verse nine and ten it says then those from the peoples tribes does the nations will seek to dead bodies three and a half days and not a lot of bicycling and raising all who dwell near if will rejoice over them make Mary send gifts to one another because these two prophets tormented those who dwell upon the your so noticed with Seth how long would the dead bodies lay in the street three and half what banks right now what does a day represent in prophecy a literal one year write a literal year and so it says for three and a half day profit days or three and half years this will go on I want to notice some things to Reiki something striking every possible inclination of God within this time period in France was done away with Bibles or gathered and burned the worship of God prohibited marriage unions were dissolved why because where was the origination of marriage found not with the state but with where was God in the Garden of Eden right so they got rid of all the marriages and asked why it was called spiritual Sodom because everybody did what was right in his own eyes if you want my wife taker but give me your wife for the ninth and will swap back tomorrow and everybody did whatever he wanted to do and that meant sexually for versions were taking place and it was complete wickedness they did away with the seven-day weekly cycle and replace it with a ten day wide because the only place you can find the seven-day weekly cycle is in the Bible and when they did this you know what happened all their animals they started working on ten days a week in this new week our animal started dying from exhaustion know why the Bible says work six days and what rest on the seventh day Rhine and France was not fine that command and they were reaping absolute habit and this is the system was the state of France for number of years this man Mister Archibald Alison all wrote the history of Europe this is what he says he said this during a time God if you exist of then your injured name I did your defiance you remain silent you dare not want your funders cool after this will you and your existence speaking of the French Revolution he said after we wreak havoc and we do what we please and we cast off all restraint of view of God what will you do about it sensors what he will say boldly attacking the AV the character of God and the and the very existence of God that is what he said so I want you notice remember she compared the revelation called the French Revolution the spiritually Sodom it needs it we talked about sodomy now let's talk about Egypt notice what happens notice the parallel here as I was studying this was thinking what's the connection with Egypt I started looking at there at the comparisons and what I found was absolutely amazing notice this says the truth of the truth was lost while in captivity in Egypt remember when the drivers went down they were there for four hundred years and eventually they lost God 's truth do they not and they began to do all the things in the song says Van Slyke and Egyptian they were dancing like Egyptians right so is truth was lost whether in captivity God was ultimately restaurant misrepresented they lost the image of his character 's love for them and his purpose for their lives and ultimately they rejected God and embrace the Egyptian philosophy number when they came out of Egypt with that they say I said man why hasn't widely brought us out here to die in the wilderness let us go back where to eat just right they were worshiped they built the golden calf they were worshiping Egyptian gods they did everything like the Egyptians similarly the French Revolution and modern atheism has a direct kind of this the truth was lost during what time the dark ages God was misrepresented through the Roman Catholic Church we saw that from great controversy we see it from history and the Bible there was a wrong concept of God 's character displayed to the people nearest and ultimately led to the rejection of God and the acceptance of human reason human foster the age of Enlightenment right men became enlightened as they call it about religion which is also called spiritual Egypt now notice what happens here after the three and a half days the breath of life from God entered them and they stood on their feet and great fear fell upon those who solve them now friends this is absolutely amazing I believe if I recall the date for abolishing the Bible is late November something seventeen ninety three three half years later exactly to the letter which would've been all year and try to remember nineteen ninety five by seventeen ninety seven notably the spring I think it was April twenty fourth what happened was the law that we had been passed to abolish the Bible and Christianity and God was reversed in France exactly when prophecy said it would three and a half days later three and a half years later it was passed but they will see your Bible prophecy right it was reversed and the Bible was restored and allowed to be embraced once again by the people why did that happen notice this great controversy to it seven men recognized the necessity of faith in God and him and his word is the foundation of virtue in math morality what happened in France the Bible was rejected it was taken away and basically basically all hell broke loose wickedness corruption and it got so bad it was society became so basic to see here's the thing of the atheist argument is that society has the ability to set the rules of morality for people to abide by her that before I know people say you talk about the fact that most of our moral loss today come from the Bible people say nominal they come from society but look what happened with society that away with God 's word that away with all kinds of the religion it completely collapsed and it was prophesied by God hundreds of years in advance but the just after the happen they reversed it they had to because society was falling apart at the seams and that is ultimately what's can happen to America in the last days after the terrible effects of the revolution the great awakening of the eighteen hundreds began cyclase iceman with this so notice what happens is says the breath of God enter them they stood on their feet and great fear fell upon those who saw them right after that this great awakening began to take place in the early eighteen hundreds and the British societal Bible Society was founded in eighteen oh four the American Bible Society in eighteen sixteen and foreign missions began to launch more rapidly than they ever have been before people were sent all across the globe preaching the gospel is the age of many the great missionaries going to Africa in various places and so this is fulfilling prophecy took place with that great awakening can you see how prophecy just as laid out for us I mean this book was written ninety A.D. and yet is predicting event by event that happened seventeen hundred years later by me friends that's amazing best spine chilling and it doesn't just give these broad cross it gives specific data from the three and a half years it would be abolished and then after that time it would be restored friends but there is nothing like studying Bible prophecy none so God would begin to restore the truth that was lost during the dark ages even before seventeen ninety eight and on through the great awakening the Reformation the great awakening notice what happens that watch this this is the climax here why would this happen you know in the eighteen hundreds people began to study their Bibles right Methodist Baptist all these different denominations they came together and began to study God 's work right and in the middle of the eighteen hundreds we know of course that the seventh they add that movement arose from Bible prophecy through the preaching of William Miller about the twenty three hundred a prophecy right and eventually led to the Seventh-day Adventist church now want to think about this friends this was the peak of the great awakening this was the peak of the Protestant Reformation and the rules that had been a lost watch this the truth that had been lost during the dark ages by Rome that ultimately led to a people to reject God and the Bible all of these screws that were misrepresented would be restored for the Advent movement by so watch this pictures were lost during the dark ages men rejected God and his word the age of Enlightenment but then God answered they set in here 's why to look at the church here's all the reasons why we reject but then God turn right around and answered that argument for the Seventh-day Adventist movement watchlist all the truth ever restore the everlasting Gospel all these things that Rome annihilated God 's church in the last days restored the everlasting gospel faith in Christ fearing God in keeping his commandments worshiping him as the creator giving glory to him even by our physical lives announcing our misjudgment the truth about man stayed in death on the last day deceptions about spiritualism the truth about God 's love and hellfire all of these things that the church had taken away God restored to the Advent movement ought never on the truth of the second coming the truth about baptism the truth about the marks of these the truth about the antichrist and all these things so another words God 's answer to atheism God 's answer to the age of Enlightenment was the advent because everything all the reasons why men rejected God from Catholicism God restored those things and after those things the Advent movement friends that's powerful so reality one the rest of the world is fumbling and bumbling the rest the Christian world to answer the argument of atheism and reality God has the answer we had the answer right here in our church it's a restoration of the character of God remember we saw that that spiritual Egypt was in connection with the French Revolution and notice here what happens this is that basically the same thing so there was the rejection of God to the age of Enlightenment notice what happens as the children of Israel leave Mount Sinai or unsightly leave Egypt right to come to Mount Sinai and God resources truth right how does he do that the ten Commandments right he gives the ten Commandments he is a revelation of his character through the Commandments at Mount Sinai but notice what happens here when God restores his truth on the air on the earth through Mount Sinai to the ten Commandments Satan can't ride along and what did he do he twisted that truth right and caused the children of Israel to apostates size and how do they process size what they bill they built the golden calf right about the golden calf and they start worshiping it but then something happened after the worshiping of that golden calf notice what happens God draws a line right and he said Moses that all who were forgot somewhere over here and all those were against stale with iron who came across the Levites write as though they were raised as the remnant of so because of their action because of their Stanford God God put them in charge of the sanctuary he put them in charge of the priesthood he put them in charge of the music he put them in charge of everything in the sanctuary because he knew that he could trust them right now notice the parallel here are you ready for this is a powerful truth restored was restored by God after the dark ages through the wife the Reformation right then God 's image was restored to the earth through the great awakening in other words people began to see that we needed the Bible he began to see that God had love and some of the great preachers of grace were during the eighteen hundreds you know John Wesley and some of these others right so God 's character was restored but notice what happens as God began to restore his truth of the Reformation Satan came along and he listed that truth that he not be began to leave all these denominations astray are you with me and began to embrace spiritualism they were on the right track but then they got away why because the devil came in and he twisted it and he led them astray the notice would not have what happens God raises a remnant at the end to be faithful to him and who was that the seven banister cc that parallel Adventist church is the answer to atheism is the answer to God 's character being misrepresented in the last days on my time I am to take another two minutes okay all these all these movements were happening about the same time the Avenue church was being raised up atheism spiritualism in eighteen forty four Mormonism in eighteen forty four Darwinism in eighteen forty four Karl Marx and Communism in eighteen forty four Jehovah's Witnesses in eighteen seventy nine and you can you can you see how all these things were being arisen to try to distract people 's minds from the truth that God was really trying to restore up on here can you see that happening you think us by coincidence just know not at all the Arab these are all movements have crept into Christianity today corrupting them and turning them into Babylon and the Avenue 's church is God 's answer to that and so let's look wrote briefly as we close how this affects the end time we saw how it affects all weapons of this time so God restores his truth through the Advent movement does characters revealed by his people when in the last days hopefully they were going to do that the people of God resist false movements and deception in the end and ultimately they are sealed and prepared the return of Christ right that's what happens with God 's people what about the rest Satan 's last data section truth is rejected by the churches of Babylon truth is twisted by Satan and a massive confit just like he twisted it every time before the wisdom of man is accepted over the truth of God in other words spiritual Israel Egypt like we talked about his repeated again in which ultimately is to the final rejection of God that will be ultimately atheism being exemplified throughout all your because the devil leads people to reject God 's truth because is misrepresented and missed Isaiah thirty one woe to those who go down to each of for help rely on horses who trust in chariots because there are many and Horsemen because there are very strong but who do not look to the holy one of Israel or seek the Lord heat yet he is also wise and will bring disaster will not call back his words will arise against the house of evil to I guess the help of those who work enables the all through the Bible Egypt is represented as human reason human philosophy human power and God says don't look to Egypt why the Egyptians are not men on firearm then and are not God and of course is our flesh and not spirit of the Lord stretches his hand both he will helpful fail and he was helpful fall down they will all perish together the God 's word stands as a great anvil to the test of time down to the ages and God 's work word will stand firm in the last days against the movement of atheism as predicted in prophecy and God 's people ultimately will have a message not only for others who believe but also for the atheists and men isn't wonderful to be a part of a church that that is the answer to modern atheism today is a net is an powerful to know that God is moving upon this earth and mighty ways and he has a message that reaches every human heart even that those that that want to reject him because most mainly because they've had been he has been misrepresented to them by false believers are just thankful today that God has a plan for each of us that God gives us direction and purpose and what times we live in today to know friends that that God is real God is alive and God is working even when the world gives its best efforts to refute and destroy his character God 's character will still shine through and ultimately is can a shine through you amen as we represent him in these last days how many will say Lord use me as the answer to the atheist argument today and right was pray together father in heaven we thank you today that we are you need the answer to the atheists we are the answer that you want to give to the world and we thank you Lord that we are a part of such a great movement that embraces your word that embraces your truth and lowers that truth is made real our hearts and our minds we pray that it will be made real in those around us the lives of those around us so use as fodder and teach us and draws nearer nearer to you is our prayer in Jesus name amen thank you Lord that we are a part of such a great movement that embraces your words and embraces your truth and lowers that truth is made real our hearts and our minds we pray that it will be made real in those around us the lives of those around us so use as fodder and teach us and draws nearer nearer to you is our prayer in Jesus name amen


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