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Realization of the Relationship

Justin Howard



  • July 30, 2010
    7:00 AM
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this morning I titled this message realization of the relationship promises prayers and overcoming temptation yesterday we talked about our personal witness in the goddess called us to be a witness and women share the things we seen and heard and felt from our experience with them and today were talking about promises prison overcoming temptation when we have this experience with Chrysler claim promises all were doing it in prayer and were overcoming the temptations were facing them down in the name of Jesus I remember this years ago I arrive good enough we're going to have this experience regular have some in the witness about even if you are dealing with the challenges in our life not turning our backs on the facing them in the name of the Lord will have an experience that we can tell other people about and I guarantee you that people worldwide hear about overcoming temptation dealing with those issues that are deep in the heart of their ashamed of and actually having freedom on the simple life is not sound good there is a young man name of José 's name may hear this message at some point time as a young man met a couple years ago and determined thanks so much as he was a military guy and he came to me one day and we began to talk about his life I met him once out of afternoon at a park and as we began to talk he showed me his own experience seat he felt like the Lord was trying to talk to me he was scared to death he didn't know exactly what was going on that phrase Gandhinagar was in the clear platform that day when O'Melveny said he'd had this experience in his house gave felt this cold darkness his presence that was there and he didn't know what it was that he spoke the story to me I get CSI will fear he was full of questions and as he spoke more about it he told me about the experience in detail he said one evening he was and is that while he was in his bed he felt that presence again and he sat up in his bed he says it got cold in this house he felt that dark presence and all of a sudden he felt something very close to his face and a focus on the closer spacing became very scared many heard something growl at him and I was go not too long after that is showing another story about how you had a dream and in this dream he was lying on the ground Molly is lying on the ground a good movie as an immobility look at his body and his body was covered in sores they heard some noises in the background but because he could move you didn't see it right away as you continue to listen to the sounds and as he looked around in his dream he realized that it was a dog licking as well you can do nothing about a suggestion it troubled me and it's another thing that I saw in that dream was bright light shining down through the roof of my house he said I looked up and I fell to my knees because I was so scared and he says I looked up I realized that it was the Lord and he was coming and as I listened to the stories that Rick was telling me I realized I was actually speaking and here's the good news it doesn't matter how far away we are from God God still wants to communicate with nothing on he wants to save us from our sins he was to deliver us from temptation it wasn't taken out of the hand of the enemy and that's what he was communicating with Rick and basically what I thought Rick was him from the information you share with me is this you are in a condition that you can't get out of God assign you that your sins are destroying their life and he is coming soon and he wants you to be read as I sure that within tears are running on his face and ask them at that point onward do you mind if I pray sincerely Brian after that I said I think that we should get together and begin to study the Bible and he agreed to that we began studying together and not too long after we started together a set of the church remaining at and I said Rick hiya doing this is all I'm doing okay and I felt depressed in my heart to share someone with him as a reckless website this week that God has condemned us that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus how do you feel about that began to weep I thought while this is good news to me why is he crying he then began to tell me the story of this past week even though you heard from me that God was one of the taken out of his lifestyle and lead them into a relationship with himself he wanted me to be ready for his second coming Rick had fallen back into the same things that he was a part of before that were destroying his life is Rick was struggling with what we all struggle with this temptation for Rick didn't have the answer for his temptation three continued to fall time and time and time again into the sinful situation and more shame and more guilt and more dogs and more discouragement continue to be piled upon any belt like there was no way out have you ever felt like God has good news for us more even though we may feel like that hello we may be struggling with the temptations and even falling into sin God has told us that if we will enter into relationship with him there's victory for you and for me the Bible says only come under a relationship with him is like putting on armor you read that before right in Ephesians chapter six is turn there just quickly here and take a quick perusal of the passage Ephesians chapter six Ephesians chapter six and first ten this is finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and the power of his mind put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the down for we wrestle not against lock flesh and blood but against principalities and powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places Paul is telling us that we are wrestling with unseen forces but those works of those unseen forces are revealed in the lives of every single person every single day Paul says there's no hope for us without putting on the armor of Christ he goes on to say wherefore then take on the whole armor of God not just that he's not just department enter entirely and wholeheartedly into a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing that will save you against the attacks of unseen enemies that surround us every single day you feel the influences of the enemy everyday video we even see them and if we don't put on the armor of God will not know how to fight the battle nor can we ever win the battle is being waged specifically against people like if you are like me is the same as attacking everyone is placing someone lost in the path of every single person but more importantly your salicylate he will be looking for every opportunity to cause you to stumble one because he doesn't want you to be reconciled with God and the regulators want anybody else reconciled to God you must destroy your witness in the world and he's doing it by personal where is he attacking you this morning is it with an angry spirit to be a short temper maybe you're wrestling with little white lies to make life convenient for everybody what area is it that you're compromising in in your online are you in a relationship that you should be rated taking God 's promises are you taking him for granted whatever it is take time in the morning take time in the afternoon of the bylaws is daytime and evening to assess your personal life it is a friend of violence has surged nobody know me have you read this before triennial Lord and know my thoughts see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting God knows the battle and damage that I can search my own heart without the life of the spirit of God coming intimate and revealing to me my own condition and if I don't do my own condition I can't deal with it honestly and openly with God is a temptation and sin can be dealt with appropriately if you were willing to put on the armor of God if were willing to step into that relationship and fight against the unseen powers with the weapons that Jesus is given must continue to read first thirteen wherefore take any of the whole armor of God he may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all all to stand stand therefore having your loins good about with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace and above all things taking the block shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts how many all the fiery darts that means every temptation that comes against every attack of the enemy got given the elegant survey also because were saved by grace through faith they said that's not even of yourself that the gift of God 's PC when we enter into that relationship with God he provides all that we need all we have to do is say yes response to the beginning of the gifts except that I be safe in him he goes on to say and take the helmet of salvation and then it tells us that we have not just armor but we also have it says here and take the helmet of salvation number seventeen in the sort of the watt which is the word of God and his friend always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints so Paul tells us that we need to be in a relationship with Christ but we need to be proactive in that relationship not as human as the chosen in the tools we know our sort of the spirit which is the and with the second one prayer feature with me to segment his chapter ten versus three to five pulse is a bit differently when it comes to this warfare they were fighting when dealing with the station said in chapter ten everybody began reading the first three second radio seven ten first labor binary versus three through at least five maybe six assess for though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh and that a verse or clause is for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and he goes on to say that the mighty through God to the pulling down of the strongholds Boston is not a physical battle that were fighting balls is a spiritual battle that were fighting and the weapons of our warfare are not physical when I'm caring around swords were not carrying around guns as Christians we drop all those things and walk in faith and believe in the power of God liberation every sin and temptation with the weapons that he's given to us and what are those weapons again help me out the word of God and the more time the word of God and prayer if we can take a hold of these things the way that God has asked just asked us to do and actually believe an apology he's given us in these things there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God there is no temptation to strong for God to deal with when we take hold of his promises and pray to him for the people events one since you believe that this morning a man it says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds of yesterday questions morning what is Paul talking about when he says stronghold Paul says do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the Watts renewing of your mind what is the battle take place today we just said is not physical of the battle takes place at spiritual where does it begin here so where the stronghold that right here this is where the battle wages this is where we make decisions for or against God and father is on the state that these weapons are mighty to pull out every single stronghold that maybe in our minds in the status line freebies artificer of God and be all that he wants us to be if we continue to read it says casting down with the next word arguments are Castanon imaginations are casting down reasonings that remind you of anything from the garden of the same reasoning with the mind of Eve that day in the garden when she took of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a reason with her mind didn't you say that God really say this they begin to question he did not write a fuse got been in again and put imaginations and thought the beginner reason with her and he let her incantations she succumbed to temptation and she fell into sin we know the terrible horrible results God says we do not have to listen to the reasonings of Saint we do not have to deal with those imaginations that he puts there are those false start all those false theories about who God is and what he's doing our world God says when we read the Bible and reclaim his promises and we stay connected through prayer these loss ideas and false reasons to be torn down and we can know God for who you really we do not have to be subject to the enemy more discussion on imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity how many thoughts every T obedience of Christ I think Paul is describing to us a complete victory in Christ I think polished telling us it is time to stand up for what we believe I think Paul is telling us that it's time to put away the halfhearted Christianity that we may be living and really believe that all of our hearts that God is who he says he is and that he can do what he says he can do a nine I know that my past life people came to me and they said Justin when a virus stop doing what you doing and you know I always told them with just the utmost confidence one-day soon I'll do it and it's funny because these people that were talking to her or were being I was a blast it building privileged by the things I was involved with so is funny for me to hear them say when he is not doing what you when I was helping them out at one fifty telling them over and over and over again on the stop on the stop on the go and do the same or have you ever done that I've never been through this I'll let you know what it is anymore but without the power of God we can argue with the enemy fifteen he just laughed because he knows it or not claiming the promises of God and trust in the God will fulfill the order to be the same or similar situations over and over and over again and that's how it was to me until I met Christ and revealed to me the power that were talking about today over sin temptation doesn't mean we won't wrestle with it anymore no will wrestle with it until the guy but God says that we can wrestle with but we will not be over come by in so why the Bible is either just one first for why the sword of the Spirit second Peter chapter one verse four actually remembers to the Bible says Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord according as his divine power has given unto us how many things like that when all this morning on average God doesn't hold back when it comes to giving gifts in this great battle that were involved in this is where my given unto us our on-site is divine power given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness to the knowledge of and have called us to glory and virtue and it goes on adverse voices whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious lots of promises that we know by these we might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world here's a simple question this morning if we are struggling with temptation for the draw where anti- psychoanalysis by the last of our own hearts how do we escape when temptation comes knocking on the door what do we do help me out with its XA Bible says again where neither given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these meanings might be partakers of the divine nature and this is always in the corruption within the world through lust we look at the Bible we take it for what it says God says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me do I believe it or not to all my heart that exceedingly precious promise will give me the strength and power that I need to overcome the temptation that I'm using it against an exceeding great and precious promises bring the very life of God into your soul we become partakers of the divine nature and with Christ in us we have all power and all authority against any attack of the enemy that comes our way exceeding great and precious promises how many of them do you have hidden in your heart today is there just one outside if you believe even in that Justin just one that's one and not to give you victory over every temptation that you have the face if you would just believe in that one promise if it were just the Libyans four thirteen I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me that would be all that you would need it that's all that you have if you believe that with everything that you have because one word from God has more power than any imagination or reasoning that the enemy can bring to us and were told that in every commandment and every promise of the word of God is what power the very life of God or the divine nature if you will by which the commanding he fulfilled and the promise realized it's more than just a book every word that we read and hear has power divine power and when we believe that we bring it in your heart that divine power becomes ours in Christ lives out his life in us and we are the sons and daughters of God as the Bible what about prayer Paul inspired Fred Lisa Shaffer three verse fourteen if you come back there with me and incredible prayer division seven three verse fourteen Paul says this cause I thought my knees under the father of our Lord Jesus Christ of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory listen to what Paul Craig to be strengthened with might by his spirit in the Internet that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith that he is being rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length and depth and height and smell the love of Christ which passes knowledge another words God love is so great so extensive somebody so powerful that we can't even comprehend with our human knowledge but he wants us to begin to understand and will begin to understand here and all throughout eternity continued to study the incredible power of the love of God he goes on to say that we might be filled with all the fullness of God can you comprehend the Bible says that Jesus was given the Spirit without measure any accomplish the things he accomplished anyone to the cross he gave his life for us it was raised from the grave and I was in heaven ever let me to intercede for you and for me I said the same power that I had on this earth as a human being I want to give to you and Paul got that and Paul says this is a threat I'm praying for the Church of God and begin to understand the love of Christ that brought them here the love of Christ that keeps diminishing for people to hate in your love of Christ that would bring the fullness of the power of God into the life of every Christian who wants it that's his prayer and I'm wondering about your prayer this morning ha ha your prayers go the Bible says here that we can pray for just about anything that we once it is says no to him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask Raymond think according to the power that works in us under Hindi glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages world without end amen I can imagine Paul prayed this prayer inspired and beginning to smile and be happy and confident with the joys he writes about thinking man this is actually a reality but often times our prayers don't even reach the ceiling we pray halfheartedly we don't consider that God can do it he says he can do then wonder why our prayers aren't answered my wife and I have been praying heavily after a situation that has been very very sensitive for us and I've kind of carry those burdens here but life the Bible says we can cast our burdens upon the Lord he can sustain a statement so we've been praying women talking with and asking God for wisdom and in dealing with the situation because there are many hearts that are involved with the decisions that were making in the conversations that were having an weep and pray and we've been praying advances have in common and life has become more difficult and more difficult week about liquor being pressed in place to press the flesh and last night there was a break now not all the prayers of an answer to understand that God has begun to answer in ways that will bring glory to him as we pray I would not die do not doubt God when it comes to your prayers if you have doubts about God there's a frantic and Ray and it's a freer than a man frame and a candlelight of his child he wanted his child to be saved in one of the health to return and Jesus says if you believe this can take place in Amman I imagine through tears and pain and agony says I believe that health handling we can pray the prayer this morning friends and God hears it in your answer and bring it through the challenges after having foretold incest across pages ninety four ninety five why should the sons and daughters of God be reluctant to pray when prayer is the key in the hand of fate to unlock heaven storehouse where I treasure the boundless resources of omnipotence and our dogs is why do we not pray or often why hasn't that were still has the hazards of the prey we have carte blanche to the powers and the part of the treasures that have why do we not frame it goes on to say without unceasing prayer and diligent watching we are in danger of growing careless and deviating from the right God has given us awesome gifts amen is given as the Bible a man is given us prayer we can come to him and take his promises is a God he insulted and I can have these things in the Bible I can ask you for them and here I come to you in prayer believing humbly asking for these things that I need to fight the battle but on I don't know about you but I get tired every day on the dock not physical time I see that the eyes of everyone's more but I'm talking about growing spiritually tired and I have him Chris will an adaptive enemy long for some of you rendering that came to me it has just flown by and every year and then rewarding but I'm still tired of this old world and I want to go home we talked about morning I really feel in my heart I want to go home I want Jesus to come but I want to have this experience were talking about naughty boy comes because I know that the Angels in heaven are wholly met with the stress that more can be safe I don't have this experience I cannot participate in the salvation of souls because America seen the power of God my life what this experience I want Jesus to come and I know that if I have that burden for Jesus to come and I'm having this experience and training God hold back was a strives of the Mormons can have it to use us in the service people will see it and you and me and the beginnings in the movie when it comes to granting the promises of God we have to carefully note all the conditions receiving the blessing and I'm how to meet those conditions God is a distant assume that things can be taken care of he asked us to participate in claiming the promise also the conditions that you might want to consider one out and claim the promises of God and is number one we do feel I needed help we need to know and understand in our hearts that were dependent upon God another one is that we shouldn't regard iniquity in our hearts because the Bible says if we do we regard iniquity in our hearts the Lord does not hear another words we cannot just go and live a life of sin that whatever we want is unsolicited presumptuous to think that God is going to just continue to bless and take care of us is not like that it is coercive he doesn't control the conscience lays out a plan for us this is if you want to follow him again if you don't want to you don't have to that's how much I love you egos are the number this is fantastic not doubting on the Bible says that it is impossible to please God for he comes to God must believe that he has an adhesive rewarder of those who diligently seek him we might just add there in prayer on number four says the persevering continue to pray and not lose heart number five says keep his commandments very necessary that we do that will keep them to be safe we know that but in a relationship with Christ empowers us and because we had a saving relationship we keep them because were saved by the grace of God and he gives us the power to on number six we ask for unselfish purposes we ask for not just ourselves but we also asked for blessings that come up on other people in and he ever notice that we've taken on the Memphis question first I never pray for someone that you don't really care for having its hardest and I'm digging myself sometimes in the past easier now but when I was praying for people that I didn't care out a hard time with that you really want me to pray for the person with our Lord or I cannot be with him to make a need to get out to be with him today and I pray for his salvation and I was at but then as you process through the work begins to somehow strangely and imperceptible change your hardware that person where you have a longing for the management man I love before you know I love them for some strange reason I love them and when you do for them what you're doing for me to save them because our sinful but now we do for them which are doing for me God we do exceedingly abundantly above all that they can ever ask or think God maybe they're not playing for themselves today and my heart goes out to because I want them to know you will you look at them today we send your Spirit talk to them we send your Angels set to campground about them help them or give them are free from the enemy let them know you design your prayers change we start train people happens it opens up the door for you to be blessed to because in the last another people the Bible teaches we will be principle of the Bible and other Sabbath as asked according to his wife ask according to his will so with your Bible in your hand you can say Lord I have followed all these situations commands I've done as you said and I present your bathroom often repetitions when it was in the lives we are to answer them for ourselves as far as possible and not wait for God to do for us that we can do for ourselves so we find that our prayer life these reactive and were going to God and were claiming a promise as we battle against sin and temptation in our lives we don't sit back on the Hodges and wait for God 's the fourth is as I was unit actively engage in the battle over to step in the water how would you think the Army I went to go down Gideon and break the pot and motherland China start doing what I've asked you to do because in so doing acting in faith we activate I can work in your life and will reactivate a week we do what God asks us to do in that situation active living faith we see that God actually does what he says is going to do if we never responded to set back our haunches inevitable gases assets available we would never experienced the end of the life that he wants us to resist up on pay go into it and see if I'm not who I say I and every time the Bible someone did that God bless them incredibly he showed that he was real and he given the victory and their faith was strengthened to meet the next six and goes on to say the help of God is held in reserve for all him in the Bible is to be combined with human effort aspiration and energy so the question we ask for what we can ask for the pardon of sin may deprave out in the morning not just for your own to pray for others to and for the Holy Spirit for a Christlike temper or wisdom and strength to do his work and I like this next part for any gift ideas from we may ask and then we are to believe that we receive and return thanks to God we have received an enemy bar he received that we need to pray in faith and thank God they got I know that I have the things you promised it even though they may not be realized just yet another coming thank you God so much for providing all that I need the battle against sin and temptation no dealing with temptation if you'll turn with me to Matthew chapter four agreements RJ actually contains your first engage everyone versus fourteen effectiveness of every man and every one is tempted when he is drawn away of his own last an entire syndicate awareness about the place this morning in our mock then when lust has conceived it brings four seven seven when it was finished brings forth death it is not a sin to be tempted in an is part of the Christian experience what we do at that temptation makes all the difference in the world I don't know about you but I have thoughts running across my mind every day all day that I do not invite to be there this those reasonings that we talked about the greatest effort that and sometimes even walking along the bone there is much where in the world did that come right when you do pray we have the privilege scarf wants we can do it and I always been a promise that we read God utility that can cast on every imagination and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God one of the as always those promises become huge if I had enough thoughts of Academy becomes smaller and smaller and smaller and are not there anymore and in that moment I've obtain the victory by the grace of God that's our battle that's how we women do not assume to be tempted into sin to concede to the temptation respond to it and act upon that happens right here in the minds and got to the ultimate outcome succumbing to temptation his death in a seems a bit harsh sometimes when you think about it superficially because it seems as though we didn't invite the situation in the world that we we are suffering because of somebody else's decision that yet God can say that the wages of sin is death because he came and gave his life for the victory over anything all you have to do is believe accept and respond to the gifts in the promises and the love that I'm revealing to my word that's all I'm asking you to do so when it says that when it's finished when citizen seamen it brings forth death I'm okay with that because I know it's not God 's will for you or me to die in this world is for us to live forever with him you've read the passage right the Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to life repentance so even if we do stumble in to temptation the mouse is a goodness of God leads us to the situation of the call repentance where in our hearts we realize that we were enticed by sin and we actually fell into the less was conceived and brought forth a situation of death in our lives but God says I am much more able him him anyway now you send you have an intercessor in the kingdom of health yes someone who shed his blood for you someone who is living his life for you someone who wants to be with you in eternity and so evenly someone fall there is hope for the center and desire of ages page four twenty nine it says in Christ God has provided means for subduing how many simple traits help me out on many people every all however you want to say it and resisting every temptation no matter how strong there is no see is for sin in the life there's no use uses a gun the temptation because in short God is stronger than the enemy this is as a weatherman cooperates with the will of God it becomes omnipotence in other words when reclaiming the promises of God were believing them are going to my prayer that connection that we have gives us all all in all authority are well actually becomes omnipotent and whatever is to be done his command to be accomplished in his strength all his bidding some are are enabling us to God is telling us that whatever I'm asking you to do in this great fight this battle between good and evil I going to give you the power to do and that's why Paul could say without question I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me when we pray for the blessing be answered to our prayer maybe later God may give us something other than when asked but not so when we ask for deliverance from sin when we asked for deliverance from sin the answer is immediate the only really reason that we don't recognize that it's not happening in our lives because we don't believe only allow the enemy to parlay with us in our mind and week we aligned the reason their intakes our conscience and our mind away from God and his promises and men of StumbleUpon because we don't stay connected with God and I don't know if you've been there not but lately I'm the past two years I've found that those voices are becoming more prominent my hat okay the good voices by the way it has been recalled spacing this guy 's got voices in his head for the voices of the enemy the voice of God both the buying for your attention buying for the control of your mind you have to understand coming what power or another is going to control your life you have no ability or power to control your online we just can seem to want power the other and I went into my life to God amen were told that when we ask for deliverance from sin we can have it and his voice is not talking about and become more clear and I fear I literally hear the reasons reasons of the enemy is what you should do and this is why you should do it and literally justifying it and very powerfully they invest this is how it can work that's okay God will forgive you now if I'm doing it for sumptuously and because I'm understanding better the word of God I hear those promises coming to me by the power of God Saint Justin here's your answer yes response don't even deal with the enemy just claim the promises and let me deal with him in my power and I'm finding now be claiming those promises and listening to the right voice and following that counseling the mists of darkness is getting the victory in areas of my life that I never have victory before is not awesome God is providing victory for you and for me I think about first previous chapter ten verse thirteen if you turn with me there prescribed in chapter ten verse thirteen this is no temptation taken you but such as common to man but God is faithful I suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able but will with the temptation also make a landscape that you may be able to bear a map that are what temptation does not matter how strong the matter how comes you is is God is faithful and he will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able so even if you feel stressed in whatever situation you're in trust in the Lord like the Bible says with all your heart don't lean on your own understanding don't listen and listen to the reasonings of Satan but in all your ways and knowledge on inhaled guides you through the pathways and leads you through the temptation to bring you up victorious on the other side I think of Joseph who was brought in to temptation was in the Potiphar 's wife was just hot after chasing him down it seems like almost every day and areas one day with her analysis she literally tries ripping his clothes off when and he doesn't stay there and hang around and partly a temptation of any entity was actually reasoning right reasoning with him right there through this woman and he says how can I do this great wickedness and sin against God he runs believes his coat with her knowing that they'll be consequence he didn't say what you know I'm here I am not getting out of this one she's been hounded me for weeks I Muslims go ahead and do it get and get on with and ask God for forgiveness later inundated he thought his relationship with God was more important than anything else and he says I will not do this thing against God St. Joseph understood the power of God 's word he understood the presence of God was with an adverse single mom and dad because of that he had victory in even the most challenging situations I have to imagine that as a young good-looking man who was presenting himself for just the right woman according to godly principles it was a struggle to see beautiful pop a woman come in the room every day and asked him to spend time but his relationship with God gave them and I praise God for that story I think of Jesus as temptation in the wilderness we won't go there this morning it is flashy one question how did Jesus deal with temptation is what we've been talking about all morning word of God and prayer he spent time praying and fasting because he knew the battle that was going to ensue all during the time in the wilderness he was tempted in every cute sensations again at his weakest moment at his weakest moment he had all the power that he needed because when he was weak the Bible says he was strong and positive SUV Oxford because God 's grace is sufficient for us because his strength is made perfect in our cleavage of forming requests Jesus overcame through prayer implicit trust in the power and the promises of God and he says we can do the same today Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve the Bible says here are those that can be keep the Commandments and how the faith and a first-round tender fibers for it says and this is the victory that we have over the world this is the victory that we have for sin and temptation even our because they can access with the all-powerful and Almighty God of heaven and he knows the loss of my comes to the battle against the enemy and we connect with that power and through him we will know the loss I went through experience we gain victory over temptation we know something we can confidently share with others our walk with Christ this is what this is what the world is in need of and for want of which the world 's are you having this experience this morning God is calling every single one of us into it he was telling my friend Rich Internet experience writ was stumbling and falling and on the same record don't condemn you but I need you to come into this experience I need to begin to pray I need to begin to study because only to get more difficult from here on and I don't know how this was written today I keep seeing pictures of you will what's happening with his life in a more but I know that with God all things are possible but I know there's a difference with Rick 's life and is a difference with a life of those people who lived with people consults Christians rich like me not in the right track and I mean she has no power that means that you continue to stumble and fall but with you and with me today we have something called the power of God we has something 's got a relationship with Jesus Christ and him wondering this morning if you're willing to take everything that you're wrestling with this morning to God in prayer and tell God that you rather have Jesus more than as a something that you're struggling with this one when you're honest with yourself and you look there right now is the spirit of God sharing something with you that needs to be dealt whatever it is it's more as we bow our heads in prayer give that thing give those things to God and this morning taken at his word let's pray father in heaven it's time for us to stand up it's time for us to experience the Christian experience it's time for us put away halfhearted Christianity believe all the promises of God it's time for us to become lovers of God are not lovers of the world it's time for us to be witnesses for Christ I know that memory hardware there's a battle with sin and temptation it's part of the human experience and whenever my brothers and sisters have in their hearts this morning that you place there would give them the power and the wisdom to come to you and work through together with you father Chris Jesus


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